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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 15, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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really covered a lot of the major issues that they've been having problems with. you know permitting processes, approvals, exxonmobil, same thing. listen, pull that out, they're investing a lot of money, that's the answer to the problem. >> explored and have had up but do something about it. thank you very much. we shall see in the meantime. >> along with geraldo rivera, jesse watters, she wants mystical a couple of skittles for a bald head, dana perino. president biden hitting the next target in an endless inflation blame up loose a after putting the finger at pruden, republicans, and big meat. biden is also going after big
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oil by sending a strongly worded letter to the heads of seven oil companies, oh, boy. threatening to use emergency powers if they don't boost supply after bashing them for turning a profit. it comes as gas prices are have officially top $5 per gallon with no relief in sight. and if you can't afford the sky-high gas prices the white house says just buy an expensive electric car. he filled up your ev by charging and he filled up your gas tank with gasoline and you have the same size tank you would save $60 per fill up by going electric rather than using gasoline. it's very compelling but to your point we want to bring down the price at the point of purchase. >> she knows money, she has stock in electric vehicles i believe. biden's marks are so low in inflation that even cnn is turning on him. >> how do you gauge biden's
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performance read? >> awful pit all compared to carter, look at the disapproval rate the joe biden has an inflationary now. it's over 70%. carter was not even there at this point in mid-1900 -- when you're doing worse than jimmy carter is doing in the minds of americans in inflation you know they are holding you responsible for the conditions currently on the grounds that are hoarding americans their pocketbook. >> here's a couple of pieces of positive news we are overlooking. aren't you happy for jimmy carter that he is still alive to see that he's no longer the worst president in modern times? it's a big deal for him and his legacy. he gets to be here and see them not the bad guy. >> the carter renaissance come i never thought i'd ever see it in my entire life. greg, take a trip down memory lane, shall we? let's go back to 2020. when a barrel of oil was less
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expensive than a slice of pizza. do you remember it went negative for a while for a couple of months? i think it was like less than $2 per gallon and exxonmobil had its worst year ever. they lost $22 billion. things turned around and demand wind up in the price of oil went back up and now they are making profit. joe gets freaked out because every time the gasoline prices go up his approval rating goes down and he started screaming and threatening these oil executives. evan tells them to increase supply. okay, how about this, "new york times," biden administration cancels drilling sales in alaska and gulf of mexico, that was in may. how's that could help supply? these soils execs have to be thinking can you do something on permits? can you get the sec how far back? can you make these crazy radical left-wing lawyer stopped suing us every time we try to start a project, or may be building a refinery.
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we haven't built a major one since the 1970s. so he's panicking, i do so this coming because you ran on getting rid of fossil fuels. that was a direct quote. we'll phase them out. then he gets in the oval and he does everything to do that through lawsuits and regulations. now they think he is basically like the undertaker for the fossil fuel industry. they're going to put you out of business if you're headed one of these companies money starts freaking out because he is can i lose the midterms and possibly the next election and i always like built drill baby drill. joe biden has turned in to sail up sarah palin he's getting that desperate. and now is threatening to confiscate their profits like some third world dictator. this is not how the president of the united states should be acting. this is not a coherent energy policy. >> he seems to be reaping what he sewed. is that the phrase? thank you very much, dana, i do think the good news -- because i read your book. like what happened after carter.
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we had eight years, the reagan revolution. if this is carter 2.0, aren't we do for something really big? >> perhaps. i mean this is really bad and also it's the refining capacity, right? it's not just getting the oil out of the crowd to come of a lot of reason we don't have enough refining capacity. a lot of those were shut down during covid. and they are under the threat of regulation constantly so why would you invest in more refining capacity? let's say they are like let's drill a few more holes come you cannot refine it. there is a problem there. the other thing i just cannot stand is the p.r. stunt of sending a letter. it's the most weak thing that you can do with the media ran with it, there were headlines everywhere the biden is can the send a letter today. they could care us, then he asked the secretary of energy was stuck in the end ev industry, he has asked her to convene an emergency meeting on the issue. now? they are always so late.
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>> i wonder if biden wrote the letter, put it in the envelope stopped, then clipped it on the mailbox friday mailman to pick it up to that's what my mother used to do. geraldo, how do you feel about all of the finger-pointing? they're saying this is important to transition america's evil fossil fuels and the blame put in for it. can't be a good thing if you're blaming everybody. >> i agree with you, i'm delighted that the ev revolution is getting a push by the shortage and the fossil fuel sector. so i think we will all transition eventually. i deplore the fact that the president is can go to saudi arabia and horror himself to the saudis to attempt them to get them to increase production. i think it's really unseemly. a letter? what is a letter. where is the energy to do
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something substantive to your point, rather than the silly writing of a letter? one place i suspect that we differ is your giving big oil a green light, or a free pass, there is no doubt, but that the average net profit margin for oil and gas production in the fourth quarter of 2021 was 31.3%, that's the average net profit, 31.3%. exxon made 5.5 billion, chevron 6.3 -- big oil is reaping the windfall when the rest of us have to pay. >> aren't you invested in big oil? >> i do not believe i am. i haven't checked. i do not concede that point. i'm not speaking personally. i drive a car that gets 12 miles to the gallon.
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>> what kind of car might that be? if you mentioned it -- >> it doesn't rhyme with bentley? >> last word to you. care to respond? >> first of all when you say he is whoring himself to the saudis it is really prostituting himself. the administration is not only unfeeling, not only demanding that we suffer more, but they are lying to us. they lied to us every day. and they don't feel the pain that senior citizens are feeling and so many americans are feeling. everyone of us us here at this table is gainfully employed. we don't have any idea what's going on in middle america. people have to make a decision whether they're going to drive to work or drive to the doctor's office. this administration is lying.
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he gets up and he says there's no question putin isn't responsible for the intense financial pain. that's a lie, mr. president, and you know it. we know we have 51% of our petroleum, our gas and oil from canada. 8% from mexico. and it was 8% from russia before we started cutting back because of what's happening in ukraine. so to blame everything on russia -- so we got all of our cast -- and they are corrupt too. she violated the stock disclosure law nine times. and she had exercise $1.1 million in stock options and electric cars. these people are counting on us. they don't feel our pain. they are giving us a run around with a letter to the oil industry, give me a break. and there is no question -- last month biden canceled one of the
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most high profile oil and gas resale pending before the department of interior. they don't care about us. all they care about is stuffing their own pockets and the rest of us, be with you. >> i just don't think it's about money. i think it's the fact that he's not steering the ship. these decisions are like from young woke staffers who hate fossil fuels. it's really -- they don't care that we are being punished. i don't think it's about greed, it's p.r. control. >> you can't buy green electric cars. >> i think it is contempt. it's contempt for our society in general. it disgusts me. i'm a man of the people. i went made at the outback, judge. >> what did you have? >> some baked potato and a steak and creamed spinach. once election coming up another huge night for republicans and the biggest sign yet the democrats could be in for a beat down.
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♪ ♪ >> more proof the midterms are going to be disastrous for democrats. republican myra florez flipping a deep blue, critic house district where 85% of residents are latino. florida is winning the special election by flipping the house seats that was previously held
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by democrats for more than a century. take a listen to the message that resonated with those voters. >> the liberal policy from washington are tearing the community apart. in the life of the border control agent i pray for safety now more than ever. we must secure our borders to keep our families safe. >> under president trump we did not have the spirit >> that comes as democrats are accused of playing with fire. their new strategy for the midterms liberal are spending millions of dollars meddling in g.o.p. contests come up backing my guy candidates to set up but they think are more favorable matchups in november. maia florez, 151 years, the first time that district has flipped to a republican a republican. >> what an accomplishment for a hispanic woman.
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she is married to a border patrol agent. did i miss aoc's statement praising her? that i missed that? that i missed the squad sing what an accomplishment for a brown woman? it's because she said she's the new face of white supremacy. >> i absolutely on that we've been talking about a political realignment for a while but i think the last two years was like an insulin shot to it. yet the pandemic and you people realizing what crime is finishing up or is an issue and education. then you had inflation and gas prices on top of that. and they were willing to listen to somebody else. the democrats that were running against her try to tie her to january 6th. on the spanish-language outs that were not working. i think that republicans are an incredible opportunity here. now she had to go through the general election, and this is a new district so we will see. i think she has real momentum behind her pete i'm really shocked that aoc has not put out a statement.
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>> what's interesting also, greg, is the fact that she ran against a guy named sanchez. so being mexican or hispanic didn't matter. they are listening to the issues. >> greg: that's a very good point. she was born in mexico. there goes your hilarious replacement theory that the dems were -- were going to put the fact that mexican sand and they'll vote democrat as long as we bribe them. it's a racist just to assume that democrats -- i mean that mexicans would buy into that or hispanics would buy into any hard left precepts just because will give them all this free stuff. people forget that hispanics are mostly conservative, right? they are basically 1950s republicans. god, family, law. that's a far cry from pronouns and statute toppling. it's kind of interesting. the republicans are the natural party for anyone who understands the hierarchy of needs, meeting food and safety and work come
2:19 pm
first. self-esteem and act self-actualization, which is the democratic party, that's last on your hierarchy of needs. you can't start chasing self-esteem if you can put food on the table appeared the democrats lost sight of that. the people in charge already have all of the luxuries. so now it's just like when my? >> you are broke. >> it seems that some of these democrat hacks are investing to manipulate the republican candidates to put money into the pro-trump candidate the hope that they can get that pro-trump candidate to win in a primary so they think they can then defeat them. it seems to be backfiring. >> that's way too machiavellian for me to get my arms around. i can't figure what that's about. what i would like to say is that myra florez is to be the mirror image of aoc. she's the exact opposite.
2:20 pm
but there's so many similarities that i am bursting with pride over her historic success. as with aoc, myra florez is a wonderful role model for younger latinos, particularly but i think for young ladies. in youngsters throughout the land. the fact that her back story so heroically is american, six years old, come with an immigrant as her parents working in the field as a young child, being hip and modern. a brief anecdote. in 2019 i was in texas with president trump was visiting the border. it was a big anti-trump demonstration in mcallen. across the street was an equally big pro-trump demonstration. it was pretty clear then that there will rio grande valley was going to the center. it was going republican. greg is absolutely right. ronald reagan said it, latinos are republicans they may not
2:21 pm
know it yet but they'll figure it out. i think that that is what is happening. i think that her election really should send shivers through the ranks of democrats. >> and jesse imagine that you agree. this is so shocking that the democrats across the country have to look at this and say holy moly. >> this tells me -- remember the rainbow coalition obama put together? that tells me this is a mirage. republican party, old white party, they were on life support. but joe and the democrats made a fatal mistake with hispanics. they assumed hispanics liked open borders. they assumed hispanics are soft on crime. what is latino next no one likes that. so they then unleashed inflation high crime and high gas prices an end angers the entire country, including hispanics. but hispanics hate biden more
2:22 pm
than anybody. 23% approval for joe biden among hispanics. they hate him more than whites. they hate him more than seniors. they hate him more than high school diplomas. it's insane how much hispanics hate joe biden. here's the problem. here's the clip the democrats cannot fall on, romney and mccain were slaughtered with hispanics. 70% to 30%. trumped it about 40%, 38. your national republican you can get one or two points better than 38 or 39 or 41, you and every national election like that. >> all right straight-ahead president biden about to punish the border patrol agents he smeared as a racist. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> president biden sticking a knife in the back border patrol. in the interest of preparing discipline multiple horse back mounted agents connected with the infamous whipping hoax which border patrol agents accused of hitting haitian migrants at the texas border last september turns out those were just horse ranch and those agents were cleared of criminal wrongdoing because they didn't do anything wrong. but now biden is going after them for administrative violations. it's not a surprise after how the administration and the media postal he his guys, remember? >> it's outrageous. i promise you people will pay. we understand and agree this is been an incredibly heart-wrenching issue.
2:28 pm
>> those disturbing images of. >> i was outraged by it, it was horrible. and deeply troubling. >> border patrol agents are fuming, with one thing to fox the so-called punishment is b.s. whatever that means. jo ann, look, they don't believe in due process, do they? >> i find that in the long list of embarrassing things for the administration come of this to me goes to the top. it incorporates all of the things that are wrong. they've never been outside of the eastern seaboard so they don't know what it's like to actually ride a horse and utilize a horse. they've convicted these guys before they even investigated. then when they found out -- it was horse racing and they didn't do anything wrong? they still than politifact. they don't deserve anything but an apology. all of these agents on horseback that they appear they've been on desk duty since last september.
2:29 pm
were down 2,000 agents of the border. you think that's a good idea? now to add insult to injury, to add administrative violations? what could they possibly be? the president could use his discretion here. he could call the department of homeland security and say let it go. let these guys get back to work. but instead they have to come up with some trumped up charges like some third world dictator, that makes me furious. >> is probably afraid of his pace, judge, don't you think? >> why would they remember? >> they wouldn't bid this is all a media hoax to begin with. >> it's all theater. joe biden is about theater. is about making things up. it's about the last two months have been about the lies. it's unbelievable. look isn't it the job of these border patrol agents to protect, or to prevent immigrants from entering? i mean what is their job? if you don't want them to do that don't put them on a horse and don't put them at the
2:30 pm
border. but the truth is that they are afraid of doing their job for fear that they're gonna be a national television, they're going to lose their job, so what they are doing is they're doing nothing. the mexican cartel is laughing at us and trying to send fenton know they know the border agents are afraid to exercise any kind of control. they are too busy monitoring the search to even look for fentanyl. in the bottom line is that it's just part of letting in the world into the united states. one is enough enough? so they'll come up with some kind of administrative nonsense and just -- >> but couldn't they sue the president for defamation? >> no. he's protected. >> geraldo, if these border patrol agents had hoisted the haitians under the back of the horse and then galloped them into the country, joe probably would've seen that and put a
2:31 pm
congressional medal of honor -- >> geraldo: nonsense. first of all i defer to dana, who is very measured in her emotions and when she says this is the worst thing she'd seen i respect that deeply because i know you don't -- >> dana: it's really bad too. >> geraldo: but let me say, first on to say something about the haitians pair the haitians get the short end of the stick every time no matter what when it comes to immigration. the government is dysfunctional and corrupt, so they go from the island of hispaniola, they go to cuba come on rickety boats, they somehow get into central america, or to south america by boat, then they walk.
2:32 pm
2:33 pm
about the borders the media the democrats covered. not the coyotes, not the sexual assault, not the drug trafficking, they only cared about the border when they found a suitable villain. the suitable villain was
2:34 pm
law enforcement. then he stabbed them in the back. call it a macho cowboy. >> i stepped them in the back of my stabbed trump in the back, who else did i step in the back? what if that little haitian kid was your kid? >> one of the reasons they were trying to push back in there trying to get that guy, had just on the bag. as the investigation. the person you deeply respected, geraldo said. >> oh, my gosh. >> geraldo: they all deserve compassion. >> greg: of clinton put money into haiti --
2:35 pm
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♪ ♪ >> newly released recordings reveal more hunter headaches with the biden white house the "washington examiner" painting 2018 audio from the drug addled son with the infamous laptop from. listen closely, hunter biden can be heard bragging about the secret influence he has a first data. >> will talk about anything i want to that he believes in. if i say it's important to me,
2:40 pm
then he will figure out a way in which to make it a part of his platform. my dad respects me more than he respects anyone in the world and i know that to be certain. it's not good to be about whether my dad thinks it's kind of effect of politics. >> so the areas bragging with the he has over is that but it is new literally blowing smoke? >> probably. it's a problem with cocads, they talk and talk and talk. sometimes they record it. they think they're so brilliant. but we should not lose the meaning of the story with all of this tawdry stuff. it's not really about sex and drugs, it's about the cover-up of certain crimes of excess and further proof that major institutions were corrupted. do it until organizations who signed a letter. at the chamber of commerce, that all came together, the disinformation that all came together by the sway an
2:41 pm
election. what he think nobody trusts the media? nobody trust government, nobody trusts any major institutions, it's because we have proof that this was covered up to help sway an election. there's so much corruption and collusion and crack cocaine. we forget this guy used the n-word like it was salutations. but that doesn't matter either. and that is on tape. >> do you blame dad, dana, for the sounds obvious dysfunction? >> you can't blame somebody for somebody else's addiction. i feel a lot of compassion for parents that have children that are addicted to drugs. it's a miserable, heart-wrenching, terrible thing that you never ever stop thinking about your entire day. that said i think what greg said is absolutely true. when we have the big historian saying the corruption piece of it is a question that has to be asked. and because the mainstream media has really ignored this for a long time it's allowed the "washington examiner" and andrew care are the ones who are doing
2:42 pm
this old fashion gun true type of journalism to go and find these types of things and more power to them. >> imagine all the cra[ on that laptop. >> i agree with anna, you're a parent, you have a child who has a drug problem. but at the same time at some point to become an enabler. already? the secret service was trying to get in touch with him to say his father needed to talk to him. then you have all of the information that we heard earlier about their paying each other's bells but who gets what. but i think what's interesting is how it's all being managed now. so hunter comes out with this book, beautiful thing or whatever. now he's an artist. is a great guy, -- all about how i didn't know he had a problem. i didn't see the alcohol, i didn't see the drugs come i
2:43 pm
didn't see the and the whore. what he signaling to the feds is don't call me. they were concerned about the girls. these people can pivot and dance like nobody i've ever seen. >> this is a major fear orchestration. some people are out outraged. the sister-in-law throwing his kind away. i'm not sure that was the reason, geraldo. he dumped the gun in a dumpster and then blamed the mexicans.
2:44 pm
he blamed the mexicans on the secret service came and they had to cover it up. i mean don jr. didn't knock up a stripper and then run away from child support. don jr. is not under federal investigation for money laundering. hunter biden is evidence of media bias. just take that and switch up to don jr. and is the biggest door you've ever seen in the country. >> i still think it's more pathetic than it is outrageous. >> it's corrupt. i'd listen to hunter to. you're saying the corruption, not governmental corruption but media corruption. >> it's both. corruption runs wide and deep, her all day, like the rio grande. >> nice. ♪ ♪
2:45 pm
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♪ ♪
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>> welcome back. apparently a lot of people are suffering from space fatigue. as for jesse. during yourself during video chats may put you in a bad mood. obviously. i think that's been a bad thing. being at sam licking it yourself all the time. making criticisms of yourself. >> i think it's terrible. when you look at yourself and you say i need a haircut. i like heavy today. or my eyebrows, they are not even today. it is so depressing. like don't even look at them. it's so depressing you forget what you are talking about. you are looking at yourself. and the lighting is always bad. >> you need good lighting. >> remember when that judge put on the cat felt during that hearing? it's almost like every business should say if we are going to make you be on video then everyone gets to choose a filter. look at it this way i'm very
2:50 pm
proud of you winning the 100-meter freestyle and swimming but why are you wearing the metal? i mean really. you can take it off now, dana. >> that's very funny. now going to be supercritical and stare at myself. >> you've been dying to use that. >> now you will never use the dress again. >> i will be wearing it once a week. >> i might just look back at myself and i'll go back and forth. >> and you like what you see? >> sometimes there's bad lighting. my role is never ever do anything that you don't expect as being broadcast the entire world when you're on -- when you open that computer come of the whole world is watching you.
2:51 pm
>> up next this boss means business paired one manager causing an uproar online posting this sign telling workers to show up in time thing for every minute you are late from work you will be required to work for 10 minutes after 6:00 p.m. bill that will show them, greg. >> i wish this was rio pitt i'm not sure it is. it seems like one of those easy stories. but not the kind of boss i like. pretty people who show up later. i would keep you -- if you show up late i would chase right into the parking lot and beat you with the stick. >> if you work in television you cannot be a minute late. >> nope you're that's why i love this industry. you have deadlines and without deadlines i'm comports. >> you need punctuality. >> i've never missed a deadline and 52 years ever. very important but i think that clock punching is obsolete. i think it's a relic, and that's what's wrong with office work and factory work right now, that obsession with clock punching
2:52 pm
to. i associate it with memory i ever had. >> of people are late the court did you just let them have it? >> absolutely. i would bring the jury out and have them sit on the jury box, have the defendant brought in, with the court clerk and the stenographer and everybody's there and then the defense attorney walks in like -- so they were never late again. >> never do it again, one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ your creativity can outshine any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic,
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the all-new mercedes-amg sl. ♪ ♪ the star is reborn. ♪ ♪ >> thank you. one more thing. geraldo? >> geraldo: call on me first because they cut me out
2:57 pm
yesterday. i'm going to do two items. number one beautiful energetic young black labrador retriever. you may have video he is way too energetic. gone absolutely as you can see our designer cushions, scatters them all over the yard. >> dana: stop them taking pictures? >> geraldo: you know, anyway, i have taken dana perino's advice and is he going to doggy college for a month. >> jesse: get another designer pillow. >> geraldo: in other news, my old friend chich of the group cheech and chong. art museum called the cheech in riverside, california that recognizes art and call turley of the very first of this scale i congratulate cheech on the opening. >> jesse: who likes skiing tricks.
2:58 pm
this is andre. is he the big time skier. there he is juggling with a soccer ball on his ski tips. and he can also do some other crazy tricks. is he doing some flips with chocolate milk. he doesn't spill the chocolate milk. and you can tell because there is no chocolate milk stains on the slope because they are white. and nothing racial. and there is another trick. he caught something. don't know what that was. my producer henry loves this so we put it on. prime time tonight 7:00 we find out how fauci got covid. this is another prime time investigation. >> judge jeanine: gulch. >> greg: saw him making out with a bat. you going to be a great show. let's do this first. greg's carrot top news. not a lot of carrot top news to go through until last night when joe concha made a remark about carrot top not being very good
2:59 pm
on economics so we have carrot top analyzing this. >> today he said about inflation, quote: we have never seen anything putin's tax on food and gas. inflation going up 12 months before russia ever invaded ukraine? who is advising this man about come up a carrot top? >> greg: what he doesn't know carrot top has a supply side economics and supply side markets. joe concha has apologized and offered to take carrot top bowling. >> dana: that's fun. there is a sixth gradener colorado brode very upset. no one signed his glass yearbook that broke his heart a group of seniors found out what was happening. they decided to take matters into his own hand. took turns writing all the paragraphs and terms of encouragement phone numbers and actor paul rudd heard about it called in. that's like good stuff, right? people are good.
3:00 pm
way to go, brode. >> greg: got the ladies. >> judge jeanine: girl 5 years old becomes the begin news world record holder this young girl is really going places. her name is bella j. dark. been crowned the youngest author by guinness. the lost cat kitten that goes on an adventure and learns about lessons. sold 1,000 copies. >> greg: it's 6:00. okay, "special report" is up next with evil shannon bream. >> shannon: i know gracy outsold you multi best sellers give credit where it's due. thanks, greg. >> greg: i deserve it. >> shannon: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. breaking tonight, we are covering several big stories. the federal reserve raising a key interest rate by the largest amount in nearly three decades in an effort to combat run away inflation. slippery slope for president biden over gasoline and energy prices. the presi


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