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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 15, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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migraine pain relief starts with u learn how abbvie could help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. >> greg: we are out of time, thank you judge jeanine, rob smith, tyrus, kat timpf, our studio audience, i love you america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, a brand-new poll shows just how concerned americans are about president biden's state of the economy and the white house white house now shifting some of the blame onto u.s. oil companies for the high gas prices you are paying every day at the pump. we are monitoring more protests tonight at the home of u.s.
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supreme court justice brett kavanaugh and top ranking senate republicans demanded to know why the justice department has yet to arrest or prosecute any demonstrators. anger tonight is the biden administration is set to punish those horseback border patrol agents were falsely accused of whipping migrants as they illegally crossed into del rio last year, they have been cleared of any wrongdoing but our bill melugin is at the border and is going to explain. the first state in the country to decriminalize drugs is turning into a disaster pickle fentanyl deaths are up and drug-related crime is soaring. we begin tonight with the white house blame game over the record high gas prices you are finding every single time you go to fill up. kevin corke, i think even posted a tweet about it today, good to see you. >> the president as you probably heard right now at with the speaker the house nancy pelosi along with senate majority leader chuck schumer, that
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meeting is meant to unpack the idea that might help the white house combat inflation and it's an issue that you know has been weighing heavily on democrats all the way down ballot ahead of the midterms, they want to try to figure out something. at the white house read out says the three leaders discussed their plans for fighting the global problem of inflation and bringing down prescription drug and energy costs they say will help. that meeting comes on a day that saw the fed dramatically increasing the cost of borrowing money. wall street seemed pleased by the news that the federal reserve raised its benchmark interest by 75 basis points, the first time in nearly three decades as policymakers intensified their fight to cool off red-hot inflation and while the white house insists it's neutral on fed policy, it was clear wednesday the president approved of the move especially on a day that saw him threaten to resort to using emergency
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powers if american oil companies didn't increase their output at refineries. in a series of letters too many americas major oil ceos, mr. biden did as critics point out he does come he blame someone else for problems his administration faces, claiming that vladimir putin was principally responsible for the intense pain the american people and their families are bearing. he also called out oil companies for running "historically high profit margins." even as americans experience urging gas prices. however, biden did vent some actions that he took that may have also had an impact at the pernicious pain at the pump, recall that since biden took office, his administration stopped issuing new permits for oil and gas leases, canceled the federal drilling permits and new pipelines, canceled three oil and gas leases in alaska and the gulf of mexico, a limited more than a million acres of potential drilling sites, and imposed an oil embargo on
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russia. still come admit all the economic of people, he issued an executive order meant to stymie what his administration calls discriminatory legislative attacks on the lgbtq community. that order according to the white house seeks to discourage conversion therapy and promote gender affirming surgery as well as expanding protections for and transgender people. >> shannon: busy day and we have fox news poll's weighing in as well come up plenty to break down on the job the president is doing, the economy, gun reforms and where do we start? >> there's so much there. it's frankly a grim national survey for the president and his party ahead of the midterm elections. just to point out a few things along the way i think you will find interesting, 82% of the voters in this survey rate the economy negative, that's including 57% to describe it as poor. that's the highest in a decade.
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nine in ten report the cost of food and gas are a real problem for their families and that includes majority as who say current grocery and gas prices are a major problem. about the most important issue? inflation by a wide margin, 41%. that's more than triple, almost quadruple the next biggest issue, that would be guns. there's also abortion is a major issue, 10%. as for the president's current job rating, it's also negative, by 14 points. 57% disapproving, that's almost six in ten americans, his poorest performance to date. not good news if you're the white house, even worse news for democrats down ballot. >> shannon: we will talk more about that coming up. we will see you in just minutes. in a story we first reported last night, two police officers in suburban los angeles were shot and killed just hours after
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a highway patrol officer was gunned down in southern california. matt finn is in los angeles with more on the war on law enforcement, good evening. >> we are learning the suspect accused of shooting and killing those two police officers in los angeles on tuesday was out on probation after receiving a lenient sentence for a weapons charge under d.a. george gascon's policies. the two police officers shot to death have been identified as corporal michael paredes and officer joseph santana. the two officers were shot while responding to a possible stabbing at a motel on tuesday night to. the suspect justin florez fled the room and engaged in a shoot-out with police. he already had one strike on his record for previous first degree felony burglary, then he was charged in 2020 as a felon in possession of a firearm. that could have landed him in prison for a few years, but the d.a.'s office ignored his previous strike and cut him a plea deal.
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to go years probation. and l.a. deputy d.a. says the officers deaths were preventable, that he has a blanket policy of going light and not considering previous strikes. >> i'm a father, i read that both of the officers are fathers and they are just doing their job. if gascon did his job i believe the two officers would be alive. >> his office responded the sentence he received in the firearm case was consistent with case resolutions for this type of offense given his criminal history and the nature of the offense. at the time the court sentenced him, mr. flores did not have a documented history of violence and this comes a day after a california highway patrol officer was shot during a traffic stop and on the same day a phoenix police officer was ambushed while sitting in an unmarked car. both of those officers survived. >> shannon: matt finn, we appreciate the update. the new video shows the moment two suspects on a moped rode up
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behind a woman in brooklyn, grabbed her purse and essentially dragged her down crashing to the sidewalk. alexis mcadams has more on the search for the suspects in this case and america's broader crime crisis, good evening. >> crime across the country is on the rise, many new yorkers say they are worried they will become a victim of violent crime, especially when they see videos like this, this happened in brooklyn. two men on a moped drive by, then steal a woman's purse. as they take off, the 41 years old tries to pull her belongings back, then knocked to the ground. she face plants on the concrete and she is dragged down the sidewalk. in new jersey a wild smash and grab, robbery caught on camera there. more than a half a dozen armed men ran into the jewelry store, the crew smashed those glass cases with hammers, then took off with about a million dollars
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worth of items. investigators say it happened within just about one minute. a robbery in a gas station in culver city, california, under investigation. you can see a man and a gray hoodie pointing a gun at an employee. the duo takes the cash from the register, then runs out their cocriminals are not just stealing money but also fuel. at gas stations across the country, people are taking off with thousands of dollars worth of diesel fuel. just this month in florida, detectives say these men stole six grand worth of diesel. with gas at record high prices, police across the country are on high alert. >> the seal on the pump itself was tampered with and access can be gained to the mechanism of the pump, bypassing the need for payment. >> many large cities and even small towns are dealing with more violent crime. here in new york the nypd says overall crime is up nearly 40%. >> shannon: thank you very much. as violent crime remains a top
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issue for americans, we may not know how bad it is. more tonight on that new report that finds nearly 40% of the country's law enforcement esagencies failed to report ther crime stats to the fbi last year. let's sit down with retired las vegas police lieutenant randy sutton, welcome back, gentlemen. we started to dig into this last night, here's what we know from the marshall project. it says nearly 40% of law enforcement agencies around the country did not submit any data in 2021 to a newly revised fbi crime statistics collection program. the gap includes the nations two largest cities by population, new york city and los angeles. what is going on here? my understanding is this is a voluntarily submission of information, but it seems like those are big puzzle pieces we should all get. >> you are absolutely right. the national incident-based crime reporting system is the
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new system that replaces the uniform crime reports that has been in use by the fbi since 1930. there are implementation problems, because there is much more data that needs to be collected. i'm not making any excuses because i am not a believer in coincidences. you have new york city and los angeles where some of the highest crime rates in the country have skyrocketed because of the policies of the leadership in the cities and the states in those areas. suddenly, we don't know the crime statistics? unacceptable, absolutely unacceptable. these two police departments have all the resources that they need. they have units that are dedicated only to creating the crime statistical analysis and a
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suddenly that's missing? i'm not buying at. >> shannon: you have some questions, as do we. axios reporting on this says not having this information reported to the fbi will result in a data gap that experts say makes it harder to analyze crime trends and to fact-check claims politicians make about crime, violent crime across america is set to be a top issue in this midterm election and the data that many politicians will use to make their case on the topic will be at best incomplete. what happens when we don't have this information? >> when we don't have the information, it's how law enforcement decides how to deploy resources, it's how the federal government decides where to send financial resources, manpower, et cetera but brandon is absolutely right. this information is available, the people that collect this information for covid were essential employees, they were there. this is about hiding the ball because i don't want to report
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what is pretty bad for these cities. >> shannon: let's talk about that a little bit. we have some liberal district attorneys in crime in some of them have been subjected to recalls, some have survived them, some have not but these are some of the cities in san francisco, new york city, los angeles and chicago with those progressive prosecutors who some would say -- are anti-prosecutors in some cases but look at these numbers. san francisco up over 7%, new york city up over 38%, los angeles up over 12 and chicago up over 34%. how much is that a piece of trying to figure this all out? >> this is an integral part of what the crime situation is in america. we had a major win chesa boudin getting kicked out of office on the recall. just today, i believe gascon, the recall effort against him now has reached a number of
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signatures to put on the ballot. i'm hoping that he is going to be the next to go including krasner in philadelphia, he's facing impeachment. the people of these cities are waking up and saying we got to take back our cities. i'm going to say something because i'm very, very upset. the chp officer who was shot yesterday or two days ago is critically injured and gascon is the one that has blood on his hands. because of his policies, this guy was walking the street. he never should have been. now that officer has lost his eye and has a four bullets in him. i got to tell you, it's gascon was causing this horrendous crime rate in los angeles. the family of this officer and what he is suffering -- my
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organization is the wounded blue, we help these officers and i'm seeing every single day and it's very upsetting to me. >> shannon: these are men and women who voluntarily go out to stand in the gap for us and protect us. i want to throw up this stat from nypd, the rate at which officers are quitting is at a record pace in 2021, 38% and 2020 up 46%. the mayor says eric adams, he's not worried about being able to recruit and the staff and maintain the workforce but these numbers don't look good to. >> if i was mayor adams i wouldn't be worried either, i have a security detail around me 24/7. it's everyone else in new york that is worried, that's a lot of retirements, it's a lot of people quitting the job because it defined the police has created a disincentive. we need to turn that around and it starts with the politicians and it needs to start today. >> shannon: these officers need to know if they apprehend criminals and there is a case there prosecutors will take it
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to its logical conclusion. thank you both for your service out there on the streets and your continued work, thank you. former trump advisor steve bannon will face trial for contempt of congress after refusing to supply with a subpoena from the january six committee, a motion -- judge carl nichols a trump appointee ordered that trial to proceed as scheduled. the house committee investigating the events at january 6 released a video wednesday at showing georgia republican congressman barry loudermilk leading a tour of the capitol on sixth with participants taking photos in the complex, something he says is common among visitors. congressional correspondent chad program has more on what it all means for the investigation. good evening. >> democrats have leveled accusations since the riots that republicans led to what were termed capital surveillance
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tours showing people around who later stormed the building. a video from the committee reveals an unidentified man approach and capitol hill on january 6th threatening prominent democrats. >> there is no escape, pelosi, schumer, nadler. were coming for you. we are coming in like white on rice. even you, aoc, we are coming to take you out. >> g.o.p. georgia representative barry loudermilk refused to talk with the committee about visits he had with her constituents the day before the riots. he said a group he knew from a church in georgia requested a meeting on the fifth but when the group arrived, the numbers grew. that included people loudermilk said he didn't know like the man making threats on tape. >> i don't recognize him at all. it's hard to tell but i don't believe he was part of them. >> it shows a man taking
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pictures by a security checkpoint at the mouth of an underground tunnel which leads to the capital itself. a memo issued by congressional security officials allowed appointments and house office buildings but no tours of the capital. in a letter to loudermilk, the police chief cleared him of wrongdoing. speak of the capitol police looked at this, they said there was nothing suspicious about it. >> police never charged the unidentified man but accused loudermilk of changing his story. story. >> republicans said last year there were no tours, no hats, that was false. it was a lie. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez isn't surprised by the threat against her. >> it's been very clear for very long time by that i work with people who wish me physical harm. >> the focus, the pressure campaign on former vice president mike pence.
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>> shannon: i just want to make a quick correction to our conversation we were having with retired lieutenant randy sutton, he referred to a suspect who was out based on gascon's policies, that is actually the suspect who was out on parole who is accused of shooting to go officers outside of los angeles, all tragic. protests outside the homes of chief justice john roberts and brett kavanaugh as a top ranking senate republicans are demanding to know why the justice department is yet to prosecute any demonstrators. as it appears they are aiming to influence judicial decisions, the former chief at the article three project also plucked at the court, he joins us for this. i want to play something from the attorney general when he was asked about making sure the justices are protecting following the arrests.
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>> this kind of behavior is obviously -- it's behavior we will not tolerate. threats of violence and actual violence against the justices strike at the heart of our democracy. we will do everything we can to prevent them and to hold people who do them accountable. >> shannon: the doj says they are on it, they are providing around-the-clock protection and authorizing that and they aren't slacking on making sure justices are protected. >> this assassination attempt of justice kavanaugh, his wife, and their two young daughters while he is deciding a pending case was predictable and predicted the end of the attorney general merrick garland has completely fallen down on the job. there is a federal criminal statute, that makes it obstruction of justice to intimidate federal judges in their homes and there are dangerous consequences. and obama appointee in new jersey had her 20-year-old
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son daniel killed and her husband mark seriously wounded by a deranged gunman. of the attorney general must step up and enforce federal criminal statutes. >> shannon: we have asked that question many times why when that statue exists in the wording is very plain, why there haven't been arrests or prosecution at least as a deterrent if nothing else. a number of top republicans including senate minority leader mitch mcconnell have sent out a letter to garland, the attorney general saying if there is a good reason why you aren't charging these obvious crimes, explain it to us, we want to understand. of the situation is too dire and too important for more meaningless boilerplate about justice department policies. i contrast that with the "washington examiner" which reports about this back and forth with mcconnell and garland try to get some answers about whether things have been prosecuted or not. they say an earlier response earlier in january that garland did acknowledge his letter suggesting some individuals may
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have violated federal criminal law but he said it was a doj policy not to confirm or deny. "do not interpret this acknowledgment is confirmation or denial of an investigation. "do we have any hint that anyone is potentially going to be arrested or investigated under that federal law? doj says we can't tell you yes or no -- it's possible that's underway. >> this is the same attorney general who has a website for january 6 defendants, this is the same attorney general who publicly sick to the fbi on parents who were protesting at public school board meetings. he has totally politicize the justice department and he should be on notice that if he doesn't enforce these laws come of this going to be tremendous pressure in january republicans take over the house to impeach him committee to the first attorney general in american history to be impeached. >> shannon: i want to also look at -- the doj's good act on a number of these crisis
9:23 pm
centers, there's been arson and vandalism. "the federalist" reporting notes what the attorney general said last fall about protecting abortion clinics. he said the department will provide support for federal law enforcement when an abortion clinic or reproductive health center is under attack. garland said he would not tolerate violence against those seeking to obtain or provide reproductive health services. the author of the piece says when he asked the doj or the fbi whether they would be investigating recent attacks on these pro-life centers, the fbi national press office said we have no comment on any specific incident. what do you make of that? a lot of people were saying they were clear about protecting one side of this argument, why not come out and say the same when there are numerous attacks underway on the pro-life side? speak of the attorney general is a disappointment to. he is a former federal circuit court judge in d.c. most people thought he would be an adult that he would enforce
9:24 pm
the law and he has come in and has been a partisan political activist throughout his entire tenure as attorney general. it's a disgrace what he's doing. >> shannon: it would be comforting to all americans to feel like there would be regardless of of the underlying ideology that there would be swift arrest and prosecution wherever these people can be tracked down and held accountable, we should want that on all sides. thank you very much, good to see you. coming up, an ostrich encounter gone hilariously wrong. plus a video of a michigan couple fighting to outrun a tornado as it bears down on them. you haven't seen the video, today's best viral videos are next. but fire is no match for the fire within black dreamers everywhere.
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>> shannon: scary footage out of montana as a swollen river washed away an entire house, check it out to. you can hear the fire alarm going off inside the home as the raging waters swept off the bank. torrential rains causing catastrophic flooding all across yellowstone national park forcing the closure indefinitely. roads and bridges have been washed out and some by rural communities. >> i'm really afraid! [laughter] >> shannon: i don't mean to laugh i would do the exact same thing. this is a safari encounter, i do this over a spider though. she is enjoying a drive through at a safari park in mississippi but an ostrich seemed awfully eager to get to that bag of corn, stuck its head right in, right into her lap completely
9:31 pm
freaking her out to. the hilarious encounter did make them all laugh afterwards, i don't know if that includes the ostrich. all is well that ends well. >> what's going to come and hit us -- i don't know what to do. oh, god. >> shannon: what would you do if a tornado is bearing straight down and you like this terrified couple in michigan, that twister tour across nearby buildings, the couple swung into a car wash to take shelter there, chunks of debris were flying by is a powerful tornado took out homes, campers and more. at least one death reported, take a look at that. the nearest police department special ops team using a helicopter, a dive team and great skill to rescue a boater thrown overboard when his vessel capsized in jamaica bay. the team hoisted him up above the water swirling from the helicopter to safety, the nypd
9:32 pm
says he's fine. this is not a ufo coming in for a landing, but a very cool sauce or cloud formed over nebraska to the delight of storm chasers who were checking it out. beautiful but if i had seen close encounters of the third kind, i would be worried about that. if you have a viral video hit us up at shannon bream or at "fox news @ night" on social media. kevin corke is back and it's our favorite topic. people have some opinions about this stuff. >> it's interesting because you never think about it but you get this survey and i'll weigh in on that like this survey. some are, more festivities outside and a few weeks away, it's going to be all summer long food to. if you haven't started already. with that in mind, rta outdoor living have released results in a brand-new survey that reveals how americans feel about barbecuing it pizza and much more, about a thousand people
9:33 pm
answering this quiz. did you know that women prefer grilling, 62%. that's more than men who prefer to grill, 52.2. 15% of those surveyed say cheese should go on to the burger, that's crazy. 63.4% chose boneless over bone in. i can see why a lot of people say that, i prefer the bone end, that's how i know it's real. 15% of those will not put pineapple on their pizza which is completely counterintuitive to what we have observed here. >> shannon: it's our younger folks on staff who like it. >> they love it, i'm surprised by this. >> shannon: it's a crime. >> 18% of americans say they eat pizza with a fork and knife, what is that? get out of here. 24% say they want to the gooey goodness of the center of brownies. you are a gooey center?
9:34 pm
>> shannon: definitely. >> on edge, crispy. >> shannon: we can share a pan of brownies. >> tracy, we have your marching orders. 57% of those surveyed say hot dogs are sandwiches. >> shannon: what? >> i am like what in the world. >> shannon: how do you define a sandwich -- i guess you have a bond with the meat in there, it's not cold cuts or a tuna salad, i've never heard anyone refer to a hot dog as a sandwich. >> never in my life and anybody who says as a sandwich i'll be like -- >> shannon: you probably eat your pizza with a fork and knife also. >> come on, pizza with a fork and knife pickle are you a folder? >> shannon: i can be, i am not discriminatory when it comes to pizza. chicago style, crispy. >> new york, whatever, i'm with you. >> shannon: come back for some good news. let us know about the food. what do you think on twitter?
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picture your life in motion with vyvgart. a treatment designed using a fragment of an antibody. ask your neurologist if vyvgart could be right for you. >> shannon: tonight customs and border protection reported more than 239,000 migrant encounters in may, that is the highest monthly total in dhs history breaking the previous record set in april. cbp says fewer than half of those were in title 42 and that one in four had already tried to cross the border once before in the past year. in a story we first reported last night it appears the mounted border patrol agents condemned by president biden by cleared of any criminal wrongdoing while trying to deal with illegal immigrants last september may still face internal punishment tonight. correspondent vilma lucian may have more from texas.
9:41 pm
>> dhs is preparing to discipline several horseback border patrol agents were falsely accused of whipping migrants as they came into the country last september. they are not equipped with whips, however viral images and false narratives sent democrats into a frenzy. >> our entire nation's horrifying images that do not reflect who we are. >> what we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery. >> it invokes images of some of the worst moments of our history. >> to see people treated like they did, people being strapped, it's outrageous. i promise you those people will pay. >> president biden's promise is now coming to fruition pickle the same source tells fox news the horseback agents faced imminent punishment despite the dhs inspector general previously clearing them of criminal
9:42 pm
wrongdoing. the source tells fox cbp will accuse the agents of administrative violations. the president of the 40 patrol union says president biden convicted the men before the start of an investigation. >> because of the what the president said, these investigators had no choice but to find some sort of wrongdoing. we know they did nothing wrong and that was a powder keg, we know they were sent there to do a specific job and they did that job and now they are coming back to be vilified. >> it's unclear what specific administered a violation these agents are going to be accused of but i am told these agents will have a chance to respond. they can either fight the proposed discipline or they can accept it. the border patrol union says they will defend these agents vigorously. >> shannon: thank you so much. ukrainian special ops planting antitank mines in the eastern region of donetsk where russia has pounded the area making a
9:43 pm
slow, costly advance. here in the u.s. president biden announcing another billion dollars in military aid for ukraine and millions more in humanitarian aid as the ukrainian delegation meets with u.s. lawmakers this week. joining me now a member of that delegation and ukrainian member of parliament, it's good to have you with us tonight. the president had a tweet, i spoke with president zelenskyy to discuss the brutal war in ukraine, i reformed the commitment to stand with ukraine and confirmed the u.s. is providing security and humanitarian resistance brick i know you are having conversations all over capitol hill with lawmakers, your reaction to that package and doesn't fit with what you need right now? >> we are thankful to american people and american administration for assisting us. at the moment since we are fighting, we want this to be faster and this 1 billion is
9:44 pm
good help to us. nevertheless there was a commitment of 20 billion and if it could be done as fast as possible, before the end of the year, that would be huge support. >> shannon: i know you need practical things. you need weapons in hands and what is the reality for your people right now? >> commitment doesn't mean it will be delivered on the ground. we already have some artillery coming, we are expecting and lrs systems just to kick the russians back to their borders. these are missiles that are coming and we badly need them. we are running out of rounds but there is support coming from u.s. and today it was announced. hopefully we will use them within the next several weeks, it will be on the ground. >> shannon: i know you have
9:45 pm
many concerns that you have been an ongoing negotiations with the russians from the beginning, you have been one of the negotiators as well. talk about the issue of trying to carry out civilian evacuations of some of these areas. >> for the last three months, we have been unable to evacuate -- able to evacuate up to 400,000 people from besieged cities from eight different regions which means those people included, unfortunately raped people, kidnapped people, we are in constant exchange. in addition, we are continuing to fight on the ground, but our main topic is prisoners of war and similar evacuations. at the moment we are starting a new vertical which is food security and opening up the ports. >> shannon: ukraine is a major exporter of grain for communities all over the world, how worried are you about that being stuck where it is in the
9:46 pm
ripple effect of that? >> ukraine produces more than 100 million tons of crops and 60 million tons is exported. we are exporting 52 max 6 million but with all of our capacity, the maximum we can export is up to 1 million. we need to unblock the ports. to unblock the ports we need weapons, we need missiles so that russians could get -- we can kick them from our shores pickle at the moment they are blocking so the world will not receive this grain, 400 million will be vulnerable. >> shannon: we want you to know that we are not forgetting your people and we want to keep sharing your message. you are traveling around the world and you have many international stops and my hope is that you will continue to get that support from the international community if you go out there and make the case. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: coming up, or it can to criminalize hard drugs last year meaning no changes,
9:47 pm
charges or jail time for getting caught with small amounts of heroin, cocaine, and more. now 16 months in, how is that progressive policy working? you're probably not goingha to e surprised, that story is next. there's my glucose number. wow. my a1c has dropped over 2 points to 7.2. that's a huge victory.
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>> shannon: it appears the state of oregon's experiment with decriminalization of some
9:52 pm
dangerous drugs is becoming a disaster. fentanyl deaths are of more than 20% and drug related violent crime is soaring your code dan springer takes a closer look tonight. speak of the streets of portland are an open-air drug market, people in crisis seem to be everywhere. voters thought it would be different. in 2020 they overwhelmingly passed the first to state law decriminalizing possession of small amounts of all hard drugs. meth, heroin, even fentanyl. the idea was treatment, not jail time pickle 15 month of the experiment, drug overdose deaths hit an all-time high last year at 1,074. portland set a record for murders, many tied to drug turf wars and 116 people have even bothered to call the hotline with only 24 seeking services. >> this is predictable, was predicted, and now unfortunately is coming to pass in front of our eyes. it is a tragedy and it's a self-inflicted wound. >> law enforcement officers across the state rarely right
9:53 pm
drug position tickets because most people fail to appear in court. >> what we are seeing is as it drug possession has been decriminalized, property crimes have increased. so to have violent crimes. >> $350 million from canvas tax revenue to fund a services but none of them of the money is going to expand treatment. >> it was never designed to reduce our addiction rates, it was never designed to deal with our crisis, it was always meant to deal with the war on drugs. >> the money is going to harm reduction, things like needle exchange club peer counseling, supportive housing, and narcan to revive a person who is overdosing. >> it's not about getting treatment, what it's about his meeting people and getting people out into the streets and doing outreach for folks and getting them the life-saving drugs. you can't save somebody if they overdose and die. >> even that has failed as drug overdose deaths in oregon soared
9:54 pm
41% of decriminalization, 25% higher than the national death toll rose. >> shannon: thank you very much. you need some good news right now, that's what we are going to do before we say good night. parents thought they were part of a focus group, little did they expect when they walked in to see some of the grown-up children they fostered over the years. the couple's foster children set up a surprise to show appreciation for all the love they were given. one of the couple's biological children had been inspired by our parents to start fostering as well. the wonderful friend-family reunion was shared by the department of child safety. >> i'm going to take you across country to the beautiful sunshine state of florida. that's where a 15-year-old winter springs boy is making his summer mission a good one. he is making his mission to help those in need to. i want you to meet rj, he's taking part of the 50-yard
9:55 pm
challenge it's a nationwide program correlated by racing men and women lawn care service. the ideas to give kids a lawn mower if they go out there and voluntarily mow the lawns of those in need to. you've got to get the 50. he's got to go. >> shannon: love it, it is a fantastic organization and you are fantastic too. we'll to see you tomorrow night, i'm today you get your clearchoice dental implants thanks every day let's dig in de chow down day and take a big bite day for a perfectly delicious i love my new teeth, daddy, because you're your choice. today is the day everything issc back on the menuhe. a clear choice day changes every day. >> schedule a free consultation mike lindell even daylight savings on campus and frame
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