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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 15, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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tony fauci has covid despite getting like twenty seven vaccine boosters. he has it and apparently he's infectious. so if you see him pretty small. but if you look down, you see him stay away. he's the typhoid mary georgetown. we've asked for the best out of the ones you love. sean hannity next . all right, tucker , thank you and welcome hannity. all right. tonight once again, no shortage of bad news surrounding biden's faltering economy. in a moment, we will cover today's whopping three quarters of a point ratent hike from the fed, the single biggest increase since 1994. and we'll tell you how this t specifically will negatively impact the already horrifichehe biden economy. butit get this, we actually begn with some good news.amp the tide is already turning in the washington sewer and swamp help is a on the way in what could be a canary in the coal mine moment for
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the democratic party last night there was a special congressional race in south texas. ititas saw a very deep blue sea turn bright red .d now republican myra flores easily defeated her democratic opponent by eight points icin district thirty four . now get this it's the first time in one hundred and fifty years this district ever elected a republican in 2012, obama won it by twenty three points. 2016? yeah,ea won hillary won it by tw two points. biden only won two by four but now republican myra flores, shee won it by eight. s allwi right. that would be a twelve point swing in two years. a thirty point swing if you go back to twentyen . keep in mindty this is a majoriy hispanic district. it borders mexicoo to the south along the rio grande valley. meira actually immigrated to the u.s. from mexico, making her the very first mexican born. woman to be elected tobo congress. she's also married tol a us
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border patrol agent. she made border security a huge focus of her campaign. >> take a look. to many the borders of our politics. but for me it's about my life. i'm maya. flores. i was born in mexico. now i am living my american dream. the liberal policies from washington are tearing our community apart. as the wife of the border patrol agent, i pray fory n ehis safety more than ever. i'm miraflores and i approvee this message because we must secure our borders and keep our family safely. clearly this is a winning b message not just in the rio grande valley but also across the u.s. safety security, prosperity, the american dream. it's why r people from allt over the world risk life and limb to get here. now sadly, most s democrats havw lost sight of what does make this country great. many want tora transform america into something that would be totally unrecognized to most
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of us . we're seeing this in schools. we're seeinge this with policing. we're seeing this with s our borders. we're seeing this with m violence. we're seeing this with democrats. they have lefttway their markre and not in a good way. but americans clearly are paying attention. what ween saw in virginia with one young kid in education, what almost happened in new jersey, nobody was paying attention in the dyion governor's race there. that race could have turned w red , believe it or not. new jersey. and here we have maira one hundred and fifty years g finally it changesot hands tote republican . it's got to be replicated in every state, every district in the country. now republicansnsly t are publiy targeting seventy five congressional seats held by democrats. i expect that number to grow now iff i were leading the republican effort for the midterms, i would try to s put every raceta in every state in play. yeah, i'd'd evenpl put the new k governor's race in play anyway. here now with more from her big win, last night, congresswomann elect microflora, congresswoman
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fe ,first of all, congratulations. everything was perfect in your video. we t kic got to work on that sor kick a little bit. >> i didn't know soccer kicked me little no thank you .y thank you so much. i appreciate it. your family and your life storyd is beyond compellingis a distrit that was democratic for fifty years now you were on the groundob obviously illegalegal immigratin have been a big issue where you live. >> tell us what changed what happened. well, you know, i was blessed to come here united states legally when i wasas six years old and i want that experience for our children. hr i don't want any child to haveou to go to such a dangerousat journey. so i'll never understand why t the democrat party continues to encourage with their policieshel illegal immigration, knowing what they're going to gora through . and iti want to focus on legalwh
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immigration and improve hthe process where they don't have to go through that journey. and look, we don't have to hear it in tv about the border crisis. it's happeningpeni here right behind our backyard. . it's very real to us . child trafficking is very t real to us and our children are innocent. noeye ou matter where they're f> and they should be our priority. so your parents came here legally like my four grandparents came from irelandes legally and they came through ellis island. weweappe see something happenin. we always do polling in election years and we break things down demographically. what we've been a witnessing is a dramatic shift among hispanic american voters, n-african-american voters, the youth vote in particular. re women. voters are out there. they're all leaving the democratic party at least on paper for now. we'veea seen a fewr political earthquakes. i would argue yours your race is a huge potential bellwetherve
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for what may happenmb in novembr . why do you think that people in demographics that historically have been histin the democratic party or the democratic party coalition, why are they now leaningcoalva towards the republicans and conservatives ? well, i feel like the democrat party has walked away from h t the hispanic community. they've gone so far left and they don't represent our values. people always ask me, myra , how can you be a republican whenever you were born in mexico? and that's that clearly shows me that they know nothing about our culture. i was raised with strongva conservative values. we're all about faith lyand family and hard work. that's who we are. it'swi our values do really alin with thet republican party. but i do feel that for a long time prior to 2020 , no one was really paying attention to the hispanic community. at and i'mef grateful that finally the republican party is investing in the hispanic community because we are the future. butha the democrat party has
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completely abandoned us and taken us for granted f. ifth you're entitled to our vote and they feel they don't really have to workor for it. and what we're showing now is that yes, you do have to work to earnn our vote and that's why we won the special election becausehous we worked hard. we knocked thousands of doors, make thousands of phone calls. i have the most hardworking team and that is the reason why we're also going to win that reelection in november because no one is going to w do the work that we're doing. well, by the way, elon musk voted for you. i'm fascinated with elon musk.k. i think he's a great modern day innovator and really he's a real true original to me. >>ha what do you think of that ? i was honestly so excited when i heard about it and i'm soex grateful that he came here to south texas and invested in this community because again, this community is utamazing, are all about, you know, family and hard work.
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and finally, you know, so manyst people are like elon musk are, coming here to invest in his community and will always be grateful to him s and spacexd and i can't wait to to meet with him and have anex opportunity to tell him, you know, what the plansas for a texas district. thirty for the cloud. now e you are the liketa the congresswoman. the sad part is you've got tond run again in november. i understand in a redrawn district we're going to follow your career verywe closely. u we congratulate you, congresswoman. thank you for being with us. all right. now we turn sorry. don't blame the messenger to the not so good news. all right. earlier today the massive three quarters of a point rate hike from the fed. now this is the third increase from the fed since joe biden took office. goldman sachs, for example, predicts in the next two years as many as 11, maybe more anyway. three so far , many more expected. and as inflation is draining the savings and retirement funds, you're all watching it.
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you're all seeing it. donald trump predicted it's e hurting americans all across the country, especially the poorsp the, the middle clasa people on fixed incomes. two thirds of americans now living paycheck to paycheck. sadly, rates hikes are not good for, foror example, propertyha values, to put it mildly.t let's break down what this rate hike means. for example, now underer20 donad trump in 2020 manyy americans, they were getting mortgages with interest rates around three percent. some even lower in the twos.d and i'm r talking about a 30 yer fixed rate. now if you bought a four hundred thousand dollar homet, let's say you put 20% down your monthly payment on a 30 year loan would be onend thousand nine hundred ninety three dollars a months at the end of thirty years. the total mortgage paid with interest to four hundred thousand dollar house. it would be four hundred and eighty five thousand six hundred dollars. now you gooor a half h a point r half a percent increasee in interest rates. your payment goes by one
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hundred dollars and the total payment paid over thirty yearsou goes up'r by thirty two thousand another half a point you're looking at a two hundred dollar increase every month and sixty four thousand dollar hike altogether. that's at four percent interest now prior to today a 30 year fixed mortgage was averaging well six point three some odd6. percent at3- that rate your monthly payment is five hundred dollars more than it would have been in twentyoa twenty . and the total amount that you would pay over then d be coursef year alone would be two hundredo and three thousand dollars. wow. now today it gets a lot worse. rates now expected to go as high as seven point five percent. let's take a look at buying that same home. that means ifra you comparey the rates in twenty twenty under donald trump , well, you'll pay a thousand m dollars more per month. and after today's hike and interest rate interest
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rates going up, you'll spendnd a whopping three hundred and twenty thousandou more dollars over the 30 year course of your loan afterrs todl the same price you would have only paid for what , a year and a half ago?ta i mean,gg it's unbelievable. it's staggering now at these rates that means purchasing a home that was going to become unaffordable for many americans, if not most americans. that means sales of existing homes that's going to plummet. you know, the day and age you put a house on the market. fifteen people come in .id people are bidding above asking price those days d are now goin to end except for maybe states where people are moving to like --florida, texas, tennessee and the carolinas. but forenne most states, your he values will plummet. new home construction will come to a screeching,w halt that's going to kill contractors. fewer and fewer americans will refinance their homes. and guess what your property values that you've been lookings it's been rising. the last number is a number of
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years that like your stock market, your 401k that will plummet401(l . w in fact, they are already going down as we speak. this will not only impact the housing market but also america's financial institutions. we're headedssas straight for a recession even as inflation continues to climb. now this week we also learned that the producer price index this measures wholesale prices that businesses and then you pay more on top of it. it's up a whopping ten point eight percent if you watch this program, you know the driver of these costs is record high gas prices and diesel prices. joe biden could work to bringgh those prices down right now and don't take my word for it. let's listen to kevin o'leary, cnbc. >> take a look at the economy, the market, they're not it's nott going to be able to recover unless we see some relief and relief that we can believe is a long term solution for oil. here's how you fix that problem. it was a policy this policy w d
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mistake by biden when he came in to reverse the mistake. all you o have to do is jawboneu the oil markets. the futures market just announced you're going to license three new refineriesth on the east coast. also announced we're going toe reexamine the xl pipeline. l we'reee going to give back the leases and we're going to give more carbon direction to e understand what the costs are. all of those policy mistakes could be reversed by just getting up and jawboned. you could take oil down below one hundred bucks if you've got more combative towards the future production. biden may not doio that .n. that's t on him. bingo. but biden's not going ton' do ay of that because the radicalgi climate religious cult that runs the administration won't let him democrats new green deal party democrats, socialists, they won't let him . instead, bidenen sent a very men threatening letter to oil companies demanding they stop taking a profit becausebe it's a patriotic thing to do,e joe . they have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders, joe . butir keep this in mind anyway.
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despite the administration and their demonizing a and blaming anybody and everybody but themselves. well,em and going after the oil giants, let's look at companies like exxon mobil. their profits are flat over the, last quarter and in 2020. guess what , joe ? many of m these companies lost money. they made no profit at all but you're not going to hear that from the administration because they're just looking to a scapegoat. they'll blame putin. they'll blamein trump blaming ol companies. they'll blame meat companies. they'll blame poultry companiesu . so let's be very clear . joe biden caused this problem. he caused it because of his election promises. he told you and promised every american this is what he was going to do. i will remind you again so yous. never forget it and you can tell all your friends take a look. >> and we saw we're all dead doing away with any subsidies or fossil fuels. no, one . no. two, holding them liable for
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what they have done, particularly in those cases where you're underserved neighborhoods and you know . e dealnono and by the way, when they don't want to deliberately putdo them in jail, kitto, i want you to just take a look, okay? you don't have to agree, but i want you to look at my eyes. i guarantee you i guarantee yout we're going to end fossil fuel and i am not going to cooperate now would there be any place for fossil fuels including coaln and fracking in the biden atiadministration? no, we will work it out. we would make sure it's eliminated. of course, his promises didn't stop there. but i also vowed to treat saudi arabia like a pariah countryf directly accusing the crown prince of being responsiblee fr the death of journalist jamal khashoggi. and now lo and behold, joe biden is headed over to saudi arabia to meet with the crown prince where our president i bet pretty much every every penny i had
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he's going to grovel on hiss hands and knees and begor the crown prince to pumpe more oil all becauset the religious climate alarmists call it and thehe democratic party won't let him produce oil, gas domestically. " it's that simple military action. the author of here's the deal, a number one new york times bestseller, kellyanne conway iss with us and also our good friend, former chief of staff s mark meadows is with us. all right. soo kell j the words were kelly, you just heard it. i guarantee i will. ue and fossil fuels look at my i'll eliminate it. he said it. he's doing it. we'ree all paying the price for it. he can't sayn' that he didn'the and he didn't k keep his word. >> he kept his word. i give him credit for keeping? his word. then why owning it? actually , he said that it's putin's fault. who who believes that the gas price increasesjo putin's fault is joe biden the rest ofest americans think
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it's joe biden's fault. and if he's so proud of he's actually keeping a promise from the campaign to outflank bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and you see he ought to just own it. sean, this is a guy who onpr earth day in april took air force one to washington state, not washington, d.c. d to s washingtonta state to celebrate earth day. folks just just to review quickly, air force one runs on fossil fuels, a lot of them and big carbon footprint. but look, this also l goest with inflation first it was transitory, then it was a high class treadmill problem. then it was goodd fororio the economy. then it was putin's fault. now it's corporations fault greedy corporations, oiler and gas. and guess what ? americans areyy very clear .me everybody's pulling. they think it's n joe biden's fault. remember in the green new deal went up for a vote in the senate. it got like zero votes when r they were all out on the campaign trail. whenever cory booker they're all like green udall again and they hadco a vote on it but they didn't vote for it.el they didn't vote positively for
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it. soy these are talking points from a party searching for messages. and by the way, you'reot absolutely right, the none white vote realigning toward the republican party . we saw it startinggpr with president trump in 2020. am he did four points better amonga hispanics overall. but in states like texas, nevada, arizona, even higher w gains among the nonwhite vote. what do you think they think when they hear joe biden say he's going to eliminate fossil fuels when they hear a judge say we promised to have electric charging stations everywhere, we j don't because john john kerry, the private jet extraordinaire flier himself, we absolutely don't need to drillas for more oil and gas. so it's by design now, mark,ma you're a smart guyrt a lot m smarter than i am. maybe you can explain this to me. try and tryou to tell me if if you if you extract a barrel of oil from the u.s. or you take it from russia or iran, we're
11:19 pm
just begging and venezuela or saudi arabia or opec nations tell me is there any different impact on mother earth d depending on whereep you drill forr the oil? because i'm having a hardandi tt understanding, eliminatingsu domestic oil drilling versus importing it at higher rates and making enemy countries rich as . i'm havingries a hard time with that concept. well, you should haveit a hard time with the concept because obviously it's about eliminating american jobs. the last time a president a actually went to saudira arabiao to pleadf and beg for help was under the days of jimmy carter. know, and what did jimmy carter have b that joe biden didn't have? a higherhe had confidence level in the economy than joe biden has right now. and here's the interesting thing is when we start to look a at it, gillion wasll right. , you know, it's gone from allla over the excuses. but remember they said inflation was transitory.
11:20 pm
the only thing that's a transitory are the people that they blame for what is causing all off this and they need to look in the mirrorb in the oval office because it's joe biden, his policies and yes, couldix he fix it? he could fix it tomorrow if what they did was put a billes on the floor that says we're going to increase refineries, adwe're going to go ahead and fast track permits to do that and make sure that we are energy dominant once again because we've got the natural d resources to do it. and yet politics continues to rule the day for joe biden and what we're going to see are more examples like congresswoman elect floreshe getting elected becausese they realize where the blame lies. so i have an exit question 15 seconds each. is there any chance let'sg assume there's a shellacking in november i i and republicans take back the house h and senat, something i hope can happen if this is a wave election year. it absolutely will . the question is if that happens
11:21 pm
,will they wise up and change course? and now a lot of democratsla will say they're running for president, particularlyleft from the left. as and look, just to tie up this whole thing and i think a president that has energy has no business making energy policy. markha. k well said, kellyanne. i think the other big thing is getting it. plus i don't't i don't think its goingg to change at all.he and iir can tell you democrats were pleading with their democrat colleagues on the house floor today saying please do something. they will not do anything agreel on both points. both of you are right. all right. thank you for being with us. now, despite and coming by theni way, despite beingst cleared oft criminal wrongdoing, the biden administration is nowhe preparig to punish the border patrol agents falsely accused of whipping migrants they had already been cleared. sarah carterd. at the border with the details on thatat situation. also, senator ted cruz will join us and discuss the serious threatsou that are
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go to 55% last we've been the right now despite being cleared of any criminal conducts by the department of homeland security inspector general earlierpen t in the year, the bn administration is now set tos punish border patrol t agents that were falsely accused of whipping haitian migrant a in september of 2020 one . now rememberrad they were alreay cleared of anything illegal according to fox, these border agents will now face punitive administrativeat d violations despite the whipping allegations being totally debunked. now ask yourself if they were cleared of any criminal conductt and if no violation occurred,
11:27 pm
why then is there a punishment anyway? here at the latest fromrr our border is our very own ver surakarta. i think i have some insightt into that , sara , and i thinkac it all goes back to joe remember, he rushed to judgmenti and he immediately said that those agents will pay. there will be consequences. well, the investigation cleared the agents so of any wrongdoing. why is there any consequences? well, sean, i can tell you there's enormous registration,>> there's anger, low morale here among border patrol agents all along the u.s. mexicotr border tonight becauseol of this decision. and you're rightht on the money this has to do with according to the agents that i've spoken with and people in the dhs are sources of mine. this has to do with president biden's statement and the fact that he did not retract thoses statements. i also spoke to numerous sources that the disciplinary action taken by opa, the office of professional responsibility will come in the form of basicfc
11:28 pm
suspensions for multiple agents. you can only imagine how they they are angry earlier this morning we were out on an operation with border patrol agents where we're doing0 our investigation and sure enough, over 300 to four hundred that's what they were estimating early this morning came across the border. we saw people from venezuela yesterday, people from all over the world and they were actually part of that group of fifteen thousand. and the reason whyhy i bring this up, sean, the reason why this is so important is becausey agents feel their morale is so f low right nowt that they feel that they're just an extension of the drug cartels and they're angry. they're upset and the borde patrol union is going to fight back and the largest caravan to date is making its way right b now to our border. s and iar know you'll be covering it for us as always. s thank you .th also tonight , the supremert court's expected abortion ruling coming up sometimeio l this month is now fueling far left rage and threats of outright violence as a far left
11:29 pm
pro-abortion group. they're called jain's revenge is now reportedly declaring, quote, open season on pro-life americans. they said in a statement yesterday, quote, fromrs here forward, any anti choice group who closesti their doors and stops operating will no longer be a target. but until you do, it is open season and we know where your operations are. hello, merrick garland, ha what might you be ?t now this is the same groupck that claimed responsibility o fr the attack on a pregnancy center in des moines earlierr in the month along with several others. and since the leak of the draft opinion, there have been at least 20 attacks on pregnancies or pro-life centers all across the country. now finally after attack after attack after attack, the white house this week finally offered a statement of condemnation telling the daily wire, quote, p violence and destruction of property have no place in our d
11:30 pm
country under any circumstances. and the president announcesen his tepid and late show soundss like a coming insurrection anyway, just likeay the biden administration saying it's okayn to intimidate and harass supreme court justices in front ofnd their homes and give out the name of their kids schoolsrc and give out the name of the church's attend. not a peep about chuck schumer him on the steps of the supreme court with direct threats against youk won't know what hit you. ask yourself tonight , where's merrick garland? where's the fbi? where are all those peoplene that have been lecturing us that domestic terrorism is c the number one threat in this country today? they must be busysy monitoring those moms and dads there and speak out at school boardon meetings where is the investigation into these acts of violence along with thed estimated what ,su five hundred and seventy four riots in the summer of 2020 dozens dead, thousands of cops injured, billions in property damage. here to react, texas
11:31 pm
senator ted cruz, a senator. let's go through this again, shall we? any anti choice group that closes their doors and stops operating to no s longer be a target. but until you do, it is open season and we know where your operations are and sound they sound like chuck schumer. >> you won't know what hit youor look on . fortunately, today'sal democratic party is controlled by the radicals. they are the party of criminals. they are the party of violence. they areth the party of riots.. they are the party of threats and destruction. this radical group that is threatening terrorist conduct. , let's be clear.ur they're threatening to attackde to burn, to murder people.y and by the way, at pregnancy centers, pregnancy resource centers, these are centers that are helping moms who are pregnant with children to give birth to those childrenthn and these radicals hate the fact that anyone would helpm mom. you know, these radicals claim to be pro woman, but apparently they don't want to help a mom
11:32 pm
who's pregnant with a child actually give birth tod the child, deliver the child in this world. and so they're goingng w to firebomb the clinic or the hospital that she would goul tod. and theis terrifying thing, sea, is this happens with the encouragement, with the acquiescence of the democratt party , we are justou as important. i want to i wantr your take on chuck schumer wentrt on the steps of the u.s. supreme court and threatened two supreme court justices and said you won't know what hit you was that when you docs when you intimidate, whenid you harass and you give out the addresses and of of t justices and the nameshe of the schools that their kids attend and the churches that they attend and the times that they attend church, isn't that a threat? isn't that intimidation is not harassment? at don't we, have laws against that , senator ? absolutely. yes. the democrat party today as the party of mob violence, they're the party schumer knew what he was saying when he said you
11:33 pm
have unleashed the whirlwind. he was unleashed the radicals you look at this lawless, very likely left wing law clerk who leaked the decision. the reason the decisionthecis ws leaked was to allow threatsd and bullying to at the justices . lesspr than a week ago we sawce a supreme court, justice just as brett kavanaugh threatened and man arrested for attempted murder. why? because the left wing radicalss numerous home was and the whites house was encouraging thosen radicals to go to his home where they were threatening bihis children. it's been a week and joe bidener still has not o condemned the attempted murder of a sitting supreme court justice. but let's be clear why t do they want to murder that supreme court justice? because they're willing to essentially commit a revolution, an insurrectionns to use their favorite term againstt a branch of government because they want to change the vote on a pending decision of the supreme court. it is shameless and it is also a violation of criminal law. the federall criminal law makesc
11:34 pm
it a crime to go and protest at the home of a judge while he's considering a case. and merrick garland has become perhaps the most political attorney general in the historys of this country is willing toand weaponizes the department of justice arand fbi to target parents as domestic terrorists. but enf he refuses to enforce the law against the people flaig currently violatingen the law and jen psaki at the white house encourages people go and protest at the justices house. let me ask you, sean, and all of your years of watchingd and being involved in national politics, have you ever seen a white house press secretary from the white house urge t americans to commit a federal crime? today never. not once? no, sir. yeah, i will tell you just out of time center. >> but, i got to tell you something. we don't have equal justice under the law anymore. we don't have equal application with one set of rules y for the democrats. g
11:35 pm
if you're a conservative and you get caught jaywalking or spitting on the sidewalklke, you probably spent five years in jail. you'll have a predawn raid guns drawn and fake news cnn g cameras, that's the way it works. senator , thanks for being with us. all right. straight ahead tonight , f democratic lawmakers far left media mob starting to turn on joe biden and interesting turn. why is that happening? we'll check in with piers morgan next . as we see, doesn't care. nice to work on testing. i'm not ready. it's not like they're going to move in . i need a school. they can work around. all this might be a for. that's okay. a lot is asked of me to which is on the graduate 100%. so what you see here , a nonprofit university of you right now could be listed
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and spread it's time to start using name maximum strength. longino is so powerful it cures and prevents fungal infection plus it has aloe and tea tree oil to restore skin health. say good bye toat c toe fungus with fungi male. do you struggle to fall asleepes and stay asleep? tunelessly formula combines five key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is cuno when you can watch me get the latest news news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere. fox on sirius xm america is listening right now. the election warning sirens forw democrats are growing louder and louder tonight as concerns about biden's stamina, his cognitive abilities . well, now even his fellow democrats are fueling doubts about r a twenty twenty four rur . now recently former senior obama adviser david axelrod noth
11:40 pm
a dumb guy. he said biden's age will be a quote major issue in twenty twenty four even over fake news. cnn first it was don lemon. now it'sas van jones. tr and he said this about joe biden's struggles. take>> look, everybody is lookig very closely now. why when he does when biden does well, he does really well d . that gunoe speech he gave, he ww perfect. it was it was powerful. when he does badly when he stumbles, you get nervous and you wonder is it just a stutter? is he tired or something else there? and so i thinknk people just looking i mean, honestly, i think i think a lot ofo, democrats are like if this guy is ready to go, we're behind him. buthi if he's not ready to go, he should let us know and gete this . the daily caller askss the 50ti senate democratsng they were supporting a biden runun in twenty twenty four only five democrats got back to them and said yes, that means a whopping forty five senate democrats. they didn't want to respond and would not definitively say that they were behind joe biden. of course, democrats across
11:41 pm
the washington sewer and swamp all they see exactly what we've been saying night after night. joe biden is physically weak and frail and he's a cognitive wreck. and remember, it's not. just about age bernie sanders ise' around the same ages a little older, i think, and he's as sharp as he's ever been. it's about stamina, mental acuity,bl being able to carry ot the day to day duties as commanderer in chief, which, i would argue is the toughest job in the world. all h here with reaction to all of this . he is the host of uncensored piers morga. that's what i love about you. you're you're shy and demure and quiet. . you know, you o hardly ever get loud or share opinions or any of that . i'm interested from this point . so only this week the fake news, cnn, your former employer acknowledge have have liberals like don lemon and van jones acknowledge the obvious biden's weak, frail and a cognitive
11:42 pm
mess. now that's interesting for me. p i'veai been saying this since the campaign and in the beginning i was criticized for pointing out what was obvious what a people across a pond think about joe biden, a honesty. they think he's asleep at the wheel as you've been saying, sean. and i think people feel embarrassed for joe biden to go back and watch videos of him even 20 years ago and compare how he performed then to how heo performs in public nowrm. and there's been a rapid deterioration in his abilityso in the way that he i talks,co in the way that he isff consistent stuff that he saysen that one minute he's saying one thing in the white house b right back then he has to write about the running back . and so it goes on and we see this kind of thing time again. and i think it's alarming. you know, this guy is the leader of the free world, especially the united states. he's not even halfway h through his tenure of the first term off office and the idea, frankly, that he would even contemplate a second term i think is unthinkable a s.
11:43 pm
i just don't think there's a cat in hell's chance the democrats will let joe biden run again because they know how damaging this is going to be when you get tooi the midterms. i think the democrats arengng gt to get an absoluteha kicking and a lot of that will be on joe biden. it will be a repudiation of his presidency. so the idea that they move thenm ride froms the midterms into some glorious comeback where he is deemed to be an election winner in twenty twenty four i think is for the birds. boris johnson has his owni problems. i was shockedwa. i mean, americans whenwe joe biden became president, we werere paying on average about two dollars and thirtyy nine cents per gallon of gasoline. nowar the national average isti over five dollars a gallon. a 40on year high of inflation. i couldn't believe you guys pay on average almost eight dollars and fifty cents the equivalent of eight and 50 cents a gallon for gas there. and you have the same strugglesm that we have over here as its relates to inflation. so is it the policies of boris
11:44 pm
johnson? are they similar to joe biden?e obviously we have more natural resources that we couldas be tapping into natural gas ang and oil. why we're not doing it, i can't give you a good answer except it's insanity to me. well, we have the same issues in the way in thee sense that boris johnson is being pulled towards green energy at a time when of course the whole world is now being held ransom by vladimir putin and his war in ukraine over energy. it beenr has more important, frankly, for countries like the uk and the us to be generating their own energy. but at that time you have these green lobby groups pulling them away from what they instinctively t know it's the right thing to do and fracking is something that we should be doing a hell of a lot more of in theni uk and in but it's not happening because of the environmental lobby groups who are determined to try and get fracking outlawed. joe biden, remember, waspr the guy before he got to become president in the candidate
11:45 pm
podium speeches he was giving. he kept saying i'm going to be at war with energy companies. we're going to end fossill fuels. he was at war with oil and gas and all this kind of stuff that they canceled the keystonet pipeline. he canceled all sortsts of things. he made it very clear oiluc and gas producers, all the enemy. now he's going cap in hand to them with a letter begging them for ideas on how to save his presidency. frankly, from these alarmingoi spikes in gas prices. where's he going pla next ? h he's going to the very place that he said as a candidatedi he was to make saudi arabia the pariah that they deserve to be . where's goi you going next month he's going to saudi arabia, caps in hand to kiss the ring of the saudis to beg forou more oil from them to try and counterct what is going on not as a unconnected to what's happeningl with ukraine. but that's not the only reason the gas pricesyn. in in america. rising significantly before the war in ukraine. once again, joe biden is blaming everybody but himself. !
11:46 pm
so some point the president has to be accountable for his own policies. a lot would be at the pump in america and in britainge with boris johnson is o down to the leadership of the people in charge of the country's pierce. always shy, always demure, very lacking opinions. they love having you.. thanks for being with all of us . all right. up next , after years of pushing the covid vaccine on you, the american publicaccis and adding let's see a shot and a second shot, one booster to boostersnd. yes, dr. flipflop fauci has tested positive for covid. we'll check in withwe dr. mehmet oz. also senate candidate fromr. pennsylvaniate as he joins us joins us next. straight ahead, attention medicare recipient. the energy in one portable oxygen concentrator may now be available. had little or no cost to you. call 807 one four nine four one four to order yours today energy. the oxygen concentrator
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today and personal capital .com and jones. we know one thing and one thing that strange that your weekend stores did pull back doing your favorite holiday. we even know quarterbacks go to the experts back . they were more than 100 years available at a store near completion to the border. that's crises continue to plague the nation
11:50 pm
. i'd also developing tonight the
11:51 pm
fully vaccinated twice booster dr. fauci is now tested positive for covid is reportedly xperia showing mild symptoms. now we of course and i mean this sincerely we wish dr. fauci a speedy recovery. we never wish ill on anyone and we are sincere and i believe i've seen the worst of us . i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy . but remember, it was himself who said if you get that vaccine that eventually became mandated that joe said he wouldn't mandate, you're not going to get corona virus, you know, telling people with natural immunity that they still got to get the shot. well, now the cdc is actually saying that people at a booster have a greater likelihood of getting the current variant of colvert back to omicron to listen about though in his own words. >> take a look. if you get vaccinated, if you get infected, your level of protection will go sky high and then you won't have to worry about getting infected again.
11:52 pm
also remember it was biden that said in july of 2020 one that you're not going to get cold but if you get these vaccines, which was completely wrong. >> take a look at the various shots that people are getting now cover that you're okay, you're not going to you're not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations. yeah, yeah. they were all wrong anyway here with reaction, republican nominee for senate and the great commonwealth of pennsylvania, dr. oz is with us now. dr. hannity does have a recommendation even though joe biden or anthony fauci talk a lot about monoclonal antibodies. he i would recommend the eli lilly version that seems to be the monoclonal antibody of choice for this particular variant. if he doesn't like that option ,you can go with the antiviral paxil, david , which apparently is doing very well when people take it. your thoughts, doctor . the real doctor has had i think your judgment is sound.
11:53 pm
i concur. i think of would be medication would make sense for a lot of older americans who might be higher risk if they get cogat. but this is something we've been arguing all along and i do pray for dr. phyliss. rapid recovery, as you point out, is a miserable disease. this is not whether it's good or bad. everyone agrees it's horrible. it's what you're going to do about it. and the reason i have argued against mandates and government overreach, it becomes about control more than health. this is an endemic virus. we will all get it eventually hopefully with medications like we now have available, you can treat people who get the illness and you don't have to have mandates that reflect overreaching government penalties that don't make us safer. and by using medications you mentioned to antiviral pills make a lot of sense because it's fairly easy to administer five days. most people do well with it. you can reduce side effects and complications get on with your life. that should be how we treat illnesses going forward. that's what doctors always do. you try to prevent the illness but if people get sick, you treat them. and for about two years of this pandemic we did not do the latter.
11:54 pm
>> so i will never listen to the anthony age cdc or fauci or or any of them biden ever again. you had a very tough primary. you had very strong candidates you went up against you won that race in pennsylvania. what's interesting to me is that i think of all the senate races yours will be the biggest choice election of any state that any senate race in in this cycle. you're going up against a bernie sanders clone and he even says it tells us how this race will break down. >> we have a little over a minute. >> well, real fast. this gentleman has endorsed bernie sanders said the two most progressive candidates in the country. and it's a stark contrast from what i believe. you know, he believes in spending trillions of dollars on a far left agenda items i believe in no more reckless spending. he believes that we should stifle energy and innovation in america. i believe it's in all of the above strategy.
11:55 pm
he believes that we should release one third of the prison population in pennsylvania while we're in the middle of a crime wave in philadelphia. and i believe that we should keep our streets safe. he believes that open borders and sanctuary cities i believe in a secure border. there's a big difference between two of but he's bankrolled a lot of money because my competition they've all endorsed by god bless him, grace fully done that , but he had no competition so bankrolled a lot of money. so if you're worried about him, you should be go to doctorow's chip and we can take him down if we get the word out. i will say this in pennsylvania and georgia in particular, i'd like to see a unity rally in both both states. i think it's needed i think it will go a long way to helping republicans in the general. quick. yes, i know you agree. i completely agree. we're on the same team. let's do what's right for america. we need the middle too. we need the moderates and conservative democrats. they'll come on board. all right.. ross, thank you for beg with us today right after this is a matterr for than
11:56 pm
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