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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 16, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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isabel you are an inspiration to young girls all over the world. keep flying high. get that? >> harold: another great woman vanderbilt hospital pediatric disease. >> dana: isn't that amazing? >> harold: given money to flood victims in her hometown in dolly wood as well. >> jesse: congratulations. greg, thank you for matching the donation. very generous of you. a million dollars. >> greg: i know. it's pocket money. >> jesse: "special report" is up next with mike. >> mike: big take away is rack raccoons like fast food. >> dana: is that what you took away mike? >> mike: see you in an hour. ♪ >> mike: good evening welcome to washington. i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. breaking tonight president biden says americans are really, really down. the pandemic, the economy, and surging gasoline prices. the culprit, he says, a recession is not inevitable and dismisses claims that his covid relief plan caused skyrocketing
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inflation as bizarre. this as the dow takes another plunge. we have fox team coverage. susan li in new york tells us what's going on with the markets. white house correspondent peter doocy starts us off tonight. good evening, peter. >> peter: good evening, mike. in the president's first interview of any kind with a reporter since february and first print interview since may of last year, he says he thinks the reason that people are upset from this country right now is the pandemic and he says he does not believe a recession is inevitable. >> tackling inflation is my number one priority. >> also today he claimed that inflation isn't his part. the a.p. writes in an interview the president bristled at claims by republican lawmakers that last year's covid-19 plan was to blame for inflation reaching a 40 year high calling that argument bizarre. his treasury secretary it did contribute. >> that spending produced excellent rewards for americans
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at most it contributed modestly to inflation. >> pete: the white house isn't taking a position on yesterday's progressive interest rate hike. >> we're just going to give the federal reserve the space to do what they need to do. >> progressives aren't all on board. >> i don't think you can just say let the fed deal with it. you raise rates at big intervals and then that could trigger a recession. >> and in a line that's reminiscent of president carter's malaise speech, president after the covid crisis people are really really down. the gas prices are really really up. working to lower them. >> prices were up before this crisis in ukraine. >> but there is one thing the white house won't do, call for new drilling in the u.s. >> we don't need to do that. >> the president would rather oil companies refine crude oil they have already got. exxon says it is writing, specific to capacity in the u.s. investing through the downturn
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to increase refining capacity 200 light crude 250,000 barrels a day. the equivalent of adding a new medium size refinery. exxon is telling the white house they could help by approving new pipelines, supporting resource development in the u.s., and changing fuel standards. but for now the white house remains focused on a campaign promise. >> the president once said he was going to end fossil fuel, is that now off the table? >> no. we are going to continue to move forward with our clean energy proposal. >> and in this a.p. interview the president says inflation is higher than every other industrial country in the world and that he says that he is not being a wise guy. but he's incorrect because inflation is actually worse in the u.s. than it is in canada, japan, france and germany and that is just compared to the rest of the g-7. mike? >> mike: peter doocy starting us
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off on the north lawn. the. the dow lost. the nasdaq fell 453. >> hi, mike, so recession fears highest interest rate concerns weighing now closing at lowest in more than 18 months. some 30,000 now the dow jones industrials. territory we haven't seen since december of 2020. say for the broader s&p 500, the tech heavy nasdaq is trading at levels not seen in almost two years. economic concerns hammering the travel stock today including airlines and cruise lines falling each more than the broader stock markets and investors think that a more aggressive federal reserve will mean less money for travel. meantime those technology giants who have led the way up now leading the way down with facebook meta sitting at more than two year lows. wall street's concern the federal reserve will have to do
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a lot more and raise interest rates a lot higher to bring down consumer prices. >> they clearly made some mistakes in anticipating this inflation. i think the most important credibility, really is that they have the willingness to take action when they faced a verse facts. >> we have another sign of stress with the red hot housing market cooling down. 0-year mortgage rates jumping into the highest since 2008 with the biggest weekly increase since 1987. the real estate slow down confirmed by housing starts this morning and that is seen as a leading indicator. you had may's number plunging to the lowest in 13 months. now, you have to remember that real estate accounts for a fifth of the u.s. economy so the main question driving the stock market sell off right now is whether the federal reserve can thread et needle, fight inflation without plunging the economy into recession. a recent bloomberg analysis puts the risk now of a downturn at
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nearly 75% by 2,024, which is a definite risk for an election year, mike? >> mike: susan li live in new york city. susan, thanks a lot. we are learning more about the pressure campaign exerted on then vice president mike pence during the days following the 2020 presidential election. the house committee investigating the capitol riot two months later heard from some of vice president's pence's advisers today congressional correspondent chad pergram is on capitol hill. so images and sounds in his report may be disturbing. hello, chad. >> behind the scene witnesses chaotic series of efforts seeking to pressure mike pence. the vice president did not flinch. his aides called the lengthy endeavor crazy and nuts. >> advisers to mike pence worry that the scheme to intervene on january 6th by lawyer john eastman could have dire consequences. former federal judge michael dudrevolution.
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another that states weren't on board. >> you would have had just an unprecedented constitutional jump ball situation with that standoff and as i expressed to him this that issue might have to be decided in the street. >> may god bless our new president and our new vice president. >> don't you think al gore might have liked to have known in 2,000 that he had authority to just declare himself president of the united states? pence's council wanted two sets of rules and a special one for trump. >> he said absolutely. al gore did not have a basis to do it in 2000. kamala harris shouldn't be able to do it in 2024. but i think you should do it today. >> in a series of tweets, trump
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was optimistic on board with the plan. aides had a hard time convincing the president that he couldn't prevail in the electoral count. pence's aides feared if they weren't able to rehash the votes plan could did i involve into chaos with two men laying claim to the oval office. new evidence by the committee also revealed rioters came within 40 feet of pence as he fled the senate chamber. >> if pence caved we are going to drag him through the streets. >> hang mike pence. >> after sheltering in a capitol basement, pence would return to the floor and preside over the joint session of congress certifying the electoral vote. eastman has refused to testify to the house committee. the committee also wants to talk to jenny thomas, wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas, that's because she emailed with eastman about the electoral college plan. now, jenny thomas indicates she is willing to talk to the committee. mike? >> mike: interesting. chad, what about prosecutions
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connected to the effort to undercut the electoral college results. >> well, the doj wrote to the 1/6 committee. it says the panel is hamstringing possible criminal probes by refusing to provide transcripts of depositions. committee chairman bennie thompson says the committee will cooperate after it completes its work. he also said the committee could yet consider a criminal referral for former president trump. mike? >> chad pergram live on the hill. chad, thanks very much. we have new information tonight about the ambush and the shooter in the deaths of two suburban los angeles police officers tuesday. correspondent jeff paul is in l.a. tonight. hello, jeff. >> yeah, mike. when you watch some of this new security camera footage, it really puts into perspective how violent and chaotic the scene was once officers were arriving on the scene. initially they were called out for a possible stabbing but instead they were met with gunfire.
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[gunfire] >> now, those shots, according to investigators, started inside one of the motel rooms and moved into the parking lot. the two officers hit later died at the hospital. the suspect meanwhile justin flores died on scene. we are learning 2020 flores prohibited from having a gun because of past crimes was charged with possession of meth and possession of guns and ammunition. the felony charges would have put flores away for several years. under l.a. district attorney george gascon the suspect was given just two years' probation and 20 days in jail. l.a. deputy district attorney shae sonnet still can't understand why gascon didn't push for a longer sentence. >> it was preventable. if he would have just done his job and allowed his prosecutors to follow the law, as simple as that, the individual, the suspect involved would have been in custody and not on the street with a firearm and would not have killed those officers. >> now, gascon's office released a statement saying in part,
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quote: the sentence he received in the firearm case was consistent with case resolutions for this type of events given his criminal history and the nature of the offense. at the time of the court sentenced him, mr. flores did have not a documented history of violence. the community is he remembering the officers killed 42-year-old michael and 31-year-old officer joseph santana both leave behind wifes and children. their deaths now further igniting a push to recall d.a. george gascon. the group behind that effort says they have enough signatures to get that on the november ballot think will continue collecting those signatures up until the july 6th deadline to make sure they have enough valid signatures. mike? >> mike: jeff paul live in los angeles. thanks a lot. dr. anthony fauci testified remotely today at a senate hearing on the response to the coronavirus pandemic, fauci is isolating after testing positive for covid-19 despite the fact he has had four vaccination shots
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fauci once again spard with rand paul whether he received royalties from. fauci refused to answer scientists from having to disclose that information. a coalition of pro-life groups is demanding action from attorney general merrick garland in a wave of what it considers terrorism and intimidation by pro-choice activists. a letter from the coalition says the administration's silence is endangering americans even more. like attacks and vandalism on pregnancy centers and the attempted assassination of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. up next, the latest from the war in ukraine and how americans are feeling about u.s. involvement. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 2 in detroit at the michigan factory at the center of the nation's baby formula crisis stops again. the abbott plant in sturgis was
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flooded during severe storms. the company says the storms will likely delay production and distribution by a few weeks. the plant had just reopened after being closed in february over contamination issues. fox 6 in milwaukee as powerful storms including at least one tornado take down power lines and trees, damaging structures, toppling semis on the interstate and leaving tens of thousands without electricity in parts of wisconsin. no serious injuries were reported. and this is a live look at boston from wfxt, one of the big stories there tonight, the u.s. open golf tournament gets underway at brook line country club. it is the first major since 14 high profile golfers defected to the saudi backed liv golf tour. phil mickelson the biggest name on the new tour is attempting to win his first u.s. open. that's a live look from outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> mike: u.s. led collision forces have captured extremist islamic state group. the leader is an experienced bomb maker and operational
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facilitator. is he described as one of the top leaders of the militant's group in syria. the french military says nearly 40 jihadis were killed in drone strikes on a motorcycle column in niger. it came against meijer's sourcel district of northern near the nigerian border. americans we talked to for the latest fox news poll favor continued involvement near the ukraine war but only from a distance. 59% support sending money and 61% favor providing weapons. 78% believe that what happens in the conflict does matter in the u.s. that's down from earlier this spring. there is news tonight that two american veterans fighting for ukraine have been taken prisoner by the russians. this occurs as several european leaders arrive in ukraine's capital to the sound of air raid
3:20 pm
sirens. live in kyiv tonight. >> today the leaders of france, germany, italy and romania arrived in kyiv for a meeting with ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy. before seeing firsthand destruction in the capitol suburb of irpine. the visit comes as european leaders are set to decide next week if ukraine will become a candidate to join the eu. zelenskyy accepting invitation to the summit earlier this month. in the east russian are a till n additional billion dollars of u.s. military aid coming, president zelenskyy wants more. >> there is a direct correlation the more powerful weapons we got, the fact that we can liberate our people, our land. >> in kharkiv ukraine's second largest city two former american
3:21 pm
servicemen u.s. marine veteran and u.s. army veteran both fighting for ukraine have reportedly been captured by russian forces. druk's motherdefending interest. >> he felt if putin wasn't stopped now eventually he would become so bold that americans would be at risk and he said i love my country too much to see that happen. >> the state department releasing this statement saying in part, quote: we are closely monitoring the situation and are in contact with ukrainian authorities. >> on june 8th, i received a message from him that said that they -- he would be going dark for a day, possibly two. i told him to stay safe and that i loved him and he replied yes, ma'am. i love you too. and that was the last i have heard from him. >> mike today mcmacron and
3:22 pm
schultz russia for the unimaginable they have seen in ukraine. both leaders have been criticized for keeping the line of communication open with vladimir putin during the war. we will send it back to you. >> mike: nate in kyiv many thanks. the senate has approved a sweeping sanction of healthcare and disability benefits for iraq and afghanistan veterans in response to concerns about their exposure to toxic burn pits. the military routinely used open burn pits set ablaze with jet fuel to dispose of tires, battery, medical waste and other materials. speaker nancy pelosi says the house will take up the legislation swiftly. up next, staggering new numbers on illegal immigration at the southern border. first, beyond our borders tonight. actor kevin spacey is denying allegations of sexual assault in london. the oscar winner appeared in court charges against three men.
3:23 pm
spacey has faced similar allegations here in the u.s. 11-year-old deaf and mute boy rescued after he fell in india. in stable condition. deep narrow tunnels under the ground to pump out water. this is live look at venice. one of the big stories there tonight italian sports maker ferry outlines its strategy to produce 40% full electric vehicles and 40% hybrid models by 200. ferry confirms its first electric car will be presented in 2025 with the first deliveries the following year. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. most?
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with directv stream i can get live tv and on demand together: baseball, ghostbusters, baseball, ghostbusters, baseball... ♪♪ it's good to be back! that is one foul ball. let's do this! ♪♪ cross the stream! get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. directv stream. now save $30 over 2 months. >> mike: we just learned which 11 u.s. cities will host matches
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for the fifa world cup atlanta, houston, miami, philadelphia, seattle and kansas city missouri. they join arlington, texas, east rutherford, new jersey, foxborough, massachusetts and englewood in santa clara, california. shutting down water plant after record flooding caused widespread damage in yellowstone national park and communities. cleaning up from the mess and embracing for the economic fallout while the park remains closed at the height of tourist season. we have new record breaking numbers from the southern border tonight. correspondent bill melugin reports from la joya, texas, the illegal immigration crisis shows no signs of slowing down. >> new video from border patrol shows a huge group of migrants, rushing the border near douglas, arizona. attempting to get into the united states illegally. some try climbing over the border fence. others try crawling underneath it as outnumbered border agents
3:30 pm
respond on the u.s. side. the stunning video comes as cbp is reporting new record-setting numbers at our southern border yet again for the third month in a row. cbp says in the month of may, there were more than 239,000 migrant encounters. the highest in dhs history. that number, there were 100,699 title 42 expulsion and cbp reports a staggering 14,699 unaccompanied children at the border in may. that's up 21% over april. cbp numbers show there have now been more than 1.5 million illegal crossings since fiscal year 2022 began in october. that's bigger than the populations of boston and seattle combined. that's a 65% increase over the same time in record setting fiscal year 2021. here's what vice president harris said about the border around this time last year. >> we're not exactly where we want to be yet. but we have seen extreme
3:31 pm
progress over these last few months. >> republican mayra flores just won election to congress in the rio grande valley flipping a seat that had been held by democrats for over 100 years. she had this to say about the vice president. >> she is honestly useless. i don't know why she is in that position. she hasn't been here in south texas to see what their policies are creating. the mess that they are creating in our country. and that their policies are hurting real penal. >> and, mike, several high level cbp sources tell me there have been more than 440,000 known got aways who have slipped past our border agents just since october. that's equivalent to the population of the city of minneapolis. send it back to you. >> mike: bill melugin in texas, thanks a lot. immigration one of the arizona's gubernatorial race. close contest among republicans seeking to replace term limited
3:32 pm
incumbent doug doocy. my colleague bret baier talks with one of them tonight. >> bret: thanks, mike. joining us tonight a candidate for governor in arizona, karen taylor robson joins us from arizona. thanks for joining us. we want to talk about your campaign. >> thank you, bret. thank you for having me. >> bret: well, you are in a crowded field out there. you've got yourself an arizona business leader, the founder of the arizona strategies premier land use strategy firm in phoenix. you got carrie lake, former phoenix television news journalist endorsed by former president trump. matt sammon, he was a former representative from arizona and scott kneely. all running for in this primary. what sets you apart? >> what sets me apart track record of results working in the private sector, building teams, leading teams, managing budgets and bringing private sector experience to the table. i will bring all of that to the
3:33 pm
table and i will be ready to lead arizona day one. >> bret: i know arizona, obviously immigration and the border situation is a major issue. you just recently have traveled to the border. what's the solution there from a state level and what could you see? >> i have been there several times every time i learn something new there is more than texas. keep the property and the state of arizona safe and a very first thing i will do as governor is to call an emergency session of our legislature to get the resources necessary down to the border so that we can correct the people and property in the state. >> bret: kari lake, one of your opponents speaks out about the border. she also speaks out a lot about the 2020 election obviously
3:34 pm
endorsed by former president trump. in a place like arizona what do you think about that and what do you think about the 2020 election? at a minimum it was not fair at all. ballot harvesting, to ensuring we have voter i.d. and ensuring our voter rolls are cleaned up so dead people don't get ballots or people who have moved don't get ballots. the left and the democrats want us stuck in 2020. yes, we have to fix things but we have to look ahead. that's what i'm doing. the people of arizona are more focused on putting gas in their tank. evidence time i go to the gas tank i'm reminded the wrong guy is in the white house. making sure in 2022 remains in republican hands. >> bret: thank you very much. we will follow this race. i remember arizona well from covering it many, many times and talking about it and we will be
3:35 pm
interested in the primary in a few weeks. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> bret: mike, i will send it back to you. >> mike: bret, thanks a lot. twitter employees have their first chance to talk with their perspective new boss today, elon musk took part in a town hall meeting as his efforts to buy the social media giant continue. fox business correspondent kelly o'grady shows us this evening from los angeles. hello, kelly. >> good to see you, mike. yes, well, elon musk addressing twitter employees for the first time today amid backlash from the company the billionaire shared more specifics on his vision, specifically around free speech. the headline is that to musk free speech doesn't mean freedom of reach. he says users should be able to say outrageous things as long as they are within the law. while the twitter diverse views are crucial and users can content themselves. others support muskens vision
3:36 pm
democracy is an experiment. it calls on what they are going to consume. about the veracity that they are going to accord to it. about whether they think it's misinformation. we can trust americans to be grown ups. >> now, musk is also focusing on the platforms financials sharing that twitter needs to get healthy with revenue exceeding costs. one eye popping moment when the billionaire announced his intention to grow the user base to over a billion accounts. twitter currently has 229 daily active users. another center on political leanings with the tesla ceo saying he voted republican for the first time and while he is still undecided he is leaning towards ron desantis if he runs it for president. he says he believes in moderate politics and may create a super moderate super pac. sources inside twitter tell us one area of concern is musk tweeting etiquette. open letter to spacex employees stating today quote elon's
3:37 pm
behavior in the public sphere is a frequent source of distraction. an embarrassment for us. every tweet that elon sends de facto public statement by the company. now, musk did agree to attend a future all hands meeting but, let's remember, the deal is not yet finalized so, mike, this takeover battle is by no means over. >> mike: kelly o'grady live in l.a. thanks very much. attorney michael avenatti has pleading to the four counts of wire fraud and a tax related charge in a federal court case in southern california. he is accused of cheating his clients out of millions of dollars. prosecutors say the plea subjects avenatti to as much as 83 years in prison. avenatti rose to prominence representing adult film star stormy daniels who claimed to have an affair with donald trump before he became president. mr. trump denies this avenatti on one point said he might run for the white house. up next, the panel, the appearance of former vice president mike pence's legal advisers before the capitol riot committee. >> just common sense all
3:38 pm
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>> there is no idea more unamerican than the notion that one person could choose the american president. >> i agree with that, which is unusual, because former vice president mike pence and i don't agree on much. >> the vice president really was not wavering in his commitment to what his responsibility was. >> vice president pence did the right thing that day. he stayed true to his oath, to protect and defend the constitution. >> today we focus on the earnest efforts of mike pence. >> >> mike: so another january 6th select committee hearing today on capitol hill this afternoon. a lot of focus on the role of former vice president mike pence in terms of what went down january 6th. with that let's bring in our panel juan williams is a fox news panelist. katie pavlich news editor at town and former republican national committee communications director douglas high.
3:44 pm
doug, our professional relationship a lot of it was on capitol hill when you were a senior aide and i was a journalist covering the hill. have you seen your share of congressional hearings, are these moving the needle at all. >> it's not clear this if he are moving the needle yet or what needle they are supposed to be moving. what we see is the polling is pretty locked in. if you support donald trump you may be attention to it but your mind is not going to be changed. if you oppose donald trump you are paying attention to it and your mind ♪ being changed. there are folks in the middle and obviously a lot of republicans who would like to run in place of donald trump who are looking at what is happening very closely. and every time we get new revelations the fact that, you know the capitol so well, mike, they came -- the group coming in to lynch mike pence that they got within 40 feet of him is new revelations and what we hear from the trump team, not the democrats on the committee, the republicans on the committee, but from the trump team in their own words on how this went down and exactly what happened, that may move some individual needles and that is obviously going to be critically important here as we move over the next few days and the coming months.
3:45 pm
>> mike: 40-foot distance between the crowd and the former vice president was a new number to me but members of this select committee are facing questions about where's the new stuff. had here is congressman jamie raskin. >> i knew evidence was coming forward. there are things that are being revealed on almost daily basis. we are having to integrate everything into our presentation of the evidence. >> can you give me an example of that? >> well, no. >> mike: juan? your thoughts. >> i think we have learned some new things. and today, you know, a matter of the kind of debate that was going on inside the administration. this was all coming from people who were working for president trump you get john eastman acknowledging there is not much of a case here we know if it
3:46 pm
goes to the supreme court it's likely to lose. then you get mike luttig who is the conservative icon saying he told him this was just not a workable idea. and, you know, this is confirmed by what we heard earlier from bill barr. so, i mean, this is all new to me. and then you hear about the conversations where president trump is pressuring vice president pence, calling him a wimp or worse in the -- according to the memory of ivanka trump. so, when we think about how this is coming down, you realize that there was a huge fraud. people knew it was a fraud. but there must be some benefit or financial benefit in terms of fundraising. >> mike: no surprise jim jordan is not impressed by what he is tweeting. he tweeted real america doesn't care about the january 6th committee. gas is over $5 per gallon. katie, is this resonating with conservative america or just the
3:47 pm
progressive side? >> >> certainly with the progressive side who have used the january 6th hearing to raise money. when it comes to moving the needle i find it quite interesting with the fox news polling that showed on the question of which party is doing a better job preserving democracy that republicans actually best democrats. it's only by one point. but, given all the political capitol, that democrats have spent not over the course of the january ofth investigation over the past year but over the course of president trump's time in the oval office saying that they were the party of preserving democracy and investing all of this time and taxpayer money. they are not winning on. that was and that's been their whole point with the january 6th committee that was their point with impeaching president trump twice, that they were defending democracy on behalf of the american people. and that's not working. the only time i see this being a factor with these hearings in terms of elections, not during the midterms, especially given
3:48 pm
all the other issues americans are focused on but possibly in 2024 if you were to see a matchup between former vice president mike pence and president donald trump. that is where, you know, some of this stuff and these videos and the comments that were made may get pushed back up on the right side of the aisle. but, other than that, regular, everyday americans are concerned about gas prices because everybody is affected by them. >> mike: katie, let me follow up with you the point you just made. how does former vice president mike pence come out looking with the republican base after today's hearing? >> president donald trump has attacked his vice president a lot over the stinks of the 2020 presidential election. mike pence hasn't said a whole lot about that. today we heard from his advisers about thought process. we got a history and civics lesson why that was made. we got admission from president
3:49 pm
trump's counsel about the way forward and actually rejecting it. in terms of how the voters feel on the right and president donald trump certainly has a 30% hold on the party but a lot can change between now and '24. again, i think people may bring this up as the opposition research type idea. but, people are focused on the other issues. >> mike: all right, panel. up next oil companies push back on president biden and the latest fox news polls. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ make way for the first-ever chevy silverado zr2. with multimatic shocks, rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet.
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>> this part of our transition to stable and steady growth with lower inflation, that is the kind of economy that delivers for working families and so we're just going to give the federal reserve the space to do what they need to could. >> unbelievably the same washington democrats who dug this hole seem unwilling to put away their shovels. they want to keep digging with our economy trending toward a possible recession. the american people are bracing for a very, pricy summer. the gas pump to the grocery store. and they know exactly who to blame. >> mike: very bumpy ride on wall street these days. also very difficult times for millions of americans going to the grocery store and the gas station. the new fox poll asking what's a problem for your family? 90% say gas prices. 88% say grocery prices: 81%
3:55 pm
utility costs, 69% healthcare costs and with that we are back with our panel. doug, juan, and katie, doug, your thoughts as the administration tries to get a handle on inflation. >> yeah, look, they are in a difficult place. what we saw from jerome powell this week, he not only said we are going to increase points by 75 basis point we will likely do it again. this administration has the real economic one that they are struggling to address the other is the political floob they are way behind the 8 ball on and don't seem to have any good answers that really satisfy ninety point. >> mike: he made reference to jerome powell. we have some sound from him. let's play it. >> >> we thought that strong action was warranted at this meeting and today we delivered that the current picture is plain to see. the labor market is extremely tight. and inflation is much too high. >> also putting us into stagflation to boot. i mean, we really have not had that literally since the jimmy
3:56 pm
carter days when it's this screwed up, it's not going to be an overnight solution. all of us pay the price for it. >> mike: so, juan, no overnight solution to the economy. >> well, the fed is trying. you know, it's clear what they are hoping for is a soft landing. with the word around wall street and even here in washington is recession. there is great fears that we are not going to have a soft landing but that there is going to be a slowdown and of course a slow down would mean that there is going to be less, not only less spending but less hiring and the potential as you just heard from senator braun of inflation continuing, now, part of that and i think the major part of that inflation is that the gas pump and the biden administration has made it clear that they think much of that is attached to the war in ukraine. you know, what they call russia's unnecessary war. but, you know, again, it's not a matter of, you know, where the blame is. it's just that people feel like gosh, i'm paying a lot at the pump. the hope for the administration
3:57 pm
is that people can see that they are making every effort and, you know, that there is inflation all over the world. it's not necessarily tied to any package or legislation that was passed by the biden administration. but the coronavirus, war, supply chain issues are behind it. >> mike: katie, the initial narrative or messaging was blame vladimir putin for invading ukraine. now there is some beating up on big oil. what about that? and what about a solution to these inflationary problems? >> this entire problem has been a self-inflicted crisis by the biden administration and they are catering to the far left and their transition into an alternative energy. energy, oil and gas are the lifeblood of this economy. you need diesel fuel to get food out of the ground on farms across the country. you also need diesel fuel to get that food to the grocery store. that is something this creation does not understand as they continue to go in that direction
3:58 pm
of the transition, they talked about it today during the white house press briefing and president biden has been handed a 10 point policy plan from the oil industry about what they need them to do in order for them to produce more here at home, there is more supply, so gas prices go down and those ideas have been rejected by the administration on behalf of this very far left environmental policy that president biden campaigned on. day one he got rid of the keystone xl pipeline. meant not just getting rid of the pipeline but showing vast uncertainty into the industry. they are not real keen on investing when their projects could be ripped out from underneath them at any moment by the administration. >> mike: we are nearly out of time. doug, what about bringing in some of the big oil companies and bringing in some lawmakers and saying like we are in this together and let's work on this and come up with some solutions. >> it would be mart to do and mike summers how know on capitol hill and now petroleum institute. made it clear we want to make it
3:59 pm
work with you on omissions. everything the administration has done thus far has made their jobs harder. >> mike: juan, few seconds left, what about bringing in big oil and trying to work out a deal with them. >> i must say i find this argument coming out of the big oil playbook. in fact, oil production in the united states was at a higher level in 2019. higher level with biden in the office for much of 21. it's lower now and again, i think that saying to the oil companies step up, help us, we are in a matter of a war time atmosphere with russia taking away 10% of worldwide global oil production is a compelling argument. are all i hear is be nice to the oil companies. i don't think that's the reality. >> mike: all right, panel. thank you so much. we have got to run. >> thank you. >> thanks, mike. ♪ ♪ >> mike: and finally tonight, it is a special day especially for this mother bear and a cub caught taking a dip in a pond in south lake, tahoe, california.
4:00 pm
what a great way to wind down after a long work day. looks kind of like me here in the swamp in d.c. when it gets really hot outside. well, tomorrow on "special report," we speak with the daughter of british prime minister winston churchill about her new book concerning world war ii. thank you for watching "special report," i'm mike emanuel in washington. "jesse watters primetime" is next. hey, jesse. have great show. >> jesse: sound like you sung that line, mike. thank you. >> mike: see you, buddy. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: sometimes we all find ourselves losing focus. maybe it's because you have too many balls in the air. or maybe it's because you keep getting distracted by idiots. ♪ ♪ >> excuse me. stop humming, okay? this isn't accounting or whatever the hell you and your little pocket calculator were transferred from. >> somet