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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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can. so cnn, you blew it. we will do that, tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of mine come up and pasta, grouping. the best night with the ones you love, and now, sean hannity. >> sean: all right, thank you. we begin with a fox news alert, the dow jones industrial is officially now in negative territory compared to when joe biden took office, now closing below 30,000, the lowest closing of his presidency -- mortgage inflation, the price hikes are as bad as ever and while biden is dismissing the likelihood of a recession, the fears on wall street, they are growing louder and louder. all while consumer spending is now running out of steam, common sense americans are continuing to suffer needlessly, all because of joe biden's failing far left radical economic and
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anti-fossil fuel agenda. from gas pump prices to the grocery aisle, 401(k)s, by his failures now are as undeniable as ever. as obvious as ever, and frankly, as dangerous as ever. such an item going to start by asking a couple of very simple and a couple of very straightforward questions. have you ever seen one president, one administration, failed as much this past? have you ever seen more incompetence, more bad policy, more outright lying than what we are now seeing from joe biden and the destructive democratic agenda? literally on a day-to-day basis. record high gas prices, 41 year high inflation, reckless spending, weak. i mean very weak, pathetically weak diplomacy abroad, abandoning our fellow americans behind enemy lines in the islamic emirates of afghanistan, rising crime, baby formula shortage, were lightless attacks on, refusing to condemn
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supreme court justices and the doxxing of their homes and their families and their churches. a complete catastrophe at our southern border, and a complete disconnect from reality. by the way, this is only 18 months into his presidency. we got a whopping two and a half years to go because while joe biden's administer ration tries to tout their economic recovery, all of you, everyday americans, your struggles tell us all a very, very different story, doesn't it? take a look. >> i think i was wrong then about the path that inflation would take. ♪ ♪ >> inflation now running at 8.6%, the highest since 1981. and americans are getting squeezed. >> drivers are frustrated as the u.s. reaches another new record on gas prices. >> $140 to fill up my van. that [bleep] crazy.
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>> president biden: i'm doing everything in my power to blunt putin's gas price hike. >> this summer is going to be rough, i will be honest with you. >> every time you go and shop the price of something has gone up by so much, it's insane. >> a disastrous report last week showing prices surging across the entire economy. >> president biden: my plan for the economy made extort her progress. >> is hurt me bad. >> to >> president biden: i don't want to hear anymore these lies about reckless spending. we are changing people's lives. >> sean: that's how you get a 32% approval rating. get this new poll from rasmussen finding with the issues at the top of minds of independent voters, inflation, the economy, violent crime, the issues democrats seem to care about the lease, but rather than admit failure, rather than do the sensible thing, reverse course, change policy, the biden team, they just doubled down on dumb and dumber and stupid and more far left lunacy like attacks on
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u.s. energy independence and overseeing more than a doubling of the gas prices from the trump administration. green new deal socialism, attacks on fossil fuels, this is the lifeblood of the world economy. attacks on our border patrol is now we have the largest caravan to date marching their way right towards the border. attacks on parents. why? they dared to stand up to left-wing indoctrination in schools and talk about age-appropriate education for their kids, demanding excellence in teaching when we are failing them at a spectacular level. joey himself refusing to condemn attacks against pro-life centers. there have been a lot of them. white house statement this week was tepid, weak, pathetic, not good enough, joe. and it comes as biden is now continuing to make one bizarre blunder after another. here's a small sample of joey, your president, the past 48 hours, including this comment
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about a cfo who recently passed away. see if you would maybe say at the same. >> president biden: i'm also proud to sign an executive order my first an office to combat discrimination against lgbtq li -- excuse me plus americans. >> president biden: by the way, my simple these tear families of -- your cfo who dropped dead very unexpectedly, my best to their families, tough stuff. >> sean: just dropped dead rather unexpected lee. weak, frail, cognitive record, out of touch come out to lunch. why people like david axelrod, van jones, and even don lemon starting to be honest about it. only two years behind me in the show. we were warning everybody during the campaign it was obvious, it was transparent, we were telling people while he was hiding in his basement bunker you could still see he was a cognitive mass and weak and frail.
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and get this, and explosive new piece from the far left atlantic entitled "why biden shouldn't run in 2024. the article begins "let me put this bluntly, joe biden should not run for reelection in 2024. he is too old." if he's too checked out. it's not about age. listen, i think anybody can give -- bernie sanders can give anybody a run for their money. he's old, he's not checked out. is not a cognitive mess. anyway, the far left media mob, they are being forced to now grapple with what we have been showing you night after night, trying to warn you about, joe biden is unfit for this office. sadly, he's unfit to be the commander-in-chief and in my opinion, that is the toughest job in the world. here's joey earlier today appearing totally aloof and ignoring more questions. take a look. >> did business with her son.
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>> [indiscernible]. ♪ ♪ >> what are you afraid of? >> sean: at least this time when he turned to shake some buddies and there was actually somebody there. rather than reset -- rather than admit failure, rather than admit -- change course, offer real solutions, biden, the democratic party, they just play one blame game after another. they blame so-called big oil, they blame the pandemic, they blame putin, they blame corporations, meet companies, which people, and when all else fails, just blame donald trump and by the way, don't forget blame fox news. it gets even better because speaker pelosi is apparently trapped in a time warp and is now blaming all of this on the war in iraq. take a look.
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>> with all the constraints that covid -- we have the war in iraq, with covid, chives really deterred more product coming into our country. >> sean: she's not far behind joey. you've got kamala one heartbeat away from the presidency, pelosi third in line. god help us. let's be clear. costs are rising because of joe biden and the green new deal climate cultists inside the new greendale socialist party who are running the show. joe biden artificially reduced the world's supply of oil, killed the pipeline, supported burdensome regulations to make it harder and harder to drill and frack, he has been endlessly attacked the u.s. oil industry, even talking about sending executives to jail. for what? for making money? for producing what we need as a society to function? the lifeblood of the world's economy? now he's headed to saudi arabia.
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the number he called saudi arabia a pariah country during the campaign all well democrats, you know, overheated the economy with the so-called american rescue package that caused even more massive inflation. they say that he's not going to beg the crown prince to produce more oil. they say that. he accused the crown prince of killing the journalist jamal khashoggi. is he going to say it to his face? i tend to doubt it because he wants saudi oil. americans are struggling to pay their bills all because of joe biden. recession fears are growing because of joe biden. financial markets are spooked and tanking because of joe biden. inflation is draining the savings and retirement funds of americans all across the country. two-thirds of americans now living paycheck to paycheck because of joe biden. rising gas prices. that's a burden for business, that's a burden for all of us. for families -- all caused by biden and his new greendale socialist comrades.
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now add to that a massive increase in mortgage rates. that means if you want to purchase a home, it's going to become more unaffordable for many and sales of existing homes, they are already plummeting. new home construction, it's about to come to a screeching halt. fewer and fewer americans will refinance their homes, property values -- i know you thought you could sell your home a year ago for a lot more money. they are about to plummet. with probably notable exceptions, states that may not be hit as hard, florida, texas, tennessee, the carolinas. why won't they be hit as hard? because there's a ton of people leaving deep blue states like new york and new jersey and illinois and california and they are moving to those states. so demand will remain higher. but we are seeing is a complete devolution of the democratic party. the party that is now hell-bent on decline and destruction and so addicted to their cult, they won't -- they will not even consider changing course.
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you have a party created, one big far left political cocktail, and that's creating one bad crisis after another. the washington swamp coast-to-coast, flyover country, city to city, everywhere in between. when democrats are in charge, costs go up, crime goes up, quality of life goes down and you make less money. just look at the failing far left d.a. out in los angeles, the sky george gascon. he's now being exposed yet again. as we are now learning, the gang member accused of murdering two police officers in l.a. county this week -- oh, this guy has a long rap sheet still out roaming the streets after being given a lenient plea bargain by his office last year. what was the charge? a weapons charge. up in oregon, a new investigation from fox news finds that the state's effort to decriminalize drugs has now become one big on mitigated disaster.
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according to our very own dan springer, 16 months into this first in the nation experiment, the numbers paint a very bleak picture. drug overdose deaths now hit an all-time high in 2021. 1,069. that is a 41% increase from 2020 while reportedly very few people are seeking treatment. so ask yourself, why would any community want to enable hard drug use he met you're basically helping people kill themselves. why would any community want to put the interests of hard drug users over the safety and security of ordinary citizens, and when they are hired wasted and out of their minds, they come into contact with people going about their daily chores. unfortunately the democratic playbook, law-abiding citizens have now become the enemy. common sense americans are now in the crosshairs of this new extreme far left socialist democratic disaster, a party that coddled violent criminals,
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a party that puts illegal immigrants over americans. yeah, they get preferential treatment, and a free phone, you also get free transportation. you get a party that puts far left climate fantasies over middle-class stability, a party that keeps putting america last under the logic of biden and the democrats, we can't drill more oil here at home, but we can beg saudi arabia, iran, venezuela, and opec to pump more? under that logic of biden, we can't lower gas prices now, but we can all switch and buy electric cars overnight. it's a never ending fight with reality. in fact and basic common sense. anyway, here with reaction, fox news contributor charlie hurt. cohost of speech 23, geraldo rivera . your remarks about begging the saudis and i after that venezuela, opec, and iran, really got under your skin, and i don't blame you because of the human rights abuses in iran, in his venezuela, opec nations, and
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saudi arabia. you're right. we shouldn't be doing business with them. >> welcome to saudi arabia particularly, sean. you know, it really -- what you left out in that very gloomy litany there is that saudi arabia particularly -- you have to remember, they fund all the addresses that teach all these kids she hard. religious extremism, self-destruction, killing the infidel, to go to saudi arabia -- >> sean: demented. is iran worse? is iran any better? is venezuela any better? some of these other opec nations really any better? >> i think that's an excellent question. and the thing about iran, i do believe that there is room to be a little less confrontational, but listen, i'm not going to parse your very -- >> sean: the iranian
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mullahs -- >> your realistic, harshly -- >> sean: there threatening to wipe america and israel off the map. they kill people for being -- they torture women in that country. they kill with abandon. they have a number one state sponsor of terror. you had it right. you're losing it now. >> i would rather not be forced to defend iran right now. what i would rather do, if you don't mind, is addressed joe biden in the unraveling of the democratic leadership of the country right now. it is very, very pessimistic, the portrait that you paint there, and i don't necessarily disagree, but i do believe despite all of his full pause and despite nancy pelosi confusing the iraq war with the ukraine war, there are some factors at work here that are not necessarily their problem --
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i mean, we did suffer a pandemic. we do have putin invading ukraine. we do have, you know, big oil -- >> sean: let meet -- let me throw you a lifeline. >> nonpolitical reasons for this dilemma. >> sean: charlie, we have all of the resources here. this is the main point. we don't need to deal with a murdering five dictator in venezuela. the iranian mullahs, the crown prince coming he's going to get on hands and knees and kiss his ass and begged them to produce more oil, we don't have to deal with these countries. we were energy independent under donald trump. >> precisely. precisely. and you know, the problem with joe biden and democrats is not the full pause. the problem is their policies, and their policies have been -- are specifically designed to design to ensure that the united states of america is not energy independent, which means in the united states of america has to go around the globe and
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deal with the worst kinds of pee all over the globe in order to get what it is that we want in order to survive. the problem here with all of these problems -- and it's not just gas, although that is probably perhaps the biggest one, but whether you're looking at the crime or you're looking at inflation or you're looking at the open borders, every single one of these problems that are completely the fault of joe biden, they are all -- they've all -- you cannot hide from them as a politician, but everything one of these things can be drawn directly to the policies of joe biden, nancy pelosi, and the democrat party. >> sean: all of them buried >> and certainly in my time following politics, i've ever seen a set of issues that are so perfectly aligned that the american people feel and you can tie to the policies of these incumbents. the ads write themselves. >> sean: i tell you, it's -- all of this was preventable.
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all of it is fixable. but we are stuck with this guy, this cognitive mess for two and a half years. i hope you never-trump people are really happy and proud of yourselves. geraldo, thank you, charlie hurt, thank you. also tonight, yet more bewildering blunders from, yes, the often giggling vice president molly harris, who wants to let us know she really likes the internet. i mean really likes it. take a look. >> vice president harris: context the internet is an essential part of life in the 21st century. can't get around it. can't get around without it. >> sean: biden, kamala, and nancy pelosi. god help us. all right. despite not yet complete in any of her other jobs, securing the southern border, the white house is now giving the vice president more response abilities. now heading up something called an online policy task force, whatever the hell that means. you might be wondering, what exactly that task force will do.
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welcome at this point it seems to be anybody's guess, even white house press secretary doesn't appear to know. take a look. >> that the vice president is leading, getting kicked off today, on a background call last night we were told it's going to be different from the disinformation governance board and that it's going to focus on illegal conduct online, but the memo creating it was over little bit broader and mentions, quoting from a document, "online harassment, abuse and disinformation campaigns targeting women and lgbtq i plus individuals who are public and lytic figures." can you clear up the disinformation charge? i would need to talk to our team. i was out of the back on call, so that specific language that you're providing to me i would just have to check in with. >> sean: in other words, i don't know a thing about it either. here with reaction, former president of canada, democrat, summon tulsi gabbard is with us. all right. i would like america to go back
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to the trump policies and secure our border. i would like to go back to the policies that america is energy independent and stop sucking up to iran, venezuela, opec, and saudi arabia. i would like lower taxes, not higher taxes, less bureaucracy, not more bureaucracy. your democrat. do you disagree with any of my plans, things i would like to do? >> [laughs] we should have a conversation about each of those things, sean. we probably agree on some, disagree on others. it >> sean: here's one -- >> no, no, no. >> sean: enforce the laws of the border, let's go through them one by one great >> of course. of course. >> sean: so we shouldn't have open borders, we should go back the trump policies, you be okay with that? >> i've been very vocal about that, open borders are a threat to our home and security in with open borders we don't really have a country. >> sean: okay, we have a 41 year high of inflation and record high gas prices. now, we can finish the keystone xl pipeline very
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quickly and every day we will get 900,000 barrels of canadian oil right into the united states. would you go forward with that? and would you lift the restrictions that joe biden put on and federal leases for fracking and oil? would you join me in that? >> i would look forward to a plan that ensures our energy security that secures the interest of the american people. >> sean: you're kind of docking a little bit. i'm asking specifically, keystone pipeline you are in favor of? >> whether it's the keystone pipeline or other resources that we have available here in our country -- >> sean: you support -- >> energy security and done so in a way that's responsible and not contaminated water as fracking has done in certain parts of the country. >> sean: let me ask a question, would you remove the restrictions and regulations that joe biden put on the energy sector? and that means allowing more
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leases to be given to oil and gas companies on federal lands, that would finish the keystone xl pipeline, reopen -- and allow these companies to do what they do best, that's produce the lifeblood of the world's economy. would you support me in that effort? >> i support you and agree with you in energy security. i don't know specifically chapter and verse all the regulations and restrictions that joe biden has put in place, but i can say broadly he has put restrictions in place that have inhibited our ability to provide the energy that the american people need, especially during this critical time. >> sean: all right, let me ask you this, because joe is now apparently negotiating a new deal with iran. he sent emissaries according to reports to venezuela. he's going to meet with the nation he called a pariah nation and a crown prince that he accused of being responsible for the death of jamal khashoggi. wouldn't it be better for our national security, for job
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creation, to help reduce the price at the pump and help reduce inflation if we again became energy independent and instead of artificially reducing the world's supply of oil, increasing the supply of oil, wouldn't that drive down prices? and wouldn't that also drive down inflation? >> it would. >> sean: so you should elect me president, i should run. >> [laughs] >> sean: here's the main question, that's what i was trying to get to. your party refuses to look at the damage they've done a shift course. why? >> that's a great question answer question for joe biden, kamala harris, and the leaders of the democratic party. you and i have had many conversations about how the leadership of this party is unfortunately taking our country in the wrong direction. and this latest initiative of this online policy task force is just yet another example of their self-serving ambition.
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the american people need to stand guard, because they are determined to undermine our freedom of speech, and we cannot allow them to do that, because that will bring true darkness to our democracy. >> sean: we are getting pretty dark right now. poor, middle-class people on fixed incomes, they are dying out there because of this. >> right. >> sean: thank you, tulsi gabbard. coming up, nancy pelosi still refusing to condemn the violent rhetoric coming from the left, this as far left groups are now targeting pro-life centers, the great one mark within, i talked to him earlier, he is pretty worked up. he's next.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: the u.s. supreme court has not released its decision in his hotly anticipated abortion case. that has not stopped the left from threatening violence if they don't get their preferred
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outcome and today when nancy pelosi was actually asked directly whether democrats and their rhetoric is to blame for the threats and the assassination plot, for example, against justice kavanaugh, she dodged the question, spewed more abortion alarmism. what kind of answer is this? take a look. >> as far as the abortion case is concerned, there has been a number of attacks on churches, pregnancy centers. republicans are blaming democrats for not saying anything and they are saying that your rhetoric is contribute into these attacks. >> let me just say this. a woman has a right to choose, to live up to her responsibility. it's up to her, her doctor, her family, her husband, her significant other, and her god. this talk of politicizing all of this i think is something uniquely american and not right.
6:30 pm
>> sean: is it hard to condemn the rhetoric -- is it hard to condemn the harassment, the intimidation? not really. by the way, we still haven't heard a single word from joe biden about the attempted assassination of a sitting supreme court justice. keep in mind, these are the same democrats that were silent about the 574 riots in the summer of 2020. they were either quiet or the same ones that were out there saying oh, no, they are mostly peaceful. they are only obsessing over one riot that we saw on january 6. if the same ones they refuse to ask why the president authorized the national guard to be deployed up to 20,000 troops and nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, sergeant of arms -- and by the way, the capitol police chief, they never were given an answer. although muriel bowser put it in writing. by the way, even when they were warned that things would get out of hand, they did nothing. here with reaction is the host of the number one show sunday nights here on fox, syndicated radio host nationally, american
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marxism, best seller, i called him a great one, mark levin. take it from here. >> you know, it's funny, they say trump didn't respond quickly enough on january 6th but he did respond on january 6 and here we have the axis of evil, biden, schumer, and pelosi, who still haven't responded to an assassination plot against a supreme court justice. with their violent rhetoric that still haven't responded to the threats that are coming down, the potential need of the national guard to protect the supreme court. the left is extorting her live violence, whether it's the summer of 2020, whether it was the riots during the inauguration of donald trump to trying to prevent his being swayed into president or the attack on the second branch of government, the executive branch at the white house and injured 50 secret service agents, but this committee made up of seven leftists and two disgruntled
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never-trumpers, nine retro rates, i was he doesn't care about that and that's what i want to talk about. we don't have a system like this in america where we trust people so much that they don't get challenged. what's happening -- the first time today i watched 40 minutes of this hearing, and it's all choreographed, they have teleprompters, they splice in their video, it's all cherry picked. no country witnesses, no contrary evidence, no cross-examination, no opposition, no motions, no challenges, and we are supposed to believe this and the media sit there on their thumbs to talk about oh, we had big information today the legal analyst, same thing. well, we learned a lot today. you learned nothing. this isn't a pursuit of the truth and it will you two perfect simple examples. i was told from a high-ranking person in the mike pence circles, they said their chief
6:33 pm
witness today, who sounded like -- frankly like robert mueller, he said they never asked him for an opinion. he was not an advisor to mike pence, he was not counsel. they tell me, anyway, he never spoke to pens. i'm told he volunteered quote unquote his analysis by submitting it unsolicited to the vice president's office. you didn't get any affect today and yet if there is someone to question him, maybe we would have learned about that. i will give you another one. bill barr now is being celebrated -- from ever they hated him, they wanted to impeach him, hang him from a telephone pole like mussolini, now they love him because he's useful. well, i have a letter here, it's public, from former u.s. attorney in philadelphia, june 9, 2021. he says in part. on election day and afterwards our office received various allegations of voter fraud and
6:34 pm
election-year irregularities. as part of my response to billy's as u.s. attorney, i wanted to be transparent with the public and of course investigate fully any allegations. attorney general barr however instructed me not to make any public statements or put out any press releases regarding possible election irregularities. i was also given a directive to pass along serious allegations to the state attorney general for investigation, the same state attorney general who had already declared that you could not win. i disagreed with that decision, but those were my orders. wouldn't it be nice when he was -- that's what it was to challenge him, we have professors on the left who actually agreed with john eastman's position before it was john eastman's position and trump's position. the fact of the matter is, when it comes to state legislatures,
6:35 pm
of course you can lobby state legislatures to change the electoral outcome. in the state of pennsylvania, which none of them want to talk about. the governor, the secretary of state, the elected democrat majority supreme court change the election laws right up to the first few days before the election. that violated article two of the federal constitution. because the legislature was republican and wouldn't make those changes. they talk about there's 60 lawsuits and judges said no, the final say as with the state legislatures, not with judges. not with judges. donald trump, whatever you think about the advice and the arrest, every right to ask state legislatures to look into this. it is not clear -- hello -- it is not clear under the united states constitution. it is not clear under the 12 the men meant what the responsibilities of the vice president of the united states are and how they are limited.
6:36 pm
so to not have an opposition, to not have a legal challenge right there in the committee, to not challenge these witnesses, this is a railroad job, pure and simple and it's time the media pay attention and the legal analyst act like real lawyers. that's it. >> sean: you can't ignore the fact that you have four people as witnesses that say they saw donald trump -- they were there, donald trump authorized up to 20,000 troops and then in writing, the mayor of d.c. turns it down, nancy pelosi is not even going to be asked by the committee. whatever. thank you. straight ahead, congresswoman ocasio-cortez dodging more questions about whether she would support joe biden in 2024. we've got the tape, newt gingrich will react. that's next. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: almost every day, daily, joe biden proving he's unfit to be president and with the upcoming midterms and the 2024 presidential election fast approaching, faster than most people think, democrats in the swamp are keeping their distance from the president. today, fox business of austria hillary vaughn caught up with aoc. she is still struggling to explain why she will directly enjoys biden for president in 2024. take a look. >> you were apprehensive about supporting him in 2024. is that because he's not been progressive enough for you? what do you want to see them do to win your endorsement for a second term? >> for me it's not about apprehension, it's about 2024, two years away, unconcerned with the midterm elections. so that's why i said we will cross that bridge when we get to it but i support whoever the dem nominee will be. >> sean: out-of-control inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, baby formula shortages, the list goes on so it's no
6:42 pm
wonder the democrats in washington want to stay far away from biden, but if not all bad news, newt gingrich's organization are now laying out how biden's failures now represent what is truly a historic opportunity to dramatically expand the g.o.p. brand, broaden its base to be a real true representative of american's party. anyway, here with reaction, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor, author of "defeating big government socialism: ending america's future" -- by the way, he will be discussing his book on talk shop live at 6:00 p.m. eastern on monday, great to have you back, mr. speaker. i kind of like the no tie look, it looks good. i wish i had that look. >> [laughs] thank you. i just thought i would be a little casual tonight. >> sean: if i'm right -- and i pray i'm wrong -- i think this is only the beginning of economic hardship for most
6:43 pm
americans. i mean, it's getting very bad, very quickly. if you listen to goldman sachs, they are protecting as many as eight more rate hikes within the next year and a half. that's a lot of rate hikes. that means that will stop home building, sales of existing homes will stop, housing values will go down, valuations will go down, and that is usually people's biggest investment, they will lose a lot more money. we people what's happened -- see what's happening with people's 401(k)s, they're losing a fortune, billions of dollars. your thoughts on what this means politically? >> i say first of all, what you are saying is a classic re-fight about reagan and carter went through. and to some extent what we've been through in the recent past. those of us who believe in supply-side economics like larry kudlow, we understand that what you want to do is increase the supply of goods and services
6:44 pm
to mop up the inflation by giving people more things to buy. on the left, they believe in a demand-side approach that says in order to stop inflation, we have to crush demand and to crush demand means people can't afford a house, they can't afford gasoline, they can't afford food. go down the list. so what you have is this weird left-wing idea, you can punish the american people for bad government, and that's what we are talking about. big government socialism has failed, it's not going to deliver, so let's punish the american people to get the inflation under control. now, the problem in a free society is, you know, folks don't like being punished buried so the average person is out here -- i told you the other day how my wife had gone and filled up your gas tank for $104.50. she was in shock. imagine the impact across the country as people begin to
6:45 pm
realize, you know, you can't find infant formula, apparently you can't find tampons in some states, you can't buy all sorts of products, you can't afford the gasoline. you can't afford diesel fuel. diesel fuel translates into food prices because if the diesel trucks that bring the food to the grocery store, so you can't afford your groceries. all these things are compounding and you got this guy who's totally out of touch with reality giving weird speeches. you had one the other night i saw, we talked to the afl-cio, he sounded crazy. i mean, what planet does he live on? what planet does the white house staff live on? because they are describing a world that doesn't exist for average americans. one piece of data, in a special texas election tuesday night in a latino area, a county shifted 38 percentage points from democrat to republican.
6:46 pm
let me repeat that. 38 -- you apply that across the country, there are almost no safe democratic seats. >> sean: with every statistic i throw out every night and gets worse every night, you would think that people that have common sense would change course, realize their policies aren't working. when you got elected in 1994, two years into the clinton administration, he said the era of big government is over, the end of welfare as we know it. you think the new green socialist deal will change? >> bill quentin had to fight the white house staff and said to them if i do what you want me to i will be defeated in 'nighty six, i have to agree with newt gingrich. and that's why we got all this stuff done. biden can do that. these people are basically -- it's a secular religious fanaticism. they can't deal with reality, they can't deal with the facts,
6:47 pm
they can't look at how the world really works and so they keep trying over and over again and the other thing is a look at his cabinet, there's nobody in their who's ever been competent at anything. if there's nobody who's managed the company, delivered on jobs, created anything, so you have a bunch of folks who are there because of their particular fitting various and sundry personality types. they don't have a clue. so it's not working, and we just did a poll, as you know, where 87% of the american people said they want to go back to the america that works, and that i think is the new american majority, almost 9 out of 10 people who know this ain't working. if republicans become the party that wants it to work and the democrats want to be the party that explains that they are for not working, it's just over a period >> sean: mr. speaker, thank you. when we come back, congresswoman lauren boebert is taking action asked her claims the democratic pac is spreading lies about her.
6:48 pm
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♪ ♪ >> sean: colorado republican congressman says she's preparing to sue a far right group on what she's claiming are false and disgusting claims that she used to wear it as an expert and that she had two abortions. if i had a congressman on my radio show earlier today to talk about the effect of these claims are having on her and her family. take a look. >> this is the politics of personal destruction and why people hate politics. i've been in d.c. this weekend you put it in perspective. i got home tonight and i have to explain to my 9-year-old when an export is buried that mom never did that. i had to reassure my four boys
6:53 pm
that i didn't have two abortions. that they do not have two siblings that never made it. this is absolutely disgusting, it's sick, and it needs to stop. >> sean: inverness we reached out to dale david wheeler for comment. the group stands by their claims and prepared to fire countersuit. gregg jarrett. as i look at this, sorry you lost on the oak will try to get back. >> i got you back. i got you back. great audio guy. >> sean: if all their great stomach claiming is true in their standing by it, by the way, the same group that went after madison cawthorn. there was a picture that they claimed was lauren boebert that turned out not to be, i'm not sure why they have an adjusted and admitted that part that isn't. serious allegations if they are
6:54 pm
false, then isn't that liable slander, isn't that getting to the bar of absence of malice as a public figure? >> is a public figure, so she has a burden, an extra burden of proving actual malice which is american -- the far left public action committee pretends it's a watchdog group either knew that it was false and went ahead with it anyway, but they recklessly disregarded the truth. yes, this is the set of documents that they published. pretty scurrilous accusations. these documents have red flags written all over them. first of all, it's based almost entirely on a single source that it's anonymous, that's a red flag. there were two, the communications between the
6:55 pm
supposed source. heavily redacted, that's another red flag. finally, the source says with respect to the sugar babies website that lauren boebert was allegedly working with her for her. your photographs of her but they're not photographs of lauren boebert. we posed several questions in writing to david wheeler who heads up american mock breakers. initially he responded with answers. and you're facing a lawsuit defamation, the smart thing is to hire a lawyer and shut up. in fact, he admits they made mistakes. that will come back to haunt him if there is defamation lawsuit. >> sean: that's why you're the legal brain that you are. gregg jarrett, thank you. all right, we will follow this closely. innocent until proven guilty, presumption of innocence. keep it real, more "hannity"
6:56 pm
next. ♪ ♪ (♪ ♪)
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, think of your being with us in making the show possible. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode. anytime, anyplace, anywhere,,, in the meantime let not your hearts be troubled, why? laura ingraham, "the ingraham angle" right now and i stand with laura. >> laura: i have a question for you. >> sean: that threw me for a loop. >> laura: is there actually a congressman involved and will not name names. i will keep the cone of silence. they're not supposed to use a certain bathroom -- but anyway. here's my question. you're always saying set your dvr, as to why, what do you have on your dvr? like what do you record on your dvr? could you tell us? >> sean: sporting events -- >> laura: nascar? >> sean: shows i don't have time to watch during.