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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 17, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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the koozy. isn't that cute? freedom matters koozy. i didn't even know what that meant until five minutes ago and the wine koozy. see, isn't that cool, all made in the usa. gal, check it out, trucker hat, freedom matters, all charity all the time. it goes to the honor flight network this month, the month of june. go to "get feld" is next. >> a community outraged after a gang allegedly shoots and kills two california police officers after being let off easy by los angeles district attorney george gascon. for the first time, we're hearing from one of the families who says their son and brother should still be alive. >> they're letting all these criminals out. [ crying ] to us, this is real life. >> carley: you are watching "fox & friends first" on this
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friday morning. i'm carley shimkus. >> i'm ashley strohmeyer in for todd piro. he was out on probation thanks to gascon's policies. the "new york post" is reporting that the d.a. might actually pay for that gang member's funeral after he was killed and the incident that claimed the lives of officers paredes and santana. [ sirens ] [ gunfire ] >> we are speaking with an attorney who says gascon flat out murdered the officers. first, jackie ibanez is breaking down all the details of this story. >> well, the attack leaving 42-year-old corporal michael paredes and joseph santana dead, both leave behind wives and children. the heartbroken family of officer santana is speaking out and blaming los angeles d.a.
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george gascon. >> gascon is just letting all these criminals out, and they just keep doing one crime after the other. that guy should have been in jail. if he wouldn't have been out, my son and the other officer would still be here. now we're just left to suffer. they're they're coming back. to everyone else, this is just a news story, but to us, this is real life. >> their deaths further igniting the movement to recall gascon whose policies protected felon and convicted killer justin flores. they are telling prosecutors they need special access to view the documents. now one of his own deputies is calling him out, l.a. deputy district attorney john tweeting, quote, george gascon says he care about gun violence. actions speak louder than words. he refuses to prosecute. gascon's office tells fox that
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the plea deal was appropriate because flores didn't have a history of violent crime. surveillance video shows what the officers were up against. [ sirens ] [ gunfire ] the suspect was killed on the scene by police, which has called attention to another gascon policy sparking even more outrage. back in 2020, the d.a. promised his office would pay the funeral expenses for anyone killed by police. but gascon's office denies this would happen in flores' case. those rumors are unfounded. they say we also hope people will stop playing politics with trauma and that we can all get serious about how we prevent serious violence before it begins. meanwhile, the el monte police department is fundraising for the funerals of their fallen brothers. >> thank you so much. let's bring in attorney kurt.
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we will read this rap sheet. here we go again. in 2009, he served two prison terms for burglary and car theft. in 2011, he was sent back to prison for burglary once again, being prohibited from carrying a gun. later that year in 2020, he was arrested and charged with possessing meth, a handgun, and ammo, all of that before this monday when flores' girlfriend reported him for assault, which he was not arrested for. and then on tuesday, just one day later, he killed these two police officers. he should be in jail right now for being a felon in possession of a gun. instead, he was on probation because of gascon's policies. it is just one preventable tragedy after another. your reaction? >> you're absolutely right. look at that résumé. that guy should have been making big rocks into little rocks into the foreseeable future. instead, because of gascon's
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policies, he's on the street, he murders officer santana, he murders officer paredes. look at that family. look at the devastation he's caused to those people and their community. that's not it. that's -- those are not the only victims. there are hundreds, maybe thousands of such victims in los angeles, victims of his leftist policy, blaming the citizens instead of the criminals. this is disgraceful. we need to get rid of this bum. >> when you talk about there's other victims, just here in los angeles, homicides are up 7.3% and assaults are up 4.9%. do you think by gascon's office standing by the, i guess, punishment for this career criminal, standing by this will allow other criminals to think they can get away with anything. do you think it will make it worse? >> well, of course it's going to make it worse.
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they think they can get away with anything because under gascon they can. we've gone through this before. okay. we put the three-strikes law into effect in california. that's precisely because bums like justin flores need to be in jail, not wandering our streets, not killing our citizens, not murdering our law enforcement officers. but, no, gascon, he knows better. he's got no excuse. this guy has been in law enforcement for decades. he has made a choice. he has made a choice that the risk of crime will not be borne by the criminal, but by the innocent people of los angeles and by our law enforcement. that's unacceptable. we're going to recall this guy. we're going to send him off where chesa boudin has gone and put somebody in that the purpose of law enforcement is to enforce the law. >> the recall of george gascon, the effort has collected the
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necessary number of signatures to bring this recall to a vote. the organizers say they need a few more, but they're on the right track. it's good to hear you say you think this recall effort would be successful. one a few years ago failed. is that because there is more of an outcry now? why do you think things have changed so significantly that we could see gascon gone? >> well, look, it's hard to recall an elected official, and it should be. an election should stand unless something very drastic happens. well, that's what george gascon's total abandonment of his responsibilities is. we managed to get 10% of the voters of los angeles to sign a recall petition. that's a huge, huge number. that's a huge percentage. but, you know, i live her, i've lived here for, you know, 30 years, and it's a very liberal area, folks, okay.
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i'm not a liberal guy myself, but i got a lot of liberal friends, and i've never heard a good word about gascon. >> i know a woman affected by the policies. she's in malibu, actually, but by the policies that gascon has put in place, and she's very conservative, living in a liberal area. she has friends that are liberal, as you're saying. she said that they think that he's doing a good job, or at least they thought so until something happened to her. they started doing more research and digging. so, really, my question is: i know there's a lot of signatures, but like you said, it's a big area. is it really gonna do anything? a lot of people think this guy is doing a good job because they don't know what is going on. >> well, look, i have yet to meet the person who thinks gascon's doing a good job. i'm glad to hear there's at
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least one other in los angeles county. they're on to something. because liberal folks -- you know, liberal folks want to be able to walk the dog without getting mugged. they want to be able to go to the store without being robbed and they want their police officers to be able to do their jobs without having to be taken to the morgue. we're done with it. this is over. i hope it spreads to other cities where these leftist prosecutors have abandoned their responsibility and allowed criminals to run free. >> you know, i hope you're right. george gascon is an ideolog based on the belief system that criminals are the victims because we live in a racist and unjust country. you can remove george gascon from the equation but it's difficult to kill an ideology, one that is being taught in schools right now. any thoughts how you can defeat
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this at a broader level? >> well, you know, smart people learn from experience, dumb people learn through pain and, frankly, folks who keep electing very, very liberal prosecutors are eventually going to see what happens. again, we've not been -- we -- we -- this is not new. this is a cycle we go through every couple decades. you know, crime gets beaten down by actually putting criminals in jail. we get comfortable, we start getting sensitive, we start thinking, well, gosh, it's kind of mean to put him in jail, he was only dealing meth and gang-banging, maybe he had a tough childhood. crime goes up and the pendulum swings again. you know, i'd rather he be in jail than me afraid to walk the streets. the pendulum is swinging and gascon is as good as gone. >> hopefully people will realize this guy is no good for the community's safety.
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we appreciate your getting up early. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> a gunman opened fire on a potluck dinner at an alabama church. the gunman entered the gathering just after 6:00 yesterday before shooting several people. he was quickly taken into custody. an official for alabama calling for prayer saying, quote, we need everybody out there, whatever your faith or your belief system is to pray, and send love because they're going to need all of it. no motive has been determined. jane's revenge is taking responsibility for vandalism of a pro-life office in minnesota. we decided to smash the windows and leave them a message from our friend jane. >> and the white house is being
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silent on the attack and republicans want to know why. senator tom cotton's recent letter to u.s. attorney general merrick garland saying, quote, if you are unwilling to protect americans from these attacks, you should resign, although, in my opinion, you should resign in any case. also coming after representative michael guest, and homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas saying, quote, any violent attack on a nonprofit institution, house of worship, or group of people due to their religious or political beliefs are an attack on the fundamental values that americans hold clear. mark levin says democratic politicians are responsible for the violence we're seeing on the left. >> biden, schumer and pelosi, who still haven't responded to an assassination plot against a supreme court justice, with
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their violent rhetoric, they still haven't responded to the threats coming down, the potential need of the national guard to protect the supreme court. the left is extraordinarily violent, whether it's the summer of 2020, whether it was the riots during the inauguration of donald trump to try to prevent his being sworn in to be president, whether it was the attack on the second branch of government, the executive branch at the white house and injured 50 secret service agents. >> a fox news poll shows a majority of voters say protests outside justices' homes are inappropriate, including 62% of independents. >> michael avenatti could face up to 83 years in prison after pleading guilty to several charges in federal court. the disgraced attorney admitted to four counts of wire fraud and one other tax-related charge. avenatti confessed to obstructing the irs from collecting unpaid taxes amounting to $5 million. he's already serving time in
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federal prison for stealing book proceeds from former client stormy details. president biden is on the defensive after being pushed on his role in record inflation. >> the president standing by has now debunked claims that the u.s. has the lowest inflation rate in the world. griff jenkins is live in washington with more. >> griff: good morning. you were showing that 8.6% inflation rate. consider on inauguration day it was 1.4%. president biden told the ap yesterday that a recession is not inevitable and refuses to accept responsibility for that inflation saying this, quote, we're in a stronger position than any nation in the world to overcome this inflation. if it's my fault, why is it the case in every other major industrial country in the world that inflation is higher? problem is, that's not the case. a quick fact check shows it's not true. the u.s. is higher than germany, france, japan, italy, china,
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israel and saudi arabia. he admits the country is in a funk saying this, blaming it on the pandemic. people are really, really down. most is a consequence of the covid crisis. this after biden blamed those oil companies for $5 gas, threatening them in a letter with emergency powers. now one is firing back writing, exxonmobil has been investing more than any other company to raise supplies. we kept investing even during the pandemic. government can promote investment through clear and consistent policy that supports u.s. resource development. but at the white house, what they won't call for is more drilling here at home. >> we need them to actually refine the crude oil, which is not happen, and that's what we're calling on oil companies to do. >> why don't you drill more in the u.s.? >> because we don't need to do
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that. >> as gas prices rise, the president's poll numbers are falling. this number right there, 57% unfavorable. i'll tell ya, it gets worse for him if you go in and do it issue by issue, it's a 67% disapproval when it comes to the economy and a 71% disapproval on inflation. about the only silver lining for the president is when the voters were asked about how congress is doing, they got a 72% unfavorable. >> oh, boy. thank you, griff. >> thank you very much. >> florida governor ron desantis blaming the president for the highest gas prices the country has ever seen. >> he comes in, he puts really negative policies to try to kneecap american energy production and, of course, that's been a huge driver as to why we now have gas hire than --
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higher than we've ever seen before. the oil companies have a patriot duty to lower gas prices. hundreds of migrants storming our southern border. the white house refuses to talk about this dire situation, but we will. we will also tell you how many people from the terror watch list were just picked up by border patrol. >> it will help modernize the federal government's response to violence against women and people of all genders. >> as usual, kamala harris is focusing on everything but the before, launching a new task force, which sounds a lot like the failed disinformation board. >> why do the democrats keep picking and losers? we're one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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[ ♪♪♪ ] >> well, after a lackluster job, vice president kamala harris is
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heading the white house task force to address online harassment. harris seems excited about the new gig. listen here. >> it is with that spirit that we are doing the work we are doing today to convene and t inaugurate this task force. that's the spirit in which we convene today and doing this work. >> the new task force already drawing comparisons to the infamous white house disinformation board which was scrapped over fears of government censorship. the goal of the task force is to make recommendations to governments, schools, tech platforms and others on how to best combat online abuse. tulsi gabbert says the white house has the priorities wrong. >> they're unfortunately taking our country in the wrong direction. this latest initiative of this
1:24 am
online policy task force is just yet another example of their self-serving ambitions. no one should be left behind in america. everyone is included. why do the democrats keep picking winners and losers? we're one nation with liberty and justice for all. now, can you go get to work and start dealing with the one thing that affects all of us, no matter who we want to sleep with, no matter what we look like, inflation. >> speaking of inflation, u.s. farmers are floating fears of a food shortage after family farms struggle to keep up with record diesel costs crushing their bottom line. he is a specialist for the pennsylvania farm bureau. what is the hardest thing you are dealing with right now, getting your hands on? is it diesel? is it the product?
1:25 am
is it both? >> it's a little of everything. we don't really have a shortage as of yet. it's just the hoops that have to get jumped there. our local diesel supplier is having to run an extra hour to be able to get fuel to bring to the local guys around here. um, every way you turn, somebody's tacking on a fuel surcharge now, or you're waiting extra time to get it in. there's all kinds of shipping delays. it's just -- it's a big snowball effect is what is really happening at this point. >> when you talk about that surcharge they're tacking on, you also said that it takes extra time for you to get the fuel because pennsylvania's one of the states that is possibly seeing a shortage of diesel. how much more is it costing you a day? a month? >> compared to last year, we're up over $2 a gallon at this same time. what that is costing us extra for them to have to run and get
1:26 am
it, i've not really asked. we're kind of in that stage where we need it, and they can get it, so we just let 'em bring it. um, but, yeah, we're -- we're well over $2.15, i believe, the last time i got fuel a week ago. we're coming in to wheat harvest where we can burn upwards of 5, 600 gallons a day. it's uneasy knowing that not necessarily a shortage, they haven't told us they can't get it yet, but they have to run somewhere else to pick it up,es and not a great feeling. >> even though they haven't come out and said it, there have been insinuations that that is a possibility. i feel like you wouldn't be saying it if you didn't think it was a possibility. tell us, do you think, in the near future, we could actually see a food shortage in the u.s.?
1:27 am
>> it's -- it's possible. um, i -- i think that there's ways that we can keep the u.s. secure, but if we don't have the fuel to get the crop out of the field or the fuel to get the crop to the processor, then anything is possible. >> kyle, what are you seeing in the near future as far as from the farm bureau? >> we've been in discussions, obviously, with our department of ag here in the state, as well as lawmakers, um, just trying to figure out what we can do because we've had several conversations with representatives who are seeing the same thing that ryan is seeing in his area that are just -- the suppliers are going to these terminals, these bulk supply facilities, and they're being turned away without fuel and they get back to their country and place of business and they have to tell the
1:28 am
customers they don't have the fuel. we learned so far there is diesel fuel in the state, just not at the right places at the right time. we've been working to get it to where it needs to be. one of the things with that, well, you know, if someone from, say, the northwest part of the state doesn't want to get rid of it, you know, sell it, essentially, then it's not going to move and, obviously, we're still in the trucking shortage, the distribution chain disruptions that, even if they do want to sell it to somewhere, getting it here -- we are working on some things. brown, -- you know, in pennsylvania, all diesel fuel is required to be 2% biodiesel. there is some ways possibly we can waive that and that's something that we've been working on now with the administration, um, that wouldhole enable us to bring in
1:29 am
some diesel fuel from out of state. >> right. unfortunately, a lot of people don't take doo consideration not only the shortage of diesel and potentially the shortage of everything else is mother nature. you have droughts, you have rain you also are up against and you do not know what that will do and how it will affect it. hopefully we can get something under control here. when people hear a food shortage, it's scary times to be living in. kyle and ryan, thanks for getting up early with us. >> thank you for having us. >> good luck. a full-blown meltdown after mayra flores flips a solid blue border district red. we have all the fighting going on inside the democratic party. >> he says this is one of the democrats' districts to lose. he's coming up next.
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>> wild border patrol video shows a massive group of migrants rushing toward our southern border near douglas, arizona. the group running from mexico and climbing over barriers in order to cross into the country illegally. the migrants are also seen crawling under the border barrier as they try to respond. we now know 15 people on the fbi's terror watch list were captured by agents in may. they were among more than 239,000 border crossers last month, the highest number of encounters on record. less than half of those migrants were expelled through title 42. democrats are now turning on each other after facing a crushing loss in an district.
1:36 am
henry cuellar says they need to look at south texas seriously. democrat congressman vincent gonzalez stating, i hope they learn their lesson with this before it happens across the country. they've forgotten about the grown people on the border. daniel garza joins me. good morning. it's great to see you again. here is mayra flores speaking out against democrats taking hispanic voters for granted. take a listen to this. >> i feel like the democrat party has walked away from the hispanic community. they've gone so far left, and they don't represent our values. the democrat party has completely abandoned us and taken us for granted. they feel entitled to our vote and they feel they don't really have to work for it. what we're showing now is, yes, you do have to work to earn our votes.
1:37 am
a lot of democrats are worried that her win is bigger than just the 34th district of texas and symbolizes a national trend. what do you think about that? >> carley, i think she's absolutely right. here in the here in the simi valley they elected a mexican-born republican latina who ran on pro-energy development, a proponent of fiscal responsibility, less taxes and regulation, pro border security, pro-life among other things. this race, folks were looking at it to see if latinos were distancing themselves away from democrats. it looks like they're warming up to republican candidates, too. you're seeing a political shift, a realignment because of the political curiosity brought on by the bad performance of democrats. >> this really feels like a long
1:38 am
time coming. i know not every group is a monolith but we talk about voters in blocs, when you look at the hispanic community, they are largely religious, hard-working, socially conservative. socialism is a dirty word. why are hispanicing voting democrat to begin with? >> well, you know, for the longest time, the republicans stayed away from minority community, i don't know why. they didn't do the outreach. unfortunately, the people who dominated the conversation were unions, were spanish-language television that took to leftist center, university professors. look, you're right that this has been a long time coming. this administration has accelerated that process of political realignment and shown itself to be an inflation super spreader making america howl.
1:39 am
it's starting to make us nostalgic for the covid quarantine days. this is the true cost of washington, right, you know, where they tax and spend, where they print money, where they attack energy. latinos are reacting in a very visceral way to this. >> that's so true. what you said just reminded me -- we had a guest on. he said that if republicans really want to grab hold of hispanic voters, somebody needs to start a conservative spanish-language news network. i thought that was such a great idea. you know that if more hispanic districts flip from blue to red, the democrat messaging machine will come back with a vengeance. does that concern you at all? >> no, it does. look, you know, right now, um, democrats are on their heels and they're talking about it's been about disinformation that they're hearing from in conservative circles. disinformation to them is
1:40 am
anything they don't agree with. and that's part of their problem, that they're not focusing on the real issues that are impacting the lives of people, the true cost of washington, which is, you know, making people scrape their knees in prayer, praying they can make it from one week to the next because of the high cost of everything, you know, when you pump your gas at the gas station, when you buy food at the grocery store, there's pain out there and they're focused on campaigns like disinformation? get to the real thing and how we will reverse this negative situation impacting so many people. >> yeah, so the economy is in one thing. you're in, i believe, mcallen, texas, which is right on the u.s.-mexico border. what is the conversation like in your community when it comes to the illegal immigration situation? i was recently in texas talking voters, and a lot of people told me they feel completely for
1:41 am
forgotten by the biden administration? >> there was a policy sweet spot, which was immigration. even there, they're starting to lose the latinos because they haven't delivered on legal channels, one, they're always making promisess and broken promises. then they don't balance their policy approach for legal channels and, of course, border security. they absolutely ignored border security. and you were talking about, you know, the terrorists coming through that were caught. how many haven't been caught? carley, the fact is by allowing more and more unfettered illegal immigration you are creating a two-tier society, residents and citizens living one life and an undocumented community living an entirely different life. this causes pain, too, for a lot of people, folks, we go to school with, church with, our neighbors and our family
1:42 am
members, you know, who are undocumented. this is not a desirable situation for our society. >> to our knowledge, president biden has never visited the border, even though during his inauguration speech he did say he was going to be a president to all people. daniel, thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> thank you, carley. have a good morning. >> a fox exclusive now. senate democrats blocked republican senator blackburn's plan. the democrats voted down her two amendments to the national defense authorization act. senator blackburn told us, pentagon leaders should be spending their time learning lessons about their disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan, not promoting critical rate theory and wokeism. republican lawmakers push legislation to defund his
1:43 am
position. congressman chip roy is sponsoring the bill and said, quote, hard-working americans are struggling every day to afford gas and electricity because of the disastrous energy policies peddled by hysterical fools like john kerry. kerry op supposes the expansion of domestic oil production and the target of criticisms over his extensive use of private jets. >> hunter biden's ex-wife breaking her silence and claims she knew nothing about his shady business dealings. as she promotes her new memoir. >> you say you weren't really involved in the finances at all. >> this is one of the harder parts for me to write and to acknowledge. it's embarrassing to say that ceded all financial control. she also revealed she spoke to investigators but hasn't been subpoenaed yet. hunter is under federal investigation into his taxes.
1:44 am
and elon musk making the push for free speech with his first meeting with twitter employees as he tries to acquire the social media giant. he wants one billion active users on the platform and it is, quote, extremely important there be transparency. he also believes twitter can do a better job informing people in the media saying how many times had the media gotten it right? i wouldn't say almost never. not never, but almost never. we're going to be talking to former interim ceo of parlor about the social media shake-up. don't want to miss that. all right. what happens when you decriminalize hard drugs? well, look at portland where addiction and overdose deaths are going up significantly and that's just the beginning of the story. jason rance is here to expose what is really going on. >> and the coast guard is on the scene of the devastation at yellowstone national park rescuing dozens of people
1:45 am
trapped by the floodwaters. montana congressman is going to survey the damage but he is talking to us first.
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rescuing dozens of stranded yellowstone national park residents who were trapped in this week's floods. the guard says they have saved over 87 people and flew for over 41 hours. parts of the park would reopen on monday. neighboring towns have been devastated with homes destroyed and infrastructure completely wrecked. the billings water plant is restarting at low capacity after the city's water supply fell between 24-36 hours as a result of the flooding. montana congressman is heading out west to tour the flooded area today. he joins us now. congressman, we can see you're on the move right now. thank you very much for joining us. where do things stand in your state right now a few days after this horrific flood? >> thanks for having me on this
1:51 am
this morning. this is really important to say to montana and the nation, quite frankly, is we're experiencing all this damage and destruction from the floodwaters there around and in yellowstone park. i've been in touch with the governor, our senate delegation and the county commissioners in the areas that have been most heavily impacted right in the -- it's basically a tri-county area, park, stillwater and corbin counties. billings, as you stated, has a water plant problem they've just about sorted out. um, we were hoping that we are beyond the worse of this. it is springtime in montana. we still have snowpack that is melting and subject to have some additional severe rain storms at any time that would actually make this worse. i'm going out today to visit the area and assess the damage to get red tape out of the way to get these people back on their
1:52 am
feet again. we have the communities that not only suffered the damage, we didn't lose any human life, thank god, but this will have a large economic impact for quite some time because we're anticipating that yellowstone park will be closed for a while, and only at 50% capacity for some time going into the future, and that's gateway communities depend largely by tourism that's attracted because of the park. >> and the water plant in billings, it's operating again after officials warned montana's largest city could actually run out of water in 36 hours. the latest statement is we were aware of yesterday's alert to the community and caused panic. that was never our hope. we never witnessed a situation like yesterday. we didn't know how bad it could get or how long it would continue. clearly, it was a crisis averted type situation. moving forward, what do residents in these affects areas, what do they need to be
1:53 am
aware of and most on high alert about in the coming days as this damage is assessed? >> so, the most important thing is to follow the usgs water flow reports. you can go online and look at that, and that will tell you how severe the flooding is at any given place along any of the rivers around the state of montana. and when you can track that water flow, then you can literally see what's coming your way. i've been watching it for 20 years now. it's an excellent site. usgs. you put in the name of the river you want to track. like any emergency situation, homeowners and people should be prepared for a couple of days of being without either energy or proper potable water. they should have a case of water in their home, they should have some additional canned goods in the cupboard in case they do get separated from the store for a
1:54 am
while. >> yeah, you know, congressman, i believe you're going to be with the governor later today. he's receiving pretty heavy criticism for being out of the country this week. i believe he returned home yesterday, six days after this flooding took place. do you know why it took him so long to get back to montana? >> well, it's taken me -- i mean, i went to the airport yesterday at reagan international and i had three sets of flight canceled. what i will tell you is that the governor has been in touch with the exact same county officials, fema and the congressional delegation that i have because i have personally been in touch with them the last several days regardless of where he was, he was communicating with the people on the ground to make sure that the issues were being addressed. >> really quickly, last thing i want to ask you. have first responders of any state or any city officials asked you specifically for anything as far as resources
1:55 am
before you meet with them, really quickly, a response. >> sandbags, empty sandbags. that's all i ask for from fema. >> there you go. glad you got in there. it's being called a 1,000-year storm. we appreciate it. >> thanks. >> president biden and vice president kamala harris and speaking pelosi are among the top democrats who oppose school choice, they're also among the privileged few who is afford to send their kids to private school. we'll talk to lara trump about it coming. >> the all-american concert series continues this morning with gavin degraw live on fox fair. you don't want to miss it. [ ♪♪♪ ]
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>> carley: president biden getting defensive after being push on how his massive agenda is contributing to inflation and standing by his claim the u.s. has lowest inflation rate of any country in the world. all countries you see on the screen have lower inflation than we do, wouldn't it be nice. you're watching "fox and friends first." >> ashley: and i'm


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