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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 17, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: president biden getting defensive after being push on how his massive agenda is contributing to inflation and standing by his claim the u.s. has lowest inflation rate of any country in the world. all countries you see on the screen have lower inflation than we do, wouldn't it be nice. you're watching "fox and friends first." >> ashley: and i'm ashley
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strohmier. we talked to a farmer who says this could snowball into a food shortage. >> there is all kinds of shipping delays, it's a big snowball effect happening at this point. >> ashley: griff jenkins live in washington with more, good morning. >> griff: inflation was 1.4%, yet in his first interview with a reporter since february, president biden tells the ap we're in a stronger position than any nation in the world to overcome inflation. if it is my fault, why is inflation higher in other countries in the world. we are higher than germany, france, israel, and saudi arabia. he does admit the country is in
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a funk, which he blames on the pandemic. people are really, really down, consequence of the covid crisis, this after biden blamed oil companies for $5 gas threatening them with emergency powers. at least one company is firing back writing, exxon mobil has been developing more than any other country and globally invested more than we've earned over the last five years. we kept investing through the pandemic. what the white house won't call for, more drilling at home. watch. >> we need them to refine the crude oil, which is not happening and that is what we're calling on them to do. >> why don't you drill more in the u.s.? >> we don't need to do that. >> griff: the president's poll
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numbers fall to lowest number ever seen in our fox news polling with a 57% unfavorable rating. break it down by issues and it gets worst. biden 67% disapproval on the economy and on inflainflation. kraks >> carley: thanks, griff jenkins. totally out of touch, listen to this. >> imagine the impact across the country as people realize you can't find infant formula, apparently tampons in some states, all sorts of products, you can't afford diesel fuel. diesel fuel translates to food prices because diesel trucks bring the food to the grocery store. you can't afford groceries. all these things are compounding and you have this guy out of touch with reality giving weird
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speeches. >> ashley: consumer prices are up 8.6% last month, highest increase in 40 years. >> carley: a massive group of migrants in mexico rushing toward the border near douglas, arizona. they run through the streets and through borders to crossover the border illegally. outnumbered border agents try to respond. >> ashley: senator rand paul takes dr. fauci to task questioning if children really need covid booster shots. listen. >> 10 mrna vaccines, is that prove we should give 10 boosters, dr. fauci? >> no, i think that is an absurd exaggeration. >> that is proof you use to tell children to take a booster is
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that they make antibodies. >> ashley: yesterday a an fda panel is looking to make a final decision in the coming days. >> carley: white house press secretary karine jean-pierre talking about covid schedule after multiple people in his immediate circle test positive. listen. >> the president has a regular testing by his doctor. he has not had a close contact that stays that, it is a cadence that is in close coordination with his doctor. >> we did not know about the close contact -- >> if there was close contact, we would acknowledge that. >> carley: she says the president has never tested positive for the illness. jane's revenge declares open season, targeting this pregnancy center in minnesota as house
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speaker nancy pelosi refuses to condemn the violence. >> a woman has a right to choose, this talk of politicizing all of this is something uniquely american and not right. >> ashley: former u.s. attorney bret tillman is on the left double standards next. we've got cheeseburger sliders on king's hawaiian pretzel slider buns. sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! [crash] everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. especially now with king's hawaiian pretzel buns!
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>> carley: a fox news alert, pro aportion group janes revenge is claiming responsibility for another attack on a pregnancy center in minneapolis after vowing to ramp up the violence earlier this week. the group says they will take measures against infrastructures, rest assured we will and those measures may not come in the form of fire and graffiti, any anti-choice group who closes their doors and stops operating will no longer be a target, until you do, it is open season. >> carley: executive director for right on crime joins us now. bret, good morning. a lot of things strike me about this. one thing, can you imagine the reaction in that threat that we just read was coming from a conservative fwrup or conservatives were fire-bombing
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planned parenthood clinics, the outrage would be unbelievable, as it should, but right now getting radio silence from the doj. >> the political goals of doj, which i never thought i would say that sentence, you would think the department of justice would not bend to political pressure one way or the other. the simplest pressure against the conservative group or january 6 protesters or anything of that -- parents and the school board, the attorney general labeled them domestic terrorists and they will target them, this is until short of actual domestic terrorism, threats of terrorism and we hear nothing from the attorney general in this case. it is a double standard that should scare everybody because it is based on political beliefs. >> ashley: 124 leaders wrote the
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department of justice must act quickly to prosecute recent domestic terrorist attacks against pro-life investigation, have effect of chilling the free exercise of religion and speech undermining constitutional rights of americans. to be honest, they are not directly saying they will attack the justices, it is insinuated saying if you don't shut this down, this is what we want, you better do it or else. >> yeah, this is something those of us who have been in the department of justice, we shake our heads, i prosecuted individuals of the same political belief as me when i knew they committed crimes and those that opposed me politica matter politically. they are using political pressure they are getting to make and establish their priorities for investigation and
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prosecution. what is going to happen when the political, those in charge, political beliefs of those in charge change? will we do this again every time the department of justice changes political beliefs? >> carley: nancy pelosi asked if she condemned the attacks and she refused, take a listen to this. >> republicans are going after democrats for not saying anything and saying your rhetoric is contributing to the attacks. >> let me just say this, a woman has a right to choose, to live up to her responsibility, it's up to her, her doctor, her family, her husband, her significant other and her god. this talk of politicizing all of this, i think is something uniquely american. >> carley: president biden hasn't vocally condemned the
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violence and he said there would be minirevolution if roe gets overturned, they feel this works for them politically. what happens if somebody gets hurt? doesn't it feel like they are playing with fire for not take thanksgiving more seriously? >> yeah, it is playing with fire and the attorney general right now should either resign or enforce the law impartially, that includes enforcing the statutes already in place that prevent individuals from picketing or protesting in front of a justice's home, that is to prevent the public from putting pressure publicly on a supreme court justice to make them bend to their and will what their beliefs are, that is not the basis of the constitution or due process rights and especially the right to exercise your freedom of religion and speech.
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>> carley: without a doubt. thank you, we appreciate it. here is something that will come as no surprise, major networks besides fox news ignoring the hunter biden laptop story. >> ashley: why is the media turning a blind eye? joe concha is helping us answer that question next.
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with the worst of this, but it is springtime in montana. we still have snow pack that is melting and subject to severe rainstorms any time, which would make this worse. i'm going out today to visit this area, assess the damage and make sure we can get any red tape out of the way to get these people back on their feet again. >> carley: parts of the park could reopen on monday, neighboring towns have been devastated. senior meteorologist janice dean is here with our fox weather forecast. what do you have? >> janice: we will see closures over the next couple days. i hope they get some roads open by monday. we have a lot of snow pack that will be melting over the next several weeks and you see the roads that lead to yellowstone. the next seven days look good. we have rain in the forecast on
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monday and cooler temperatures are going to move in. we are not talking about torrential rain over the next seven days. the other big story is the heat that will persist for the next week over some areas stretching across the plain states. we are dealing with temperatures close to 100 in dallas, across the southwest, kansas city 93, 96 in atlanta, but when you factor in the humanitarian, it will feels oppressive. stronger storms in the plain states and across the east coast. we have thunderstorms pushing through st. louis area. severe storm threat going through the next couple hours, especially this afternoon into the evening hour along the i-95 corridor and toward the southeast. we could see hail, damaging winds and isolated tornados.
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we could see pop-up showers and thunderstorms along the gulf coast, mid-atlantic, 89 in new york, 99 in el paso and we are watching tropical activity, we don't think this will be a big deal right now, but over the next five days we'll be watching the gulf of mexico for this area of concern. we are into the tropical season. peak season is september, we have to monitor the gulf and the atlantic. >> is a lot to monitor. 90s across the country. that is dangerous. next seven days dangerous for a lot of folks. >> ashley: is that typical this time of year? >> janice: no, expecting above high temperatures, not just a couple of days, weeks of prolonged heat. that is why it is dangerous and
2:23 am
you factor in humanitarian, you want to bring pets indoors, your pets, kids, all of the above, cool clothing, white shirts, make sure it is loose clothing, not tight. if you're exercising, do not be outside for a great length of time. elderly, kids pets. >> carley: in montana it will be dry next couple of days. >> janice: we have potential for some wet, but yellowstone dry conditions. >> carley: it was 68 here yesterday, i feel guilty because so many people are dealing with so much, as far as the east coast is concerned, we could see weather, too. >> janice: this afternoon, potential for stronger storms as a cold front pushing off shore. my kids are going to the pool this afternoon because school is
2:24 am
out. just be aware and know where to get your watches and warnings. >> janice: thank you. happy friday. >> carley: 90 days since "new york times" confirmed hunter biden laptop but networks continue to ignore the scandal. abc, cbs and nbc devoted 298 seconds to covering the story. joe concha is joining us now. joe, 51 new stories related to hunter biden laptop story with the laptop story. you heard carley talk about the 298 seconds, that is all they gave the story, less than five minutes. when they brought this up, you thought, wow, they are onboard on the right track and it disappeared essentially. >> joe: yeah, when we hear about
2:25 am
the ten commandments, this is the 11th commandment, apparently, thou shall not cover hunter biden in any way, shape or form. you go back to a very easy point to make f. this was donald trump jr. and there were 51 stories about him that were profoundly negative that showed influence pedalling from the president's son in terms of making money off of his name and using the family name in ukraine or in china or in russia to enrich the family, i'm pretty sure this would be not only a story being covered, there would be hearings on capitol hill as far as what a threat to democracy this is and for whatever reason we see everybody outside of this network and maybe a couple of other smaller outlets covering
2:26 am
this story and it has to be a very frustrating to the american people, not even people that necessarily voted for donald trump or voted against joe biden, this is not something we're talking about and analyzing more. the good news, if you're looking for transparency and truth, it is guaranteed republicans will take back the house in 2022 november and there will be hearings on this and finally be attention given to it. until then, it is basically a blackout. >> carley: there was have video that went viral, it was 92 the news and showed children in texas attending a drag show and it received a lot of criticism, except on msnbc, chris hayes defended it. listen to this. >> the idea introducing your child to any deviation from
2:27 am
gender norms is child abuse per se, that itself and again that is an extreme disgusting and frankly violent idea. >> carley: i was listening to a podcast this morning and dave reuben, who is gay said the gay community doesn't support this. this isn't inclusion, this is straight up inappropriate. >> joe: i mean, look, as a dad of a kindergarten, soon to be ex-kindergarten, they graduate next week, and a second grader, i'm with dave reuben on this one, certain things are appropriate and certain things are inappropriate and this is one of those examples. it just seems like a reflex by those in the media on the left to support these things. they think their audience, that is what they want to hear and chris hayes, is a dad, and has
2:28 am
kids around the ages of my kids and i don't see how he thinks this is somehow okay. we see it over and over again, right? we see it in florida and in several places where you have kids being taught about sexual orientation or gender identity at ages i'm telling you as a dad, do not understand at that age. even when they understand it, it is not something that should be taught outside the home, but something a mom and dad have a conversation with their kids and not by other people, you know what i mean? that is how it is, one day you will see this. >> you are making too much sense. >> joe: i'm sorry. >> got to leave it there, have a good weekend. democrats are turning on each other after mayra flores handed
2:29 am
them a loss. henry cuellar saying look at south texas seriously, you can't take hispanics -- latinos have been abandoned by democrats and are heading to the gop. >> in the rio grande valley, rejected aoc clone in district and elected a latina. you are seeing political shift, realignment because of curiosity brought on by bad performance of democrats. >> carley: this comes after the win of sanchez receiving 50.9% of the vote. >> ashley: for the first time, we're hearing from one of the heartbroken families of the murdered california police officers. it was after we learned their suspected killer is a gang
2:30 am
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>> ashley: a gang member shoots and kills two california police officers after being let off easy by gascon. >> carley: we are hearing from one of the heartbroken families who say their son and brother should still be alive. jackie ibanez has the emotional message. >> jackie: the attack leaving michael perez and joseph santana dead. both leave behind wives and children. the family is blaming george gascon. >> gascon is letting all these criminals out and they just keep doing one crime after the other. that guy should have been in
2:35 am
jail, he wouldn't have been out, my son and the other officer would still be here. now we're just left here to suffer. they are nevercoming back. to everyone else this is just a news story, to us, this is real life. >> carley: their policy protected killer justin flores from serving time behind bars. gascon is telling prosecutors they need special access to do the documents and one of his own deputies is calling him out. district attorney john hitomisays this, he refuseings to prosecute existing gun cases, the plea deal was appropriate says gascon because he didn't have a history of violent crime. watch.
2:36 am
[sirens] [gunshots] >> ashley: the suspect was killed on the scene by police, which has called attention to another gascon policy sparking more outrage. the da promises his office would pay the funeral expenses for anyone killed by police. gascon's office says that is unfounded claim. meanwhile, the el monty police department are -- their fallen brothers. >> carley: portland decriminalized hard drugs and you can see addicts shooting up on street corners across the city. talk show host jason rantz will
2:37 am
react. great to see you in person. starting in 2020, voted to decriminalize -- all-time high, i think that is what you call the definition of predictable. >> jason: yeah, none of this is shocking when you decide to legalize drug, enable drug adiktss, you see more drug addicts succumb to this disease they are dealing with. rather than treat it, we see harm reduction policies. this is giving tools to addicts to continue their addiction while not judging at all, we want to destigmatize drug dealers. we are talking about stigmatizing the addiction because it is deadly and will kill these peep and he will we're seeing that in the data.
2:38 am
>> carley: this idea could spread to an area near you? >> >> jason: yes, it can. washington state you have activists trying to get signatures for an initiative that goes one step forward than in oregon. you have a civil infraction, which is not stopping anything. in washington, we are basically legalizing drugs and following the same model, they promise to put funding into drug addiction treatment centers, but that is not what it is about. it is giving into harm reduction strategy, giving out clean needles, booty bumping kits, which i covered -- >> carley: what are booty bumping kits? >> jason: you don't want to know, but it is a way to take a drug rectally. >> carley: we'll leave it there.
2:39 am
this is flawed logic, the reason they are decriminalizing the drugs they are saying if we minimize the penalty, people will feel more comfortable seeking help. >> jason: doesn't happen. >> carley: what is happening, people are going to jail and not seeking help, they are dying. >> jason: out of 16,000 people who had contact, less than 1% went into drug treatment, it is like .85. maybe that is not what the goal is. i think that is what this is about. >> carley: we are seeing backlash against progressive ideology in san francisco of all places, just rolled chesa boudin, but that is one man. it is hard to kill an ideology, do you think this is a moment in time or will we see soft on crime ideology go by the waste
2:40 am
side? >> jason: seeing momentum on the right side of this issue. talk to san francisco-ans. we are seeing baby steps. question is, can it be maintained, can you go after george gascon? if he's recalled, that sends a message from everyone, from larry krasner to bragg in manhattan. you have gone too far, when you have fro aggressives making that point, that is so significant. i hope we continue down that path. this is not inherently political. it shouldn't be. >> carley: no, it shouldn't be, we had rudy giuliani being hard on crime and the pendulum swung too far in the other direction, hope it can even out.
2:41 am
borders are kamala harris' and she is focusing on everything, except the border. she is launching a board that sounds like the disinformation board. ♪
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>> carley: scary new statistics shows u.s. heading toward imminent recession. federal reserve tries to tame the hottest inflation in four decades. cheryl casone will break down the numbers. >> cheryl: good morning, this closely watched gauge on the economy flashing a red warning sign. according to a report from the federal reserve, country is on its way to recession. a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth, several wall street firms, several big banks are forecasting a possible recession, one big reason we've seen wall street selling off so feverishly over the last few sessions. >> carley: ron desantis v president biden. >> if you could give me a time
2:46 am
machine to go back to january 20, 2021, he comes in, puts negative policy to knee cap american energy production and of course that has opinion a huge driver as to why we now have gas higher than we have ever seen it before. >> cheryl: americans are feeling it, brand-new fox news poll show 57% of respondents disapprove of the president's job performance. record high gas prices, inflation 8.6% and yesterday new housing data that showed housing starts and permits plummeted last month. this shows it is all trickling out there. >> carley: thank you. after his first -- elon musk says he wants 1 billion active users on the platform and he
2:47 am
will tolerate outrageous tweets. mark meckler, president of convention of states action. good morning. i guess the headline of this conversation between elon musk and twitter employees, he said when it comes to harmful, but legal speech, people should be allowed to say what they want on twitter, huge departure from the rules right now. >> yeah, i think that is the right standard, the free speech standard and why free speech champions are happy about elon musk buying twitter. some call it lawful, but awful speech. >> ashley: do you think it is possible to get to one billion active users? seems like a very large number for users on twitter. >> it is a large number, i wouldn't put it beyond elon
2:48 am
musk. this is the guy who founded space x, if anybody can do it, elon musk can do it. >> carley: what do you make of musk saying he voted for mayra flores and will support ron desantis if he runs for president? >> he is sending a strong message. really he's on leading edge of pushing back against the woke culture taking over the united states. i think he is sending a strong signal to twitter itself and into the political ecosphere. >> carley: he's shaking things up. thank you, mark. speaking of free speech, talking to lara trump about kamala harris's new online task force. >> carley: and more free speech with brian kilmeade, he will tell us what is coming up on
2:49 am
"fox and friends." >> brian: i will do it for free, this is all gratis. in 12 minutes, first press conference since february, president biden insisting recession is not inevitable and closed the claims cause inflation bizarr charles payne and general jack keane assesss the global threat trying to verify photo showing two americans captured and geraldo rivera, the weekend crew is here, will cain, rachel campos-duffy and pete hegseth in that order. don't miss gavin mcgraw, he has a lot to say and sing about, jam-packed show today, i hope we get it all in. keep your fingers crossed.
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. .
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>> carley: border patrol agents capturing 15 suspects on the fbi's terror watch list just in may. >> ashley: that number equallies the more 2021 agents found 2017 to 2020 combined. fox news contributor lara trump joins us now. i want to read this as far as from the national security fellow on the terror watch list, it says the big worry is the chaos down there when you have these kinds of people coming to the border. you have a assume that some of them got in and those numbers that we saw in 202020193, 2020. people look at 15 it's not that many. it goes to show that they are
2:55 am
getting over here and those are just the ones that were caught. >> >> that's exactly right. that is terrifying. if you look at the trend there, you know, the fact that you had, i believe that was in just the month of may, the 15 on a terror watch list that were caught, you just said it. it was more than all of 2021 and. the trend is more of these people trying to get into the country. and we know why it's happening. it's because when you give a green light to people to come in illegally to america, people would good and bad intentions, are going to try and make that journey. and, obviously, it is happening. now, the really scary part is 15 were caught but what about the ones that were not? and we know how many got-aways are out there on any given day because our border is overrun and our border patrol agents cannot catch every single person and all it takes is one person with bad intentions to cause
2:56 am
real harm here in america. so that is really scary part of all of this. and it's just so unfortunate because it never had to get to this point. but it is because of the failures of this administration the biden administration, because of the full green light again that they gave to people to come illegally to america right now that this is happening. and it's a scary time for people that live on the border but all across america if we're allowing people like this in our country and there is no doubt that are some that got through. >> carley: lara, you mentioned the got-aways we had tom homan on and he said to his knowledge there have been 800,000 so far. even though they are not caught censors at the border so you can track that number. 800,000. unbelievable. our producer reminded us one year ago next week is when kamala harris said that she was
2:57 am
making extreme progress on the border. we just got the may numbers once again a record high. i mean that's not surprising at all. this is the border czar that has been to the border one time, not even the rio grande valley where you have the bulk of the problem. and, again, it is -- it seems like that this is all intentional. i think people at a certain point have to take a look at things and say well, you know, you have people in office now that made changes that allowed this to happen. they have not taken the border seriously. it is, again, very scary for people that actually live on the border who raise their families there, who have to deal with this day in and day out. but, as whole, as a country, without a border, without protection, we are not a sovereign nation. it is just so upsetting to see that this is how our border is being run right now, embarrassing for america to have an open border like this and
2:58 am
dangerous. not to expect anything more from our border czar. >> carley: kamala harris got a new job heading up new internet policy task force that is drawing comparisons to that now paused white house disinformation board. the goal of this new job is to make recommendations on government, school, tech platforms on how best to combat online abuse. she spoke about it yesterday. here's what she had to say. >> it with that spirit that we are doing the work we are doing today to convene and to gnawing ingnawing rate this task force. if it effects all of us, if it effect any one of us. so that's the spirit with which we convene today and the spirit with which we are doing this work. >> carley: lara, looking more into this and this task force is going to tackle gender disinformation. can you see how this could once begin become a slippery slope.
2:59 am
>> absolutely. first of all, the fact that you fail on one job at the southern border, i guess just move onto the next one without any questions asked, without any, you know, repercussions whatsoever. i guess that's what's going on here. it is very slippery slope. but, let's back up for a second. because when we have a time in america with $45 a gallon national average for gas, when inflation is close to 9%, people cannot afford their basics for living at this point in so many respects across america, this is where the government is putting their time and our taxpayer money? this is what we are focusing on? i mean, that's insulting quite frankly to the bulk of americans that this is a task force that is even underway in america right now. and let me just say as a woman online who has received a lot of negative trolling, et cetera, i'm sure i will be among the
3:00 am
first that they tackle any gender disinformation out there. i will be looking very much forward to that i'm sure. >> carley: i don't know if you want to do that, lara, i have seen your arm muscles, no one is messing with you at least on the street. thank you so much. she so fit. so are you. god love you both. thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. >> carley: all right. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ oh charity >> ainsley: that was a great album. it was called chariot. also on that album i don't want to be. he is so talented. he not only can sing.


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