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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 17, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ the new gmc sierra. premium and capable. that's professional grade. >> this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno here can can kayleigh mcenany and also rob smith and cheryl casone. we have seen politically motivated violence around the country against pregnancy crisis
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centers and churches across the country. the pro abortion group jane's revenge is behind many of these targeted attacks. the group is now apparently declaring open season on pro lifers. the attorney general a facing growing criticism for the doj's inaction. and now tom cotton is calling for merrick garland to resign. he said "if you're unwilling to protect americans from these attacks, you should resign." he said "you should resign in any case." now the doj is taking action. they're now investigating these crimes. rob, since may 2020, over 130 incidents have occurred across 29 states and the direct of columbia. this is out of control. until now, dead silence from the attorney general. >> yeah, i think that we have so sort of draw a direct line between what is going on now and 2020.
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we're two years out of the summer of love. remember when rioters destroyed cities across the country? this inaction emboldened them. even so far kamala harris tweeting out a bail fund to bail out these rioters. these democrat leaders are not coming out forcefully and strongly against this. this will radicalize people to continue to do these things. there's a direct line between that and these attacks on these pro life centers that we're seeing. the only way they're going to stop is that the democrats and the leaders in charge send a strong and forceful message. that is that rights with the department of justice, the biden administration and merrick garland. >> emily: we're not getting that. julie, let's take a listen to what nancy pelosi had to say about it. let's watch. >> there's been a number of attacks on churches, on pregnancy centers.
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republicans are criticizing the democrats for not saying anything and that your rhetoric is contributing to the attacks. >> let me just say this. a woman has a right to choose. to live up to her responsibility. this talk of politicizing all of this i think is something that is uniquely american and not right. >> emily: that is the -- that's the speaker of the house. there's no condemnation of violence. she calls herself a catholic and she has -- absolutely refuses to address this. this is appalling. it's derelict. right now this violence, this vandalism, what if it ends in injury. what is the deaths that will occur that will be on her hand for failing to condemn it? >> this is another example of double standards coming from the white house, coming from washington and democrats. if these threats, murderous threats were being made at abortion clinics in this country, you know the fbi would be investigating and arrests
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right now. arrests for those people orchestrating these potential murders. these are threats on women who are pregnant for god's sake. they're carrying a child. i agree with senator ted cruz. he said this on fox on wednesday evening, that they're threatening terrorist conduct, threatening to attack, burn and murder people. he added the pro life centers exist to help expectant mothers give birth. i believe the attorney general needs to resign. if merrick garland is not going to take action, he needs to get out of there. somebody could lose their life and then it's too little too late. >> emily: kayleigh, in add december to every american that is asking the doj to do this, there's a letter written by 25 pro life leaders, mostly thing tank leaders and calling the a.g.'s attention to the law. they say the code assigns to the attorney general the duty of investigating and prosecuting those that do damage to
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religious property or participate in the destruction of religious beliefs. why do they have to implore the a.g. to ask for a public response to do his job? >> kalyeigh: so the letter was sent yesterday, right? 25 pro life groups. there's another time a letter was sent. we got into this at the very end of the show yesterday, the end of the segment. september 29 a letter was sent from the national school board association to the biden administration targeting parents saying parents are a threat, that this needs to be addressed. turns out there's an internal investigation, coordination between the biden white house and the nsba in sending this letter and the nsba and the department of justice who five days later after the letter was sent issued a memo to the fbi to look into this threat from parents. difference. parents were not vandalizing
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school boards or beheading statues or fire bombing school board. parents were just showing up and fighting for their children respectfully and with their voices. so that was a liberal interest. this is not a liberal interest. they're not going to show up. it's clear. the opinion has not even been released. what will happen when the opinion is released? i just have to address nancy pelosi saying i'm a very catholic person and i believe in every woman's right to make her own decision. that's like saying i'm joe biden and the most popular president ever in the united states' history. it's a confounding statement not to mention her condemnation. >> and for me as an attorney, with the frustration that these political leaders, so many attorneys, continue to ignore the law and the issue at hand in this case, the leaked person is not firmed up yesterday but it has nothing to do with that right. cheryl, as kayleigh was starting to enumerate a lot of these
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things are like arson, beheading statues. vandalism that is violence you could argue. among the persuasive arguments here, the silence from this administration endangers americans even more. >> the silence appears to be a check mark, go ahead. that is the message that merrick garland is giving. tom cotton is right, merrick garland needs to act. this should stop now. it's not going to. makes me so sad after 20 years as a journalist. we're going to have a uproar about it when someone is murdered. that's what's going to happen. >> kalyeigh: and it almost happened against kavanaugh. >> what will be sad is when this end up in the death of someone. they'll pepper over it. nobody will say anything about it. that's the saddest. >> emily: >> and a church is supposed to be your safe place to meditate, to have your conversation with
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god, to be with your community. that's the biggest joy i think that i get out of going to church. i'm episcopal. good for the archbishop in san francisco. good for them for saying, you know what? no. communion. if you want to be a member of the catholic church, then you need to be a part of that community. she's the one that says this is all un-american. she's the one that sun american. >> kalyeigh: these pro life organizations, i speak out at them. these are the most loving people, benevolent organizations. they're not throwing terse words, fighting against abortion. they're the ones there when a woman comes in her darkest hour. they're there. they're the life long family members to these women that sometimes deliver a baby and -- i've been there. i system a testimony, "my child is here." that's what these organizations are.
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they're good, benevolent and being targeted. >> it's not just about pro life, it's about pro religion. this is a war on religion. >> emily: i want to bring up what jane's revenge said. it's important to remind you of this. from here forward, any pro choice groups that closes their doors and stops operating will no longer be a target. until you do, it's open season. so that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we're dealing with and that is what we've had up until now, enact by the doj. it's frightening. coming up next, president biden trying to spin the bad economic numbers. the american people are not buying it. his highly questionable claims about inflation coming up.
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>> kalyeigh: president biden continues to say inflation is not his fault. in his first press interview since february, he said this about inflation. "if it's my fault, why is it the case that every other major industrial country in the world that inflation is higher? ask yourself that. i'm not being a wise guy." if he meant that, inflation is higher everywhere else. well, that has been wisely debunked. here's how. white house press secretary karine jean-pierre responded when she was pressed by peter doocy. >> he says that inflation is worse everywhere but here. that's not true. the u.s. has the worst inflation that germany, italy, japan, saudi arabia. why is he saying that? >> what we are saying is when you talk about inflation, it's a global thing. it's not just about the united states. this is something that everyone is feeling because of coming out
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of once in a lifetime pandemic, because of the war that russia has started in ukraine. >> kalyeigh: so cheryl, inflation is higher in the united states than in germany, france, japan, canada, india, italy, saudi arabia and the "new york post" debunked ten economic lies from biden's speech tuesday. among them that parents are paying $12,000 to $14,000 child care a month. it's actually a year. that is one of the many whoppers he told. >> cheryl: their economic policy just -- i can't help but laugh at this point. japan? hardly the bastion of good economic policy. i'm sorry. so no, the recession question, we're already in it and they know it. we're in a recession. we'll find out months from now because that's the way it works. we'll have another negative read and another one and then you have it. it's not ukraine and russia. gas prices were already jumping way last year.
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way before russia ever moved in to ukraine. as far as energy policies, they killed keystone out of the gate when he walked into office. their policies are what are causing us to go into -- and i would argue we are already in a recession and they know it. what i really get frustrated with is when they blame the gleedy oil companies, the greedy health care companies, the greedy food companies. all of these evil corporations are plotting to make sure that we're in a recession. meanwhile, they're hurting as well. >> kalyeigh: this associated press interview, the first in awhile and my former colleague stephen miller said the questions couldn't have been more gentile unless they came from ron claim himself. it was a softball interview. they did note, the a.p., that overall two in ten adults say the u.s. is heading in the right direction or the economy is
9:17 am
good. just two in ten, that's 20%. it's democrats that are leading the way on this. just 33% saying the country is headed in the right direction. >> first of all, the atlantic, like don't give biden a hard time. he's done a great job. there's been so many crises in this country and he's handled them marvelously. we're not in a recession, which i agree. we're in a recession. look at the consumer price index and look at what everybody is paying from gas, groceries, rent, the list goes on. as far as the biden slip-up on child care being $10,000 a month -- >> kalyeigh: 12 to 13. >> that's where we're headed. he's predicting the future. i might think that he actually has a crystal ball and that's maybe what i'll be paying at that point. i might give them up for adoption. >> kalyeigh: you mention the atlantic article. always a good laugh on a friday. it is a -- >> it's one of those days. >> kalyeigh: yes, it has. the atlantic article reminds me
9:18 am
of biden himself. he says what is next? locust? like he's been dealt the worst hand never mind that trump left him a good behind. >> cheryl: he inherited something positive. the author wrote that he's managed so far, biden, to head off world war iii. this is job one for every american president. while we're griping about the grass prices, over which bidens will has no control, this guy, right? the russians are replaying the eastern front against 40 million ukrainians and threatening nato. what bothered me as well, what he wrote, my suspicion is that the full weight of our foreign and domestic crises have not blown through the self absorption. he says that the american public is selfish for wanting to afford child care that the american public is selfish for wanting affordable gas prices, to be able to drive to the store to buy baby formula. to have re-assurance that their
9:19 am
dollar is going to make it until next month. to not be one of the six out of ten americans that feel the rising cost of goods is outweighing their income. >> people are actually -- they're having to choose between fuel and food. and the democrats act like they care about the lower income folks that are suffering. that's supposed to be who they're watching out for. you're hurting them. >> kalyeigh: the press secretary said we're okay to handle this. >> rob: we're seeing the end stage of trump dearrangement syndrome. he's not in office anymore. they're like okay, biden is doing a great job. if you don't realize that, you're ungrateful. the thing with this, obviously there's a media problem. they operate as the coms for the dnc at this point. when it goes back to biden, it's this delivery issue. he lies.
9:20 am
he tells this whopper where he says he's presided over the most job creation of any administration when anybody that has been alive knows that these are jobs that just came back after the shut down. so he responds to this by being angry that anybody would challenge these lies. it turns off people that even would want to be in his corner, people that voted for him. they see what's going on here. >> kalyeigh: so glad you brought that up. he said my predecessor is the only one that left office with fewer jobs. it's called a shut down during covid-19, which by the way you would have prolonged if you did. you locked yourself in a basement. new boss. seems like it may be the same disinformation board with a new boss. her name is kamala. why there's more suspicions.
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>> vice president harris has another new gig. based off the job description, it's not so new after all. critics are pointing out this looks like a phony attempt by the biden administration to restart the failed governance board. we remember the debacle by nina jankowicz. the white house says it's totally different. watch. >> we were told it would be different, the disinformation governance board and it will focus on illegal content online. the memo creating it was broader. i'm quoting from the document. online harassment, abuse can pages against individuals that are public and political figures. can you clear up this disinformation charge?
9:26 am
>> i would need to talk to her team. i was not on the background call. so that specific language that you're providing to me, i would have to check in with her. i would encourage you to check with her team. >> can we expect to see kamala singing next? remember this? ♪♪ >> i know something else that is atrocious. cheryl, you said to me earlier that the internet police are at it again. >> cheryl: you can't control the internet. i'm sorry. if corporations can't figure out how to do it -- give me a break. you can't control the internet. you can't stop free speech. that's what this is, an attempt to stomp down on free speech. only the messages that she wants out there will make it on the
9:27 am
web. good luck. there's not an algorithm out there that will help. >> rob, what we talked about yet, kamala selected as a head of this is rich when advocates have argued throughout her career that she hasn't done enough, that she's paid lip service to those survivors of domestic abuse and violence and especially online harassment. she's one of the largest recipients of silicone valley money. so it's a bit hypocritical and people don't have high expectations for the voracity behind her comments. >> rob: not at all. it's obviously lip service. i want to dig deeper here. they're talking about protecting marginalized communities from online harassment. i don't think that's the case. everybody that is sitting on this couch has been the victim of this sort of target. i'm sure they wouldn't care about us because we don't align with their politics. what this is about and this is
9:28 am
the scary thing going on, think about the disinformation. think about a government-funded organization that is funded by the taxpayer dollars of everybody on this couch and everybody watching that is empowering this administration to claim what is or is not disinformation. so what this is sort of a stealth attack on the free press. we see them using youtube to censor things. we see the "new york post" and twitter being censored with the hunter biden story. so that is the scariest thing about this right now. is this government organization that will be used to attack the press that is reporting things that they don't want reported. i would be saying the same thing if republicans were behind this. i don't think there would be. >> emily: and taking this broader to that. in harris's opening remarks, she said one in four asian americans report being called an offensive name. she's listing the litany of her data. why does she care in the online community and when the asian american bar association that
9:29 am
has lobbied the administration to please change the bail reform because they are being disproportionately physically harmed in droves does it fall on deaf ears? >> a really great point. it's not just the asian communities. and kamala harris should know better. she's a minority herself. not only the fact that they would assign her after she failed to come up with the root cause of the illegal immigration crisis on the border, so she stunk at that. so now they're going to give her something else. this disinformation board thing was a flop from the beginning. the white house admitted this didn't make sense. as far as the white house press secretary, at some point they need to clue her in. every time she steps up, i have to talk to the team. she's going to be like we don't know what to tell you so we're going to hang you out to dry. we don't have answers. >> emily: she needs the ifb like we have to communicate in real time. >> isn't that what we're paying for? >> emily: so another thing that the vice president talked about? we're particularly focused on
9:30 am
online activities of illegal conduct like cyber stalking or targeted harassment. what about the nonconsensual distribution of supreme court justices, the targeted harassment on their property? another example of the hypocrisy where she seems to care so deeply but only in words. >> kalyeigh: remember, they told to protesters to go to the justices homes. they encouraged that from the podium. interesting point, steven nelson. he questioned the press secretary and brought out and interesting point. is this a pet project for kamala or nina jankowicz or the girl that cried? is this a pet project for public figures? i hate to say it, it comes with the territory.
9:31 am
we've all been attacked on this couch. if they want to start somewhere, start with kyle rittenhouse who biden called a white supremacist, maybe the border patrol agents that you said whipped people but the president said they must be promised for doing nothing wrong. or the georgia law where voter turnout was up. >> emily: thanks, guys. efforts to curb drug addiction are a big flop as overdose deaths are on the rise, a look at how bad it's getting next. announcer: type 2 diabetes? discover the power of 3 in the ozempic® tri-zone. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. announcer: ozempic® provides powerful a1c reduction. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events
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9:36 am
the punishment for drug possession is like getting a traffic ticket. overdose deaths were the highest at 1, 069 because nobody could have predicted that. in san francisco, a drug use site aimed at helping addicts is now set to close at the end of the year. after failing to bring down deadly overdose numbers. rob, i couldn't have predicted it. you decriminalize the personal position of heroin, meth and fentanyl, i forget, lsd, oxycodone. deaths rise by 41%. >> rob: who would have thought. i'm against decriminalization of any drugs including marijuana. this makes me unpopular. >> kalyeigh: i'm with you. >> i'm be you. >> cheryl: i agree. >> rob: i'm popular here. even marijuana make you stupid, lazy and complacent. these policies think that they're helping people. they think they're going to
9:37 am
uplift these addicts. they actually harm them. they create more harm that they were trying to sort of get rid of. the numbers never lie when it comes to this stuff. i hope that all of the cities including our city, by the way, that are pushing for the sort of legalization, decriminalization of this stuff would look to these numbers that we're seeing from a lot of they cities. >> kalyeigh: so you get a $100 fine if your caught. the fine is wiped away if you call the hotline. 1% of the people called the hotline. >> it's outrageous. i want to get back to the marijuana thing. i will get hate on it. i believe it's a gateway drug. you talk about new york city and smelling marijuana, that's one of the reasons why i left. if my children were being raised in the city and i had to explain what that smell is and they have smelled and i told them it's a skunk, which is still believable at this age, but we shouldn't be
9:38 am
having to inform our kids what the smell of marijuana is. marijuana is a gateway to more worse things. the fact that the administration is more concerned about trolling people online than getting down to the drug problem that is killing our kids. if you look at bullying and drugs, drugs are killing our kids more than online bullying. >> kalyeigh: 100%. yeah. i i was on my way here and i looked out and i saw a marijuana shop by times square. that used to be a christmas shop. how it has changed. >> emily: exactly. my family is small business is outside portland. we've seen the precipitous decline of the community there. it's pretty localized to be honest. outside of portland, it's more rural. there's a beautiful wine country there. people going there are devastated. they're appalled by what they're seeing daily. the problem with the policies
9:39 am
and programs, maybe they sound nice but when applied, it's people's sons and daughters. we covered the article that came out of new york city that said that we should be sort of proud and confident and safe in the fact that you're being a safe drug user. being encouraged to do so to the tune of $40 million of taxpayers dollar that have been spent out of 300 million. the organians are paying with their tax dollars to watch people die and have the administration and the local city council do nothing about it. >> kalyeigh: in san francisco, there's this area that was supposed to help drug users. it shut down. only .1% of people actually were helped. $75,000 a year. >> i was looking at the numbers. i'm on fiscal watch. london breed, the one that -- they're paying $75,000 a month for this lease in the tenderloin. again, they treated -- then they
9:40 am
have this treatment program, which they're spending taxpayer monday on. you have the teams that are supposed to do outreach. they helped 1 person out of 1,000. it's a waste. i used to live in san francisco. you know this. i'm so happy. i loved that city. it's so beautiful. you go now and it's destroyed. your tax base flees when things like this happen. so you want to blow taxpayer money on these failed programs, get more addicts, deaths from overdose and then your -- it's a destruction. >> that's why the homelessness problem is through the roof. hard drugs are obtainable easily. my friend was at the super bowl. she got stoned because some guy behind her was spoking pot. >> kalyeigh: that's not good. good for you for having drug-free friends. coming up, elon musk pulse a meeting with twitter staffers and makes it clear free speech
9:41 am
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>> president biden heading to the beach again as americans cut back on vacation plans. is it any wonder that americans
9:45 am
are really down? we have karl rove. why isn't the doj enforcing the law when it comes to attacks against pregnancy centers? senator blackburn here on that. and how many people apprehended at the border are on the terror list? you'll be surprised. i'm john roberts and sandra smith will be with you at the top of the hours for "america reports." ♪♪ >> kalyeigh: in case you missed it, elon musk praised free speech with twitter staff yesterday. the tesla ceo told employees that transparency is the best way to gain the public's trust saying "i think it's essential to have free speech and to be able to communicate freely and just make sure that we're not driving a narrative." much needed, cheryl. >> cheryl: elon musk said a lot
9:46 am
of things on that call. get out your popcorn. twitter employees are on their slack channel trying to figure out how to be amazing at their jobs with remote work. they probably won't be able to for much longer. he's taking over. >> kalyeigh: he threatened to turn it in to a shelter for people if they didn't show up. >> emily: i loved what he said. he said there's a difference between freedom of speech and freedom of reach. he said the whole point should be transparency so we can restore faith in twitter and inclusivity meaning every american, not just the progressive left. i loved it. >> kalyeigh: he swallowed the red pill. >> rob: he did. he's right and what he's saying. he has a lot in front of him. he's got a lot going on. i wish him the best of luck. >> i think he might have to start with a clean slate. twitter and twitter employees are brainwashed to not thinking that free speech is okay.
9:47 am
i say fire the entire staff and start from scratch. >> rob: did i just coin that? you heard it here first. >> kalyeigh: next up, as if flying in coach were not catastrophic and claustrophobic up in. doubler decker airplane sides. you would have less than five inches and no room to stand up and get out. julie, this is tight. >> you don't want to be the top of bottom. if you have to pee and you're on the top, forget it. if you're on the bottom and the person drank too much, that could be a problem, too. this is a bad situation. it's miserable enough to board the airplane these days. people are trying to force us off of airplanes and come up with an alternative sorts of travel.
9:48 am
my kids would love that though. >> rob: kill this idea. destroy it. salt the effort beneath it. it's awful. if we get any sort of word that these airlines are thinking about instituting this, ban them. call boycotts. never ever let this happen. >> cheryl: i would rather hitchhike over the ocean. >> emily: i'm on flights all the time every day, all day. i don't want to take a shower in someone else's gin and tonic. >> kalyeigh: they're crunches in there. >> cheryl: we do these stories where somebody comes up with this and they get the hate mail and it never happens. they're trying to give them to airlines saying here's how you can make more money. airlines suck already. i'm a capitalist but i hate this. >> kalyeigh: barbie and ken are
9:49 am
going from the malibu dream house to the big screen. year getting a first look. margo is playing the doll and ryan gosling taking on the role of ken with six pack abs and a spray tan. >> cheryl: i used to like ryan gosling. it's a little strange. >> kalyeigh: we don't know the plot yet. will ferrell is in this. >> emily: i love everything barbie. but a gee ryan gosling doesn't look as attractive as ken. the ken doll is cuter than he is. >> cheryl: he looks oily. >> rob: i love the jim reference. so they have done the impossible, which is to make ryan gosling unattractive. i don't know how they went about this. i don't know how many photographers that they had to do that with.
9:50 am
there has to be a medal in that somewhere. >> kalyeigh: julie digs jean jackets with no sleeves. >> i'd rather see will ferrell topless. i have seen it, not personally in the movies. i'd rather see will ferrell streaking than this version of the barbie. >> kalyeigh: we've seen a lot of will ferrell. and finally, kim kardshian is accused of damaging an iconic marilyn monroe dress that she wore briefly. the mr. president dress appears to be missing crystals and show small rips. the ripley's believe it or not does not believe that she did it. the past damage was documented and kim kardshian wearing the dress has been hotly contested but she didn't damage the
9:51 am
garment. it was worn at the met gala. i thought who gets to wear a dress like this? >> someone with a lot of money. she lost 16 pounds in 15 days to fit into it. she still didn't fit into it. she never pulled up the zipper. it's open in the back. you can't tell. >> kalyeigh: fascinating. >> insider info. my sister is the inside producer of all things kardshian. >> rob: she didn't damage the dress. only its reputation. >> kalyeigh: so harsh. that's the -- >> emily: these so much to this. ripley's bought it for a certain amount. but they're sort of perhaps
9:52 am
upping the value in terms of this conversation. this has become a conversation. it's up to them to do so. as a work of art and historically, i wish it was in the met at the costume institute personally. i wish it wasn't at ripley's belief it or not. i feel -- i don't think anyone should be in it again. >> kalyeigh: there's iconic dresses like princess diana and marilyn monroe. they're in museums. >> this is american history here. nobody but marilyn monroe should have worn that dress. it probing my heart actually. i'm glad that she was able to give up carbs all of those weeks i'm impressed with that but she had no business wearing it. she put on a fake. she had it on five minutes and the red carpet. >> emily: how do you feel like her wearing it. >> kalyeigh: nobody should have
9:53 am
it. the jackie owe is in the museum. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪♪ riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! [ normal voice ] whoa. daddy, is that where we're from? well, actually, we're from a lot of places.
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>> says the girl engaged five times, j-lo. it's wedding season, not everyone is excited. wall street journal reports 2.5 million weddings, could be a record number. but guests are broke, tired and begging for mercy as the costs are piling up. kayleigh. what say you. >> kayleigh: i see the woman in the article says she was invited to 18 weddings, how do you have that many friends, i was invited to two, but 18 is it a lot. >> the whole article was complaining no one has time, no one has money, we are living in suitcases, wearing the same
9:58 am
dress. it's not about you. it's about the bride and groom and why can't you be happy they are getting to have a wedding and we are getting out of covid and the lockdown. to me, i will dance at all the weddings, drink at the weddings, the same dress, i don't care, it's wonderful. >> you are a better friend, every time i get an invitation, like they are so selfish, and i go and give a gift but it's a lot. takes a lot of time, money, expensive, kind of inconvenient but you are such a good friend. i wish i would have known you when i got married. >> i'll be anyone's plus one any time. >> i don't love them, i'll say this. i was recently disinvited to a wedding because of my politics. always a silver lining. it's a real thing, it happened. >> and you are sure it was from that. >> absolutely it was. it's all good. >> emily, never ask a business person their opinion about what you spend on a wedding. i will tell you, waste of money and i never got married, almost
9:59 am
a couple times, maybe it was the fiscal pressure that made me -- like no thank you, it's a lot of money. put a down payment on a house. >> it's a good party, though. >> before we go, kayleigh is speaking at the faith and freedom coalition road to majority policy conference team, streaming live on fox nation. we do not want to miss it. so excited to watch, tell us more about it. >> this is great. i love the conferences and that fox nation covers them. this is the grassroots. these are people who love this country, love the values of faith and freedom, all the things we talk about each and every day. ralph freed runs this, he does a great job. excited to be there, now more than ever i would argue we are in a place of decay so being men and women of faith and getting out there and having our voices heard together is now more important than ever. >> what are some points you are
10:00 am
going to touch on? >> pro life. look at what's happening to the abortion clinics and d.o.j. is not going to do anything, we can be vocal as a peaceful i would argue majority of people who prioritize children and life and that will be the main thing, and liberty another supreme court case on that. >> we are so excited. we will listen and watch. good luck, you won't need it. here is "america reports." >> john: fbi announcing it is investigating a string of incidents at pro life pregnancy centers across the country as potential acts of domestic terrorism. >> sandra: from vandalism to arson as the nation awaits a supreme court ruling on abortion. legal battle leading to homes outside conservative court justices and a man charged with attempting to murder brett kavanaugh.


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