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tv   America Reports  FOX News  June 17, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> pro life. look at what's happening to the abortion clinics and d.o.j. is not going to do anything, we can be vocal as a peaceful i would argue majority of people who prioritize children and life and that will be the main thing, and liberty another supreme court case on that. >> we are so excited. we will listen and watch. good luck, you won't need it. here is "america reports." >> john: fbi announcing it is investigating a string of incidents at pro life pregnancy centers across the country as potential acts of domestic terrorism. >> sandra: from vandalism to arson as the nation awaits a supreme court ruling on abortion. legal battle leading to homes outside conservative court justices and a man charged with attempting to murder brett kavanaugh. we will speak with martha
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blackburn, plus brian kilmeade and more in a jam-packed hour. >> john: busy friday afternoon. begin with president biden's plunging poll numbers, americans take stock how he is handling or not handling inflation. john roberts in washington, good to be with you as we head into the weekend. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith in new york, and this is america reports. president receiving the highest unfavorable rating to date in the latest fox news polling. 57% of american voters say they have a negative view of the president. the new numbers come as the national average for a price of a gallon of gasoline surges past $5, making record after record in recent weeks. >> john: it hurts just to put the pump in the car these days. president biden pushing forward with his green agenda, amid political pressure to lower gasoline prices.
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holding a virtual meeting with some largest economies to discuss climate change. >> sandra: peter doocy is live from the north lawn, kicks things off for us, hello, peter. >> peter: and it was really interesting at the meeting, the president argued that flooding the market with crude oil from the global reserve is actually part of the climate change plan. >> the critical point is these actions are part of our transition to a clean and secure long-term energy future. and the good news is, climate security and energy security go hand-in-hand. >> peter: gas is one of the most inflated products, and at least three times president biden made this claim about inflation broadly. >> i've said many times, tackling inflation is my number one priority. inflation, no solace inflation is higher around the rest of the world, and gas prices are higher
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everywhere else in the world. >> peter: easy to fact check, we d. he says inflation is worse everywhere but not here, u.s. has worst inflation than italy, canada, saudi arabia, others. >> when you talk about inflation it is a global thing and not just about the united states. this is something that everyone is feeling because of coming out of a once in a lifetime pandemic, because of the war that russia has started in ukraine. >> peter: also told me the president will not call on oil companies to drill more, to produce more here in the united states. they believe prices are high right now for everybody that needs gas because they don't think oil companies are refining oil that they have already got. they are just sitting on too much. sandra. >> sandra: it is hard to believe this moment we are all living in, peter doocy, great to see
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you. updates as they come in from there. john, it is hard to believe, i've got my daily update, 18 consecutive days of records for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline. 35 out of the last 39 days have been record highs for gas in this country, and it's topped $5 a gallon for seven straight days now. and that is -- that is something, and most big wall street forecasts, the big banks are saying it's only going to go higher from here. >> john: i drove to cleveland and back tuesday night and came back on wednesday evening, i could not believe how much it cost to fill my car with gas. >> sandra: it's shocking. >> john: we have a lot more coming up, karl rove, larry kudlow and jerry baker all ahead. also talk with senator marsha blackburn about this and senator roger marshall from the great state of kansas. the fbi investigating a series
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of attacks targeting pro life organizations, pregnancy centers and churches, as potential acts of domestic terrorism. senator marsha blackburn joining us on that and other things, but first, lucas tomlinson, we are talking about a lot of attacks here. >> senator tom cotton said more than 50 across the country following dozens of the attacks against pro life organizations and churches, the fbi says it's taking action "fbi is investigating a series of attacks and threats targeting pregnancy resource centers, faith-based organizations across the country. fbi takes all threats seriously and we will work closely with our law enforcement partners and will remain vigilant." and senator cotton saying biden's attorney general should resign on the inaction of the 50 attacks across the country in recent weeks, he writes "if you are unwilling to protect americans from these attacks you should resign. in my opinion, you should resign in any case."
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and top republicans are calling on the attorney general to shut down the protests at homes of the supreme court justices after the attempted murder of justice brett kavanaugh. no mention in the bill of the attack on kavanaugh. supreme court justice sotomayor spoke yesterday, she was not asked about the protest or the attack on her colleague. >> i think we have to have continuing faith in the court system, in our system of government, to regain the public's confidence that we as a court, as an institution, have not lost our way. >> the fbi says attacks on pro life centers and churches are looked at as domestic violence extremism. >> john: tennessee senator marsha blackburn with her thoughts on this. the fbi as we have just learned, senator, is looking into this as
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potential domestic acts of terrorism but does not seem to be from the attorney general of the united states a tremendous sense of urgency to get to the bottom of what's happening and put a stop to it. >> john, you are right about that, and that is why we have been calling on merrick garland to push forward, to investigate these attacks that are taking place on pro life centers, what you are seeing is violence, it should be investigated. if other groups that are supporting the left and they were experiencing this kind of violence and harassment, they would have immediately been investigated and action would have been taken without delay. but since it is pro life affiliated groups and religious organizations, this d.o.j. has not done that. >> john: this all seems to be part of a bigger piece, and that is as we see protestors out in the streets in front of sam
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alito's house protesting against supreme court justices and the pending decision in the dobbs case, and outside of kavanaugh's house as well as amy coney barrett's house, the d.o.j. just seems content to let people break the law without any pretense to try to enforce it. >> that's exactly right. and as you mentioned, they are breaking the law. this is a federal offense, and they need to be taken down to city hall and booked because they are in violation of federal law. and the fact that the d.o.j. has not stepped forward, the fact that nancy pelosi and the house took a month to look at providing extra security for the justices and their families, this is unconscionable, and then you had the squad and some of the left who voted no on protecting the justices but john, remember, they voted for
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extra protection for themselves after january 6th. >> they did. some interesting findings in a new fox news poll on public sentiment, breaks down this way by party. everybody are taken together, 55% think it's inappropriate. democrats, 58% think it is appropriate, republicans 70% think in appropriate, an interesting political split. republicans and independents think it's inappropriate, and democrats think go ahead. >> it is unlawful and inappropriate. but democrats are so fearful they are getting ready to lose it all in the midterm elections because they know the house and the senate, some of these governorships, they are not going to be under democrat control any longer. what you are going to see a c
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change coming. people don't like the violence, don't like the rhetoric, they don't want the threats, the assaults, the cancel culture, c.r.t. taught to the kids, inflation, price at the pump at the grocery store, they are ready for change and democrats know this. so, they are all in. they are all in on protesting justices. all in when it comes to standing there in front of these houses and carrying out these unlawful protests. >> john: time is growing short but one other issue. kamala harris has been named to head up a task force on online harassment and abuse. do you have confidence that this will be a fair and balanced approach, looking at online harassment? obviously, particularly with children, it's a big issue. but then there are free speech issues as well and do we want the government getting involved? >> well, they could not get their government disinformation
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board in place, so now they are going to try to do it and say that it's all about protecting women but they can't define a woman so i don't know what they are planning to accomplish. there is legislation in place that would put online privacy in place and do it in a bipartisan manner. there's the kids online safety act that could be passed. that would help with this. they don't want to do that, they want to talk about it, they don't want to have anything done about it because they need big tech to say in cahoots with them and continue to censor conservatives in the online space. we are fighting back against that every day. >> john: senator marsha blackburn, hope you have a good weekend. and more on this ahead as well with mr. kilmeade is joining us. >> sandra: we will dig in. she's already, kamala harris, tasked with fixing the border, expanding internet access,
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getting americans vaccinated among other things. many wish she would concentrate on fixing the southern border. >> john: brian is interviewing greg norman about the new liv golf tour so controversial, so interesting to hear what brian has to say about that. >> sandra: we look forward to that. meanwhile, mortgage rates surging to their highest level in 13 years. it comes after a week of plunging stocks in the largest federal reserve interest rate hike in decades host of wall street journal at large gerry baker, what it means for you and your family and wallet. l.a.'s top prosecutor george gascon slammed for his policies, allowed a career criminal to walk free on the streets police say to kill two of their own. gascon spokesperson pointing the
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>> john: another record now broken as the american drome appears on the verge of collapse. 30-year fixed mortgage rates reached their highest level in 13 years this week, as the fed announced the biggest rate hike in 28 years. in just minutes, gerry baker sounds off on the biden economy and where it's headed and what it means for you. first. more fallout from the murders of two police officers in the los angeles area on monday.
10:18 am
sources telling fox news that prosecutors in the l.a. county district attorney's office wanted to lock up suspect justin flores on gun possession charges last year, but far left district attorney george gascon special directive on sentencing criminals prevented them from doing so. jeff paul is live in los angeles. what's the latest on this tale into this flores guy? >> john, as the investigation continues to unravel, many folks in southern california are honoring the officers who were killed, growing memorial outside the police department as they come to terms what they have lost, and no one knows that more than than the families, they are struggling right now with why the suspect who had previously been arrested on felony charges
10:19 am
was given probation. >> gascon is letting all these criminals out and do one crime after the other. that guy should have been in jail, he wouldn't have been out my son and the other officer would still be here. now we are just left here to suffer because they are never coming back. to everyone else it's a news story but to us it's real life. >> the suspect justin flores served time ten years ago for car theft and burglary but arrested and charged with felony drug and gun charges in 2020. he was facing over three years in prison. after gascon took over as d.a., a special directive pushed prosecutors to offer probation and plea deals, so we asked his office about that, and told us in part experienced managers in the office have reviewed the facts of the case and the criminal history of mr. flores and determined the offer was on
10:20 am
par with offers in previous administration's. they go on to say that they empower their prosecutors to challenge the policy if extraordinary circumstances exist and they say in this case that was not done. john. >> john: jeff paul for us in los angeles with the latest, jeff, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: mortgage rates hitting their highest level in 13 years as the federal reserve also delivers the largest rate hike in decades to fight inflation. mortgage giant freddie mac yesterday reporting the average rate on a 30-year loan in this country rose to 5.78%, that of course is well above the just below 3% recorded a year ago. gerry baker, host of wall street journal at large on fox business and joins us now. really something to watch, thoughts on the spiking mortgage rates. >> it's a multiple assault, really, on american families. you've seen the big increase in mortgage rates as you have said, probably going to go higher,
10:21 am
squeezing a lot of people, anybody thinking of buying a home is rethinking. gas prices at record levels, and on top of all that, you've got the rate of inflation, hitting almost 9% in this country. wages are rising, but only about 5%. so, average families in this country are seeing a cut in their take-home, their actual spending money, spending money that they -- income that they have. a cut week after week after week, it's, i'm sorry to say, but it's going to get worse. >> sandra: housing affordability is obviously going down while inflation continues to go up. that is bringing about great risk of entering a recession, if we are not already in one. the "r" word is thrown around a lot, although the white house as you saw on president biden's latest interview does not think it's inevitable, and why big government spending didn't get us here.
10:22 am
>> one of the reasons it's not inevitable, families and businesses are starting off in a strong position because of the actions the president took with the american rescue plan, that piece of legislation has been remarkably effective, more so than any recovery in recent memory at getting people back to work and back to work quickly and that was the president's goal. >> what's remarkable is the strong position that the white house continues to say the american people are in saying that that is going to put us in a defendable position when the economy continues to weaken, and a new number today. 36% of employees in this country earning $100,000 or more say they are living paycheck to paycheck right now, gerry. so, what is this rosy picture the white house keeps saying? >> nobody is buying it. it's like the country western line, who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes. everybody can see what's going on, what's happening to gas
10:23 am
prices, to food prices, as you say, they are struggling even with pay rises. no one buys it, and just a word on that, the idea that the biden administration is not responsible, they go around, the president said again, one point he said inflation in the united states is lower than everywhere else in the world. that could not be more -- that could not be more divorced from reality. inflation, only one other major country, united kingdom has a higher rate. japan is lower, canada lower, and a reason for that, yes, of course big increases because of supply chain disruptions around the world. but this country alone decided to spend, the biden administration and democrats in congress, to spend huge amount of money, $2 trillion when they came into office on top of an overheated economy and that fueled this inflation so they are responsible for it. >> sandra: and the polling shows the american people see through that, they blame the big government spending for the problems we have today, but the white house keeps saying that is
10:24 am
what has caused this. this is the national retail federation. they took a survey and the respondents basically are painting a picture of the american people going into more debt and having more trouble covering their expenses. among all con soupers, 58% say they are going into debt, borrowing money or using savings to cover expenses. you go to the lower income consumers, and it's even higher, 72%. the next, those able to cover their expenses right now, only 40% of all consumers, and then the lower income bracket, just 24%. that's painting a very dire picture of the state of the economy today and where the american people are. this is fox news polling on staying ahead financially, those that say that they are falling behind, gerry, it is now a whopping 47%, and then when responding to the condition of the economy, those that rate it poor, 57%. that is a complete disconnect from the picture that the white house is painting.
10:25 am
>> it's a tragedy, sandra, avoidable, 18 months ago when president biden took office, american savings were at an all-time high, the stock market all-time high, people were incredibly good shape financially, unemployment rate, it had gone up during the pandemic but coming down again and inflation was more or less flat. and just 18 months, all of that has been blown away. just in a year, you know, ronald reagan asked in 1980, are you better off today than four years ago and it finished jimmy carter. the question, we have not even had four years. but better off than 18 months ago, how many will answer yes, joe biden, maybe hunter biden, but the democrats should deserve to pay the price. >> sandra: and people are concerned about the direction of the country and over the next 18 months. gerry baker, great to have you here today. john. >> john: wages backwards 3% every month. migrant encounters at the border hitting yet another record high
10:26 am
and new detail just how many of those people are on the terrorist watch list. arizona attorney general mark brnovich on the border. he's up next. >> sandra: and another battle in fairfax in school, issue, gender pronouns, and whether students should be punished. and -- >> too far, too young, i don't want to hear i got punished because i called somebody with the wrong pronoun. give dad a gift worth sharing, at
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>> sandra: new numbers marking the third straight number migrant encounters at the border set a record high and border patrol says more and more of those migrants are on criminal and even terrorist watch lists. we have arizona attorney general mark brnovich here to talk about
10:31 am
how he is securing his state but first bill is live at the border in hidalgo, texas. hi, bill. >> good afternoon to you, new data from c.p.b. says more people arrested on the terror watch list than the last five years combined. take a look at the data if we can pull the graphic up right now. these are arrests on the terrorist screening database here at the southern border by border patrol. so far fiscal year 2022 we are already at 50 arrests by border patrol and there are still four months left in this fiscal year. 15 arrests last year in fiscal year 2021, fiscal year 20203, fiscal year 19, 0, and then six in two. you can see the trend. numbers have exploded since president biden took office. the last couple of years, 65 of the terror watch list arrests at the border, compared to just 11
10:32 am
in the previous four years before that. that's why it's important to know who is trying to get into this country. case in point, take a look at the video as we were embedded with texas d.p.s., they were after runners, and fled, did not work out for them, later arrested by texas state troopers on a highway down the road. and more of the same, we went out with texas state troopers in the middle of the night where migrant runners were in the brush, they shine their lights up and boom, they start coming out of the brush left and right. different group of runners arrested here, more than 50,000 got-aways at the border last month in may alone. and the last video, this is a human smuggling pursuit in maverick county by texas d.p.s. going after the smuggler with upwards of ten illegal immigrants, they bail out and then they run all over the place baling out of the vehicle at
10:33 am
once. the texas state trooper decides to go after the driver and we are told by texas d.p.s. he was successful, able to chase the driver down and arrest him for human smuggling. and the terror watch list numbers are concerning. again, 50 people already and we still have four months left to go in the fiscal year. you consider that when there have been more than 400,000 got-aways, 18,000 every day past agents. the question is, who are those people? >> sandra: absolutely, bill, thank you. john. >> john: all right. for more on this, let's go a few hundred miles west of where bill was, south of mcallen, to arizona, where the arizona attorney general and u.s. senate candidate mark brnovich joins us, we are having some trouble with his signal because he's on the border but we have him via audio. you heard what bill was reporting in terms of the number
10:34 am
of people across the border. put the statistics up on the screen so the people at home can get the full impact. the month of may, 239,416 apprehended, and more than that are got-aways, for fiscal year 2022, beginning of october to now, 440,000 got-aways, equivalent to the population of oakland, california, or miami city in florida, raleigh, north carolina. when you look at those statistics, what are you thinking about the situation on the border? >> john, thank you so much for having me on again and sorry about the visual but the reality is that we are losing words to describe what is happening. you put up the numbers.
10:35 am
people, just think about that. it's like entire cities and we have no idea who they are, what they are doing. we know that 1,000 pounds, more than 1,000 pounds of fentanyl last month, we know a huge surge of people is like the population of entire states like nebraska in one single year. so the system is getting overwhelmed from a law enforcement perspective, and also from a social services perspective. >> john: let's look again at what bill was talking about in terms of people who were apprehended, found to be on the terror watch list. fiscal year 2022, so far 50 people encountered on the border were from the watch list, that comes to 15 in fiscal year 2021, and only three in fiscal year 20. now, do you think that is simply a function of more people coming across the border or do you believe there are more people with nefarious intent coming across border?
10:36 am
>> john, it's clearly the latter. these are people that are not coming here because they want to work at a hotel or a restaurant. these are people clearly that are using this crisis, this lack of border security in order to endanger our national security. i'll tell you stories, i was a former federal prosecutor and some of my friends that are agents right now will tell you stories about people from countries like iran, and pakistan that were apprehended, they wanted to come interrogate them or question them and they were released. there are people we don't even know about and then of course the got-away, the tens of thousands of got-aways we don't know from some other country, and i don't know if you can see the visual, but someone apprehended here wearing a uniform, watches like this on them and why is someone pretending to be an e.m.t. to smuggle themselves into the country unless they mean america
10:37 am
harm. >> john: unfortunately, mr. attorney general, with he cannot see those images, but the sector you are in right now, the tucson sector, where in may some 26,000 people came across the border. to the south of that is the huge expanse of mexico, the sonoran desert, and how is that affecting arizona and beyond because we have heard it many times in the past that because of the cross border flow and illegal drugs, particularly fentanyl, every state is now a border state. >> absolutely, john. 4 or 5 generations, they will tell you they have never seen it this bad and these are tough arizona cowboys and they are afraid of what's going on right now. the cartels use the border
10:38 am
patrol taken out, using it to smuggle a record amount of drugs in the country and the price of fentanyl from $20 a pill to $5 a pill, not just in arizona but the entire united states. someone's son, daughter, niece or nephew will died as a result of the failed policies of the biden administration and shame on secretary mayorkas for not doing his job. >> john: and some states more people are dying from fentanyl overdoses than dying from covid. we apologize to our viewers for the lack of communication, but you are in a very remote location along the border. so sometimes we have technical difficulties. thank you. we'll catch up with you again soon. >> sandra: thank you very much to him and the u.s. state department says it is aware of reports three americans who went to fight with ukrainians are now missing, and say they are "monitoring the situation." an update next. >> john: with inflation rising,
10:39 am
gas prices setting records and inflation surging, is president biden's policies echoing that of jimmy carter. a weigh-in on the comparison, coming up. ♪♪♪
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10:44 am
assange has 14 days to challenge the order. his attorneys are promising he will. sandra. >> sandra: thank you, john. a third american is now reported missing in ukraine after going there to join the fight against russia and there are indications the other two have been captured and are being held by russian forces. steve is live in odesa, ukraine for us. when does it appear that they were taken, steve? >> steve: sandra, right now families of two of those three americans are speaking out. they say they have been in the dark about their family members for about one week now. of the three, alex, 39 years old, he's from alabama. he's a former service member, one-time army staff sergeant and andy, 27 years old, also from alabama. he's a former corporal in the marines, two of several thousand international fighters who have come to ukraine to fight. the president is briefed on the
10:45 am
matter and says americans should stay out of ukraine. >> we don't know where they are, but want to reiterate, americans should not be going to ukraine now. say it again. americans should not be going to ukraine now. not be going to ukraine. >> steve: the worrisome question is if the three americans have been captured by the russians, will they be treated as prisoners of war. already local authorities in eastern ukraine run by russia have captured two britains and a moroccan man. all three have been sentenced to death. back to you. >> sandra: steve, thank you. fired up fairfax county parents putting heads over a policy that would suspend students for using the wrong gender pronouns for their peers. pete hegseth will react next. >> john: a juror in the johnny
10:46 am
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>> we need to get politics out of school. refocus on educating our children. >> what we are seeing here is a return to the woke radical political indoctrination and the sexualization of the youngest and most impressionnable members of the community, we need to stop that. >> sandra: frustrated parents, a policy to suspend students for malicious misgendering other
10:51 am
students, and calling them by names they no longer use. pete hegseth, you write a lot about this in your box, pete. this is brutal. >> called family life education curriculum, season two of our miseducation series talks about the origins of sex ed and when you learn where it comes from it will mortify you, and discouraged by, the teachers' unions, education departments, people writing the curriculum, the school board, they are charging ahead with business as usual. just one election does not deter them from their, what was once critical theory, now critical race theory, critical gender theory, the curriculum, or
10:52 am
pedagogy, how it's taught. so counselors come in and use code words, diversity, equity and inclusion and this case, pronouns, scanning the website, at seventh and eighth grade, talking about sexual orientation and gender pronouns and earlier than that. so to expect kids to grapple with the concepts you can't. it confuses them and indoctrinates them to say either you comply or suspended. >> sandra: i say brutal, parents don't feel they can speak out about it, they are shut down in the school board meetings for doing so, criticized for what the kids are learning in the classroom. fairfax county public schools firmly believes every student has a right to be respected. our student rights and responsibilities ensure all students feel welcome and safe in their learning environment. no student should have to be faced with persistent and
10:53 am
deliberate bullying or harassment once they enter our schools. parents are concerned when they speak out what the kids are or are not learning in the classroom, a violation of the first amendment rights and one protesting parent, we should not be for compelled speech, no one should. why aren't the parents allowed to show they want to know what is happening inside of that school. >> administrators, school boards, unions control everything. let me translate. you are going to do what we say and when you protest we are going do brush you off and keep doing it and it's going to get worse for the kids there with the group thing. welcoming environment, welcoming four students of faith, christians, more traditional values? no, this is all about one particular world view that the school has adopted and said is gospel. it's a new orthodoxy and in all of our public schools. that's what i want to disavow everyone of. people say i can't stand
10:54 am
congress but i like my congressman. and we say the same thing about school. i know school is messed up but my school is okay. if your kid goes to a government or public school, these types of things, if they are not there already, will be there very soon because the teachers and administrators that fill those schools come from the same teachers colleges, from the same union conferences, my book came out this week, another book came out called "how to raise an anti-racist" on the same day. our book will sell many copies, thankfully, his won't sell many but it will go to the education departments, higher ed, and taught as the baseline how to teach kids about race-based on critical race theory. they control it all. >> sandra: finish off where this digital interview with a parent, his name is jeff. >> i asked my son this morning what he was going to learn. he said math, science, language
10:55 am
arts, writing, and he said oh, science. that's what we want to hear. right? we don't want to hear i got punished today because i called somebody by the wrong pronoun. >> sandra: you feel for the parents who just -- they want their voices heard, they want say in what their kid is learning inside of those schools and when they speak up they are shut down in many cases. >> i love what they are doing and salute them. in the book, i say taking on your school board or administrators is like charging a .45 machine gun nest with nerf guns. we salute you but they will brush you aside and continue with their agenda. >> sandra: battle for the american mind, thank you very much, steve. >> thank you, sandra. >> will give you a plug earlier today, a mention on harris's show. we'll see you this weekend, pete. thanks very much. >> john: sandra, good to see you, pete. coming up new at 2:00, v.p.
10:56 am
kamala harris slammed for her inaction on the border as migrants continue to surge into the united states in record numbers. she is also in charge of a slew of other issues. why is she adding something new to her plate? brian kilmeade joins us on the new job the vice president is taking on, plus, karl role and larry kudlow on biden's economic crisis, while channelling jimmy carter. and senator roger marshall on title 42 to fight the drug crisis. why would the cdc resist that? coming up in the next hour.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> sandra: all new at 2:00, our nation's number two is adding to her resume. but critics say she needs to do a better job with one of the many she already has. >> john: from the border to internet access and space, women's rights, republicans say she is coming up empty on
11:01 am
results. >> sandra: and welcome back as "america reports" rolls into hour two on this friday afternoon. i'm sandra smith in new york. hello, john. >> john: good to be with you, especially as we head into the weekend. a packed hour ahead, including brian kilmeade. >> sandra: begin with the economy and a president sounding a whole lot like the last one-term democrat to occupy the white house. this is a fox news alert. well, it is the middle of june now and americans struggling more by the day with crippling invasion as it gets harder and harder to fill up our gas tanks. critics calling the white house out of touch as the president deals with the energy crisis by talking up democrats' climate agenda. >> direct and harnessing the power of the sun we are taking the energy god gave us, the most renewable energy that we will ever see, and using it to
11:02 am
replace our dwindling supplies of fossil fuels. >> john: this monday marks 43 years since those infamous remarks from president jimmy carter when he had solar panels installed on the roof of the white house, that was back in 1979. flash forward to today's america, the worst inflation since the carter era and gas prices at an all-time high. and president biden today holding a forum on energy that prioritizes the same climate agenda. president biden has called the incredible transition away from fossil fuel. >> sandra: oh, yes, when he said the quiet part out loud, of course. president biden has objected to comparisons to carter, the last one-term democrat to hold office. parallels are too difficult to ignore, critics accused him of appearing weak, as he heaps america's gratitude on the saudis for increasing oil
11:03 am
production, can you believe it, john, 1979. >> john: seems like it was so recently. president biden talking about his upcoming trip, critics say legitimizes a pariah. >> international meeting and they are part of it. >> john: saying americans are feeling very, very down, analysts say president biden is echoing the past. >> the subject even more serious than energy or inflation, i want to talk to you right now about a fundamental threat to american democracy. it is a crisis of confidence. >> sandra: plenty to dig into there on the economy and more, and what seems to be history
11:04 am
repeating itself. karl rove moments away. >> john: and larry kudlow ready to respond about the comments of the potential recession, and kick things off at the white house where edward lawrence is standing by. >> the economy much different than when you were standing here at the white house under the trump administration, in his first interview, president biden says recession is not inevitable. although many experts are saying what data is he looking at, he got together the world forum on economic energy and climate, president biden trying to get other countries to sign on to his deal by 2030, 0 emission vehicles on the roads. 23 countries involved today, did not try to work out producing more oil, though. listen. >> russia's war is driving up prices of gas, everybody knows that. hurting people in all our countries. it's an immediate problem that i
11:05 am
suspect all of you and i'm working every day. over the long run, we can remove the pain of volatile gas prices and reduce transportation emissions by putting more 0 emission cars on the road. >> did not define long run, when that would happen. and now gas rebate cards are back on the table for a possibility for this administration to hand out. no final decision has been made on that. but when you look at the economy, wells fargo is the latest bank to put out a report saying the u.s. will enter a mild recession next year at some point. republicans say this president is out of touch with what's happening and making things worse. >> this is a disturbing pattern we have seen from president biden on so many of the problems that he's created that are hurting families is that he just blames everybody else. you know, maybe they don't have mirrors in the white house, but he's looking around and he's pointing fingers, he's throwing spaghetti at the walls and nobody is buying it because they
11:06 am
are watching his policies destroy so many parts of the fabric of the country. >> we have had one quarter of negative growth, atlanta fed g.d.p. is an estimate, it does move, but right now it's 0% for the second quarter and if we have two negative quarters of growth or two negative growth, definition of recession. the trend is going in the wrong direction, john. >> john: logical question to ask, gas rebate card, how do you pay for it and won't that drive up demand? >> a form of price control, controlling what the price at the pump would be. no plan as we have heard from the white house as to how the cards would be paid for. money sloshing around out there from the american rescue man and some others, and who gets them. what's the threshold of who gets the card. so a lot of details that need to be worked out. >> john: nobody better than you
11:07 am
to ask those questions. ed, thank you. another day, another record president biden would prefer to do without. his highest unfavorable rating yet. >> sandra: bring in karl rove, i was struck this week by some of the reaction especially in the financial news. this is a cnbc analyst reacting to the letter president biden wrote to the big oil refiners demanding immediate action to boost supplies, saying that their profits were unacceptable and even kernan said this. >> this is pure demogogry, it's not going to help the issue. and just on break telling becky. i lived through the carter years. every day i get a stronger sense of deja vu. >> sandra: and we just heard from carter in 1979 sounds awfully familiar to what we are
11:08 am
living through today, karl. >> this is not a governing plan, but a communications program and absolutely right. think about this. profits of the oil companies are measured by dollars were higher in the obama years than they are today. and the profit margins, to say the difference between what they bring in sales and what it costs them to operate, is much lower than, say, a bunch of the tech companies. facebook, meta, google, you name it. you know, the margins in the oil business, particularly in refineries is very small compared to the tech firms. why is the administration not out talking about the companies that have bigger profits and bigger profit margins than the oil companies, because they are trying to distract us. i thought this was really amazing. the president said that you know, the gas prices were not his fault, that it was all putin's fault. gas was 2.42 when he took office, a year later 3.61 cents,
11:09 am
so it increased a dollar 19 before ukraine was invaded. up 94 since then, the president says it's all putin's fault. no, it's you putting in place policies that increase demand without increasing supply. >> john: when you take a look at a fox news poll on the president's approval rating on the individual issues, he is in a lot of trouble, i think. let's put that up on the screen. economy, 67% of people disapprove. inflation, 71% disapprove, guns, 60% disapprove, a growing sense, karl, among some people that biden is making jimmy carter look good. >> yeah. well, and look, the numbers are deteriorating among independents, exactly the group that put him into office and exactly the group that's going to put republicans into office as well, and a lot of this are problems that he creates for
11:10 am
himself. take the a.p. interview. reporter says inflation started with your covid relief plan and biden says 0 evidence of that, and repeats it for effect. well, inflation was 1.4% when he came into office in january of 2021, a year later it's 7.9 and as of today it's 8.6. and he says 0 evidence that my policies created that. so the president is creating problems for himself by seeming to be so out of touch that he doesn't recognize the problem and doesn't recognize where the problem comes from. >> sandra: back to your point about the messaging, and i think somebody said it last week, no americans are walking around saying darn putin filling up the tanks, right. they are blaming the current leadership and karl, my new challenge to anyone with that talking point, any democrat, the president, anyone on his team, his economic team, this says the putin price hike, show me the oil taken off the world market. they like to talk about the oil prices are global and that's a
11:11 am
fact, but show me the actual oil supplies that were taken off the market physically as a result of putin's invasion of ukraine. russia did not quit selling their oil, they sell it to our adversaries, on the black market, it goes to china. so if we are going to talk about how global oil prices are, let's acknowledge we did not ever see any oil come off line as a result of that invasion. >> absolutely. and look, think about this. what are they doing to increase supply? for the last 15 months, all they have done, or 16 months, all they have done is reduce supply. let's kill the keystone xl pipeline. i saw the premier of -- a premier from canada, increasing supply. they said no more leasing on federal lands, no more leasing on federal waters, we are going to make it more difficult to build pipelines and infrastructure, slow down the
11:12 am
process for you to develop the tracks you already have. we are going to make it more difficult for you to refine things. think about this. 30% of our oil and gas, excuse me, of our diesel and our gasoline comes from small refiners. a week ago friday the administration said we are going to never, give no exemptions for air credits which are very important for these small refiners to stay in business. we are going to go back and withdraw our exemptions that we gave you for the last four years and charge you for them. thereby increasing the price of oil, or excuse me, of gasoline and diesel by trying to go back and tell them you got to pay for the last four years. i've talked to people in that business. they are saying we are going to lose a bunch of refining capacity as a result of this. this administration doesn't get it when it comes to energy, and doesn't get it when it comes to inflation and the economy and it's showing up in the polls. >> john: you were talking about
11:13 am
canada, the premier of alberta was here a month ago, saying we need the pipeline back again and whatever you do, don't shut down the line 5 pipeline in michigan, that's going to really bottleneck things. ed lawrence was mentioning this, and sandra and i as well, what the net effect will be. idea of a rebate card for gasoline. to help people pay for gasoline at the high prices. a, where do you get the money for that, b, are you inserting artificial market forces into it, and c, the price of oil has dropped a little bit in recent days. if you give people a rebate card, aren't they just going to drive up demand for gas and drive the price back up again? >> yeah, and also, let me add one more thing on it. how could you be fair with that? give the same rebate card to the person who commutes 15 miles to their job that you give to the person who lives in the american west and has to commute to their job maybe 20 or 30 miles? how are you going to make that equal? how are you going to make it fair? i assume they will have some
11:14 am
point at which you cut it off so that wealthy people don't get a card at all, but how are you going to take into account the person who gets on the bus and goes to work as opposed to the person who lives in the suburbs and gets in the car. this is just nuts. what we ought to be focused on is what can we do removing unnecessary regulations and unnecessary barriers to increasing the supply of oil and gas in america today and around the world. we can do it in an environmentally sensitive way, but ought to be concerned with supply. inflation is too much money chasing too few goods, let's get more goods out there. >> sandra: and then we'll be in this like inflationary environment with rising interest rates, mortgages are going up, the housing market will take a hit. all this is happening at the same time, and it's going to be an interesting few months. >> john: so much to look forward to. >> sandra: can i play this, ok. we have this thought, karl, can
11:15 am
you stick around one more second. >> you bet. >> sandra: we go back to the beginning of this conversation and talk about the demonization of the oil companies by this president for not doing more to bring prices down today. you remember this moment on the debate stage, march 15, 2020. here was then candidate biden. >> number one, no more subsidies for fossil fuel industry, no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling, including offshore. no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period. end. >> sandra: and karl, today, fast forward, he is demonizing those oil companies for not doing enough. >> yeah, it's really remarkable and he thinks he can get away with it. does he think we are a nation with amnesia, we don't remember he was the guy who said get rid of hydro carbons period, does he not think we can remember all the things he's been doing the
11:16 am
last year and a half to reduce our capacity to have energy independence in this country? i mean, this is just remarkable. the people inside this white house must think the country is full of a bunch of dolts who do not have memories and do not recall these things and understand how the economy works. that's why we are in trouble. they are in trouble because they are out of touch with the reality the americans are feeling and suggesting answers to the problems that a large number of the american people realize immediately are not answers at all. >> john: my memory is not what it used to be but some things i still remember, and i remember that. >> apologize, you were right. it's the premier of alberta, not the province next to them. >> sandra: thanks for the team for pulling that thought. position of this president and then candidate biden and the
11:17 am
messaging he sent to the fossil fuel industry. and now he's in a moment where he is needing their help and he told them not to produce, created an environment where it was too risky for them to produce. >> john: well, let's see. he also called the leader of saudi arabia a pariah, and now he's saying i need your help. so, there seems to be a common thread there. speaking of interesting sound, we will play you a piece of sound from the energy secretary, jennifer granholm, extraordinary, where she says in one sentence we need the oil industry to produce more oil and convert that into gasoline at the same time we want to kill them. >> sandra: can't wait for that. that's coming up. >> john: crisis at the border worse by the month but the person put in charge is getting yet another gig. >> sandra: and it's not brian kilmeade. we are talking about kamala harris. but brian kilmeade is coming up
11:18 am
on whether the v.p. has too much on her plate.
11:19 am
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11:23 am
>> sandra: border crossings hitting yet another record high. customs and border patrol hitting 239,000 encounters in the month of may, the third straight month it hit a record, as they question the whereabouts of the so-called border czar. brian kilmeade here to dig into all the vice president's jobs and how she's doing, but first jacqui heinrich is live at the white house for us. >> jacqui: yesterday customs and border protection announced the highest number of monthly border crossings in history, 239,416 attempts to illegally enter the
11:24 am
country. that is the third month in a row they have broken record numbers, and that number does include migrants who attempted to get in the country more than once. it's still up more than 2% over april's previous high. but we have not heard from the southern border except in the summit of the americas last week. >> we need to halt the dangerous and unlawful ways people are migrating, and the dangerous ways. unlawful migration is not acceptable and we'll secure our borders, including through innovative coordinated actions. >> jacqui: 20 countries in the region signed on to a joint migration declaration aiming to improve asylum processing, conduct screenings, and remove people who don't qualify and also expand temporary worker programs. but the pact is nonbinding,
11:25 am
minimal funding pledges and very few details how it will be enforced. and biden's border czar, vice president harris, did not even attend the meeting. she has not discussed the southern border since returning to her trip from honduras in january. >> i'll never understand why the democrat party continues with their policies encouraging illegal immigration but criminal organizations are in full control of our southern border and we can no longer be supporting illegal immigration. we need to focus on legal immigration, how can we make it better. >> other interesting information out of the record, crossings included very high numbers of nationals from india, turkey, russia, haiti, brazil, colombia, and nicaragua, in part because it's more difficult for agents to reject them citing title 42. >> sandra: the white house, the sprinklers are in full blast behind you. try to avoid them.
11:26 am
thank you very much. jacqui, john. >> john: as long as they don't get jacqui, we are ok. the so-called border czar is being given yet another job. a new online harassment and abuse task force. in addition to that, the v.p. has already been tasked with tackling union issues, voting rights, broadband access, space, and previously mentioned, the border. brian kilmeade, when you look at the vice president's track record with all the portfolios she has been given thus far, what do you think about this idea they are tacking another one on to her? >> brian: i'm stunned by it. at some point she has to do one of the jobs she's been assigned to. imagine mike pence said you know, i don't want to do pandemic relief, no one has done that for 100 years, it's impossible to look good doing that. that was not the case. al gore took on substantial things. nobody said dick cheney had
11:27 am
nothing to do. i never saw anybody that had more jobs and a pass doing that. and the border czar, goes there once a year ago today the first and only time and says we are doing so much better, i'm going to get to the root causes, making progress and now it's worse than any time in history and people tell me now in the hands of drug cartels while fentanyl reached an all-time high, and we see the border crossings and what was the term, enough unaccompanied minors to fill up alabama's football stadium, oh, just in 2022, who is raising those kids. does not seem to bother. does not seem to matter. here is my hope. my hope is that when you have rumble, a private social media corporation, when you have twitter, looks like it is going to go to elon musk as of now, you see facebook has been brushed back because of what they did in the last election, she might say i don't like this tweet, don't like the hunter laptop story, this, and c.e.o.s will push back because they no longer subscribe to the
11:28 am
anti-trump democratic agenda. this is a disinformation post that they, that had a bad roll-out to they are going to give it to and if people are worried about it, don't worry. she does not work hard, she takes weekends off and she's not going to focus on this for more than a day or two. >> sandra: but she'll reminds you 2 or 3 times in a row she is the vice president. and condemns gender disinformation, memo suggests online harassment is undermining people's ability to exercise human rights and participate in democracy, governance and civic life. and goes on to claim, brian, that online abuse and harassment, which aim to preclude women from political decision making about their own lives and communities undermine the functioning of democracy. it's a lot of words it sets out about this task force, with this memo, but that's what we see with a lot of these jobs, especially the ones she has
11:29 am
given. she says a lot of things. i see even pete buttigieg out there, crisis with airfare, pilot shortage, he sits on a virtual meeting with the airline c.e.o.s and says you should do more. what are they actively doing to improve these situations? >> you know, he almost filled the pothole as mayor of south bend so he is experienced. a couple of things. with everything you just mentioned that is the portfolio of kamala harris, hope she does not do her job. basically you are not looking at something to make society better, you are looking to make the democratic agenda more effective and prevalent. one of the people banned tomorrow is governor desantis and the miss labelling of the don't say gay bill. if they condemn his verbiage on gender discrimination or what have you, certainly his view on the covid-19 vaccine, they have to sideline the governor of florida. what are they sidelining? jail these people?
11:30 am
these are public entities and you'll have c.e.o.s of the social media networks and from news organizations, oh, kamala, you want me to take that post down, see you over the weekend, i know you are free, and five days a week and you go to los angeles. >> john: somebody who works 24/7, and works weekends, that is you, brian kilmeade. one nation tomorrow interviewing greg norman about the new liv, and also roman numerals, and sergio garcia, and lee westwood, dustin johnson and others, what are you going to hear from greg norman about all this? >> bob costas and others at pga are trying to take him out of the hall of fame for starting the league. it's another league and yes,
11:31 am
it's saudi's money, but they are investors in uber, and saudis are not perfect, no one said they are going to be. but if they are bad, why do we use them as a wedge to push the abraham accords, why is the president of the united states going there in 2 or 3 weeks. why ok to have it in the tour with ping and others but he comes in with the saudi witheth fund, he's c.e.o. of the organization and puts out a tremendous amount of prize money, he just wants to play, does not want to destroy. pga feels threatened. all 17 of those players are banned and maybe the next one will be the majors. they are trying to vilify and isolate him so he says he will come in and give his side of the story and some sound bites, we just finished it. it will be saturday at 8:00. >> sandra: i, like john, are looking forward to this. a huge watcher of golf and a
11:32 am
perfect world with more time i would play more golf but i as mentioned to you off camera, i felt a little sad like the golf world splintered by this. and you said it does no the have to be that. >> i wanted the giants first round draft pick to stay there all 12 years, why can't golfers decide where they want to play. i think i'll play in london this week or this. the pga runs away from donald trump's golf courses, it turns out this liv series endorses and embraces donald trump's courses. they'll be playing at doral, for example. is it right to ban a former president's courses from the pga tour, now came on, it's called capitalism. no one loves everything the saudis do. you look at the khashoggi situation, 9/11, i get it. and call them an ally,
11:33 am
especially a wedge against iron, and saying greg norman, you can't start a league, but i understand it both states. >> john: doral is a great course. i saw john daly hit a golf ball further than i had ever seen one hit. and that was 280, 290. >> sandra: must have been before bubba. >> john: it was before bubba. >> sandra: good stuff, i'll be watching brian kilmeade. >> john: appreciate it. tomorrow night, one nation. 8:00. >> sandra: up next, beijing making moves. communist nation launching a new aircraft carrier while cozying up to vladimir putin.
11:34 am
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>> sandra: china launching the third and most cutting edge aircraft carrier yet, beijing's latest move in the water as the
11:39 am
communist nation continues to build up its navy, challenging america's dominance. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon, more on that, hi, jennifer. >> the aircraft carrier got people's attention today but it was the birthday phone call from president putin to president xi on wednesday that got the state department's attention, marked his 69th birthday as lloyd austin and mark milley were meeting with 49 countries seeking weapons for ukraine. second time they have spoken since they met prior to the olympics on the eve of russia's invasion and no limits to their strategic partnership. and then assessed that xi was uncomfortable when images of russian atrocities began to emerge from ukraine, this week's phone call made a mockery of the
11:40 am
so-called neutrality according to the state department. >> p.r.c. has made a choice, china, despite the atrocities, the violence, despite the loss of life, despite the global implications, including when it comes to food insecurity, china is still choosing to stand by russia. >> today china launched its third modern aircraft carrier to much fanfare, named for the province closest to taiwan. the carrier also has an electromagnetic catapult system, faster and more lethal. and mocked the u.s. saying those that don't condemn the invasion of ukraine are on the wrong side of history. >> the world will recognize who is on the right side, as the chinese saying goes, those who walk in the dark sometimes whistle to lessen their fear. seeing the u.s. trying so hard to assert it is on the right
11:41 am
side of history, people will wonder if this is due to a lack of conviction. >> president xi spoke to the economic forum in st. petersburg, had to be delayed because a cyber attack disrupted putin's speech. he sounded unyielding and vowed to continue to fight in ukraine. >> sandra: jennifer griffin on that for us, thank you. >> john: while the president looks to put a stop to his predecessor's policies at the border, one senator is saying expand them, specifically title 42. kansas senator roger marshall saying the policies should be broadened to help fight the deadly wave of fentanyl to american families. senator, good to talk to you. you said to the health director, i think you should expand title 42 in order to help combat the fentanyl across the border.
11:42 am
she said there's no more health emergency, we don't need title 42. listen to what she said. >> the question of title 42 that was posed to me is, is there a public health emergency that should bar people from coming into the united states. we now have, as of april 1st, when i commented on this, we now have the tools, the tests, the vaccines and the therapeutics available. our hospitals are not full, everyone -- most people in this room are not wearing a mask. no longer public health emergency. >> john: no longer a public health emergency in the context of covid. you say a clear and present health emergency because of fentanyl, explain. >> that's right, john. fentanyl poisoning is an epidemic killing more young adults than covid is, than anything else here. every day america loses about 200 people to fentanyl poisoning and precursors are made in
11:43 am
china, brought to mexico, chinese work hand in glove with the cartels, lace oxycodone, percocet, illegal drugs across the border and that's why kansas is now a border state. almost every day we lose someone in kansas due to fentanyl poisoning as well. >> john: how would expanding title 42 be a deterrent? people not checked for drugs sent back, how do you see it work? >> right. well, remember how title 42 worked under president trump, it worked beautifully, that he was able to return people to mexico that were seeking asylum and what title 42 gives more broad range authority to return people because of a health condition, because of an epidemic. covid at the time. so my theory, and thanks to bill
11:44 am
cassidy for bringing this bill to light, doing some great work there as well, but this would expand that same thought process towards fentanyl. fentanyl is killing more people than covid, more young people than covid is. >> john: i want to ask you about gas prices because you recently introduced the gas prices relief act that would block the president from implementing regulations and other policies that would drive up the price of oil and gasoline. jennifer granholm had a rather extraordinary commentary yesterday when she was asked about where she would want to see oil production in 5 to 10 years. she seemed to want to have it both ways, increased production now, but then do away with the oil and gas industry later. listen here. >> what we are saying is today we need that supply increased. of course in 5 or 10 years, actually, in the immediate, we are also pressing on the accelerator, if you will, to move toward clean energy. >> saying she wants the oil and gas industry to produce more now
11:45 am
but get rid of them in 5 to 10 years. what company in the oil patch would want to get involved in a business model like that. >> john, you nailed it. this administration, joe biden is creating uncertainty. in any type of business we are unwilling to invest. his policies are driving uncertainty. people in washington d.c. think we can turn on the faucet and gasoline at the pump. takes 2, 3 years to start the return on investment and more like 5 or 7 years to pay it back. this is very complicated, very challenging, it's high risk, high reward sometimes as well. so, this uncertainty created by their policies starting with making it hard to get financing, hard to get new permits, even if you get the leases as well, they are driving up the price of gasoline. this is on the backs of joe biden. >> john: that comment from the energy secretary seemed to be a classic example of let's try to have it both ways, which i don't
11:46 am
think in this particular instance you can. senator roger marshall of kansas, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. have a good weekend. >> thanks, john. >> john: on monday, fox news launches a series of reports, fentanyl, the poisoning of america, aired across fox news media many platforms to help people understand what is driving this deadly trends. sandra. >> sandra: after doing everything he could to avoid prosecutors in the u.s., julian assange could face spy charges in an american courtroom. an update on the man behind wikileaks coming up. >> john: we are hearing exactly why the jury did not buy the story that amber heard was selling in the johnny depp trial that everyone still seems to be talking about.
11:47 am
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>> sandra: developing story across the pond, wikileaks founder julian assange, one step closer to being shipped to america soil. hi, greg. >> that's right, a british official today signing off on the extradition order moving, making that move a little bit closer to reality. the head of the u.k. security
11:52 am
signing an order saying it would not be oppressive or unjust to do that. he faces among other things, 17 counts of espionage, and in our national interest to have a -- assange has been serving time in jail here after hiding out in ecuador embassy, after sex charges were dropped in sweden. he says it's a dark day for press freedom, promising to appeal the decision to another u.k. or european court. and allege time in a u.s. prison to be a threat to assange's life. sandra, we have reached out to the justice department for reaction, waiting for an answer from them. the hands of officials are tied,
11:53 am
they have to wait until assange and his people work out every legal loophole. according to experts, that could take months, even years. julian assange is 50. back to you. >> sandra: we'll keep watching, thank you. john. >> john: we are now hearing from one of the jurors in the johnny depp/amber heard trial and comes to depp's ex, the juror did not hold back. what did the juror say? >> we know what the juror and other panelists were thinking when amber heard spoke directly to them, remember that part, when she was answering questions. also talking about what they thought about her tears and accusations and johnny depp's account of the volatile relationship. the juror did not want t disclose his name or juror number, let it fly, when they listened to the testimony from the former couple and as judgments showed, they believed depp overheard in many areas of
11:54 am
this case. in heard's testimony, the juror telling "good morning america" "the crying, facial expressions, the staring at the jury," made us uncomfortable. she would be crying and two seconds later ice cold. some of us used crocodile tears. >> it was painful, humiliating for any human being to go through. and perhaps if you forget that i'm a human being. >> the juror says it appeared that depp was more truthful saying "a lot of the jury felt what he was saying at the end of the day was more believable. he just seemed a little more real in terms of how he was responding to questions, his emotional state was stable throughout." here is depp on the stand talking about his response being
11:55 am
called an abuser by his ex. >> i'm in total shock that this is happening to me. you do get irate, you do wonder why this person is doing this to me, so you have many things go through your head. >> so the juror also said the panel all by dismissed the witnesses on both sides who were employees, friends, family and paid experts, and they did not find the photos of amber heard presented at trial showing injuries as credible. heard has said post trial she stands by her accusations and her testimony. john. >> john: well, he is a pretty good actor, no question about that. laura, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: look at the big board right now, a bit of a rally happening, although in the grand scheme of things, 115 points is a fraction of a percent, just above the 30,000 mark as the markets fell off yesterday after the federal reserve cut interest rates, it has been a wild ride.
11:56 am
phil flynn joins us. the markets are rather unpredictable, don't know the next move of the federal reserve but we know we are seeing the impact of the federal reserve interest rate hike, credit cards, some cases 20%, mortgage rates are going up, things are quickly changing. your broad thoughts as the president of the united states, unlike many c.e.o.s in the country says he does not believe the recession is inevitable. >> that does not make me feel very good, let's face it, president biden has not been right about too much when it comes to the economy. remember the president told us inflation was going to be transitory and nothing to worry about, you know, and he also told us, of course, when it came to the economy that the inflation thing was going to go away. listen, that does not make me feel good, and does not matter at this point sandra whether we are in a recession technically
11:57 am
or not, and blind sided by the economy, rising gasoline prices, food prices, and mortgage rates and a lot of people in the housing market have never seen interest rates go up. people with adjustable rate mortgages are going to be in for a shock in the next couple of months and that's going to really further stress the economy and the mood of the american people, which is the worst it has ever been since they have been keeping records. >> i believe i had a slip of the tongue and said historic interest rate cut, i meant hike, obviously. but i was -- i was preparing to show you the cut in percentages of people who say that they are able to cover their expenses, phil. so, while interest rates are going up, the inflationary picture is still way up, historically, you've got more and more consumers that are going into debt just to cover their expenses. 58% of them say they are going into debt to cover their
11:58 am
expenses, just 40%, ok, flip flopped screens there, there is the first i referenced. then just 40% of american consumers say they eastern enough to afford their expenses as inflation outpaces wage growth and the number in the red is even smaller, when it comes to the lower income category, just 24% of consumers say they can afford their expenses. so, why is it, phil, that the white house and its economists are saying things like this. heather. >> one of the reasons it's not inevitable is because families and businesses are starting off from a strong position right now, because of the actions that the president took as soon as he got into office with the american rescue plan. we are still seeing that we are creating jobs, the president has seen 8.7 million jobs created since he took office and we continue to see that last month and family household balance
11:59 am
sheets remain strong. >> sandra: they are still talking from the strong position from which the u.s. consumer is coming but the polls reveal that's not the case. >> you are absolutely right, sandra. and this is why i want to rip my hair out when i hear statements like that from the white house. they continue to try to put lipsticks on the pig. you know, every time i heard president biden talk about the greatest jobs recovery in history, i look at the fact the economy was doing really, really well until we had the covid shutdown, right, and i would argue the american jobs act is part of the reason why the economy is having such a tough time right now. all that spending of money has created a lot of inflation and we are seeing that everywhere you look. >> sandra: and now talking about gas cards and you and i know that would only increase demand and further increase prices. it's hard to believe. >> you are absolutely right. and listen, they tell us, releasing oil from the reserve will get prices down. how did that work for you?
12:00 pm
gas card will make it warriors. >> sandra: phil, great to have you. thanks for joining us. >> have a great weekend. >> sandra: you, too. and thanks to all of us for joining us. john, hope you have a great weekend. >> john: we have lacrosse and father's day. what can be better than that. good to see you, sandra. see you again next week. john roberts, thanks for joining us today. have a great weekend >> martha: thanks very much. breaking right now on "the story," president biden took a moment out from his schedule to shame and blame big oil for the prices at the pump. watch this. >> so if you know what a barrel costs, imagine. they're making an exorbitant profit, number 1. >> martha: so in moments, we will be joined and play you the whole thing there by a member of the biden white house team. economic adviser jared bernstein. first, to texas where there's


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