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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 17, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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i'm not so sure about that. i have been watching cnn recently, and they are right down the middle. not all of washington state is this like the circus seattle is just clarifying. good show. thank you. i would agree. thank you so much for watching and always dvr. what tuckered next. i'm jesse watters and this is m world. ♪ >> tucker: welcome to tucker carlson. we're going to with a significance we didn't fully understand than and it's definitely birth worth revisiting great just before dawn on november for the last year a team of fbi agents wearing bulletproof vest showed about the home that works for the invested media company. they pounded on his door and said they had a warrant, we kno it happened because it was all
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captured on camera. here it is. to get what is this regarding? >> open up. it was serious, they had weapons , they barged in, they went through the whole place, they tore the house apart, ther is another team coming they said . and they were right, two days later they hit the home of jame o'keefe, so why were the fbi coming to the homes of employee at project paradigms, what did they do? where they involved in human smuggling ring, were they bringing fentanyl in from china and killing more americans?
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now, the fbi leaved they were i possession or head information about the diary written by joe biden's daughter ashley biden. the fbi claimed that diary had been stolen we now know the fbi knew that diary had not been stolen. as james o'keefe pointed out at the time what if it was stolen. having stolen diary is not a federal crime, so what's in tha diary was so important that joe biden sent fbi agents to get it back? here's what o'keefe said good. >> they indicated it had explosive allegations against joe byington. they they were negotiating with the different media outlet for the payment of monies for the diary. in the meantime to return the diary to the attorney representing ms. biden, shoot the diary was given to law enforcement to ensure it could be returned to its rightful owner, now, the father
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department of justice specifically the united states attorney office or the southern district of new york appears to be investigating the situation excluding the diary was stolen. we don't know if it was, but it begs the question, and what world is the alleged theft of a diary investigated by the president fbi and his departmen of justice, i diary. >> so everyone in america media hates james o'keefe because he covers them, so they ignored th story, and they never answered the question. the question hangs and the air and it's a real one, and what world is the alleged theft of a diary investigated by the fbi? why were they doing this? the answer lies in what is in the diary, and now we know what's in the diary thanks to a new piece in the daily news which has a copy of the diary. judge boswell is a reported there and he joins us with the
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answer. >> we have looked at the diary we spent a lot of time deciding what to reports from its and what we've chosen to report our some pretty serious things that actually the president's daughter wrote. she wrote that she was her father was sexually inappropriate with her when she was a little girl. she mentions and the diary showers with her dad. she also talks about them being probably not appropriate for it she writes that down in one pag in her diary, and she also referred to being hyper sexualized at young age grade there's a lot of references and the diary to her repeated in rehab, and relapses with drug abuse, alcohol, and addiction a well.
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there is some truly shocking things in their wealth about ho joe was brought to tears over worried for his daughter just before a democratic primary debate, so we can now know because of this diary that ther are several things that would b extremely important for nationa security, date not fall into th wrong hands, the chinese, or th russians. people could use this if as blackmail if it wasn't published . that's why we decided to put this out there and that's what we think it's important that th american people know this. >> it is shocking, fathers don' shower with their daughters. and in your reporting, did you see any potential i know this was, but potential crime that would justify a predawn knock raid by the fbi? >> this was an area that we covered in our work reporting.
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we really wanted to find out ho did the diary get from where it was to you know being published online, and it was left by ashley in a house that she stayed in for a while after she came out of rehab and then the next person that came to that house found the diary under the bed, they are not actually bein investigated by the fbi for stealing it they are being investigated for selling it, so i don't know if that justifies dawn raid on the people that go a hold of the diary you brought it from them. but the person who founded, she is being investigated for selling it, that is the alleged crimes of the fbi is looking into. >> which is not a federal crime. great to see you. thank you so much. >> we are going to recap a lot of what you just heard. this has been out there for a while. it should have been the focus o a lot more attention than it ha been here once again are the
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words from ashley biden's diary. quote, i've always been hoyt crazy, hyper sexualized at youn age i remember somewhat being sexualized with a family member i remember having with friends at young age grade showers with my dad were probably not appropriate. so she wrote this in the contex of her struggle with sexual compulsiveness and later life and she attributes those compulsions that the fact that there father took showers with her in a way that was quote not appropriate. we have no reason to doubt that what she wrote is true. she wrote it in a diary, she wa left behind in a halfway house in palm beach, florida. the one that took the room to found the diary under a bed. if you are the father of daughters, ask yourself, is there any explanation for that behavior that is justifiable? there's not.
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it is sick and it's horrifying. she doesn't say how old she was at the time she showered with her father, but obviously she was old enough to remember doin it. young kids don't take showers, they take baths. inappropriate, showering with your own daughter. if that's not child molestation it's at least justifiable of a police visit. they have not investigated him. but bringing breaking into the home of journalist they brought it to attention. in the feds are with the misfortune of finding the diary. none of these people committed crimes, certainly no federal crimes, yet their being harasse and tormented by federal law enforcement because they embarrassed joe biden and spilled dark secrets to the world, the facts intimidate everybody else. that's what you're not seeing media coverage about this anywhere. it is enough to make you reassess that we probably didn'
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take seriously but in light of this, we take it very serious. >> some of the outlets did writ some and they include videos, photographs, they documented jo biden's habits of touching youn women in ways that make them visibly uncomfortable. a lot of people laugh this off. we are seeing is small amount o those pictures on your screen right now. joe biden leaned in uncomfortably close to the daughter of senator christopher's of delaware joe biden also frequently comments on the appearance of very young women. here is just one example. >> what i'm going to do is i am going to write you a longer answer and tell you the exact things i would do, okay? okay? promise. i bet you are as bright as you are good looking. >> to be clear, joe biden has not come clean are the years in
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recent years been accused of making women uncomfortable, he has been accused of rape. she alleged when she was 29 they joe biden pinned her up against a wall and penetrated her, she was immediately attacked is a liar, but then a phone call, a contemporary news phone call that her mother made to the larry king show corroborated the fact that that happened. she said her daughter had left washington because of the actions of a prominent senator. at the time the media. the story or laughed about it. joe biden responded to be more mindful, and that was it for this was from april of 2019. >> we are going to try to make human connection, that is the responsibility i shaky hands, i had people i grab in and women by the shoulders and say you ca do this. whether they are women, men, young, old, it's the way i have always been.
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the social chains have started to change. the boundaries of personal spac have been reset and i get it. i will be more mindful and respectful of people's personal space. that's a good thing. that's a good thing. i worked my whole life to empower women. >> i've worked my whole life to empower women, i just cared too much. a lot of people bought it, but now that we know that he behave in such a way that his own daughter believes made her sexually compulsive and later life, which is a classic sympto of abuse, it is time to reasses this. as joe biden said the word you just saw, she was campaigning for him as she was going throug rehab. it's worth noting right after his apology came out commit yet another woman publicly accused him of sexual misconduct, she said when she was a white house intern, he put his hands on the back of my head and pressed his
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forehead to my four head while he talked me. i remember he told me i was a pretty girl. so at this point, no more benefit of the doubt. this man is a creep. he is doing the same thing to his daughter, we know he showered with her in a way that she felt damaged from. if there is anything that deserves an investigation, it i this, but of course the fbi isn't looking into it because joe biden controls the fbi. by the way, this is the second time that joe biden has used th fbi to hide drug abuse and allegations of sexual misconduc with minors within his own family, and both of those stories came out this week yet they also swooped in when hunte biden violated laws and he was being a by his somebody who presumably would know since she was within the family. of course the fbi never charged
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hunter biden of anything instea they hid the existence of his laptop for more than year despite the fact that laptop contained evidence of multiple penalty and, the white house no tells us, they are enforcing with maximum figure. here the president's son for four years represented a foreig government in washington withou registering as a lobbyist. has he been charged? no. yet the fbi still has that laptop they claim they have investigated for years. while the feds kept the laptop walked away. joe biden told us it was all russian disinformation. >> if you're in a situation where we have foreign company-- coram trees, his own national security adviser told him that what is happening with his buddy zero gosh, i will.
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his buddy, rudy giuliani, he is being used is a russian pond, h is being fed information that i not true. >> i have no response. it's right up your alley. those of the questions you always ask. >> to be clear, at the moment that joe biden was telling the country that that laptop was anyone who looks through it for about 15 seconds knows it's real . and they need that. there are two big points to tak away from this, the first is jo biden should not be running thi country no one who presents family in this way should be hi behavior is a father is truly dark. even by modern standards.
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biden should explain immediatel why he inappropriately showered with his own daughter, he shoul be asked at his next press availability. his chief of staff should be asked, you work for a man who showered with his own daughter and by her account distorted th rest of her life because he did. how do you feel about that? at that point joe biden should resign. the second point to make is tha biden is using the fbi as his personal secret police. dispatching them to intimidate and prosecute people to get in his way or his family's way. maybe that's not surprising tha he spent his entire life living off of taxpayers. he is behaving as if he does an it is scary. we could not let the fbi become enforces for politicians rate w allow that he represents the en
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in this case joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you tucker. >> tucker: we spoke about this when it initially happened, but it is ever more clear that the women who sold the diary committed no crimes, certainly no federal crimes in the joe biden is using the fbi is a secret police and nobody is saying anything about it. >> absolutely right, tucker. when you look at the search warrants that were served on ou clients and executed, each of the four claims involved the word stolen, possession of stolen property, conspiracy to transport stolen property acros straight lines. stolen, stolen, stolen, but all along is we said and now as the press is reporting, nothing was stolen in this case, so it begs the question how did the fbi ge search warrants, how do multipl judges sign off on federal judges not just for the propert
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but for months beforehand e-mails, 200,000 of them. the answer is somebody must hav lied to a gullible or willing fbi who then passed on those lies to federal judges. who are those people? almost certainly members of the biden family in their legal representatives, so once we finally shut down this abusive investigation, it gets our property back, and see what was in those search warrants, which by the way, the aclu and reporters for freedom of the press have filed applications for, then there needs to be a criminal investigation to our federal law enforcement and get to the bottom of that. that is relevant to how they ar representing the doj and how powerful we're able to collect the doj and simply run roughsho over protections of the first amendment. doj regulations, and common-law protective journalist. they pointed out, so what if th property was stolen from the
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beginning of this case, the doj knows that it's perfectly legal for journalists like james o'keefe to run with stolen property and publish it. is protected by the united states constitution and the united states supreme court threat they should never happen again to any journalist. >> of course not, i am waiting for the first brave reporter to ask the question that must be asked of joe biden which is why did you shower with your daughter in a way that she described as not appropriate in a way that she believes made he sexually compulsive and later life. i think we have a right to know. i appreciate all the work you do , thank you very much. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: a fox news alert for you. this is almost beyond belief rate we learned that last night producers for stephen colbert show at cvs committed insurrection of the united states capital. adam schiff, the congressman fo california that spent the last
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year in half are a kook, adding shift illegally, gave producers from cvs access to the capital, and then the group, which includes this shows senior remained in the house and the law office building after hours in the point of them being ther was then to harass sitting members of congress. u.s. capitol police say they go a call about a disturbance abou 8:30 p.m. and told us respondin officers observed seven individuals unescorted and without congressional id there they then arrested them and charge them with unlawful entry into the capitol complex for th exact same charge that many january 6 defendants faced. we will get right to it, it is likely some members of the team will be held in solitary confinement for ear in a half without being charged why? because this is an insurrection.
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joking aside, how could they no be held for a year in a half in solitary confinement without being charged? because the president is in place, and how in the world can adam schiff, who spent the last year in a half on the basis of january 6, do the exact same thing and not face punishment? we tell jokes, it's about pearl harbor, no, it is exactly what happened on january 6. we will take a close look at what the punishments are. adam consider is crying at the thought. we will stay on the story. sent republicans joining with democrats right now to confiscate your firearms when republicans from that group has admitted he doesn't care about gang violence or murders and th cities, but john corner of texa
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says straight out, i don't care. that's not the point, the point is to take your guns. we will be right back.
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>> there is a big push and the u.s. senate to do something
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about and crime, so if you had map of gun crime, crimes committed with guns, crimes where people die by gunshots, you would notice they are clustered in cities. that's where the majority of gu crime takes place. the senate isn't trying to do anything about that, instead, democrats have decided this is perfect opportunity to disarm you, and the amazing thing is, mitch mcconnell the head republican in the senate has rounded up a group of ten republicans who can help them, so the backbone of this legislation they're trying to get through is something called the reg flag law. it would allow the government t confiscate your firearms withou charging you of a crime come up much less convicting you of one. john cornyn of texas, the amazing thing about him is, he admits that he doesn't care about gun crimes by actual
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criminals. senator john kennedy asked him during our we focused on gang violence in inner-city murders? and he said no, we're not focusing on that. will of your not focusing on that, then why are you doing this exactly? we don't need to guess where gu crime comes from peer and here is a montage of some of the crimes he can't be bothered with . >> a camera in the neighborhood got the back and forth of gunfire as panic teenagers ran through the streets pricking it happen 26 times in just one week . a string of robberies let's all begin and end the same way. nypd video showing one of them were in e team of armed suspect wearing in a receiving spencer volkswagen façade, got out,
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flashed their guns, rub their innocent victims, get back in the car, and it record 85 armed robberies cannabis story so far this year. this in bluish at six times. seek it's come located thing, but they crimes like we are seeing isn't complicated at all prosecutors across the country refusing to enforce laws that w already have, and when you do that, crimes spike great if you are supposedly the free state o texas you probably want to do something about that. john cornyn has decided to take guns from lawful gun owners. if there is one reason you vote republican it is to prevent tha spirit it's not surprising he's very unpopular, watch his reception at the texas republican convention. listen to the booze.
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>> thank you, god bless you in may god continue to bless our great state of texas fair. >> he is from utah and watch this whole thing. constitutional scholar among other things. i wonder why if you're worried about crimes committed with. that you wouldn't do something about them. and instead focus as they are now on taking from law-abiding people that have not been convicted. >> many laws have been violated. as you pointed out correctly, i many cases, you have a failure of enforcement at the state and local level. sometimes we need to figure out why those failures are happening . what is concerning is when you have a gang of 20 that comes together, however well-intentioned they may be at the outset, they come together
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and they claim to have formulated a deal, a deal they then present to the public because they did on monday. we have a deal and we will be voting on it within ten days. you need to actually have a deal . they have no deal, and that was the problem. they had a very loose sight of outlines. one of the things that matter i we dealing with freestanding rights, not to second amendment rights, but your due process like rights under the fifth amendment, your ticket under th fifth amendment, your right to jury trial, your right to witnesses under the confrontation clause. all of these things potentially implicated when you're talking about taking the gun rights awa from law-abiding american someone who's not been convicte of anything. those questions haven't been answered, they haven't even bee asked, and that is why it's kin of strange that they have this game coming together saying we solve this problem. >> can i ask is, if you don't represent your voters,
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consistently enough, ultimately they're going to revolt republican senators don't care, are they worried? they think they're going to win big in november. what if they decide not to vote how much do they think of republican voters are going to put up with my guess is my question? 's. >> that is a concern, and my expectation would not be just republican voters, but voters from lots of backgrounds who want to believe that there is cautiously, carefully, legislative. we are at our best when we deliberate, when we debate, whe we go back and forth, when we have legislate amend and update along the way. i think we are at our worst whe we bring something forward unde the heat of the moment with a lot of emotion. and we just tell members that they've got to vote on it, up o down, the consequences be without anybody having an
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adequate opportunity to review what. that really hurts the republica party and for that matter it hurts the republic. >> i appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you very much. >> literally, millions of foreign nationals are coming into our country illegally sinc biden became president. we have details straight ahead.
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>> tucker: there has never been an easier time than to enter that united states. you just walk across. we imagine everyone coming across is coming for a better life, most of them are, but not all of them. if you're a bad person trying t come into the united states, this is your moment and they know that. criminals from the fbi's terror watch list is coming over. bill millington is at the borde with proof of that.
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>> hey, bill barrett get that's exactly right, brand-new data from the cdc chose the number o people on the terror watch list showing appear at our southern border as shooting through the roof under president biden. to look at these numbers just out from cdp. we're to patrol arrests of people on the fbi terrorist screening database. look at the numbers for fiscal year 2022 already. 50 of these arrests of the people on the terror watch list already. that is more than the previous five years combined. you can see in 2021 there were 15, the year before that there were three, the year before that , there were zero, so you can see the trend the last couple of years under president biden, these numbers have shot up like a rocket ship. these are arrests of people known or suspected terrorists. it's all happening as illegal crossings are exploding down here. look at this video we put together showing some of these illegal crossings we have witnessed.
5:39 pm
the mate numbers just came out and our historic it again. more than 239,000 illegal crossings at our southern borde that is a brand-new record, the highest in dhs history, the third month in a row there were more than 200,000 illegal crossings putting this in the big picture, since october ther have been no more than 1.5 million illegal crossings a our southern border that is bigger than the populations of seattle and boston combined grade the last thing we'd like to show you. look at this wild video outs of the tucson arizona sector. here is a huge group of illegal immigrants brushing the border from mexico. you will see several of them running to the border barrier, some will start trying to climb over it, others will start trying to crawl under it or dig underneath it as overwhelmed border patrol agents, eventuall some popped through and run int the united states it's unclear how many of them were stopped,
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but that's what agents have to deal with day in and day out. the reason why they terrorist lots numbers of cdp source tell her he just since october there have been more than 440,000 known got a ways here at our southern border. they get past our border agents the big question is, who are th got a ways. we will send it back to you. >> fantastic job as always. biden did this coming he destroyed his own family, charged with his own daughter, then wrecked the country. senior editor at the federal is just returned from the border and we are always eager for a first-hand view of what is happening. thank you for joining us tonight . what did you see and what was your impression of it? >> what isaiah is a border frankly out-of-control. every migrant we talked to told us that they came north and the
5:41 pm
plan to get into the united states because they think it's good time to come, they think they can get in and they will b allowed to stay. they are not wrong. most of the migrants getting in and are being picked up by border patrol are being allowed to stay, there being paroled into the country, there being released pending their asylum hearing, there are any number o ways they are being released, the majority of them are gettin through. the ones that aren't getting through are getting sent back t mexico and waiting there to try to again. that is who we talk too. we talked to thousands and thousands of migrants in northern mexican border cities waiting to come across. >> the biden administration is making this possible, to other states into which these migrant are coming texas and arizona have republican governors greg abbott in texas and doug ducey in arizona. you see evidence they are doing
5:42 pm
anything to save the rest of th country? >> not in a serious way. texas governor greg abbott has tried with his operation lone star to make it more difficult for migrants coming north, he has struck a few deals with corrupt mexican governors. nothing really that is making a substantive difference grade we know that because hundreds of thousands of people are being arrested every month. the numbers are increasing despite these operations at the state level. the other thing we know is the mexican government is involved in this. how do we know that clicks you can't get to northern mexico yo can't get up to the border unless you go through these checkpoints and you can't get through the checkpoints unless you have papers so there is official corruption going on in the evidence is hundreds of thousand people are moving from mexico up to the border every month. >> such a crime. we appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> jeffrey epstein killed himself, shut up he did, and that was the end of the story. what's interesting is maxwell hasn't killed herself yet, but lawyers are claiming there have been attempts to have her kille in prison, but look away, look away. that is next.
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♪ >> if you haven't seen maxwell recently, if she is absent from a local starbucks, she was convicted of trafficking late last year like her accomplice, she did not get not yet died suspiciously behind bars, but not for lack of trying, her lawyer says there have been attempts to have her assassinated in jail. grace gallagher has that for a script again she is scheduled t be second sentenced on june she as facing 55 years in prison. for recruiting girls as young a 14 to have with jeffrey epstein. they are looking for leniency asking the court to impose a sentence less than 20 years in the big reason they want lighte
5:49 pm
sentences or safety writing in court papers one of the female inmates in her housing unit tol at least three other inmates that she had been offered money to murder her that she planned to strangle her in her sleep. the lawyers did not reveal how much the inmate was allegedly offered to kill maxwell, but th inmate reportedly said the mone would have been worth spending the extra 20 years in prison. maxwell's lawyers believe there are numerous inmates who would not hesitate to kill elaine maxwell for money, fame, even street credit, they won't comment on pending cases and there are many who believe maxwell was killed the jail cel video might disappear, jeffrey epstein apparently killed himself in one of the most secure prisons in the country because the guards failed to check on him for several hours he also tried to kill himself once before and lawyers requested the video of that attempt be preserved the prison
5:50 pm
agreed and saved it, but they saved video from the wrong part of the prison in the suicide attempt video was accidentally deleted. a lot of accidents in a row. we appreciate you bringing that to us tonight. review are conservative you remember the name julian is on, and of the people telling you h was a bad guy. what did he do wrong? what was his actual crime? offending people with power was his real crime. heat founded wikileaks and they had published e-mails but showe you military and covered it up. so exposing the crimes of the powerful is itself a crime apparently so he is been charge with violations of asbury and
5:51 pm
nagy. so as by now. and then leaned on the british government to help. the extradition to the united states to face trial, here he faces 175 years in prison. there was reaction from his father today. >> then found it extraordinary that the country the grave the world the freedom of the press and at the mainland, today brought that freedom to an end it is over, for publisher to be extradited to the united states and charged under the espionage act. >> gabe shipton is his brother, also the former and he joins us now thank you so much for comin on parade do you believe your
5:52 pm
brother will be extradited to the united states and do you believe the biden administratio will prosecute him under the espionage act? >> it seems that way. the biden administration has continued on with this extradition in julian is runnin out of options and the uk. the courts at the highest level have approved this extradition and so has a uk government so w think he is going to happen probably within the year britt figured if your brother can be prosecuted under the espionage act, then any journalist or any citizen who offends the people in charge or exposes them can b prosecuted britt why isn't ever journalist in the west defendin your brother? >> that is very good question, tucker. i think we have seen some journalist journalists come out obviously very strong, but up
5:53 pm
until now, that a lot of them have been able to say, the uk government is going to stop this , but now that's become very clear that the uk government is not going to stop this and this is really you know the part of our lifetime for press freedom, it's up to all the journalist down to get together and to stand up together to fight this into just get that biden administration to drop this. >> i must say, for all of its talk, i think the i think he probably has a better shot here i hope that's true, and i appreciate you continuing to bring your brother's case to th world. thank you. >> thank you. could get the biden administration is failing on every level, but they have one thing they are very proud of, it's not the fact that he showers with his daughter, we will tell you what it is, they released a picture to prove it. we will show it to you.
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trendline you might think the biden administration would be a shame for what they did for tha last year in a half. you would be wrong, they are proud of their diversity as their strength. the admiral just weeded out thi picture along with the message, when the first openly press secretary the first openly tran four-star admiral meet at the white house during pride, everyone can see themselves reflected. we've come so far. here is to shattering more ceilings. narcissism on parade, joe biden is proud to, he's excited about diversity here he was on wednesday. gig i'm also proud to sign to combat discrimination against those of the btu q l i plus americans. what is the plus, joe biden? is that for people who shower
6:00 pm
with her daughters? if you don't understand the acronym, don't use it. we told you it was insurrection last night at capital here. even colbert did it? will he spend the next year in half in solitary? we will tell you on monday. spend the weekends with the one you love. ♪ >> welcome to the special edition of hannity. we begin with that fox news alert because multiple people associated with stephen colbert the late show were arrested yesterday at the u.s. capitol and charged with illegal entry. here with the latest is ted program carried chad. >> good evening, pete. seven people according to u.s. capitol police have been arrested with unlawful entry, they were all associated with


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