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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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if you don't understand the acronym, don't use it. we told you it was insurrection last night at capital here. even colbert did it? will he spend the next year in half in solitary? we will tell you on monday. spend the weekends with the one you love. ♪ >> welcome to the special edition of hannity. we begin with that fox news alert because multiple people associated with stephen colbert the late show were arrested yesterday at the u.s. capitol and charged with illegal entry. here with the latest is ted program carried chad. >> good evening, pete. seven people according to u.s. capitol police have been arrested with unlawful entry, they were all associated with
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the late show with stephen colbert on cbs. they came yesterday for the 1-6. they came to the house office buildings to interview two members of the 1-6 committee, adam schiff and stephanie murph bear they also interviewed massachusetts democrat he is no the 1-6 committee. capitol police showed they grou away from the 1-6 committee hearing area because they did not have proper press credentials. they told the denied them credentials because they are no news, however, fox has confirme the group was led back into the long with house office building by an aide after 4:00 p.m., fox told the aide thought they had more interviews to do. they remained in the house office buildings unattended for hours. the group was arrested after th building closed the arrest came around 8:30 p.m. eastern time. they were near the office of gop , colorado representative
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they had no escort at that point . >> we've got to get more information which is why we nee investigation. we need to make sure we understand who in their offices brought these individuals and. it is my understanding these individuals were brought in by someone associated with adam schiff's office. >> now capitol police say they arrested seven people, charge them with unlawful entry in a statement capitol police say th building was closed to visitors and these individuals we're determined to be a part of a group that had been directed by the capitol police to leave the building earlier in the day. among those arrested roberts michael he is known for producing tv fun house on saturday night live, he also does the voice of triumph, the insult comic dog. we have reached out to cbs, we have nothing yet here, in this came just after the 1-6 committee released a video earlier in the week of gop,
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georgia representative giving tours and the house office buildings on january 5th of las year, one day before the capita riots. the democrats on the committee has released these tapes and sa that gop members gave surveillance tours of the u.s. capitol ahead of the riots. pete. >> bizarre, comic the insult do roaming the capital. also, the biden presidency goin from bad to worse as inflations inflation surges, gas prices hi one record after another, stock are sinking and americans are suffering under the cost of joe biden's feeling far left agenda in joe biden himself, he couldn't be more checked out very just to get this straight earlier today he was spotted jogging, running to marine one great he couldn't get there quick enough as he's purring ou of washington for yet another relaxing weekend in delaware. even his wife had to grab him b
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the arm and tell him quote we'v got to go. watch. >> i think we're going to be in a position where. >> we've got to go. >> we've got to go. can keep many people in india our waiting for you to visit india. >> mister president mister president. >> jill biden playing the role of the eastern buddy, his as hi approval hits one well after another because according to a new poll from you vote, his disapproval is at yet another new high, a whopping 56 percent of americans disapprove. get this, more americans now sa they would support donald trump and a potential 2024 rematch by a margin of 44-42.
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if all that wasn't bad enough o biden and the far left democrats , a new report from the hill is exposing more white house turmoil with several aide tapped out and looking for the exit. having to work for a president to frankly is in steep decline and seems to be trying to bring down the country with him. costs surging because of joe biden. recession fears growing because of joe biden. an confidence and american leadership is dwindling because of joe biden. here for reaction former white house chief of death along with fox news contributor joe concha. let me start with you, you had famously unorthodox, but everyone knew where the buck stopped, he was making the calls
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. what do you make of what is happening for staffers for the organization inside the biden white house? to give thanks for having me, pete. first of all, your rights. donald trump was the chief of staff, he was the construct or, the press secretary, we all kno that, but the one thing that he did do is that there were plent of inputs, he listened to everyone's opinion and he listened to people who believe the opposite things about a particular issue and he had lot of inputs, so i think one of th things you are seeing from joe biden in this decision-making blunder after blunder is he doesn't have a lot of input which creates a scenario for a lot of bad decision-making and then what happens there is that nothing is going well. what joe biden has done is he i attacked the policies of donald trump and those direct attacks
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whether be gas or insulation or you name it, haven't worked. he didn't listen in the morning from his own economists about pumping the economy full of cash . they are getting nowhere, they are not winning on any particular issues, the democratic base is not happy with the president he is 20 percent of strong approval among democrats whereas if you look at the donald trump, in spite of a very vitriolic political environments, he was always at 90-95 percent strong approval within his own party. last thing. joe biden didn't do what he promised, he said he was going to look out for the american worker in the american worker i getting cremated every single day out there across america. >> no doubt. joe, what is the communication strategy.
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policy is one thing and that's the most important thing than you don't have just been if it' working if you're having to spi it and you're staring at the binder in your giving late-nigh interviews and you're being pulled away from the press pool by your wife, what is their approach? >> the communication strategy i horrible. because, first it's the president said in an interview this week, that inflation is high all around the world, that we have a global problem and we are just a part of a global problem, but then you look at all the countries that have lower inflation of media china for example has 2.1 percent inflation, we are at 8.6 percen we are four times more than china right now and i could go through all the countries from saudi arabia to india to indonesia, australia, italy, that have lower inflation that we do yet this president thanks we're stupid enough to think that okay, everybody's having bad inflation, so look, if
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donald trump runs, it's almost virtually guaranteed he will because you don't have rally after rally and the plaster if that isn't the plan he's got an easy contrast and make if he stays on message on inflation i'm pretty certain that he wouldn't say that the solution like biden has is for lowering inflation is spending trillions more, just a hunch on that one. and gas prices, it's absolutely certain that if donald trump or basically any republican nominee , would restart the expansion of the keystone pipeline, the xl pipeline, woul open up, and wouldn't reject these oil leases and the on the u.s. border, if we can even cal that anymore, while constructio would be restarted, remain in mexico policy would be reinstated. the bottom line is joe biden is pulling at the bottom numbers o any first-term president in polling history.
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after go back to truman, trump, and the biden administration said the prospect of joe biden being closer to his 90s and his 80s. the democrat republican will no embrace in any capacity, that's where we are right now. to keep real quick, joe just laid it all out, if you are ron mclean and the chief chief of staff, you've been in that seat what do you do right now? >> you walk into the oval offic and say mister president, it's not working out, you're not working, i'm not happy, let's find a replacement to start thi thing over because they need to reset. if you took the sat today and guest see every single time you would have a better score than what joe biden is doing. >> that is an indictment. thank you both for breaking it down this morning.
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i'm a fox in friends guy, it's this evening. sorry, guys. beyond all the blenders and all of his bizarre moments, failed energy policy is still actually at the center of joe biden's struggling presidents. it is biden who surrendered his agenda to the fringe far left from day one. those folks who want to ban fossil fuels, and it's its joe biden who canceled the excel keystone pipeline. its joe biden who has refused t restore trump era independence. the consequences are getting more by the day. for example, farmers are now learning that prices could lead to feud shortages because farmers say they rely heavily o diesel to fuel their tractors i heavy machinery. 18 months we have gone from build up better, that was a problem to surging inflation,
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surging gas prices along with a baby formula shortage, a possible food shortage now, surrendering to the taliban in afghanistan and massive crime surge and i could go on and on, ask yourself as joe biden does one single thing to improve the lives of common sense taxpaying law-abiding americans? has he done one thing to make your day-to-day life better? for many americans, the answer appears to be a resounding no. cohost of the buck sexton along with former massachusetts senator scott brown. buck, let me start with you, food shortages, it's inflation, it's gas. to get worse, pete, for sure. and also the prices are going t go up dramatically i know some
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people who work and the package food industry and they say the producer inflation number which hasn't gotten nearly as much attention is going to mean that that price rising is coming essentially the price raises ar on the horizon. that is going to be for your staples, milk, eggs, butter, so people will find their there should not have been unsurprise that as soon as there was a war in ukraine, as soon as we saw inflation rising the way it has come of the should of been thinking what if a supply chain crunch plus a large part of the russian region, and inflation all this together means you're going to have to have real food shortages.
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delusional and incompetent at levels that critics are trying to warn the country about this it's even worse i thought, it's not a single person at the. >> joe biden has been in public life for 50 years, he hasn't ever the front of a paycheck, how much is to do with that's the only him or he's ever used on a nail. >> 50 years and public service, never had a real job, doesn't respect the private sector, and things that government is the answer to everything. this is very typical of most democrats out there that want more and more and more, that's why there is the american innovative enjoys act that is i the middle of an inflationary
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period. crushing jobs in our first employing sector of high-tech. and then looking at what we're doing with the implicit issues. when there is a problem he blames people. i was waiting for him to say we have too many babies, that's wh were out of baby formula. i was just waiting for that because that's how out of touch with reality they are. there is no solution and we can do better. here is the beauty of this country i love so much, we have a chance and a few short months to send a powerful message to the administration, to the democrats, and all the people out there wasting and spending our tax dollars and making terrible decisions, people need to get out and vote to make som very serious changes.
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>> there were lots of ideologue and the economic front there, but basic math and had some level of competency, you can se what's going on now from the energy secretary, you see the people who biden is taking advice from it speaks to whethe it's on the price of gas or whether it's on the price of th food in the grocery stores and he just doesn't have a team around him that knows what to do . their ideology in their choices are responsible for the mess we're in. these are the wrong people to try to turn this ship around, they are the ones that are driving us toward the shoals. >> senator come out last wordpress. >> he has got some cognitive disabilities happening and we all know it. he is surrounding themselves with people that are clueless. he needs to get some independen people who are business leaders in every industry and say what can you do to help us and they are just too proud to do that s we need to take back at the
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house and senate in then take back the presidency. it's pretty simple. >> not up to the job and people around him want to tell him that . thank you both so much. also breaking tonight, the bide administration radical energy agenda, a green mandate obsession failing so badly that even far left nbc is reporting that americans need to prepare for here's another one, summer blackouts. in states all across the country . >> this morning the nation's power grid facing questions and a serious test blazing heat wit more right behind it, pushing demand like never before. gig at the risk we see across the system is higher than the risk we've seen before. >> covering nearly two thirds o the entire country with the highest potential running from minnesota to louisiana. >> rather than admit the policy failures they refuse to admit
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their mistakes and instead continue to double down on thei economy killing green new deal disaster. since the claimant bizarre, attacking fossil fuels. watch. >> all make an enormous difference. we need as a society to be reinforcing the marketplace wit choices that will come from green products and green production schedules. industry estimate green steel. >> green products, that will do it. former energy secretary and texas governor rick. you saw that map, that is more than half the country, nbc is trying to peg it on climate change, what do you make a potential now blackouts? >> this as clear we have been
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talking about this for a long time, you have to have baselevel . diversity is fine and the energ side of things, it's good to have a portion of your energy that comes from wind, it's good to have a portion of it that comes from solar, but you must have a base load of energy to keep the lights on when the win doesn't blow in this and doesn' shine. to face up to that, fossil fuel are going to be a very importan part of that, and neutral. when you think about to the lef really doesn't like, what industries they don't like in the power generation side of it fossil fuels is the top of it and nuclear power is number two. so until you get eight nuclear power system into place, we hav got the technology, it's stunning to me we can't put small minded reactors out there.
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when there is a host of countries out there that could address this, i hope some state will take the lead on this if the federal government is going to make it so hard to be at get a permit for a small minded reactor than the states need to take this into their hands, texas, we are on our own grid, we need to use the tenth amendment is a washington, you're not going to do this, we are going to take care of this ourselves and go forward with it . >> senator, everything you said makes sense to me. between increasing refinery capacity in new nuclear sites, we're talking may be decades. what are folks supposed to do this summer when it gets hot an the power goes out, by a fan? what is the strategy? >> this is an incredibly difficult period of time. what we have seen is our countr taking it away from power
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distribution, power development putting way too many eggs and the baskets basket of wind in solar. we put too much focus on that, we need to be sending the messages to those that can buil quickly, plants that use natura gas, we have got literally hundreds of years of natural ga in this country, it's a cleanburning fuel we need to us that instead of listening to th john gary's of the world to do what i say, not what i do when it comes to flying around the world on your jet and then getting and lecturing us about how bad fossil fuels are. it is stunningly ignorant of them to think that the american people are going to buy that. you have the secretary of energ out telling the energy industry on one hand we want you to produce more and then we are going to shut you down in 5-7
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years. >> that's what i was going to say, you're exactly right. breaking news, the fbi investigating the numerous arso and vandalism attacks on pro-life organizations. alive report on this troubling situation.
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>> welcome back, not to the supreme court expected abortion ruling fueling more far left outrage great as the fbi says they are now investigating a
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wave of recent attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers. here is the latest is trace gallagher. can get the big concern is the attacks of rapidly increasing and both numbers and severity. we have gone from graffiti and vandalism to arson fires and firebombs including fire at the pregnancy center and wisconsin of firebomb at a pregnancy center and buffalo and a pregnancy resource center in oregon also torched allegedly b pro-choice groups. now the fbi is looking at potential domestic violence extremism, the fbi investigatin a series of attacks and threats targeting pregnancy resource centers and faith-based organizations across the country . democrats including house speaker nancy pelosi don't appear to share the fbi's urgency or concern. they are saying that it is contributing to the attack spread. >> any other questions about
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other subjects? >> remember when democratic sai radical left-wing violence pacifically and he felt was smith, we are to be back in tha realm even after that of the justice, democrats overwhelmingly think it is appropriate to protest outside the homes of justices. >> that's right, and nancy, i don't know. to didn't want to talk about it. no more questions. trace, thank you very much. also tonight come up more efforts by the biden justice department to stonewall key information on the federal prob into under biden. the doj in the new letter refused to ask it answer just basic questions about possible conflicts of interest in recusal 's inside the department of justice. this comes as hunter biden's ex-wife is breaking her silence and in a new memoir and
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confirmed she did talk to federal investigators. watch this brit get the u.s. attorney's office in delaware opened an investigation into hunter's taxes and business dealings in 2018. a subpoena obtained by cbs news revealed requests for bank records dating back to 2014 whe hunter in kathleen were still married. >> have you been subpoenaed by this administration? >> even if i was subpoenaed, i have my head so deeply. in the sand, i honestly have nothing to contribute. >> have you been subpoenaed though? >> i have not been subpoenaed. i have talked to certain investigators, but i have not been subpoenaed. >> so she's talked, and remember , this isn't just a story about hunter biden, it's story about joe biden, the big
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guy and have the biden family i there political status to pedal influence. if republicans take back contro of the house, expect this to be a top priority for the gop control oversight committee. here for reaction, fox news contributor and fox news legal analyst. two great guests on this topic freight you were the chairman o the oversight committee. the ranking member amongst republicans is homer, should they get the majority he is signaling he will investigate. how much oversight can be had o this? >> congress has long held it is a separate branch of government that can do its own investigation even if simultaneously the department o justice is in the midst of prosecuting or investigating someone. it's no excuse to put a stonewall lead to are the best at doing this investigation the
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congressman is more than capable . he has got his eyes on the target, this is a very worthwhile endeavor and if the democrats can move within a week , when the issue is subpoenaed and get it enforced, then they they should have the same kind of veracity at the department of justice when they start to go after the hunter biden and the others. >> they should i fear they won't , but we will see come 2022 . this letter from grassley and johnson to the doj, do they hav a legal recourse when you're in the minority like that in your attempting to get the attention of the department of justice ca they just brush it away? >> merritt garland in joe biden can do whatever they want because democrats control all branches of government here. the fact that this investigatio has been going on for five long
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years suggests that something i terribly wrong right it is ridiculous to think that this can stretch for that long without action or resolution. anything from tax fraud to mone laundering, foreign lobbying crimes. that is complicated stuff, but it doesn't take five years. they sent a letter to the u.s. attorney in delaware saying wha is going on here is they are tampering in obstruction in undue influence by joe biden's department of justice. the fact that this investigatio is occurring in delaware should trouble everyone hunter biden bragged to his business partner he knew everyone including the judges and the prosecutors and could exert influence and power over everything in the state of delaware. the federal regulations require
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under these circumstances, they demand recusal by joe biden's department of justice and the attorney general. instead what we are seeing here is stonewalling in obstruction. so if americans our to have trust in their government, then the rule of law must be followe and it's not being followed here . >> you are right about that. not to mention drug violations in illegal guns. jason, my viewers, myself included would be forgiven if they lost track at this point o what in the world is the shiniest object or smoking gun of what ties hunter biden, jim biden, joe biden to potential criminal activity. where would you zero and first since there has been so much ou there? >> follow the money paid they'v got to follow the money because the money ended up in the biden bank account.
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the deals in china, in the middle east, that took trip you took come up that hunter biden took his business partner with joe biden on air force two and said i'm going to be there i need you to meet me when the plane lands in mexico city, tha is really bad $100,000 at the former fbi director puts it int the bank account of the biden's as ed thank you for business in romania. how can that not be on the cove of time magazine and be a big story. we don't have enough space on the internet to literally list all the things the bidens have been up to and it is scandalous. >> maybe we get the chance of that committee. unfortunately we are out of time , but you get extra points for wearing the appropriate typ for this evening. i appreciate that. coming up, individuals on the terror watch list are trying to
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cross bidens open border. she joins us next with the full report.
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>> welcome back to this special friday edition of hannity. look at your screen. over 2.9 million illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border since joe biden became president and we are being generous, it's basically 3 million. almost to hundred 40,000 of the came in may alone at this year. the highest number ever recorde in a single month.
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and, 58 known terror suspects have been found crossing the border into this country since october. these are just the ones we actually know about. over 800,000 people have alread escaped the border patrol while crossing got a ways. so how many more people on the terror watch list have actually entered this country? no way we would ever know. carter was on the order of week for hannity and she joins us no with a full report. >> pete, there is no way we would ever know and those are known got a ways. just to put this in perspective for you, 800,000 known got a ways, this means these are people that they captured on video surveillance coming acros the board or that they couldn't apprehend, people who left trac marks, large groups, and those are estimates so it could be fa more than that. 800,000 is more than the state of vermont, it's more than the size of the state of wyoming
6:41 pm
it's more than the size of the state of alaska and these are people that have just disappeared into the fabric of america. when i was at the border i was watching droves of people, hundreds, 300 crossing. 400 crossing within an hour jus lighting up being lined up and brought into the country. they knew they would be apprehended these are people they didn't want to run, but just to give you an idea what the border patrol and especiall what texas dps has had to deal with, it is enormous amounts of strain on the resources i spoke to john with the border patrol union out in del rios, this is what he had to say. >> have you ever see numbers like this? >> no, before we would seat 900- 1,000 for the entire sector in a week and that was a busy week for as. now you go past one of our stations in eagle pass and they are getting 700 encounters a da
6:42 pm
in that one station. >> for that one little station at 700 a day. and then del rio might average 200 today. another station, 200 today so i just goes on and on and on. these numbers, it is crazy that they have become normal to us. it shouldn't be normal for it get there is nothing normal about this, right? >> we haven't seen these number before. i don't know. in surprise they have managed t last this long. >> pete, you know what, the jun numbers are expected to exceed those of mayberry it is unheard of numbers and it is terrifying for a lot of people working along the border when they know so many people have disappeared into the fabric of our country that haven't been vetted many people from all over the world, not just from mexico and not just from central america. the people i interviewed are being recruited to join these
6:43 pm
large caravans, many of which are forming right now in honduras, guatemala, and making their way through mexico headin toward the united states. >> i barely know what to say, all i can say is thank you for going to the source and doing the reporting almost nobody els will. thank you so much. joining me now with more reaction are former acting ice director and arizona attorney general, thank you much for being here. 3 million, probably lots more terrorists got through that we don't know about, what is to be said at this point? >> i have been saying for a yea in half the border crisis would become a national security crisis. i'm not the smartest guy on the planet, but i note the order. here's what we have, border patrol 161 countries.
6:44 pm
in this country assigned. when you're not paying attention , that's life they put this but. i will hunt in dc came up. date judge watches, we created the no fly list. you are vetted through includin a dod database. they can prevent terrorist from coming to this country, but the are meaningless because your interest now and watching the news, why buy a plane ticket, why apply for visa. you go to mexico, you cross the southwest border of the state and this president has created border and immigration crisis, when you do that, that causes 7 to be off the line that's when the drug flows through, and
6:45 pm
that's when the terrorist come across, this is a huge national security issue in this presiden created this crisis on purpose. >> it as open borders, mister attorney general, our viewers look at these numbers and the first thing i think is two and half men years of this? what does that look like? >> well, quite frankly, it is the destruction of america. i am a first-generation america and there is nothing wrong with people wanting to come here, bu they have to do it lawfully. what we have right now is chaos. i was down at the southern border today talking to the ranchers and the people impacte by this every day there are 1,000 getaways to see every single and these are people tha aren't surrendering to the border patrol because the biden administration is allowing people to come in here and get government housing and other
6:46 pm
benefits. what are these people crossing the desert, 100 plus degrees th 800,000 that sarah talked about what intention do they have for our country. order security is indeed national security. pete, that's why there are so many lawsuits to try to get the biden administration to do thei job unfortunately, the secretar may arcus made the least competent of anyone in the bide administration. >> that is saying a lot for there is a lot of competition for that spot. tom and mark, thank you both. >> wish we had more time, comin up, parents fighting back about the far left woke agenda in schools. the latest examples and get
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it syncs with your favorite vc apps so you'll never miss a meeting. and neither will she. meta portal, make working from home work for you.
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into an indoctrination pipeline just this week we saw a couple more examples. students can now be suspended for ms. jen during class meets, in new jersey, parents are suin after seeing curriculum that taught their kids that their roles in perpetuating these racism. i wrote about all of this isn't my new battle for the american mind which is on shelves right now. ernest hemingway once that happens gradually and than suddenly. when it comes to education, we are living the suddenly godlessness in critical race theory were planted in our pipeline at the beginning of th 20th century and we've been
6:52 pm
playing catch-up ever since. today we are surrounded parents and grandparents need to get engaged now. it's all in the book, i hope yo will check it out, here now for some reaction, doctor carol swain and my fox news cohost. thank you so much for being here . rachel, suspended for ms. jen during. >> thank you for having me on and thank you for putting this important book out into the universe. we needed now more than ever. this ms. jen during policy, its about forcing your kids to submit to say things they don't they know aren't true. if you whether it's a soviet union or they will tell you tha not to cooperate with these
6:53 pm
regime lies, and our children i the school system our captive victims and they need, they require us to be courageous and stand up for them whether it's mask policy or ms. jen during policies, this is very un-american. the idea of high school kids having to identify themselves, what effect does this have in new jersey. >> it shames children, and it violates their rights. i think it's important for parents to give all the knowledge in the information they can so that they need to read books like your new book i have a book on critical race theory, there are tons of america have materials out there . parents and grandparents are equipping themselves and fighting back and they need to because our children's lives ar being destroyed, their innocenc
6:54 pm
is being stolen, and the people doing it, i think they have evi motives and we need to fight back very. >> rachel, you are a parent com up what our parents and grandparents to do. we see this seemingly everywhere . >> i think both of you would agree with me that the answer i if you don't think your school can change and so many of the public schools can't, the answe is to pull them out home school find a great classical great books academy that you and i have both found for our own children, at great sacrifice an for me, driving long distance, but we are willing to do it because we know its right thing to do. a lot of this craziness came ou of the iv leak that you came from frankly and i've known you a long time, people don't realize that i have known you, our friendship predates fox and i would say that you have said many times that you would like to return your degree back to
6:55 pm
harvard, maybe it's time you do that finally. may be harvard want you too. >> leavitt to rachel, i have said that, maybe now is the time . may be tomorrow morning on, may be of put me in the spotlight and may be now is the time to give it back. >> absolutely. that's an even better points, s now the pressure is on, two ladies i respect immensely have put me on the spot radke i thin there's another reason. let's see if he actually return his degree. >> my diploma is right across, will bring it to the set tomorrow great i will see you, rachel, moore hannity after the break.
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>> this is all the time we have left for tonight. two and tomorrow for fox and friends weekend. rachel just inserts it might be more interesting on the couch tomorrow with her challenge. note don't worry, sean hannity is back on monday. have a great night, everybody. >> this is peschel week in review. the party of despair, that is the focus of tonight's angle. remember when the democrats use to be all about hope and change. >> i was born in the little tow called hope, arkansas,. it was a wonderful little smart down where it seemed everyone knew everybody else. >> do we participate in politic as cynicism or in the politics