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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 17, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> this is all the time we have left for tonight. two and tomorrow for fox and friends weekend. rachel just inserts it might be more interesting on the couch tomorrow with her challenge. note don't worry, sean hannity is back on monday. have a great night, everybody. >> this is peschel week in review. the party of despair, that is the focus of tonight's angle. remember when the democrats use to be all about hope and change. >> i was born in the little tow called hope, arkansas,. it was a wonderful little smart down where it seemed everyone knew everybody else. >> do we participate in politic as cynicism or in the politics
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of hope. hope and the face of difficulty hope and the face of uncertainty . >> laura: now the democrat party is singing a different tune. >> i actually think there is a fair chance that we could completely lose our constitutional democracy for a couple of decades if we make ba decisions. >> oh my god, talk about lookin defeated. we note what a bad decision was don't we. deciding to endorse biden in th first place, of all people, bil clinton should've warned the party of fearing too far from the left, a more centrist approach is what gave bill clinton to terms and the white house. by the way, it's not just the end of democracy altogether tha they're warning about, some are even predicting a civil war. >> they have been radicalized the late and many other things
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and have been pushing for violence and pushing for even civil war. >> let me say this, that was th most irresponsible comment comments i have heard in the longtime. we wholeheartedly reject this dark and pessimistic view of ou country. what ails america now is the agenda of the far left progressive scum at the fanatic that have taken the democratic party hostage and set up on the disastrous path we find ourselves on. we don't have to have $6 a gallon gas, we don't have to have a president that is a complete embarrassment on the world stage. we don't have to have criminals owning our streets. we know we don't have to have a open border, back in 2019 we ha none of those things. and we had low unemployment, rising wages, higher optimism, no inflation. we had peace and prosperity.
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and we can have it again. even during covid i was thinkin about this, trumped it operatio warp speed, he urged america to get back to work, get back to school, get back to business. have we done just that moving through the biden administratio and kept going with our energy independence, controlled our streets and borders? i mean very strong position right now, but unfortunately fo us, and i warned about this in the campaign, biden is too weak to stand up to the fanatics on the far left, and look at what they've done already, how much harm they have done to urban america and now much of that harm is starting to spread coast-to-coast because of the economic pain before. and even the new york times is admitting this today saying thi is going to hurt. of course, trumped and many of us predicted almost everything
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unfolding right now down to the gas prices and a collapse and the stock market. we were right, and date with th rosy predictions about how wonderful and dignified and elated and harmonious everythin would be under biden, they were wrong. the truth is they set out from day one to lower our standard o living, to diminish our freedom and to radically alter the american landscape and, to some extent, they have accomplished lot of that. they did this because they neve much had lots of faith in america in the first place, and frankly they just felt like the american people very much eithe they hate our history, they hat our findings, our traditions, our patriotism, even our own borders to them, it's not reall the land of the free and the home of the brave, it is the land that was stolen and the home of the racist and because americans are on the verge of
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throwing them out of office, they suddenly wanted tell us that democracy no longer works or it's in jeopardy. know, let me tell you how it goes. when democrats lose huge in november and then in 2024 we will once again see the genius of the founders at play that people will have had their say, and they will have rejected the failed policies in foolish corrupt politicians who enacted them and after that, it is restoration time and that is th angle. jenny me now is ari fleischer, editor at large of the editor. , it really was striking to go back and to watch the old obama speeches and bill clinton. it was very optimistic tone about the country, so what has happened? >> the democrat woke progressiv language that joe biden is a
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subscriber to is they think everything about america is wrong. the democrats have always had a blame america for a strain and the party. the former ambassador under ronald reagan talked about it 4 years ago. since then it has spread to virtually every aspect of democratic life. michelle obama said she was never proud of her united state until her husband got the politics. it is blame america first, blam america all the time, everythin america touches as wrong. it is such an to moderate conservative people, hispanic voters who love this country in our proud of our patriotism and even though we do do things wrong from time to time as a nation, we have learned and we are always better. that the america i know, that's not the america that democrats know. >> their vision is depressing. this morning at a major economy form, they spoke to a number of leaders from around the world
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including china and eight minutes into this, he ends up signaling his willingness to surrender american power. here was one such moment. >> in the nine states were building a network of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations and we set a goal of ensuring that all half of all passenger cars sold in the united states in 2030 will be zero emissions. >> he also said this would help usher and a transition as they like to call it what do you think he as thinking when he's watching biden up there talking about the charging stations as they are launching their third aircraft carrier. >> think he's laughing at joe biden, but i would take ocasio-cortez's point and say the woke left isn't just depressed about america, they are depressed about the state o the world. and new york times columnist recently said the question he
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gets the most when he goes up and speaks to people or solicit questions from his readership i should i still have children given the state of climate change and the world, which you could laugh at except it's so depressing. there are people that have trul brought into this religion that says we are on the cusp of true disaster to the point we saw abortion spike in 2020 during the pandemic to an unprecedente degree, you see this all leadin up to this point where joe bide as become the most malaise focused president that we have seen since jimmy carter. it is a depressing circumstance and i hope these folks don't go crazy when november comes aroun in their whole approach to the way they view the world is rebutted by the voters spread. >> the other plan to combat growing gas prices, is inflationary, biden officials are taking a second look at weather the federal government
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could send rebate cards out to american drivers to help them pay at gas stations. so he causes the problem, he causes it with the war on oil and gas, now are going to go more in debt and have more inflation with more spending. that's the cycle we are in your? >> and you talk about bad ideas why not give a rebate cards to and letting them develop more resources for all americans. that's how you'd lower the prices for everybody. its nonsense that we can ask other nations to produce more oil, but that doesn't harm the earth? that doesn't contribute to global warming, but if we produce it in america there tha it does? even the principles of the gree new deal are awfully flexible them. it's not complicated, produce more energy in america and prices go down, produce more energy in america we become mor energy independent, it's a win
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for all and when it comes to th green new deal in global warming , the solution is that is the eternal optimism of america as well. somebody is going to be the richest person on earth when they have carbon capture. that day will come for it depends on capitalism, freedom, and being able to make a massiv profit. whoever follows that course wil be the richest person on earth. that's all you deal with that. >> 400 years of oil and gas to keep it. and cheap energy. now i need to get your thoughts on this xes reporting today tha frustration inside the senate gop conference is boiling among conservatives that senator john cornyn is handling the gun reform negotiations. one gop senator speaking about the concerns saying the was shu
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up and vote for it this reminds me of the bush years when some of us were complaining about th border issue and we were basically told to shut up and just support what they were doing great i don't think this work spread. >> i don't think it works either . this is someone who used to wor for senator cornyn. this requires a fine touch, whe the federal government ways int issues like red flag laws where you can have the rights of americans stripped away from them often in irresponsible ways , it invests a lot of power in government i'm not sure we want them to have great i think there's parts of this framework that can be supported in chirps of encouragement in mental health. it requires is negotiation and trust. i think the gop has a long been
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the party that tells its voters to shut up and go along with their great ideas. that doesn't always work out well for them historically. >> the establishment tried that in 2016 and they got donald trump so they keep doing this donald trump could run and win again. >> last night we told you about the new front being opened up b the biden administration in the war on speech. it seems like the dsh aren't th only government agencies that want in. now it's the sec the security exchange commission that has reportedly requested informatio from business partner of donald trump social media company. the filing could reportedly materially delay impede or prevent what is confirmation of this business combination over
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at true social so we decided to go to devin nunes and technolog group. devin, what is going on here with the timing of the inquiry that you can share with us tonight? >> we are all for transparency here, we don't have anything to hide, we want to be treated lik every other company. you may remember that it wasn't donald trump that needed a new company, it was only because because trump was kicked off of social media along with those o us also shadow banned or censored in everything else, an lucas and, it's always the same with the left tells us, if you don't like the social media companies your conservatives, just go out and start your own company, that's what we're doing . donald trump didn't need a new company, i didn't need a new job . we're trying to open the internet up for the american people and we expect to be
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treated fairly like any other company should be treated. >> are you concerned at this point that you are not being treated fairly these are the other corporations that don't have any other associations or conservativism. >> we don't know because we filed publicly everything transparent with the sec and they should be producing comments that will be made public. we will answer them all publicly . the sec charter is very clear. it is there to protect the shareholders and commit the bes way to protect shareholders is to have a speedy process that skits done in normal fashion so that we don't have some bureaucracy. >> weapon icing all branches of government, all agency in the federal government is terrifyin and we're paying for it. i want to play a leaked video from project veritas from elon musk from yesterday's town hall with twitter employees. watch. >> i think it's essential to have free speech, and for to
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communicate freely. in order for people to have trust in twitter, i think it's important that they be transparency. the things i think need to happen in order for it to be to really go to the next level. >> would the twitter acquisitio be a threat to the power of truth social. >> actually, president trump an myself have been clear, we are all for it. the mission of our company is t open the internet back up in what ways and from the beginnin is if elon musk can buy that company, plus tik tok, whatever he could buy it would be better than what we have today. so listen, he's got a tough job there, it's not going to be eas and that whole video was very strange. i think it's going to be a toug time because the people that work there are so welcome, but they don't understand that what
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they're doing as wrong. that's why yesterday, it was interesting, we had governor newsome of california join true social, i welcomed him there. newsom and i, we don't agree on anything in california, but we're happy he joined. we want him to put there, he pu up a critical video of republican policies that he believes are bad republican policies and that's what it should be all about. that's what we're doing, or letting everybody on were not censoring for political purposes . we are not going to kick governor newsom offered we invite other democrats to join. >> there's all these media reports that you all were booting people off truth social you allegedly band them if they disagreed on issues regarding january 6th, the january 6 hearings, i'm going to give you the opportunity to answer this, is there any truth to that claim ?
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>> it's actually zero. every day, it's almost like i feel like we are back in the russia hoax, where you get 95 stories a day that you don't even have the time and the day to dispute them, but this was clear, that they were doctored posts that went to twitter and then this stupid fake news medi so they all write a story, and it's like what are you talking about we couldn't find any of that. >> i think it was good that newsom came on, joined truth social and posted a video. that's what the first amendment is about, having free and open exchange of ideas, i thought that was a really great developments. i welcomed that. great to see you as always. thank you so much. up next banner week, and in moments how sports illustrated smeared a high school football coach over prayer. congressman and former nfl
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player is here on the fine handed down to one nfl coach over a january 6th comment. stay there. yo
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>> after games, former bremerto washington football coach joe kennedy would kneel and pray only with players who voluntarily chose to participat for it when the district set ne
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guidelines in response to this heresy, kennedy ended his group prayers, but still engaged in postgame prayers by himself or the pictures didn't like that either so they put him on leave and they won't allow him to coach. the first liberty institute filed suit on his behalf some six years ago and in january of this year the serene court finally decided to take up the case. the court hasn't even issued it opinion but that didn't stop th publication of sports illustrated sports illustrated for alleging something far more nefarious about coach kennedy. he is a human embodiment of the country deeply divided religiou movement surging with momentum even as organized religion becomes increasingly unpopular and ours important right-wing wishing many say is employing a tactic, us versus them. for this logic trysting makes the argument christian nationalists have lost their rights all to maintain a cultur
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war strategy that hinges on a roast oversimplification of speak. trading now, former high school football coach joe kennedy as well as his attorney ceo of first liberty institute for a joe, that's a mouthful, not particularly good writing, but there you have it. that prayer, even just praying by yourself, it is such a threa to them. why? >> i have no idea. all those words, i don't even know what they mean great i don't even think they know what it means. it's just like in the princess bride, i don't think they mean what i think it means. have you had any requests to keep yourself? >> absolutely not. you know i served 20 years in the marine corps so i can exercise my rights, and the thoughts that somebody of any kind of faith would have to hid
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who they are or have to just be ashamed of them being a you know , anybody of faith, that is just wrong in my book. >> what up into sports illustrated being a publication ricoh learn about sports? >> i think they wandered out of their arena in their in for trouble, saying this would be a threat to democracy. as you and i know, it's not a democracy it's a constitutional republic and we value free speech in the free exercise of religion which is the it is bizarre. i would tell people engage they wonder, if you have any questions about the coach, we have the facts. you can listen to the oral argument to the supreme court, people can just go to first
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joe, what has happened to. that has inspired so many young men over the years. >> it is so difficult to put it into words, you have something that you love deeply. coaching is something that i never knew how much those young men would ever meet to me. and it gets taken away from you. so life becomes just a big old mess and not to mention my wife actually worked for the school district so you can imagine the hr department was up to their eyeballs with coach kennedy. it's just been a mess and i'm
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really looking forward to the courts actually just ruling on the facts of the case. >> setting things straight into in kelly, it seems to me that joe has been damaged by this. will he get any monetary satisfaction by the time this i all wrapped up? >> laura, he didn't want to ask for any money, he didn't want anybody to ever say that this was about money, so he didn't seek monetary damages, he wants the right, and if he wins, you're going to see him back on that field coaching those players again and going to need for 20 seconds to think god for the privilege of coaching them again. i think that would be the greatest victory the coach coul ever hope for and i think it will decide a great example for the country that this is a country that believes in the first amendment and we respect
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peoples rights to pray by themselves for it. >> i would like to be at that game, if you get back on the field. >> you are more than invited. >> i'm coming. it isn't just public prayer tha caught the will, from blm to th covid vaccine shaming to now coming after players who refuse to display a pride patch. every league in every network has made every leftist cause a narrative of the date their own. okay, this is the case with the washington commanders they used to be the redskins, but that wa too offensive, they find their defensive coordinator $100,000 for his comments about the january 6 during. >> i see images on tv, people's livelihoods are being destroyed businesses are being burned down , no problem, and then we have a dustup at the capital, nothing burned down, and we are
7:29 pm
going to make that a major deal. >> del rio was pretty much correct on that, but politicall incorrect so he got fines and forced to make an apology. here is urges owens, congressman , great to see you. your reaction to this attack on irene dan snyder who owns the washington commanders, he is no a he plays that sensitive role every now and then, but what is happening? >> let's say first of all what we saw it's the kind of generation i was raised with an i would love to be at that game. when it comes down to it is this , we have to remember what makes our country great great i is that every american can thrive on. what we have now come at the left is after our faith in our morals, after what makes us wha we are. we just up the coach, he's goin
7:30 pm
to make sure that team wins. take that and look at the wouk news of a washed up guy, callin nfl slaveholders, he divided th american people and yet they still invite him back so he can try out for the team. this is the difference. people are just tired of it, retired to being angry, we want to get back to normality we wan to be proud of who we are. everything you are seeing now i going to be a blessing for us i the next couple of years when i gets back to normal bear at. >> speaking of this liberal sports media, here is kostas weighing in. >> the deaths of a caused by some of the rights they came ou of legitimate protest protests cannot be justified, but neithe can be they accurately compared to january 6, apparently del ri didn't make that distinction.
7:31 pm
>> he is excusing the death and destruction that occurred after the george floyd killings, whic was devastating to the country, and again, this is all becoming why don't these guys go into political punditry if that's what they want to talk about, that's fine, compete against us every night. >> will when you see a business born down, you're talking about minorities trying to get to tha and they their livelihood is burned to the ground where they would love to compare that, the insurrections going on across the country because they promoted it and allowed it to happen to something where peopl showed up, they really wanted t demonstrate for something good and i got out of hand. at the end of the day, this is the difference we see between what the left it's basically because chaos, one thing that w can say about the left, misery is a political strategy and we have seen that over in over again.
7:32 pm
we have seen it firsthand and w refused as a nation to let that happen to our country. >> i think minorities are rejecting this, at least in these early returns of some of these special elections in then coming up in these primaries, w will see what happens, but it seems like people are getting fed up, including minorities great deal be happy to know the carolina panthers announced tha they have the first openly transgender cheerleader apparently this is what the nfl is focused on. >> the american people think differently and they will pay the price, some of us just want to come together and. >> do you watch cnn? >> i don't i can't watch espn, it's impossible. great to see you as always. i hope to see you at coach kennedy's game. that would be really fun.
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you know things are bad for the left when michelle obama can't draw crowds. nobody can believe the new wax figures. raymond arroyo has it all it friday follies next.
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donate now. at or call the number on your screen. welcome to fox news live on thi friday night. infants and preschoolers are on step closer to getting covid vaccines after the food and dru administration earlier today authorized emergency use for children six months to five years old. for shots for tots need to get final approval from the cdc which is expected to vote on recommending them tomorrow if approved, shots can begin going into kidd's arms is soon as nex week. space x has given that we're critical of founder elon musk. an unknown amount of workers pu out a letter blasting the ceo. the letter concluded more than
7:39 pm
400 signatures that sid musk behavior had been a source of embarrassment and recent weeks. now back to "the ingraham angle." >> for that we turn to raymond arroyo. there have been a series of underreported bombs this week. >> starting with a pretty high-profile one, michelle obam group when we all vote held their big culture of democracy summit. it featured nicole hannah jones
7:40 pm
they claim it was nonpartisan event i will let you draw your own conclusions. >> this is not me saying this. we have seen letters published that say that our democracy is in peril. last year for the first time we were listed as democracy in decline. you know what i'm talking about. >> i am late never wrote about politics. i was shocked they weren't even registered and i said okay, i get it, your straight white guy. that all an election is great i'm not giving you my power i a lending you my power for the period of time you are in great. >> it was a totally nonpartisan event. it is aggressively boring, it seems like it's an old throwbac to 2012 or something, it doesn' exactly speak to the issues of the day in any manner. >> and then the nonpartisanship
7:41 pm
continued with the hosts michelle obama. >> if you don't vote, other people will. >> in this country, we tell ourselves that every vote counts , that every voice matters . then we hear about harsh new voting restrictions getting passed in georgia, and we hear about another in texas, we tell ourselves that our grocery stores won't get shot up by white supremacist and that my kids will be able to read toni morrison in english class. i don't know about you, but i a tired, we have got to take a long hard look at how we can make congress itself better. that means changing the filibuster if that's what it takes to save our democracy. >> totally nonpartisan. even selena gomez the turnout was underwhelming, when michell
7:42 pm
and a lineup of celebrities can't eat midterms are going to be rocky. >> this is kind of wave file ou for the angle, when they are losing, they say democracy is i peril, so they're going to lose and when they lose their going to see democracy doesn't work. it such a ridiculous argument. >> you also can't get americans to focus on the things your focused on when they are suffering from the things they're interested in and you'r offering no solutions. >> let's take it further, you can't get americans to empathiz with your message about how angry you are when you're doing it from maui, from martha's vineyard and from la. >> beverly hills. >> laura: if you're angry in those places. >> ripley's believe it or not unveiled their joe biden and kamala harris wax figures. the internet just discovered
7:43 pm
these figures. i will let you take a look. believe it or not, first of all joe biden looks like in strange things. >> he does. >> kamala harris is unrecognizable. she looks like one of the damon brothers movies. this thing is as far off is tha luzzi's statute that showed up few years ago. i hope she didn't see this wax figure is all i can say. >> how dare they. how dare they. >> let's hope she doesn't. >> first of all, i rudely interrupted you because i was going to forget what i was goin to say. it looks like biden in real lif because biden looks like a wax figure. he has had so much filler in botox or whatever it is in his face, it doesn't even move with emotion. >> is he running to the next election? where is he going? he has to do that little spring
7:44 pm
and his step to look like he is really idled. >> to canadian students have created something that i think is the bomb, this is for people who want to share the bed with their dogs come at the dog won' sleep on your bed, you'll sleep and his, it's a no human size dog bed that got me thinking wh would ever use this? >> my kids. >> no, no, take a look. >> i found the ultimate birthda present for you. i don't even want the dog or it allergens in my bed so i'm not crawling into this. >> i have been known to fall asleep in the dog bed, but my kids, a couple of times. i like those pjs, by the way. >> we have to get the freedom matters pjs going. i know you like it when your little rat terrier comes up to sleep on the bed, i know you love that fred.
7:45 pm
>> unless your dog happens to b cliffords, nobody needs this. i'm sorry. >> , i have an idea for every holiday gift giving option. happy birthday, by the way to you. >> thank you very much. i will see you soon. a special election in texas as it provided more evidence that they are losing their grip on hispanic voters. we introduce you to someone who could do the same. stay there.
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now to our retaking america segment freight tonight were going to examine the seventh congressional district which includes more most of the suburbs north of richmond. winning in large part due to he claims that she was a moderate rate she joined the blue dog caucus and even said when she was elected that she would not vote for pelosi as speaker of the house, while, since then sh has voted with pelosi 90 to percent of the time into gettin to the website 538 she's voted in line with his positions 100 percent of the time that means she has been a rubberstam for all these things that lead to inflation like the stimulus in 2021 and open borders. here is a law enforcement officer military wife in a mom
7:51 pm
who is looking to unseat her, your parents came here from el salvador, your brother was almost killed by an ms 13 membe how haslett influenced you to get into this crazy world of politics? >> my brother was then down and nearly killed by ms 13 gang members so for me it's personal we have no idea who is coming through the southern border. i grew up in a time where i saw aldermen trying to recruit children of elementary age into the gang grade when i could tal about the crisis at the border and the crime in our communitie i am talking from a personal standpoint. >> when we think of the changin demographics of america, the latino population is growing, vibrant, there is small busines owners, law enforcement like you , how is this possibly change for the republican party and th latino vote nationwide.
7:52 pm
>> i served is a chairman where we successfully brought out 54 percent of the hispanic vote which was historic. i'm excited about that great when you look at the state of candidates vying for the nomination i'm the only one wit those kind of numbers so we've been working hard to, we have been laying the groundwork in we're going to the success, not just this coming tuesday june 21st, but also in the fall. >> one thing when you think about a law enforcement background like you have, and t see what has been done to the most beautiful cities and the united states. incredible places where crime i rampant, and the random attacks on individuals, innocent people walking down the streets, have you seen anything like this and how did that the whole summer o love and the treatment of law-enforcement after that lead us up to that. >> i've got into law enforcemen in 2011 and i saw firsthand tha
7:53 pm
the role that law enforcement plays and the community, but i can see tell you of never seen anything like it we went from being greeted at your local 7-eleven to being demonized, cursed at. we have seen it all. we see now based on the polling the democrats are trying to bac that with attacking the police because the polling shows the american people overwhelmingly reject the idea of getting rid of the police altogether. >> abigail spann berger has talked about the idea in the issue of getting control. here she is. >> limiting large capacity magazines, raising the age at which one can get an assault style weapon if we are not taking the full step of getting a full production stoppage in place. in utilizing federal legislatio to.
7:54 pm
it shows how disconnected she i at the people. >> the whole commonwealth of virginia as someone who has people who know what they're doing with firearms. we will be watching june 21st. six people and the primary, but i'm looking forward to seeing what happens. summertime in the is easy. we come back i'll tell you how it could even be better. and lost some weight. announcer: ozempic® provides powerful a1c reduction. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack, or death in adults also with known heart disease.
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nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. "preservision is backed by 20 years of clinical studies" "and its from the eye experts at bausch and lomb" so, ask your doctor about adding preservision. and fill in a missing piece of your plan. like i did with preservision" >> a lot of you asked how could it possibly be that you had usa made polo shirts, but we do. freedom matters greer a very cool. white and red beautiful red. beautiful blue. men like different colors. so do women. all for the honor flight network . all the proceeds for the month of june good to the honor fligh
8:00 pm
network. great organization for our veterans. for all of you who are sick of mandates, mandate freedom. also on the light made in the usa enjoy your weekend where your trucker hat and impress al your fans at the beach. my favorite freedom matters. america now and forever. a gutfeld and the whole crew have all the fun. they take it from here. >> happy glorious glorious friday everyone. right is such a deep do do. not just his own. the media seems to be turning their back on him. like when killed meet and does the credit elevator.


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