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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 17, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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. good evening and welcome. it's tucker carlson said happy friday>>son.. i'm going to bring you back to a story that we covered at the time but whose significance we didn't fully understand then and it's definitely worth revisiting. so just before dawn on november 4th of last year, a team of mass fbi agents wearing bulletproof vests showed up at the home of a journalist who works for the investigative media company project veritas. they poundeded the store. no they said they have a warrant. let us in.
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we know what happened because it's all captured on camera here it is. i'm sorry of the myths regarding the search warrant open up. i want my name for another order. >> let me see your hands. let me see your hands. it was serious. they had weapons. they barged in . they went through the whole place. they tore the journalists home apart. there's another team coming, they said, and they were right. two days later, feds at the home of project veritas founder james o'keefe in westchester countyyefe,. he so f why were the fbi coming to the homes of employees at project veritas? what did they do with a involved in the human smuggling ring? were they bringing fentanyl in from china and killing more americans?
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no. the fbi believed the project veritas was t in possession ofad information about a diary writtenn by joe biden's daughter ashley by the fbi claimed that diary had been stolen. we now know the fbi knew that that had not been stolen and itt wasn't. p but as james o'keefe pointed out at the time and didn't havew enough people here and when he said it, what if it was stolen? having a stolen diary is not a federal crime. so what in the diary was so important that joe biden sent fbien agents to get it back just to keep it? the tipsters indicated that the diary included explosive allegations>> against then candidate joe biden. the tipsters indicatedon that they were negotiating with a different media outlet for the payment of moneys for for the diary. we attempted to return the diary to an attorney representing is biden, but that attorney refused to authenticate it. ve project veritas gave the diary to law enforcement to ensure it could be returned to its rightful owner. we never published it.
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now miss biden's father, department of justice specifically of the united states attorney's office forjuic the southern district of new york appears to be investigating the situationg ,claiming the diary t wass stolen. we don'tst know if it was, but t begs the question in what worldf is the alleged theftt of a diay investigated by the president, a fbi and his department of justicey a diary so everyone in american media hates jamesdie o'keefe because he covers them . sond they ignored this story and they never answered the question. butes question hangs in the airn and it's a real one . and we're quoting in what worlde is the alleged theft of a diary investigated by the fbi? why were they doing this ? well, the answer lies in what's in the diary and now we know what's in the diary thanks to a new piece in the daily news which has a copy of the diary. josh boswell is a reporter there at the daily mail. he broke the story.
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he joins us with the answer. josh, thanks so much for coming on . what is this about so we've looked at the diary. we've spent a lot of time considering carefully what to report from it and what we've chosen to report are some pretty serious things that actually the president's daughter wrote . she wrote that she was musing over whether her father was sexually inappropriate with heri when sherl was a little girl. shetion mentions in the diary showers with her dad and she also talks about them being probably not appropriate. she writes that down in onery page in her diary and she alsofe refers torr being hyper sexualized at a young age. there is a lot of referencese in the diary todi her and repeated spells in in rehab. her relaxium is with drug abuse, alcohol and addiction as well. and there's some truly kind offs
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shocking things in there as well about how joe cried. he was brought to tears of worry for his daughter just before a democratic primary debate. so we can now know because ofy this story there are several things that would be extremely important for national security . they not fall into the wrong hands. for example, the chinese or the russians who could use this as blackmail if it wasn't published. so that's why we decided to puth this out there, why we thinker it's important that the american people knowhis. that . well, it's it's prima facie shocking. i mean, fathers don't shower with their daughters at an age at which they remember it off course, in your reporting, did you see any potential and i know this wasn't the focus ofha your piece but potential crime that would justify a predawn knock raid by the fbi. yet this was an area that we covered in our reporting.
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really wanted to find out how did the diary get from where it was to to being published online and it was left by ashley in a house that she stayed in for a whilea after she came outwh of rehaber and then the next person who came to that house foundso the diary under the bed and they're not actually being investigated by the fbictua for stealing it. they're being investigated for selling itbest. so i don't know ifda that justifies a dawn raid on the people who got hold of the diary who bought it from them. but the person who found it, she is being investigated for selling it. that's'sisvest the alleged crime that the fbi are looking into. yeah. which. is not a federal judge boswell of the daily mail. great to see you. so thank you so much. thank you .g so we're going to recap a lotyo of what you just heard. this has been out there for a while. it should have been the focusen of a lotti more attention than t has been. we hope to change that . so here once again are the words from ashley biden's
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diary quote i have always been boy crazy, hyper sexualized at a young age. i remember somewhat being sexualized the family member i remember having with friends at a young age, showers with my dad probably notot appropriate. so actually biden wrote this in the context of his strugglend with compulsiveness in later life and she attributes those compulsions to the fact that her father took showers with her in a way that wasap quote not appropriate. and we have no reason to doubt that what she wrote is true . she did. i read it for publict consumption. she wrote it in a di diary thats you just heard, she accidentally left behind in a halfway house in palm beach, florida in june of 2020 duringac the presidential race, the woman who tookh,. the room that she left a single mother found that diary under the bedth . now ife you are the father off, daughters, ask yourself isn there any explanation for that behavior that is justifiable and there's not it's sick and it's horrifying
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actually . biden doesn't say how old shehe was at the time. she showered with her father, but obviously she was old enough to remember doing it . kids don'ty, little take showers. they take baths t, inappropriatt showering with your own daughter. d if that's not child molestation, it is definitely close enought' to justify a police visit. the police have not visited joe biden are not investigating this and said the fbi is breaking to the homes of journalists who brought it to public attention. and now according to the daily mail, again, you just heard this the feds are investigating a woman called amy harris who had the misfortune of finding the diary. to be clear, none of these people committed, certainly not federal crimes and yet they aree being harassed and tormented by federal law enforcement because they embarrassed joe biden and spilled veryt dark secrets to the world. and thee effect is to intimidate everybodyti, the media out of covering it. and that's why you're not seeing media coverage about this anywhere . it's enough to make you reassess stories that you have
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read about joe biden in the past that we probably didn't take seriously . t butve in light of this , we take them very seriously in the run up to the last presidential election, several media outlets did run storieset and included videos and photographs and firsthand testimonials that documentedph joe biden's habit of touching young women, often in ways that made them visibly uncomfortable while people laughed this off. it doesn't seem quiteunco as fuy now you're seeing a small selection of those pictures on your screen right nowl in are particularly creepy picture from 2015, joe biden leansenen uncomfortably close tof the daughter of senator chriswa of delawarere during a signing ceremony. joe biden also frequently comment on the physical appearance of very young women. here's just one example from may of 2019. to what i'm going to do if you give me a dress , i'm going tot write you a longer answer and tell you the exact things i would do. okay, okay. promise i'll bet you're as bright as your good looking. i say to be clear, joe biden has not simply over the years
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in recent years been accused of making women uncomfortable. he has beenead accused of rape. you remember that a former biden staffer called terror whose story again we probably didn't take seriously enough alleged that when she was twenty nine , joe biden pinned her against the wall and penetrated her .e now she was immediately attacked by democratic partizans you're a liar because wal actually they don't believe all women. but then a phone call,utn a contemporary is phone call.r the terrorist's mother mademo the larry king show called corroborated the fact that happened. she said her daughterr had lefte washington because ofof the actions of a quote prominent senator . now at the time the media is buried the story or laughed about it . joe biden responded m by promising to be more mindfulr and that was it. w this is from april of 2019. we're really trying to make a human connection. that's my responsibility. th ti , i shake hands, i hug people, i grab them by the shoulders and say yoush can don this . and whetherr women, men, youngg or old , it's the way i've always been a sociall began to
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change. they've shifted and the burden is a protected personal space have been reset and i get it. but i will be more mindful,ul respectful of people's personal space o and that's a good thing. that's a good thing.i i work my whole life to empower women. i've worked my whole life on parliament. i just care too that was his explanation and a lot of people bought it. but now that we know that he behaved in such a way that his own daughter believes made her compulsive in later life, which is a classic symptom of abuse, it's time to reassess this . as joe biden said the words you just saw his own daughter, the same daughter's life was collapsingng. she was campaigning for him as she was going to rehab and it's worth doing it right after joe biden's apology came out, yet another woman publicly accused him of sexual misconduct. that woman is called clinton young and she said that whent she was a white house intern, biden quote, put his handd on the back of my headil
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and pressed his forehead to my forehead. will you talk to me?e he t i remember he told me i was a quote pretty girl. so at this point no more benefit of the doubt. a this man is a creep. well, biden was doing the samehe thing to i daughter in the showr ,was he ? we know that he showered with her in a waya wa that she t damaged her . if there's anything that deserves an investigation ,it is this .i but of course the fbi is not looking into it because joe biden controls the fbi and said they're trying to cover it up. and by the way,fbi this is atse least the second time that joe biden has used the fbiid to drug abuse and allegations ofan sexual misconduct with minors within his own family.e and both those stories come out this week. the faa also swooped in when hunter biden violated federal gun laws and was accused according to his own text messages, a being a quote by his girlfriend's sister in law, someone who presumablyhe would know since she was within the family. of course, the fbi neverco charged biden with anythingng
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and said they hid the existence of his laptop for more than a year despite the fact that laptop contained evidence of multiple felonies, not least numerous of violations. and farah is a law that the white house now tells us they're enforcing with maximum vigorci. butt here the president's's son four years represented foreign governments in washington without registering as a lobbyistfo. that is the definition ofge a federal violation. has he been charged? no,d? and is the fbi still hass that laptop? they claim they've been investigating for years they've done nothing with and while the feds get the laptop locked away, joe biden told us with the vacuum intelligence community it wasas all westend a disinformation. we are in a situation where we have foreign company countries trying to interfere in thehi outcome of our election. his owns national security adviser told him that what is happening with his buddy? well, gosh, i will.
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his buddy rudybu giuliani, he's being used as a russian pawn. he's being fed information that is russian. >> that is not true . i know you said i have no response. it's not a campaign right up your alley. u >> the question you always ask. so to be clear at the moment that joe biden was telling the country from the debate stage with that laptop was quote russian disinformation. the fbi knew perfectly well that it wasn't because they had it and they knew it wasn't russian disinformation is anyone who looks through it for about fifteen seconds knows it's real and they knew that . but there was not a single leak from the fbi saying actually candidate biden, you're lying. ar soe there are two big points te take away from this ., the first is joe biden should not be running this country. nono one who has run his own family in this way should be in charge of anybody else.or his behavior as a father is truly dark even by modern standards.
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biden should explainpl immediately why he inappropriatelyai showered with his own daughter. he should be asked that at his next press availability. his chief ofs staff, ron klaini who runs the country should be asked dolata you work for a n who showered with his own daughter and by her own account distorted the rest of her life. because he did? how do you feel about that ? and at that point joe bidenha should resign and at the very least and the rest of his life trying to repair his own children who need it badly. and the second point to make is that biden is usingng the fbi as his personal secret police, dispatching them forward to crush and intimidate and prosecute people who get in his way or his family's way. maybe that's not a surprise thing from a guy who spent his entire life living offfe taxpayers. he believes he ownsving departmt of justice but he doesn't. in fact, he's behaving as if he does is scary as . we could not let the fbi become enforcers for politicians and their families if we allow that it's the end of everything. me dillon is managing partner of dillon brooks.
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he represents project veritas in this case. he joins us let me thank you so much for coming on . t so we spoke about this when initially happened, but it's ever more clear that project veritas and the woman who sold the diary committed no crime, certainly no federal crime. and the joe biden is using cg the fbi as his personal secret police and no one is saying anything about absolutely right, tucker . and when you look at the searche warrants that were served on our clients and executedre , each of the four claims involves the word stolen possession of stolen property, conspiracy to transport stolen propertyst across state lines and so on , all stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen. w but guess what ? all along, as we said and now as the press is reporting independently, nothing was stolen in this case. and so that begs the questionge how did the fbi get search warrants? how did multiple judges, by the way, sign off on search warrants not just for the property that they seized but four months beforehand
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emails? il them. ed thousand of and the answer is somebody must have lied tost a gullible or willing fbi who then passedd on those lies tothos federal jus . who are those people? almost certainly members of the bidenn family and their legal representatives. and so oncein we finally shut down this abusive investigation ,get our propertyk back and see what was in those search warrants which by the way, the aclu and reporters committee for freedom ofil the press have filed applications for then there needsedfo to be a criminal investigation into the lies told to our federal law enforcement and get to the bottom of that and that is relevant to how the biden administration is weaponizes the dojva and how powerful lawyers in new york city were able to callre up the doj and simply run roughshod over the protections of the first amendment. otstthe privacy protection act,j regulations and common law protectinggu journalists tucker, as you pointed out.t so what if the property was
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stolen from the beginning of this case? the doj knows that it is perfectly legal for journalists like james o'keefe and project veritases to run with stolen property and publish it. it's protected by the united states constitution, united states supreme court. so this should never happend againnur to any journalist of ao political persuasion tucker . no, of course not. and i'maiti waiting for the firt brave reporter to ask the question that must be asked to joe biden, which is why did you shower with your daughter? in a way she described as not appropriate in a way that she believes made her compulsive in later life. you explain what that means? i think wei have a right to kno for me to and i appreciate all the work you do. thank you very muchve. >> thank you , tucker . we've f got a fox news alert for you. this is almost beyond belief, but just before the show aired we learned that last night producers for stephen colbert's show on cbs committedmm insurrection at the united states capital . adam schiff, the congressman from california who has spent
10:19 pm
the last year and a half telling you that unauthorized violations of capital space are a coup. adam schiff illegally gave producers from cbs access to the capital and then the group which includes ghis the show's senior producer, director , comedian and writer remained in the house worth longworth house office building after hours and point of them being there was for them to harass sittingha members of congress margaretville, greenlawn, bobert. u.s. capitol police say they got a call about a disturbance at about eight thirty p.m. they told us quote responding officers observed seven individuals unescorted without congressional i.d. and a sixth floor hallway. officers thenngree arrested th and charged them with unlawful entry into the capitol complexex ,the exact same charge that many january six defendants face. let's get right to it. it is likely that some members of stephen colbert's team will be held in solitary confinement for a year and an half without beingd charged. why? because this is an insurrection
10:20 pm
and actually joking aside,ul how could they not be held for a year and a in solitary w confinement without being charged because a precedent is in place and how in the world can adam schiff again, who spent the lastt year and a half eliminating the civil liberties of trump voters on the basis of january 6th do the exact same thing and not face punishment we can tell jokes about? it's like pearl harbor now . it's exactly like what happened on january six . we'll take a close look at what punishments are lizhe, call your office. you've got another committee to impanel adam kinzer's crying at the thought. we'll stay on the story. well, senate republicans are joining with democrats right now to confiscate your firearmss when republicans in that group just admitted he does not careut about gang violence or murders in cities. that's where all the murders
10:21 pm
are taking place. but john cornyn of texas says straight out, i don't care. that's not the point. the point is to take your gun here backbe. i didn't get the memo. we're still hunting for treasure that is the expert. the brain drain is he already got the filthy part down. so now there's more room to get rid of treasure here .
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ready to show get yours today. go to the gym direct strong. hey. >> so there's a big push in the us senate to do something aboute
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so-called gun crime. s soo if you had a map of gun crime that is crimes committed with guns, crimes which people die by gunshot you widows are they are clustered in cities.. that's where the overwhelming majority of gun crime takes place. but the senate isn't trying to do anything about that . instead, democrats have decided this is a perfect opportunity in the wake of school shootings to disarm you. and the amazing thingam isaz mih mcconnell, the head republican in the senate, is on their sidee completely and he's rounded up a group of ten republicans who can help hims . so the backbone of this package of legislation t are trying to get through is something called a red flag law. and in one sentence a red flagve law would allowrn the government to confiscate your firearms without even charging you with a crime, much less convicting you of one .ng so who are these republicansor will lead is john cornyn of texas and the amazing thing about john cornyn is he admits he doesn't care about gun crimes committed by actual
10:27 pm
criminals. we know this from a pistol and axios and we're quoting senator john kennedy asked cornyn during one lunch, quote,i are wee focused on gang violence and inner city murders and saysh no, we're notat focusing on thaf we'reoc focusing on that. ar whye are you doing this exactly ? we don't need to guess about where gun crime comes from. here's a montage of some of the crimes that john cornyn can't be bothered t. uringg camera in the neighborhood captures the back and forth of gunfire as panicked teenagers ran through a street. it's happened twenty six times in just one week, a string of robberies that all begin videod the same way nyp showing one of them where a team of armed suspects riding in a dark colored mercedes benz or volkswagen passat suddenly
10:28 pm
stopped their car jump out, flashed their guns, robbed their innocent victims, get back in the car and drive off. >> washingtonce state alone has seen a record 85 armed robberies at cannabis stores soi far this year. this employee was shot six times. s so crime is a complicated thing. but the crime spike that we'reic seeing now is not complicated at all. prosecutors across the countryac are refusing to enforce lawss that we already haveal and when you doif that , crime spikes. so if you're united i'd senator , if you're john cornyn from texas, supposedly free state of texas, you'd probably wantprob to do somethig about that . but no, john cornyn has decidedn to take guns from lawful gun owners and if one reason you vote republican , it's preventen that . so it's not surprisingat that john cornyn is very unpopular to republican voters. watch his reception today atan the texas republican convention. >> listen to the boosenti from the country starting with congressman. thank you , mr. may.
10:29 pm
god bless the great state of senator mike lee who sits in the senate. he's from utah. he's watched this whole thing. he's a a constitutional scholar among other things. and we're delighted to have him tonight . senator , thanks so much for coming. i'm not going to put you in a position where you have to tax your colleagues. but there's a broader question i wonder why if you're worriedes about crimes committed with guns, murders committed with guns, that you wouldn't do something about them and instead focus as they are now on taking guns from lawom abiding people who've l been convicted of anything? i think that's very important any time a mass shooting occurs. many laws have been violatedeen sometimes dozens of laws. and as you pointed out correctly in manyma cases you have a failure of enforcement at the state and the local level and sometimes we need tout figure out why those failures are butg what is concerning is when you when you get a gang of 20 comes together, however well-intentioned they may be at, the outset, ifer they come
10:30 pm
together and they claim to have formulated a deal, a deal that they then present to the public as they did on mondayic saying we've got a deal and we'll be voting on it within 10 days, you need d to actually have a deal. they have no deal and that was a problem. they had a very loosese setey of outlines. one of the reasonser this matters, tucker , is that we're dealing here with a numberit of freestanding constitutional rights that not just your second amendment rights but due process rights under the fifth amendment. you're rightr . you're taking scores rights under the fifth amendment, your right to a jury trial, your right to confront witnesses under the confrontation clause. all these things are potentially implicated when you're talking about taking the gun rights away from a law abiding american, someone who has not beenof convicted of anything. those questions hadn't been answered. thtithey hadn't even been asked. and that's why this kind of strange that you have this gang coming together saying we've solved the problem s. chaos just kind of big picture i if you don't represent
10:31 pm
your voters consistently enough, ultimately they're going to revolt republican voters don't want this . republican senators don't care. are they worried? they think they'redon'they goin. big in november. what if republicans voters cidede not to vote or form a third party ? i meanan, how much do they think republican voters are going to put up with i guess my question . >> well, there is a concernt and a my expectation would be not just republican voters but voters from lots of backgrounds who want to believe that their senators are they're cautiously, carefully legislating if we're at our best in the united states senate when we deliberate, when we debate, when we go back and forth, when we have legislative text that we debate, we amend and we improve along the way. i think we'reon at a very worst when we bring something forward under the heat of the moment with a lot of emotion and we just tell members that they've got to vote it, they've got to vote on an up or down consequences be without anybody having an adequate
10:32 pm
opportunity to review it. that's tu that really hurts the republican party and for that matter, it hurtsrt the republicanyfo. right. so nicely put, sen. mike lee of> utah. i appreciate comingate on and thank you very much. thank you so literally millions of foreign nationals have come into our country legally and biden became president, but the feds just caught over are dozen suspected terror coming over . you knew that was going to happen if that's the case. straight ahead, plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach or three , 320 times liquids filled aspirin is clinically shown in the 70s 2024 ulcers that immediate release aspirin fasullo the first liquid pills, aspirin capsules amazing. potentiate non hodgkin's lymphoma patients. you may qualify for substantial compensation from the makers of roundup killer called 1-800- five nine three one family nine nine 10 billion dollars is available for non hodgkin's lymphoma victims who used to
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service this is the kennel club dog show sponsored about katrina problem beginning with the masters agility championship something maxwell 30% on fox. so there's never been an easier time to enter the united states, simply just walk acrossr at this point that has been a case since joe biden became president and we imagine that everyone is cominger cross is coming for a better life to participate in our economy and most of themst are, but not all of them. if you a bad person trying to come into the united states, yo this is your moment and they know that . sour criminals from fbi terror watch list are comingli over texasville million is at the border with proof of that from the border patrol. hey, bill , tucker , good
10:38 pm
evening to you. that's exactly right. brand new data from cbp shows that the number of people on the terror watch list showing up here at our southern border is shooting through theh roof under president biden.. a look at these numbers just out from cbp. what you're looking at our border patrol arrests of people on the fbi's terrorist screening database. at the numbers forer fiscal year 2020 two already fifty of these arrests of the people on the terror watch list already that is more thanwe the previous five years combined. you can see in twenty twenty one thered are fifteen. the year before that there were three . the year before that there were zero. ca so you can see the trend here really these last couple of years under presidentnt bide, ,these numbers have shot up like a rocket ship and again these are arrests of people who are known or suspected terrorists. it's all happening as illegal crossings are exploding down here . take a look at this video we put together the last couple ofo weeks showing some of these illegal crossings we've witnessed the main numbers just
10:39 pm
came out. they are historice yet again, more than two hundredre and thirty nine thousand illegal crossings at our southern border here in may. that is a brand new record, the highest in dhs history. it's the third month in a row. there were more than 200000 illegal crossings. and listen to this putting it in the big picture since october there have now been more than one point five million illegal crossings at our southern border. that'sso bigger than the populations of seattle and boston combined. last thing we'de like to show you, take a look at this wild video out of border patrol's tucson, arizona sector. what you're going to seega here is a huge group of illegal immigrants rushing the border from mexico near douglas, arizona. you're going to see several ofrr them running toie the border barrier. some will start trying to climb over . others will start trying to crawl under it or dig underneath it as overwhelmed border agents and pickup trucks try to respond on the other side eventuallyov some illegal immigrants pop through and they run into the united states. it's unclearsome how many of the were stopped, butd that iso
10:40 pm
what agents have to deal with dayda in , day out and back out here live. the reason why those terrorre watch listhe numbers are so n concerning is a cbp source tells me just since october there have been more than four and forty thousand known got aways here at our southern border. you do the math on that. that's an average of about eight hundred people every single day sneaking past our border agents. and tucker, the big question isa who are those? got towi send it back to you. where are they going? fantastic job as always.lw biden did this . what a destroyer. he destroyed his own family filled with his own daughter and then wrecked the country. daniel davidson is a seniorde editor at the federalist. he just returned from the border and we're always eager for a firsthand view offof what is happening there. he spoke wppen of migrants comir across some thanks so much for joining us tonight. what did you see and what was your impression of it? what i saw was a border that is frankly out of control. every migrant that we talked to
10:41 pm
told us that they came northto and they plan to get intoth the united states because they think it's a good time to come. they think that they can get t in and that they'll be allowed to stay s. and the thing is, tucker ,of they're not wrong. most ofe the migrants who aremi getting in and who are getting picked up by border patrol and customs and border protectionre are being allowed o stay there being paroled into the country. they're beingun released pendins their asylum hearing. there's any numberylg of ways that they're being released. but alling in all, the majoritf them are getting through andro the ones that aren't getting through are getting sent back to mexico s and they're waiting there to try again and that's who we talked to. we talked to thousands and thousands of migrants in northern mexican border cities waiting to come across soboin the administration is mag this possible. they said they would and they have. but two of the states intoan which these migrants are coming, texas and arizona have republican governors greg abbott in texas and doug doocy in arizona. do you see any evidence that they're doing anythingde t
10:42 pm
save the rest ofre the country from this ? not in a serious way. texas governor greg abbott has tried with his operation lone star to sort of make it d more difficult for migrants coming north. he's struck a few deals with corrupt mexican governors, but nothing really that is making a substantive difference. and we know that because hundredsen know of thousands ofe are being arrested every month, the numbers are increasingth despite these operations at the state level and the other thing that we know is that the mexican government is involved in this. how do we knowvolv that ? because you can't get to northern mexico, you can't the border unless you go through these checkpoints and you can't get through the checkpoints unless you have papers. so there's official corruption going on and the evidence is that hundreds of thousands of people are moving through mexico up topear the bor every month. such a crime, it'ss unbelievable this is happening. john , daniel,l, i appreciate your coming on . thank you . ththank you . >> so jeffrey epstein killed
10:43 pm
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right at nhtsa dot gov slashed the right to. so if you haven't seen jillian maxwell recently, if she's absent from your local starbuckssre, there's a reason she's in prison. she, was convicted of trafficking late last year. like her accomplice jeffrey epstein, however, she has not yet died suspiciously behind bars but not for lack ofwy trying. her lawyer say there have been attempts to haveer her assassinated in jail. >> fascinating fox straight gallagher has the story for free . it's julian maxwell isle scheduled to be sentenced on juned twenty eight . she's sixty and is facing fifty five years in prison for grooming and recruiting girls as young as 14 to haveeyoun win jeffrey epstein maxwells attorneys are looking for leniency, asking the court to 2 impose a sentence less than two years. and the big reason they want
10:49 pm
a lighter sentence is maxwell safety writing in court papers quoting here one of the femalete inmates in miss maxwell's housing units told at least three other inmates that she had been offered money to murderoffe miss maxwell and that she planned to strangle her in her sleep. the lawyers did not revealte how much the inmate was allegedly offeredalle to killy maxwell, but the inmate reportedly said the money would have been worth spending an extra twenty years in prison. maxwells lawyers also believe there are numerous inmates who would not hesitate to killl elaine maxwell forma money, fam, even street cred. the bureau of prisons won'ten comment on pending cases and there are many who believe if maxwell was killed, the jail cell video might just disappear. remember jeffrey epstein apparently killed, y himself in one of the most secure prisons in the country because the guards accidentally failed to check on him for severalca hours. he alsotr tried to kill himself once before and lawyers requestedan the video of that attempt be preserved.
10:50 pm
the prison agreed and saved it. but again, accidentally, they say video fromon the wrong part of the prison and the eppstein suicide attempt video was accidentally then deleted. tucker . accidents in a row trace, appreciate you bringing that to us tonight. thanks very much. sure. roll the videos from petto island. so if you're conservative, you remember the name julian assange and you remember the bush people are always telling you who'srend a bad guy butgu at this point you have to wonder what exactly julian assange do wrong. what was his actual crime? well, a friending people with power that was his real crime. assange found heat wikileaks and wikileaks published internal emails that embarrassed the bnc and the hillary clinton for president campaign. it also published video showing u.s. military killed civilians in iraq and covered it up. so exposing war crimes, the powerful is itself a crime apparently so the u.s. government hasre charged the songs with violations of the espionage act really a spy
10:51 pm
now and then we on the british government to help. so today britain's interior ministry authorized assange's extradition to the unitedce states to face trial here he faces one hundred and seventy five years in prison. he was the reaction from assange, his father today australian friends find it extraordinary to see the country that gave the world freedom of the press enshrined in constitution in the first amendment. today maiay brought that freedoo an end. it's over for a publisher to be extradited to the united states charged under the espionage oppressor's for publishing all journalists everywhere. it's an atrocity game in as brothers. d also crews, we're happy to havek you join us . thank you . thanks so muchcomi for coming o.
10:52 pm
soso do you believe your brother will be extradited to the united states and do you believe the bush administration will prosecute him under the espionagebi act? well, it certainly seems that way. n e bush administration has continued on with this extradition and julian is running out of options in the u.k. the courts at the highest level have now approved his extradition and so hasro the u.k. government. so we think that his extradition is going to happen probably within the year. so if your brother can be prosecuted under the so-called espionage act, then any journalist or any citizen who offends the people in charge or exposes their misdeedsdsin can be prosecuted. why isn't every journalist in the westst defending your brother? well, that's a very goodgo question, tucker . i think, you know, we've seen some journalists come outou obviously yourself. you've been very strong.
10:53 pm
but until now they've been able to a lot of them have been able to say, well, the u.k. government is going to stopt this . but now that's become verythat clear that the u.k. government is not going to stop this and this is really, you know, the fight of our lifetimes for for press freedom. and so it's up to all the journalists now to get together and stand upom together to fight this and to just at the biden administration to drop this . i must say for all of its faults, i think the united states is still a freer country than the u.k. i think he probably has a better shot here . i hope that's true . and i appreciate your continuing to bring your brother's case to the world's t attention because it deserves it gave and thank you. thank you . so the bush administration ismi failing on every level, the one run by the guy who showers with his own daughter. but they have one thing that they are very proud of. and no, it's not the fact the president tried with his daughter t. we'll tell you what it is. they released a picture to prove it to you.
10:54 pm
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do you buy camping world? youu might think the bush administration be ashamed of what it's done tion last year a half, but you would be wrong. they're very proud and the thing they're proud of their diversity, which is needless to say, their strength. and we know that because ad admiral richard levine justmi tweeted out this picture along with the message quote when the first openly gay press secretary, the first openly trans four star admiralt meet at the white house during pride proudpr part of administration where everyone can see themselves reflected in leadership. we've come thlves so far . here's to shattering more ceilings. oh , narcissism. ud and joe biden is proud too. he's excited about this diversity here he was on wednesday, also proud tog sign an executive order my first day in office to combat discrimination against lgbtq . i excuse me.uam plus americans lgbtq elai plus american plus joe biden. >> is that from people who sat
11:00 pm
with their daughters? >> oh , if you don't understand the acronym, don't use this .it what we told you it was insurrection last than to capitol hill n. another one stephen colbert didd it. will he be spending this yearid and a half in solitary? tell you monday i have the best weekend with the ones you love . welcome to this special edition of "hannity" on pbs tonight for sean. and we begin with that fox news alert because multiple people associated with stephen colbert's the late show wereer arrested yesterday at the u.s.da capitol and charged with illegal entry. here with the latest is our owne chad pergram chad. hagood evening, pete. well, seven people according to u.s. capitol police have beenbe arrested with unlawful entry. they were all associated


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