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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 18, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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this special edition of "hannity". unfortunately that is allhi the time we have left for tonight . be sure to tune in tomorrow morning for fox and friendsie weekend. rachel campos duffy just ensured it mightd. be a little bit more interesting on the couch tomorrow with her challengebe. don't worry.t seanwo hannity is back on monday . have a great night, everybody. i'm laura ingraham and this the special week in review ingraham angle from washington the party of despair. that's the focus of tonight's angle. t >> and remember when the democrats used to be all about hope and change? i was born in a little>> town called hope, arkansas. it was a wonderful little small town where you know, it seemed s that everybody knew everybody else. eve in a politicse of cynicism or do we participate in a politics of
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hope? difficulty face off ,hope in the face of uncertainty. but now a democrat party is singing a different tune. >>gi of course, always die in a military coup. democracy dies at the ballot box. that's exactly right. i actually think there's a fair chance that we could completely lose our constitutional democracy for a couple of decadesle if we keep making if e make bad decisions. oh my god.. talk about looking defeated bad decisions. that one bill clinton just .. ked about well, we know what a bad decision was, don't we? deciding to endorse biden in the first place. now of all people, bill clinton should have warned his party about the risks of veering tooof far to the left. after all, a more centrist approach is what gaveve bill clinton two terms in the white house. and by the way, it's not justoc the end of democracy altogethera that they're warning about. a >> some are even predicting a civil war . this is a group i have been radicalized are the great replacement myths and many
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other things and have been pushing for violence a and pushing for even civilnd war . say this .mo that was one of the mostco irresponsible comments i've heard in a long time and that's a long list. we wholeheartedly reject this dark and pessimistic view of our country. now what ofrk america now is the agenda of the far left progressives, the fanatics that have taken the democratic party hostage and set us on this disastrous path we now find ourselves on . but we don't have to have six dollar a gallon gas. we don'tas have to have a president who is a complete embarrassment on the world stage. we certainly don't have tota hae criminals owning our streets. we know we don't have to have an open border back in 2019 pre pandemic. we had none of those things and we had low unemployment, rising wages, higher optimism, no inflation. you don't we had we had peace and prosperity and we can have
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it again. d and even during covid i was thinking about this trump did operation warp speed. he urged america to get back tol work, get back to school, get back to business had we've done just that moving through the biden administration and kept going with our energy independence, controlled our streets, our borders, my god, wouldn't be a very strong positionn right now vis a vis china and russia. any other adversary. but unfortunately for us and i warned about this in the campaign, biden is too weak to stand up to the fanatics on the far left and look at what they've done already, how much harm they've done to urban america and how much of that harm is starting to spread coast to coast because ofto the economic pain before us at even the new york times is admitting this today, saying this is goingyi to hurt. of course, trump and many of us predicted everything that's
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unfolding right now right down to the gas prices and a collapse in the stock market. we were right sadly, and they with their rosy predictions about how wonderful and dignifiedsy and elated and harmonious everything would be under bidenar, they were wroh . >>ey the truth is they set out from day one to lower our standard of living to diminish our freedoms and to radically alter the american landscape . and tope some extent they've accomplished a lot that now they did this because they neverer had a lot of faith in america in the first place. and frankly, they just don't like the american people very much either. they hate our historyryr . they hate our founding, our traditions, our patriotismns ,even our own borders. to them it's not really the land of the free and the home of the brave. it's the land that was stolen and the home of the racists because americans are on the verge of throwing them
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out of office. they suddenly want to tellte us democracyll no longer works r it's in jeopardy. no, let me tell how it goes when democrats lose huge in november and then in twenty twenty four we will once again see the genius of the founders at play. the people will have had their say and they'll havete rejected the failed policies and foolish corrupt politicians who enacted them. and after that it'ser t restoran time and that's the angle. joining me now i is ari fleiscr ,former white house press secretary as well as ben domenik, editor at large of the spectator. both are fox news contributors. ari, it really was striking tock go back and to watch the old obama speechessp and bill clintn is very optimistic tone about the country. >> so what's happened? the democratic progressive wing which still biden is now a happy subscriber to iske the most pessimistic p of
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the pessimists on the planet. they think everything about americahi is wrong and you touched on it, laura . . the democrats have always had a blame americaca for a strain in their party . former u.n. ambassador jeane kirkpatrick under ronald reagant talked about a 40 years ago, but since then it's spread to virtually every aspect of democratic life. you heard it from michelle obama when she says she wasr never proud of the united states until her husband finally got into politics. it is a blame america first blame america all the time.a everything america touches and does is wrong philosophy provides such an opening to sensible i moderate conservative people, hispanic voters who love this country and are proud of our patriotism, proud of our record and even though we do do things wrong from time to time as a nation we learn and are always better. that's the america i know.te it'sr. not the americae that democrats know now. it's their vision. it's just so depressing. been this morning at a majorjo economies forum, biden spoke to
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a group of leaders from aroundin the world, including chinacl and eight minutes into this he, ends uphe signalingsu his willingness to surrender american power. here was one such moment in thee united states. we're building a nationwide network of five hundred thousand electric vehicle charging stations and we set a goal of ensuring that half of all passenger cars sold in united states in 2020 will be zero 20 30 i should saye will be zero emission. then he also said this wouldlp help usher in a transit as they like too call it. what do you think golgi is thinking when it's biden up there talking about the charging stations that they're launching their thirdas aircraft carrier? well,ft i think he's laughing at joe bidenhi inside. but you know, i would take ari's point and expand it even further. i think that the leftor isn't just depressed about america. they're, depressed about t the state of the worldld and eza klein, the new york times columnist recently said
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that the questione he gets the most when he goes out and speaks to people or solicits questions from his readership is should i still have children given the state of climate change in the world which you couldch laugh at except it's so depressing. there are people who truly have bought into his religiont that says that we are on the cusp of a truly disaster to the point that we saw abortion spike in twenty twenty during the pandemic to an unprecedented degree. you see this all leading up to this point where joe biden is becoming the most malaise focused president that we've seen since jimmy carter. it's truly a depressing circumstancece and i just hope that these folks don't go crazy when november comes around and they are and their whole approach to the way that they view the world is rebutted by the voters now are according to the washington post, biden's other plan to combat growing gas prices. you guessed it inflationary. ta bidenki officials are taking a second look at whether the federal government could
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send rebate cards out tot millions of american drivers to help them pay at gas stations so he causes the problem. he causes it with a war on oil and gas. now we're going to go into more debt and drive more inflation with more spending. that'smo a cycle we're in here and youu talk about bad ideas. why not give a rebate card to all americans in the form of letting the oil companies and the gas companies develop more resources for all americanss? that's how you lower the prices for everybody. and this nonsense that we can ask other nations to produce more oil that doesn't harm the earth, that doesn'trt contribute to global warmingh. but if we produce it in america, it does i mean their adherence, evenle the principles of the green new deal that they adhere to are awfully flexible . you know, it's not complicated. lura produce more energy in america. prices go down producing more energy in america we become more energy independent. it's a win foror all.
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and when it comes to a green new deal, when it comes to global warming, you know, the solution to that is eternal optimism of america to somebody . one day is going to become the richest person on earth when they make the scientific breakthrough to carbon capture. that day will come. it depends on capitalism. it depends on freedom. it depends on being able to make a massive profit. whoever follows that course will be the richest personn on earth and they'll solve a problem. that's how you deal withve thes issues. ban capitalism and we have 400 years of oil and gas to keep our country independent and prosperous and cheap energy . meanwhile, we have all that now again, i need to get your thoughts on this axios reporting today that frustration inside the senate gop conference isp boiling among conservatives that the way senator john cornyn is handling the gune reform negotiations. one gop senator speaking to access anonymitygo about the concerns branded cornyn is approach shut up and vote ben.
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this reminds me of some old days and ari might remember them as well. the bush years when some ofbu us were complaining about the border issue and we were basically told not ari but others shut up and just support what they were doing. >> s i don't think this works well. i don't think it works either. laura and i see this as someone who used to work for senator cornyn. look, i thinkna he really is trying to make something work here . but this moment requires a really fine touch and i thinka that you when the federal government wades into issues like red flag laws where you can have the rights of americans stripped away from them, often in irresponsible ways, it gives a lot of investors a lot of power in government that we're not sure we really want them to have a certainly think that there's parts of this framework that can be supported in terms encouragement when it comes to mental health and other steps along those linesurag. those are things we've all been calling for, but it requires this negotiation and trust. and i think that , you know, the gop has long been a party
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that kind of tells its voters to shut upsh and go along with their great ideas. that doesn't always work out a well for themlw historically. and i hope that this is not a situation where they make the same mistake the establishment tried that before 2016 on china trade the border and they got donald trump . so they keep doing that so they donald trump could run and win again. i mean they're not if they don't. >> listen, iribarne, so great to see you both. have a great weekend. to be with you.ou now last night we told you about the new front being opened up by the british illustration in the war on speech and it seems that the dhs and the nsa aren't the only government agencies't that want in now. 's the fcc also known the securities exchange commission that has reportedly requested information from a business partner of donald trump's social media company d truth social. now the filing could reportedly materially delay, materiallyor impede or prevent what is a consummation of its business
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combination over a true social. so we decided to go to devin nunes, ceo of trump media and technology group. devintete, what's going on here with the timing of the fccry inquiry that you can share with tonight? >> laura , thank you . i mean, look, we're all for transparency here through social media group. we don't have anything to hide. we'll answer any questions they have and we want to be treated like every other company youy may remember that it wasn't donald trump that needed a new company . itbe was only cause because donald trump was kicked off of social media along with those of us that were also shadoww band or censored and everything else. and look, it's alwayshing this thing where the leftu always tells us , well, if you don't like these social media companies big companies or conservatives, just go out and start your own company. well,, look, that's what we're doing. donald trump denuke company. i didn't need a new job. we're trying to open the internet back up for the american people and give the people their voice back and we expect to be treated fairlyy
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like anyot other company should be treated. >> are you concerned atyouldhi this point with this inquiry about this new business partnership of yourste that you're not being treatedd fairly vis a vis other corporations that don't have any association with conservatismot? well, look, we don't know because you know, we filed publicly everything transparent with the fcc a month agose and they should be producing comments that would be made public. we'll answer them all publicly. . remember, the fcccc charter is very clear . it's. there to protect the shareholders and look the best thing to protect shareholdersest is to have a speedy process that gets dones in normal fashion so that we don't have some bureaucracy off weaponizes allll branches of government, every agency and the federal government is truly terrifying and we're paying for it, by the way. now i want to play a leaked video, devon, fromec project veritas from elon muskst from yesterday's town hall with twitter employeeser.
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>> i think it's essential to have a free speech and for people to communicate, communicate freely in order for people to have trust in twitter . i think it's extremely important that there be transparency. so the things that i said about. where i think are beginning to happen in order for it to be you know, to really go to the next level. devon, would musk twitter aquisition be a threat to the power of truth? social will actually, president trump and myself have been very clear . we're all for it, right? the mission of our company isne to opent the internet back up. and whatat we've said from the very beginning, if elon musk can buy that company plus instagram, ticktock , whatever he can buy would be aan of a lot better than what we have today. , and so, you know, look, he's got a he's got a tough job. not going to be easy. i mean, that whole video washo very, very strange. i saw several of the questions and i think it'sg going to be a tough time because the people that work there are just so woke and they don't even
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understand what they're doing un is wrong. youu know, and that's why i look yesterday and was very interesting. we had governor newshole of california joined true socialint and look, i welcomed him there. now newsom and i, we haven't we don't agree on anything in california. but you know, we're happy that he joined i mean, weut want him to be there and he put up a he put up a critical video oft republican policies, what he believes are bad republican policies and that's a what it should be all and look, that's what we're doing through social. we're everybody on we're notre censoring for and we'repurposes not going to kick governor newsom off. he's free to be there and we invite other democrats to join our and there was all these media reports that you all were booting people off through social you know, allegedly banning them if they disagreed on issues regarding january 6, january six hearing, i'm going to give you the opportunity to answeriv this . is there any truth toh that claim?
12:17 am
it's actually zero. so every day i mean, it's almost likee i feel like we're back in like the russia hoax like at the height of the russia hoax where youie get ninety five stories a day that you don't even have enough time the day to dispute them.r, but this one was clear they were doctored posts that went to twitter and then the stupid fake news media went and wrote a story. so one writes a story theny another writes for another writes a story and it's like what the hell are you talking about? we couldn't findat him but we looked for it, couldn't find it. yeah, i think it was actually good that some came on to interest social and posted a video. that's what the first amendment's all about. that's what our country is allfs about having debates free and open exchange of ideas. i thought that was a really great development. i welcome that . devin, it's great to see you as always. all right. thanks so muchth. up next , it's been a banner week for wool exports incee and in moments, how sportsil illustrated smeared a high school footballlu coach over prayer. plus, congressman and former nfl player burgessssma owens ise
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or after game. former bremerton, washingtonl high school football coach joe kennedy would kneelelke and only with players who voluntarily chose to participate.
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oh , when the district set new guidelines in response to this heresy, kennedy ended his group prayers but still engaged in postgame prayers just by himself. well, the district didn't like that either, so they put him on leave and they won't allow him to coach . the first liberty institute filed suit on his behalf some six years ago and inis january of this year the supreme court finally decidedre to take up the case. well,th the court hasn't evenen issued its opinion, but that didn't stop the publication sports illustrated for alleging something far more nefarious about coach kennedy. mohe's a human embodiment of a country that's deeply divided, of a religious movement that surging with momentum even as organized religion becomess increasingly unpopular and most of all a powerful right wing machine many say is employing a timeless division tactic us versus them. this is badctic writing, this lc twisting makes the argument zero sum. it assumes that christian nationalists have lost their
12:24 am
rights. also maintain a culture war strategy that hingeses on a gross oversimplification of stakes. joining me nowsica, former highs school football coach joe kennedy as well as his attorney shackleford, ceo of first liberty institute. joe , that's a mouthful not particularly not particularly good writing, but there youye have itr that prayer even just praying by yourself, it's such a threat to them why i have no idea all those words. even know't what they mean. i don't evenn' think they know what it means, you know, justns like in the princess bride. d i don'ton think that means what they think it means. i was just being thankful. m >>ea so i don't know what the bg deal is about. do you havead a any regrets? do you wish yourself now? no. you know, i served 12 years 2 in the marine corps so i can exercise my rights just like i fought for for every american. and the thought that somebody of any kind ofan faith would hae
12:25 am
to hide who they are or have to just be ashamed of them being a you know, anybody of faith that's just wrong in my book, kelly , what happened? sports illustrated, you know, being a publication where you can learn a lot about sports , i think they wandered out of their arena and they're in biga trouble saying that this wouldin be a threat to democracy. as you and i know, laura , this isn't a democracy. it's a constitutional republic and we actually value free speech and the free exercise ofwe religion, which is the rights at jeopardy here for coach kennedy. so it's bizarre. and i would tell people in case they wonder, you have any questions about coach , you know, we've got the facts. you can listen to the oral argument. we've got it tape. you listen tocahe oral argument supreme court people can just go to fauci celebrity dog. listen for yourself. i think they'll all back coach kennedy as most of the country
12:26 am
is, which is why the reaction was this was something i've never seen before. joe , what's happened to you personally? i always think of the personal stories behind these kind of sensational attacks on traditionalism that we've been covering since this show's inception almost five years ago now what's happened to you as a man, as a coach , as a as a professional, as inspired so over the years? yeah, it's so difficult to actually put it into words>>. l you have something that you love deeply and coaching is something that i mean, i never knew how much those young men would ever mean to me and then all of a sudden it gets taken away from you. so life becomes just a big old mess. not to mention that my wife actually worked for the school . ourict so you can imagine that the h.r. department wasep up towi their eyeballs with coach kennedy. it'sh just been a mess and i'm
12:27 am
just really looking forward to the courts actually just, you know, ruling on the facts of the case now setting setting things straight and kelley, i mean, it seems to me that joe has been damaged by this. i mean, without a doubt will he get any monetary satisfaction by the time this is all wrapped up? >> will or he, he didn't want to ask for any money.he he didn't want anybody to d ever say that this was about money. so he didn't seek monetaryy damages. he just wants the right.s, and if he wins, which we hope will in the next two weeks you're going to see him back on that field coaching those players again and go into a knee for twenty seconds to thank god for the privilege of coaching them again. and i think that would be the greatest victory that coach could ever hope for. and iev thinkd he will set a gh example for the country that this is a country that really believes in theve first amendment and we respect people's right to pray
12:28 am
by himself if they want to.ra ally well, i'dr like to be there if you get back on that field, joe , i'd like toat be there at that game. >> absolutely. thank you both for being oh , you are more than invited. all right, i'm coming. i'm coming now. it isn't just public prayer that has caught the ire of big sport woke inc from blm to covid vaccine shamming to now coming after players who refuse to display a pride patch. leaders in every league and every network have made every leftist cause on a narrative of the day their own. okay, now this is also a case when washington the washington commanders number three , the redskins with that with two offensiveed they find their defensive coordinator jack del rio is a great guye, by the way. one hundred thousand dollars for his comments about the januarycommy six hearings. >> i see the images on tv. people's livelihoods are beingye destroyed. businesses are being burned downd. no problem. and then we have a dust up atpi the capitol.
12:29 am
nothing burned downta and we're not going to talk about we'reto going to make that a major deal now delario pretty much correct on that, but politically incorrect. so got fined and forced to make an apology here now, utah congressman and former nfl player burgess owens. congressman, great to see your reaction to this attack on jack del rio. i mean, dan snyder, who owns a washington commanders, he's not a big liberal. i mean, he has toont kind of py the sensitive guy role everyle now and then. but what isthis happening? well, let me say first of all, what we saw with coach kennedy who was called principle and it was the kind of generation that was raised with and i would love w to be that game when let's go together very what it comes downto to is this we have to remember what makes our country great. a 10% that every american can thrive on his faith, family, free market and education where we're at right now , the left is afterh our faith, after our morals. it's after what makes us who we are. u and i just be able to stand up
12:30 am
and say we want to say we just saw a coach, by the way,he that based on meritocracy has a job because he's going to make sure that team's wins . take that and look at the weakness of kaepernick washed up guy he's called nfl slaveholders. he's divided the american people is dividedhe industry and yet they still invite him back so they can try out forfo the team. this is the difference in willingness and the thing is people are just tired. ng we're tired ofry being divided, retirement, angry. we want to get back to normality, get back to being proud of who we are and so i'll see everything you've seen right now in the climate. it'sor going to be a blessing o us the next couple years. we see just what we have doneno to deal with the it gets back to back to normal. well, speaking of this liberalts sports media, here's bob costas weighing in . noko matter cause the destruction's the riots, the deaths that were caused by some of the riots that came out of legitimate protest cannot be justified, but neither can they be accurately compared to january 6th. >> but evidently del rio didn'tt make that distinction. congressman, excusing the death
12:31 am
and destruction that occurred after the george floyd killing,, which was devastating to the country. and again, this is all becoming a why these guys go into political punditry. if that's what they want to talk about, that's fine. tik abthey can try to compete at us every night. >> yeah, well, you're looking at somebody who has no idea what it is to build a business and then to see it burn down. you talk about a minorities, blacks, hispanics across the board trying to get to middle class and working one day and it's burned to the ground, which is twenty six lives are lost and they would love toom compareec that the instruction is going across the country because they actually promoted it and allowed it to happen to something where people showed up. they really do believe though they are to to to demonstrate for something good and tong get out of hand . but in the day this is the this is the difference we're seeing between what the left loves to do, which is basically cause chaos. and if i can say this , one thing that we can say about the left misery is a political strategy and we're seeingwe that over and over again.
12:32 am
look what happens in the black community for the last 60 years. we've seen it first hand and we refuse as a nation to let that happen to our country . i think minorities are seen waking up. they feel like they're waking up rejecting in these early these early returns and some of these early special election and then coming up in these primaries we'll see what happens. buttee it seems like people are getting fed up, including minorities, by the way,e you'l be happy to know that the carolina panthers did announce that they have the first openly transgender cheerleader apparentlyly it was a deal that got her on the team. this is what the nfl t is focusd on the what people are thinking differently and they're going to pay a price. these local companies who who turn their backs on those of you just want to enjoy ourselves and have entertainment and come together her and at all. i don't i don't watch nfl on wnba. i going to be doing the same will soon. now i cannot watch espn. it's impossible. all right. it is great to see you all hateo it and ipe hope to see what coah kennedy could do that would really follow through .
12:33 am
> you know, things are bad fr the left when michelle obama can't even draw a crowd. plus, it turns out that nobody can believe ripley's knew joe and carmela wax figures remember also has it all in friday next , i saw did you get the memo? we're still hunting but treasure the expert with great james. i know you already got the filthy part down. so now there's going to respond
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12:00 eastern on fox. ever wonder how much your neighbor's house is worth ? go to only .com to search home value estimate and compare your home could be worth more than you think. visit bonaly .com today. >> welcome to fox news live. i'm jack ivana's in new york. president biden and florida governor ronda santos are on a collision course over kovik vaccination for kids five and under. the governor says the state will not order or distribute vaccines for kids that young. >> while the biden white house is taking the opposite position final. okay from the cdc is expected shortly and man holding what was described as an edged weapon attack from three passengers friday at a san francisco airport. they suffered only minor injuries were treated at the airport before continuing with their travels. the suspect is in custody right now as protesters gathering friday evening near the virginia home of supreme court justice clarence thomas, the activist group ruth centas
12:39 am
has been protesting at the homes of conservative justices. draft opinion to overturn roe v. wade was leaked in may. i'm jackie is now back to the ingraham angle for all of your headlines, log on to fox news .com. it is friday and that means it's time for friday folly. and for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo . all right, raymond, there have been a series of underreported bombs this week. we yeah. starting with a pretty highwi profileth michelle obama's group when we all votee held their bid culture of democracy summit. it was sort of a star studded get out the vote effort before the midterms. it featured nicole hannah jones ,the creator of the 60 night project comedians and actors. now they claim it was a nonpartisan event. i'll let you draw your own conclusions. this is not me saying this .et
12:40 am
this is scholars of democracy have been baam. we've seens. letters thi publisd with 100 scholars of democracy that say that our democracy is in peril. last year for the first time we were listed as a democracy w in decline. ya know what i'm talking about? we want to see kind. i have friends they never wrote about politics so i was shocked that they weren't even registered and then i was like, okay, i get it. you're you're straight white guy. that's all an election is. i'm not giving you my power. i'm lending you my power for the period of time you're in office to do my bidding. laura it was a totally nonpartizan event really. it's aggressivelyor boring, okay? it a seems like it's like an old throwback too 2012 or something. it doesn't it doesn't exactly speak to the issues of the day in any manner. and then the nonpoor artisanship continued with the hostess and fong-torres michel'lese
12:41 am
. mi if you don't vote other people will . tellis country we ourselvess that every vote counts, that every voice matters. then we hear about harsh new voting restrictions getting passedti in georgia and we hear about another law in texas. we tell ourselves that our grocery stores won't get shoton up by a white supremacist and that my kids will be able to read toni morrison in english class. i don'tt know about you, butyo i am tired. t we've got to take a long, hard look at how we can make congress itself that means changing the filibuster if that's what it takes to savefi our democracy. e totally nonpartisan laura .ou even selena gomez who introduced michelle obama couldn't scare up a crowd. the turnout was underwhelming when michelle and a lineup ofch
12:42 am
celebrities can't turn democrats out l.a. the midterms are going to be rocky. this isy. the canary in coal mit for them. i know this is really kind of a follow on from the angle, raymonde, like when they're losing, they say democracy is in peril so they're going to lose. and so whenn they lose you can say, oh , see, democracy doesn't work. what such a ridiculous argument youh also can't get americans o focus on the things you're interested in abortionn rights and january 6th when they're suffering from the things they're interested in and you're offering no solution. let me let me take it a step further. you can't really get americans to empathize with your message about how angry you are wheng you're doing it from maui, from martha's vineyard and from, you know, eleven girls beverly hills. okay, so that's if you're angry in those places and okay, laura , speaking of bombs,il ripley's believe itls or not there joe biden and kamalath harris wax figures at one of their parks in tennessee months ago. yeah, well, but the internet
12:43 am
just discovered these figures. i'll let you take look, believe it or not, that's jo ann, kamala. first of all, joe biden looks like matthew modine and stranger things and kamala harris is unrecognizable. good lord . looks like one of the damon brothers movies. i mean, who are they trying to capture? g you know, this thing this far off is that lucy statue that showed up a few years ago. it looks nothing like kamala harris. i hope shehe didn't see this wax figure. >> that's alli i can say. how dare they how dare they ? >> wow. yeah. let's hope she doesn't take a look at that first of all of that , crudely, i rudely interrupted you because i knoweo i'm going to forget what i was going to sayin . de it looks like biden in realea life because biden looks likel a wax figure know he has had so much filler and botox and whatever the heck that is in his face that it's just itn. doesn't even move with emotion r running. is he running to the next election? where is he going with that? remember, he hashe to dog
12:44 am
that little spring in his step to lookst like he's really vital or he has to do laura finallyd to canadian students have created something that i think it's a bomb. you mayhat not this is for peoe who want to share the bed with their dogs. oh ,g the dog won't sleep on your bed. it's a newp in his human sized dog bed. it's called planful, which got me thinking who would ever use this ? my kidsnknk. nico it is nico. no, no,lo take a look. okay, i think i found i found the ultimate birthday present for youou now i think it's a bad idea. i don't evenen want the dog or it's allergens in my bed so i'm certainly not crawling into theirs. but i can see you in that in how well i have been known to fall asleep in the dog bed but my kids a couple of times i like those pj well it's there and nico are you two matters. always does that . yeah we're going to get the freedom matters that pj is going rabid. i know you like you like it l when matty your little rat terrier comes up toup sleep on the bed. i know that she's now so
12:45 am
old she can't keep up so we just leave her on the floor now unless your dog happens to be clifford, no one needs this bed. i'm oil , i'm sorrybobo not fine nowow i have an idea fr every holiday gift giving option. happy birthday by the way. to you. ry thank you very much, m raymond. we want to i'll see you soon. thank you . i all right. a special election in texas sent shockwaves through theev democratic party as it provided more evidence that they're losing their grip on hispanic voters. >> up next , we introduce you to someone who could do the same stader. hey, everyone on mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, part time musician but longtime customer of relaxium. and i'm here with my good friend country music legend larry gatlin. now, larry, a few months ago you asked me does that relaxium really work? i remember that night because i was tired of not sleeping. i took if you were to try to guess what relaxium sleep works, larry, so many americans
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12:50 am
aarp dogpatch caregiving free military veterans guide to navigate your caregiving journey and out of our retaking america segment tonight we're going to examine virginia's 7th congressional district, which includes most of the suburbs north of richmond. the twenty eighteen democrat abigail sandberg is represented the district winning in large part due to her claims that she was a moderate while she joinedo the blue dog caucus and evensh said when she was elected that she would not vote for pelosi as speaker of the house . well, since then she's voted with pelosi 92% of the timeg and according to the website five thirty, she's voted in line with biden's positions 100%ine the time. so what does that mean? that means she's been a rubber stamp for all these things that have led to inflation like the stimulus back in 2020 one and open borders here now is yes, we've got a law enforcement officer, military
12:51 am
wife and a mom who is looking to unseat svanberg burger, especially your parents came here from el salvador. your brother was almost killeddp by a 13 member. st how has that experience influenced you and your decision to get in this crazy world of politic? well, laura , my brother was gunned down and nearly killed, as you stated, by ms 13 gang members. so for me, the crisis at the border is personal. we have no idea who is cominghe through the southern border. and look, i grew up in a time where i saw older men trying to recruit children of elementary schools into the gang. d so t when i talk about the criss at the border, when i talk about the crime in our communities, i come from a personal standpoint when weie think about the changing demographics of america, the latino population is p growing. it's vibrant, they're small business ownersopio, law enforcement like you. how is this possibly a seapo change for the republican party and the latino votess
12:52 am
nationwide? look, we saw it last november. i served as the chairwoman for the latinos for junkin where we successfully brought out 54%es f the hispanic vote, which was historic. wow. or any republican in the commonwealth of virginia. th and soat i'm really excited abol that momentum. when you look at the slate of candidates vying for this nomination, i'm the only one that can improve upon those numbers . so i'm excited. we've been working hard. we've been laying the groundwork and we're going to see success not just t this coming tuesday, junels twenty first but also in the fall. one thing that when you think y about a law enforcementou background like you have and to see what's been done to the most beautiful cities in the united states in credible places where crimeie is rampant and the randomnd attacks on individuals, innocent people walking down the streetet . haveve you ever seen anything like this and how did that whole summer of lovee, the treatment of law enforcement after that lead us up to this moment? te got into law enforcement in 2011 as the result of my brother's attack and i sawawa
12:53 am
firsthand the role that law enforcement playw in our communities specifically during this traumatic event in my family's life. but i can tell you that i've never seen anything like it. went from being greeted at your local 7-eleven while getting coffee. i find to be demonized keirstead. i mean,e you s name it. we've seen it all. and we see now based on the polling that the democrats are trying to backpedal their position on defunding the police and attacking the police because the polling shows that the american people ngly the ideathreject of getting ride of the police altogether. now abigail has talked about the idea and the issue of gun control issues limiting large capacity magazines, raising the age at which one can get an assault stylee weapon. if we are not taking the full step of putting a full production stoppage in place and utilizing federal legislation to encourage the adoption of proposed nationwideis steps we could take that would save lives. >> you listen to her carefully
12:54 am
. she wants a gun ban. i mean, clearly that's where that's where her mind is to kind of talk around it a little bit. is that going to solve the, the problems that we have in our society? it absolutely isn't. further shows how disconnected from the people of the 7th district.s oh , i got the whole commonwealth of virginia, someone who's had the great privilege of being with a lot of great gun owners and shooters and people who know what they're doing with firearms, especially when t you're watching june 21st very carefully with six people in the primary. but i'm looking forward to seeing what happens. thanks so much for joining us and get out and vote summertime and the living is easy. >> but when we come back , i'm going to tell you how it could even be better. could even be better. >>th we'll explain next . what's on the horizon. the answers lie beyond the road. we know we recognize that energy demand is growing and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up at chevron, we're working to findas new ways forog through investments and partnerships and innovative solutionsenen like renewablead natural gas, including hydrogen
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network, great organization for our veterans and for allza of yu who are sick of mandates mandate freedom. okay, that's alsoe laura ingraham .com you're going to love it made in the usa. enjoy your weekend.l wear your trucker hat and pressn all your friends at the beach is my favorite freedom matters. remember it's america now and forever and remember gutfeld and the whole crew have all the fun. they take it from here . happy, glorious, gloriousgl friday everyone so poor joe biden is in such deep doo doo and not just his own that the media seems to be turning their back on him. >> it's like what kilmeade


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