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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 18, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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network, great organization for our veterans and for allza of yu who are sick of mandates mandate freedom. okay, that's alsoe laura ingraham .com you're going to love it made in the usa. enjoy your weekend.l wear your trucker hat and pressn all your friends at the beach is my favorite freedom matters. remember it's america now and forever and remember gutfeld and the whole crew have all the fun. they take it from here . happy, glorious, gloriousgl friday everyone so poor joe biden is in such deep doo doo and not just his own that the media seems to be turning their back on him. >> it's like what kilmeade enters a crowded elevator. x
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they treat him like he's got monkey pox from the source and why they finally figured it out. biden harder than brian stelter trying to drink shamrock shake through a crazy straw so no one in the media isr going to up anymore.e d they suddenly discovered objectivity once he became objectively the worst president of the past 100 years. rerealthough we're being told t the president hasol done everything he can. the president has done everything that he can .ng president is doing everything that he can to make sure that we address this . we'll see we'll seeee what we can do. but i can't make any promises we can build on what we've already done. i just want to make sure people also know what we've done. we don't have anything to preview for you for tomorrow. also don't have an estimate fori you and haven't seen the numbers. he is doing everything that he can to make surema that we take action and we have been doing that 24/7 and feel free to reach out to me and we will do everything that we can . and i don't have a policy update on that.
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but i know to tell you now as i've been saying, we are doing everything that we can possibly we're going to continue to docati everything that we can . i don't have anything toyo previewu for you. >> oh , at least he has a can do attitude as in can do nothing is not fair really. it to have a job. i'd rather be the maid changes amber heard sheets this poor lady allll she can do is say we're doing all wee can do. suddenly you're in deep all you can do do supine on . surprise surprise that here that here huh. we never do we never do that . a new fox news poll shows just 18% say the economy is excellent or good. by the way, the margin of error for that poll is plus or minus 100%. no one ever says that whenever
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says that plus or minus three percent you that leads to 82% in agreement that biden's economy is about as shaky as me at a dry wedding. but i've said it before,yt getting 82% ofhi anyone to agree on anything is tough. although take a look at this chart. yeah, 82% think i can kick roblox. yeah. and even p more would pay to see its weight. >> really?y? yes. you've got to give the people what they want but right nowng i'm looking forward to it by the dumpster. so poor joe's performance is so bad even his staunchest supporters are turning on him. i mean we know there are whispers, we know that there are whispersspe and we we interview the president. we watch himch in press conferencess.
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wewe watch him do interviews on he was on jimmy kimmelt. the other night and quite frankly, i had trouble following him. he was his answers are not succinct. >> you don't wantwa the presidet of your party sitting 40% or slightly below 40%. that's terrible.'s like there's no other way to cut it. and democrats know that when he does badly, when he stumbles, you get nervous and youuder wonder is it just a stutter? >> is he tired or something else? there? keep up the good work, joe , and you'll lose the twenty twenty four nomination for jimmy carterer. >> so this might make you think there's a media shift going on , but is it really?ot and if it is, what's the real reason for it? wellre when it comes to mainstream media and their motivations just picture rats swimming away from the titanic burst, there's financial incentive ratings that other networks are plummeting faster and joe's teeth in the bottom of a glass at bedtime, especially cnn. their numbers are dropping faster thanum hooker's
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blood pressure after being rolled up in one of hunter's old area rug. i mean, it's not true , right? as far as we know, the new not true and that means you couldou be fired if you don't get those ratings back up. see, poor brian stelter. it his showle is hilariously titled reliable sources. the irony is as thick as is powdered sugar covered sausage fingers by that was a compliment. it hadit its h lowest rating in like three years. and according to sources, stelter is down to weeks if not days left at cnn and it saddense me, as you know, when chris cuomo was sacked, i lost 57% of my content for my show. the remaining 43% was all stelter and of that forty three percent 85% was saturated that still he was oh he wassn my all you't can eat buffet
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a place that offered second and third helpings of comedicgs gold. so if he goes away what do i do the new pal. no news is for suckersha that prepare. yeah we've got a special report for you and it's about. and now you got cnn's new boss telling his anchors to stop using the phrase big lie to describe election fraud claimss . he claims it sounds too much like white house messagingr as if that ever mattered. well, it matters now when the guy you're ripping off the content is as toxic as a fentanyl filled beta. ti >> i like alliteration. a so a lot of media people areir starting to drop their big lies because they need to pay off that mortgage for the house. t hthe second house, the soundproofed leather playroom constructed under the floorboards. >> a shout out to don lemon.
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and as you just saw, don really pivoted going from always calling republicans racist to now sayingblto joe is nuts.rm we haven't seen a transformation like that since brucee jenner went from hurdles to girdles and caitlyn will be on on monday. so that's a three day tease. >> i'm looking forward to it. so where does this lead? well, in time will be co hosting a show with sebastian gorka newsmaxon selen relief factor like a popcorn f. i don't know about you but i would watch the hell out of that gorka and lemon sounds like something you orderit at red lobster but forgive me if i don't buy this change ofoe heart. they know joe is done so h they're distancing themselves
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like he's forgotten to wear pants's and underpants. ey oh , they still hate republicans. they stillre hate you and everything about you. they'll never care aboututth regular people with regular peopler p problems like gas, ret or food. but for now they're keeping their powder dry only because hunter might snort it but also by being critical of joe now they can then point to theseo paltryth examples as evidence of their objectivity. but it's only beingei done because their back is up against the wall once they find their next democrat to up to, they will. and if he or she d is just as bad as joe, they'll pretend just the opposite for as long a as they can or until they pay off the new boat. but tonight get fauci always bring to energy because sheou grew up without electricity. business anchor dig in mcdowell .
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he's the okie that liberals want to choky gop u.s. senate candidate from oklahoma t.w.. shannon and the first creditd on his resume is cheers. and the second is that i mentioned cheers. tv writer and producer rob and finally she's like a classic car high maintenancecl and constantly breaking down but driving her car to rob . great to see you. good to see you too. >> i you know, i'm glad i could provide you a little , but i would actually kick your . i think so. i don't think you got what it takes. i think you've gotot you havet the height disadvantage yet but i want it more .. okay well that matters. yeah right. right. maybe just take it. i how much do you believe in this pivot. do you think that this is
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i want to focus on what the media is doing in that. why is it temporary? > no, look, i feel like we often think of the media as liberal and that they are that but they are mostly just partisan democrats. and this is a way of signaling to all the other p democratic politiciansol that i you jump in , we're ready too support you. this is really i really do believe this is code and it's code toud all other democrats sitting on the fence. if you jump in , we're notar going to tear you we're looking forg somebody to get behind the first democrat it does that's going to get this incredible press tongue. >> i guarantee you i've seen this already with people writing theses columns about it's time for the democrats celebrity. that's right. those articles. right. so it's like that that's also the code like it's okay. if you come if oprah if you decide to run right. we talked about it but i can't be her running mate. gail just can't stand me. it's just also too there's too much tension.
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yes. there barely keep our hands off each other. we don't want that . yeah, exactly. dagen, always great to see you so i could take on both of your i fight dirty. i go for the ears and then use my feet on the other one .ul i would surrender. i bet you would. do you stay with cnn is telling their anchors to be less partisan. do you buyisan y this do you thk this is real or do you think this is more just like a temporary thing untilun you find someone new theyyb need to get rid of anybody who wasth giving jeff zucker a tongue bath all day long every day. th soin i think that's that's to to times you said to bath. i think we only have one more i just did. so we're going like like a cat. yeah.. i think that if biden can turn it around, the media will stick with them and i mean he's clearly a whuffie fractious grandpappy, but
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he needs to usese that on that like on the white house stage, all he needs to do is start firing people publiclyti and that kind of humiliation of his own staff i think would bring along a lot of like goodwill from the american people even and people who work in media. just an example like having an vent and say i'm going to my dissident's going to be about bringing down gasoline prices and then turn around and just cans jennifer granholm, the secretary. >> but right on this right there because he's already got it and i'm i'm chicago.s but and what i got to tell you, that's like expecting a rock, you know, to write a beethoven symphony. it's like s there's no like it'w like oh , because he's a hollow he's i mean the reason whyas he's so dangerous is there's. nothing there. i think that he's an i angry son of a . . oh really. i oh yeah. think that if he does
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this he could yeah. he has the senate. i thinkki you ought to weigh over think in the media. there's one reasonea that the media has pivotedca like this ad that's just like the rest ofna us . they miss donaldmp. trump . their ratings are in the tank. dr. phil, i know i disagree in the sense that if they ifmp they really miss donald trump , they wouldn't keep pushing these hearings because the hearings are designed toof keep them offf the stage and toi elevate the democrats. . no, no, i they'reg trying to keep donald trump from running again. that's the whole reasone that they're having these hearings because when youhe look at what the democrats are rolling out as evidence of all this , this alleged coup that supposedly happened in the country,en the truth is they're trying to paint republicans as all bingley's evil insurors fixedness when not one person has been charged with insurrection block. i know. i know and i know i'm trying to get but again, when you look at the media, the real reason that they're doing this , they don't want donald trump to run again and they're pivoting from joe biden becausebi r
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they know he's bad for ratings.l the media has won. they have one thing, one thing only and that's to control the people and also to get ratings forat their stations . >>nald and without donald trump, they don't have any. it is amazing. i how brazen the pivot has been in some of these folks. right. it's like that especiallyke don lemon. likepp all of a sudden it's like what happened to the old don lemon. remember him? >> i a nice fella, i guess. i think to me it's not that i don't know. >> i think it took too long. yes.of abecause it's not like all of a sudden joe biden got like this right. he's been like this the entire time over the campaign was a campaign for him. i through the campaign and i mean i was on yesterday i went to go see paul mccartney. right. oh , and it was it was amazing ,but it was three hours. okay, he's singingg he's playing guitar, playing the ukulele, playing the piano and the entiren time thinking this man is older than joe biden. yeah,de you cannot who cannot
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stand for fifteen minutes. yes. over the high points ofth the concerts. i mean i the wholee thing.ea yes yes i was sobbing tears of joy. >> it was amazing. best night of my life. no offense but you you were with your dad. >> yeah yeah yeah. well i hope they don't take shelter from me. i knowselt i'm sorry. that'll be really hard for you. i don't know what's going to happen. i hope there's some kind encounter group for that . >> yousomeou that one up. allbe right. you could hiret him.i yeah, that's what i was thinking. he could be my andy richter. wehe have him standing way over there and he can't say anything is is sorry but i think better you you have a little trap door here and and he's like the gimp in pulp fiction. yeah. yeah. well the oh better yeah. and it's weird because i had
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by vp kamala harris. it'sto being called a task force to address online harassment and abuse. butt the other working title is a task forcee to keep this crazy tackling psycho away from a microphone very long. so the memo says its missionss will be focused on , quote,io developing programs and policies to address online harassmentcibuse, abuse, disinformation campaigns targeting women and lgbtq plus individuals who are public and political figures, government and civic leaders, activists, journalists in the united statesurte and globally. what anan interesting choice of targets. why not just say people who might be leftists? so it sounds like kamala is basically our twitter content moderator i guess we'll have to take downta our own justice, millette tweets. but as plenty of people pointedi
1:22 am
out, this new taskke force souns a lot like the disinformation board the dhs tried to roll out in april minus a looney singing show tunes. >> tell us about it. ganster. s we still have so much more work to do to protect people from online harassment and abuse which is why the work ofor this task force ista so importab . >> hmm. well, that was boring, but that's a bongo's. >> i still have so much s more work too do to protect people from online harassment and abuse, which is why the work of this task is so important like the much better . sowh what can we expect from this new task force? well, it also includes dhsal secretary alejandro mayorkasej, ag merrick garland and secretary of state and tony blinkenn. ey
1:23 am
they don't like d them. s i don't know about you guys . let's see how long these folks last. >> they held their first meeting on thursday. i believe we have tape right now. how do you think they come up for jobs with kamala? do they have like just throw dartss or is there a bingo card or that little ball that a ball magic eight ball. yeah,the sometimes it's magic ouija board. yes. because she's a well man and she's going to stand up for whoa man everywhere i sit she's on the case with online harassment. by the way, melania lth trump already did this . yes, she can stand up for me. i have this weird neck that's
1:24 am
like it's like it's this bony neck and it looks like i have an adam's apple and so peoplesm kind of attack me online about that and call me a man. these people on the left calling me a man which is trans phobic. so i would like toiul put at the top of her account that doesn't count and i'llus tell you why because all ofri her discoveries ofes harassment and disinformation have to only go one way. right? it's like if you look i mean it will never come from the left. it only comes from the right. right w yeah.e and that's why you see that everywhere. everywhere and that's why the democrat party is on life support l l right now becauseho what they've done they've taken what should be human rights and they try too divide us upof into different types ofs americans and different types of rightsof. there's only one kind of rightsy and that's human rights. but they're not interested in that right? they're interested in identity politics and it's exactly why they're about to lose the house, about to lose the senate and 2024 they're going to lose the presidency because they've played
1:25 am
this identity politicsty to its very end. and i think americans are sick of it. i know i am. >> this is protect everybody loves protect everybody. let'ss go after harassment. that's stuff that's on like if i only want to protect the people i like i andnd the people i disagree with screw them. >> right. that i actually thought this memo as i read it was like sexist and insulting because what it actually said was that seeing comments fromat internet trolls is something that's going to preclude women from political decision making about their own lives. so you think that me seeing comments from internet trolls is going to stop me from beingns able to make decisions for myself because i'm a womanr ? >> what kind of little does the government think i tony fauci more i can handle it your block or you just don't look at it or any combination
1:26 am
of both. i'm going to be fine. i don't need this kind of help because when they talk aboutut who they were protecting they meant they mentioned everybody and everybody in there. it made it soundma like they could handle it, handle it. i found itt insulting and what are you doing, rob ? >> i'm just tweeting something about ketanji. that's the tax rate ketanji. that'sng a great thing.le but that one's a problem. first of all, i want to say you're a very good looking man ,i got to say. but you're a bigger man. >> the that is that is a problem for both of us . it's hurt our both of our careers to be better if it was the other. >>th but i think what i think is that none of this stuff is real . it isn't real . that's harassment people. i've been harassed. what do you mean wee got harassed online? you went online and you search
1:27 am
for mentions of yourselfdi and then you read them all.d it's like why did youow read someone else's diary if you know that they're writing that diary, by the way, greg, really you know what it's like this is not real .al people talk about, oh , i got death threats. you didn'tt get death. this is all b.s. and thest weirdest thing is right at the moment our culture where we can know what everyone thinksca about us , we've become supersensitive. yes. a very good not thing. when this firstte started, i was that person and i go , oh myi god, i get threats.go well, if i if i go on facebook and i lookk i'm going to find them and now like now the death threat the death threat defense is showing upp everywhere right ? it's like well i get this like like if somebody like taylor lawrence does somethingwa terrible right atpo the washington post, she gets called out she goes but i guess that's when someone told me to go jump in the lake. a mean that's not a threat. that's just a death suggestion. >> yes. i don't know.
1:28 am
maybe she can swim. i don't know.el yeah, that's true . but she's an excellent swimmer.s it'son a person was telling her to get some exercise and got jump in the lake, they said because they thought it would be good for her long. as you use the right pronoun your fight. soso it's all that matters. exactly. all right.k upja next and networks january six anl had viewers changing the channel on mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas and i'm here with my wonderful wife of almost fifty years, janet and our puppies. over the years we've learned to make a marriage work and love, respect and most importantly a good night's sleep. my had real difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep until you started taking relaxium sleep for years now we both fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up refreshed every morning. it's made life a whole lot better and since relaxium sleeps formula is so safe and effective there's no issue how often we take it clinically proven. relaxium sleeps triple formula
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had to face a volatile market. they contacted their personal capital advisor and checked our free retirement plan. now they feel confident and no longer worry about what the market may bring. start today and personal capital .com. >> welcome back. the ratings for a phonyec insurrection at one network making a defection no ifs, ands or buts. this political sham had viewers preferring putts yesterday. >> that's the day before this one. nbc news anchor lester holt and special report coverage of the january six hearing to show golf, which is how you know, people are sick of hearing. >>n th you're hearing as we comp the top of the hour, we're going to have toth end our coverage of this januarye six hearing on the nbc network. my colleagues and i , ll continue our coverage
1:33 am
the hearings on our streaming platform. nbc news now for everyone else.l u.s. open golff begins momentarily. it's almost if nbc doesn't even care about our republic. di first they cancel diff'rent strokes. now that i know i hold a grudge . meanwhile, nancy pelosiud betwen sips of her stem cell latte continue to offend the democrats focus on january six . i wondery, do they do just one thing around here ? >> we don't just do one thing around here . we take an oath to protectd and defend the constitution of the united states. the manifestation of it now is the january six . if nancy pelosi were any more full of, she'd biden slacks but maybe but maybet she's right. perhaps they do do more than one thing like givingus their husbands stock tipsba.
1:34 am
>> but do they ever take their eye off the ball? we never take our eye off the ball on kitchen table issues is working is what unifies us . the move is a concern forrn america's working families.r we're here for the kitchen table, not the boardroom table, kitchen table, boardroom table . >>f looks like she just got off this table. underrated classic w bride of frankenstein. this is obviously political theater to draw away from kind of a lot of bad newsng that's going o on in the bidene white house. you can agree with me or or elaborate on my excellentel point. but yeah, there's no question that the january six hearingss are all about a distraction because they can't talk about the economy. they can't talkk they about an open border where two point five million people have poured across itpe.
1:35 am
they can't talk about the failed afghanistan pullout. they can't talk about the ukrainian situation that's out of control. the january six hearingsl areth all about distracting the american people from the real issues that face this cat. when you cut away to golf, whatever you cut away from is less interestingth golf. in imagine that , right? well, that's the thing that's possible. that's the thing because when january 6th, that actual day watching, i was like, whoa, but now how many times do people want to really re watch and rewash watch it. it's not happy gilmore it'ss yeah yeah it's not like you know it's notot right that adam sandler we're on the committee . i would do that . yeah. but i thinkop a lot of people t like okayhe how much more is there to say about it. how really at this point i think even take politics out a of it for a second. i think a lot of people are bored. yeah. rob , i'm going to be i don't know i'm going to examine self, examine myselfto on this. all right. when i was watching because
1:36 am
this is a unique time we we really want to watch you self exam. yes, i do.o yes.fe i am feeling very safe. it's what makes me special. nl okay, so from that birthmark that only you have seen. so when i look at this like i like it, that's what i believe to be a superfluous, pointless hearing that is used for political theater. and i think is this how the other side looked at the benghazi hearings? is it he like the mirror of benghazi? because when we were on fox like we were wewhen did the benghazi hearings and it would make my blood boill when people would laugh about it like i think we got huge fights on the five over that. could this be the mirror image of that where like it is just a political divide? that is why people just look at this is like we know this is i mean, as kate pointed out, the new york times admitted this was political theater. so i mean, yeah, look, i mean it's like use your adam sandler comparison.
1:37 am
adam sandler movies are great,tt but they don't last a week. >> yeah. the first night was actually for the for the januarywa six hearings was actually a really good night. ratings for twenty million a lot.s yeah, almost as much as this show. okay, whatever they're telling you that's fine. i you know i don't i don't want to be i don't wanna be rudyng giuliani here . yeah you're doing great. lookok so so it could have been better like if it was schauder and you just said it you know her that well you never hear that . so i feel like you know so yeah it is political theater but likete all theater it's got to be short, sweet , succinct and then you get out and just to stick up foror golf, it'sth the u.s. open. yeah. and golf is golf is actually an underrated sport to watch because you can kind of like drift in from a conscious in and out of it.
1:38 am
and this sound is so small. re so nbc spent hundreds ofla millions of dollars for the right to televisers that te u.s. open. not do're not going to it because they want to hear i from one more obscure. yes, a fourth here trumpic administration official about an emailha he got from someone. it'sal like this . it's like all b b roll. now we have the main show. time to move on . yeah, that's so true . and let's be honest. >> professional golfers are as f some of them all of themro from behind a tight trousers. i'm all for that . i'd rather watch putt putt actually than watch these hearings with what jamie raskin and adam schiff actually i'd rather watchac golf wash golf in my mouth. no. yes. but by the way, they did not
1:39 am
adam sandler even if they had eric swalwell on this video because again, the anticipation isth they get a break wind or not. i'll stick around for hours waiting for that . so i got a hit on the you know, on the part we would have been i would have i got a hundred bucks. anybody is going to kick in to watch the ball watchingg rob why do you have a stack of hundred that's for you to find out a guy who you kids settle down over there want to get betweene you. but till the room filled my soul. yeah, going up, elon musk lays down the law. bute for some employees it's the final straw spokesperson if you are a family member, has received a devastating diagnosis of mesothelioma or
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elon t musk suggests twitter will be hiding the truth about joe and hunter. biden must held its first official meeting with twitterof employees yesterday in anticipation of his plan. forty four billion dollar takeover during the video conference with over 7000 staff members, elon discussed several potential policy changes, includingl phasing out remote work, allowing users to pay to get verified and prioritize freedom of speech. >> hmm, that's not funny. adding that so long as nono one is breaking the law, twitter users should be allowed to hold extreme views and post outrageous thingsview. >>ss great. more photos of a shirtless geraldo for of course, ellen's own tweets joking about wokingham have had twitter employeestw panicking about his impact on their corporate culture. when asked about his commitment to a diverse workplace, he saidd he wants at least a billion people on twitter. well, i call that inclusive. meanwhile, over at his other w
1:45 am
company, spacex, five employees were canned yesterdayer after circulating a letter criticizing musk and urging executives to make the rocket company more inclusive. the letter alsoout called out en musk quote, harmful twitter behavior. so off the whiners went, which is tough but fair.ou elonld now he could have done what abc does with divisive employees, but i don't think w forcing them to play spin the bottle with a view is entirely appropriate. that's in bad taste after the golf in the mouth cat yeah, i was just watching. yeah, that's what i told the cops. u i love it. how like all the people that are critics of musk are p worried that he might ruin this pristine wonder that is twitter. yeah. is gross. it is also they're worried
1:46 am
that it's going to wreck inclusively that he hasfr this focus on free speech. but its n makes no sense because what he's saying is everybodyis gets the voicege. cl i don'tus know what is more inclusive than that . yeah, that is inclusive. it is that everybody equally gets a voice to say what theylu believe and what they feel. so they say exclusivity. they don't really exclusivity. >> what they mean is the opposite of that . yeah. everyone only accepts and speak exactly the way that i say you can . yes. that's not exclusivity exactly. dagen i love how he acts like a boss. y right. l that's not yeah. it's like subordinates are liket you can't do that . you're a subordinate. you're fired. >> it's a good feeling. it's it's so forty years go you have time to write a complaint l letter. you're fired a back . what do you know. what are you doing with your time . i've worked i've workedwo for
1:47 am
tyrants over the years not here but in other places and you know what keeps youes on your toes because you see them coming down the hall. you got to know where to hide exactly. and you're nervous all the time and it keeps you quite trim. yeah, it is true that it can't. hold anything down or in any way. rob , you know, i like how he like he, he refused to play n this new trend of airing your laundry publicly like open letter or like what happened the washington post with that other lady. yeah, i can't get fired. you also got fired. so it's kind of like you know what you guys want to go public. you're going to be publicly fired. alsotr they said to this trend i mean, i think it's a hard trend. we want you to bring your authentic self toward your whole self to work. yeah. who who wants that ? nobody at work wants to know about your authentic self. none of your coworkers want to probably don't even want to know. like i think you should leave your authentic self at home and just bring your work self. i mean, like my whole career goal every single day is to
1:48 am
go home. yes. that's that's enough. i don't need to like also have larger discussions about what someone's doing in some other realm. >> i don't care like go .se yes. you should see how fast i leave this building. oh my god. yeah i don't even know i'm gone literally. you are in the car now. yes. yeral what you're seeing is some kind of fog. yeah right. soe that's what it seems like. elon musk is going to is. on the path to changing something. yeah,all i'm all for class and f twitter because it is the armpit of society right now. but the truth is a billionaireth is not going to say the first amendment. the only thing he's going to say the first amendment is the second amendment. that is why we have it . and the reality is and elon musk certainly i think it can get better. >> itd certainly can't't get any worse than it is right now. but the whole social media movement where they silenced conservatives even silenced the president of the united statesesthe that should that shd frighten every single american out therean o certainly frightes
1:49 am
me. so kudos to elon for standing up and being a bossst. hopefully twitter gets better. but you know, honestly,ho i'm still a true social that may that's still around. >> it is, yes. do i don't know. i mean, i know i don't do any social media. ici just i love the fact that te world's richest man agrees with me on everything that amazing . why am i not the richest man i was in ? i'm married to grymesy. it's not like you can't be now you've got a baby x that's the name of the baby x where my going with it. up next , ryan gosling new look for mattel has fans say what that. >> hi, my name is andy chaikin. when i was close to retiring the crash of 2008 and the value of my 401k just once i was furious and terrified when my husband mark so how upset i was. he did something a little bit radical.
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1:54 am
>> i'm just saying i'm just looking at the picture. yeah, they're both beautifults individuals. lots and lots of love tots give beauty, lots of beauty. okay, i'm going to save you. oh , don't stop. i don't know, david dagen, what do you think of his new look? do you care? do attractive? >> i think he's like a four since i've artist just for filthy mouth this entire show.n i've actually played with ten dolls when i was little and i'm not thinking about fromng the waist up. yeah i'm thinking about from ath the waist down because kidsg were missing some stuffso they weren't they weren't anatomically correct weren't missingeyly c some stuff they w> missing. so i'm just wondering never mom i'm just wondering about from the waist down how would you clean your kendalls the all right. that's all right. i'm a curious person. i just want to non dishwashing liquid like rob , you're
1:55 am
running for senate. what is your stance on this new live action version of barbie? youu if he can't vote i'm just not interested in it at all. and joe biden america he mayo be able to vote. oh , that so are you excited, cathy? do you ever i don't think you ever played with barbies. >> did you not realize i had a lot of plastic lizards? yes.hi i bet you preferred biographies of klaus barbie. i just wow. i was promised a real lizard if i kept my room clean form a month and i never still waiting. dad. yeah. the audience. hey, guys over there. i forgot about that . where's my bearded dragon chief ? if i had a dollar for every time i heard that in my house, bearded dragon meant something completely differentdr. i guess i should shut up, huh?t well, a little too late for that now.
1:56 am
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we're out of time . thanks for taking the call roblox get back in our studio in 5% tenebrae francophiles i love you america. lo hello, everyone. i'm judge jeanine pirro along with jessica roloff. joey jones. they can make valid right out ofwi this and in front of the teleprompter. it's five o'clockits in new yor city and i'll bet you don'tt know where this is. this is aboutyohe five presiden right. and pepsi with the mediafl and lying his butt off about inflation, the commander in chief claims he deserves no blame wha