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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  June 18, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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do there and asked parker. >> the desert for associate back here tomorrow a brand-new studio we hope you love it as much as we do. that is tomorrow at 5:00 o'clock eastern sunday shepherd the fox resort with jon stott starts right now but thanks for having us. ♪ ♪ ♪. jon: multiple rest after security breach on capitol hill purchased a first for a late night comedy show were legibly caught roaming around without permission or good evening i'm jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> capitol police arresting seven staff members from the late show is steven colbert thursday night. charge of that with unlawful entry paid police of the group was found at a hallway without an official escort and had been directed to leave the building earlier that day.
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the incident renewing a heated debate about security in the nation's capitol at a time and politically motivated threats are on the rise. derek republican congresswoman claudia tenney is standing by with her reaction. but we first go to congressional correspondent chad pergram. >> will try to bring you that report from chad pergram and just a moment. the group reportedly had been told to leave the congressional building earlier in the day by capitol police. somehow they got back in. apparently were let in by a fellow staff members of some of the members of congress, democrat members of congress that they were interviewed. that report from chad pergram is good now, let's bring it to you now. >> jon, a bizarre security breach proceed as late show came
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to interview three house democrats including adam schiff. but they overstayed their welcome and were busted by u.s. capitol police. in a statement cbs says the production team came to capitol hill to do interviews for a comedy segment with triumph the comedy dog. he is also known for his work on saturday night live tv fun house animated shorts. cbs said the interviews were prearranged with congressional offices. fox is told on thursday morning the interviewed adam schiff and stephanie were phenolic democratic massachusetts representative jake. he is not on the committee. capitol police shooed the group away from the one/sixth committee hearing area they did not have proper press credentials they requested credentials weeks ago by the house radio tv gallery denied them credentials because they are comedy and not news. at some point the group left the house office building but foxes told the team was then let back
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into the wildwood house office to an aide sometime after 4:00 p.m. thursday. foxes told the aide thought they had more interviews to do. team remained in the house office buildings unescorted for hours. the group was arrested after the building close, the arrest came around 8:30 p.m. eastern time. they were near the office of gop colorado representative. capitol police said they arrested seven people and charge them with unlawful entry. the statement capitol police say the building was closed to visitors and these individuals were determined to be part of a group that had been directed by the capitol police to leave the building earlier in the day. this comes after the 1/6 committee least a bit of gop georgia representative barry giving what the panel termed as surveillance tours. one day ahead of the riot last year. republicans now claim the democrats have no leg to stand on when it comes to capitol
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security. >> it is ironic that democrat staffers but not even members of congress, democratic staffers who work for adam schiff and others they are the ones who brought people in that ended up getting arrested by capitol police. that says something too. >> one person showing the video made threats on camera to prominent democrats a day of the riot but he was never charged for it capitol police continue their probe of the cold air seven. jon. >> chad pergram are chuck capitol reporter, chad thank you. new york republican congressman claudia tenney joins us now. your reaction first of all to the arrest of the seven cold air staffers, congresswoman? >> of course they were arrested for the democrats are putting on a huge charade right now with the january 6 committee. over serious issues that have a january 6. this is really just a propaganda piece and a show trial without having our constitutional rights of the constitutional rights of the people being accused there's a predetermined verdict. so now you see these people come
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into the capitol g shows the democrats are not serious but this is all political theater. they are not serious about when their friends the people they like or the media on their side is in the capitol unescorted. but yet the rest of us have to have ambassadors and our constituency escorted even by interns to walk in the building. but this is a hypocritical double standard they are trying to portray per think they been busted on this. jon: some democrat some observers say it's a comedy tea from a comedy television show. they are no threat to anybody, your response? >> well, look at everybody is required to have some sort of escort in the building unless you are a staffer or member of congress. and so we humiliate all these people come to visitors those who have visited congress for years to come inside the office buildings. i have to actually have my office and the longworth office building and no one is allowed to go in and unless you are supposed to be there with an official id without an escort. so for the democrats and asked that we don't need to follow the
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rules, when we have our friends and people who are comedians in there, knocking on doors and disrupting. we really don't know to what extent these people and what their interests were, were they doing surveillance as they claim that barry loudermilk and his guests were doing? the absurdity but this is why the american people are not buying any of this for they know that it is a charade. jon: meantime there's a vote on capitol hill to provide more security for members of the u.s. supreme court by the justices of the u.s. supreme court. twenty-seven democrats voted against it, 22 of them voted to increase their own security. they wanted congressional money to spend money on their own security after the january 6 incident. your response to that? >> you know, seems like a week a claim to say many of these democrats who voted against supporting the supreme court justices, having security for them but we see drums being pounded but we see justice
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kavanaugh had an assassination attempt against him. we know there is legitimate violence out there. many are saying that just wasn't enough, enough of their staff and the rest of their family members. but these people are parading in violation of 18 u.s. state 15 oh seven which prohibits people from protesting in front of a justices private home during the deliberation of the case. i'm parading and making loud noises but this is a clear violation. they can do this, they can protest on the first and not just about anywhere but right here this is a limitation period so my concern is they say oh yes, we wanted more in the bill that's why we didn't vote for. add an amendment or provide another bill that would provide additional staffing. but i think the real reason they didn't vote for is they know that their constituents are afraid of what is going to happen if this dobbs case the abortion case comes out. they know politically their constituents are against it. they are against the change of the law that could happen. and so they don't support
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actually protecting these justices because they in fact want these judges to be intimidated it appears. the truth is you here some of these other claims like chris kuhn saying this is a judicial activism. really the roe versus wade case is judicial activism. overdoing is going back to the constitution for the truth is abortion will not be illegal when they dobbs case is released but in fact the state i come from a new york, the people are going to be surprised to find out that abortion is legal up to the moment of birth in new york because the vote of the new york state legislature and governor kathy and governor cuomo. this not going to really change a lot new york at all. think going back to reset with the constitution brings us back to a debate and a discussion about this important case. jon: meantime there are all kinds of family planning agencies that are not abortion providers that have been
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attacked by various groups. what you think about merrick garland, the suggestion from senator tom cotton he should prosecute these groups as domestic terrorists? >> i think he is right i wrote a letter about a month ago signed on by a number of my colleagues to merrick garland saying we should be investigating this series of outbreaks and violence of firebombs, domestic terrorism type language by jane's revenger printed on the doorways of these crisis pregnancy centers. one right near me and my own district on the little town of amherst a suburb of buffalo, new york had a fire bomb. the people doing this and go to work to try to provide alternatives for women who are seeking to keep their babies, they were required to go into an undisclosed place because of the threats of violence. merrick garland has been slow to react i think he should be reacting for the fbi's now starting to take a look at this. but i agree with tom cotton
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we've been con this out for about a month now. >> numerous congresswoman claudia thank you. >> thank you. jon: as americans struggle to pay for everything from groceries to gas, president biden is paying the price in the polls. with more in the white house on that, lucas b. >> good evening jon earlier today president biden off his bicycle while writing. he came to a stop to speak with supporters, he fell off a bounce back up pretty quickly but started to even joking about the incident but does not appear the u.s. economy will recovers quickly. >> i am using every level of bailable to me too bring down prices for the american people. these actions are part of our transition to a clean and secure long-term energy future. and the good news is the climate security, manage security go hand-in-hand. >> the price of gasoline is skyrocketed by the poll numbers
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have limited his approval rating is sunk to 39% with nearly half of american strongly disapproving his job performance. according to a new usa today poll only 16% of americans strongly approve of the president. nearly three quarters of the country thanks the u.s. is on the wrong track. nearly half of democrats also think the countries on the wrong track recall last week reporting an increasing number of democrats think biden is an anchor that should be cut loose. say he should not run for reelection in 2024 up with gas prices spiking a trip to saudi arabia planted next month the many americans on by and took off her ramped up oil production here in the united states. for weeks biden has been blaming russia for the inflation crisis causing record high gas prices nationwide. last weekend a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline rusty 5-dollar threshold for the first time in american history. and now half of the country blames biden for that spike. three in ten americans blame putin. 13% blame both the biden and
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putin. before going to the beach this weekend he took up the shot at the oil industry demanding they produce more. >> i contacted them or my team has to ask what their plans are and to give any suggestions they have. they have over 9000 leases, 9000. they can drill but i won't have it, they are not doing a very. >> according to the oil and gas journal u.s. oil production is already operating at near maximum capacity. about 20 million barrels per day per that is to within 3% of the all-time high in january of 2020 before the pandemic, jon. jon: lucas tomlinson reported for the light house live. lucas thank you. republican midterm candidates making a strong push for support at the faith and freedom conference in nashville. former president trump spoke yesterday. today herschel walker running for a key georgia senate seat address controversy over his
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personal life. senior national correspondent rich edson live in nashville with moore, rich. >> a good evening jon. this is the final stretch of the three-day road to majority conference for dozens of conservatives speaking here trying to boost the republican party ahead of this year's midterm elections for a new and one of the speakers for this afternoon was herschel walker produce a republican senate nominee in georgia. recently acknowledged she has three other children with multiple women. he had not discussed publicly despite being a critic of absentee fathers pretty address that controversy controversy in front of conservatives here today. >> the first of all, they knew the truth. i have never deny any of my kids only love them more than i love anything. they do anything that made me want to fight hyderabad i'm tired of people misleading the american people. i am tired of people misleading my family. what's more president donald trump, former un ambassador nikki haley in ronald mcdaniel among others who address the conference for former vice
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president mike pence is not here this year. source close to pence says he was at an energy roundtable in ohio. faith and freedom coalition founder ralph reed tells us pencil was invited strong and close to the movement has spoken to this conference several times before. pence heard some booze last year the conference after his break with trauma. an issue very important to coalition members, roe versus wade. if the supreme court does in fact overturn nationwide abortion rights, conservatives will remain galvanized on the issue. >> when the court decides whatever it decides, we are the ones who have the momentum, the infrastructure and our best to position to pass legislation protecting unborn life at the state level. so i am not concerned at all. >> this conference wraps this evening with foreign policy former secretary of state mike pompeo expected to give the keynote address shortly here,
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back to your job very. >> rich edson from nashville, rich thank you. breaking news from the cdc today the agency is approving the first coveted vaccine for the nation's youngest kids. children as young as six months now eligible for the pfizer and moderna shots. cdc says it will expand vaccination for roughly 18 million children per the agency says vaccines have already been sent to pediatricians, clinics, pharmacies and hospitals. first shots can be given out as soon as monday. coming up, or controversy for los angeles district attorney george gascon after police officers are legibly killed by a suspect he was out of probation but have the mother of one of those officers is responding. in the nypd is upgrading its k-9 unit with new cutting edge technology. stick around for this fox news exclusive. moms who each like to bank their own way.
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>> the mother of a los angeles-area officer killed in the line of duty said she believes district attorney george gascon policy for son's death. just as we are learning more about the suspected shooter's cause of death. mary ann rafferty live in los
3:20 pm
angeles with that. >> the new information tonight pretty current to the l.a. coroner's report justin forrest took his own life for the gunshot wound to the head as the official cause of death. florence was out on probation shot and killed almonte ricky police officer joseph santana and 22-year-old veteran corporal perez. the death of her son squarely on the policy of d8 george gascon. >> gascon is letting all these criminals out. they just keep doing one crime after the other. that guy should have been in jail he would not have been out with my son and might of the other officer would still be here. >> just employers had pleaded no contest to be a felon in possession of a firearm in 2021% in two time served, 20 days and two years probation. has a deputy d.a. been able to prosecute him under the three strikes rule floris likely would've been behind bars. gascon defended the sentencing says consistent with case
3:21 pm
resolutions for this type of offense. and ordered his condolences to the family saying quote, our hearts break for them as they face this father's day weekend without their loved ones. our office has and will continue to hold people who commit violence accountable for the actions by the police officers association lashing out at bucha that changes he has made is what led to the two officers death at the hands of a convicted felon. >> george gascon you do not get to continue to use our streets and our brothers and sisters in your experiment. you have failed the public. you have failed these families. you have failed michael and joseph. rex is a recall effort against him kicks into high gear there are enough signatures to initiate a recall. but they have to be verified. to organize hope to get another one here 50000 signatures in order to make sure that recall vote because i headed.
3:22 pm
jack: live in los angeles thank you. another tragedy to tell you about this when in the city of brotherly love. firefighters in philadelphia are mourning the loss of one of their own. the 27 year veteran was killed early this morning when the building collapsed on him and several other firefighters. jonathan live with the details. >> jon, we have an update moments ago but philadelphia city officials held a news conference. they are mourning the loss of a firefighter who served in that city for 27 years. he is 51-year-old lieutenant sean williamson. the longtime firefighter leaves behind a mother and son. he was killed when a fire damaged building collapsed early this morning. >> more than 27 years he dedicated his life to serving and protecting the people of philadelphia. and sacrificed his life protecting others. >> please take a moment, say a prayer. be silent and thoughtful.
3:23 pm
whenever you watch this broadcast for lieutenant williamson, for the other injured members of our department, our own colleagues paid for all those involved in this incident. >> around 2:00 a.m. firefighters responded to a fire in a small mixed use building in the fair hill neighborhood parade there were eight people inside. all got out safely firefighters quickly got the flames under control. what about an hour and a half after the initial call, while city personnel were inside the building a witness says things went terribly wrong. lexi fire was contained. they didn't think the fire was going to come down the building was going to come down they didn't think that, no one did, you are in sync fire was contained there in there during their investigation looking for hotspots. and unfortunately i guess there's no building on each side the building collapsed. >> addition to killing lieutenant williamson the building collapse injured for his fellow firefighters and a supervisor of the city's department of licenses and
3:24 pm
inspections. the inspector in two of the firefighters were treated and released. the other two surviving firefighters remain hospitalized for it city officials say they are in critical but stable condition. the atf is assisting the philadelphia fire marshal's office investigating the cause of this fire at the building for there's also a separate investigation going on into the chain of events that led to the building collapse, jon. all right jonathan thank you. i'm of the nypd is giving its k-9 e is it a big tech upgrade with the goal of stepping out potentially deadly attacks and busy places like city subway. this comes as crime is surging across the big apple thi year. fox news got an exclusive look at this new check in action. alexis mcadams is more with how it all works, alexis. >> hey jon good evening pre-political assignment here but at the city's dogs in action on the new york city subway
3:25 pm
system. she mentioned so many people are worried when they take the subway's every single day about their safety for they have these highly trained specialist k-9 use it investigators say can sniff out what used to be undetectable explosive devices for the point here is to keep people safe and prevent mass incidents and tragedies we take a look on your screen right there. this ointment talk about throughout the day put this up close look at the new technology from the nypd which was created by those officers for the department here new york city were for the private tech company to create that special dog harness equipped with electronics. each sensor inside the harness enables the k-9 officer to detect radiation and other chemical or biological agents that dogs nose just can't write nypd tells us the tech advancement was necessary in the fight against terrorism sharing the program out the other help keep america safe. >> i will say that if there are k-9 units to do counterterrorism type of work if they do not have the capability there is a gap in
3:26 pm
their coverage. there is a gap in their detection capability if they do not have this specifically. this is real and it is happening. and we know it because of our intelligence. >> that is why the k-9 c are so important. each dog harness has multiple sensors that send a real type updates to a mobile command post. the officers tracked those readings and respond accordingly. >> there in 24 -- seven threat the transit system. when they're out and about we can pull them up on the laptop or on the computer. and see what is going on with these teams. >> now jon, and these dogs and k-9 units are out across newark city subway system if you're writing it you might see them for the nypd's work on this technology for about five years. they really unveiled it a few years back when the pope came to town they're going to continue to use it to keep people safe, jon >> good to have it too bad we need it.
3:27 pm
alexis mcadams, alexis thank you. a close call after a man crashed his car into a pro- trump store. 46-year-old sean flaherty plowed his car into the stores window near boston thursday afternoon nearly hitting an employee and destroying idols of merchandise. nobody was hurt. police have not released any information regarding motive but charge the driver with malicious destruction of property. the department of homeland security is set to punish border agents who have already been cleared of wrongdoing. the number of migrant crossing at the southern border continues to break records. that included dozens of people on the terror watch list. arizona attorney general trying to swipe on the fox report coming up.
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jon: of migrant encounters of the southern border not only had a new record in may, they're also causing more concern about border security parade this after agents nabbed 15 people on the terror watch list, just last month. meanwhile border patrol agents are said to be furious the department of homeland security stands ready to discipline their colleagues who were falsely accused of whipping haitian migrants last september. bill melugin with more. >> good evening to brand-new numbers show the number of people on the terror watch list showing up here at our southern border is shooting through the roof under president biden. take a look at these numbers right here. just out from cbp. border patrol arrest people in the terrorist screening database. take a look at fiscal year 2022. already this year 50 of these arrests on that terror watch list. that is nearly double the last five years combined with those
3:33 pm
last five years only adding up to 26 former ice director tom said bad actors know with our porous border right now, now is the time to try to sneak into the u.s. >> this present is a great a border crisis and immigration crisis. when you do that that causes 70% of the border patrol to be off-line. 70% that's when the drug flows through that kills 100,000 americans were that's on the terrace come across requesting the bid at your looking at right now is from roma, texas last night in the rio grande valley per this is the new main numbers are out historic yet again. more than 239,000 illegal crossings in the month of may but that is the highest number in dhs history. it is the third month in a row we set a new record. all this happening is we're now hearing from federal sources that the horseback border patrol agents who were falsely accused of whipping haitian migrants until real last summer, we are now hearing they are going to be disciplined right cbp despite
3:34 pm
being previously cleared. texas governor greg abbott said if dhs decides to discipline these men, it is an absolute travesty, take a listen too. >> it is despicable. these border patrol agents who were on those horses who were using raines to control the horses i been completely exonerated parade the biden administration is still seems intent on punishing those border patrol officers. as governor i will be more than happy i would be honored to have this border patrol officers be a part of the texas team to secure the border. >> or miter president biden still has never been to the southern border in his entire life. texas governor greg abbott said that is unacceptable but he said he demands the president come down here and see firsthand the impact his policies are having on the southern border but will send it back to you. >> all right bill melugin, bill thank you. let's bring in arizona attorney general he's also a senate candidate and just returned from visiting the border yesterday.
3:35 pm
general, thanks for joining us. what did you see? >> well, i've been down to the border numerous times. we are losing adjectives to describe the anarchy and chaos going on pairs down there talking to our dear friends, they've been down there for five generations. they will tell you they've never seen it this bad. as a result of the biden administration failing to build the border wall, they have ms 13 gang members for them hundreds of people crossing their property every day. as a result of that we know and border patrol apprehends folks illegally crossing they get out in the field in that allows the drug cartels and the terrace then to basically go right through it and bring thousands of pounds every month of drugs into our country. allow terrace to slip to the safety net. jon: we just noted in the report from bill melugin the president's never been to the border but what were you tell him if he were to come down? >> of the stabbed state of affairs and the president has been two more hunter biden art
3:36 pm
exhibits that he has to our southern border. because americans are dying right now as a result of failed policy of the biden administration. literally last year i invited him, i invited vice president harris who used to be a state ag. i invited secretary marcus to come be with us, to come talk with us by think president biden he could see firsthand the damage his policies have brought. not only to arizona, but to the entire united states of america. it's. jon: i want to put up the numbers they are staggering really between october and may 2021 -- 202,267,000 folks were apprehended at the border from el salvador. 155,000 from guatemala. one or 37000 from honduras. 560,000 from mexico. but then there is a category called other, 616,000 people from other nations. we are talking about china, we are talking about really
3:37 pm
countries from all over the globe. what is that say to you general? >> it says, proves the point i've been making try to make in federal court the biden administration has decriminalized and incentivize people break in the wall. and so these are not people coming here to be housekeepers or work as bartenders. as a result of these policies you have literally people on the chair watch this coming. the cartels flooding our country with thousands of pounds of illegal drugs every single month. so americans are dying as a result of the failed policies. also paying the cost sent a lien lives, we are paying the cost and treasure as a result of the social services. everything from healthcare, to housing, to food stamps per the bi administration is trying to give to people that are illegally violating our laws. jon: there were 19 hijackers on 911. we know the damage they caused. now we have got 50 people apprehended were on the
3:38 pm
terrorist watch list. federal terrorist watch list. that does not include people who might have gotten away. those are the people who were apprehended. there were 440,000 known got a ways during the eight months from october of 21 until may of 22. you've got to wonder they ran away they obviously escaped law enforcement. that is 55 million a month, what you think those people are up to? >> well, jon looked put this in perspective for folks. those numbers you are talking about that's more than the entire population a place like buffalo, new york. these are astronomical amount of people that 1000 a day in the tucson sector here in arizona loan, is slipping into our country. we know the biden administration is welcoming folks that are here illegally. you end up having a situation and you have to ask yourself if someone could basically walk across the border, you see this curing their carry-on bags and
3:39 pm
luggage and surrender to homeland security and basically be let out in the country, what are these people doing going through 100 plus degree temperatures, trekking through 19, 20 miles of desert like arizona and south texas. what intention do they have? i will tell you you do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out those people are coming here to do bad things. whether that's crime in our inner city, whether it's flooding our neighborhoods with drugs, or god for bid terrorism. the blood of americans is on the hands of biden in his administration. jon: thank you. growing support for ukraine's bid to join the european union. but it could take years before that country is officially part of the alliance. this is russia pushes for more control in the east. nate foy is in lviv, ukraine straightahead on the fox report.
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jon: or some other headlines around the globe or the uk wife of founder julian said he will appeal and extradition order to the u.s. which british officials approved yesterday. faces espionage charges for publishing classified u.s. documents back in 2010. also in the uk, thousands marched through central london demanding more government help as living costs rise faster than wages. in israel, palestinian militants and fire rockets into the southern part of the country sending a two month break in violence but israel intercepted the missile and later struck what it says are for hamas military sites. in afghanistan officials say at least two people are dead and that capitol of its one of many
3:45 pm
recent attacks targeting minorities and religious sites. in india and bangladesh massive flooding is killed at least 18 people and left millions of others, spread both nations have called for military assistance. and in western europe, several nations recorded their hottest day of the year so far thanks to a massive heat wave. beaches were packed as the mercury top to 100 degrees in parts of spain and france. let us look at some stories from around the globe. russian forces are hammering eastern ukraine as the invasion enters its 116th day. the european commission is supporting ukraine's bid for candidacy which could be huge step for the country during the eu. meanwhile the u.s. is pledging another billion dollars cap ukraine buy off the invasion. nate foy has the latest from
3:46 pm
ukraine. hooks jon, good evening. president vladimir with zelenskyy visiting the southern port city today which is not far from the front lines for this is the second time he has done this in the past two weeks. he visited about two weeks ago. today which is not far which is under russian control. if we could take this video of zelensky's visit today you are going to see him throughout the day meeting with service members pretty handed out a few awards. zelenskyy also received progress reports on the front line as ukrainians defend their land and access to the black sea pretty also met though with non- military leaders we talked about infrastructure damage, took a tour seeing that damage. mentioned restoring water supply and affixing agriculture issues but this comes after a very successful week of politically for zelenskyy. he met with the multiple eu leaders including the leaders of italy, france, germany, romania and the uk pre-security
3:47 pm
recommendation to become a candidate state candidate status by the european commission to join the eu, here he is talking about how important that is. >> one step away from fully fledged integration into the eu. we have a positive assessment the european concerning candidates status for ukraine. historic achievement to all who work for country. >> that decision will come this week thursday and friday when eu leaders meets. keep in mind it needs to be a unanimous decision. all 27 countries in the eu need to agree that ukraine will be giving candidate status to join the eu. now meanwhile the fighting continues in the eastward several 80% under russian control taking heavy artillery as it has been. the fight continues to heat up. russian missiles we are learning today have destroyed a fuel depot in the eastern ukrainian town.
3:48 pm
that is according to the regional governor. back to the conflict is really concentrated, ukrainian defense officials say it russians are using ten times the amount of artillery rounds that they are. this week if you remember of course the united states and germany provided fresh military aid. that aid is coming at a time when ukrainians are desperately trying to hold on to the luhansk region of donbas. jon: nay thank you. while they were celebrating juneteenth or father's day tomorrow, it is going to be a scorcher for much of the country. looks like that sizzling heat will stick around for most of the week. a full forecast, next on the fox report. see, we're from here, and there... give dad a gift worth sharing, at
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>> scorching temperatures are in store for much the nation to mars at celebrating juneteenth and father's day adam here at the holiday forecast, adam. >> is holiday weekend is all about the heat for hundreds of americans. you already see this saturday evening at least on the east coast where there is a ton of heat without spots easily
3:53 pm
climbing up into the '90s stretching well into the northern plains. currently lies is temperatures running up into the triple digits widespread across the entire region it's going to be shifting over the next couple of days. this is not just a one-day heat for something that's really going to be hanging with us as you see it slowly drift across the northern plains into the upper great lakes over the next couple of days. that from sunday, now running into monday. suddenly you are looking at 100 degrees in minneapolis, 95 close to there in chicago. a lot of very extreme heat. no surprises or talk about numbers like this in a very wide area here. we are under excessive heat watch heat advisory from the northern plains backed out across the gulf state to florida were some of that heat is really hanging on. it got a lot of potential for record-breaking temperatures but this is over the next five days. it begins at some of those areas that i was just showing it.
3:54 pm
it does spread across the midwest preclude spots of texas across the southeast and stretching down into florida where we are going to see these very extreme temperatures with my sunday and monday was to the start to drift across the country. very high heat on monday in chicago, atlanta, beginning to see your climb up texas and the southeast for that only continues as we head into tuesday for the heat continues to drift. suddenly 100 degrees in chicago very hot for temperatures are still knocking at the door 100 degrees your thinking maybe is still the weekend till this heat for another four or five days a. >> is not officially summer yet. jon: of more fox reporting in just a moment ♪
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fascinating and that is how fox reports on this saturday june 19, 2022 pretty i'm john scott and thank you for joining us this evening, we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ >> good afternoon from the edward him kennedy institute in boston, we are joined today by a live audience inside of the institute's full-size replica of the united states senate and some more than 50 miles north of the nation's capitol for a special debate in brett bear, in the senate project is a series of oxford style debates meant to try to rekindle the sinister tradition of debate and collegiality in these times of


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