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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  June 19, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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eric: well, massive headaches at airports coast to coast on this busy father's day, juneteenth holiday weekend. well, thousands of flights canceled or delays. secretary pete buttigieg is warning airlines, get your ducks in a row, get your act together, get the planes in the air before the next big travel crush and if you're watching us in the fox news channel on jetblue on or airline, congratulations, you're up in the air. hello, everyone, welcome to fox news live i'm eric sean, of
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course, happy father's day to all the fathers out there and happy juneteenth. hi, arthel. arthel: happy father's day to you, eric, happy juneteenth to everyone. i'm arthel neville. two other big stories we are watching this hour. president biden under mounting pressure to act as american families struggle with high prices on everything from gas to groceries, top white house economic adviser on fox news sunday trying to put the best face on it. >> look, we get it, when you drive up to the pump and you see prices, it creates uncertainty and real economic hardship but at the same time it is important as americans that we recognize the unique strengths in the economy. the president has made clear fighting inflation and bringing down prices is top priority. arthel: agents at the border border tell us they are understaffed as migrants keep flooding around the clock. live team coverage right now bill melugin in devaldo, texas
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but first jonathan in jackson international airport in atlanta and i see lots of people behind you right now, jonathan. >> you can see a steady stream of travelers trying to get on board their flights hoping they don't face delays or cancellations. in an interview with the associate press this weekend, u.s. transportation secretary pete buttigieg says he wants to actually see airlines in the u.s. stress test their summer steges, he wants them do this to make sure they can operate with existing staff and hi wants them to hire additional customer service workers. pete buttigieg says the transportation department could impose fines on airlines that fall short of consumer protection standards but he says he first wants to see how well the airlines do over the summer
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especially during the very busy july 4th weekend holiday. the transportation secretary's actions come in response to growing complaints from air travelers. >> we were going to go to maine to do father's day stuff with my son and that's canceled out. >> two out of three luggage. my third one is on a whole other plane. we have to get a rental car and wait for my luggage to come and hopefully make it out by this evening. >> atlanta is home to delta airlines which explains a variety of factors that continue, weather, unscheduled absences and some groups, canceling our flight is always last resort and we sincerely apologize to customers for inconvenience to travel plans. other airlines report similar reasons for cancellations and delays now that the federal government is increasing pressure on them, there is
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concern that some airlines may actually cut back on summer flights to ensure the ones they do get up in the air arrive on time. but many air travelers are unhappy and they are expressing grievances and, arthel, is taking note. arthel: the airlines should too. jonathan, live at international airport in atlanta, thank you. eric. eric: customs and border production agents warning the the migrant surge at the southern border, well, it's getting worse, 1.5 million encounters so far this fiscal year and also we are told get this that 50 of the migrants that were nabbed were actually on terrorist watch lists. meanwhile agents are said to be furious that a disciplinary decision will be announced soon on those horseback agents that were falsely accused of whipping haitian migrants last year. bill melugin live in hidalgo, texas with much more on this.
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hey, bill. bill: eric, good afternoon to you. that's right, we are starting to push into the brutally hot and dangerous summer months down here at the border and the activity is not slowing down. it's actually doing the opposite. it is surging. case and point, take a look at the photos just put out by border patrol in the rio grande valley yesterday. what you're looking at are numerous large groups, 3 of them in total here in hidalgo county and in star county totaling more than 500 people over a span of just 2 days. mixed in to those groups, were 146 unaccompanied children. remember, there were more than 14,000 of those unaccompanied children who showed up at our border in may, most of these from central and south america. the rgv sector has had more than 260,000 illegal crossings since october. they are not alone. take a look at the photos put up by border patrol in del rio sector. they are dealing with the exact same thing. they report in the last 48 hours they've had 8 large groups
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totaling 1,800 migrants. some of those groups having more than than 300 people in them. that sector also getting pummeled. they had more than 307,000 illegal crossings since october. those numbers are up 122% during the same time last year. take a look at arizona, yuma arizona, they are also getting hammered as well. they have had more than 290,000 illegal crossings since october. listen to this. their numbers are up a staggering 318% over the same time last year. many of those migrants liking the cross in yuma because there's a massive gap in the wall where they simply walk-through. arizona attorney general mark not happy about the situation. he lays the blame squarely at the feet of the biden administration. take a listen. >> the biden administration has decriminalized, incentivized people breaking the law and so these are people coming here to, you know, be housekeepers or
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bartenders, as a result of these policies, you have literally people on the terror watch list coming in. you have the cartels flooding the country with thousands of pounds of illegal drugs every single month so americans are dying as a result of failed policy and we are also paying the cost not only in lives but we are paying the cost in treasure as a result of social services, everything from health care, to housing to food stamps, the biden administration is trying to give to people that are illegally violating our laws. bill: cbp sources tell us there have been more than 400 known got aways since october. arizona is actually number 1 when it comes to got aways. cbp source telling us the tucson, arizona sector leading with more than 140,000 known got aways just since october. we will send it back to you. eric: bill, quickly, in terms of that administrative hearing or decision on the agents who were
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on the horses, they were falsely accused of whipping haitian migrants, of course, when they were actually controlling the horses with the reins, do we know exactly what the administration and officials are going to charge the agents with in terms of an administrative restrictions? >> eric, we don't, we are wondering the exact same thing because earlier in the year dhs office inspector general they cleared agents of any criminal wrongdoing and now we are hearing from federal sources that cbp's office of professional responsibility has identified administrative violations allegedly committed by the horseback agents and they are planning to discipline them in the coming days. what the discipline is and what the supposed violations are, we simply do not know yet, however, we are being told that the agents are going to be notified in the coming days and they will have a chance to fight it. eric: are critics calling it a political move?
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>> pardon, can you repeat that one more time? eric: are critics calling it a political move? bill: 100%. the border patrol union is furious and remember president biden got up and had press conferenced and promised those people will be pay, there will be consequences. maxine watters said images were worst than slavery. yes, border agents furious. prominent politicians convicted the men before they had of an investigation playing out. eric: we will be talking to tony gonzales about this and what he thinks the administration should do to stop the migrant flow. bill melugin live in hidalgo, texas, thanks, bill. arthel. arthel: we heard from jonathan summer season is around the
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corner as inflation sent the cost of fuel and prices soaring. president biden's approval rating going down. lucas tomlinson live at the white house with more. lucas. lucas: arthel, summer travel difficult for president biden after he fell off of his bicycle riding in beach, the the front page of the new york post showed the president spaed out on the asphalt saying, quote, joe hits new low just like the u.s. economy and his approval numbers. not exactly the image of strength the white house wants to project. now to show the president recovered quickly, we are showing the president levering church last night. he jumped up and down to show he made a swift recovery and hopes the economy recovers quickly. mike lee said if republicans are successful in taking back congress in the midterm elections this is what his party will do to lower inflation. >> we need to focus on
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regulatory reform. most of the laws measured by law, volume, word length, economic impact, you name it are currently made by unelected unaccountable bureaucrats. >> for weeks biden has been blaming russia. regular gasoline reached 5-dollar threshold in american history. half of the population blames biden but one and ten americans blame biden and putin and fox news sunday top economic adviser to president biden announced the pain that many americans are feeling. >> what i hear from them is that we are moving through a transition. americans are spending less money on goods and at home they are spending less money on services. lucas: the white house and top democratic lawmakers are currently in talk to put forth more legislation to fight
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inflation, arthel. arthel: we hope president biden is okay after the fall of the bike yesterday. lucas: sure looked that way. arthel: he said he is, we are hoping so. lucas tomlinson, thank you so much. later this hour jane marsh will join us on how to get through inflation and prepare for inflation. stick around for that. eric: intense manhunt for prisoners that stapled. that's happening in virginia for those inmates officials say those men walked out of federal correctional facility near rich monday, virginia yesterday morning. they were serving time on gun and drug convictions. marianne. >> i wasn't a daring stape, inmates walked away, security at the camp not as tight as it would have been at a larger maximum security facility. corey branch, tavoris shaw and
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lamont willis. but the federal bureau of prisons has come you should fire for lack security at similar complexes where it's typical to leave doors unlocked and security cameras not in working order. the u.s. marshal has launched internal probe in the fbi and local law enforcement are involved as well. eric. eric: all right, marianne, thank you. arthel: cdc has cleared the way for children under the age of 5 to get the oh individual 19. roughly 18 million kids will be eligible to receive pfizer and moderna shots. now the biden administration has been gearing up for a big rollout with millions of doses orders for distribution to doctors, hospitals and community health clinics across the country.
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the vaccines will be able as early as this week. eric: fueling speculation that a we can decision is on the way. how bad can it get? gene marks with insight on what can happy over the next few months and how it could affect your spending. ♪ ♪ ♪
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eric: no laughing matter for comedian stephen colbert when a 7-person crew from late night show was arrested thursday night on capitol hill. police say they were trespassing in house office building as they were shooting bits. cbs says they were wrapping up shooting comedy for stephen colbert. hi, alexandria. reporter: it is an odd one because the comedy group was there to film a special or a segment about the january 6th hearings which, of course, pertain to the unlawful entry into a capitol building. that is now the same charge that the 7-person group is facing. >> when you see these people come into the capitol it just show that is the democrats are not serious. this is all political theater.
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reporter: group of 7 was working, of course, for the late night show with stephen colbert and arrested in the office building thursday night. sources tell fox news that earlier in the day they had been escorted out of a january 6th committee hearing because they lacked the proper press credentials. after being kicked out of the complex, they found a way back in. >> it's my understanding they were offered a way back into the house office building by a staffer who worked for the other member of congress. then they were -- they were -- they were actually seen -- they were actually seen banging on the doors of people like kevin mccarthy's office, jim jordan's office. >> fox news chad first on the program and reported aide for massachusetts congressman who led the group about to go unattended. in a statement the u.s. capitol hill police wrote that the building was close to visitors and directed by uscp to leave
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during the day. that the group stayed longer to film stand-ups and other comedy elements in the halls. u.s. capitol police tell fox news that there was a disturbance report around 8:30 p.m. on thursday and that additional charges are possible, eric. eric: we will probably hear about it in colbert monologue's normal night. arthel. arthel: run away inflation and sky-high gas prices are adding to concerns a recession could be around the corner. rent wall street journal putting the probability of a recession in the next 12 months at 44%. that is up from 26% in january. treasury secretary janet yellen trying to put the breaks on talk of an imminent recession. >> i expect the economy to slow. it's been growing at a rapid rate as the economy as labor m
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has recovered and reached full employment and it's natural now that we expect a transition to steady and stable growth. but i don't think a recession is at all inevitable. arthel: small business expert gene marks, president of the marks group. looking at secretary yellen, this may not happen, we could turn the corner here. it's not the time to panic, it's time to plan, gene, we all heard get rid of or knock down your credit card debt, that's usually the first steps. what if you don't have enough or a lot of extra income, gene, to double up and triple down on credit card payments? what can you do? >> sure, arthel, it's a great question. you should be reducing your credit card debt if you can. if you don't have the income to just pay it off which is certainly understandable, then consider refinancing it maybe with a home equity loan if
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you've got equity in your house. all of your debt should be refinanced to something longer term with fixed interest rates. it might be more now but longer term it'll hedge you against rising prices and potential inflation. arthel: sounds good. you mentioned home, the other thing here if you don't have a home, you hold off on buying one and financing other big-ticket items. is there anything else, gene, that we should stop doing or adjust over the next 12 months to sure up our foundation, things that we are doing that are not money guzzlers but expense that is add up? >> yeah, it's common sense. if you're looking ahead and i do belief a recession is on its way which, arthel, i believe it's on its way. you want to start looking at expenses right now. what current expenses you have coming through that you might want to cut back and how often are you eating out where you can be making at home or services instead of doing yourself.
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people that cut your lawn, maybe you can do that as well. every dollar counts when there's a downturn particular if you have risk of employment. you want to make sure you build up savings to make sure you offset any of the things that could impact you in a recession. arthel: of course, understanding that all portfolios are different. if you're planning to retire say in the next 12 months, what's the best way to keep your 401k or other interest bearing investments from shrinking? >> well, the first thing you don't want to do which you said earlier about the recession, you don't want to panic. market has fallen 20% in the past year so that's a lot but markets tend to rise and fall. don't panic sale and stay the course because stock markets usually tend to rise faster than other investments that you want to make. having said so, talk to wealth manager and adviser and you might want to shift asset that is you have, for example, in recessionary time utilities are a good stock oh to own or real
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estate or health care or consumer staples like food and core products. those are good stocks to have in your portfolio to kind of weather things out for the recession. the best bet, though, to have a good blue chip mutual fund that's invested in larger companies and handled by good investment manager. arthel: what about bonds? any particular bonds that might be safe at this point or safer? >> there are actually -- there's two bonds that i can recommend, one is pips, treasury inflation security. you can ask your wealth manager about that. if you buy one of the bonds they are adjusted for inflation and inflation goes up the interest rate on them goes up as well. the other thing is eye bonds which is a u.s. savings bond that you can buy. there's a limit on the amount that you can purchase. 10,000 annually but they are also protected against inflation as well. so ask about tips, treasury
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inflation security and eye bonds, it's a good hedge against inflation and you certainly won't be losing money. arthel: gene marks, you always give it to us straight in how we can can understand it. i look forward to our segments. good, i will see you again. >> see you again soon, take care. eric: we will need a lot of financial advise over the coming few months. there's outrage among border patrol agents after sources tell fox news that department of homeland security, well, it's going to discipline their colleagues falsely accused of whipping haitian migrants last september. remember those photos? texas congressman tony gonzales on this controversy. ♪ ♪ ♪
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eric: well, they are falsely accused of whipping haitian migrants and even though it's
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been proven false, agents facing to be punished facing discipline that's outraging supporters. remember the shocking photos the agents on horseback confronting haitian migrants at the border, there's a camp there about 13,000 haitian migrants. president biden at the time accused the agents of strapping those migrants. he called the agents' behavior outrageous and embarrassing but the government said that those agents were actually using their reins on the horses to control the horses, they were not whipping anybody but despite the fact that they were cleared of criminal wrongdoing they are going to face violations they say. texas congressman tony gonzales, district covers half of the texas-mexico border. >> first off, happy father's day and many of the agents are
9:31 am
fathers themselves. they are just family-oriented folks just trying to get to work. i'm furious and i think america needs to stand with border patrol through thick and thin. honestly, secretary mayorkas should reprimand himself and he should resign because if he doesn't house representatives next year are going to impeach him and we are going to impeach him not only because of this but because he's failed people along the border. you know, uvalde is in my district, we were burying our last victim on thursday. guess what happened at the same time, high-speed chase, uvalde is 80 miles from the border. high-speed chase that went through uvalde at the same time that we were having a funeral. this is the chaos that secretary mayorkas has caused along the border and has to stop. eric: republicans are getting together and demanding investigation what type of charges the agents on horseback will face. what do you hear? they say administrative charges of some sort, what type of
9:32 am
administrative action do you think the government will take against the agents? >> yeah, i've heard this go back and forth a little bit. everything that i've heard the agents will be found, you know, not guilty, if you will of any -- of any operational actions. there were some -- there were some words that were said, i guess, throughout the ordeal that -- that is going to cause some administrative actions. what people don't realize is that the border is very much like a war zone. i spent 5 years in iraq in began, in a war zone in hot heated homes you say different things but their actions show that they were professional at all times. we need to stand with border patrol. i'd urge go to stand with border and learn what's happening along the border. eric: say the website slower. >> yes, stand with border we are giving updated information on what's happening. eric:
9:33 am
you think the agents acted properly or it's being politicized? >> it's 100% being politicized. this is their livelihoods and they go to work every day and you know what, they save lives every single day. they also sadly enough fish out bodies out of the river every single day. under dhs secretary mayorkas, there are more deaths to migrants in the history of our country. this is a problem. that's why i think it's so important that right now we stand behind border patrol and make sure that this administration is accountable for their actions. eric: what finally do you think if indeed, administrative charges do come down, what message is there in this especially, what do you hear from the border agents who are seeing their colleagues going through a -- going through all of the time trying to enforce the law being hit with the charges? >> yeah, border patrol agents feel abandoned, abandoned by this administration, abandoned
9:34 am
by house democrats. you will never find nancy pelosi visit the border and aoc visit the border. many of them have given up and retiring and running for the hills. border patrols feel abandoned. it's more important more than ever show that we are with border patrol with thick and thin because we need them. the facts are there are folks on the terrorist watch list that are coming over every single day. what is it going to take? >> eric: we don't know it's every day but at least 50. look, that's a small minuscule number compared to million plus but still they found 50 on the terror watch list. how do you get across from mexico you know, in a desert if you're a suspected terrorist? >> that's right, how many terrorists did they not catch. remember, it only takes one. you can play defense all day long but it only takes one for them to cause a catastrophic event. look, this administration has
9:35 am
gotten americans killed in afghanistan and i'm worried that they are going to get americans killed in the united states. that's why it's important that we switch out leadership and now is the time, dhs secretary mayorkas, he's got to vote of no confidence certainly on the hill. eric: all right, we will see what happens when the administrative charges comes down and we think and that some of the agents will be speaking up publicly, certain the union, we will see what they say. rep congressman tony gonzales of texas who represents a lot of the border area. congressman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. eric: of course. arthel: head of nato issuing bleak warning as russia makes gains in ukraine. a live right straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ no canceling. (laughs) flexible cancellation.
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arthel: russia is ramping up assaults in ukraine after the european commission said friday that ukraine should be considered a candidate for the
9:40 am
european union. this comes nearly 4 months after the country applied in the long-shot bid to join the group. meantime the head of nato now warning the war in ukraine could last years and? a. ing the west to keep providing humanitarian aid. steve in odesa with more, steve. steve: before russia invaded ukraine many predicted the war can be over in days and now it's in fourth month and head of nato says the war between russia and ukraine could go on for years on the bright side for ukrainians he also said that with the help of large western weapons, modern weaponry in the east, that ukraine had a good chance of taking back its territory that russia has been gaining in the east. in the meantime president zelenskyy got outside of capital of kyiv, he came to the black
9:41 am
seacoast to embattled city of mykoliav, all in an effort to try to boost morale. here is zelenskyy. >> not giveaway the south to anyone. we will return everything that's ours and the sea will be ukrainian and safe. steve: finally, family members of 3 u.s. former members that come to ukraine to fight presumed to have been captured by the russians are speaking out. so far the state department has not confirmed that the russians have captured those 3 americans. the state department also repeating a warning from president biden saying that americans should not go to ukraine. arthel, back to you. arthel: steve harrigan live in odesa, ukraine, thank you, steve. eric: yellowstone national park said to partially reopen this week after catastrophic flooding. wiped away houses, bridges and roads. look at that. the parks southern loop which
9:42 am
features old faithful, that will open on wednesday but the northern loop that will still stay close we are told for the whole season. you can take a look at the pictures and see the damage on this video. look at that. the floods just destroying a house as well as other buildings, forcing more than 10,000 people to evacuate the area. officials say 3 inches of rain with all snow melt that caused the 1 in a thousand years type of event. we will learn more about the one in a thousand years event recently and thankfully it's partially reopening. arthel. arthel: celebrations are being held across the country for juneteenth, a day that commemorates the day of slavery in the united states. opal lee was key, key player in the fight to make it a federal holiday earning well-deserved holiday as grandmother of juneteenth. message to young people today is up next.
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eric: the new federal holiday tomorrow, juneteenth marking today where celebrations across the country celebrating end of
9:47 am
slavery across the country. june 19, 1865 when the union army general announced freedom for the enslaved people in texas. to mark this day lauren green sat down with two pastors for important conversation on race in america. hi, lauren. >> hey, eric. juneteenth commemorates when they reached the state, the last ones to hear the news that they were free. however, some feel in the country there's grappling with the reality of what it means to be truly free and equal. two christian ministers are working to find common ground at the birthplace of civil rights movement. >> do i think he's a racist? >> both pastors and sons of the south who grew up during violent years that brought integration. it was here in greensbrorough, north carolina that 4 black college students defied segregation laws and sat down
9:48 am
asking to be served. today the counter is still here, the building now the international civil rights museum. >> we came here so many times when i was a child. i've eaten right along the seats. i wasn't allow today eat at the counter. when we talk about juneteenth and moving forward and where we go to, you and i can sit down and eat together. we can break bread together. >> alex and odel formed friendship. believing that their shared faith is strong enough to bridge the cultures. >> we don't want to offend but we want to make people comfortably uncomfortable. >> following the union army's capture of richmond, virginia the confederate president and cabinet members fled south stopping in this hamlet where they held a series of secret meetings. lauren: it's believed near the spot a decision was made in 1965
9:49 am
to end the war. president jefferson davis knew the confederate army was defeated and lives would be changed forever. but proved much easier than ending peace. >> emancipation meant that formerly ebb slaved persons were free and not bondage to other persons. it said nothing about status in the community. lauren: one of the disagreements they have is over reparations, paying descend antidepressants >> for someone who never owned slave to pay for someone who doesn't a slave. >> my good friend alex, hey, i wasn't and owner of slaves. when i go back and say we can't move past it, we can't go around it, let's move through it together and move through it together in a way we can
9:50 am
understand. >> the two agree when people do the right thing momentum builds quickly and they are working together to do their part. >> both say juneteenth is the day all americans should celebrate because slavery is an evil. eric: such a deeply meaningful an important commemoration. lauren, thank you. arthel. arthel: eric and lauren, for more on the celebrations let's bring in the extraordinary woman known as the godmother of juneteenth, ms. opal lee, retired teacher, counselor who paveed the way to make juneteenth a federalized holiday. ms. lee, it's a pleasure to have you. when you were working tirelessly and fiercely to get juneteenth declared as federal holiday, what fueled your fire, why did you believe this had to be a national holiday? >> well, first, i'm going to tell you that they say i'm the
9:51 am
grandmother of juneteenth not the godmother and i met a dr. ronald myers and he was a musician all into one and dr. meyers was passionate about juneteenth being a national holiday and i think some of it rolled off on me because i too believe that it should be and it is a national holiday. arthel: yes, yes, it is, you were right. thank you for correcting me. i do realize that you were the grandmother of juneteenth. i slipped up there. as i've heard you say, ms. lee, that this is not a black holiday, it's an american holiday and as we stop to celebrate juneteenth as a nation, what would you like us all to reflect on? what would you like us all to
9:52 am
work on? >> i think we all should work on freedom. everybody should be free and we are not free yet and people don't seem to understand that. we are the richest country in the world and we still have joblessness and homelessness and health care that some people can get and others can't and climate change that we are responsible for and don't seem to understand that. and i believe that if we don't do something about climate change, we are all going to hell in a hand basket. arthel: and i understand your point that if we are not all -- we don't all have access to some
9:53 am
of the basic human rights, then it hurts us all. i do want to take a moment if you would allow me to list -- your list of accomplishments, first of all, is remarkable. i would like to share some of your legacy highlights. you earned a bachelor's of arts degree from wily university at age 32 after getting married, having four children and getting divorced. you're regarded as the best educator, one of the best in your field while teaching at amanda mccoy elementary school for 15 years. you got a master's degree in counseling and guidance from knot texas state university and after retiring at the age of 50, you became a founding member of citizens concerned with human dignity which was formed to assist the economically disadvantaged to find housing in fort worth and established tarrant county black historical and gene logical society dedicate today preserving the history of the fort worth black
9:54 am
populist and you sat along president biden on june 17th, 2021 when he signed the bill making juneteenth a national holiday. so ms. lee, i ask you, besides your personal fortitude and the grace of god, what brought you through 95 years on this earth? >> i think it has to go back to my grandparents. they moved from cotton valley, louisiana to texarkana, arkansas. they acquired 40 acres in texarkana and 40 acres in ben lamden and my grandfather, short, stocky and power house in the community. my grandmother tall, never raised her voice but they instilled in us that if you begin something, whatever it was
9:55 am
and you were passionate about it, you better finish it. my mother was the same way. now, my grandfather would bring people to my grandmother, they had 19 children and tell her put them to work, feed them, find them a place to stay and when mother married and moved to marshal, texas he would send people to her, help them get on their feet, so i think it's a part of my dna that i've got to do these things. i have to help people if i can and i can and when i can't, i will find somebody who can. arthel: with admiration and boundless respect, i thank you and i thank you for joining us ms. opal lee, thank you very much. >> i appreciate you letting me. [laughter] arthel: i love you.
9:56 am
thank you so much. man, keep going, keep going. what a blessing, what a blessing. eric: what an inspiration, wow, and so meaningful. god bless her. arthel: absolutely. it's a day, there's a lot of strife in our nation but really this is a day that we should all, let's reflect on commonalities, we have more in common than we have differences and if we reflect on that, we can get through all of the things that continue to shackle us as a community. eric: that is for sure. what a wonderful segment. a wonderful celebration. something for all of us to remember and honor and i thank you, folks, for watching us and sharing your time with arthel and myself. arthel: absolutely. happy father's day too and happy juneteenth. we will see you again at 4:00 eastern. ♪ ♪ ♪ for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals.
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