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tv   Duck Family Treasure  FOX News  June 19, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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that out or that ruthless ambition that she has. >> we will be watching thank you for joining us will be back next sunday on "the next revolution" (metal detector beep tone) ♪ ♪ >> we need to dig this up. >> let me listen. >> i'm digging it. >> i'm excited about tonight, it's going to be good. the more. money we raise. the more kids are helpd. >>o how much time before the shindig starts. >> a couple hours, really. we're getting down to to. >> okay. >> what is going on out there? >> missy, there is a problem
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. >> outside? >> look at this. are you serious. >> baby. >> babe. - dinner. tonight. like 20 something people are coming. we agreed, no more big holes in the yard. dinner tonight, 20 something people are coming. we agreed no more big holes in the yard. >> it's not that big of a hole. >> you have to clean all of this up. >> okay. >> all of it up. hunting somethi. - she didn't even... i mean, this is, what do you think this is? >> what do you think this is?
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- [uncle si] all right, guys and gals. welcome to today's podcast. i am so excited. we're fixing to start a new project. i am on fire about this new project. the podcast, i didn't even know what that was to begin with. look, for some reason, people like to hear me talk. okay? which is weird to me, but hey, guess what? uncle si's got a podcast. i've got three special guests today. that's going to be here. i can't wait. okay. - do y'all even know where we going? - we go down here and take a left. - [jase] the last couple of years everything's going great. i'm still with my lovely wife married over 30 years. my kids are all getting big to the point of that i'm fixing to be a grandpa. that's weird. - all right, boys, these are special guests. okay? for today, jase, jep.
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and then i'll let jase introduce the real treasure hunter. that's our new project. - my newest venture is the quest for treasure, treasure hunting. my wife said it best, i'm always hunting something. - the real treasure hunter, mr. murry crowe, we've become partners in this venture. - i'm claude murry crowe jr. i've known the robertson clan for over 20 years. i've been treasure hunting since 1971. and i guess you could say i'm a bit of an expert. - [jase] he taught me pretty much everything i know about digging in the dirt. most people, when they think of metal detecting, they think of a fat guy walking down the beach, picking up a few coins. what we're doing is a whole 'nother level. we have sophisticated equipment. we have charts and maps of old history and we're going and finding things possibly worth millions of dollars.
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- jase, we're known as duck hunters. how did you get into all this stuff here? - my wife and i bought an old place. murry, he was like, well you mind if i come metal detect it? and i was like, do what? i wasn't even familiar with the term. i said, metal detect? and i was like, oh, i don't want to do this. but then murry, you got diagnosed with cancer. and then every time you would have some free time or wanted a distraction, he would call me. and i just felt like it was kind of destiny at that point. so i start tagging along with murry. and my primary reason was to help him feel better and, just make every moment count. but the more we did it, the more i got hooked on the actual treasure hunting. - [murry] right now, i'm cancer free. but even though the cancer is gone, the treasure hunting remains.
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(country rock guitar) - you can actually find more than what you would think. - i hunted civil war sites. you know, i've got cannon balls. i have meteorites. - i've found gold, numerous relics. some of them, who knows what they're worth. this is what we're looking for. this is the real deal. i think everybody kind of has their own thing that drives them to do it. i like being outdoors, hunting something of value. murry, you just like the relics. - you're a history buff. - i'm more interested in the history part of it. - i mean, the history is cool and the journey i get it, but i gotta get paid. so you know what i'm saying? i got five kids. - show me the money! - show me the gold nuggets - that's it. - and bars. - show me the money! i'm with you. - i am definitely the rookie of the group. at first i thought it was so dumb. but when i found my first cool thing,
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it was an old indian head penny, i was hooked. i mean, the cool thing is you can retire doing this. - all right look, people have got wind of what y'all are doing. okay. they're sending tons of letters. i get them every day in the mail. - i get them to, and they're saying, look, come find our treasure. - i'm getting this stuff from the fans. here's one, "dear si, big fan of the podcast. and i got a hot tip on some buried treasure. have you ever heard of jim bowie's relay station?" yes, i have. "it's out by the duty ferry in enterprise, louisiana." - i know where that's at. - okay? i do too. there was a restaurant there. they had the finest steak in the world. - really? - oh yeah. we'd eat lunch everyday. but anyway, let me finish reading this. (jase laughs) "this is where people like jim bowie lived in the area. legend has it that the natchez indians stuffed gold into the barrels of two cannons and rolled them into the creeks or lakes around the area.
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just a tip, good luck." i like that. okay, because hey, i've been there. okay? that thing was built in the 1800s, hey, we need to go look. - is there anything to what he just said? - yeah, he's correct. those stories are up there in my research books. so all that's accurate. we need to go check this out. this relay station sounds interesting. this is awesome. we're all a go. - but i ain't going. look, i'm the brains of this outfit. y'all the muscle. you wouldn't send your general, okay? that's got the battle strategy out to the battlefield on the front lines. i've got to keep my mind clear for when they do bring me the gold that i can count it. - you line it up, you organize it and we'll go do the work. - all right, there you go. - mr. murry, how much do you think that could be worth? - it could be worth 10 to 20 million, maybe more.
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i like your figuring, son. we fixing to get filthy rich on this baby. (upbeat rockabilly music) - [murry] i hope this tip is a good one. cause i'm pumped about this place. - [jep] every now and again, si is right and that's thing. - [jase] so today the plan is for me, murry and jep, to find this hidden gold somewhere in the hills of enterprise, louisiana, via jim bowie's relay station. well, here it is, the duty ferry. i love the idea that you have to get on a ferry to get to the destination. that means there's not a lot of traffic and this place is probably historical. we're done! (ferry horn blows) whoa! oh my goodness, what was that about? that's like a hitch on it.
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that's really cool. - [jep] let's go get that gold, boys. stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks. - i can feel the coins flowing now! i can smell the gold, boys. good job gentlemen. - [murry] i mean, from what i understand, the jim bowie relay station was a stagecoach stop. so every few miles you changed horses, you got something to eat, like cook for them, put them up overnight. - [jase] i don't know, murry, what you thinking? i mean, that's got a tin roof on it. - when did they come up with tin? - there's the man we're looking for! - hey guys, how we doing? - how you doing? i'm jase. - brad coleman. - murry crowe, is this your place? - this is my place, yes sir. - what you fix to build here? - [brad] it used to be a restaurant, and the restaurant burned down in december of 2012. this place here used to be an experience. you know, we had live entertainment and things like that. had gospel one night, country another night, they'd walk through all these old buildings. - well, how old are these buildings?
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- they're actually not really that old. - oh really, when did they build? - they started probably back in 1996. it's kind of like a replica town, i guess you'd call it. like a replica, old west town. - [jep] si, a replica is a copy of something. it's not the something. - you'd come here. you eat your good steak. and you basically experience what the 1800s... - what the 1800s was like, yeah. - this place is cool for a nice family outing, but that's not what we're here for. - brad, look, we're looking for gold. and i have stories about gold being buried in this parish. you've ever heard of any of that? - yes, so being in these parts. they say, over at white sulphur springs which on the other side of the robber's hill, they spend a lot of time over there, that's the old folklore anyway. - so you're saying white sulphur springs? - white sulphur springs, yes, sir.
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- well tonight i'll get on that and we'll see what there is to know about it. - [brad] let me know how it works for you. - i'm not gonna lie, this is a disappointing start and there's only one person to blame for that. - [uncle si] hello? - si, hey, y'all come here. - [jase] oh yeah. i've been dying to talk to him. - [uncle si] all right, first question did y'all order the best steak in the world down there from that steakhouse? - si, i hate to tell you this, but this restaurant burned down 10 years ago. it's a replica. this is not old. - wait a minute. what do you mean, replica? that is the place. - he maybe don't know what replica means. this place was built 1997. that's when i graduated high school. - no. hey. look boys, hey, trust me when i tell you this, you got to persevere, son! look, none of this is my fault. okay? i can't keep up with it over a hundred year period. so things happen. it's life, boys, get used to it.
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if we found this, we'll never work another day in our life. - there's no we in us. - you're talking to the man that outfitted this outfit. - you'll get nothing and like it! love you - call me later. - love you, si. - we're going to head back to our war room and i'm going to spend most of the night probably, and i'm going to see what this white sulphur springs is all about. it may be the clue we're looking for.
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- i like this. i think this is going to be awesome. - you're nervously excited. - [murry] i was up most of the night researching the tip we got about white sulphur springs and we might really be on to something here. it's located in lasalle parish, which tracks with the stories of where the natchez indians could have buried the cannons full of gold in the 1700s. - [jep] well, the good thing is murry has all the big gear. you know, that's what he finds the meteorites where they're like, if there's anything way down we gonna find it. - on top of that. white sulphur springs was a bustling little town that was frequented by many people in the 1800s. this town was built around a natural spring that supposedly had some healing powers kind of like a fountain of youth. so there's different layers of history on this property,
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which is exactly what we're looking for as treasure hunters. - [jase] wow. glad you made it, murry. - yeah, man, this is the place, huh? - hey, how y'all doing? - [jeff] all right. can i help y'all? - well we hope. - yeah? - good to meet you i'm jase. - i'm jeff. y'all them duck hunters, huh? - yep! - [jase] treasure hunters have a general ethical code that we go by. and one of the most important things is you must get permission from the landowner to go hunt their place. this is kind of like rolling up and seeing your blind date. you're not sure which way this is going to go. - well, what can we do for y'all? - [jase] well, we're actually treasure hunters. we find lost treasure. we actually think based on the maps and the research that y'all may be living on a place that's holding a lot of treasure. - [becky] awesome. - how long have y'all lived here? - my family has been here since the 1870s. - so where was this town? - according to my grandparents,
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the town was right up there where the gazebo still stands. it had three hotels. it had saloons, dance halls, school houses, people came from all over because they thought the water had healing powers. they brought crutches out just by the truckloads because there supposedly was cured of their illnesses. yes. - are you guys really like 147 year old? (laughs) look like you're 35? - no, your grandparents drank that water. - my grandparents drank the water, but not me. - [jase] huh. so what about this treasure? - how big are they? - [murry] millions? the natchez indians stole two cannons and gold at the same time. and they filled the cannons full of the gold coins and then buried it or rolled it off in a creek. there's two accounts for that, so. - wow. here we are. - you think you guys might let us go look? - [becky] well- - let's talk about the negotiations now. - all right.
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- i'm kind of a 50/50 guy. - skill-set, landowner. - y'all approaching us, right? - we are approaching you. - how about we do 80/20? - i mean, but you look at this man's rig. you can tell he's got a lot of toys that can help us find treasure. - and we don't have that. we might possibly can work out something. we have two boys. so we may let y'all hunt. if y'all take our boys, duck hunting, maybe. - oh, what a deal. - okay. now that is a deal. - what about 60/40 and the boys get a duck hunt? - deal. - [becky] is that good with you? - let's see what we find. - okay. - yeah. - shake on it? - good deal. - let's go check this out. i like this deal. (guitar riff) so where do you think? oh, i see the gazebo. so that was where the spring is. - yeah. that's supposedly the healing water.
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- [jep] i am super pumped to see the fountain of youth. like i'm a believer. i think there's like aliens. i mean, i believe in stuff like that. - [becky] so this is where people came for their healing. - [jase] oh boy. - [jep] so this is the fountain of youth. it looks like a toilet. - we've gotten as much trash as we can out of it. but our hopes are to have it, bring it back to life. - time has not been kind here. - even though the fountain of youth is not what i thought it was going to be. it definitely proves that everything was there. there could actually be buried treasure on this property. - well, you guys have at it, i'm going home to get cooled off and y'all enjoy. show me the treasure. - [jase] all right, thank you. let's go. (country rock)
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- this is where the good stuff ought to be. come on baby. come to daddy. - it's way harder than it looks to find treasure with a metal detector. so we have a big metal detector that sending a sound to our ear. we want it dinging like bing, bing, bing, bing. not rawr rawr rawr. no good. no good. (metal detector chirping) and we want a number to pop up on our display that coordinates with the sound that hitting our ears. - a possible lead target here. a nickel will be 52. aluminum will be up in the 80s, the higher the number, the more excited we are. - i got something right here. - hey! this is 90, 90, 90, 90, 90!
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5 minutes into the hunt. and all of a sudden my detector went, boop. - uh-oh, dig it up. - oh, i'm digging it up. you are not going to believe what i just found. (children giggling) hey, i was, uh, thinking about going back to school to get my masters. i just saw something that said you could do it in a year for, like, $11k. hmm. barista: order eleven! yeah, see you at 11. 1111 masters boulevard, please. gonna be eleven even, buddy. really? the clues are all around us! some things are too obvious to be a coincidence.
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>> welcome to fox news live. all eyes on capitol hill this week, they tellvised january 6 hearings they resume tuesday, members say they may supina former vice president mike pence, and to question supreme court justice thomas' wife, virginia about her possible effort to overturn the 2020 election, lawmakers promise to deliver concrete material to justice department by the end of the month. >> u.s. economy may be slowing down but white house believes that a recession is not inevitable, treasure secretary janet yellen agrees, saying consumer spending says strong, but concedes it will take skill and luck to bring down inflation, as price of food and gas continue to rise.
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- it's in here. - look at it. hey! (laughs) look at that! jep, jep! you are not going to believe what i just found half dollar. - you're lying. - hey, my hands shaking. - [murry] how lucky can you be? - oh my goodness. what does that say? i'm literally shaking. look at this thing. 1877. whoo! oh man! - i'm shaking, i ain't even find it. - this is a rare coin and i've never found a half dollar this old and only a few coins anywhere near this number. that's what we're looking for. so i'm super excited about this. (surprised cheering)
7:28 pm
- look at this thing! - that's a seated liberty... - i don't even know we had these! - 1877. - you are the luckiest dog i ever saw in my life. how much is that worth? that's worth a couple grand. i guarantee you that's worth at least a thousand dollars. - a thousand dollars! cha ching! - [murry] the seated liberty appeared on most silver coinage minted in the u.s. from around 1836 to 1891. - this is like top five coins i've ever found. it's actually worth about $300 or $400 in the right condition, which is really a rare find. - oh yeah. that's what you find out here. - jep, what'd find? - some kind of aluminum. - you gotta start somewhere, jep. - jep is a rookie or newbie. newbie, rookie, beginner. he's all the above.
7:29 pm
- how does a beer can get 10 inches underground? (laughs) cleaning up the environment. - i think the best story about jep treasure hunting was the first story. he showed up, he had no gear, he had sandals on. i let him borrow my boots because that's the only other pair of shoes that we had. and i said, hold the metal detector away from you when you're looking, because they were steel toe boots. and he spent the first two hours of the hunt digging up his own feet. - what the heck? - what you got? - the bottom of a can. - welcome to the club, newbie. - i just want to have one story of my own where i am the magic man. that's all i'm looking for. - whoa. oh boy.
7:30 pm
silver. - he just found another silver, dadgummit. that jerk. - 1857! - all right! whoa! it says "half dime" on it. - half dime is one of the smallest coins ever minted. they only made them till 1873. so it's not a lot of them out there. today, the value of a half dime could be $400. it's a great find. - jep, you want to check this half dime out? - no.
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increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. need to get your a1c down? (♪ ♪) ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. (blue grass twang) here we go. i like this. - jase found the 1877 seated liberty half dollar and now a half dime. and he's on a roll, but i'm looking for iron signals and high numbers that could be the cannon barrel full of gold. - bell's pine-tar.
7:36 pm
when you find something you've never found before you look it up. what do i have here? huh? look at this. dr. bell's pine-tar... honey. paducah, kentucky. e.e. sutherland, 1899. look, it was inside this bottle. finds like this may not be worth hundreds of dollars like the coins i found, but what you're getting is a window into life, 150 years ago. and you're holding it in your hand. it's not a cannon filled with gold, but we love this. look at this, a home remedy, works good on anything. turns out that this is some kind of honey concoction that evidently people would take for their various ailments, which is probably why they're visiting the fountain of youth. come on down to sulphur springs, - or whatever, the water don't cure this will,
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we got a hundred percent guarantee. - honey. it works on everything. people came here to be refreshed. we're out here treasure hunting and it's over a hundred degrees. i'm in dire need of refreshment. - break time! this is hard in the summer. murry just goes on and he's just an animal. he's a beast. - he is a beast. - he survived cancer. and he's out there just combining. - he's not human. i forgot how hard it is. (cell phone rings) - old si, he's checking in. he's checking on us. si? - [uncle si] yeah, what's going on? how we doing? (laughs) - how we doing? how you doing? i'm sitting there taking a break. - [uncle si] i know how hot it is, guys. okay? - are you in an air conditioned room right now?
7:38 pm
- [uncle si] yes, sir. i am. - okay. - i got to keep these guys lined out. they're not focused. and the most important thing is, hey, you found the gold yet? - well, let me tell you what i've found. - [uncle si] what'd you find? - i've found an 1877 half dollar - [uncle si] dang, that's a good find. get fired up a little bit, guys! (chuckles) - no, i am fired up, but i'm taking a break cause it's 110 degrees. - [uncle si] y'all need to get to that creek and cool off. - okay? right. - [uncle si] i know it's hot out there. okay. so look, hey. make sure you stay hydrated. drink plenty of water. and then if you get too hot, hey, jump in the creek and cool off, for crying out loud. use your head, you big dummies. - all right. we'll keep you posted. - [uncle si] all right then, i appreciate you guys. - he's crazy. - murry, let's go to the creek! (playful country twang)
7:39 pm
oh boy. that's it. come on, baby. do your thing. fish on! hey, i'm on the board. - you know, treasure hunting, just like fishing, like you may find something you may not, but in the end it's fun just hanging out with your boys. honestly. it's just about having fun. - dead man floating. - [murry] oh, wow. that looks refreshing. where's your fish at? - put them back. - this changed my life. these are magical. do i look younger? - well, except for the gray in your beard. - do i look slimmer? - you do because you have the lower two thirds of your body under the water. (laughs) well, i say let's give the gold one last hurrah.
7:40 pm
let's break out the big equipment. - let's break out the sheila 5,000, boys. - [murry] the guys caught some fish. they cooled off and now maybe they're ready to go back to work. so we're going to pull out the big gun and we're going to see if we can find the deep stuff, the big stuff this afternoon. alright, turn, go that way and turn it around. - so this is big sheila? - big sheila. - did you make this? - affectionately, yeah, i made it. i want to go deep after something, this is what i get out. you know how a lot of men like to name their sailboats after their wife, well, i don't have a sailboat. so i named my big metal detector after my wife, sheila. obviously it can't have any metal on it, right? it can't be like jep's steel-toed boots. everything on this thing is plastic. - [jase] murry is an expert treasure hunter and a brilliant historian. he's also a world class inventor.
7:41 pm
- this is the coil just like the one you hunt with, it's just stretched around this pvc frame. - he invented the spinning wing decoy that's been used everywhere that people duck hunt. - it became one of the most famous things ever bought in the duck hunting arena. - like this dude is awesome. - well, this is about my fourth generation. i mean the first one didn't look this nice, but, - this nice? - this nice, yeah, this is the crown jewel of the metal detectors. - dang, i'm glad the first couple that you dated, we didn't get to meet. - that's right. - i gotta be honest. when i saw a bunch of duct tape pvc pipe come out of the back of his truck. i'm like, this is the big invention? this is big sheila? - where's the sensor at? - yeah. just put it across the top of it. - oh, you getting that? - yup. - it's the beginning of a song.
7:42 pm
i could just stay here a- - you wanted to know why i act a little strange every now and then, right? you listen to this all day. (crosstalk) - and all of a sudden, next thing you know. - (robotic voice) we are going to find the gold, we are going to find the gold, we are going to find the gold. - crowd goes wild! i'm impressed that it does anything, - lets go find the gold. - this actually may work, my apologies. - oh, it's going to work. - find the gold! this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. and the people of old dominion never turn away a promise. or over promise. or make an empty promise.
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we keep them. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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(metal detector tone) (guitar twang) so you just going to kind of make line? - just going to go, yeah that's what i usually do. - oh. what is that? - that's iron. - that's iron? - yup. - after treasure hunting all day. i'm gonna tell you riding around this wheeler, watching sheila work is pretty dang nice. (metal detector beeps) - uh-oh, something else here. i know big sheila is the secret weapon. i just have to be that guy that says, prove it to me. in the meantime, i'm going to do what i know how to do best.
7:47 pm
oh my goodness. how cool is this? i think this is a boot spur. a lot of people, especially my brother, he's hunting only for things of value, but some of what we find, it's just cool. if you find a spur off of a boot that's 150 years old. that's just cool. (loud whirring) - there's a stump right there. - there's a big signal, look at that sucker, it's coming up. - 63? - two big things right there. - we've been riding around. ain't had much luck, but then all of a sudden we get a good signal. murry's eyes get real big. and he's like, there's something there. - ooh 67? - mark it? - yeah, mark that. - there we go.
7:48 pm
and i get fired up because when he gets fired up, i get fired up. (metal detector tones) - yeah, that's it. - hey! jase! that's it - that's it. - it's reading iron, which could be a cannon made of iron full of gold. - i don't know what it is, but it's something good. ♪♪ ♪♪ you had me at allison® 10-speed transmission. ♪♪ features available on gmc sierra heavy duty. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc.
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premium and capable. (suspenseful music) - [murry] you hit something, buddy. - with every shovel of dirt, i'm thinking about my new houseboat, my two new sports cars and my dog breeding business. it's all going to happen. - what you got? - oh, it's just like brick. - ah. - hey that's a shell fragment, man. - huh? - yeah, that's a piece of a cannon ball.
7:53 pm
- that's a piece of a cannon ball? - you betcha. - just looks like a brick. - this is a cannon ball, son! - it's weird because looking at it, it doesn't look like much. if i'd have found this by myself i'd have been like, this is junk. luckily murry was there and he's like, this is part of a cannon ball. that is cool. cannon ball fragment? - cannon ball fragment. you're probably thinking how solid shot cannon ball are solid, they don't have a hollow place in them. when you see this and you still looking at a cannonball it just has black powder and shot inside of it. - this is crazy. in the back of my mind i'm thinking, if we have cannon ball fragments, maybe we're not too far away from an actual cannon with or without gold. that interests me. well, this is cool! - the cannon we're looking for with the, full of gold could have well fired that one right there.
7:54 pm
- well, how far could they shoot from here? - they would go half a mile. - well, that narrows it down. but we gonna have to be able to come back to go a half a mile. it may be the adrenaline talking, but i would like nothing more than to get back on big sheila and keep looking. but i know the search for the cannons, if they're here, could take a very long time and we're running out of daylight. i would spend the rest of my life looking for that cannon. - it's getting dark, we gotta get out of here, but i'm feeling good about what i'm seeing. - oh, i found this. look at this, this, i didn't show you this. i'm the only one that- - [jeff] what'd y'all find? - well, how're y'all? - it's getting late. we'd thought we'd come check and see if y'all had found the honey hole. - murry did find some cannon ball fragments. - oh wow. - [murry] here's the fragment. - [jase] i mean, the signs are here. i know that we're going to continue to hunt this land. and one day who knows, we actually may find that gold.
7:55 pm
so we got a lot of stuff. i'm going to give you the precious right off the bat. 1877 half dollar. - [jeff] man! - [becky] wow. - [jeff] that's fantastic right there. - what's 60% is y'all's and which 40 is ours? - well, the half dollar would be good for me. i'll just take it. (laughs) - we'll divide it up. yeah. - okay. sounds good. but the sun is going down and i know y'all have got to be tired and our family has cooked up a catfish dinner. if y'all would like to join us, you're more than welcome to. - yeah. southern hospitality at it's best. yeah. we went from strangers to friends in one day. - yeah. - it's a good day. - we would like for y'all to meet the boys that y'all are going to get to take duck hunting now. (laughs) and this is jeffrey. - y'all are duck hunters huh?
7:56 pm
- at some point, yes. - murry crowe. (harmonica music) - [jase] what treasure hunting has taught me is that looking for things in the past has given me a new perspective on the present. - man. we hit our treasure here for sure. - making new friends and being present with those you love. that's what makes life awesome. we want to thank y'all for y'all's hospitality. i'm going to ask the lord almighty to bless tonight. let's pray, father, we love you. we're so grateful for how you work in our lives and just giving us life. and father, showing us what true treasure is. - when you treasure hunt with somebody. you can really know who they are. i knew jep and jason, you know, since they were kids, but this has really brought us together. we're such close friends. i mean, we love each other. it's just that simple. - in jesus we pray, amen.
7:57 pm
- (in unison) amen. let's eat. - at times like this. i do get a little emotional. i mean, i'm tearing up right now and i don't do that, so. - yeah. jase, i'm glad when y'all come up, i didn't just run y'all off. (laughs) - treasure hunting is a journey and we own it, baby. [finger picking guitar] - all right now, welcome back to the podcast. the guys are back from the site. okay. how do we do? where's my cut? - we did well, we did not find the gold. - all right look, i'm going to let it slide this time. okay. but next time. okay. they might be a bit of a penalty applied to these clowns. - we did meet an amazing family and they gave us this opportunity for whenever we want to go back. - i like it. - we have this as an option.
7:58 pm
we need more options. - i've got a desk full of letters. okay. that i haven't even opened yet. the journey is just started. (rings bell) that was the signal for jackpot! ding! boo-yah! - [male narrator] this season on "duck family treasures." - [hunter] you keep callin' this hunting. - yeah. - it's not even hunting season. - it's hunting because we're treasure hunters. (willie laughing) (upbeat rock music) - most people, when they think of metal detecting, they think of a fat guy walking down the beach, picking up a few coins. - we're heading on an adventure! - [jase] what we're doing is a whole nother level. - [jep] seems like a weird place to find jars full of gold. - [jase] we have sophisticated equipment. come to me, baby. maps of old history. x marks the spot. and we're looking for things possibly worth millions of dollars. - i wanna hit the mega jackpot here, buddy.
7:59 pm
(man chuckling) - i hear that jase and jep are, like, obsessed. - they are. - that's a soft word. - really? - hey! booya-ka! - what is that? - [jep] that's just crazy! - [jase] you really don't know what you're gonna find. - what in the world is that? - but that's the thrill of the hunt. - you know how long i've been looking for that? - [jep] you could find one thing. - woo hoo! - you ain't gonna believe this. - that could change your life. (murry laughing) - out of the park! (jase yelping excitedly) - i've heard stories about people wanting to find them. money dance! and it's in my hand. - scadoo! - no way! - and the crowd goes! - yes! (jase, jep imitating crowd) (bell dinging) - cha ching, cha ching, okay? - i got something, mom. get ready. (miss kay gasping) - a rolex watch? - treasure hunting is not always about finding stuff. - let her rip! (cannon firing) - whatever fair, right there, boys. - to me, it's all about the journey. it's about who you're with. this is good as it gets. it's about the people that you meet. - that was like, at 99. - you gotta catch on quick.
8:00 pm
- bam! and the opportunity, when i find things, (men cheering) to experience joy. wow! (men chuckling) and share that with someone else. i think it's the definition of treasure. - and thank you for blessing us with this incredible family, and that is the true treasure. - amen! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and t levin." this is a pocket copy of the constitution and declaration of independence. it comes down to this. i spent 40 years, 40 years of my life studying this. really longer. why is that? becaus


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