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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 20, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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count that out and you can't count out the ruthless ambitious this woman has appeared she will take the chance that she has. >> exactly. we will be watching it, great to see as thank you for joining us and we will be back next sunday on "the next revolution" where it will be televised. ♪ ♪ >> todd: a 15-year-old shot and killed as chaos erupts in the streets of washington, d.c. the gunshots coming through celebration and a crowded juneteenth event sending three others including a police officer to the hospital. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm griff jenkins. >> carley: i'm ashley strohmier and todd and carley have the day off. a night of fun ending in an act of violence that claimed the life of the teenage boy. >> he was screaming out for his mom.
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and nobody was able to help him, it was like it bothers me. and i think here i never thought it would have been in d.c. >> ashley: jackie ibanez to live with the details about the shooter, jackie. >> the shooting taking place i'm permitted juneteenth event washington, d.c. the eyewitnesses were next to the police officer and the scene was pure chaos. listen. >> i was sitting next to a cop and shots rang out he did not want to stay down. he proceeded on. we were trying to enjoy ourselves, the crowd running back and forth. >> ashley: the police officer one of at least three people injured in the shooting. a 15-year-old boy was killed as the police tried to break up the event after two fights broke out in the crowd to. >> mpd number shut the event them because shut the event down because it appeared the event was unsafe.
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there were several people injured as a result of their legs or ankles being trampled as they tried to run from the area. when you have large gatherings in a dense area, all it takes is one person to introduce to a situation that makes it deadly. >> ashley: more than 100 metro police officers on the scene during the event and called coachella and described as advocacy festival amplifying the culture of washington, d.c., up say the officers recovered a gun before the shots were fired up you washington, d.c., mayor muriel bowser slamming justice and calling for justice. >> we have a child who was killed today at an event that did not have any proper planning here at the chief and i will continue to make sure we have the resources we need on these corridors and all of our corridors, but we need some accountability here. >> according to the d.c. police chief officers did not fire a single round during the incident.
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no arrests have been made so far this morning, griff and ashley. >> griff: ashley, thank you very much. now let's bring in former federal prosecutor jonathan fahey who served in the homeland security and the trump administration. thank you for getting up early for us. here we are, another senseless act of violence, young boy killed and it's not an isolated incident and the district. violent crime up 12% and homicide 13%, robberies 33%. what do you make of this? >> it is a tragedy, but sadly, this is predictable that things like this will happen and continue to happen. i think to your point about the homicides going up, i think you said 13%, that is already up over last year, which was a 20 year high. so the crime rate is skyrocketing. what we really see out of this is no one is taking the crime
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issue seriously. the police cannot recruit in d.c. and i think the numbers are a couple hundred below where they want to be but they cannot get the police to do the job because of the anti-police movement which frankly led by this administration in washington that everything is anti-police pro criminal instead of locking up criminals who are attacking police. more will happen as the summer heats up. it is going to be bad. it is time to change policies and time to take those crime issues seriously. >> ashley: jonathan, several legal firearms recovered during this early in the night and one firearm had extended magazine. then you heard muriel bowser said there was no proper planning for this. do you think that if there was upper planning for this, this could have been avoided? >> i don't know what she really means by what proper planning would be because even if this event had been planned or
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permitted doesn't mean somebody couldn't go in there and commit a crime. so i'm not sure exactly what she has in mind or what normally is done in these situations, but it doesn't seem to make that much sense to me. the issue is crime and criminals and muriel bowser is not taking the crime issue seriously. she presided over this massive crime increase and always trying to find other things to blame it on other than not enforcing the law or not prosecuting criminals. >> griff: jonathan you talk about muriel bowser, there is a primary here in the district tomorrow and four king four candidates running for mayor. may your are running for a third term in the four candidates asked a question in a questionnaire, two of the four . muriel bowser said yes. are the cities like washington not willing to take it seriously to give the police the tools they need to get this crime under control?
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>> yeah, the short answer is yes but they are not willing to adjust. they are not willing to go back against anti-police movement that is frankly dominated the democratic party. even when muriel bowser and i'm not sure who the other candidate was that said they will increase the police were fronting or whatever it is, the issue is supporting the police, not funding the police. we've had this anti-police movement accusing the police unfairly of being racist and the whole system being racist and relieved that makes it impossible for them to do their job effectively and also impossible for them to recruit new police officers. so the short answer is yes, they are not willing to treat this issue seriously. and unfortunately, we will see more tragedies like we had this week and because of it. >> ashley: let's talk about the biden administration is exploring ways to bus illegal migrants to u.s. towns hours away from the border. i want to read this quote. this is a letter to alejandro mayorkas and brought
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to my attention scouting out locations in texas for the release of illegal immigrants here at the welcoming community but totality has not volunteered for this mission nor are they responsible for the burdens of the border crisis. what do you think is going to happen because when you see small towns like this in comparison to dallas or houston, this will put a lot of stress on the smaller communities that are probably already having issues as it is. >> yeah, you are exactly right. and you really have to marvel at the commitment this administration has with his open borders policy and speaking about not taking issue seriously. the strength this will put on communities when you look at health care. when you look at education and other issues, it is tremendous and it seems like the department of homeland security just wants to operate as basically a
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service for illegal immigrants. you come to the border and the city of your choice with a free phone. it is really just astonishing that with all that has happened that again just like the crime issue they will not reverse course because so committed to open borders agenda. they will do everything to encourage people to come here illegally. ends and the sad thing about this, there is so much attention on processing illegal immigrants and very little attention put on preventing terrorist from coming through, preventing drugs from coming through and other things that affect the safety of the well-being of the community's. >> griff: that is a great point. there have been 50 criminal migrants intercepted at the border that hit the terrorist screening database. i want to ask you as we run out of time jonathan come as a former director of i.c.e., the abolished i.c.e. slogan campaign. but i ask you now what has transpired in the last 17 months
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of the biden administration, has i.c.e. essentially abolished? >> in a lot of ways, yes, because they are disgorged every respect from enforcing immigration laws. every policy makes the orders to my card or four's immigration laws encouraging more illegal immigrants and use salty issue issue recently with the border patrol agents and this administration has been clear if anyone wants to enforce immigration laws, they will be punished and their careers will be harmed. that is the message they put out there. isis prevents them from doing their job because again so committed to open borders they don't care about the consequences and consequences to communities, consequences to public safety, by way of terrorism or other crime. it is really astonishing that they won't take this issue even slightly seriously. but i think in some respects,
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i.c.e. is not able to do their job and they don't want them to do their job which is really sad to. >> ashley: jonathan a lot to discuss this monday morning but we appreciate you getting up early with us, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> ashley: now today in california, that the public mourn the loss of two killed in the line of duty. officer joseph santana lost their lives in a shooting after confronting a suspect in his hotel room. on saturday, there was a big turnout at a vigil with their sacrifice. and two decade veteran of the force. santana was just a rookie officer. the police posting for a father's day tribute to the fallen heroes. both leave behind a wife and children. the d.a. george gaskell given the light sentence for prayer charge and allow him to be on
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the streets. next hour we will speak with the mother of officers who blames george castellon and soft on crime policies for her son's death. four people are dead and 32 other shot after another bloody weekend in chicago. on friday alone 17-year-old girl was shot and someone opened fire on her rideshare card. a 30-year-old was killed sitting on his porch. five others were hurt in a single shooting before midnight all in their teens or 20s and the exact same time of the mass shooting a 22-year-old sitting in his car was shot dead in a drive-by. >> griff: ashley pro-abortion protesters swarmed the home of supreme court justice amy coneyy coney barrett with bloody clothing. the group is rice up for abortion rights. organizers say the dolls say that it would take place if supreme court overturns roe v. wade.
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appeared the cruelest demonstration comes after barricades put up outside the high court ahead of a decision on row which could come this week. meanwhile, mike lee says the biden administration silences legitimizing the violence, watch. >> this department has turned a blind eye to blatant violations of section 15 oh seven peer of the provision that prohibits people from showing up at the home of supreme court justice to protest. and by not condemning not prosecuting those, the biden administration is propelling this in legitimizing the attacks. speak with president biden stymied a bill with more protection for justices and their families but has not mentioned prosecuting demonstrators. meanwhile, white house officials spent their sunday downplaying fears. speak with the defense of the experts and ceo sound the alarm
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over soaring inflation and high gas prices. doug luzader joins us from washington, good morning, doug. >> gas prices take down a little bit overnight and national average $5 a gallon but inflation may be another matter as higher interest rates began to sink in. president biden says he thinks that come to my country could skirt a recession. administration officials over the weekend trying to drive that message home. >> i don't think a recession is at all -- >> it is not inevitable. not only is a recession not inevitable but we as probably policymakers can do is build on the strings of the american economy and try to get to that stable and steady growth we want to get to as quickly as possible. >> one republican senator mike lee suggested cutting federal regulations. >> we need to focus on regulatory reform as the first order of business here that would help bring down inflation.
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we need to pass the rain deck to make it so elective lawmakers rather than an elected unaccountable bureaucrats are passing the laws. >> and as far as the gas prices are concerned, confusion within the administration over whether president biden will meet with controversial mohammed over nbs traveling to saudi arabia to ask for help with oil prices. >> i'm not going to meet with nbs but a national meeting. and he will be a part of it. >> i think he will meet. he has asked for all suppliers around the globe to increase production. >> they will have a one-on-one meeting. >> that is my understanding. >> okay come if it happens it will be an awkward meeting during the campaign and the president promises to make it a pariah on the world stage, griff and ashley. >> ashley: doug luzader live in washington, thanks, doug. tearing into the democrats disastrous policies, take a
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listen. >> the fiscal tide is quite different than this administration. he slashed taxes across the board to try to ease the pain and keep the economy working. that is not something the democrats were biden would ever, ever do. >> they want to spend more money over $1 trillion and cobbled together pieces of build back better and forced joe manchin to get on board. but also raise taxes. by at least $1 trillion. so, if they are not hammering the corporate sector in word, they will hammer them in deed. it would make that much worse, that much deeper and prolong every session that much more by raising taxes and that kind of environment. >> last week wall street so the biggest percentage decline in two years. the markets closed today for the juneteenth holiday. and now airports across the country this holiday weekend is
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now stretching into the work week. hundreds of flights are canceled today and hundreds more have already been delayed. things were worse this weekend. airlines reporting more than 12,000 delays in almost 2,000 cancellations. the tsa said friday was its busiest day since thanksgiving day weekend. after forcing unvaccinated workers to the unemployment line, the new york city mayor eric adams giving it a shot to get their jobs back. but some are saying no thank you including for the next guest who will tell us why he's glad he walked away from his job of 18 years. >> griff: plus congressman bryan steil's just got back from the border. he will tell us why things got heated with his democratic colleagues. you see jack bruce ohr and marty makary also live on this monday morning edition of "fox & friends first." ♪ ♪
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comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ♪ ♪ >> griff: well, the head of the world health organization believes the covid-19 pandemic originated in a chinese laboratory. the daily mail saint the private told a senior european official
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he thinks the virus spread after a catastrophic accident at the wuhan lab in 2019. however, the official stand is all possibilities are still on the table. beijing disputing the idea covid spread after a lab leak in the world health organization has called it "a conspiracy theory." covid-19 has killed more than 18 million people across the globe. and cdc director dr. rochelle walensky signing off on covid vaccines for babies as young as six months old. the vaccine will allow to begin this week but it is unclear how strong the demand will be. and this twitter post, take a listen. >> we have taken another important step together in our fight against covid-19 by making state and effective vaccines available for the little ones. >> griff: statistics show 442 children ages four and under have died in the u.s. from
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covid-19 since the start of the pandemic. fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary will join us to discuss the vaccination drive later in this program. ashley. >> ashley: thanks, griff mayor eric adams giving unvaccinated workers another shot of getting their jobs back if they are willing to get the job. adams is a thing till june 30th with the first dose of the vaccine, but some workers have no interest in getting the vaccine and said they made the right decision. new york city sanitation worker for 18 years refusing to get the vaccine and joins us now. sean kilcullen even if approved, you are not getting it. >> he is extorting a spear that is all it is. >> ashley: so there are 6,000 city workers who have filed for some sort of exemption whether religious or medical. they have not had those approved purity you come of course, one
1:24 am
of those people. do you think by the mayor saying hey, i will give you a shot before potentially approve or not approve the exemption, do you think this is may be their way of knowing we might have a problem on their hands if we have to get rid of all of these people for not getting vaccinated? >> 100% pure they know they cannot fire us for being unvaccinated. there are lawsuits all over the place. he is holding error careers against us for no reason. the vaccines don't work. it is a shot. like a flu shot, not a vexing. >> ashley: the longer you stay, you feel you made the right choice but tell us why. >> i know more people lately who have covid who were vaccinated. i've never had it. i've never been vaccinated and i've never been vaccinated. why would i choose to get vaccinated? it makes no sense. >> ashley: this is from mayor adam's office, "the goal has been vaccination rather than termination.
1:25 am
what do you think of that? >> i think that is a blatant lie. they will not give the shot. they have the most vaccinated city in new york. no other city does this. new york state doesn't do this. why are we doing this? for what reason? we pick up garbage. we don't come in contact with anybody and no reason to be vaccinated. >> ashley: as far as the people fired by mayor adams 40 sanitation workers, 36 police department officers, 914 department of education workers, 75 department of correction employees, like i said, 6,000 exemptions that are out there just kind of in a little right now. as far as the sanitation department that you came from have you heard from anyone that you worked with previously that you worked with before this happened that are saying things are starting to really backed up or falling behind? >> people are moving to florida.
1:26 am
people, they change their whole lives instead. 18 years, 19 years. some have forced to retire appear they wanted to work at least 25. there is no reason for this. and he's holding a carrot over our heads and saying if you want your career get vaccinated or else. >> ashley: you say the goal is not to get people vaccinated. do you think they just don't care? >> no, he wants to say he's the most vaccinated city. for some reason, that is what they care about. it's just numbers. they don't care if they virus. it means nothing to him. >> ashley: what are you going to do, stick around because you said you would not stick around and get the shot? >> i don't want to get the shot. i don't want to compromise. i have two years until retirement. i will go to florida where everybody seems to be free. >> ashley: i feel like this is for a lot of city workers who
1:27 am
are being forced to do this that just don't want to. sean, your final thoughts on this whole situation whether mayor adams, the fact that you said that you are just not going to get this. you are willing to leave your job of 18 years. that is how strongly you feel about this. >> my career, it's not a job. it is a career. mayor adams, i was hopeful because he said it would be better than bill de blasio and he has been worse. i didn't think that was possible. nypd, the subways, it is filthy and he doesn't care about us. he is making the city worse than bill de blasio and i didn't think that was possible. >> ashley: did you have faith that it was going to be a better? >> yes, i did. he is bill de blasio 2.0. >> ashley: thank you for getting it up with us on monday morning, good luck to you. >> thank you very much, have a great day.
1:28 am
>> ashley: brand-new rules for transgender swimmers in the wake of leah thomas controversy on hillary clinton is seizing the moment with a big warning to democrats ahead of november. >> griff: ashley republicans are looking to keep the red wave rolling in virginia primary elections and on the ballot, routing county which is ground zero for the rights and the republican candidates to prevent and comes up next. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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>> ashley: the midterms are months away but questions are swirling about who may rise to the white house in 2024. former secretary of state mike pompeo does not think the
1:34 am
republican field is frozen until former president trump makes up his mind. >> president trump was perfect, perfect. we needed that kind of disruption. i don't think there is any doubt about that. it will take an awful lot of work, serious work. it may well take eight years to build back from what president biden has done to the american people. >> ashley: pompeo has not announced 2024 intentions yet. other possibility florida governor ron desantis and secretary of state nikki haley, just to name a few. republican congressman making waves last week after flipping a house seat that has historically gone to democrats for more than a century. she thinks there is a disconnect between democrats and latino voters who decided from washington, listen. the democratic party took us for granted and making the same promises over and over and really not making anything happen. and i honestly have had enough but i was really fed up with
1:35 am
here in south texas. >> ashley: to nc sanchez in a runoff tuesday. this is part of a conservative ship between latino voters to a red wave into midterm, griff. >> griff: thanks, ashley. republicans are having to ride the red wave into virginia and one top priority district is the tenth district, which includes loudoun county. the g.o.p. challenger running on pro-education platform after the candidate became a hotbed for parents to fight back against wokeness in the classroom. hung cao congressional candidate joins us now and also former navy captain 25 years in the service. thank you for your service, hung cao. tell me why should voters in the tenth district vote for you? >> hi, griff, thank you so much for having me. virginia host shown last year
1:36 am
the gubernatorial election outside, they are tired of the same old establishment democrats or republicans. that is why glenn youngkin was elected as the governor. i represent what the tenth district looks like. it is 45% minority and 45% alone in loudoun county. i grew up in west africa and i served as the military for 25 years to thank this country what it gave me which is the latter opportunity. and still haven't climb that ladder yourself and all immigrants and my minorities we don't want handouts but to make that claim ourselves. >> griff: and you are specifically zeroing in on the education piece. i'm not sure if the tenth district includes fairfax county schools appear that was the latest incident on thursday, this past week. you had the school board in fairfax increase penalties for
1:37 am
as young as fourth grade children, eight, nine years old or malicious mischief and drink to call a student by previous pronoun if they could be suspended. what do you make of this and it is that something you intend to address? >> that is definitely, griff. to answer your question, yes, fairfax county public school system is in her district. a small sliver of it and in fact, i came from fairfax county public school systems and i went to jefferson technology. what used to be the number one high school in the nation. they changed that because basically they destroyed the meritocracy the ability for people to take a test and calm in there. they changed it in order to benefit other demographics. and likewise with what you just spoke about with the school systems to punish kindergartner for really using the english
1:38 am
language properly. it is ridiculous. i speak three languages fluently. there is masculine and feminine spirit for them to change that is ludicrous. you know, we are not concentrating on what we should be concentrating on which is reading, riding, math, science, civics, history, but we are teaching them garbage. >> griff: and hung, glenn youngkin got elected in part allegedly because he gave parents that are frustrated with this, whether the crt curriculum or something like we talk about, he gave parents a voice because the educator simply didn't want to listen. do you believe that you can increase parents having a voice in the tenth district? >> absolutely. it used to be that we won't compare in the classrooms. we one of the parents to help out the classrooms nl the crazy thing with loudoun county school boards, they hire a hacker to
1:39 am
question crt and direct the website. this is what we used to do in special operations. these are military deception. they are doing this at the public school level. it is ridiculous. yes, i will give parents the voices with their kids. >> griff: hung, just to change topics a little bit and shift, is inflation commences skyrocketing gas prices, is that going to be a part of your campaign? everybody is talking about the midterms coming in obviously, the pain but how much is a part of your campaign? >> it is a large part. job biden my greatest campaign manager. i have to sit back and do nothing like he did in 2020. because if he is helping me out by destroying the economy in this outrageous inflation, 8.5% inflation. you know, that is destroying everything from the small businesses to the large business
1:40 am
to the military as well. i mean, 8.5% and i wrote the navy's budget for two years, we calculate 2% inflation. that is a delta of 6.5%, which out of $700 billion budget, we are talking $46 billion that a deficit right off of the bat that equates to four aircraft carriers were 46 is guided air -- or joint strike fighters. that is what we need them for the south china sea. we have lost that from the inflation alone. >> griff: so, do you believe then, hung, the administration is letting the military down? >> absolutely. from when they lit kabul fall. it was there in kabul in 2021 in january. when we left there, it was pretty stable and not like walking downtown new york city or washington, d.c., but it was pretty stable. and you know i'm with the biden
1:41 am
administration came in and did nothing. they did not approve or disapprove general miller's plans to leave 2500 special operations troops behind to quell any sparks that would come up here they destroyed everything that we fought for and sacrificed for. i have spent many years in iraq, afghanistan, somalia, pakistan and vulcans fighting for our country and the biden administration destroyed everything we fought for. >> griff: hung cao candidate for congress running on said tenth district, captain, thank you for your service. and we look forward to having you on as well as jennifer wexton, your opponent on the democratic ticket, thank you, hung cao. ashley. >> ashley: transgender swimmer goes into effect after a landmark vote by the governing body for international competition. a new policy permits swimmers who transition before the age of 12 to compete in an elite
1:42 am
women's event. this prevents lia thomas from competing at the next level. she has set multiple records on division i swim team. the new rules will ensure no swimmer will have an unfair advantage. >> we have to protect the rights of all of our athletes to compete. we also have to protect fairness. at our events, especially women competition. >> ashley: a nearly 72% in favor of the gender inclusion policy. it requires trans members to provide proof before puberty. meanwhile, presidential candidate hillary clinton pressuring democrats to steer clear of the gender debates. clinton to link the financial times in an interview, we are standing on the precipice of losing with democracy and everything everybody else cares about. it goes out the window and the most important thing is to win
1:43 am
back the election. the alternative is so frightening whatever does not help you win should not be a priority. clinton's comments come after biden claims republicans are bullies and signed eight executive order to crack down on conversion therapy. president biden is running for reelection in 2024, but with his approval and record lows, is he a viable candidate for democrats? congressman bryan steil's response with concerns from the left. >> griff: 2,000 flights canceled and more than 12,000 delays on father's day weekend. it is a nightmare at the american airport. here to react we talk who will experience the chaos firsthand. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> griff: 48 minutes after the hour. we have fire on the water. the coast guard with three people with 70-foot yacht went up in flames saturday. look at that. off at the coast of new castle, new hampshire near the border of maine. the police say the three boaters and to code dogs jumped
1:49 am
overboard. all three treated at the hospital and doing fine. the dogs are okay, too. and the cruise were unsuccessful but that officials will not try to recover the vessel but they will make an effort to retrieve the fuel tanks. parts of yellowstone national park ready to reopen wednesday after being devastated by record flooding. damaged roads and bridges forced officials to close the entire park for more than a week prompting the white house to declare a major disaster. some sections expected to close through the end of summer. experts say the repairs could take years and cost more than $1 billion. ashley. >> ashley: okay, griff passengers across the u.s. stranded at airports for hours after 12,000 flights are delayed on father's day weekend. one traveler a disabled army veteran returning from his honeymoon described his time in the airport as a.
1:50 am
that veteran joins me now, joe, i'm so sorry that you had to finish off your honeymoon with such a terrible situation, but just tell us what happened. because you were in an airport for 24 hours about? >> yes, ma'am, good morning, ashley. i thought we would have a great dictation and it started off great. then, of course, we had atlanta airport, it definitely changed. we kept getting delayed. we had original flight at 10:30 and by the time we got there, hey, by the way it's being delayed it and all of a sudden, the person to be helping us waited 30 minutes and then left. so then he had to try to find out where the next gate was even if there was a gate. >> ashley: did they ever specify what happened?
1:51 am
you said just left and trying to find a gate. was they were a miscommunication, weather, all kinds of issues this weekend. did they tell you? >> we thought it was weather at first and the states, i didn't know what the weather was like in atlanta. i started asking questions of the people and they said it was staffing issues. we looked at the gates further on in that area, and they were being delayed. the flight going out to wisconsin. that was two hours behind. they were still in line. so we went up and asked them, hey come as it weather or what is it? staffing. some pilots were overworked and ended up staffed and had to go home. >> ashley: the same issue because the pilots worked eight hours and that is the reason we got delayed. but i will say the pilot job openings projected over the next decades, 14,000 openings.
1:52 am
so, that is insane. at any point, did they apologize or offer compensation for you having to stay there? you said there was no other options but to sleep on the floor. not only that, you had to have access to charge for your hearing aids and you didn't have access. >> when we first got into atlanta, they opened up the gates for the international flights. so, we had everyone there. of course, staffing, it was hard to get through. your carousel, baggage, carousel three, when you get there, 45 minutes. they push it to carousel 2. by the time you get your facts, running through customs. no, actually, they gave us $100 voucher for the next flight. they gave us $15 meal vouchers that actually only worked in a few places in the airport. by the time it happened,
1:53 am
everywhere in that place closed. the market and all of that closed. >> $15 with two bottles of water in the airport. will this deter you from flying in the future especially with the shortages they are having with staffing and not only that but the prices of airfare have gone up significantly 33%? >> to answer your question, so eric checked bag i had hearing a and sent it to omaha way ahead of us. and i was not just the only one going through this. we had other passengers that had baby formula for an 11-month-old baby in omaha. we slept on the ground and also our hygiene kits and change of clothes. 24-hour sleeping on the ground, no hygiene. will that keep me from flying delta? yes, of course, i will go anywhere, especially with the
1:54 am
prices. and we move from standby. so how on a scale of one to 30 how do we get ranked? because of the price of your ticket. and so, when you get standby again, you get jumbled again. so you can be at the top of the list and then at the bottom. >> ashley: oh, my gosh. besides everything that happened the disaster in the airport, congratulations on your wedding. thank you for your service. i'm so sorry that happened to you. >> appreciate it. i do appreciate you guys giving me time. >> ashley: absolutely, thank you for getting up early. again, congrats. >> thank you. >> ashley: griff. >> griff: ashley, the u.s. open, patrick wins a first career win in brookline massachusetts. patrick securing the title after hitting the shot of his life
1:55 am
under the fairway that you see on the 18th hole. look at this, oh, my goodness! he finished the tournament six under par after making two copilots from there. and nearly 50-foot birdie putt earlier in the round. and he hold off the other one to make this putt with the playoff and did not make it. putting up a valiant fight and securing his top ten finish at a major tournament in the last two years a bright future ahead. meanwhile, gets the best of all of this. going viral for throwing his putter and snapping his club in half during a tough stretch. the final round, sometimes, that is just what happens. antiabortion activists taking the protest to new extremes delivering a bloodied baby dolls to the home of justice amy coney barrett. >> ashley: jack brewer joins
1:56 am
us live with roe v. wade to come this week. ♪ ♪ ...
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>> ashley: top white house officials are downplaying recession fears as inflation soars. you are watching "fox and friends first." i'm ashley strohmier.


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