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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 20, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> ashley: top white house officials are downplaying recession fears as inflation soars. you are watching "fox and friends first." i'm ashley strohmier.
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>> griff: i'm griff jenkins, carley and todd have the day off. americans are losing confidence in the economy as they watch their budgets eaten away by gas prices. >> blames big meat, big oil, big tampon, everything else for shortages in this country. >> griff: doug luzader -- >> good morning, a lot of confusion coming out of the white house about the president's trip to saudi arabia, when he is expected to ask for help with high gas prices. will he or won't he meet with solamon? >> i think he will meet with the saudi crown prince, he has asked suppliers to increase
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production. >> they will have a one-on-one meet something >> that is my understanding. >> doug: they did tick down overnight with national average slightly bele$5 gallon mark, high inflation still an issue. president biden thinks we might be able to thread a need and he will thread a depression. >> i don't think a recession is at all inevitable. >> a recession is not inevitable. >> a recession is not inevitable, as policymakers, we can take steps with the american economy and try to get to that stable and steady growth we want to get to as quickly as possible. >> one republican senator thinks reducing federal regulation will help. >> we need to focus on regulatory reform as the first order of business to help bring
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down inflation. the reigns act would make it so uneshg lected bureaucrats are not passing our laws. >> the president of the cleveland federal reserve thinks it will take two years to get inflation back under control and griffin, that is the 2% mark the fed looks for here. >> ashley: not very good news. doug luzader, thank you so much. >> it is laughable now how wrong the experts were and the vast majority of the establishment media were to trust the experts. it keeps happening, the establishment never learns. we cannot just subcontract vital decisions to the expert. wherever you look, the economy, what the experts have done to this country is absolute travesty and even if it wasn't
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antidemocratic to put this power in their hands, which it is, even if it didn't contradict the idea government was built on basic practical level government by experts doesn't work because as we've seen time and time again, the experts are idiots. >> griff: turning now to the border, the biden administration drafting plans to bus migrants to american towns hours from the southern border. the location for drop offs as security tries to relieve pressure on border towns, meanwhile, house republicans are slamming democratic counterparts. the lawmakers traveled to mcallen, texas, but only the republicans toured border operations.
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congresswoman kat is -- and jonathan fahey joined us earlier saying this about the biden border doctrine. >> the commitment this administration has to open borders policy and speaking about not taking issues seriously, the strain this will put on communities when you look at healthcare and education and other issues, it is tremendous and seems like our department of homeland security wants to operate as concierge service for imgrants. >> griff: the expected punishment for border agents shows the administration will punish agents enforce going
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against their open border policy. >> ashley: list of foreign policy headaches because the long-time u.s. ally just elected first ever leftist president gustavo petro defeated rudollfo hernandez with 50% of the vote. and the heartbroken mother of one of the -- says george gascon has death on his hands. >> i blame the death of my son and his partner on gascon. gascon will never know how i feel. gascon will never know how he enjoyed our families. >> ashley: the officer's parents join us next.
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i want to start with you, jose, we've heard olga speaking out. yesterday father's day. >> he was a police officer and i mean, i never expected to spend father's day without my boy. i miss him, he always takes me -- for my son. it is really sad and hurts so much that -- i'm sad and mad at the same time. i'm really not trying to give any anger to anybody in my heart. i want to have my heart in peace and love, i want to mourn my son
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with love and don't want to have ill in my heart. the situation that happened should have never happened. this coward should have been locked up, should have never been out there. if he would have been where he should have been at, my boy and his partner would still be alive right now. i don't think that's right. >> griff: what would you want to say to gascon? >> wow. i want to say, he just need to get out of office, give his job to somebody that is going to care and do right to the community, do right for the people. how many more lives do we have to lose for something to be done. this guy should never be out
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there. they are making it so easy for criminals to get guns. now letting people get out, look what happened? it cut my boy's life. i don't want to get pissed off, he should be out of office. >> griff: olga, i want your thoughts. a difficult week understand. has gascon reached out, clearly after he has seen your pain and suffering. has he called you or communicated with you? >> nothing for both officers. >> griff: what does that say, olga? >> that he just doesn't care. the ideas are insane. if the criminal that shot and killed my son and michael should
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have been locked up, they both would have been here today, now we're just here to mourn their loss and suffer. >> didn't reach out or anything, you know. >> it is not fair, gascon needs to be recalled immediately. he destroyed so many lives, we're completely devastated. he's left children without fathers, mothers destroyed. why? destroyed. they're never coming back, they're never coming back. and i blame it all on gascon. >> griff: my heart breaks for you. i want you to know just how
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courageous you and jose are, the entire country is in a moment where we are seeing district attorneys in large cities, not just los angeles, in places on the east coast and in philadelphia and new york, where soft on crime stands, has brought pain like yours to families and i applaud your courage and bravery to speak out so that the rest of the country will understand what soft on crime da's are responsible for when it comes to situations like this. jose, what do you want to entire country to know about da's like gascon? what does the rest of the country need to know? >> i'm sure they know it, i'm sure the news, everything, they know what is going on, i don't
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think i need to say much, i'm sure everybody knows what type of person this guy is, letting criminals out that should be locked up. they need to speak up, they need to do whatever needs to be done to get this guy out of office. enough is enough, we cannot lose anymore lives. >> griff: olga, i want to give you the last word because yesterday was father's day, your son leaving behind their own children, what does the country need to know about your son? >> my son was a good man. i want the world to know that my son was a great father, a great son, a great brother, a great husband. he was a good provider. he was fine, he loved his
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children, he looked forward to his days off just to spend time with them. two-year-old twins, they probably won't remember him, only his memory. his nine-year-old daughter, they were so close, she looked forward to his days off. he loved his children so much. he was a good son. he didn't deserve this and neither did michael. >> griff: olga garcia and jose santana, our hearts and thoughts are with you. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> griff: thank you. we'll be right back.
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>> griff: republicans in virginia are counting down the day to the midterms and challenger hung cao is running on a pro-education platform after the contentiousy became a hotbed for parents to fight back against weekness in the classroom. hung cao is feeling confident because voters are rejecting joe biden's failed policy. >> i have to sit back and do nothing like he did in 2020. he's helping me by destroying the economy. >> griff: hung cao is up against jennifer wexton, he is hoping for repeat of youngkin -- >> ashley: struggling to get a grip on inflation.
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>> democrats are pressing the white house to get a handle on inflation. democrats do not feel like they are armed with the necessary talking points of messaging. >> ashley: joe, it doesn't feel like they are panicking in public. last week we heard them say they had to switch up with what they were doing. they have to arm themselves with talking pointss, we don't want talking points, we want action. >> ashley, results over rhetoric, it is just a matter of, spin this correctly, package our words in such a way, the american people won't feel what they are feel nothing terms of inflation at 8.6%. donald trump, inflation was 8.4%, it has gone up during this
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administration, something you can't spin. those working within this administration should be panicking over this messaging if we're talking about that, whoever came up with the idea to blame inflation on ukraine, it had been rising before the invasion, that person should be fired. they should be asking if you want fries with that fired. they look so out of touch when it comes to this issue. joe biden said he would always accept responsibility when things go wrong, never blame others and with inflation, first they say it is temporary and then they blame covid and vladamir putin. this issue will destroy this administration and prevent this president from running again in 2024, the american people know he is ill equipped to help solve it.
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>> ashley: the "new york post" is reporting serbian royals asked hunter biden for help to restore the palace. quote from the crown prince of yugoslavia, we were having problems with the state budget, we were hoping hunter might be helping with his father to solve the problem. can you imagine if this was done with don jr. when donald trump was president? >> joe: yes, you have audio of hunter biden saying his father thinks he's a god. you will see from this network and fox business, hunter biden, thou shalt not discuss or report anything he says or does. when republicans take back the house in november and they will given the current state of this
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country, there will be hearings into hunter biden and accountability on this from those in power. you will not get it now, not under merrick garland or democratic congress, ashley. >> ashley: a lot to unpack this morning. thanks for getting up with us this monday morning. brand-new rules handed down for transgender swimmers in the wake of the lia thomas controversy and hillary clinton is sending a message to democrats ahead of november. >> griff: hi, jack. what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, through investments and partnerships in innovative solutions.
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>> ashley: a 15-year-old boy is dead. three other people, including a police officer were hurt in what the metro police departments is calling an unpermit event. >> the shooting taking place during an unpermitted juneteenth event. the scene was pure chaos. listen. >> i was sitting next to a cop,
2:31 am
shots rang out. we were trying to enjoy ourselves. >> that police officer one of three injured in the shooting. a 15-year-old was killed after two fights broke out in the crowd. >> pd members shut the event down, it appeared the event was unsafe. several people were injured as they tried to run from the area. when you have large events in an area, it makes it deadly. >> 100 metro police officers were at the event, this was amplifying the culture of washington, d.c. officers recovered a gun before shots were fired and the washington, d.c. slamming event organizers and calling for
2:32 am
justice. >> we have a child that was killed today at an event that did not have any proper planning. the chief and i will continue to make sure we have resources we need on the corridors, we need some accountability here. >> ashley: according to the dc police chief, officers did not fire a single round and no arrests have been made. back to you guys. >> griff: thank you. republicans are demanding action against protests. protests outside the homes of supreme court justices. this weekend we saw teenage activists covered in fake blood holding baby dolls as barricades went up around the supreme court building in anticipation of a decision on roe v. wade this week. jack brewer joins us now.
2:33 am
jack, good morning. i want your thoughts what we saw at the supreme court justices homes and democrats and the white house are uninterested on weigh nothing on it >> it is disgusting. the optics of this, think about your children seeing these type of dark situations and some point in our nation, we have to divide ourselves from the politics of this. this is not politics, for people to be brave and bold enough to go out and threaten the lives of supreme court justices. these are people you look up to no matter which side of the aisle you are on, now we have a democratic party that will say nothing and will vote against them being able to be protected like you would assume they were
2:34 am
being protected. this is a dark day in america and some point we have to put the politics aside and think about where we are spiritually and what we want to align with. this is disgusting. >> griff: point taken, jack, look at our latest fox news poll, this is where the divide is, over half of americans disagree with protesting outside of supreme court justice homes but democrats support the protest. however, when it turns dangerous and potentially deadly, as we saw with justice roberts, that is very, very concerning because it is political extremism, violence being motivated. a journalist is writing there is hypocrisy in the j6 committee is
2:35 am
talking about political violence, but when it comes to the chief justices home, it is not covered the same way. hipock ras sne >> 100%, they have sold their soul, they would do anything to raise money. these issues, if they know they are politically based, they will stay on that side, this is ridiculous and point you made is prime example of that. they can't hide from the reality they talk out of both sides of their mouths and you see it with new liberal push to accept anything as long as your base feels that it is important, extreme portion of your base, the aoc of the world feel it is okay and acceptable. we have to draw a line in the sand and pick righteousness over
2:36 am
sin and not willing to do that, we will continue to see the horrible things that are happening right now on our streets. i never imagined that the greatest country on earth would be so accepting to so much chaos, it has to come to an end. >> griff: jack, the world's governing body for swimming, fina, passed new gender inclusion policy in elite international events. transgender swimmers must have transitioned before age 12, transgender men can compete with some exceptions and the organization is researching new policy to have open competition for all genders. what say you? >> i'm so happy to see the international community push back against this demonic, i don't know if we're hypnotized
2:37 am
in the united states of america, most of this is being pushed by the u.s. ncaa and other organizations allowing to destroy sports. i applaud fina and i hope the olympic community will do the same thing. you can't destroy the hopes and dreams of these young women who have worked their whole lives to accomplish what they have. i can't imagine having another sex be able to come into the sport and take it over. the fact we have to have this conversation shows where we are as a nation, i'm so happy to see the international community push back against this, most places on earth understand you have two genders, a man and a woman and you shouldn't being competed
2:38 am
against each other and being called equal. this tells you about the times we live, i pray for this nation to wake up and really find our place in god's order. >> griff: finally, jack, i want to ask you, yesterday juneteenths, marked slavery's end in the united states. you have thoughts on it? >> yes, i do, it is a joyous time, i am glad we get to end on this. remember how many people fought and died to end slavery, white, black, all races came together to destroy that evil that was plaguing our land and this is the time we celebrate that. i grew up in texas great grandson of sharecroppers, i grew up every year celebrate thanksgiving holiday. for some, this is new, for my family, it is not and far many throughout this country. this
2:39 am
is time to understand and reflect back on america and the times we've led the world in demonstrating we are the united states and can come together as one nation under god and so it is a joyous day. >> griff: it is a federal holiday marking juneteenth today. jack brewer, thank you for joining us. >> god bless you, brother. >> griff: you, too, my friend. cdc, covid vaccine for babies as young as six upon months old and the cdc director seems happy about that. >> ashley: discussing whether jabs for kids is even necessary. so many people are overweight now, and asking themselves,
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>> ashley: fox business alert. economists are sounding the alarm as recent hikes boost likelihood of a recession. >> griff: cheryl casone has more on that story. good morning. >> cheryl: good morning. wall street is increasingly worried about recession and white house officials continue to say this. >> i don't think a recession is at all inevitable. >> recession is not inevitable.
2:44 am
>> what we can do is take steps to build on our strengths in the american economy and try to get to that stable and steady growth we all want to get to as quickly as possible. >> cheryl: not so fast, survey of economists say this, economyists have raised probability to 44% of a recession. 44% recession probability is seldom seen outside of an actual recession. higher borrowing costs, all factors in this, guys. the economists, it was interesting, say aggressive rate hikes by the fed will not do much to stop the downturn or eventual recession. >> ashley: we spoke to a guy
2:45 am
earlier coming back from his honeymoon, his flight was delayed and he was stuck in atlanta. flight tlas will be headaches again. >> cheryl: another day of frustration for travelers on the double holiday weekend. atlanta, new york, boston, charlotte, major hot spots, 1800 cancellations through the weekend stretch into today, to be clear. jo reis joined us the last hour describing the experience. >> we thought we were going to have a great vacation, it started great. we hit atlanta airport and it changed. we thought it was weather, at first, it was staffing. >> cheryl: airlines blamed weather, the faa and admit staffing shortages and travelers returning to the skies
2:46 am
responsible for the disruption. 2.2 million travelers gone through tsa checkpointss, a big piece of this. the airlines don't have enough staff. >> griff: the friendly skies and eric adams giving workers a shot to get their job back. chita: eric adams is reaching out to ex-city employees, get the shot and get your job back. one fired city worker says no thank you chltz >> it is extortion, we mean nothing to them. eric adams, i was hope whfl he came in, he said he would be better than de blasio and he's been worse and i didn't think that was possible. >> cheryl: ex-city workers have to get the vaccine, we'll see if
2:47 am
they take this. if you are willing to lose your job and not get vaccinated, i don't know if that will do much. they are having a labor shortage. >> ashley: and dr. rochelle walensky approved vaccinations for babies six months old. >> 20 million children are able to get vaccinated. we know based on rigorous review the vaccine in the united states can be used safely and effectively in children under five. >> ashley: joining me is dr. macarey. pfizer used three children to approve this, is this safe for kids? is that enough for parents to believe this is safe for kids to
2:48 am
be taking. >> look, the fda cdc have flimsy data. the data set was flimsy. if you look at the conference interval to know there is statistical significance that interval was so low no statistical significance, no kays of severe disease, neither vaccinated or unvaccinated kids and only hospitalization was a kid who was vaccinated. the significance was low. kids can't tell you when they have myoshgcarditis. they should say we don't know about efficacy, we believe it is safe, based on little data.
2:49 am
they may get it if they are high risk, but should not be mandated. polio vaccine was on study of 1.8 million people. >> ashley: scary to think this is a possibility they would mandate children to have this to get into school. the who chief believes covid did leak from a wuhan lab after a catastrophic accident in 2019 despite publicly maintaining all hypothesis remain on the table. my question, if they did say this is 100% where it came from, how can we ensure we will not see something like this happen again? >> lab leaks happen all the time, they happened before the covid lab leak in 1977 when china was found to be injected military recruits with experimental vaccine the same
2:50 am
year a virus leaked from their lab. sars leaked after sars had gone away, after being worked on in the lab. this would not be the first lab leak and i don't think protocol has been put into place. the wuhan lab is renovated and has new wings and new labs in china to work on viruses. >> ashley: thanks for getting up with us, we appreciate it. and now congressman bryan steil just got back from a trip to the southern border and is here to tell us why things got heated with his democratic colleagues. >> griff: check in with steve doocy to see what is coming up on "fox and friends"? >> steve: coming up on "fox and friends," paying tribute to the two california officers who were shot and killed in the line of duty by a career criminal who should not have been on the
2:51 am
street. frank siller will join us with a special announcement for both victims' families and newt gingrich accesss the president's viability ahead of the 2024 election, how republicans are responding to democrat multi million bank roll ahead of midterm and nancy grace will dive into the manhunt for four escaped inmates who walked away from a prison in virginia. plus, piers morgan, lawrence jones and rachel campos-duffy will kick autopsy on the channel you trust for your morning news. todd and ashley back in a couple, you are watching "fox and friends first." once upon a time, before jill said yes. she learned she had ibs-c and could treat it with linzess. that's why some things helped, but her constipation with belly pain would often return.
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>> we had democratic members of
2:56 am
congress who were with us four hours ago who are not with us now that should tell the american people everything. people will are will choices in november much more than politics. it's national security. >> sparring over president biden's border crisis as g.o.p. lawmakers get a firsthand look at the crisis on democrats' stay in d.c. congressman brian stiles was part of that congressional trip. he joins me now. congressman, thank you for taking time. what did you see there and why are the democrats, colleagues of yours, not seeing it the same way? our democratic colleagues took us to the united states border they wanted to talk about infrastructure and investment. they refuse to talk about the crises the democrats are creating. the border crisis, inflation crisis, the crime crisis. republicans on the committee saw firsthand by going to the border. the problems that this administration has caused. over 3 million, 3 million illegal immigrants have come across the border since
2:57 am
president biden took office. that's three times the state of delaware. population we have seen over 3,600 pounds of fentanyl captured at the southern border. that's 3 billion lethal doses. it's impacting cities not only across the border but the united states of america. we are seeing counties in southeast, wisconsin, 68 people died an illicit fentanyl overdose last year. the problems this administration is creating at the u.s.-mexico border are impacting not only the communities at the border and we saw that firsthand they are impacting every city in the united states of america. >> griff: viewers are watching footage i shot two weeks ago i was in that rgv sector you were. the lawmakers that of the have had. how can you fix it? what can you do? republicans are in the minority here is there anything you think you could do to help fix the problem? >> what we need to do is send a
2:58 am
message that our border is no longer open. unfortunately the biden administration continues to send the opposite message that the united states border is open and unsecure. we have to look out to november to be able to turn the tide on this and to finally begin to rebuild the wall. you got to remember the biden administration stopped construction of the wall on day one. then they passed incredible inflation causing stimulus programs with zero dollars for border security. and the $1.9 trillion under the gitz of covid, zero dollars for border security, $1.2 trillion for infrastructure. zero dollars for border security. the biden administration own budget cuts dhs by $800 million. we got fund the border security. it's absolutely imperative and drawing attention though this is needed. >> griff: congressman, you mentioned the word inflation. i want to quickly get that in. because janet yellen, treasury secretary yesterday said on the sunday shows that recession is not necessarily inevitable.
2:59 am
>> this is the same janet yellen who told us that inflation was transitory. she is wrong about that about to be wrong on the recession 'looking at history and all the indicators. is the administration lying to us at this point? >> the administration wants to continue to put their head in the sand as it relates to inflation. we are way behind the 8 ball. we have a big problem ahead of us. we need to do everything we can to stop the run away spending in washington that's fueling inflationary environment that we see. gets spending under control. the administration want to do anything but. we are behind the 8 ball. we have got challenging waters ahead of us. hopefully we can hold off a recession. it's going to take policy changes in washington like unleashing american energy to prevent a true recession from coming. >> griff: we shall see if that happens midterms. a lot of focus on the pain americans are feeling at the pump and at the grocery store and everywhere else. bryan steil congressman, thank you for taking time with us this morning.
3:00 am
have a great rest of your week. >> thank you. >> griff: all right. you know, ashley, it was great to join you today. obviously the congressman just talking about that inflation, that is going to be a big, big issue i, i think, between now and november. >> ashley: the issues people are talking about every single day. griff, great to see you. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. ♪ >> 15-year-old is shot and killed as chaos erupts in the streets of washington, d.c. sends three others, including a police officer to the hospital. >> [inaudible] >> president biden still thinks the country could skirt a recession. >> as administration officials were out in force over the weekend to try to drive that message home. >> recession is not inevitable. >> i don't think a recession at all sin evident tillable. >> this is failed leadership,


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