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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 20, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> thank you. >> griff: all right. you know, ashley, it was great to join you today. obviously the congressman just talking about that inflation, that is going to be a big, big issue i, i think, between now and november. >> ashley: the issues people are talking about every single day. griff, great to see you. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. ♪ >> 15-year-old is shot and killed as chaos erupts in the streets of washington, d.c. sends three others, including a police officer to the hospital. >> [inaudible] >> president biden still thinks the country could skirt a recession. >> as administration officials were out in force over the weekend to try to drive that message home. >> recession is not inevitable. >> i don't think a recession at all sin evident tillable. >> this is failed leadership, failed politics.
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>> frustrating. >> from coast to coast. travelers are facing delay or canceled flights. >> treasury secretary pete buttigieg wants airlines to stress their summer schedules. >> airline problem in this country. time for a wake-up call. [cheers] >> and matthew fitzpatrick is a champion again. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good morning, everybody. that says it's fire island new york. i think that could be the wrong location. >> ainsley: fire island is a island off the long island. the sky is kind of the fire color but nonetheless. good morning, everybody, it is monday, june 20th, 2022 it is juneteenth. this was a federal holiday
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signed into law last year by joe biden. it celebrates and commemorates the emancipation of enslaved people in the united states first celebrated in texas back in 1865 after the civil war and slaves were declared free under the emancipation proclamation. that's what juneteenth is all about. >> brian: texas was the last to recognize it. so, they were the last state to understand that it is over. you are free. and by the way we know what city that was. >> steve: we do. auburn. >> brian: auburn, alabama. we would have to do a lot of landfill to get fire island. >> ainsley: doesn't look like a beach. >> steve: fire island you are not allowed to drive cars there with those streets, they would >> steve: welcome to "fox &
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friends" on this federal holiday. great to have you with us. >> ainsley: many people are home today celebrating juneteenth. that brings us to a fox news alert. a crowd out to celebrate juneteenth is forced to run for capitol in our nation's capital. >> a shooting of a 15-year-old boy and leaving a d.c. police officer and two others wounded. >> brian: happened in daylight. griff jenkins is in washington to tell us how this went down. good morning good morning imoork, the shooting shooting took place in a unpermitted event. one eyewitness said he was right next to the police officer who was shot. he also saw many that 15-year-old's boy's final moments. listen. >> i was sitting next to a cop. shots rang out. shot in the leg. he kept moving. weapon he went to the fire not run away. >> the 15-year-old child? >> yeah. he was screaming out for his mom and it's hurtful to hear that
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and no one was able to help him. to see him go it's like, it bothers me. >> griff: no arrests have been made in connection with that shooting yet. at least three people. including the police officer, were hurt in the shooting. more than 100 metro police officers were on the scene during the event which was called mochella. police say officers recovered a gun and broke up two fights before shots were fired. >> m psd members shut the event down because it appeared that the event was unsafe. there were several people who were injured as a result of their leg or ankles being trampled as they tried to run from the area. when you have large gatherings in a dense area. all it takes is one person introducing a gun to the situation that makes it deadly. >> griff: also over the weekend violence across america. one person was shot to death.
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eight others were injured in harlem overnight and four people killed while 32 others were injured in chicago shootings since friday. steve, ainsley, brian? >> steve: griff, this was unpermitted this particular concert at 1st and u. i used to live a couple blocks from there. there were 100 police officers there. any suggestion why they let it continue even though they didn't have a permit? >> well, that's great question. and, as you point out rightfully, 14th and u, a very popular destination with restaurants, my wife and i's favorite restaurant right near there, very busy. the fact that there were multiple fights as the chief described at the press conference. mutt pell fights broke out. wasn't until later that shots were fired that they ended it. unclear why they let it go on, steve? >> ainsley: do we know anything about this 15-year-old? it breaks your heart knowing he was dying calling out for his mom. >> griff: weave will bring it to
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you as we get it. it is weighing on hearts and minds of d.c. residents. we have d.c.'s local election primaries tonight the mayor, mayor bowser running for a third term but there are three other candidates, two of them are not supporting growing the police department. that will certainly be on voters of minds tomorrow when they go to the polls. >> steve: indeed. griff, thank you very much. live report from our nation's capital. speaking of police, vigil for two police officers who we told you about last week who were killed in a shootout, they were responding in el monte, are california to a report at a motel that somebody had been stabbed. the suspect eventually wound up dead as well. we had assumed, until the coroner's report came out that he was shot by the police officers. but now we now know that apparently the suspect died by suicide, according to the l.a.
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county medical examiner. >> ainsley: reports say that he shot both of those officers in the head. one was only 31 years old officer santana. the other was 42 years old corporal michael pa red da. paredes. the mom cried a lot when she said i will never see my son again. they put up a picture of him with his children. >> this is the hotel or motel where they died. and there was a picture -- here is -- you know, just a handsome young man, he had the rest of his life in front of him 31 years old. he had a daughter. look at the picture of the two twins. and the mom said he loved his children. the daughter is a little bit older. he would race them and love to have his days off. >> brian: yeah. he wasn't able -- he was not able to celebrate father's day, obviously. it is pretty clear that this guy is gangster. he has been in jail before. he never should have been on probation. he should have been in jail.
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these new permissive d.a. policies has he had a chance to be out there. maybe the day or two before they realize he has been accused of domestic abuse. oh, he is a violent gangster. we better put him in jail because that's in violation of probation. they didn't get to him in time. listen to the parents speak out. they know exactly who to blame. it's the same one we have been blaming and trying to highlight who is hopefully going to be recalled soon. and this is d.a. gascon. listen. >> how many more lives do we have to lose for something to be done. this guy should never be out there. >> the criminal that shot and killed my son and michael should have been locked up. they both would have been here today. he needs to be recalled immediately. he has destroyed some lives and he has completely destroyed ours. we are completely devastated. he has left children without fathers. mothers destroyed wives
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destroyed. and they are never coming back. [crying] >> they are never coming back. and i blame it on gascon. i blame it on him. >> steve: it did not have to happen. they were both killed in the line of duty. the shooter never should have been out. it simply comes down to george gascon. he's a very progressive district attorney. what he does not do is he does not follow california's tree strikes law. this guy had a strike on his record and should not have been put on probation but he was. he should have been in jail for like two or three years. but he was out on the streets. and he killed those cops in cold blood. >> brian: because they said he wasn't violent. he is not a violent criminal go. out there and mill amongst the masses what could possibly go wrong. goes on to say crime is so high.
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crime is so high in california because criminals don't stay in jail. we need to make criminals responsible for their actions. we need law and we need law and order this guy has got to be recalled like boudin was called in san francisco. you have alvin bragg all of a sudden realizing smash and grabs are a problem in new york. starting to change some policies before he gets fired if a republican governor is elected. >> ainsley: you have it in l.a. where there is a recall effort now being led by the deputy d.a. and they have enough signatures, they say they just need to verify them and make sure they are asking to still sign up, sign that petition to recall gascon just in case some of the names, some of the people signed are not verified. then there is san francisco, the d.a. was ousted there boudin and then also in philadelphia, you have the progressive d.a. there. so much crime has happened in philadelphia. later we will have guests coming up to talk about how more women are getting conceal carry
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licenses. the applications are up through the roof in philadelphia because people wanting to protect thenselves and calling for -- republicans are now starting the impeachment process for the d.a. there. >> brian: this is part of a whole self-correcting country. we screw things up and then we start adjusting. whether it's the school system and now it's law and order. oh, you are not going to do it as governor? we're going to recall the people that aren't enforcing the law. when you are up for election, you are going to be gone. that's the way things should happen in a democracy. >> steve: it did not have to happen. these two officers did not have to be murder kentucky derby by that guy. officer santana's brother-in-law read a letter from his widow. and she said every inch of my body is broken missing you. i miss your kisses, your cuddles, your voice. i miss seeing you play with the kids. i never knew this level of pain existed. brian stiller is going to be joining us an hour from now. he knows that the families are feeling so much pain. he is going to do something that his organization does from time to time to try to ease their
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pain. and he will join us live. you will see the exclusive announcement right here on "fox & friends." >> ainsley: see this on the news. it so sorry for that family. i don't know them. i'm so sorry for what they are going through. people fear this could happen to your family. most of these big cities are getting so corrupt and so progressive and they are calling to defund and not -- they took a billion dollars out of the police budget here in new york. and then they expected crime to go away? >> brian: 500 retired or quit the nypd in new york. and very few, i imagine have any regrets. coming up straight ahead. the white house dismissing fears of a recession? >> will i don't think recession is inevitable. >> not is only a recession inevitable. >> a recession not inevitable. >> steve: new reality point. will former clinton and obama official he is not so sure they are right. >> the summer travel season is
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taking off and so are the headaches over all the dras and cancellations. not to mention the expensive prices to fly now. how many flights have already been grounded this morning? we will tell you. >> brian: thanks, mayor pete. ♪ ♪ (man) [whispering] what's going on? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could save money by doing nothing. just be claim-free on your home insurance for three years. (man) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (dad) bravo! (mom) that's our son! (burke) we should. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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mcallen, texas for remote hearing on infrastructure. congresswoman. >> kat: cammack blaming him calling him the trafficker in chief. >> airports across the country this holiday weekend as they travel for father's day and do celebrations and things are not getting better today. airlines more than # 700 delays and almost 1500 cancellations already this morning. we have some tips to make your next trip to the airport that much easier, including a list of your rights as a passenger that's all coming up later in the show. at the u.s. open matt fitzpatrick wins first major stunning performance in brook line, massachusetts. fitzpatrick securing the title after hitting the shot of his life out of the fairway bunker on the 18th hole. he holds off will del torres who needed to make this buddy putt to force a playoff. coming up short again after
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losing the championship playoffs last month. grayson murray going viral for o$1 billion mark at the box office. actor tom cruise's biggest domestic hit with 473 million in u.s. ticket sales in just under three weeks. meanwhile disney's light year lands in second place. toy story spin off missing expectations with just a $512 million debut. dominion dominating father's day weekend finishing at number one with a $58 million haul. i got say i saw jurassic world and maverick. do not see jury was stick world after maverick. it doesn't do it fair justice. >> steve: were you at the drive-in or double header? >> i wish it was a double header
3:20 am
we had to break too long. >> ainsley: saw one on saturday and one on sunday? >> ashley: yes. >> steve: thank you for the movie reviews. >> brian: part of the buzz lightyear isn't good tim didn't allen get cut from it. >> steve: they say that's not the case but there are a lot of people in his camp it is because of his politics that he was not included. >> brian: how could you not include him? he is fantastic in it. as good as tom hanks? >> ainsley: is he great. >> steve: producer said that tim allen was buzz lightyear the toy. and this is the story about the person behind it. >> ainsley: might not as done as well on first opening weekend maybe because of that it will do well. >> brian: it is important for us to remember if this is in fact true if they ask to us voice an action figure, don't. because when they become real, we will be cut out of it. that's an important note. >> steve: if they ask, i'm doing it. >> ainsley: larry the cable guy is one of the cars movie.
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>> steve: get him on the horn. meanwhile, let's talk about something that you feel every time you do anything and that is inflation. last week it was very telling -- last week joe biden did an interview. he sat down with the associated press. they talked for a half hour. he hadn't talked to a reporter one ohm one since february 10th. >> brian: joe being joe. >> steve: america is in a bad mood with inflation, baby formula and gas. it's all caused by coronavirus what he is said. then he said something that had a lot of people scratching their heads. he said that the predictions of a recession, the president said not inevitable. well, if the boss is going to say it's not inadmissible. inevitable everybody else needs do the same. >> said his goal is to bring inflation down while maintaining a strong labor market.
3:22 am
that's going to take skill and luck but i believe it's possible. i don't think a recession is inevitable. >> not only is a recession not inevitable but what as policy makers can do to take steps to build on our unique streckets strengths in the american economy and try to get to that stable and steady growth that we all want to get to as quickly as possible. >> inflation obviously is happening globally a recession is not inevitable. the president really wants to have a steady and stable recovery. but, of course, one of the biggest piece of these inflationary increases we are seeing is the price of fuel. >> ainsley: well, that's their message, that's their talking point. >> steve: it's not inevitable. >> ainsley: the "wall street journal" says a recession is probable. putting it 44% in the next 12 months and that's what americans fear. economists are saying save your money because prices might continue to go up. >> brian: 44% of economists and 60% of ceos expect a recession to' ha. in case you are wondering how
3:23 am
you feel on average, you are spending an extra $350 a month on various things. if you are looking for a mortgage, a short time ago it was 3%. it is now at 6%. people say well, i'm so glad the fed is raising rates to control inflation. the bad part is you obviously are not going for a home or any type of financing from a bank. and if they say despite the inflation, we are spending, this is the good news, we are still spending at the same rate that we were. so, evidently, the stimulus money has piled up in a lot of accounts, but that is going to begin to recede most people say because they are going to realize the stimulus is not coming. we will see what this president wants to do. and a scary thing is happening. joe manchin dealing with chuck schumer to put out a -- an increase in taxes. a mini build back better. these geniuses think this is the perfect time to raise taxes on the most productive people in our country and they think they
3:24 am
are indeed the problem and they are going to have a whole bunch of socialist spending put into the mix. how crazy is that? >> steve: well, you know, we heard a year ago whether there were worries about inflation. we heard joe biden say i've got 40 nobel prize winning economists they say it's just transitory. it's just temporary. then you have janet yellen saying in the last week or so you know what? i really blew it i had who idea this was going to happen. why should we listen to them. let's listen to somebody like larry summers summers from the biden-obama administration recession yeah probably coming. here is he on nbc. >> if you look at the simple fact that what drives inflation is supply and demand, supply doesn't change that fast, so mostly what you need to do is to truce inflation is reduce demand. and that is a very hard process to control.
3:25 am
and so, it usually leads to recession. all of that tells me that while i wouldn't presume to be able to judge the timing, the dominant probability would be that by the end of next year we would be seeing a recession in the american economy. >> ainsley: think about summer months. up here in new york, the public schools are still in session. and they will be in school, some schools for the next two weeks. and then it's summertime. summertime all across the country. what do you do in the summer? you drive a lot so gas prices are going up record high. you travel. you might take an airplane to go on a trip. a family vacation. >> brian: spend on average three hours delays. >> ainsley: delays and tricketsd expensive. what else do you do? cook out a lot. that's what the new york highlight points out. >> steve: iowa state fair back in the day. the "new york post" looked at a
3:26 am
tweet in hindsight now is kind of funny, it was a year ago the administration pointed out biden economic plan is working. something we can all chilly rel. cookout 16 cents cheaper. when you look at the numbers now. that's ridiculous. because the cost of everything is up through the roof. biden inflation will cost americans 17% more for summer barbecues. you look at the price of holocaust dogs. they are up 37% year over year. >> brian: this is why i had these stats yesterday when i was charging for my barbecue i increase rates. i didn't have the numbers behind me now. suddenly my family. >> ainsley: did you cook out for father's day? >> brian: sure but i charge. i don't want to lose money. >> steve: you still do that cash bar in the back? >> brian: i take venmo how. >> ainsley: cheese up 7%. beef up 17%.
3:27 am
hot dogs 37%. soda up 17%. and ice cream up 14%. >> brian: i will add something else over the weekend that popped up. everyone kept talking about oil and gas. everyone in the administration talking about oil and gas. janet yellen said it's just about time to switch to renewables. when are they going it understand reniewnels are not close to taking over. not as if we have renewables in our shed and we have to take off bubble wrap. we are not ready to make that transition. in germany they are so not ready nobody wants to use solar panels or windmills they are firing up coal plants raush is not sending in natural gas. the plant are not ready. >> steve: they want everybody to buy an electric car that costs more than the average americans in a year. >> brian: where are they? >> steve: they are making them. >> ainsley: get on the list, brian. you will get it in two years. >> steve: one other thing
3:28 am
regarding food and barbecue. the put out by producers. the prices of a package have gone up but at the same time shrinkflation has decreased the amount of stuff from. rather than just buying one packet, you have got to buy two packets to get the same stuff the price is just going through the. >> brian: now i don't trust anything. >> ainsley: open up potato chip bag half air now it's three-fourths. >> steve: nobody can eat just one and now there is just one. >> ainsley: potato chips up 14%. >> brian: what about celery? should we switch to celery? as annoying as it is to hear people eat it. >> steve: god to have it with a bloody mary. >> ainsley: what about popcorn? >> >> brian: makes me want to watch netflix.
3:29 am
>> ainsley: why one at a time and whole handful in your mouth and shove it in your mouth. >> steve: this is why brian drinks smoothies no slurping. >> ainsley: knock out your teeth you don't need them. steve: incredible survival story after that beautiful yacht went up in flames. >> ainsley: gosh, that looks pretty. as crime crockets in the city. in their city. some in philadelphia taking their own safety into their own hands. the organization helping women defend themselves in the city of brotherly love. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [submarine rising out of water] minions are bitin' today. (sung) liberty. liberty. liberty. minions: the rise of gru, in theaters july 1st. ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ ♪ and party every day. ♪ ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ applebee's late night. because half off is just more fun.
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>> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> ashley: parts of yellowstone national park will be ready to open on wednesday. the disaster being devastated by flooding. the park is instituting a limited entry system based on license plates. damaged roads and bridges forced the officials to close the park for an entire week. some are expected to stay closed through the end of the summer. experts say full repair could say take years and cost $1 billion. it was a fire on the water the coast guard saving three people after their 70-foot yacht went up in flames on saturday this was off the coast of new castle, new hampshire near the border with maine. state police say the three boaters and their two dogs jumped overboard. all three were treated at the hospital and are doing okay. so dogs are okay, too. crews tried saving the yacht but unsuccessful. officials say they are not going to try to recover the vessel from the ocean floor but they
3:34 am
will make an effort to retrieve the fuel tanks actor ben stiller war tore ukraine. trip to live after zifts poll land earlier this week. siller who is a u.n. ambassador said quote i'm here to learn stories and illustrate the human impact of war and amplify calls forever solidarity. anyone has the right to seek safety whoever, wherever whenever. transgender swimmer landmark vote by the governing body. the policy only permits swimmer whose transition before the age of 12 to compete in elite women's events this prevents u penn swimmer lia thomas to compete at the next level. she set multiple records on the television one swim team. all right, back tour you. >> ainsley: thank you so much. skyrocketing in philadelphia
3:35 am
this year as the city strays its its fossas onsalute of gun violence and robberies. one man arrested after a brutal attack on three women that were just walking down the street together in their 20's. he's now behind bars. here is his picture. but not before being accused of beating two more women up and sexually assaulting a third within just 24 hours after attacking those womennen the street. next guests are helping to take matters into their own hands to defend themselves in the city of brotherly love. good morning to bothof you. brenda, we are seeing more women like you get these permits. in fact, women are outpacing men 51% to 49%. and if you look at 2017 to 2020, the highest amount of applications for one of those years was about 12,000 applications. this past year, 2021, 71,000 applications for conceal carry.
3:36 am
wife is it important to you? >> for me, i mean, you know, there's more carjackings and murders going on in the city every day. and i feel like, you know, i need to protect myself when i go out. >> ainsley: terrence, i know you started this organization, it's called terry's angels. and you are helping -- is it just women to learn how to use a gun? >> no. it's not necessarily just women. it's anyone that wants to learn the proper functioning of firearms. using them safely ands you know, to do the right thing. >> ainsley: i know you are a former police firearms instructor. are you seeing more people sign up to train with you? >> yeah. my registration has gone through the roof. for the past few years. noticeable increase this year. where the vast majority of the
3:37 am
people that want to learn are females. >> ainsley: do they tell you why they are signing up? >> well, unfortunately, people are scared. when you have crime that goes unchecked. you have a police department that is an incredible one but stretched up credibly thin. they can't be everywhere at every time. people are scared and they want to learn how to protect themselves. >> ainsley: brenda in the class i'm sure you talk to other student. what do you say to women like me. i have a small child. i would love to be able to protect myself. i'm nervous about getting a gun because of my child. what do you say to a mom like that? >> absolutely. the first step, i took lessons before i ever owned my own gun because we had guns in the household. and i wanted to learn how to properly handle a gun before i ever even shot it. and so we did several hours of classroom time before we went
3:38 am
down to the range to shoot. so, yes, do i think it's important, but i also think that the gun safety and learning how to handle your gun is the most important because there's no more dangerous of a person than somebody that has a gun that doesn't even know how to shoot it. >> ainsley: terry, are you seeing a lot of other women like me that would be nervous about it yet you don't want to be in that situation where someone harms you or your child? >> absolutely. part of thing that you want to be able to teach people is a mindset, trying to put them at ease. you don't want to intimidate them. you want to be a able to teach them the proper way. and i think the way that i go about my business with teaching most of the women. i think i have a tendency to make them feel comfortable and build confidence in them. >> ainsley: okay. is it easy to get a permit? i know it's hard in new york city. is it easy there. >> in the city of philadelphia,
3:39 am
as long as you don't have -- as long as you don't meet criterias of prior arrests and things of that nature. you should be able to get a permit to carry fairly simple. >> ainsley: i hate to see what's happening to your city because it's happening here, too. and a lot of americans are feel that way. thank you so much, terry. thanks for coming on. stay safe. >> thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. still ahead unvaccinated athletes can't compete in the special olympics. find out which state is welcoming them to put their talents on display. just nine months after suburban -- serbian royals asked hunter biden for help to restoring palaces. then president biden visited the country. would what we know about his royal request next. ♪ ♪
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3:44 am
>> brian: another report raising eye would yous. according to the "new york post" and miranda devine's book laptop from hell. when they needed cash to fix up palaces they helped hunter biden to help them out. nine months later then president biden visited the country. karol markowicz joins us now. when in trouble call hunter. >> hi, brian. >> can you believe. this i can believe this. what's shocking to me is that this doesn't get more play across our media outlets. the same media that spent years saying that donald trump was compromised by russia ignores government. vice president's son laptop. and this is, you know, been going on for awhile. the in when the laptop first hit the "new york times" and the hess said they weren't sure it was real. now they are sure and they are still not covering any of the stories out of it. >> brian: slow roll out of the
3:45 am
book in a way. this from the crowned prince. this whole article goes through how the crowned prince went back into power but the palace was a mess. needed to fix it up. couldn't get the money. go to extenuating circumstances. here's a quote: we were having problems with the state budget royal compound hoping that hunter might be able to help us with his father to solve the problem cases in point joe comes over and now i think we need to find out how the palace looks. >> that's absolutely right. also the american people are owed to find out what did hunter get for this? he was promised opportunities in serbia in return for talking to the serbian government on behalf of the serbian royals. this is internal serbia story that our then vice president's son got involved in to help out, you know, what was he given for this? >> well, the american people really do deserve to know what our he effected will officials kids are getting on behalf of lobbing foreign governments.
3:46 am
>> brian: on some level president obama must be reading this going what was this guy doing? going to mexico on these meetings? romania, what was he actually doing in the ukraine other countries, the last time we saw the spot chinese fund and now we see what happened afterwards. i think on some level, i think hunter biden almost wants this to come out. >> i they was probably thinking get this out and let me get past this i think for the rest of us, i think we need to get the rest of the information. this can't be things that we pick apart on his laptop. we need to hear wanted what. what was the rest of this story? >> brian: karol, the fbi has had this laptop and they have been investigating. >> yes. >> brian: they say on tax violations because he had millions of dollars but very little in the bank. the math doesn't seem to add up. wouldn't this show you a wider investigation or have something where you have got to take
3:47 am
quicker action. >> i think meranda divine wrote about some of this in her book. there is so much there that is absolutely either illegal or bordering on illegal. there is just, you know, things that the vice president's son was involved in and now he is the president and president biden refers to hunter arrests the smartest man he has ever met. i want to know what the smartest man has ever been up to. i think the american people deserve to know this. this isn't a campaign scandal anymore. this isn't something happening. this isn't october surprise. this is 2022. this man is president. what his son up to is absolutely a legitimate question. >> brian: now he has a sugar daddy putting him up in a beautiful mansion in malibu while he walks around and drinks lattes all day? what is that about? >> well he is selling his amazing art. >> brian: that's right. my bad. i forgot. he is an artist. karol, thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: back in new york just for today though. the white house insisting
3:48 am
president biden is planning to run in 2024. while why some members of his party isn't ready to support the re-election ticket yet from. food to fuel driving up costs to run a food truck. hear from a chef weekly costs for gas has doubled to $200 and of course he has got to up the price of food.
3:49 am
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the insurance company getenwasn't fair.ity y cablele. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. llll theararnes rmrm now the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ steve high gas prices going higher businesses hit the road for income are doubling their operating costs. our next guest is a food truck chef who now says they are
3:53 am
spending $2,000 on gas every month on top of all those rising food prices. joining us rights now is hector, chef at zsbuddies. it's 2:00 in the morning. hector, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> with a regular restaurant, they don't have the additional cost of gas because the restaurant doesn't move. yours does. what has happened with your prices regarding what you charge and what things cost in the last couple of months. >> well, we [inaudible] we got mobile restaurant like i will
3:54 am
say. >> steve: not too long ago when you would buy chicken it would be at the food depot. the chicken might be 1.25 a pound. now how much do you pay? >> well, now we pay more than $5 for a pound. >> steve: unbelievable. so between the price of the food and the price of the gas but you are trying to keep the prices the same as you have always charged. are you making the portions smaller? how are you able to still operate and stay in business? >> well, i will say we serve the same amount as when we start. we don't raise the prices. we don't make that much profit at the moment. but i hope the gas price and food price goes down next year and we can make a little more profit. >> steve: sure. it's -- have you thought about your costs, you know, in a truck with gas versus like a bring and
3:55 am
mortar restaurant? would you ever do that given the fact that you don't have to worry about gas for a restaurant? >> well, i will say not at the moment but we trying to have [inaudible] >> steve: sure. the average cost for a gallon of gasoline in california is $6.39 a gallon. that vehicle behind you. >> that's correct. >> steve: your food truck. what kind of gas mileage do you get with that? >> well, to be honest, i never paid attention. like i will say he -- >> steve: i understand you are not worried about gas mileage. you are worried about the total cost of things. hector, going forward with they are predicting we could have a
3:56 am
recession, prices are just out of control, how do you keep sunny disposition and are able to get up and do it every day because the costs are killing you. >> well, we are trying to make whatever we can for the people out there, you know. maybe will something different and that's why we are trying to have the same prices and have everyone happy. >> steve: right. well the prices are going through the roof and you are trying to keep your prices the same. hector, thank you for joining us from california today. >> have a wonderful day, thank you. >> steve: you too. coming up, the group who brought barrett house planning another protest for tomorrow.
3:57 am
3:58 am
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>> the day you get your clearchoice dental implants makes every day... a "let's dig in" day... >> mm. >> ...a "chow down" day... a "take a big bite" day... a "perfectly delicious" day... >> mm. [ chuckles ] >> ...a "love my new teeth" day. because your clearchoice day is the day everything is back on the menu.
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a clearchoice day changes every day. schedule a free consultation. griff shot and killed as chaos erupts in the streets of washington, d.c. sending three others, including a police officer to the hospital. >> i don't think i would come out for nothing else here. >> president biden says he still thinks the country could skirt a recession. >> administration officials were out in force over the weekend to try to drive that message home. >> a recession is not inevitable. >> i don't think a recession at all is inevitable. >> this is failed leadership, bad politics a result of bad
4:01 am
policies from the white house. >> extremely frustrating. >> from coast to coast travelers are facing delayed on canceled flights. >> pete buttigieg wants airlines to stress test their summer schedules. >> we have an airline problem in this country. time for a wake-up call. [cheers] >> and matthew fitzpatrick is a champion again ♪ just another manic monday ♪ that's my fun day ♪ i don't have to run day. >> brian: a lot of women dance. remember the go-go's were first. the bang gels came in after that. we will discuss more of that later in the hour augusta order. masters and the masters in brook line, massachusetts yesterday. culminated with -- very nice.
4:02 am
>> steve: matt fitzpatrick won. and if you noticed the images of his daddy. his caddie seems to be filled with emotion. his name is billy foster. his caddie. >> he has been a caddie for 40 years and he never won as a caddie to a pro-until yesterday. >> ainsley: good for him. murray lost his temper a little bit. threw his putter, broke his putter. >> brian: unlike most people who do that can he afford another. in tennis they fine you for that i wonder if they will fine him for doing that. >> ainsley: i don't know. it is a gentleman's game. >> brian: can't win the tournament and want publicity break something. one thing kids can learn. >> steve: showing this image, not a good role model regarding equipment usage just saying. >> ainsley: brook line is beautiful outside of boston, great place. >> steve: thank you for joining us on this federal holiday
4:03 am
juneteenth. top white house officials spent their sundays trying to down play recession fears and calm the american public. >> brian: how did that go. the defense of the biden economy comes as experts and ceos inflation and high gas prices. >> ainsley: peter doocy joins us from the white house right after father's day. good morning,. >> peter: peter with good morning. we know they visited behind doors closed meeting help with new messaging about the economy. now seeing new talking points in action. >> i don't think a rerecession is at all inevitable. >> a recession no not inevitable,. >> not only is a recession not inevitable what we as policy makers can do to build steps obuild on our unique strength in the american economy and try to get though that stable and steady growth that we all want to get to as quickly as possible. >> steve: it is possible if not
4:04 am
probable according to a former director for the national economic council for president obama. >> what you need to do to reduce inflation is to reduce demand and that is a very hard process to control. and so it usually leads to recession. the dominant probability would be that by the end of next year we would be reago recession in the american economy. >> pete: higher prices touch everyone people trying to barbecue in the backyard. for example, compared to this time last year pork up 13%. chicken up 17, olives, pickles, relishes up 11.9%. spices, seasonings, condiments and sauces up 10. bread up 11. cheese up 8. potatoes up 8.6. remember, less than a year ago. officials here at the white house were celebrating that the cost of a barbecue for a family
4:05 am
of 4 was down all of 16 cents for everything. but times change. back to you. >> steve: indeed. peter, i know see they have turned the sprinklers on trying to shhh you away from the frontline. i showed my special father's day gift from you. explain how you wound up with a white house chef coat for your far. >> peter: i think we know people at the white house. i could have gotten you a golf shirt but you like being in the kitchen than the golf course. >> ainsley: how did you get it? they actually sell these? >> it is possible to get it over at the eeob. they had it on display. and so that seemed like it was perfect. >> ainsley: it was a great gift. what was your reaction. >> steve: i loved it.
4:06 am
>> brian: does it button like a double breasted suit? >> steve: you paid retail for this. not like the guy is reporting to the kitchen this morning and going to be missing a jacket? >> peter: no, that's right. >> ainsley: what did you all do for father's day? was that in new jersey? >> steve: it was in new jersey. we had great time. all the kids came. >> brian: wear the pants? you have to put. >> steve: i brought my own pants. >> brian: have to bring your own pants. >> ainsley: peter, quickly message for father's day what do you love about him. >> me and my sisters love dad. he has done a lot over the course of our lives to make sure we are set up for success so, happy father's day. >> peter: thank you, peter. >> ainsley: you have done great job. what would we do without peter? everyone i go across the country earn tells me is he doing a fabulous job. keep asking tough questions. >> steve: go and find everybody and tell them that i will. [laughter]
4:07 am
>> peter: all right, period, thank you very much. >> ainsley: that was sweet. >> steve: i know. >> ainsley: did the girls come too. >> steve: they did. mary got me workout clothes and sally and alli got me a special gift as well. we will be sharing some of brian and ainsley's father's day photos coming up about an hour from now. >> brian: does it hurt that he looked at your golf game and cooking game and chose your cooking game? >> steve: can he beat me at golf but he wants me to cook for him. really i don't cook for him. his mother cooks for him. she is always in the kitchen. >> ainsley: tough day for you when you realized he grew taller than you. >> steve: is he only half a foot taller. only 6 inches taller. >> brian: you feel the pinch of inflation that's my best transition i actually want to call it a day. you can't put that into the prompter. if you are an american and asked a question are you optimistic or
4:08 am
pessimistic about economy. 3 #% are optimistic. 60% are pessimistic. matter that matters minnesota 80%. utility cost. wherever you go. whether in a recession or not a recession. >> >> ainsley: "new york post" has a story about how it's going to cost you more to barbecue this summer. we all like to drive in the summer. take a vacation. everything suspect. gas prices are up. it. >> brian: if your plane arrived. >> ainsley: some delays and cancellations we have experienced. >> steve: cancellations that kill you. fail to the chef. >> ainsley: instead of hail to the chief. barbecue going up 17%. buns up. lettuce up. tomatoes 1%. hot dogs 37%.
4:09 am
beef suspect 17%. sodas up 17%. ice cream up 14%. and cheese up 7. >> steve: so, you know, the prices are killing us right now. dagen mcdowell was on yesterday on the channel with mark levin last night and talked about this administration is using these -- what's going on i dynamically for a reason. she brought back jimmy carter as well. watcher. this jimmy carter started using deregulation toward the end of his term. knowing what a hardship inflation was like deregulating the price of airline tickets. this administration is so entrenched and so driven or strangled by their own left wing
4:10 am
in the i'dcology that they can't even let go of that they can't give one inch to alleviate the pain that all americans are feeling. that's how -- that's the world of insanity. cohorts live. in. >> brian: thing that's most aggravating he keeps on, i think on some level seville phiing oil and gas at the same time is he responsible for the fact that oil and gas is so expensive. inflation is a global phenomenon. i understand that. but almost every western power has higher inflation outside the u.k. than us. then you look back at oil and gas and vilifying the people. pointing a finger at them. saying that they are the issue why you are paying over $5 for gas, while you are heating your home or using ac is costing more. when he knows he has everything to do with that and on some level he is grinning because he thinks we are ready to make the transition to renewables.
4:11 am
if you look at europe and if you look at everything that we have done since the paris climate deal, everything is more expensive because we are going to this renewable energy and we are not ready for it. it is not effective. it is not efficient. >> steve: it is not. that's one of the reasons why wyoming senator john barrasso was on the radio over the weekend and he was talking about how the administration because gas is so expensive. they are using this time not to drill more, here in this country but to get to you buy, brian to your point, renewable energy cars. electric cars and stuff like that. senator ba has so he said, quote: the whole deal with electric cars is a smug peer or superiority. with elites. if you can't afford it tough says the senator. >> ainsley: so deliberate. day one signed executive orders that changed our way of life that made gas go up. >> steve: never let a crisis go
4:12 am
to waste and the crisis was covid. >> ainsley: can't afford electric cars. if you can't afford one you can't get it two year waiting list. >> brian: want to take that lightning can't take any more reservations at ford lightning. elite ford truck. i understand it maybe you want a volt. you can't get the parts. they can't get replacement batteries for it and when you go to throw these batteries out. there is no place to put them. there is no place to store the lithium or effectively sanitize this lithium in order to bury it or the find a way to get rid of it, because it is poisonous and it goes into these landfills and it's a huge issue. so it's not like you are walking by the electric car and insisting in a stubborn fashion of buying the gas car. the electric cars aren't ready for affordable or ready in mass distribution. it's against our national interest to switch to electric until we can find a way to bring back the rare earth quantities that we need to make these
4:13 am
batteries. if not we are going to be depending on china. >> steve: it's not just the electric vehicles. peter actually, when he was up in new jersey bought a new car from the car guy. todd told us that because of the chip shortage is still a real thing. i'm not going to use the name of the car manufacturer, but they do not put heated front seats in the cars because they cannot get enough chips to heat the seats there are hundreds or thousands of chips in a vehicle we still are not back up to speed with that. >> brian: mayor pete is on it. >> ainsley: there will be protests this week. we are still expecting the decision to come down from the supreme court. >> steve: could be tomorrow. >> ainsley: could be thursday. they have 18 more cases they are ruling on. we don't know when they are going to break. some are suspecting they might send down this ruling right
4:14 am
before fourth of july so people will be home and will be spending time on vacation and they can leave town. we will have to see. over the weekend you had protesters with gruesome outfits on. they were protesting in front of amy coney barrett's house and you can see some of the video. these are high schoolers. called rise up for abortion rights. many of them are high schoolers. part of this pro-choice group of high schoolers and they are planning a rally at the supreme court tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and after this protest this weekend. >> steve: that's right. they put out a tweet yesterday. overturn roe, hell no. it's not enough to be pro-choice. we must wage visible, disruptive masked nonviolent resistance to stop the overturning of roe v. wade. they are counting on our silence. don't give it to them. the whole world is watching. rally at the supreme court of the united states tuesday at 9:00 in the morning. what's interesting about this, clearly you know, they are talking -- they are trying to send the message to the justices
4:15 am
who live in these houses hey, we are not going to stand for you overturning roe v. wade. that is exactly why the federal statute was written where you cannot do what they are doing. yet, the biden administration is allowing these protests in front of the justice's home. why is that? senator mike lee of utah feels he knows why. here he is on "fox news sunday." >> the justice department has turned a blind eye to blatant violations of 18 usc section 150 #. the provision that prohibits people from showing up at the home of a supreme court justice to protest. and by not condemning those, by not prosecuting them, the biden administration is propelling this and legitimizing the attacks. >> ainsley: deliberate aattempt to demonize these justices. meanwhile this man shows up at kavanaugh's house ready to assassinate him with gun ninks zip ties and tools.
4:16 am
president biden never condemns him, then have you groups throughout protesting just a few hours after that happened in front of his house again jane's reventricle calling for escalating violence open season on pro-life centers. under attack. either pro-life centers or healthcare centers or churches. tom cotton is calling for the a.g. to step down now. >> brian: won't happen but he is always ahead of the curve. i will bring this up. interesting story with in politico today about john roberts trying to craft some type of compromise on the repeal of roe v. wade through the dobbs decision. he said whatever it is and they speculate. they have one more conservative diswrowrve sign off on it that's what he would need. he is try to craft a compromise. i don't know if he is obviously supposed to be bailiffous what is going on politically but how can you be? steve: remember, the leaked version that came out months ago
4:17 am
made it very clear that they were going to overturn it. if they don't overturn it, that is just going to unleash -- every time a controversial decision is going to be made by the supreme court, people are going to show up at their houses. >> so if they cave and do that that's just -- this is just a preview of coming attractions. ains ages you are right. hand it over to ashley who has headlines. >> ashley: unfortunately we are going to start with this. america's crime crisis. a 21-year-old man is dead and 8 others hurt in new york city, overnight. the nypd says it recovered a firearm from a scene in harlem a 15-year-old boy is killed in a shooting at unpermitted juneteenth event in our nation's capital at least three including a police officer was hurt. a major wildfire doubling in size on sunday. the fire burning in the warden state forest is now over 2800 acres wide and 21%
4:18 am
contained. no injuries reported but unclear what exactly sparked that fire. the cdc director dr. rochelle walensky officially signing off on covid vaccine for babies as young as six months old. the vaccine rollout is set to begin this week and unclear how strong the demand will be. >> the federal government is making 10 million doses available. even though nearly 20 million children will be eligible. stats show 442 children ages 4 and under have died in the u.s. from covid-19 since the start of the pandemic. now to the college world series where oklahoma blake robertson made a crazy catch yesterday. check this out. he sacrificed his body and flipped over the dugout to snag the foul pop-up. that incredible play coming during a matchup with notre dame in the second round. the sooners going to be win that game. the fighting irish now play texas a&m in an elimination game tomorrow. oklahoma plays the winner of that matchup on wednesday.
4:19 am
those are your headlines, and by the way steve was reacting pretty crazy. >> steve: is he waking one a great big black and blue mark. >> ainsley: he landed on the concrete. >> he caught the ball. >> steve: he did indeed, out. thanks, ashley. >> ashley: no problem. >> brian: two families reeling after a career criminal ambushes and kills two members of a california police department our friend tunnel 2 towers ceo frank stiller makes special announcement in a matter of moments.
4:20 am
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4:23 am
with no line activation fees or term contracts... saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> how many more lives do we have to lose before something will be done this guy should not be out there. >> gascon should be recalled
4:24 am
immediately. he has destroyed some lives and he has completely destroyed ours. he has left children without fathers. mothers destroyed. wives destroyed. they are never coming back. [crying] >> they are never coming back. and i blame it all on gascon. >> ainsley: can you imagine never seeing your child again? those heart broken parents of a slain california police officer blaming los angeles d.a. george gascon's soft on crime policies for putting their son's killer back out on the streets. el monte officer joseph santana and corporal michael paredes was fatally shot career felon prior weapon vials. officer santana leaves behind wife, daughter and twin boys. corporal paredes leaves behind his wife, 16-year-old daughter
4:25 am
and 14-year-old son. here now with a message to the families of tunnel to tower ceo frank siller. thanks for coming on. i know you talked to both families just to tell them you are so sorry and you want to help them. what are you going to do? >> well, first of all, i think all of america realizes this is going on. it's insane how these sick people are put back on to our streets and destroying families. in this case two officers who protect us every single day and gave up their lives for us. tunnel 2 towers you know we take care of the families left behind when somebody dies in the line of duty. i spoke to both families. and let them know that tunnel 2 towers make sure they never have to worry about the home. we will pay off their mortgage. we do this over 200 times last year. you know how many police officers and firefighters that die in the line of duty. it's just very sad. >> ainsley: i hate these stories
4:26 am
exist but i'm glad your organization exists to help these families. what were the family's reactions when you called them? >> they are overcome with emotion. it's such an emotional time anyway. i like to talk to them right after it happens. they lose their loved one. because, it's a fear of theirs how am i going to stay in the house, you know, and take care of the kids that they both were taken care of up until the time that the officers gave theirs lives. >> ainsley: and the emotions of lose aring their spouse. >> everything. the practical side dossett. in we learned over the years at the foundation, tunnel to towers foundation the sooner i speak to them and let them know, first of all, we care, we love them. we are praying for them and that there is people out there that really want to help them. our foundation brings americans together feel go to and donate $11 a month. a way to do something for these families. we don't ask families to do a lot. $11 a month and take care of these families.
4:27 am
count on it to make these phone calls and say look we are going to take care of your mortgages. >> ainsley: "fox & friends first" interviewed officer santana's parents and it was so emotional. you saw that at the top of the intro of the moms saying i will never see my child again. you are a parent. the idea of never seeing your child again is something a parent should never have to go through. you talked corporal paredes' widow they were high school sweet hearts. >> high school sweet hearts. it's a love story. she was telling me all about him. my heart was breaking. it's just so sad. it's just so unnecessary. you know, i understand everyone wants to change gun laws and all that kind of stuff. how about take the bad people off the streets and keep them off the streets and we could save a lot of lives that way alone. so, we have a lot of work for us to do here in america. but we better take care of these families and all the families that make this big sacrifice.
4:28 am
>> ainsley: these d.a.s need to listen to these stories. the santanas said he leaves behind twin boys. only 2 years old. she said 9-year-old daughter will remember daddy. the twins will probably never remember anything about their father without stories from their widow. from their mom. >> will get that stories. my own brother left behind five kids when he gave his life on 9/11. the youngest was 9 months old. 2-year-old. a 4-year-old. a 5-year-old. and a 10-year-old. and, of course, the 10-year-old most certainly remembers the most stories. it's sad. yesterday father's day. these kids without their father. it was so unnecessary. it really piss me off. make sure we are there for the families left behind. americans can join us on mission to take care of great families.
4:29 am
>> ainsley: get a message on your phone that said you just donated $11 this month. $11 is nothing. that's one or two starbucks coffees. try to do that if you can so we can at least honor these families that have lost our heroes. thank you so much for what you do. >> thank you, ainsley. >> ainsley: you are welcome. >> god bless you. >> ainsley: corporal michael santana and paredes were shot and killed in the line of duty last tuesday. our prayers with their families and these handsome young men rest in peace. each lasting 4 hours or more you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start—with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you,
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finding the perfect designer isn't easy. but, at upwork, we found her. she's in austin between a dog named klaus and her favorite shade of green. it's actually salem clover. and you can find her right now on when the world is your workforce, finding the perfect project manager,
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designer, developer, or whomever you may need... tends to fall right into place. find top-rated talent who can start today on ♪ >> ashley: back with these headlines, a government lawyer from the philippines is shot and killed while riding in uber with his mother in philadelphia. john lalos's mom posting fishing pictures on facebook they were her last happy moments with him. unclear whether it was a targeted killing. police are scaling video to try to find the gunman. police in florida arrest until the cows come home. call haul in this guy on gun related charges.
4:34 am
suspect is wearing those utterly ridiculous pajamas. the county sheriff's office are now warning, quote: if you want to deal drugs in our county, you may want to consider moooving. and is arch manning falling in love with the longhorns, the five star recruit in austin this weekend for third official visit as he narrowed down his options. the quarterback is starting with the georgia bulldogs and courted by the alabama crimson tide. hall of famer peyton manning who was an all-american at tennessee and then of course former giant eli manning all-american at ole miss. usfl houston gamblers upset win. new orleans gets the last laugh heading to the playoffs next week with a 6-4 record. the breakers will taking on the one seed birmingham stallions saturday night and one seed new jersey generals taking on the two seed philadelphia stars.
4:35 am
that game kicks off at 3:00 p.m. eastern on fox. those are your headlines. brian over to you. >> brian: right go to birmingham over now to canton, ohio. so and then we will have the finals the week after. thanks so much, ashley. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. democrats are raking in the money. the dnc setting record highs for this point in the midterms with politico reporting more than $16 million fund raised last month while the left gains confidence in their funding the same can't be said about the president wondering if a good idea for biden would be to run again at all. let's bring in the author of the upcoming book "defeating big government socialism" form everywhere speaker of the house newt gingrich. why are they pouring in money what seems like a losing cause. are they desperate? >> they are not just desperate. remember from, their standpoint, all the issues that really matter doesn't matter what biden is doing. they are desperate to guarantee the right to have a tax paid
4:36 am
abortion on the last day of the birth. they're desperate to impose radical values and second and 3rd grade. they are desperate to keep the border open. i mean, this is a very issue oriented rather than personality oriented movement. and they look at the republican' potential victory and it scares them. the republicans are going to stand for less government. less inflation. controlling the border. locking up criminals, tragic story we just heard a few minutes ago. i think on the left, there is a sense of this could be the moment they really do start getting defeated as a force in america. >> brian: newt, i have never seen such cynicism. democrats are pouring money into they label extreme candidates on tickets whether it's for the governor's race or for senate races. hoping to get the most extreme candidate out of the primary to go against their maybe under achieving opponent on the left.
4:37 am
>> politics is a tough business. people are allowed to do anything they can to win. within the law. and, if you figure out that you can help nominate somebody it's easier to beat, that's, you know, that's your right. but it's very dangerous. because, in fact, in a lot of these cases, other than nominate people who they really deeply dislike but who are going to win. and they are going to govern based on their values not based on money from the democratic party. so i have a hunch that whether it's dr. oz winning in pennsylvania or j.d. vance winning in ohio, there are a hole number of places people poll police and against socialist big government are going to come out on top this fall. and the left sitting there thinking what happened? how can could this have happened? >> brian: mr. speaker i see atlantic magazine writes joe biden should not run again. the "new york post" last week donald trump should not run
4:38 am
again. do you think it's time for both party to pick a new leader? >> well, i think they are in a different position. every week that goes by, donald trump's presidency looks better. look at his inflation rate, look at the price of gasoline when trump was president. people find his personality too aggressive and at times too annoying. his policies certainly had turned america around. and in biden's case, he doesn't just fall off his bicycle, he takes the country him about. and you look at biden's inflation record which is worse than jimmy carter. look at biden's policy southern border. biden's allies releasing murderers. a lot of reasons why the country on policy grounds would favor trump over biden and the latest poll was like 6 or 8 points. >> they do. head to head trump win despite january 6th hearings that are going on right now. that only 9% of the public say
4:39 am
they are paying a lot of attention to. 9%. you know. >> remember, those aren't really hearings. those are stalinist show trials. they don't want to have a real hearing. >> brian: people realize it's an infomercial and they start tuning out and become partisan again. thanks, mr. speaker. look forward to your book. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> brian: 21 minutes before the top of the hour. new restrictions for transgender swimmers could prevent athletes like university of pennsylvania's lia thomas from competing. piers morgan weighs in on the fight for fairness and i didn't even know he liked swimming. thousands of flights already grounded by cancellations and delays this morning as summer travel season takes off. we are going to share the secret airline passenger rights that you should know about next. ♪ i just want to fly ♪ put your arms around me baby
4:40 am
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somebody. >> steve: cancellation chaos. more than 4,000 flights either delayed or canceled this holiday weekend as airlines struggle to keep up with the demand of summer travel. our next guest has the insider tricks and tips you need to stay protected when you are traveling sky high traveling expert mark murphy joins us right now. mark, can you please explain why every time there is a travel delay. i fly about every weekend. they will go, you know, there is weather in the new york city area. it's raining. and, yet, they are canceling all these things. they have been landing airplanes in rain for 50 years. what's going on? >> >> i think what happened was we went back over a decade we knew
4:45 am
a pilot shortage getting worse and worse and covid response and the airlines and government imposed these vaccines. a lotz of these pilots didn't want to take the vaccine because of risk of blood clots. that's risk you have from normally flying. these folks get reviewed physically every year up to an age and then it's every six months. so they have to be in great shape. so some just opted out and retired early. you have already have a shortage. you then exacerbate that by forcing vaccines. people say the heck with that i'm out retire early. saying please come back. beg egg employees to come back and some have just left the ranch. >> steve: n. a addition to that i had a pilot come on the intercom a couple of weeks ago okay, i have been flying for 25 years. i have never seen this before but apparently there are not enough air traffic controllers to guide us from where we were back to new york city. >> exactly. let's hit rewind vaccine mandates. air traffic controllers walk out. then they say we need you back.
4:46 am
they beg them to come back. now the vaccinated ones are kind of upset that the unvaccinated ones are coming back to work. you just have this mess that was created based on bad management. bad decisions. and now they are all backpedaling. but once you have already made that move and have you created that damage, people in many cases have moved on. they have to ramp up atc hiring. they have to get more lenient with the pilots and the shortage because that's going to continue and get exacerbated in years to come. this is not a quick fix. we will have more delays going into the summer. >> steve: speaking of ramp up i flew on united into newark not long ago. we finally landed. i think we were an hour or two late. then we sat on the runway or on the ramp for 45 minutes or an hour because they didn't have the guys with the flashlights to guide the plane. in so, you know, everybody needs to hire a whole bunch more people. meanwhile, there are some passenger rights if you have these problems.
4:47 am
>> yes, there are. >> steve: you are entitled to a refund for the ticket seat upgrades, checked bag gadgets if your flight is canceled. don't have to accept a ivanka trump. laws protect if you it's international flight. you also have tips regarding booking a flight. i think my best tip that our family follows is try to get the first flight out of the day. because they might not make the third or fourth flight and they certainly these days never have the last flight. go first thing in the morning. >> absolutely. i totally agree with that make sure if you can, book with a travel agent. if you do get delayed or canceled. can you turn to that person to find you a way to get to your final distinction. if you are doing something like a cruise, make sure did you go in a day or two early you get canceled and departing that day with a ship. that ship is leaving without you. and you are going to be sitting therein othe sidelines. so there is a lot of things you need to think about. and because of covid, because of all the rules and regulations and constantly change, makers no
4:48 am
sense in terms of just common sense. you really need an advocate for you and you need someone who really knows the business. i always tell people, look, i owned a media company. we covered the world of travel. i always tell people over the last three decades. call a travel agent. you might not think they're around but they are definitionly around. >> steve: good advice. i haven't heard that for a while. mark murphy who san expert who we just heard. thank you very much. happy landings. >> you are quite welcome. >> steve: florida governor ron desantis welcoming unvaccinated athletes banned from the special olympics to show off their talent in florida. rachel campos-duffy calls this a win for health freedom. rachel is coming up next. ♪ i can't get you out of my head ♪ boy it's more than
4:49 am
(♪ ♪) (♪ ♪)
4:50 am
from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss.
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but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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4:53 am
>> ainsley: phone is going to ron desantis giving children a second shot at competing in second olympics and in other states due to their covid-19 status. the sunshine state governor tweeting, "isabella --
4:54 am
>> athletes, beautiful athletes couldn't participate because their doctors said that they didn't recommend the vaccine because of their condition. some people didn't have the vaccine. again, this is a medical freedom issue. in florida, going to ron desantis a few days ago actually before the break started said in our state, we don't have a mandate. if you continue this mandate on the special olympics even though he was then chair of the special olympics, he told the special olympics board, we're going to put a $27 million fine on you. the special olympics to know what to do. they didn't have much time. they dropped their mandate in florida. ron desantis invited athletes who were barred in other states to come to florida to compete.
4:55 am
and, you know, it's right in line. ron desantis is extending the same medical freedom that he has had where the citizens of florida to those with special needs. i think it is amazing and again, as i mentioned, some people want to have the vaccine. other athletes, their doctors say, i don't think you should have the vaccine. >> ainsley: some of them have disabilities and the doctor said i don't recommend the vaccine for you. to cut them off and say you can't compete as an athlete, you know, it's ridiculous. florida lawmakers meant and they say, if you actually require everyone who participates in the special olympics to have a vaccine, we are going to slap you with a fine? >> yeah, and the total of the fine would have been $27 million. i think another interesting point, ainsley, there's a long history of forced medical procedures on people with special needs, especially those with intellectual disabilities. and so i think that by extending medical freedom to all athletes
4:56 am
to, the same freedom extended to all the citizen of florida, i think it's in the spirit of the special olympics which is organization that has done wonderful things for those with physical and intellectual disabilities. i think ron desantis is a champion, not just for floridians come about by those with special needs around the country. they absolutely deserve medical freedom as well. as you just reported earlier on, you know, nurses, pilots, all kinds of people are losing their jobs for a mandate that doesn't seem to stop the virus anyway. >> ainsley: ron desantis said most everyone has had covid already. i think this is why a lot of people are moving down to the state of florida. they like his policies. big hours were still ahead. we have piers morgan, nancy grace, and lawrence jones are all going to joining us live. he neighbor's house? it's sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! we've got cheeseburger sliders on king's hawaiian pretzel slider buns. sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! [crash] everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. especially now with king's hawaiian pretzel buns!
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listerine. feel the whoa! >> 15-year-old is shot and killed. chaos erupts in the streets of washington, d.c. he did and three others including a police officer to the hospital. >> i don't think i would come out -- >> president biden says he still thinks the country could start a recession. over the weekend, trying to drive that message home. >> recession is not inevitable. >> i don't think the recession is at all inevitable. >> failed leadership, bad politics and results of failed politics from the white house. >> air travelers are facing
5:01 am
delayed or canceled flights. >> pete buttigieg wants airlines to stress test their summer schedules. >> we have an airline problem in this country. time for a wake-up call. >> matthew fitzpatrick is the champion again. ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: what a beautiful shot. that is dallas, texas. at the top of the show, we were told it was fire island. it's not. this is dallas. 77 degrees they right now. it's going to be hot. tell your daughter.
5:02 am
>> brian: share deodorant. 5 minutes, take it on. >> ainsley: it is a father's responsibility. you have to tell her that. >> steve: welcome to our number three of "fox & friends." i hope you had a fantastic father's day. showing pictures throughout the morning. >> steve: taking the advice of our travel experts, she was on the first flight out this morning. >> ainsley: she stress test her travel plans. >> steve: every time you travel it is a stress test. >> brian: in our business, it's impossible to travel because you are supposed to arrive on time. your guests go to a travel agent. for the longest time, you don't really need them. do yourself. go back to the travel agent because you have somebody to call when all breaks loose. >> steve: when you look at the way the travel works now, i can tell you how many times my flights have been canceled and they say, okay.
5:03 am
i'm going to leave on a flight in an hour, supposed to. you can now leave on wednesday. i've got to come up with a plan. speech of the story will be over by wednesday. i need to catch my flight to cover this story. >> brian: that's fly private as a country. everyone get your own plane. >> steve: you start. >> brian: get the plane and we will use it. >> ainsley: ask aoc if you can use airplane. right, right. >> steve: thank you very much. hope you're enjoying the day today is a federal holiday. it is juneteenth. we start with a fox news alert. yesterday forced a run for cover in our nation's capital. >> brian: claiming the lives of a 15-year-old boy leaving a d.c. police officer and two others wounded. ask me to live in washington to tell us more about this developing story at 15-year-old boy. i know you told us in the first hour, as he was nine, calling out for his mother.
5:04 am
>> steve: the shooting took place and permitted juneteenth event yesterday here in washington, d.c. one eyewitness says he was right next to the police officer who were shot. ainsley, he also says he witnessed at 15-year-old boys final moments. watch. >> i was sitting next to a cop. next thing you know, shot rang out. he was shot in the leg and get moving. he went to the fire. he did not run away. he was screaming out for his mom. it's hurtful to hear that, man. nobody to help him. to see him go, it's, like, it bothers me. >> steve: at least three people including the police officer were injured in the chaos. no arrests have been made in connection with a shooting at. we are learning that more than 100 police officers were on the scene during the event. it is billed as an advocacy festival amplifying the culture of washington, d.c. mpd chief says the gun was
5:05 am
recovered and two files were broken up even before the shots rang out. >> mpd members shot the event down because it appeared that the event was unsafe. there were several people who were injured as a result of their legs or ankles being trampled as they tried to run from the area. when you have large gatherings in the dense area, all it takes is one person introducing a gun to the situation that makes it deadly. >> violent crime is up 12% produce a year in the district or homicides up 13% and robbery surging 33%. it's not just in d.c. in harlem. one shot and killed with eight others injured. in chicago, four people were killed, 32 injured and weekend of violence. brian, ainsley, and steve. >> steve: a moment of clarification. i remember on friday, they were closing questions of the national mall. i think he was having a big music concert or something like that. this is a very thin that. these are two separate events,
5:06 am
right? >> that's right for this was not the big event that was permitted and planned for. this was an unpermitted event that turned into an out of control party there in the popular 14th area where you know, steve, a lot of restaurants, a lot of people gather there. the officials saying they simply had a situation that got out of control with multiple fights breaking out. of course, shots ring out. they tried to crack it down. unfortunately, they did not do it soon enough, it appears. >> thank you very much for your lab report from our nation's capital. >> ainsley: climbing is. we saw two police officers were killed for they were responding to a 911 call. for families now speaking out. there was a vigil over the weekend in california at the el monte civic center. hundreds of attendants who celebrate their lives. the heartbroken community. two police officers killed. you other pictures.
5:07 am
they leave behind children. one of them had twin little baby boys aged 2. the grandmother said they will never know their data remember their dad. also, a 9-year-old little girl for the other one leaves behind a 16-year-old daughter and her 14-year-old son. >> brian: they get a call to go to this motel because there is a stabbing. the cops run in, they get shot and killed. they gang member, out on probation kills himself. just like that, you wonder, how does this guy get out. there was a domestic abuse charge for him anyway. the explanation they gave us last week was, well, he's a criminal. he said nonviolent criminal. part of this attitude in california, this los angeles in particular said he should probably be out until he gets to trial. and then they realize the domestic abuse seems to be violent. i looked it up. they said, we've got to wrangle this guy in butte by the time they wrangled it in, he already shot himself and killed two cops. here are the grieving parents.
5:08 am
>> how annoyed lives do we have to lose for something to be done? this guy should not be out there. >> the criminal that shot and killed my son and michael should have been locked up? they both would have been here today. or need to be recalled immediately. he is destroyed so many five is pretty is completely destroyed hours. we are just completely devastated. he has left children without fathers. mothers destroyed. lives destroyed. they are never coming back. they are never coming back. and i blame it on -- >> you could understand that. her son along with his partner
5:09 am
killed in the line of duty. >> ainsley: you could understand her realization. oh, my gosh, he's never coming back. >> steve: it is so raw, it happened this week. she's absolutely right. never should have happened, because had george cast on follow the law of california whe three strikes law as many state, this guy had a strike on his record. but instead, he allowed a plea deal on a weapons charge. a weapons charge is one strike. that's not how we are operating. there's a new sheriff in town. now, two officers are dead. they leave behind grieving families. it is a terrible story. >> ainsley: their real consequences consequences to these das decisions. >> steve: absolutely. they leave behind these families. frank was on with ainsley about an hour ago. during this week of terrible news, he tried to lessen their load a little bit. watch what frank does.
5:10 am
for these two fallen officers families. >> i think all of america realizes that this is going on. it is just insane how these sick people are put back onto our streets and destroying families. in this case, two of our officers who protect us every single day and gave up their lives for us. yesterday, father's day, these kids are without their father. it was so unnecessary. it really takes me off. >> what did he do, ainsley? >> ainsley: he has decided, he called both of the families and said he will never ever make another mortgage payment as long as you live. we are paying off your home. you come america, you are paying off the home if you're one of the wonderful people that are donating $11 per month to tunneled the towers. and he says -- i said, do you see an increase after we do segments with you? he said we have about a thousand people sign up. we need that money because we
5:11 am
know unfortunately, they are going to be more more and more. >> steve: if you would like to help to pay off the mortgages for those families, go to the website. >> ainsley: right there. >> steve: there are number of ways that you can contribute. >> brian: crime is a part of everybody's life and so is inflation. when you talk about everyday things that come up, maybe the barbecue on sunday if you celebrate father's day or juneteenth, your talk about how much more gases, $5 have never been there before. how much everyday items are. you're talking about extra -- they say on average, american families are paying eight to $350 a month for everything. the average mortgage if you're looking to do that, refinance or if you're in a flexible mortgage rate, you go from 3% to 6%. if you are a 401(k) or anything, 529 for your college fund, stocks have plunged 23% over the last few weeks. and if you talk of the average
5:12 am
person, 32% are optimistic. i don't know who they are about the economy. 65% are pessimistic. the number 18 of every ten who are asked say the inflation is their number one concern. this administration is pretty clear and coherent. it is not their fault. >> steve: sure, of course that's what they are going to say because every poster says they are going to take a bloodbath come november. republicans are going to seize control of the house. was it a coincidence last thursday? that was the day that members of the white house went up to capitol hill to talk about messaging. on that same day, joe biden did an interview with the associated press where he said, you know, america is really in a bad mood. he blames of course covid or this supply chain problem. an inflation and baby formula. it's all because of covid, he said. he also said the interview that recession was not inevitable
5:13 am
even though, you know, they are slamming the brakes on interest rates by jacking them out. that's gonna cause unemployment to go out. after the president said, inflation is inevitable, that was the q2's administration to repeat exactly what his boss said. they did this weekend. watch. >> jerome powell has said that his goal is to bring inflation down while maintaining a -- that's going to take skill and luck. but i believe it is possible. i don't think a recession is inevitable. >> not only as a session not inevitable, but we is policymakers can take steps on our unique strengths in the american economy and try to get to that stable and steady groove that we all want to get to it as as possible. >> inflation is obviously happening globally. the president really wants to have a steady and stable recovery. but of course, one of the biggest pieces of these
5:14 am
inflationary increases that we are seeing is the price of fuel. speak out right, they do everything to destroy fossil fuels. >> ainsley: we don't want to recession. if you talk to economists, many are saying save your money. many of them are expecting it. the wall street general surveyed economist. they said recession is probable. putting it at 44% over the next 12 months. we will see a recession. >> steve: when the president brought everybody to the white house to talk about messaging when it comes to inflation and recession, they were stunned. these are democrats. we saw no plan. there was no strategy. there was no plan. we need to see the president be decisive. we feel that there is a decision paralysis at the white house. fantastic. the people in charge of bringing people in their own party to give them the message to go out of their people. and in their own party saying, the white house has no plan to get out of this. >> ainsley: how is this going to affect you? if you're trying to buy a house right now, your mortgage
5:15 am
payments could go up hundreds of dollars. you can get it at 3%. now it's going to be 6%. plane flights are through the roof. his summertime. people are starting to travel with their families or drive. gas prices are up. "the new york post" undercover has failed to shift instead of hail to the chief. it's gonna cost you 17% more to have a barbecue with your family and friends over the summer. everything is up right now. beef is up 70%. hot dogs up 37%. soda up 17%. ice came up 14% and all the fixings are up too. >> steve: hot dogs themselves are up 37%. they look at all the costs -- a cost you a year ago to have the same barbecue in your backyard. and it was going to cost you $65. right now buying the same stuff, $76. >> ainsley: that's if you are feeding four people. >> steve: i wasn't invited to that party. >> ainsley: most barbecues are big and it's gonna cost more
5:16 am
than that. >> steve: why are they blaming and what are they blaming? they are blaming climate change. they are blaming labor shortages not only on the farms but also their shippers on the grocery stores. they are blaming the cost of gas. of course, they are blaming vladimir putin. your barbecues cost more? thanks, vlad >> brian: impossible burgers -- >> ainsley: everything is going up. i would imagine yes. >> brian: we don't know what's in an impossible burger. >> ainsley: it's impossible to know. >> brian: they do taste good but i'm afraid to ask what's in it. i have add plants. parsley. it doesn't taste -- on the side of the impossible burger are the -- it's not there. i had an impossible burger. i had no idea what i was biting into, but it tasted fantastic. >> steve: under one of the burgers. i drove it is impossible burger made with pea protein, you know the protein from peas. peas in a pod.
5:17 am
>> ainsley: if you eat one of those black bean burgers, they are so good. but they make you smell like garlic afterwards. >> brian: they are hard to grow. >> ainsley: they don't get crispy. >> brian: these burgers know what to stay together. >> steve: get a cast iron frying pan and put on your grill and get that real hot and putting on there for you not to worry about the grilled burgers. >> brian: or rent a chef. >> ainsley: here's our chef. >> steve: who can afford a chef? >> ainsley: you're our chef. for father's day, peter got him a presidential -- >> steve: a white house chef jacket which is unbelievable. now i will look very professional. the scary thing is that is all white. that's not going to last. speak to a doctor or a chef as a halloween. >> steve: white coat syndrome. >> ainsley: hey, ashley. >> tossed the beyond burger in the trash.
5:18 am
that's what steve was talking about. it's not good for you. impossible ingredients. anyway, we are going to go to this guy's people start with the headlines, the biden administration is drafting plans to bust migrants into american towns hours on the southern border. texas congressman revealing his district was scouted as a location for drop off as homeland security tries to relieve the pressure on the border town print meanwhile, house republicans are slamming their democratic counterparts for failing to visit the border while in texas for a remote on infrastructure. congresswoman also calling out the president. granting him the trafficker in chief. americans experiencing nightmares and airports across the country this holiday weekend as they traveled for father's day and juneteenth celebrations. things aren't getting any better today. airlines are reporting more than 6300 delays in 1600 cancellations already this morning. golf legend and ally of the
5:19 am
head, greg norman says the invitational series will apply for official world golf ranking consideration today. take a listen. >> is a very compelling application paired we work very closely with the technical committee understanding all the components of what you need to to apply for it. both on the dash points for anybody coming in, it's jay moynahan. >> pga tour commissioner jay moynahan should recuse himself from discussions on whether l iv golf should become part of the official golf rankings. he slammed the new league during an interview with cbs sports. north carolina mistakes football player collide for off-season fund. their coach posted this footage of them playing. players create a ring for a battle on a team building game involving giant inflatable bubbles. the "fox & friends" crew knows a thing or two.
5:20 am
this is a flashback when stephen ainslie tried it out on "fox & friends." i think maybe lawrence did that a couple of weeks ago. >> ainsley: it is fun. if you are knocked over it doesn't hurt. >> brian: that's what joe biden did. >> steve: thank you very much. joe biden should write his block and knocker ball suit. thank goodness he was wearing a helmet. impossible burgers, soy protein, coconut, flower, sunflower oil, potato protein. >> brian: i will tell you it's really good. i will tell you this, it scares me. it's a turkey burger. hamburger, with the impossible burger, give it a nickname. tell me what's in it. give me one word. >> steve: i think they call it impossible burger because that's impossible. the taste that good. >> ainsley: 8:20 her teenage pro-abortion march outside of the home of justice amy coney
5:21 am
barrett. carrie severino blames the lack of enforcement for these vulgar displays. she has next. d up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal; cancers, including lymphoma and skin cancer; death, heart attack, stroke, and tears in the stomach or intestines occurred. people 50 and older with at least one heart disease risk factor have higher risks. don't take if allergic to rinvoq as serious reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant. talk to your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission.
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5:25 am
>> brian: teenage pro-abortion protesters with baby dolls duct taped to their hands. over the weekend. the group arrives up for abortion rights planning another march tomorrow outside the supreme court when justices rule to overturn roe v. wade. president judicial crisis network, carrie severino joins us now. why is this a lot to continue to happen in front of their homes? >> yeah, you know, it's really shocking. this violates so many different laws here. and yet, we haven't seen enforcement. there is federal law that addresses this. you would think after an
5:26 am
attempted assassination of one of the justices, he would finally start to see some enforcement of those laws. we are getting the message basically run the president on down from chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. everyone has been saying, they at least have that since to condemn that would be -- they seem to be continuing to give the green light to protesters. of course as they see that there is no enforcement there, you are seeing a protest ratchet up. in their vulgarity and threatening nature. >> brian: imagine if they actually change the ruling because of this. it will be a floodgate on every single controversial ruling regardless of where you stand on any issue. so listen to this for this rise up for abortion rights group wrote this. "it's not enough to be pro-choice. we must wage a visible disruptive mass nonviolent resistance." spell-check and all. their message is essentially, keep ratcheting it up.
5:27 am
>> absolutely. surprise they use the word "nonviolent." some of these groups are really hinting that they want violent protests. saying we want to get physical. we want to get in their faces. i think that is the danger here. we have no boundaries in these groups of understanding what is appropriate. obviously, people have been protesting about roe vs. wade for almost 50 years. there is a way to do it in the peaceful way and a way to do it if it's the supreme court that sends your message that is sent threatening personally to the justices. their goal seemed to be personally threatening to the justices to make their lives miserable, they make their neighbor's lives miserable. that is the wrong reason to make a legal decision obviously. >> brian: when you expect this to come down? right before the fourth of july has been some speculation put a lot of thought the first week in june. what do you think? >> officially, the term is supposed to end on monday. in one week. it's theoretically possible we have 17 cases left in two days this week and next monday.
5:28 am
we could actually finish in on time by monday. i would not be surprised if they continued it to the end of the week. i would hope they are going to finish it this week so we are done by fourth of july or at the very latest, the first week of july. we need to be done with this case so we can move on as a nation. >> brian: a big story has been percolating all weekend. chief justice john roberts is not given up on some sort of compromise. you know what that would look like? >> that is the real question. he's been trying to do this since decembers is the oral argument casting around, how can we maybe uphold the mississippi law? but not strike down a row. there is no good legal way to do this. when they ask about the oral argument, all of the parties on both sides of the case said, you can do that. he is trying to him he's trying to brainstorm some way. he will come up with something. that's one of the things i'm most interested in looking at in this case. i'm optimistic he won't pilaf any other justices. he will probably have an opinion along -- no idea what it might say because there is no legal
5:29 am
ground. you have to invent something. >> brian: carrie severino, thanks so much. the other big story that we were kind of surprised they wake up to this morning, university of pennsylvania swimmer leo thomas, thomas is free to compete in the olympics is dealt a blow by new restrictions for transgender swimmers thanks to their governing body. piers morgan on that fight. i look back with great satisfaction on my 32 years of active duty. i understand the veteran mentality. these are people who have served, they'e been in leadership positions, they're willing to put their life on the line if necessary and they come to us and they say, "i need some financial help at this point in time." they're not looking for a hand out, they're looking for a little hand up. my team at newday usa is going to do everything
5:30 am
we possibly can to make sure that veteran gets that loan. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. and the people of old dominion never turn away a promise. or over promise. or make an empty promise. we keep them. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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5:33 am
>> ainsley: a landmark ruling on transgender swimmers could ban athletes like lia thomas from competing for the governing body for international swimming voting to only allow those who transition before the age of 12 and two women's sports teams. >> brian: wow, 12. hillary clinton warrants our party not to focus on this issue if they want any chance of winning in november. >> steve: telling the financial times, "the most important thing is to win back the next election. the alternative is so frightening that whatever he does not win should not be a
5:34 am
priority." the priority for residents to to talk to piers morgan, the most of "piers morgan uncensored" on fox nation. good morning to you. >> good afternoon. good morning to you there. before we go any further, can i just take a moment to congratulate matt fitzpatrick, great friend of mine from england, golfer who became only that there an in modern times to win the u.s. open last night. an amazing achievement. a great guy. place on record, and englishman is the current holder. >> how about his caddie? by the name of billy foster. 40 years. he never won it until yesterday. >> one of the great characters of world golf. everyone to leave westford to everyone. the fact he is finally won's first major, finally been on
5:35 am
that winning bag is an amazing thing for him. matt fitzpatrick, the last time i played with and was in l.a. at the lakeside -- >> steve: you played with him? >> you may know, we were halfway around when joe pesci from "good fellows" walks up and he began giving fitzpatrick such even stairs. completely off his game. >> steve: that's the trouble to come out in a golf buggy. >> ainsley: after watching this, you never know what will happen, right? >> to be fair, joe pesci was fantastic. he followed us for 9 holes, telling amazing stories about his time in the movies. every time he looked at matt fitzpatrick, he missed. i like to think that it was no formative work that i put into his mental strength that they should try and overcome the joe pesci effect which is led to matt winning last night. it will only be a matter of time. >> ainsley: it was that scene,
5:36 am
remember in the movie? he kills the guy in the trunk and goes in and hasn't dinner with his mom. >> quite a story. piers, let's go back and talk about the news from that swimming organization. they have approved a gender inclusion policy that means only -- that will only permit swimmers who transition before the age of 12 or puberty to compete in women's events. what does this mean ultimately for athletes? >> well, it's huge. it's a massive long-overdue victory for basic common sense. anyone who has tried to raise concerns about this issue as i have now for several years it's immediately abused and called the -- and has nothing to do with being transphobic. it's all about fairness. i support trans rights to fairness and equality. i don't support their rights to diminish or degrade women's rights. that's what was happening in sports. we all knew it.
5:37 am
caitlyn jenner has been on fox many times recently just talking common sense about this. she should know, you know, as a male athlete, she was an olympic champion. if she were to compete as a athlete against women, she would have destroyed the field and broken the record irrevocably. that's what this is about. this is about fairness and equality. i applaud her. i hope other sports authorities within the same. when i noticed in their ruling was that they are suggesting a new kind of open tournament which would be for trans athletes. i think that is the way to go. no one wants to see trans people unable to play sports. it seems to me there are two choices. they either compete against their biological status, if you were born a male, he compete against manuals even though it were a trans woman, or you have your own category and compete against other trans women. those would be the fairest ways through this.
5:38 am
i think it is a really groundbreaking ruling. i'm glad it has happened. why is it controversial? we have to stop for trainees kind of things is controversial. >> brian: the average are the loudest people. but that is my hope is, piers, it's going to ripple through other bodies in other sports. and all the other high schools. i'm just going to go with what the world bodies are saying. that is where the high schools will have cover for the process and what have you. i think women have a right to compete against women. since when is that a bad thing? >> well, i completely agree. megan ruffino, the big women's soccer starts in a undoubtedly at her sport. she came out condemning this ruling and saying you've got to be completely inclusive to trans athletes which i would say this. megan, dear when you got beaten as world champions, female american teams and they got beaten 5-2 buy a bunch of under 15-year-old boys?
5:39 am
i don't say that the score any points against the women. i think they are a terrific team, the american women's soccer team as you call it. i prefer football but i will use the vernacular when i'm on your show. right there when she tweeted today her outrage, really? really, megan? you are the best female team in the world and you got beaten by a bunch of 15-year-old boys. if we do take your logic to its natural extension, megan rapinoe, but we should be fighting for his general neutral sports completely including the olympic spirit has but what happened. women would stop being able to compete in anything at a high professional elite level, because we know the reason. it is because men are born with superior physical bodies. nothing else, not mental. not saying any more intelligent. oftentimes, we are more stupid. when it comes to physiology, you cannot dispute the advantage that males have from birth. and particularly, from puberty. that is what is at stake here. women's sports has been defended.
5:40 am
as to be protected. this ruling is fair and is just end it will protect women's rights. anyone who goes against it and says it is transphobic or whatever they want to say it is, they are the ones who are their problem in this debate. >> brian: thank you. >> ainsley: stephen colbert, his production team was at the capitol and they went into one of the congressional office buildings where they were authorized to be their prayer they had some interviews with different people on the hill. they did their interviews. they ended up staying in the hallways and they started filming what we call stand-ups and started filming some final comedy elements in the hallways in the capitol police came and arrested them and said that they were not authorized to be there. what is your reaction? >> all i can think of is when i heard the story, could you imagine if that had been a team of journalists from fox who had been caught doing that? can you imagine what stephen colbert would have done on his show if that had happened to fox people? that is always my litmus test. if you swing it around to the
5:41 am
other side as you would put it, you get the reality which is, this was shocking behavior by this team from the show. they shouldn't have been doing what they were doing poor they were brazenly breaking the regulations. they would be warned apparently earlier in the day not to do it. if you're going to be stephen colbert lecturing everybody about the need for obeying security at the capital which i would agree with him about and the need to enforce the rules they are to stop any more of the scenes that we saw on january the 6th, that's fine. if you take that position strongly, make sure your own team -- >> brian: he was warned. they were warned. >> hammering, hammering fox if it was the other way around. >> brian: they were warned to get out a bunch of times. they didn't care. they spent the night in jail. >> the rules are not for them. b3 every weeknight at 4:30 in the afternoon, piers morgan uncensored drops into their platform. we hope you watch piers later on
5:42 am
today on fox nation. piers, thank you very much. >> all the best. >> brian: we did not censor this entire appearance either so far. let's see what we do for the west coast. i'm kidding, we are live every place. >> steve: coming up, the manhunt is on after four federal inmates have escaped from behind bars in virginia. nancy grace reacts as we learn just how easy apparently it was for them to get away. announcer: type 2 diabetes? discover the power of 3 in the ozempic® tri-zone. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. announcer: ozempic® provides powerful a1c reduction. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack, or death in adults also with known heart disease. and you may lose weight. adults lost up to 14 pounds. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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your record label is taking off.
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but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> steve: welcome back. an urgent manhunt is underway after four federal inmates escaped a minimum security prison in virginia. and that is alarming. what is alarming is how they got away. fox nation host nancy grace joins us. good morning to you. >> good morning. but i don't know how good it is for people in richmond, because this is about 22 miles away from richmond where these four walk
5:47 am
away. they are called walk away spirit and it's a prison camp good and is called a camp for a reason. when they say low security, it is more, like, no security. now, i'm not surprised that fcc petersburg is not seeing any details. they are probably embarrassed. and they should be. this is not a day camp. these four guys take heroin, cocaine, fenton all, guns. that is what they are all in for. and it ain't their first time at the rodeo. they've all got substantial records. and they walk away from a minimum security satellite branch. this is with the federal prison. and what concerns me is the recent space of escapes in texas, we just saw the entire family oh five, three brothers, a cousin, and a grandpa murdered
5:48 am
by an escapee. he goes on and on and on. culminating here. >> steve: sure, the fbi is on the case trying to figure out where those guys walked to and are eventually, they hope to pick them up sooner than later. we will keep people posted on that. in the meantime, i know in your program, "crime stories with nancy grace," you interview the mother of anastasia hamilton. tell us about her situation put on know she was found abandoned when dad and the man in home last month. it sounds like they have identified some people they would like to talk to regarding her mother. >> i spoke to anastasia's mother. it was a saturday, may 21. and what got her mother upset was a texting call on off like many of us do with their parents. she kept calling, and she never heard back. she turned to her husband at
5:49 am
that moment, she said, something has happened to her. i feel it. you've got to call the police. that minute, they went to police. now, video, surveillance video has emerged. there it is right there. near where she parked her car. look at her. she is holding her hands in front of her like that. that is a defensive measure. you see that lanyard hanging down tells me she's holding nikki in her hand. that is the lanyard coming down. mom says she doesn't know this guy. her feet are a part. they are not together. this is a date. he has come up to her and walking along with her. her car was found. she was found several days later with lacerations covering her whole body, lying on a sofa in an abandoned home. still no arrests. >> steve: apparently, i understand that man has been identified, although not publicly named.
5:50 am
>> yes, i find that very unusual. he has been identified. they have not released his name. a source gave it to me. but i don't know that is confirmed. i am not releasing it. there's also people connected to that home in which she was found. that would be subject number one. this guy is the one they can find. >> steve: we don't know what his connection is to her. we don't know what is involvement in her disappearance and her death -- you know, they've got to connect the dots in figure this out. check out "crime stories with nancy grace" over on fox nation each and every day. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for inviting me. >> steve: coming up, lawrence jones is going to share his juneteenth message today. today is juneteenth. what's happening on that channel in 9:30 minutes. >> really great message from lawrence coming up right in the meantime, the deadly curse of fentanyl. america's poison coming up.
5:51 am
>> still no arrests. protesters outside the home of amy coney barrett. we have senator john kennedy on when this ends. >> the luckiest basketball referee saved by a player on the court. great timing. you're going to meet them coming out today. >> we will see you soon. with best western rewards you get rewarded when you stay on the road and on the go. find your rewards so you can reconnect, disconnect, hold on tight and let go! stay two nights and get a free night. book now at
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(vo) with armor all, a little bit of this... stay two nights and get a free night. protects you from a lot... of that. armor all. minimum effort. maximum protection.
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>> ainsley: today our nation is marking its new e.j. ane, juneteenth, a day that brought freedom to the last of all employed people here in united states. >> enterprise reporter lawrence jones joins us right now. good morning to you. >> good morning, family. >> steve: this holiday touches you personally, because of your connection to texas. and its connection to juneteenth. >> yeah, guys, it's interesting because i've been celebrating at my entire life and i didn't realize until a couple of years ago that a lot of people didn't know about it, didn't understand, you know, the history behind it. if i could boil it down to a couple of points, in 1852 during the fourth of july celebration, fragment douglas is giving a speech about what the fourth of july means to the pretty celebrating america. it's independence.
5:56 am
i'm got a bone to pick with you guys. how can you talk about the greatness of america and believe in the values of freedom and liberty and still enslaved black folks? in 1863, lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation. generally throws up his hands. the word hadn't traveled all the way down to galveston, texas, or to the state of texas letting everyone know that they were afraid. so in 1865, general gordon makes his way to galveston, texas. that's two years later after the emancipation proclamation let those know that they are indeed -- the message has always been, none of us are free until all of us are free. i know when we learn new things, as i like to tell people. the fourth of july and juneteenth aren't in
5:57 am
competition. they are two different days, two different historical events. they actually complement each other. >> ainsley: why did it take so long for the message to get down to galveston? >> there were states that were under the control of the confederacy and those states that were enslaved. where it had not travel down print blouse, yet some people that were still resistant of abraham lincoln's emancipation proclamation. it took a while to actually get those soldiers down there to have the show of force to let them know, you are indeed free. >> the governor said if you guys go five for the south, i'm out. he quit rather than support the war. prisoner of war for a while. i agree with you. they're not in competition. it's a great line, lawrence. they work. as part of real history. >> i would not be here today as the youngest black person and
5:58 am
youngest black person on cable news but if it wasn't for my ancestors in that moment. and i just think -- if you want a real dialogue, and understanding the greatness of america, you've got to accept the good, bad, and the ugly. so often, we get so frustrated when we hear these stories. when they really build us up. i am not here if i didn't have the opportunity to stand on their shoulders. as i always tell people, the reason i have frederick douglass tattooed on my right arm, is because he is that guy. he realized that of the greatness of america, but understood the way that we could grow as a country. i think that should be our comfort today. we are going be fighting for a long time to make sure we are that free and pair for union for there are a lot of laws on the books that we want the right against when it comes to liberty. it's america that should be our founding document that should be our guiding principle.
5:59 am
>> steve: joining us from dallas sharing his message on juneteenth. lawrence, thank you very much. juneteenth this year the day after father's day. >> ainsley: speaking of father's day, we wanted to show you some pictures of our fathers. here is my dad. his name is wayne ehrhardt. he is a wonderful guy. he was in the hospital room. they flew up here for her birth. that was such a special day. there he is holding me on my first day. he is so cute. he is a lot of fun. who is this? >> brian: over the weekend, we got another great. that is willow. she is going to be the female among and apollo. >> ainsley: how are they dealing with her? b3 rocky is more interested than apollo. they are staring with each other. that is caitlin who came with me to pick it up. that's rocky. that's apollo. you are about to see --
6:00 am
>> ainsley: little willow. >> steve: she could not be cuter. the house is expanding. >> brian: absolutely. >> ainsley: do you have room for all these big dogs? happy father's day to my daddy. we love you so much in our home. happy father's day to the great men who created you all. >> steve: thank you >> bill: a teenager is dead, three adults including a cop were injured as a result as we say good morning. deadly evening a mile from the white house. i'm bill hemmer. hope your weekend was grand. not a good story. >> dana: i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." that festival is always looked forward to and every monday morning it feels like we have to report on something like this for you. the shooting happened around 6:00 p.m. at a public


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