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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 20, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> steve: she could not be cuter. the house is expanding. >> brian: absolutely. >> ainsley: do you have room for all these big dogs? happy father's day to my daddy. we love you so much in our home. happy father's day to the great men who created you all. >> steve: thank you >> bill: a teenager is dead, three adults including a cop were injured as a result as we say good morning. deadly evening a mile from the white house. i'm bill hemmer. hope your weekend was grand. not a good story. >> dana: i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." that festival is always looked forward to and every monday morning it feels like we have to report on something like this for you. the shooting happened around 6:00 p.m. at a public juneteenth area.
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>> bill: the mayor is calling for accountability for those responsible. here is one witness describing what he heard and saw last night. >> he was screaming for his mom and it is hurtful to hear that, man. no one was able to help him. to see him go is like -- it bothers me seeing this. i don't think i would come outside for nothing else ever in d.c. shots rang out. i was next to a cop. he proceeded on. we were trying to enjoy ourselves, crowds kept running back and forth. >> dana: mark meredith is live in washington with the details. >> good morning. police are trying to figure out what sparked the shooting that left a 15-year-old boy dead. latest incident spotlighting the issue of rising crime here in major u.s. cities. sunday's shooting was tied to a juneteenth celebration but organizers did not have a proper mitt and police were
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trying to break up the event because of previous chaos. they heard the teenage victim call for his mom when the shots rang out. he was killed and others hurt last night including a police officer. she is expected to be okay. last listed in stable condition. while the search for this shooter continues, officials say those who set up this event without proper security may also be held accountable. >> this is one of the reasons why we don't want unpermitted events taking place in our city. unfortunately things like this can happen when you have the wrong mix of people or people who introduce firearms into a situation. >> this is not isolated. the latest data shows crime across the district is on the rise. homicide up 13%. robbery up more than 30% and violent crime over the last year up some 12%. shooting took place in a popular and trendy part of the city. they're not isolated to washington
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waves of gun violence in chicago, miami and new york as well. >> dana: mark, thank you. the international swimming group restricted transgender athletes xh an effort to protect competitive fairness. jeff paul following up on the details live in the west coast bureau. >> more than 70% of members of the international swim federation voted to adopt a new gender inclusion policy. it means only swimmers who transition before age 12 can compete in women's events. in march swimmer lia thomas became the first transgender woman in the u.s. to win an ncaa swimming championship in competition. a spokesperson says the decision is not meant to encourage anyone to transition by a certain age but that if someone transitions after the start of puberty, the federation believes that person has an unfair advantage. >> this is a policy that is
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based on science. it is a policy that we need to introduce in order to protect the competitive fairness of our events. >> we should note there are currently no transgender women competing in international elite levels of swimming. they are proposing a new open competition category and spend the next several months figuring out the most effective way to set it up. critics of the new policy call it deeply discriminatory, harmful and unscientific and some believe it will lead to the policing of bodies. >> i did not see this coming. i have believed for a long time that we can talk about what the barriers to entry look like, what transition requirements look like. but outright bans for any trans woman who experienced part of
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puberty i didn't see it coming. >> according to a new poll conducted by the "washington post" and the university of maryland only 3 in 10 americans think transgender women and girls should be allowed to compete in sports with other women and girls. dana. >> dana: jeff paul in los angeles. thank you. joining us later with reaction is riley gains from the university of kentucky. she is one of the swimmers who competed against lia thomas. >> looking forward to hearing from her. if you're traveling, flight delays and cancellations causing huge headaches for travelers in coast to coast. the federal government threatens to step in if the airlines don't get their act together. jeff flock is at the international airport in philadelphia. jeff. >> good morning to you. yeah, if you had to travel this past father's day weekend by air, i'm sorry. it was a mess out there. in a lot of places. look at the pictures from seattle. one of the airports hard hit by
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both delays and cancellations that numbered more than 19,000 together since the thursday travel started for father's day holiday. take a look at these numbers just from saturday and sunday. 1781 cancellations saturday and sunday and 12 1/2,000 delays after pete buttigieg met with officials saying they should stress test their summer schedules. hire more customer service employees and the possibility the government would try to enforce a better air travel system. maybe through fines or penalties of some sort. but he said he would wait on that until july 4th to see how the system responds at that point. it is also worth noting mr.
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buttigieg had his own flight canceled home from that meeting with airline executives and he had to drive from new york to washington he says and i quote him now, that is happening to a lot of people and that is exactly why we're paying close attention to what can be done and how to make sure the airlines are delivering. i guess nothing hits home harder than if you're the one whose flight gets canceled and you have to drive. >> bill: no doubt about it. if you have that option you might be fortunate. jeff flock in philly. >> dana: he is just like us. >> bill: the president has a pretty good way to travel to delaware over the weekend. however, on saturday afternoon this happened here and he came to see some folks waiting to say hello to him and trying to get his foot out of the right pedal there and got jammed and then hit the pavement. he is okay. >> dana: yes. >> bill: that follows -- that
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was march of 2021. hang off on that for a second. there were two other slips last week on air force one that did not get a ton of notice but the bike situation did. "wall street journal" writes about that today. >> dana: breaking the biden age -- they discover the president is old. it doesn't necessarily to do with the tripping. i don't know. but on the bike thing, the crowd it's like when your poll numbers are low everything bad will happen to you and caught on camera and people wanted to say hi but everyone can fall off a bike, even me. >> bill: lots of times. you're okay. the point the journal makes is well taken. it seems over the past 7 to 10 days that a lot of these writers have been talking about joe biden being too old for the office. >> dana: even said it out loud in the "new york times." >> bill: so there is some pushback now about him talking about running for a second term. that's out there right now and i think the bike situation probably doesn't help the argument to continue running
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but we'll wait on that for now. wanted to share it with you. >> dana: all right. two parents from california are on a mission to raise awareness on the dangers of fentanyl. study show the drug is attributing to more deaths in teens every year. dr. marc siegel is live with more on this. hi, dr. siegel. >> hi. the opioid epidemic is surging. teens are its latest victims. fentanyl and other opioids are the tools. >> how does a vibrant, healthy, physically capable 17-year-old no longer live? >> it's been more than a year since chris and laura found their 17-year-old son slumped over his desk inside their home
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near sacramento. >> chris just said our baby is gone. >> zach died of fentanyl poisoning in december of 2020 after taking what he thought was a single percocet pill. it turned out to be fentanyl, synthetic opioid 100 times more powerful than morphine. >> there was no percocet at all in his system. >> a recent study by the american medical society fentanyl fatalities have skyrocketed every year. zach a straight a student, athlete, musician was set to be a first-time user who bought the drug on snapchat. dr. wright says many patients consume fentanyl without their knowledge. >> they seem shocked. they think their dealer wouldn't do it to them. >> it can be disguised as another drug. >> it's poisoning and deception that's happening. >> apps like snapchat have
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faced heavy criticism by parents who say they are an open market for the sale and purchase of drugs. >> young people are on social media. it is often anonymous and accessible. >> in 2021 the drug enforcement agency seized more than 20 million counterfeit pills. >> the criminal drug cartels in mexico are making pills to look exactly like an oxy, a percocet, vicodin, xanax, two milligrams of fentanyl is enough to kill someone. that's 10 or 20 tiny crystals of salt. >> laura and chris turned their grief into activism. >> we have to talk about what our kids are being exposed to. >> what if in our warning and in sharing our story we can save some of these other kids and we knew it is what zach would want us to do. >> what can parents do? spread awareness. talk to your teens, know about
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their social media presence. be on the lookout for sudden changes in behavior. dana. >> dana: important story. thank you, dr. siegel, for bring it to us and we'll continue to stay on it. >> we need to be recalled immediately. he has destroyed so many lives and completely destroyed ours. i blame it on gascon. >> what an interview earlier today. more empty chairs over fathers day after a career criminal murders two cops in california. the pain inflicted on those families in l.a. by gascon's crime policy just unimaginable. >> dana: president biden looks to saudi arabia to revive his failing energy agenda. a nation he vowed to make a pariah on the campaign trail. his broken promise drawing sharp criticism from both sides of the aisle. >> bill: is the white house now coming clean on the state of the economy or not? is a recession closer than we
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>> bill: 18 past the hour. a bit of a contradictory story of saudi arabia. energy sector jennifer granholm saying president biden will meet with the saudi crown prince when he goes to saudi arabia next month despite the president's promise to reject the country for the killing of a journal lift khashoggi during the campaign. >> i would make it very clear we were not going to sell more weapons to them. make them pay price and make them the pariah they are. there is very little social
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redeeming value in the present government in saudi arabia. >> bill: so that was then, november of 2019. granholm saying biden's meetings with the saudis will including energy discussions but mike pompeo saying the president should focus on domestic energy production instead. >> i'm glad the president recognizes we need more energy in the marketplace. but the first place he should go is midland, texas or pennsylvania. american energy is the right place to start. instead they started with the iranians and venezuelans and moved had to saudis. >> bill: the president said he wouldn't meet with the crown prince directly but part of an international meeting. in july that meeting will happen in some form in saudi arabia. 19 past the hour now. >> recession is not inevitable. >> i don't think a recession is at all inevitable. >> not only is it not inevitable but we as policymakers can do a s take
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steps to build on our unique strengths in the american economy and try to get to that stable and steady growth we want to get to as quickly as possible. >> dana: biden administration officials are down playing the likelihood of a recession. that's not what economists say. there is a 44% likelihood of a recession within the next year. let's bring in connell mcshane. i was thinking about their communications meeting before the sunday shows where they spun the wheel of what will we say and landed on recession is not inevitable. that reminded me of inflation is transitory. turned out that wasn't the case either. >> you can understand why they're saying it. they could look at and say it's not 50%. are there things that can be done on -- they see that they have or they think they have limited options on their side and have pretty much left it up to the federal reserve. there isn't any argument that a
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recession is more likely. if you look on the survey the journal does at 44 now. they asked the same question in january. 18%. by april 28%, now 44. it is more likely. still inevitable but we'll see what can be done. >> bill: larry summers has been the canary in the coal mine. worked for president obama and this to say about it over the weekend. >> if you look at the relative levels of interest rates. if you look at the simple fact that what drives inflation is supply and demand, supply doesn't change that fast by the end of next year we would be seeing a recession in the american economy. >> bill: why does he say the end of next year while others like steve moore who were with us on friday says we're in a recession now? >> a lot has to do with how you define when a recession begins and when we say that we have
6:22 am
been in a recession. we're always backward looking in that. the organization that officially stamps recessions won't do it until we've been in it and sometimes already out of it. that's to go to the steve moore argument we're already knit. we might not find out about it until it's too late. it is backward looking in economics. you look back at the numbers happened months or a year ago when the economy slowed down. nobody questions that we're slowing right now. it is just now we're on this edge of how much we are going to slow. what's interesting is we have this argument about the federal reserve whether it will be the savior or the cause. in other words, it's coming in so hard with interest rates they know -- everybody knows they will slow the economy down. they would rather see that than run away inflation. will they be able to manage this and avoid too much of a slowdown? really nobody knows. a lot of people think that it will be tough to do.
6:23 am
he has been there and seen it. >> dana: the big issue is prices and gas prices as well. the white house is considering a federal gas tax holiday. the price of gas today average is $4.98. of that 18.3 per gallon is taxes. what do you make of that idea of a gas tax holiday? will it help people? for how long? >> there you go for how long, right? that's the question with a lot of these remedies the administration came up with. we had a similar conversation releasing oil from the strategic petroleum reserve. if you take away that 18 cents some of it gets passed onto consumers and pay a little less but the problem with the gas tax holiday is just in the definition of what it is, a holiday. means it will be temporary, right? at some point that is going to expire, whatever time frame they put on it. what if we're in the same boat then as we are now.
6:24 am
a lot of pressures to extend the holiday and you hear people in the president's own party say be careful with that. we need that money for infrastructure. jennifer granholm said that's the money that funds the roads. so they will be reluctant to extend it. we might have what feels like a tax hike down the road if we have the holiday now. >> bill: the fed is the savior or the cause? well stated. >> pretty deep, right? not bad on a monday. >> dana: early on a monday to be that deep but we appreciate it. thanks, connell. >> bill: the outrage is growing over protests out of supreme court justices home going on over the weekend. they targeted barrett. we'll tell you what happened there. unlawful entry of the capitol. what was going on with the stephen colbert production crew arrested in the halls of congress with no pass, no
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lower. longer. leqvio. >> bill: 9:30 in new york. two former members of a university of missouri fraternity indicted for a hazing incident in october. both charged with felony hazing and miss demeanors after forcing a pledge to drink an entire liter of vodka. the incident left him paralyzed. the father of that victim is now pushing for a harsher punishment. >> i do personally want to see specific kids get felony ds. that will wake them up. a -- he was left blind and unable to walk or communicate. >> dana: seven producers from "the late show" with stephen colbert were arrested for unlawful entry to the u.s.
6:31 am
capitol while filming. chad, what happened here? >> capitol police continue to investigate how the crew got into the longworth house office building thursday night. republicans are blasting democrats for letting them in. fox has told an aide for massachusetts democrat allowed them in. capitol police -- they were denied press credentials. they were shooting comedy skits about the investigation. >> when you see these people come into the capitol it shows the democrats aren't serious. this is all political theater and a hypocritical double standard they are trying to portray and i think they've been busted. >> you cannot be in the house office buildings after hours without an escort unless you have a congressional credential. it comes after the committee released a video that shows a georgia representative giving
6:32 am
what democrats served surveillance tours the day before the riot. the committee is methodically showing how the former president tried to cling to power. >> one of the stunning things we learned was, you know, a federal judge, very conservative federal judge, at the hearing basically calling the former president of the united states and his supporters a clear and present danger to the american republic. >> the committee is starting to focus on ginni thomas, the wife of clarence thomas. tomorrow's hearing focuses on efforts to convince state election officials to flip the election to former president trump. dana. >> dana: chad pergram in d.c. >> bill: want to bring in john kennedy on this now. good morning. two topics for you. i first want to start with the colbert thing.
6:33 am
how often in your experience do you find people without badges or i.d. roaming the halls of congress or the office halls of congress in this case on the house side? how often does that happen? >> well, for me never. and i don't have any inside information, bill. but i read about it. it looks to me like it's another example of a bunch of agenda journalists trying to make democrats look good and republicans look bad. and that's why i've said it in another context and why the american people are not fooled. they trust the media now like they trust gas station sushi. and the media -- everybody knows that -- not everybody. many members of the media have no self-awareness. they think they are for the american people.
6:34 am
>> bill: my guess is they were shooting skits. i don't information to confirm that but reading between the lines. >> i've read they were knocking on republicans' doors and trying to catch them offguard. it is agenda journalism is all it is. >> bill: don't eat the sushi is the story there. the other issue the protestors outside the homes of these supreme court justices. now, it's written in the law intimidation is a federal violation but apparently if you're on a sidewalk in a neighborhood in maryland. over the weekend they were outside barrett's home as well. here is lieutenant governor winsome reacting to that. >> i have no words when we see these grotesque images that those girls are carrying. i say to myself it must be that their parents feel the same and they do the things they do. don't they realize the irony of
6:35 am
this? the reason why you are here is because at some point your mother was pro-choice. >> bill: they had props with dolls and blood, etc. her point is that your mom was pro-choice. i thought this would end and now i'm not so sure that it ever does. >> well, this is more than just about abortion. it is about respect for american institutions. i think most people can see that all this is being driven by the anti-intellectual cryptosocialist woke left that the biden administration has embraced and frankly that is in charge in washington, d.c. when the draft opinion was leaked, the wokeer's response was immediate. we don't agree with it so let's burn the place down and intimidate the justices and their spouses and their kids.
6:36 am
let's publish their television numbers and addresses on the interneat and while we're at it let's pack the court and abolish the filibuster. what you allow is what will continue. the biden administration has embraced that. i don't think the biden administration and most of my democratic colleagues have pushed back at all. and all of this shows a remarkable either misunderstanding or disregard for the role of the supreme court in american society and in our constitution. the supreme court is not a political branch, not supposed to be. they are not politicians in robes. they are not elected. their job is to tell us what the constitution means and tell us what the law is, not what it ought to be. and look, something is seriously wrong in this country.
6:37 am
this is just another example. it is not going to get better until president biden does something about it. >> bill: we'll see. so far not a word on that. and we could get that roe decision any day now. whether this week or next week. john kennedy in louisiana. thank you. >> dana knows sports. >> dana: did you notice it was an exciting weekend in sports? english golfer matt fitzpatrick won the u.s. open after he shot a final round of 68 that made him 6 under par for the tournament. congratulations to him. watch out. a foul ball shatters a camera lens during a showdown between the texas longhorns and texas aggies at the men's college world series. the aggies won 10-2. can you imagine? that's why i don't go. i'm afraid i will get hit in
6:38 am
the face. >> bill: congratulations matt fitzpatrick. an awesome tournament. i was pulling for scotty scheffler the american to win. he placed third, i think. >> dana: room for improvement >> bill: the debate about the saudi arabia tournament. all the money they paid in london the week before in this controversy as opposed to do you take the money, play on this tournament or stick with the pga? they come back to the u.s. and they play at the club that has the deepest running tradition from the history of american golf. do you see the irony there? are you with me on this? >> dana: i think i got it. >> bill: it was won by a brit. in the meantime we have this. 22 before the hour. dana, we have some deadly violence during a father's day celebration in new york city over the weekend. a live report and tell you what happened on the ground. new rules restricting transgender swimmers from competing against women. does this level the playing
6:39 am
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>> dana: officials are investigating a 70 foot yacht that caught fire and sank and send everyone to the hospital. three people and two dogs jumped overboard after black smoke pillowed from below death. while passengers were taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries, the yacht sank. >> bill: what a beauty, man. gunfire erupting at a father's day celebration in new york. 1 dead, 8 injured at a gathering in harlem last night. the latest on this crime story.
6:45 am
what happened? >> bill, good morning. this all happened here at the shooting scene right behind me over my shoulder you can see there is police car parked and investigators say several people were shot at the celebration in east harlem. look at the screen. exactly where it unfolded early this morning here in east harlem in new york city. that happened just before 1:00 this morning. at least nine people were shot, one person killed. the man killed was 21 years old and died at a local hospital. police tell us they found five people injured on the foot path under a bridge. some people in the area say they are bracing for more violence this summer. >> i worry about my safety. at the end of the day if you be out here long enough you will be that. and you will be a victim, you know what i'm saying? this is a problem. >> the morning the nypd
6:46 am
released this photo of a handgun found at the crime scene. investigators say the gun was in the grass nearby where the shooting started. police working to track down the shooter. >> the individuals responsible for this are exactly who are officers are battlinger day to make our city safe. while we are making some headway against violence we have a lot of work to do. >> as they investigate this mass shooting in east harlem nypd was already busy after a violent weekend with nine other shooting incidents still under investigation. at this time no one is in custody for this mass shooting but asking anyone with information to give the police a call. >> bill: thank you. the beginning of a long, hot summer. thanks. >> dana: world swimming group adopts new rules that would ban transgender swimmers like lia thomas from competing in
6:47 am
international competition. we have the swimmer who swam against thomas and joins us now. she just got married. congratulations to you, riley. this news from the international world body of swimming how did you take it? >> definitely a step in the right direction. i think this is the first large governing body that has prioritized women's sports and while it is not everything, it is definitely a bold first step and a step in the right direction. >> dana: there are some critics, as you can imagine, this is not a topic that does not have its share of controversy. somebody earlier that was interviewed by jeff paul said that this decision was highly discriminatory, unscientific and deeply unfair. on the unscientific part, what do you know about that? one of the things the world body said is that if you are going to try to do this after puberty you have to be in a separate category. it will be a different category from the women's sport.
6:48 am
>> right. on the scientific part i am not a scientist but was someone there who got to witness kind of the whole experience and there is a blatant difference. it was very obvious to me and my competitors having a biological male go from someone ranked in the 400s to winning a national championship and blaming it on because they are happy. it doesn't add up and doesn't take common sense to realize that. >> dana: what do you think it means for younger girls thinking about swimming. the last few years may have been confusing. you get up very early to practice and talked to a sprinter from down in southern utah at the university there who is competing against a biological man running now as a woman and she says it is impossible to compete. she feels like her future is really in question because of all the past practice not being worth it. >> right. for sure. being a swimmer it is a huge sacrifice and huge time
6:49 am
commitment. you are praying over 20 hours a week. in the hour five hours every day. a huge time commitment and to go into a meet knowing pretty much you will lose and to already be defeated takes a big toll on you for sure. >> dana: what do you say to critics who say that this is deeply unfair and highly discriminatory to people maybe like a lia thomas not competing at this level but we know where it could be going. the suggestion that it is highly discriminatory. how do you cree act to that personally? >> i think it's discriminatory on the other way. this is something that can easily go both ways. but the anniversary, the 50th anniversary of title ix is coming up in three days and i want to reiterate this is something that women fought for so long. 50 years to get equal opportunities and to have that taken from you and to go a complete 180 from that is a
6:50 am
slap in the face not only for myself but like i mentioned, past female athletes and future athletes as well. >> dana: are you surprised or disappointed that women who fought for women's sports who now are in their mature ages are not coming out speaking out on behalf of others like you who are in women's sports and trying to compete? >> it's definitely disappointing but i can't say i'm surprised just because of how, you know, bad this cancel culture is. it's something that can affect not only your athletic career but future career and job and stuff. so people are scared, people are threatened and people are kind of told they can't speak out about it. so i kind of understand there but it is a bit disappointing. this is something that needs to be handled the volume. the more voices the better. if i can give one final message it is that. no matter what your opinion, speak your voice. it really weighs. >> dana: i will leave you with this. caitlyn jenner contributor
6:51 am
here, of course, olympic athlete and now a woman, she said this. it worked, it took a lot of heat but what is fair is fair. if you go through a male puberty he shouldn't be able to take medals away from females period. all right. riley gaines, thank you for joining us today. appreciate you. >> thank you guys. >> bill: she is impressive the university of kentucky. well done. president biden called saudi arabia a pariah on the campaign trail. now the white house says the president will meet with the crown prince next month so then what changed you wonder? have you seen this video? referee collapsing on the floor in a middle of a game. a player on the side jumping to action to save his life. you will meet that player live next. ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u put it all on the line. u do it all. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are.
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welcome to your world. your why. what drives you? what do you want to leave behind? what do you want to give back? what do you want to be remembered for? that's your why. it's your purpose, and we will work with you every step of the way to achieve it. at pnc private bank, we'll help you take care of the how. so tell us - what's your why? ♪♪ >> bill: what a story now. a minor league basketball referee brought back to life after having a heart attack on the court. you can see him on the sideline
6:57 am
swaying on his feet before he collapses. immediately a toledo player by the name of miles. he is a firefighter by day, he began performing cpr until the paramedics arrive and miles is with us now and that gentleman is alive today because of you, miles. thank you for being here. amazing story here. you say you delivered cpr for 10 minutes and that was a long time. explain that. >> yeah. so it was about 10 minutes cpr, i saw the ref collapse on the court so i just went into firefighter mode. basketball game didn't matter. i did what i could with my cpr training from my job and i worked until the paramedics were able to get there and do some more interventions and by time we put him on the stretcher he was talking to us.
6:58 am
>> bill: wow. >> dana: it's incredible. this is certainly my favorite story of the weekend. it is one that you were prepared, you had the training and you think that others should get the training. it is interesting this is coming up because i've been thinking about this for myself for a few years now actually and a couple of weeks ago why haven't i done it yet? how important is it that people learn this so they can jump in and help, too? >> cpr is extremely important. heart disease is the number one leading cause of death in the nation and cpr is important to be able to know what to look for. a heart attack can happen to anyone, anywhere, any time. knowing the right steps to be able to take before paramedics get there could save brain function and a life. >> dana: his wife came and thanked you. >> yes. so i've been in contact with her.
6:59 am
his wife was at the game and was me on the court. so when we got him on the stretcher i came back in the gym and gave a big hug to her. put some relief in her. >> she is a nurse, too, she would know. he had quadruple bypass surgery and resting. you haven't had a chance to meet him. i assume that meeting will take place, that's one question. the other point to be made is if you are not there, miles, maybe he is not here, either. >> yeah. i'm very thankful that i was there and sure he was thankful i was there as well. it seems that everyone was in a panic at the time that i was there but from my training i was cool, calm, collected and able and just happy i was there. >> dana: did you finish the game? >> yes. >> dana: did you win? >> we won the game and the day after that we won the second game to move on.
7:00 am
>> bill: you were clutch under pressure twice. well done. it's a good story. please tell the gentleman hello for us when you get a chance to have that meeting. thank you, miles. cool story. >> of course i will. >> bill: toledo, ohio, thank you. >> dana: impressive guy. messages from the white house as the administration struggles to defend president biden's trip to saudi arabia. he plans to visit the kingdom hoping to lower gas prices despite declaring the saudi government and the prince a pariah government. >> bill: good morning. how was the weekend? >> dana: good. you? >> bill: excellent actually. very good. finally summer, right? president biden said repeatedly he would not meet with the crown prince known as mbs because of his reported role in the killing of a journalist khashoggi back in 2018. now biden's energy secretary says they will meet, which contradicts what the president
7:01 am
said only 48 hours prior. >> i think he will meet with the saudi crown prince. he has asked for all suppliers around the globe to increase production. that's my understanding that he will be meeting. >> president biden: i'm going to an international meeting not meet with mbs. he will be part of it. like there were people part of the discussion today. >> dana: peter doocy is live at the white house. it is possible the meeting between the two leaders was a later add. let's tell us a little bit about the planning and the changes that the president had to accept in order to go. >> it is confusing. what white house officials are basically saying if you look at all the statements is that the two leaders are going to meet each other without having a meeting with each other if that makes sense. but whatever they want to call it. white house officials are also explaining why they think it's okay. >> we have significant interests, national security interests in the region as well as economic interests as well.
7:02 am
he will vigorously represent american interests and values. that's what you can expect from the president on this trip. >> before president biden launched his challenge to trump he was testing outlines about trump's foreign policy and they included this four year old accusation that biden thought trump was soft on saudi arabia. >> president biden: he makes excuses before even the saudis make them to try to protect mbs, the crown prince of saudi arabia and giving him the benefit of the doubt? folks, the rest of the world is listening, man. >> officials at the white house admit part of the reason for a sit-down meeting, whatever they want to call it with mbs is energy security and officials have calculated that asking the saudis to do something to help lower global energy costs is worth it even though the president does buy into a u.s. intel report that concludes mbs
7:03 am
ordered the hit on the u.s. journalist khashoggi. >> this is something the president took very, very seriously and he released that report so clearly he would not release that report if he -- if it is not something he believes in, right? >> president biden not here today. he left the white house for the beach early on friday. he won't be back tonight until after 9:00. >> dana: i'll be in bed by then, peter. thank you. for more on this let's bring in general jack keane. senior strategic analyst. good to have you here. play for you president biden blasting president trump over his handling of that khashoggi murder. watch. >> president biden: and then after the cold blooded murder and probable dismemberment of an american journalist who was here on a visa, he makes
7:04 am
excuses before even the saudis make them to try to protect mbs, the crown prince of saudi arabia and giving him the benefit of the doubt? folks, the rest of the world is listening, man, they're looking. they are wondering what has happened to us. >> dana: foreign relationships, the united states has a role here as leader of the free but it also has the role to protect the interests of ourselves and our allies. general, how do you see it? >> this relationship has lasted for 80 years since president roosevelt started it around world war ii. 14 presidents have been involved, republican and democrats. the relationship has always operated at the intersection of what are our national interests and what are our values, and the fact that we have to balance this because we're dealing with a regime that doesn't share the same values the united states has. that has always been an issue
7:05 am
and republicans and democrats in the past have found a way to work through those differences because national security, national interests are at stake here. this trip, dana, while it is about oil production, to be sure, that's the motivation for it. i think the people in the middle east, the arabs and israelis really want to see a strengthening of the relationship between the united states and the arab states to counter the iranian influence. they want hedge amount of control of the middle east. they state it every year and they are involved in doing just that every single day. and what gave the arabs and israelis such concern is that the first act of the biden administration was to reach out to iran to go back and do the nuclear deal of 2015 which many of us felt was fundamentally flawed. the second thing they did was stop providing arms to saudi
7:06 am
arabia and to the uae who use those weapons to stand up against iran and have an effective deterrence against them. so the relationship in the middle east by the biden administration got absolutely off on the wrong foot. this is more important than just the oil production. hopefully this relationship can get reestablished and security as a result of it can be improved. >> dana: take a look at here, the sound from the president calling the saudis pariahs. >> president biden: we would make them pay the price and make them, in fact, the pariah that they are. there is very little social redeeming value in the present government in saudi arabia. >> dana: we've established there are those changes. the gas prices, the energy issue, there is the iran issue that you mentioned. i also wonder is there anything that president biden can bring to maybe help the saudis and help bring an end to the war in yemen?
7:07 am
>> well, the saudis have initiated a cease-fire as a result of it. they dit for two months and now they've extended it. it is finally moving, i think, in the right direction. one of the things the saudis will talk about. they are very concerned about iran moving in the direction of a nuclear weapon and they want a collective security arraignment with the united states similar in the sense that we have with japan and other nations in the far east and nato. that is dealing with a nuclear umbrella. we would protect saudi arabia and that would lead to other nations as well. i don't think we can achieve that immediately. but certainly stepping up and making clear to the arabs that the united states is going to share in the collective security as a counter to iran and make certain that the capabilities that the arabs are asking for in the region, that we assist and provide that. that's essential. look, the abraham accords are
7:08 am
something the trump administration started and it was a paradigm shift in the middle east. and the biden administration did nothing to support that for their first year and a half until just recently. there is huge opportunity here to eventually bring saudi arabia into normalizations of relationship to israel. it would help counter iran. iran is the major issue in the middle east and hopefully as a result of this visit, the relationship with not only saudi arabia but he will meet with the entire gulf nations are be strengthened. >> dana: great to have you to get your perspective as we prepare for coverage of that big trip of the president to saudi arabia. thank you, general. >> great talking to you, dana, have a wonderful week. >> bill: it's a monday. plenty of time to do that. on another international front the war in ukraine continues and it has fallen off the radar
7:09 am
in a lot of respects in the u.s. but the fighting continues. "wall street journal" is asking whether or not the administration followed through with its pledge to get certain rockets to ukraine. where the rockets? the u.s. supply only four advance rocket launch systems in the war with russia. kyiv says they need 60. other reporting really good reporting, too, each different country what they said they would give and what they have followed through on their commitment. you find a lot of these smaller countries near the border with russia have given more than france, for example. keep watching that story. nine minutes past the hour. one day away from the alabama runoff election. senator richard shelby is retiring paving the way for an open seat in a highly contested race between katie britt and representative mo brooks. it will be a good one tomorrow. alexandria huff is live in alabama with the latest.
7:10 am
good morning. >> good morning. what we have is currently trump-endorsed candidate batting it out with a formerly trump-endorseed candidate. last month katie britt was not far off. she is the former head of the business council of alabama and former aide to senator shelby and earned 45% of the vote compared with mo brooks who brought in 29%. here is britt. >> our campaign has taken off because people know that i am the best to fight christian conservative values and the best leader to move us forward with the america first agenda. >> it makes this race very interesting to watch as the endorsement tug-of-war that is played out. a little over a week ago she earned the backing of former president trump. a gut punch to brooks. it originally had the trump
7:11 am
backing. when he moved on from 2020 to a crowd last summer trump pulled his endorsement saying that brooks had gone woke. brooks says he is still maga. >> i believe every endorsement matters and certainly president trump's endorsement is a bonus but at the same time, the people of alabama, they are conservative particularly in a republican primary and looking at the difference in the records. >> brooks did issue a plea on twitter earlier this month asking for former president trump to reendorse him before trump sided with britt. britt has received far more in terms of funding during this runoff race. we'll see if it pays off tomorrow. >> bill: nice to see you in alabama. goes down tomorrow. thank you. >> dana: 1-year-old boy is missing after the vehicle he was in was carjacked at gun point in east harlem this morning. nypd tweeting this photo of the
7:12 am
license plate of the sedan. it was last seen driving in the bronx. there were two carjackers and anyone with information is to call police immediately. >> we have a major crime problem. what the left proposes is more social experimentation that we've tried before and results in death and destruction. >> dana: critics pointing to progressive district attorneys and judges. >> bill: the policies are under fire today in california. the parents of a police officer shot and killed in the line of duty condemning more than just the gunman. why they want the l.a. d.a. out of office. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill,
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>> dana: as crime surges across the country critics have brassed district attorneys for being soft on crime. a new focus toward liberal judges handing down light sentences. dan springer is in seattle with details. >> we know that violent crime is up in many cities across the country. in seattle it's up 23% over violent 2021. increasingly people are pointing the finger at soft on crime judges focused on things like bail reform and lighter
7:19 am
sentencing in the name of social justice. one face of this issue here locally in seattle is king county judge. while sentencing a young man convicted of shooting into a crowd and hitting five people the judge went four years below the sentencing guidelines and six years below the prosecutor's request and sounded like she didn't want to give the man who was african-american and in a gang any jail time at all. >> the struggle in your community with gangs and gang violence matters to me and our entire community bears responsibility for that struggle. >> the judge also let two teenagers charged with a string of violent takeover robberies free to go home with an ankle monitor. they cut off their monitors and robbed another pot shop and murdered an employee. a seattle talk show host has
7:20 am
been all over the issue. >> it's pretty easy to connect the dots now as the judges go soft on crime and prosecutors, they go soft on crime of course criminals know that there aren't going to be the kind of life long repercussions for committing violence crime and they are getting more and more brazen. >> as i said this is happening all over the country. harris county, texas, the d.a. is a democrat and she partially blamed soft on crime judges and bail reform for a string of murders there. they're up 70% in houston in the last two years. a lot of those murders are committed by people out on bail or sentenced reduced. >> dana: did you just say 70% increase? >> 70% increase in houston in murders since 2019. >> dana: wow, dan springer, thank you so much. >> bill: the parents of one california police officer shot and killed in the line of duty
7:21 am
blaming that city's far left district attorney. joseph santana was one of two officers tragically killed tuesday afternoon at 4:00 in the afternoon. the alleged killer was a felon with a long history of arrests. he was out on probation thanks to the d.a. gascon's policy which allowed him to avoid prison time for being in possession of a firearm. this is what santana's parents said. >> he should be recalled immediately. he has destroyed so many lives and he has completely destroyed ours. we are just completely devastated. he has left children without fathers, mothers destroyed, life destroyed and they are never coming back. they are never coming back.
7:22 am
and i blame it all on gascon. >> he needs to get out of office. he needs to give his job to somebody that will care and do right to the community, do right for the people. how many more lives do we have to lose for something to be done? i never expected to spend father's day without my boy. i'm sad and mad at the same time. i'm not trying to give any anger to anybody in my heart. i want to have my heart and peace. i want to mourn my son with love. >> he was a good man. i want the world to know that my son was a great father, a great son, a great brother, a great husband. >> bill: corporal served in the police force for 22 years and leaves behind a wife, daughter and son. officer santana was only 31 and
7:23 am
leaves behind his wife, daughter and twin boys at home. >> dana: let's bring in rob smith hope of the podcast can't cancel rob smith and we wouldn't consider doing that. violent crime in several major cities. baltimore, los angeles, philadelphia, washington, d.c. and every monday it feels like we're talking about big crime over the weekend. now it's not just monday, it's tuesday, wednesday, every day. >> it was a heartbreaking story that you saw right there and i think when you look at what is happening with george gascon and one of the most outrageous things is he was actually investigated for not prosecuting three strike laws, right? this guy flores was already out on his third strike and so he -- gascon declined to prosecute that so this guy was able to get out and participate in this. i think that when you are thinking about the gascons of the world and all these people, they are not influenced by anything other than their
7:24 am
ideology. their ideology says no matter crime and violence rises their ideology is the most important thing when it comes to them doing these laws. >> bill: gascon was born in cuba. l.a. went overwhelmingly for bernie sanders. i can hear the pleas of those parents. it is pretty obvious they want change. i'm not convinced just yet that l.a. will get it? >> i'm not convinced, either. this guy is being recalled again. there was recall effort a couple of years ago that failed and they're in round two. what it is, the only thing that these people fear the gascon's of the world the only thing they fear is not being reelected. that is the only thing that puts fear of god in them. to not be reelected. so when the people come together and decide this is no more it is the only thing that will change things, i think. >> dana: one of the things you hear in many interviews but mr.
7:25 am
santana who spoke with his wife said gascon needs to do the right thing in order to protect the police so the police can do their job to protect the communities who need it the most. the increases in the major cities, not just those cities. denver, you have it across the board in even mid-size cities and rural areas. but in these cities, when he talks about the communities who need it the most, what do you want democrats to hear from a plea like that? >> i want them to hear the ideology isn't working. focus on solutions to help people in the communities. it is interesting you hear the defund the police rhetoric and coming from these far left people but that's coming from the national figures, right? you aren't seeing a lot of that stuff coming from the local figures because the local figures are screaming for more policing. they are screaming for more sort of brutal laws that are
7:26 am
against these criminals that are doing this stuff. what i think that mainstream democrats with a lot of power need to do is listen to the communities and not listen to that far left base on twitter and their people fundraising and getting more followers. >> bill: two teenagers shot in atlanta over the weekend. 35 shot in chicago. 9 shot in harlem in new york city last night. >> dana: and washington, d.c. >> bill: the interview you did last hour with the woman at the university of kentucky. we make a difference when we get volume. you can make a difference in the cities. the people who live there are demanding the change that's appropriate to make the city safe again. >> it is. i think it's unfortunate this is like a partisan issue, right? what happens is that if there is only conservatives or republicans or conservative leaning media talking about the violence in the cities it becomes a partisan issue. the people effected are the people living in the cities.
7:27 am
i don't think these people are going for anybody but democrats and that's fine. people need to come together to find solutions and takes the partisanship out of it. >> dana: great to have you here. thank you for your insight. >> bill: in a moment some parents and education activists skeptical about the biden administration's new council for parent education. what are their concerns. sean duffy has the low down and joins us live next. children under 5 eligible for the covid vaccine. demand might be slow according to a new survey. we'll find out coming up.
7:28 am
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7:33 am
under 5 against covid are rolling out this week but it's unclear how quickly parents are going to be utilizing them. a kaiser family foundation survey in april found that only 1 in 5 parents of children under 5 want to vaccinate their kids right away when authorized. but 2 in 5 plan to take a wait and see approach. this morning the white house's covid response coordinator offered this advice. >> what i would say to parents is talk to your family physician and pediatrician, talk to the people who take care of your kids and get their advice and that's probably the best way to move forward. >> florida governor ron desantis is discouraging parents from vaccinating younger children against covid claiming the risks outweigh the benefits. former fda commissioner said state officials are wrong to discourage shots but says florida doctors can still order the shots directly from the federal government. >> in florida they said we don't think people should be getting this vaccine and we'll play no role in facilitating
7:34 am
that access. they aren't blocking access they aren't facilitating the access. >> although children under 5 are at very low risk for developing severe covid it is important to point out that several hundred have died throughout the course of the pandemic and thousands have been hospitalized. federal health officials acknowledge that against these omicron infections breakthrough infect sthuns are still possible with vaccines but the vaccines do a great job in preventing severe disease and hospitalization in people of all ages. dana. >> dana: jonathan serrie in atlanta, thank you. >> bill: interesting development there. 26 before the hour. some parents and education activists are skeptical about the biden administration's new parents council for education. what are their concerns? bring in sean duffy on that, former prosecutor and fox news contributor. a number of different groups in this organization, cardona from the administration said the
7:35 am
national parents and families engagement council will serve as an important link between families, caregivers, education advocates and school communities. you've looked at this group. who are they and what are they about? >> the biden administration recognizes they have a problem with parents, right? they put this group together and it is full of the very people who advocated for lockdowns, masks, vaccine mandates promoting crt in school. transgender ideology in schools. a couple of the groups were the ones that had written to the administration to the department of justice and wanted parents to be called domestic terrorists. this is a left wing group that fits the ideology of the administration and therefore are going to push the same issues and ideas that parents are revolting against. so again this is a bait and switch from the administration saying we want to help you better communicate with the school system on your issues but they don't agree with the parents. they agree with joe biden and the left wingers pushing the
7:36 am
things like i mentioned that parents are so concerned about. this is not going to sit well with parents. i think you will still see moms and dads go to school boards, get involved in local elections to make sure they have people on school boards implementing policies that fit their values and their families' values. >> dana: i look at this with a little skepticism because i think where was the demand for such a council? where was that coming from? was it coming from parents saying we really need the department of education to help us out or coming from the top down which is we have to justify you are existence and figure out a way to keep our groups in line and maybe the intentions are good. i don't want to question that. but i just wonder why not allow the local decision makers to do that? the department of education has proven over and over again in all sorts of administrations it doesn't work to do it from the top down. >> you are too kind. this is intentional for the
7:37 am
administration. if i want to bring parents together to see eye-to-eye on some of these issues you get left wing, centrists and conservative parents that come together and internally debate saying how to help families better educate their kids and advocate to make their lives better and more prosperous. you don't see any groups that were engaged from the right in virginia get involved in this group. a lot of the conservative groups we've seen on your network haven't come in and not part of this council which begs the question, what is it for, dana, if not just to say we're here to push an ideology and pretend like we have a solution that's an answer to the concerns that parents have? which is actually no answer at all. this is a wolf in sheep's clothing saying i'm here to help. watch out, goldilocks, right? >> bill: quickly gallup has been asking a question going back to 1944. the question is do you believe
7:38 am
in god? and gallup has found that it has hit the lowest level ever at 81%. among americans values and beliefs poll that they've been doing since 1944. you were raised in a big family. why do you think that? >> i think we all think god has been a central part of our lives and i think the last democrats to some degree have worked really hard to take god out of all aspects of our lives. out of schools, out of the public square, god is taken out of debates and i think there is a consequence for that, bill. you look at why are kids depressed? why is there more divorce in homes and single parent children being raised with one parent? why is there more violence? i think it comes back to this issue. and i'm surprised that it is still 81% considering all the work that has been done by folks to take god out. we still are a god-fearing and
7:39 am
god loving country. this is a sign of what's to come unless there is pushback. god in our life and public square is a good thing for all of us. better people come from people of faith, i think. and again, i think more and more people of faith are recognizing there is a war on faith and religion. and they will stand up and push back a little more which will hopefully counteract these numbers that we're seeing which are disturbing. >> bill: we shall see on that. sean, nice to see you. >> dana: thank you. primary in illinois, six republicans are fighting for a chance to replace the democrat governor. crime and violence taking center stage as candidates lay out their plans for public safety. jesse sullivan tells us why he wants the support of voters. farmers are feeling the pinch as energy prices keep rising and what it means. >> i'm worried about breaking even. i think we might have a year where we'll lose money.
7:40 am
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>> dana: along with everyone else, farmers are getting writ very hard by the sky high price of gasoline and diesel. the crippling cost to farmers
7:45 am
are being passed to you, the consumer, who have to pay more on every trip to the grocery store. video hu is live at a farm in new jersey. >> grocery store prices are up almost 12% over last year but i've been talking with a farmer here in new jersey and he wants consumers to know that it doesn't mean he is making more profit. watch here. >> our biggest problem is our costs have doubled and they went up so fast and so quickly that our budget, we couldn't budge it in that fast. i've cut back on age rack over the years. i had to stop farming the land. here in jersey, there is no more land. it is getting swallowed up. >> average diesel prices today are at $5.81. that's 80% higher than where they were last year taking the
7:46 am
cost of filling up one large tractor like you see behind me from $430 last year to $780 now. that's just one fill-up for one day's worth of work. fertilizers costs are skyrocketing for the farmer, too. one type of fertilizer commonly used up 64% over a year ago. the farmer says some of his other fertilizers costs have doubled or tripled in price. because these costs are so high, a recent university of illinois study found that farm input prices have increased more than 15 1/2% over the last year. that's almost double the nation's general inflation rate that consumers are now paying. this farmer raises corn and wheat here. he sells about 90% of his crop into the commodity market. that means he is a price taker, not a price maker. he doesn't set the prices, he takes whatever the market is paying them. some of the prices are the best
7:47 am
he has ever seen in his career but his costs are some of the highest they've ever been and it's wiping out the prospect of any profits for this year. he is concerned that he is barely going to break even now. back to you. >> dana: this is an important stories to tell. we wish him the best and hope things turn around. lydia hu, thank you. >> tomorrow's primary day and a week from tomorrow a crowded primary contest in the state of illinois. six republicans seeking the chance to run against the democratic governor prytzger. one is jesse sullivan from chicago to tell us why he wants to lead the state. jesse, good morning and thank you for your time. thank you for your time today. i want our viewers to see chicago crime stats on screen. murders 7%, the shootings down 17% but the robberies at 21 and burglaries at 33. well, we just had a report a short time ago that showed at
7:48 am
least 35 people have been shot over the weekend in chicago. how much of your campaign is a part of that? >> it's such a huge issue here in the state of illinois. it is so sad meeting families who have lost their kids to the violence here. people have become numb to it. the political leadership has, prytzger has made it worse and passed one of the most anti-police bills in the entire nation. it is sending people fleeing from the police force. when i'm governor i am going to crack down on crime again and fill every single police vacancy and surge the national guard into the city of chicago, treat it like the crisis that it is. we'll recall these states attorneys that fail to prosecute like we have here george soros funded prosecutor in kim foxx. i set up local police forces in afghanistan. i will be the most pro law enforcement governor in the nation. >> bill: illinois could use
7:49 am
that. chicago especially. i have to think you perform better in mid state or down state than chicago, right or wrong? >> it's funny. i grew up working on a farm in central illinois where we're raising our seven children, two foster children. but we have doubled the next closest person in chicago. so i'm the only candidate that can really bridge this divide between chicago and the rest of the state. my other opponent is a two-person race. my other opponent co-sponsored a bill to separate chicago from the rest of the state and so we need someone who can really lead with our conservative values but win around chicago and that's what i can do. >> bill: we scanned the country and tried to figure out what the issues are. is it different in illinois? is it different in chicago than in other parts of the state? what are the issues? >> it's no different. you were just talking about faith and family values. that's what we need to get back
7:50 am
to. the far left agenda let by prytzger in the state of illinois has gotten so far to the left. he wants to make us the abortion destination capital of the midwest. i won't let that happen. i'm pro-life and get back to our midwestern values. when it comes to education they're grooming and indoctrinateing our kids and passed the sex education bill in the state of illinois that when our young children are excited for visits from the tooth fairy they ask them whether they want to be a boy or girl. i have an opponent who says the local district wants to teach them, let them. i say no way. as a father to young children we have to get this indoctrination out of our schools. it's an attempt by the far left to get god out of our politics. to devalue families. we need god back at the center of our politics again. >> bill: you are running in a blue state and we'll see how it goes. we'll follow it and see what
7:51 am
wins and what does not. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> dana: juneteenth one man making the world a better place through music. >> it's all about making sure we have this one life and make the most of it and so for me it's about making sure i'm a good human being. it syncs with your favorite vc apps so you'll never miss a meeting. and neither will she. meta portal, make working from home work for you.
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7:57 am
hour. >> bill: heavy winds killed a kite surfer. this is normandy beach, france over the weekend. a mini tornado. french media saying it started whipping up on the beach on saturday. the gusts for a 31-year-old kite surfer toward a restaurant and he was killed. this is the west coast of france. don't see that a lot. >> dana: principal tim panist, we have this story from washington >> great to be with you. for many americans let's be honest, this is a new contest, the federal holiday celebrating the freedom for american slaves
7:58 am
in texas long after the emancipation proclamation. the freedom to excel, express and to entertain today. case in point the main tim panist for the orchestra. he grew up in indiana and has always had an interest in music especially earth, wind and fire and from the humble beginnings we now find a world renowned and unique talent who is dedicated to his craft and spreading the love of music one note at a time. >> my dad had me in music when i was a little kid to keep me safe, to keep me away from some other stuff when i was growing up and it stuck. for me it's paying it forward. it is about making sure that people that look like me and you have the opportunities that they might not have known they had otherwise. >> a wonderful conversation with him. we walked all around the
7:59 am
beautiful kennedy center here in washington he has lived and performed internationally but thrilled to spend time here in washington, d.c. washington, d.c. he even has his own brand of sticks. that's impressive, dana. >> dana: it is impressive. thanks for bringing us that story. thank you so much. >> bill: thank you, kevin. >> dana: you have to see this before we go. watch this, watch this. okay. here you go. a police officer making an unusual discovery while on patrol. watch. >> it's a baby skunk. what do i do? >> dana: it's deputy nate jacobson found the baby skunk on the side of the road in rochester, minnesota. he took it to a shelter. the skunk is healthy and in
8:00 am
good hands. >> bill: is that something perino would do? >> dana: that's a great question for "the five". i don't know. i think i would call someone and get somebody to do it. he said it was worth it to get sprayed but my dogs used to get sprayed all the time in colorado. that's not worth it. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: law breaking pro-choice activists showing up to intimidate u.s. supreme court justices just reached a more vile level. when they showed up outside conservative justice amy coney barrett's home covered in fake blood and carrying baby dolls. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". [chanting and shouting] >> harris: the group is rise up for abortion rights and it is protesting the


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