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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 20, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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[laughter] >> dana: judge, what are you doing tonight? >> judge jeanine: i'm going home because my sister is here with her husband. >> greg: party time. >> judge jeanine: i'm planning for the party. >> jesse: are you buying the margarita machine or what? >> judge jeanine: for you on sunday. >> jesse: i get my own machine. >> dana: that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: it's a bird, it's a plane -- >> dana: don't do it. >> judge jeanine: that is a good intro. >> bret: good evening, breaking tonight president biden says he is considering something that president obama once dismissed as a gimmick. a federal holiday on the gasoline tax that could save consumers about 18 cents a gallon. the president is also reiterating he does not view a recession as admissibili as -- s
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biden desperately tries to deal with the skyrocketing inflation fueled at least partly, maybe greatly by record gasoline prices. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich has our top story tonight live from the north lawn. good evening, jacqui. >> good evening to you, bret. today president biden brushed off a gloomy forecast from former president obama's secretary larry summers says it's more likely than not that we will see a recession by the end of next year. biden has a different outlook after he says he spoke with larry summers this morning. but the white house is finding creative ways to ease pain at the pump. with sky high gas prices, team biden is reconsidering aned in they first tabled sending americans rebate cards. also eyeing a gas tax holiday. >> i hope i have a decision based on data i'm looking for by the end of the week. >> a short-term solution one industry ceo says runs counter to the administration's broader strategy. >> they were really focused on
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demand destruction. and a proposal like this with cutting the federal gas tax would actually be an exercise in demand construction. >> something biden's former administration didn't warm to. >> we're arguing over a gimmick to save you half a tank of gas. over the course of the entire summer so that everyone in washington can pat themselves on the back. >> bringing down energy costs, a focus of biden's one-on-one with the saudi crowned prince next month so says biden's energy secretary. >> i think he will meet with the saudi crowned prince. he has asked for all suppliers around the globe to increase production. >> so they will have a one-on-one meeting. >> that's my understanding. >> biden says not so fast. is he just going to a big meeting where the saudi leader will happen to be. >> i'm going into saudi arabia for a larger meeting. >> doubling down from friday. >> i'm not going to meet with mbs. i'm going to international meeting and he is going to be part of it. >> the trip an about face after biden called saudi arabia a
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pariah on the campaign trail and linking the murder of "the washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi to the crowned prince. white house officials dodging questions over whether that's biden's own view. >> hearing you say yes he agrees with that assessment. >> clearly he would not release that report if it is not something that he believed in. >> one meeting biden won't be taking a sitdown with oil and gas ceos this week despite taking parts in other supply chain talks. >> you did that with retailers and companies and consumer companies. >> i haven't already done. >> biden again rushing off recession fears saying it's not inevitable; the fall off his bike comes amid more recent headlines questioning a re-election campaign at his age. house majority whip jim clyburn's whose endorsement propelled him to the nomination said none of us is getting any younger and biden will decide when the time comes.
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bret? >> bret: jacqui heinrich live on the north lawn. thank you. speak of fuel prices vladimir putin's invasion of ukraine have spent many ukrainian trying to replace fuel from russia. russia has cut off natural gas and fuel shipments to some of those countries. tonight correspondent alex hogan tells us that means at least one country is firing up older facilities that no longer fit in with the green agenda. >> european countries returning to coal, to decrease dependence on russian oil. sunday, germany announced it would restart coal-fired plants but insists it's committed to a greener future. >> independence from fossil energies and from russian fossil energies must be pushed forward at full speed. >> the move to fire up german coal stations deeply contrast the country's plan to cut the most polluting fossil fuel at the same time italy and austria announcings the possibility of coal as well. russia's largest oil customer,
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the european union has vowed to stop buying from moscow within six months. but there's no quick fix. and in the short-term customers bear the brunt of rising costs including painful prices at the pump. while the average gallon of gas in the u.s. is roughly $5. in germany it's 7.50 per gallon. in france it's up to $8 per gallon and in norway you will pay roughly $10 per gallon. at a summit of european leaders, u.s. secretary of state antony blinken urged continued pressure on the kremlin. >> it will deprive the russian government of massive resources it's used to help bank roll its attack on the insdz of ukraine. >> other american leaders are calling on european nations not to forget or give up hope for a clean energy future. >> energy security worry is driving a lot of the thoughts now about oh we need more drilling of this. we need to go back to coal. no, we don't. >> u.s. president joe biden underscored the importance to
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uphold these climate promises as well saying we cannot afford to let these goals slip out of reach. bret? >> bret: thanks. the juneteenth holiday commemorating the -- slaved african-americans. a mass shooting in harlem left one dead and eight others wounded. and in washington, d.c. a teenager was killed and three other people hurt during a shooting at overnight concert. >> correspondent mark meredith has details. [gunfire] >> there they go. >> newly obtained video shows the chaos on d.c. streets last night after a gunman opened fire, killing a 15-year-old and leaving three others, including a police officer wounded. >> when you have large gatherings in a dense area, all it takes is one person introducing a gun to the situation that makes it deadly. >> sunday's shooting happened near a juneteenth celebration. police say organizers never
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obtained a proper permit and it appears traditional security measures like barricades were not taken. >> somebody used a gun and a child is dead. we need some accountability here. >> violent crime in the nation's capitol up 12% from last year. this problem extends beyond the beltway. >> i feel like it's only going to get worse. do you know what i'm saying? it ain't going to get better. >> overnight new york's harlem neighborhood a gunman shot nine people killing 21-year-old man. a handgun was recovered and police are still asking for help finding the shooter. in chicago, 47 people were shot just this past weekend. the majority of shootings taking place in the city's south and west side. in california, los angeles county district attorney george gascon is facing condemnation from the parents of a 31-year-old police officer killed in the line of duty last week. joseph santana's parents say their son's killer, a felon with a violent history, and who was on probation, should have never been on the streets.
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>> gascon should be recalled immediately. he has destroyed so many lives. and he has completely destroyed ours. which is completely devastated. >> gascon's office says the d.a. and the staff are focused on providing support for the loved ones. ing the voters in san francisco recalled their district attorney over crime concerns earlier this month. bret? >> bret: mark, thank you. i have been bouncing around the site. there is a lot of data on there. let's start with the economy. we are coming off the president considering a gas tax holiday. we are coming off what's happening with inflation and obviously gas prices as a part of that. looking at the numbers, where do you see the u.s. economy now? >> well, i think there is probably three or four factors worth thinking about. obviously inflation is on everybody's mind. if we look at inflation adjusted wages, we certainly have seen a
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decline, but a small decline over the course of the last couple of years. smaller than, i think people probably think about in terms of inflation adjustment. we're back almost up to the same number of people who are employed pre-pandemic. we are about 500,000 jobs short of the number of about 155 million. we have got 11 million job openings and basically we only have about 5 million people unemployed, which means even if we filled every opening, we would still be short labor. >> bret: yeah. if we look at the fox news polls, the latest one, that is the issue than everyone is really concerned about. 41% say inflation is the most important issue when they think about their vote. if you go down there a bit, climbing up the list is crime. that seems to be a stat that effects a lot of different cities across the country, too
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recommendation what's going on with crime is interesting. if you go back to the 1990s crime rate early to mid 90's. crime rates have come down, leveled off and come just a scope back up over the course of the pandemic as we know. but, i think people miss sometimes the good friends that we do see but firearm deaths up 23% since 2010. a lot of that is suicide quite frankly. but as we have seen lately homicide deaths are up and all the tragedy that comes with that. >> bret: yeah, steve, two more things quickly. why did you do this u.s.a. facts to begin with. >> i was jiving into philanthropy with my wife focusing in on the american dream, if you will, for kids who are born in less fortunate circumstances. well, the first thing you have to understand is how much does the government do and how much more can the government reasonably do?
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and i was looking around, trying to find numbers. i was really disappointed, frankly with how easy it was to get a numerical picture of government in the just and the u.s. has a glance. look, if he we are going to think about this as a business problem, we need something like the 4 and 10 k with conditions have to file with the secures and exchange commission. we have go outs and rebuild it. he we thought we would share it and go from there. >> bret: it's nonpartisan, the data on there you can go through and see different facts. i want to end with one kind of controversial question, steve. that is there is a lot of focus on this level golf league and saudi arabia and what's happening there with the pga tour about human rights how does that factor in nba and china when it comes to human rights? do you think about that. >> yeah. >> bret: as an owner of the nba?
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>> well, you know. i believe strongly in the leadership of our commissioner. and our league office. these are tricky waters to navigate. obviously the u.s. continues to do robust business with china to say we should full back or withdrawal completely is an economic under the leadership of government. in terms of having what i call appropriate relationships with china. the things will change and i'm sure our league direction will change as well. >> bret: steve somer, we appreciate your time. thanks. >> thanks, bret. pleasure. >> bret: we missed the intro there that's steve balmer, former microsoft ceo founder of the website facts and the owner of the l.a. clippers.
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when we come back under president obama or president biden, rather, the remain in mexico policy is coming up short. we'll explain why. plus we begin our new series on the poisoning of america. looking at the deadly fentanyl crisis and how it's destroying lives all over the country. ♪
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>> bret: the governing body for international swim something adopting new policies for transgender swimmers. it will permit only swimmers who transitioned before the age of 12 to compete in women's events. transgendered men will be eligible to compete in men's events as long as they comply with doping controlled rules. youngsters under 5 years old are now eligible to receive the covid-19 vaccinations, the cdc gave approval over the weekend. 18 million children will be eligible. shots will expected to begin some time this weeks. in border from customs border protection migrants stopped at the southern border are put into a protection program under the remain in mexico policy. this is despite a federal jumps ruling last august that the policy remain in place. the statistics show only about 4,000 of more than 1.5 million migrants have been placed in the
3:19 pm
program since the first of october. more than 95,000 were released into the u.s. last month alone. ♪ >> bret: tonight, we begin a new series we are calling the poisoning of america. it deals with the fentanyl crisis and how it is affecting the lives of ordinary american families. this evening, fox news medical analyst dr. marc siegel starts us off from new york. >> how does a vibrant, healthy, physically capable 17-year-old just no longer live? ♪ >> it's been more than a year since chris and laura did itier found their 17-year-old son slumped over his desk inside their home took what he thought was a single percocet pill. instead fentanyl synthetic
3:20 pm
opioid 100 times more powerful than morphine. >> there was no synthetic at all in his system fentanyl involved fatalities among adolescents ages 14 to 18 have skyrocketed every year since 2019. zach, a straight a student, athlete and musician was said to be a first time user who bought the drug on snapchat. fentanyl can be easily disguised as another drug. >> it is about poisoning, not overdose. but it's about the deception that's happening. >> apps like snapchat have faced heavy criticism by parents who say they're essentially an open market for the sale and purchase of drugs. in 2021, the drug enforcement agency seized more than 20 million counterfeit pills. >> just 2 milligrams of fentanyl is enough to kill someone. that's 10 or 20 tiny crystals of salt. >> laura and chris turned their grief into activism.
3:21 pm
>> we have got to talk about the dangers our kids are being exposed to. >> what if in our warning and in sharing our story we can save some of these other kids? and we knew that's what zach would want us to do. >> the d.e.a. reports that mexico's transnational criminal organization, which includes china, india and social media, are producing increased quantities of fentanyl-laced counterfeit tablets. shining a spotlight on these bogus pills is a big part of protecting our children. bret? >> bret: dr. siegel, thank you. our series will continue this week. up next, we will look at a big senate primary runoff in alabama and how former president trump is playing a major role there first, beyond our borders tonight, authorities in india and bangladesh struggle to deliver food and drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people evacuated from their homes because of flooding there that has submerged wide swaths of both countries. the floods have been triggered by monsoon rains.
3:22 pm
more than a dozen people have been killed so far. french political leader marie le pen says her party's extraordinary surge in the country's parliamentarian political victory and seismic event in her words. many voters opted for for right or far left candidates denying president emmanuel macron's central alliance a straight majority in the national assembly. le pen's national rally won 89 seats in the 577 member parliament up from the previous total of just 8. the world's largest recorded fresh water fish has been caught in the river in cam body i can't. scientists say the giant stingray was captured last monday it measures 1 feet and weighs in 660 pounds. caught by a local fisherman in northeastern cam body i can't. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> bret: u.s. capitol police arrested a group of staffers with cbs's late show with stephen colbert after they allegedly illegally entered a house of representatives' office building thursday night. sources say the group of seven people was arrested after being escorted out of the capitol riot committee hearing earlier in the day because they did not have proper press credentials. the group re-surfaced thursday night after the capitol complex was completely closed to public visitors. fox news is told that they took videos and pictures around the offices of two republican members of congress. the group was charged with illegal entry to house office buildings after hours. >> bret: missouri senate candidate greitens is taking serious criticism for a campaign ad encouraging bagging and tagging moderate republicans.
3:29 pm
those people are referred to dericively as rinos. republicans in name only. former navy seal holds a gun while advocating what he calls a rino hunting permit. critics say he is calling for the murder of republicans. his campaign says if anyone doesn't get the met for, they're either lying or dumb. facebook has removed the campaign video for violating it standards and twitter put up a warning. there will be a big primary runoff tomorrow in alabama for the republican nomination for the u.s. senate and former president trump is right in the middle of it. correspondent alexandria hoff is in daleville, alabama tonight with the latest. good evening, alexandria. >> good evening, bret. this race has become a battle between a candidate who gamed former president trump's endorsement and the one who lost it one at katy brit's final campaign stops in steelville alabama right near her town. tomorrow republican voters will return to vote in a primary run
3:30 pm
off election after near brit nor her component congressman mo brooks drew in more than 50% last month. brit came close. this time she has something new. former president trump's backing. we talked voter appeal. >> they want leaders to understand what it is like to be a hardworking alabama i can't be. a hardworking american and fights for that so earning president trump's endorsement obviously was soaks sighting. >> it also dealt a blow brooks who initially had the former president's endorsement. trump pulled it after brooks said this about the 2020 election at a rally last summer. >> folks, put that behind you. put that behind you. yes. >> following the may primary brooks explained what he pentagon meant by all of this on find. >> what is now done in 2020 is irreversible under the united states constitution and the united states code and i am one of those who believes in law and
3:31 pm
order. i might not like it but that's the end game but that is the end game. >> this month brooks took to twit tore push back on trump's decision saying he is the true america first candidate writing this is weird. last time donald trump talked about katie britt he said she was unqualified for the senate. donald trump is the only man in american politics who could get conned why mitch mcconnell twice in an alabama senate race. now, brooks also trails when it comes to outside spending which fec data shows has overwhelmingly benefited brit. we will see how much that add spending impacts voters for turn outtomorrow. bret? >> bret: brit hume now has analysis on the race and midterms coming up in november. good evening. talk about this race and former president trump and deal with a lot whether the former president is endorsing or not endorsing. there are big winds of change for this midterm and warning signs for democrats.
3:32 pm
one of them is a new congresswoman being sworn in tomorrow in south texas, mayra flores. here she is winning a district which democrats controlled for 100 years. take a listen. >> we're all about faith and family and hard work. that's exactly who we are. but the democrat party took us for granted. they feel entitled to our vote. making the same promises over and over. and really not making nothing happen. and i, honestly, had enough. >> bret: a wife of a border patrol agent, born in mexico 1450e will break a glass ceiling for republicans in mexico, brit, by being congresswoman tomorrow. your thoughts on the winds of chain heading to november. >> brit: a couple things about that south texas race we wouldn't pay thatch attention to a district like that except in this case not only is this a district that democrats have held for a very long time, it is
3:33 pm
also a district where hispanics freedom nate and where even though this woman certainly has clear hispanic roots, the winner, it was not at all clear that someone could wins a a hispanic on a republican ticket. so this suggests that winds of change that effect yes, people's general allegiance or lack of it to the democrats, but it also points to something we are seeing in the pentagon about joe biden, which is his approval rating among hispanics is, what? 25%. this is something that really needs to worry democrats. i mean, the concern is not really now about whether the house will flip. almost everybody thinks it will but by how much and whether in an election which the house goes by a large margin, the democrats will be swept out of control of the senate. so that's what we are looking at. it's favorable terrain, the republicans. the worry, of course is that donald trump may influence it by backing candidates who can't win. katie britt in alabama but may be true of some of the other
3:34 pm
candidates that he will be supporting and that's a concern for republicans. >> bret: just to reiterate that premise. other voices speaking out about brown and hispanic voters. one of them van jones on cnn. and what that means for democrats. >> if democrats want working class black and working class latino voters, we are going to have to change our strategy. we wind up overpromising. we got to give reparations to people at the bottom of the ladder. talking weird to appeal to people at the top of the ladder and working class walks away from you. that is the danger we are facing. >> bret: so in the wake of that, you have got this gas tax holiday proposal that president obama called a gimmick. president biden is seriously considering. >> brit: democrats are in a real jam because nobody thinks the gas prices are going to be reduced significantly enough by election day that people will have not considered it and
3:35 pm
general inflation generally an issue. so they are trying to do something. because so far what they have talked about hasn't made a difference. and it's -- you know, it's something people feel every day. everybody feels it. so, they are trying to do something now. gas tax is about, what, 16 or 18 cents cents gallon that will make some difference but not enough to overcome as big an increase in gasoline prices as we have seen. i mean, i think it probably useful for them to say at least we did something. but i don't think, you know, and of course it deprives the treasury of money that supposedly is available for infrastructure. that's what the gas tax is supposed to pay for, roads, brings and the like. so, i am not sure that that measure is going to make much much a difference, bret. >> bret: brit, as always, thank you. >> brit: thank you, bret. ♪
3:36 pm
>> bret: this is the second year that juneteenth is being celebrated as a national hooltd. it marks the day in 1865 when slaves in texas were told by the union army that they had been freed. tonight correspondent kevin corke has the story of one hand who has used music to make a difference in his life and those of many others. >> they come here for two and a half hours, they can detach from everything else that they are too long to make the world a better place. >> can use the pedal to move the drum. >> if there is something javon gillian knows well how to make the world a better place by using the universal language of music. >> for more than a dozen years, javon long before there were packed concert halls and thunderous ovations.
3:37 pm
are he grew up like a lot of us. >> my dad had me in music when i was a little kid to keep me safe and other stuff i was around growing up. i think it kind of stuck. >> it stuck all right, just imagine from growing up in small town indiana only to later live abroad and play all over the globe. the true gift of freedom. one is he all too willing to share. >> i think for me it's about paying it forward. it's about making sure that people that look like me and you have the opportunities that they might not have known that they had otherwise. >> you want to be in every part of the community. our hands here, our hands mere. javaon central to the mission is cultivating other black artists who might not otherwise learn to love music the way he does. ♪ ♪ >> it's important for us to make sure that everybody is aware of where we have come from. and where we are trying to government ♪ >> indeed a wonderful
3:38 pm
conversation with a true artist who is committed to making a difference not just here locally but all over the globe. and speaking up next week, javaon will leave washington for south africa for a chance to play chamber festival there. his first trip to the continent. bret? >> bret: crime crisis and how the public is fed up with light sentences for criminals. ♪ ["only wanna be with you" by hootie & the blowfish]
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>> bret: israeli's prime minister naftali bennett's office will be banded and new elections. he has been struggling to keep party together since it took office one year ago. defections have left the crumbling alliance without a majority in the israeli parliament for more than two months. the election expected in october or november would be israel's fifth in three years. back in the u.s., the crime crisis is playing out amid growing public anger toward what is perceived as inadequate punishment for offenders. tonight, we tell you about a seattle judge under fire for her sentencing of a gang member who fired a gun into a crowd. correspondent dan springer has the story from seattle. >> five people are shot in
3:44 pm
downtown seattle. a local gang member is convicted. king county spear jr. court judge roth goes four years bloat sentencing guidelines and six years under what prosecutors requested. >> the struggle in your community with gang and gun violence matters to me. and our entire community shares responsibility for that struggle. >> same judge who did not return our calls and emails released two teenagers charged with a string of violent takeover robberies. prosecutors say they promptly cut off their ankle monitors and robbed a pot shop this time killing employee. a seattle radio host has been hammering the issue for weeks. >> of course criminals know there aren't going to be the kind of lifelong repercussions for committing violent crime. >> there has been a movement last several years toward bail reform and softer sentencing guidelines, sympathetic judges have gotten appointed and elected. >> got to define people by worst
3:45 pm
mistake and helping them get ahead in life. >> some cases heading deadly criminals has deadly consequences. walk saw, wisconsin, darrell brooks killed six people christmas parade with his suv. three weeks earlier accused of running over the mother of his child. for that crime bail was set at just $1,000. and in houston a man out on a $30,000 bond for aggravated robbery now stands accused of a cold blooded murder. >> what the left proposes is more social experimentation that we tried before and results in death and destruction. >> now we are seeing a pushback in harris county texas where murders are up 27% since 2019. the district attorney is encouraging prosecutors to run against soft on crime judges. bret? >> bret: dan sprirk in ceilings. dan, thank you. up next the panel on president biden's sinking approval ratings and upcoming trip to saudi arabia about energy. here is what some of our fox
3:46 pm
affiliates are covering tonight. fox 5 in new york as firefighters battle a plays in wharton state forest in south jersey. officials say 2100 acres have already burned. 18 structures were threatened. fortunately no injuries have been reported. this is a live look at boston. one of the big stories there tonight, englishman matt fitzpatrick wins the u.s. open at brook line, the country club. did you see this. he defeesed sal torres in attention filled of open. the clutch shot fitzpatrick out of the fairway bunker on 18 to secure his 6 under final score. fitzpatrick's first major as a professional. he won the u.s. amateur title nine years ago at that same country club, brook line. that's tonight's live look from outside the beltway on "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ i'm on top of the world. ♪ ♪ and party every day. ♪
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3:52 pm
here. president biden pushing back fiercely about that as he gets yesterday to go on this trip to saudi arabia. let's bring in our panel fox news media analyst and host of fox news media buzz howie kurtz. morgan ortagus and ben domenech editor of the and host of the ben domenech podcast on fox news radio. ben, let me start with you. germany steps up measure to conservative gas as russia slows supply to europe. germany will restart coal fired power plants offer incentives for companies to curb natural gas consumption marking a new step in the economic war between europe and russia. russia's cutting of gas supplies raise the specter of potential fuel shortage if europe goes into winter with less than full stoiches look stowdges. turning to coal it's quite something will will.
3:53 pm
criticisms lodged against this approach over the years and frankly frankly kind of absurd on a certain level to have to turn to coal after all of the signs and signals that have been sent regarding a shift to a greener policy that we should go back to that old terrible and dirty approach to getting energy is. this is an indictment of the fact that we have not had the kind of nuclear plant growth that we ought to have had, not just in europe, but around the world over the past several years. but, look, i mean, the larger point here is one that i think is very concerning for the country in terms of what we are looking at economically. we are headed toward, i think, a number of years now of significant economic downturn. larry summers is correct, i think, in diagnosing a lot of these problems. and, unfortunately, i think that this white house is really
3:54 pm
whistling past all of this. they are acting as if washington can just solve this with a snap of a finger and, unfortunately, i think that's not the case. >> bret: howie, speaking of that we have seen the president tap the strategic petroleum reserve, we are now hearing him talk about a possible gas tax holiday which means roughly 18 cents a gallon for some period of time but then it comes back. so, critics would say they are grasping at straws to try to get something before the midterms. >> look. if biden is arguing about whether we are in a recession or heading to a recession, he is losing. because it doesn't matter what the statistics show. it is what people feel about the economy. he doesn't have many tools in the remaining months to do something about inflation, especially gas prices and inflation is the killer app. of this campaign. at the same time, bret, some democrats now openly questioning joe biden's age and mental aquite after a "new york times" story made it coacher for pun
3:55 pm
disto challenge whether you he has got what it takes will democratic congress seems mired in paralysis. >> bret: to your point, the atlantic, which is not exactly a right wing operation writes why biden shouldn't run in 2024. let me put this bluntly, joe biden should not run for re-election in 2024. he is too old. the age issue will only get worse if biden runs again. the whispers are becoming shouts. morgan, it is becoming now as howie mentions more prevalent in a number of media sources to raise this issue with democrats. >> yeah. but i think that we are sort of misdiagnosing the problem here. i'm sure his age isn't great because he doesn't seem agile for sure.
3:56 pm
i would argue of the problem is the policy. putting climate change and green agenda before the realities of everyday americans spending like there is no end in sight. i mean, all of the policies that this white house is putting in place is what led us to where we are in the economy and inflation today. not biden's age. and if kamala harris or pete buttigieg or any other democrat come in with this far left agenda for the american economy, you are going to see the same outcome even if they're 40 years younger than he is now frankly it's ironic and dangerous that they would be prepared to negotiate with iranian regime intent on destruction of israel and united states of america but refuse to work alongside the saudi arabia for one deed they have singled out. it demonstrates an absence of
3:57 pm
serious in that represents a lot of risk to america. >> bret: this trip to saudi arabia is just headaches on a number of different fronts. between the energy secretary saying yes there is going to be a one-on-one with the saudi crowned prince to the president saying no, i'm going to this giant consortium of countries in saudi arabia. flush. >> i have enormous respect for morgan's old boss mike pompeo and i think he is right on this. i think one of the things that we have to take away from this occurrence is that, you know, all of the fictions that were thrown at the trump administration about their dealings with saudi arabia and regimes were lies. they just were lies. they were straight up lies. they were trying to advocate for the idea that engagement with them was something that could be avoided. it can't be avoided. i do think that in this particular instance it's quite embarrassing to sort of go hat in hand and try to beg the saudis to give us more energy
3:58 pm
when this is really as morgan said a result of the policy decisions that have been made under this administration. this was avoidable. but they have chosen not to avoid it and because of that, we are in this circumstance now and we have to try to find in desperate ways a ways to navigate around the fact that every time people go to the gas pump, they are seeing an advertisement for the republican party in november. >> bret: ending where we starty howie on the gas prices. now this federal gas tax holiday proposal, the president saying is he going to come up with something by the end of the week. form everywhere president obama, when he was president, said that was a gimmick and talked about it that way. but they are seriously considering it in this administration. >> look, in politics it's better be seen doing something rather than nothing. as you observed earlier it's not going to do much given that the gas tax huge amounts of increases. every time people pass the pump
3:59 pm
not filling up. ouch, look at that $5.50. i do think saudi arabia is odious human rights violator and for president biden to be rewarding the crowned prince with a meeting. they say it's not a meeting. is like the saudis trying to buy respectability by trying to throw millions of dollars to pro-golfers. >> bret: last word, morgan? >> we have friends and allies around the world who do not have our record or stance on human rights. absolutely, it's not just saudi arabia. you work with those countries to get them to a better place. we have troops in saudi arabia. they buy hundreds of billions of dollars worth of american equipment every year. they work with isis and al qaeda. they work with us palestinians. they are an ally. >> bret: all right. panel, thank you so much. ♪
4:00 pm
>> bret: salute minor league basketball player jumps into action after a player collapses. cope palestinian began administering cpr who suffered heart attack. eventually taken to a hospital awake and alert. his family thanked cope palestinian for career firefighter for heroic actions. nice work. face it fair, balanced and unafraid. here is jesse. >> jesse: thanks, bret. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: america is and has been the post powerful country in the world for some time. whoever the president is, therefore, is the most powerful person in the world. the world watches their every move. it's their responsibility to show strength, mentally and physically. of course, no one expects the president to be the smartest or the strongest person in the country. that's me. but, they need to show they are