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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 20, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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you have a good father's day? i did. i am absolutely exhausted from father's day but that's what being a father is all about being exhausted. then pulling it together for monday. [laughs] that's all for us tonight always dvr the show and always watched tucker and his next and i was a member i am jesse watters on this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" happy monday if you can call it that but you can't like most americans are probably still trying to digest what is happening over the last couple of days.
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as we thing about how close we came to losing our democracy. last thursday it was june 16th a day forever branded in our memory a day that is joined the pantheon of tragic turning points in human history. where are you on six, 16 and neither will we. at the time they are preparing a show and tony fauci has pushed for another for kids. seems so trivial now as we were speaking on air at that very moment a team of seven saboteurs had entered the capital grounds and then proceeded to saboteurs do to breach the capital itself. inside those hollow grounds within the very womb of democracy these records began their hunt for standing members of congress. that happened ladies and showman it sounds shocking to you it gets worse from there. this is not some spontaneous outbreak of insurrection, no. this was a meticulously planned
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coup from afar. the group in the capital was under direct control of an extreme called stephen colbert definition is a white extremist. this white extremist stephen colbert had a place in the capital to help them pull off his diabolical plan. he had members of congress and his employment. members of congress who believe it or not helped the insurrection enter the capital. just open the doors and let them walk in. yes that can happen. stephanie murphy of florida, and a new member called jake of massachusetts. besmirching his family name. those three members of congress allowed the the records and solid side the office while inside the insurrectionist try to gain access to a restricted area. there were boarded by brave law enforcement who arrive. risking their very lives to
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remove the insurrectionist from the premises, but it was not enough. hours later an aide to congressman secretly permitted the insurrectionist to read enter the capital complex and then at 8:30 p.m. they did some kind of disturbance. according to one report they were banging on windows inside the capital and trashed the place. committing violence against our democracy. for that apparently we are hearing tonight they were put in jail. within hours they were out again. now the man who controls this attempt, stephen colbert knew exactly what he was doing. he knew the stakes, he knew the crimes that he was committing. we know that because just last year this white extremist stephen colbert explained it grown men who members of congree not pranksters, not protesters,
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they are domestic terrorist. >> lord have mercy there are some top dark subjects that we talk about on the show occasionally, but i've really been upset as i have been tonight. this the most shocking and least surprising thing i've ever seen and his followers did exactly what they told him to do. behave in a way that's what's the word? deplorable. one of these domestic terrorists even broke into speaker pelosi's office. they live in an alternate universe that is now collapsing in on itself it's like a black hole of whiteness. and this was never some kind of peaceful protest this was charlottesville come home to roost. >> tucker: it is shocking is our domestic terrorists. stephen colbert and what the community calls foreshadowing
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described his own coup. and yet stephen colbert somehow still has access to the airwaves and to digital media. spreading his hate on feathered. convincing future generations that insurrection's to do what his team of did last week. that must stop. people who plan coos must be silenced there's precedent for that and anyone who disagrees should be disconnected from amazon web services immediately. no spreading hate. stopping white extremist stephen colbert from passing on his message of insurrection of the country won't solve for the rest of us are living with and that is trauma. and like all trauma journalists are affected most profoundly. we are scarred by what we saw. it'll be a long time before we can revisit the capitol building before we can forget what we
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were democracy shook on its very foundation. to take therapy and a lot of support from our fellow survivors before we can recapture the carefree innocence that stephen colbert stole from us before we can feel safe again. we are not alone in our disparaging. >> so many people one of america's darkest days. >> became one of the darkest days and political history. >> one of the darkest days in this nation's history. >> one of most dramatic and dark days in american history. >> one of the darkest days in u.s. history. >> this is one of the darkest days in american history. >> what dark bottle of bourbon to drink? >> tucker: people feel the stuff deeply. you just robots a nerd hard and calloused to the news. you don't feel come but we do. we do feel. you see someone like that scene
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insurrection take place before your very eyes and it hurts you. it changes you're not the same person how long will take to heal? it's impossible to know. cnn just interviewed a rolling stone after year and a half of the last insurrection still hasn't healed. watch. >> last for years he said sometimes i'm fine sometimes i want to stop for hours and sometimes i just want to sleep. that sounds to me like trauma that sounds like ptsd. do you feel like you still experience that? >> i do think so to a certain extent. >> this morning for i came down here i was again at the capital. no my recently came down to visit me and i member thinking to myself man, i can't wait until i can look at this and not feel sad. >> tucker: you look at summing like that and you're tempted to dismiss it out of hand. you're having trouble sleeping
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sob for no reason that's because you've a barren personal life. your celebrate your only meaningful if human contact comes from the uber eats guy. you live out your emotional life on netflix, that is your core problem i couldn't really be in insurrection. excuse me sorry. or disrupted your sleep. but it can. for journalists, the stuff hurts. if you think it's bad for us in the news media? what you think it was like for the lawmakers who are trapped inside thursday night? in the last insurrection even noticed she was nowhere near the capital, probably getting her nails done but it doesn't matter. sandy cortez nearly died. >> she is given a harrowing account of her experience on january 6. >> it's one of the most harrowing accounts so far. >> congresswoman tell that harrowing story.
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>> the harrowing story of how she had from attackers during the capitol riots. >> boom, boom, boom. boom boom. >> tucker: that is what insurrection looks like. there is no charade like miming i can ever fully express the pain inside. we are gonna deal with that our quiet alone time possibly wearing upscale turtlenecks we will let you know. the question is once we have had an active war like this how does the country respond? how do we all respond? boom, boom, boom as sandy would say. a criminal investigation one underway by the way in a day of remembrance because you can't let the memory die so who's gonna leave this? will the obvious candidate is liz cheney. speak of crime adam kinzinger.
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they are naturals. we called them to see how they're planning and trying to commemorate this day we got back to us yet probably sleeping or weeping. but we can assume from past experiences that he feels this really deeply really deeply watch. >> inside what the impact of that day. democracies are not defined by our bad days. >> tucker: he is right and we've made fun of them in the past like a grown dude crying on tv remarked that we apologized. we can't recover. this really only one other path for recovering if you talk to any recovery expert they will tell you that the way to recover is he viciously punish the people who hurt your feelings. step one. it's always step one. so we are going to have to kneed
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out some pd sturdy punishments they been jailed for one night. the penalty for insurrection is death brock long for that here. this is the moderate show. as our fellow americans we owe them a second chance thankfully there's recent presidents to help guide an appropriate punishment what is the right punishment for insurrection? will kelly for the last year and a half has been following this very personally. she is the author of jim januar. she joins us tonight to explain what we do with insurrection us in this country stephen colbert's coup plot apparently spent the night in the clink one night is that adequate base president and insurrectionist customer >> it absolutely is not in the fact that these insurrectionist artists running free around l.a. or wherever they are they are
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terrorists they really threaten our national security. >> tucker: literally, literally shaking. >> i've been trying to explain to my children what that america looks like and don't even remember it. so that is can be our burden to make history memorable. for future generations. [laughs] >> tucker: i'm sorry. let's just stay for the sake of arguing a prejoe biden america were justice was pretty much equal. what punishment based on very recent presidents was stephen colbert's insurrectionist face? >> first it would be the felony charge that's most commonly applied to january 6th protesters and that's the obstruction of the official
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proceedings. they went to the committee hearing they were prohibited from being there because they'd already been denied special press credentials of course they're not media not entertainers they are democrats and party activists. they are no different than any of the people who were there on january 6 stephen colbert's democrat party loyalists. he spent his entire show beating up on donald trump and republicans so they were activists. they could've actually shut down this committee and the thing about that and i think the court in liz cheney of the puppet dog guy because her committee to pause that just re-on and they definitely need to be arrested and charged with obstruction of an official proceeding sent to jail and jail. as the first step in and the spent several others misdemeanors that should be applied to them as well. >> tucker: and then they can
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spend a year in solitary confinement and it d.c. jail the worse jail in america. i'm not try and use profanity the fact that's happening and don't say anything bad were very grateful for that to you julie kelly thank you for that. >> tucker: thing about the evaporation of your rights u.s. senators in both parties amazingly because that's vote republican organ on legislation would allow the police to seize firearms to people who have not even been charged with anything. now we can have this legislation as soonest tonight. several republicans including notably of texas who supports every bad idea are driving this. so the seneca pass the bill within the next couple of weeks. josh hawley were presents missouri in the senate he joins us tonight. senator think so much for coming on. these red flag laws which exist in some states gone marillyn hewson up and charged with anything he was shot by the police last week. how likely do you think this is
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to get to the united states senate's widths backing? >> unfortunately it looks like it's more and more like it tucker we don't know what's in the text of this bill because nobody has seen it. or at least i haven't seen it in my theory is worriedly asked to vote on it may be as early as this week. final passage and no one has yet seen the text of the thing. i think there is an increasingly high likelihood that this will pass and here's the deal. is my view is that it's time to be honest with the american were not talking here about isolated incidents pinprick at the school or that school. we talk about a wave across the entire country of violence. we ought to be doing is a crime bill that will focus on criminals not law-abiding citizens, criminals. people who commit the crimes and use guns to commit the crime. they have to be prosecuted if the be the ones who are sentencing. if the ones that were focused on because i thought apparently with this bill is gonna do. incentives can take away second amendment rights from
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law-abiding citizens without any adjudication of the crime. >> tucker: how many republican voters vote for republican senators in the hope that they will accelerate the erasing of bill of rights? a lot of those do you think? >> into sin misery i would say approximately zero. i disown my home state would voters expect is number one they expect you to read legislation before we vote on it. that would be about a baseline just a start. secondly they also expect me to defend the second moment and go after criminals in that. >> tucker: thank you so much i appreciate your time things so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: joe biden is totally nursing perfect health no problem at all. by the way this weekend he was riding his bike and was in great shape and then he fell over for no reason. just no reason at all, fell
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over. because standing up is increasingly difficult for him. dr. siegel has been analyzing that tape and has a mentioning points on it after this. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: gas prices are setting records and so is inflation but joe biden has a plan that's gonna ride his bike on vacation and he did that of the week and the problem is for joe biden it's not as easy as it once was. this happen. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: so to be clear were not attacking him for falling off of his bike at a standstill he just at the age where that can happen. also he should be president. the other thing the people around in the chief of staff susan rice to name two among many are empowered by having this husk in the white house's the letter what joe biden mental state for years. in the media has helped them if they are over at cnn bragged about joe biden's bike writing abilities of all things.
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>> you hardly hear about coded all they have big time joe biden bashers. you know what this is partisansp and action. what the heck is going on on these programs? look at a news on saturday. in delaware. this is joe biden on a vigorous bike ride that were in a home up at deftly wearing a mask by the way. the fox narrative talk radio narrative for months has been the joe biden is thought of heart. his term say it fall apart and there is riding a bike out for a bike ride. >> tucker: is that not dementia than what exactly is it. marc siegel is a doctor though he is our doctor and you watch the tape for the weekend closely and was informed by thank you for joining us tonight.
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even treated him personally but you saw the video would you make of that? >> one thing you don't know about me as i am a cyclist i've been a cyclist all my life and analyze that first of all course he needs a helmet s number one on a wonder why not and the second thing is that maybe he should stick to his palatine because that is little safer than what you just saw i'm here to tell you that the kind of pedal that he is wearing out with that exact pedal running across a mad states twice when i was 20 years old and many times i fell because the pedal? is zero. he 79 years old but we have heard from his physical last year because everyone forgot this? it hit a sudden change. we didn't know where they came from and they said neurologist examined him we can get a report and we didn't hear about any mris. look very awkward to me as a cyclist with that he fell out of that pedal i'm not used to seeing that i feel that it bears
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examination i don't know him i didn't examine him but we've a right to know in terms of fitness a limit to something. study and frontiers of neuroscience i came on 2017 at cycling is the exact right exercise the use if you have parkinson's which i don't know if he has problems with thinking executive function. her time at the chief executive here tucker. the chief executive meaning bicycling verdict of function to the public has a right to know. i like it is to wear a to his pellets on and we need to know what's going on what's going on upstairs thank you tucker. >> tucker: of course we do an absolute right to know the resolve of his medical examination at the a for mining as of that. dr. siegel thank you. so today is a federal holiday celebrating juneteenth. he may be confused just what juneteenth is. a lot of people are under the
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impression that it was a day to celebrate emancipation from slavery in which case would be a great thing would call it emancipation day would venerate abraham lincoln who is responsible for emancipation was in fact killed for was a civil rights martyr if there ever was one. at the same time were submitting juneteenth you're turning down lincoln's statue so what is this about actually? while in new orleans leadership just unveiled a black power here pin it does make the city safer it also does bring the city together does it? washington, d.c., 15 rob lowe which is shot to death and events in northwest d.c. here's what it looks like. >> on juneteenth as you can see since it ended early that they go look.
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another shooting look. >> tucker: jason woodlock joins us tonight jason thanks so much for joining us i think a lot of people putting us will be strong in favor of dave silbert emancipation from slavery that doesn't seem like what this is. >> no it is not that and look tucker luscious be all the way on us this is george floyd day. juneteenth would not be a national holiday it wasn't for george floyd. so that's what this is really about actually about racial division. look i'm like you the emancipation proclamation obviously for me african american huge day the entire year of 1865 should be celebrated america we dedicate itself to its best ideals men,
5:28 pm
union soldiers made enormous sacrifices for their belief in equality and the freedom of other men who didn't look like them is all very worthy of being celebrated with a stumble over would juneteenth. no seat know that is a byproduct of bunch of riots george floyd's tragic death but don't want to celebrate george floyd fl sorry for george floyd is a victim of his own mistakes and the mistakes of derek's open but he is not worthy of celebration is not worthy of a national holiday in his memory the events of 65 in the sacrifices during that time frame all worthy of celebration which were were doing that i call america's resurrection's rebirth to
5:29 pm
celebrate that we should be very unifying the stumble were doing. >> tucker: how can they also excuse the toppling abraham like in statues. one of many. >> it speaks to the real agenda but timed juneteenth it's about racial division. look at a black female mayor in new orleans that is a major city having monument built that was allegedly in honor of juneteenth and the honor of black people's accomplishments in america. and it's an afro pick? with a black fist? swivel black political figure who doesn't know how to properly honor black people and who do something this shallow. it tells you how shallow this
5:30 pm
entire movement is if an afro pick design, paid for, promoted by a black politician a democrat politician if that is a symbol of our progress and freedom and accomplishment look a white mirror that did this would be recalled and would be trashed all over television and everyplace else, but nothing to see here juneteenth has been turned into a joke. we have deemphasized very important years in american history that we can all learn from and be proud of we've got a different route. >> tucker: it's a humiliation route. so depressing. thank you for putting that into perspective thank you we appreciate it. >> tucker: after months of arguing about whether or not biological men can swim in races
5:31 pm
as women the international swimming federation just ruled on it fastening will tell you what that ruling was after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: has finally banned men from being in women's swimming events but there is a catch. the new rule applies only to men who started to transition womanhood if that's possible after the age of 12 so the words appearance is sized to chemically castrate a male child at a young age than the body will allow that man to compete against women when they get older. what effect does this can have? swim against leah thompson, thanks so much you've been almost single-handedly bringing this topic to public attention
5:37 pm
many of your fellow swimmers are embarrassed to think that you're doing this heidi feel about this ruling? >> i definitely think it's a step in the right direction. it's a bold first step obviously it's not everything we need more organization across a bunch of different sports to comply as well i think a very good first step and something worth celebrating. >> tucker: does that reflect other swimmers? you're the sort of lens or from we understand swimming as he and everyone else's come on tv and talk about it we know people who agree with you? >> yes i do for sure being someone know who is witness that firsthand of that competition in march i follow the amount of tears shed in the locker room and the talk of anger and frustration and so i definitely think i'm speaking for large majority here. >> tucker: parents and the ottoman empire a lot of them castrated sons to be called
5:38 pm
munich's it was her benefit to castrating your children in the ottoman empire, i wonder if this ruling doesn't set up a potential incentive for parents give their young boys massive hormone treatments in puberty. >> i think it's worth noting that having it at that age will encourage parents? personally i think it's unlikely because i think i don't have much experience seeing those kinds of things. so i do think this is a step in the right direction is definitely worth that strict age that they said it's a little scary. >> tucker: asked question i am attaching to this about four but why haven't more coaches spoken out about this. people who have devoted their lives to swimming and they are going on in that i haven't heard anyone say a word about this publicly why? >> i think i was to be live this
5:39 pm
cancel culture i think they fear for their jobs they have higher-ups above them that could be intimidating them up front free them out. i think they're afraid to speak out about it but the more voices with a be athletes or coaches or nonathletes it really just a matter to have those voices it really helps out a lot. >> tucker: i hope you are rewarded for your bravery. thank you. >> tucker: chadwick moore he was a lifelong liberal. then he came out someone who didn't actually buy the conventional story line and everything and then bam he lost all of his friends in a day and several jobs. energy star we talked to him for an hour for brand-new episode of carlson. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> after the election of one totally lost her lines. could the people i work for and saw all my editors on social media completely being highly unprofessional i would say the media [laughs] and for journalist. i decided that i have to say something i didn't think would have any kind of an impact apps that have to say something for my own peace of mind for anyone who habits to read this for them to know i'm not like these people. just because i'm gay guy who is from brooklyn and works to media i'm not like these other guys. i want to try to do better in reporting and not be completely deranged. i was a subject piece in "the new york post" but after the inauguration headline was i'm a gay new yorker and them come out conservative and after that it was like finished guesses come out conservative just went too far.
5:41 pm
i was in of my career and liberal media. >> tucker: what about your personal life? i know certainly other people who've worked on the show. it may more common now but in 2017 what was the response like for you? >> my professional life and social life was over as well i lost all my friends. >> tucker: did you really? >> i do think there's anyone to. >> tucker: in your post saying i'm slowly different politically from you. that was it? >> tucker: stories i a better fastening. that whole thing is on tucker carlson begins at 7:00 a.m. fox nation tomorrow.
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you may have noticed a massive, massive systemic you might say outbreak of racism in this country which are corporations hire people to the skin color. decided to fight back which the legal defense to prove that in court brand-new project will announce on the show next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: ask if you take three steps back it's completely real. major corporations and companies the big ones shell, apple, all of them basically have decided to implement hiring practices based on skin color. it's not only a violation of the american ideal which is expressed quite eloquently social and legal you can't do this and it's happening everywhere while people are affected by. so what can we do about this and what can employees do discriminated against by the skin color? if also stephen miller to fix it president trump new way to fight
5:48 pm
back time for do announcing so much for doing this. i know why no one else's grateful you are tell us what you're doing and why. >> it's an honor to be here i've been a number of interviews i think this the most important announcement of ever made in a program tucker. we are launching a new initiative in my legal foundation known as the center legal equality. we will provide for free legal representation to any client we pay who's been denied a job, a promotion, a benefit because their skin color. companies potentially the big companies in this country have embedded systemic racism in the operations morgan stanley is an internship for college students that explicitly says to get your career in finance one catch though. you cannot be white, you can't
5:49 pm
be asian and a might also help if your lgbtq+. companies across america have a tentacle policies they are illegal. they are immoral car races and hurts everyone on every side of the equation and the only way to stop them one oh federal courts were crating a hotline you can go to it at /hotline. that's a half tell us what happening you are attorneys will reach out and any client we pick we will fight these evil corporations 100% for free you'll never pay a dime. >> tucker: that is amazing so wise and anyone else noting that civil rights law explicitly forbids private-sector employers for making hiring and promotion decisions based on race is no gray area in this it is flat-out
5:50 pm
illegal why is nobody else suing? >> i am shocked at the dirt and the radical absence is allowed this to perpetuate and become a cancer replete through our entire corporate and financial system. i suspect that it's fear more than anything else. people are afraid of coming out and saying no you cannot discriminate against somebody because they're asian, or because they're white because her jewish because they're straight or because they're christian. of course you can't it's absolutely illegal and unconstitutional i'll see you in court. so i'm saying it. tonight under program f tell us your story help us fight back for you. >> tucker: amazing for you so much for joining us. so there was just a special election and texas in the rio grande valley and a republican won for the first time since 1871. the question is why?
5:51 pm
the answer seems to be pretty clear port security. most americans amount of what they look like a wood line which they speak a work party they belong to what is happening on our border is an atrocity. she is a person who feels that way she's from immigrant should be a law enforcement she's not running for congress not say she joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on we really appreciate it. it's interesting your candidacy makes sense because people been following this a lot of people they are confused tell us white your move to for congress? >> well tucker it's a pleasure to be with you on tonight. i became a police officer because of an incident that almost took the life of my younger brother. he was viciously gone down and nearly killed by ms-13 savages so i want to talk about the border presence when a talk about crime in our community for me it absolutely gets personal. i've been on the front lines as law enforcement officer i've seen things that i never thought
5:52 pm
i would see from the demonizing of the brave men and women if law enforcement the cursing public spaces it's unbelievable and all of this has been brought to the american people on a silver platter by joe biden and democrat allies to includes abaco's bamberger. >> tucker: what's very interesting in virginia there was a governor's race a few cycles ago in which the republicans have the question of ms-13 and nancy pelosi leapt into that race and so to the entire party the point that no, i love ms-13 how do you criticize them some of those families from el salvador how el salvador how do you respond to that? >> that's another image arrogant, coming out of her mouth. i would challenge her to come down here and speak to my parents what it was like to wait for surgeons to come out of the operating room to let us know whether or not my brothers were to survive that attack i will share with you tucker his best friend died at the age of 16 as a result of that gang
5:53 pm
initiation process. i grew up in a community rice on ms-13 gang members trying to recruit elementary aged children and this is why i'm so passionate and so i'm running for office because it's now or never. this is not the america that we know this is not the america that we vary so much love and it's time that we stand up to the radical left and the cast they have caused. >> tucker: amen it seems like talking to you that things are changing do you think that's happening? >> they absolutely are. what we probably delivered 54% of the hispanic vote that was stored for republicans in virginia and i'm excited we just wrapped up two rallies with senator ted cruz the momentum is on our side we have a primary tomorrow folks can visit our website where to vote and continue to support our efforts to be that firewall that this incompetent president administration so desperately needs. i'm fired up and folks are so excited to turn things and we
5:54 pm
will ride this ship. >> tucker: amen i get so you mean it. thank you for coming on things so much. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: this a lot of topics that we don't have time to cover. >> many people are upset with me. >> this government they never care about human life. >> the most important conversation's are happening one place. >> tucker: no you don't have to wait to tonight's charming new episodes monday, wednesday, friday. >> subscribe now at ♪ ♪ speed to the news keeps going so we'll be overnight work on tomorrow's show. we would want to get that again. apparently monkeypox is the next global pandemic be afraid, be
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very afraid. monkeypox. with a full! we can use that phrase again because in their apparently how deadly it may be. we'll be back or tomorrow night to see the sworn enemy of great evening. ladies and showman book your seat belt and raise your dukes [laughs] here is sean hannity. >> hannity: are ready to roll but i'm worried about monkeypox no doubt about it. and welcome to "hannity" the joe biden a administration is in a free fall and i mean literally as it turns out even long weekends at the beach are a struggle for port joey on saturday as you probably know by now the president fell yet again this time he was unable to maintain his balance after a leisurely taking a bike ride in delaware with the first lady thankfully with some help at some nice people around him he was able to get back on his feet now he is okay. this comes amid growi


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