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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 20, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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all the time we have. thank you for being with us but we can't think you can. please set your dvr. never miss an episode. you are never going to get this news from the media mob., in the mid tom cotton let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham has a good show. "the ingraham angle" takes over right now. >> laura: what were you shelving? were you shelving fancy monograms? you are fancy. what about all that rep? you got monograms? the construction worker to the monogram. >> sean: leo 2.0. what you mean you discovered leo? >> laura: he went to you and he became a conservative. i love that evolution. don't give me -- gets me wrong.
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they are yelling at me. >> sean: if i talk about oj -- >> laura: i like that fact -- all right, hannity. it is great to see you entities you. i am laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." tipping over and falling down. that is the focus of tonight's angle. we could start that show the easy way tonight on biden's dismount skills or we could just focus on that we are whisper thing he did today on the beach. >> president biden: i am also very proud of the states like delaware. [whispering] >> laura: why does he do that? or because poke fun of the at least one person on the face of the planet. liz cheney. >> can the vice president of the united states obeyed the president of the united states? immediately would have plunged into what would have been
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tantamount to a revolution within a paralyzing constitutional crisis. >> laura: but instead, let's talk about what matters, shall we? it is about the future. the restaurant establishment is losing its ability to govern completely. what happened in the french parliamentary elections over the weekend was absolutely stunning and americans should pay attention to this, pretty boy liberal emmanuel macron lost a governing majority driven by huge gains by the right and left wing parties. that there is look at there's been an undercurrent of discontent building throughout europe as working people were falling for -- further behind. this was preceded by the islamic refugee influx and no inflationary concerns and that ukraine russia nightmare. rather than address the needs of their people, the old european card seems obsessed with lifting up dependencies of the new global order. you know what i'm talking about. taming capitalism, punishing
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both creators, and of course, biden's totally on board with that. >> president biden: we can move in the direction that we can provide four [indistinct] in the corporate area as well as individuals as it relates to [indistinct]. >> laura: how original. higher taxes. i have not heard that before. a political elites are no longer nibble because even when they bring in a charismatic newcomer like an obama work emmanuel mccrone, it does not work becaue they are trapped in that same old cycle of tax, spending, and divide. and they have been out of themes for -- steam for many years. >> budget up spending. but many in the economy. he tried to keep businesses open, try to keep people with
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income in their pockets and whenever you do that, you run the risk of conflating things. and what you then have to do is try to find some balance in all of that. we are searching for that balance. we will get there. >> laura: the balance? the voters are already there. they seek with the balance is paid. they are out of patients think that time has come to the quickness that history has entered a new chapter. the old solutions that might have worked to some extent back in the '90s don't even make sense today. we have to forget talking about a new republican majority. to quote newt gingrich, we need a new american majority new coalition for. in the following reform has to take place. we have to promote their economic growth. we need an economy that features overall growth and higher wages for working people. basically the same type of economy we had before covid it.
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we needs to get americans back to work. -- need to get americans back to work. but we also need trade and immigration policies that will prevent outsourcing jobs or preventing working americans from making their fair share. we need realistic a plan to deal with the rise of china. we don't have that now. the current establishment is too big and too compromised to make the challenge presented by the ccp. as things stand currently, i had to save it bluntly but we are on pace to lose our independence and eventually become a puppet state of the cppp. we need a complete reform of our intelligence community, our diplomats. no one and i mean no one thinks china fears this man. we cannot wait for the rest of the world either. no one by the bay is calling for
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isolationism. they hit you back with that one. it is simply an absurd logic but we cannot wait for countries like france, germany, and japan to help us. to be candid, the rest of the world think that america is in terminal decline at this point. up and that the future probably belongs to china. no one is going to make sacrifices to help us if they think we are doomed. number four we need a patriotic government. too many people in dc and i have been there for too long i'm sorry to admit that they are serving time until they can go lobby for multinational corporations or even for the chinese. too many brought to and bureaucrats are taking taxpayer doubt to sit at home instead of doing the normal thing like go to work, go to the office big poppa too many of our triple net more concerned about the world than defending our national interests. >> we are looking and the largest economic opportunity and transformation since the industrial revolution and this would be bigger because every
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nation in the world is going to have to moved to a clean new energy economy and future. >> laura: of course, that is music to china's errors. america is unilaterally disarming in the energy battle of china is burning coal, building coal plants, using oil, undeterred by the green diplomacy. as all this is happening, the pentagon is more concerned about being woke than about preparing to kill our enemies. check out this pride month pronoun training video now being used by the u.s. navy. >> my name is johnny and i use he/him pronouns. we are here to talk about pronouns. using the right pronouns is a simple way to affirm someone's identity. it is a signal of acceptance and respect. >> how do we go about creating a safe space for everybody?
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>> laura: my lord, this is embarrassing. this has no place in our military or anywhere, frankly. the democrats do believe they have an answer to this perceived patriotism deficit. it comes in the form of something called a new civics secures democracy act like it is a mouthful. just reintroduced in congress. if it is past, it will allow the biden administration to push critical race theory on every public school in america. over a six-year period, since bill and other part of competitive grant money will create a defect of national curriculum. the fda has added republican senators, bill cassidy from louisiana and jim from oklahoma as cosponsors of the newly introduced bill. unless america's parents lick up and make themselves heard nugget there's a chance that crt could be the new common core by summer. this is insane.
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but except for these foolish republicans giving coverage, it is not surprising. more on this in just a moment with newt gingrich. for is, that leftist red anti-american poison through our schools, media, movies, every other form. we need new leaders who are proud of america and who work every day to defend her interest. number five, we have to make america safe for social conservatives. desperate effort to hold onto power, the current establishment has aligned itself with radicals on the left, just want to ban social conservatives including devout christians, muslims, and orthodox jews. you just can't participate in the highest levels if you have the wrong religious beliefs. you can't even, he has, football
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team. >> the thought that anybody of any kind of faith would have to just be ashamed of them being a -- anybody of faith, that is wrong in my book. >> laura: this is not only wrong. it means that we are not given all of our best and brightest people a chance to fully participate in civic life. these attitudes are not just poisoning the democratic party. they have infected many state and city governments and they are in comment with the media and our top colleges and even in the military, this has to stop. but we do know how to fix these problems because if you look at work with the economy was in 2019, the policies that would fix most of this both -- those are being used. that the client of america is not inevitable. a new survey by you go to yahoo
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indicate that americans are disgusted with joe biden's performance. if with the january 6 months, they preferred trump now in a head-to-head match up. while. americans now the field establishment when they see it. handling of covid, asked -- afghanistan, prices at the pump, grocery store, crime surge, thousands of flights being canceled, that was fun, so biden tipping over on his bike yeah, that is bad. but america tipping into third world status that is unacceptable. and that is the angle. joining me now is newt gingrich, former speaker of the house and fox news contributor. he is the author of "feeding big government socialism, wrote. i want to get into the new american majority. but this idea of nationalizing civics might have kind of an allure on the surface.
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but when you dig into what they are actually proposing and that legislation cutback or for crt your much any other nightmarish idea you can think of. >> speaker gingrich: look, that bill is crazy. no republican should be for it. and as many republicans as necessary should guarantee filibustered in the senate and never leave. that is the kind of which gives the washington bureaucrats the ability to impose on local parents and local families radical values. and i'm frankly astonished that any republican what agreed to cosponsor that bill and i think it is an open invitation to further creating totalitarian left-wing mindset where they are going to tell us how we think we should behave, how does what we are allowed to do. it is totally wrong. i was shocked to discover it was introduced and i certainly hope that the handful of republicans
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who are currently cosponsors will withdraw their names and i hope folks back home will call them and demand that they withdraw to put names. >> laura: i want to play something from princeton today on msnbc when asked about juneteenth. >> we see extremist forces on the rise trying to in every way undermining our democracy. anti-crt movement. we need to understand the relationship between critical race theory and that replace -- light replacement theory. they go hand in hand. we saw it. as jim crow was taking those. >> laura: how is this not racist? >> speaker gingrich: of course it is braces. most of the racism in america today is on the left and frankly replacement theories a total lie. virtually all of us favor legal immigration. virtually all of us agree with reverend martin luther king jr., said it is the content of our
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character, not the color of our skin. virtually all of is no that the bike tipping over in delaware is a pretty good reflection of that weighed the entire federal government is tipping over. we just did a poll where 87 of the american people just said that they wanted to restart the america that works. and i think that is what is going to create not a red tsunami but a red, white, and blue tsunami as you see democrats, republicans, independents, all coming together because things simply are not working. you look at the price of everything. you look at the problems on the border, on the border take a look at the george soros effort to create a pro criminal class of district attorneys. every time you turn around, you realize that left represents an america that will fail and the only answer to that is the emergent people. >> laura: new there was a typical piece in the new yorker
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that came out on ron desantis. one part of it i think perfectly illustrated why so many gop voters have come to hate the gop establishment. this is a quote from the chief of staff, the former margaret governor bob martinez. he said of conserve disk. always an element in the republican party that was bad, you know what, crazy. they were movement conservatives. and we did what every other republican candidate did. we exploited it. trump opened pandora's box and let them out. newt, the sustain these people have for at their own voters never ceases to amaze me. >> speaker gingrich: you know, lincoln said that we wanted to preserve government of the people by the people and for the people. we don't want -- the elites don't want to have anything to
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do with that. donald trump was produced in part because the washington elite field. when he announced for president, 65% of the republicans in the country disliked their national leadership it. that is why the national leadership could not win the presidential nomination. ron desantis is a great example. hard-hitting, hard-working very successful governor who is making life better for people in florida. compare that to new york or illinois or california. >> laura: complete decay. newt, great to see you, as always. the democrat january 6 essential trial it is not about the preservation of democracy. as michael antone writes, the committee has budgeted life now no important information evidence technote smoking gun, all they can do is scream and america's places. that is until merrick garland
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brings criminal charges against the former president and god knows how many of his associates. joining us now is michael anton. michael, you'd think that is the real price here. that is what they are going for? prevent from our emergent again politically? >> michael: i think it is what they would like to do. whether they have the nerve to do it will depend if they feel like they built enough of a case or support in the big rock -- drug receipt and that media. pretty much locked up. i think it is what they want to do. the question is, will they dare do it? many of them have already said and i'm seeing new articles every day is a slamdunk case open and shut, trump is guilty of x or y or z. there's a lot of mainstream grassroots democratic pressure on merrick garland and the doj. why haven't you brought charges
7:18 pm
yet? so i'm not saying i know it will happen. when i see that is the plan, i think that is the wish and that is what does posting is geared toward. whether they pull it off is one of those things we have to wait and see. >> laura: this morning on msnbc, they were positively orgasmic over the polls. adam schiff as he was with the whole russia collusion deal, he is very confident. he said you have evidence that then-president was involved in putting a fake slate of electors out there. do you have evidence that he directed it? >> adam: we will show what the president's rule was intended to get states to name alternate slate of electors. sport will be see if he got it? >> adam: i don't want to get ahead of it. >> laura: michael, this is
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clearly, desperate attempt to get more people to tune in with the declining viewership at this point. >> michael: it is a desperate attempt. this evolved into house and perhaps in the senate, too and 2,024th, long way away. it is not looking that great for them either so they need some way to change the conversation and we know what the most pressing problems are in the country. inflation, insecure southern border. and they have made it plain that they don't intend to do anything about any of those problems that would actually work. they are not going to increase the production of energy. they are not going to do anything to solve some of these problems because it would go against their ideology. they got to come up with something and this is what they have got and it is not working. part of the point of my piece was to say, if you -- whatever you believed before the hearing, you still believe after it. so 50/50 country whatever.
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some people are really outrage. i think everyone is upset about it. nobody liked the spectacle of january 6 but most people think 76% and according to a poll i quoted was that it was a protest that went too far back now that it happened, it was not that big a deal but it is not a second civil war. it is not another 911 and a dessert -- it does not outweigh the very present problem facing people in their everyday lives. there's a court of the democratic party that believes it does and there is the cynical leadership that thinks we can use this to web of airbase and we don't have anything else to do right now. >> laura: that 44/42 poll that came out in the heat of that first week where trump is ahead, i mean, what they have done everything at him. just keeps coming back. >> michael: one of the most surprising results was the number of people who think trump is personally responsible for january 6 has actually gone down. however many people watched, you
7:21 pm
blew it. >> laura: up next, two years ago on this show, mike pompeo and i offered a warning about chinese owned tiktok. secretary pompeo is back and we have shocking new revelations about the applica so stayed there. what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward,
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♪ ♪ >> shouldn't we be considering a ban on chinese social media apps, especially tiktok? >> we are taking this very seriously. >> what you recommend that people download that app on their phones? any time currently? >> only if you want your private information in the hands of the chinese communist party. >> laura: one month after that interview, then-president donald trump invoked his powers to invoke sanctions against tiktok to force them to sell its american assets to a u.s. company. one year ago, joe biden foolishly rescinded this order. and now we have this going on. according to the bus speed that delete audio from internal tiktok meetings reveals that the parent company have repeatedly
7:27 pm
accessed nonpublic data about u.s. tiktok users despite the company claiming otherwise. that does not even speak to the societal rot from the aptech teens trying to get internet famous making overly sexualized or stupid videos and elon musk asked is tiktok destroying civilization? some people saying, so. joining us now is pompeo, former secretary of state, fox news contributor. mr. secretary, you were very prescient that night. what do you think two years later. >> secretary pompeo: thanks for having me on. i wish this was not like i don't say with joy in my heart, but we have further evidence, the chinese come this party is taking the data that comes across from tiktok and using it and all kinds of different nefarious ways, effort to close it off because we keep the data on a server. they haven't figured out to get
7:28 pm
access to the channels and regarded from the mouths of the employees of tiktok. the point is exactly right brack you talked about the chinese come this party wanting to make the united states a puppet stayed. if my kid was on tiktok they would have their social security number. they would note, his friends were. they know his contacts. that is dangerous for the individual. they are using this to in a way that will conduct united states and america for years and years and years. >> laura: wheat reached out to tiktok. they told us on background that everything is working as it should. it even sounds like the chinese. they work in order to stop china from accessing u.s. to they said. is that convincing to you? >> secretary pompeo: it is not. i don't have any to that there are efforts of what to do that.
7:29 pm
when it comes to this kind of fumigation, when it comes to something like tiktok, it is of addictive. the things they enjoy, they are sending things to your friends. that data chain is rich in the detail about the private nature of competent those conversations. they use it to get to other apps. they may be making an effort. it may be a good faith effort but the chinese communist party wants access to it. they will find a channel and we will wake up thinking, gosh, we thought we had it solved. >> laura: biden this weekend was asked about the tariffs on china. this is what he said. >> president biden: i ain't telling you. >> reporter: have you made up your mind with the china tariffs, sir? >> president biden: we are in the process of doing that. >> reporter: you are lifting the tariffs? >> president biden: i'm in the process of making up my mind. >> laura: was that before he fell or after? i'm not sure when that was but
7:30 pm
they are going to left the tariffs. correct? >> secretary pompeo: it seems it is heading down that path. one thing we had] we understood that the chinese communist party was at work with the american economy for decades. lots of jobs. really her the american economy because we were fools. and we began to turn the corner on that to protect american interests from the predatory behavior of the chinese come this party and we closed down one of the largest operations inside the united states in the conflict that was in houston, texas, where they were spying on america's energy industry from the very consulate. they want to have hegemonic influence on a big country with a big economy. if we don't begin to confront it, we will live in a different world cup laura. >> laura: always great to see you. and that meetup tries to cover
7:31 pm
up biden's feelings and when crime strikes in polk city, one mayor has an answer to add sculpture. raymond arroyo has it all, "seen and unseen," next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it is time for our "seen and unseen" segment. we a -- expose the stories. we turn to raymond arroyo. there it seems to be an unwillingness to acknowledge the crisis. >> raymond: it is almost like some are trying to blame americans themselves. we have this disturbing fertilizer shortage and made worse by the war in ukraine. entered the new york times with a solution. meet the peace cycle. the idea is to help farmers is number one. the peace focuses on people recycling their urine.
7:37 pm
so are you readying the urine jar? >> raymond: is this -- >> raymond: no, you have to put separate it. >> laura: i'm not going to do the pee in the jar. >> raymond: how did we get to eight urine jar in every toileta urine jar in every toilet. some help americans should do without and that they are causing the problems that it is infuriating. it is just like the baby formula shortage. resident blame the people responsible, it is the view absam that employers are to blame. >> i think the fault lies in the fact that we have terrible maturity leave. because a lot of women would love to be able to stay home and breast-feed their children.
7:38 pm
>> raymond: maternity leave is to lame. well, i would like to let [indistinct] talk to this woman with triplets. >> i'm pumping around the clock. i can only produce so much milk. >> raymond: it does not take into account people with multiple children. >> laura: the whole thing is ridiculous. i keep saying this on the show. this is the united states of america. and we are actually talk about peanut butter shortages and lay before him that. this is insanity. >> raymond: i have not even gotten to the tampon shortages. in new orleans, latoya cantrell is attempting to evade responsibility for a huge crime spike on track to become the number one murder capital in the
7:39 pm
country. rather than doubling patrols the mayor is spending money on sculptures. she unveiled this one the other day. it is a supersized [indistinct]. there it is. the mayor calls it breathtaking and i agree. it is breathtaking that someone could lose focus like this and spent so much money while crime is so out of hand. >> laura: i don't get this. >> raymond: it supposedly commemorates black power. control has committed $7 million to the so-called art. there it is. >> laura: oh, yeah. >> raymond: i want to introduce a new segment tonight. the harris rerun. kamala harris repeats a key
7:40 pm
phrase. you will remember this. >> vice president harris: we must partner with the private sector to address what we know can be addressed. when we talk about the children of the community, they are children of the community. we will work together and continue to work together to address these issues to tackle these challenges and to work together. we will work on this together. >> raymond: joy reid answer about how she felt about jackson being confirmed to the supreme court. >> i will tell you, joy i experienced great joy and i watch that with incredible joy and i cannot wait to see. that will only be matched by the joy that i experienced when i see her take the oath.
7:41 pm
>> raymond: say the word and that doug will drop from the ceiling. i will tell you what brings me joy. there is juneteenth and then onn to 19th, we also have [indistinct]. it is laura ingraham's birthday so we want to cameron brate. and look, i don't want to mess everything up. >> laura: debbie will kill me. >> raymond: may you have many more. >> laura: oh great. this is very exciting. >> raymond: that brings me joy just to watch you. >> laura: birthdays are a joy. good thing you did not like anything on fire. that would have blown the whole studio. joe biden has just set a new record that no one wants to hold back my political panel will join me. stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> president biden: [indistinct]. i think we will be able to get a change to medicare and a reduction.
7:47 pm
>> laura: there you go. government mandate and lower cost for insulin and boom, recession. this is the kind of thing that has made biden the most unpopular president ever at this point and any potential term in u.s. history. today is day 517 of biden america and according to every conference of poll those companies of poll that is historic. back to harry truman in the 40s. joining me now is monica crowley. host of the monica crowley podcast and joe opinion. monica i don't think medicare will do it. do you? maybe i am missing thing. >> monica: and is catastrophic whole numbers are no mystery there.
7:48 pm
this is a historic catastrophe. we got skyrocketing inflation and ongoing labor crunch. people, even get baby formula. all of the problems that that brings back a weakening military. catastrophic withdrawals from afghanistan. >> laura: is there any good news? [overlapping speakers] >> monica: literally nothing that is working and you would think that a normal president would shift course. there would be a course of action for political survival but we are not getting any of that. this is part of the leftist revolution. >> laura: joe biden was on the beach. by the mech my dear mother [indistinct]. we have not changed here to make the fundamental turn.
7:49 pm
and not just -- but across the border. >> laura: that is the plan. >> joe: his mother never took him down to western union to -- by paying 20 to do so. we can't afford electric cars. this is a man who got like to think he had a secret plan to fight racism and covid anti-secret plan to fix the economy and 517 days later we find ourselves in president biden's america because we can't even see. that is the hard truth about what has happened here. people like chuck schumer and joe president president biden who have put their head in the sand. ray charles could have seen this disaster coming. they continue to engage in this largest of government while that regular people, the shrinking middle class, we pay. >> laura: we know new york well.
7:50 pm
monica, you lived in new york. it is such a great state. like illinois, beautiful state. california, could not be more beautiful. that leadership just refusing to make any changes. they are absolute phonetics. chuck schumer, julie grand kathy hochul. she wants to be reelected. >> monica: we are not dealing with the democratic party of our fathers and our grandfathers. this is the parties meet up essentially of our exist revolutionaries who are the ones driving the bus of the credit party. there is no diversions divergene whatsoever from the leftist orthodoxy. not at all. because they have got the eye on the prize which is the fundamental -- >> laura: he said it today. brilliant transition to a different type of america. i want to show you some of the gymnastics coming out of that media. >> what is false is that he is not capable of doing the job right now or he is not bentley
7:51 pm
in tune with the demands of the job. anybody, any aide who engages with him or reporters, we can see this. the cures of his mind are working. that is an issue pushed by right-wing media but it is not correct. people think he is weak because he is old. biggest political problem right now is five darlan -- five-dollar-gallon gas. >> laura: right about one thing. his war against oil and gas. >> joe: because the president of the united states that we were getting out of the fuel business and then he is surprised that a nation masquerading as a gas-based decided they were going to invade hostile nation in the process have us on our knees begging countries that hate us to bail us out of a problem we have the power to solve for ourselves. this is what happens. you have people are joe president president biden, people, like chuck schumer, they in many ways have become the
7:52 pm
welfare queens that ronald reagan warned us about. they leave us with empty pockets and unfulfilled dreams. it is scraps at the table that we build for ourselves. i think the good news is that this is not fooled run in. committed patrons all across the nation. >> laura: monica 10 seconds. future is minority voters turning away, correct? >> monica: that is the most underreported story right now. hemorrhaging away from the democrats and toward the republican party. >> laura: and new york you got a chance. >> joe: you can go to joe >> laura: a hidden gem.
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tran02 we are so used to that negative things and how it
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saturates everything we see and everything we hear. so tonight, i want to give you a sneak preview of-minute oxidation series. and the first episode, i go to do boy scout wyoming. there is the home of the national museum of military vehicles. now, this place all started when a guy who was super successful, former ceo of st. jude's, he bought a sherman tank with the plan to -- kind of fun to drive it and as it hits town. from there he purchased more military vehicles and more historical artifacts like the one you are about to see. ♪ ♪ you could spent days actually weeks getting lost here. the museum is home to some remarkable one-of-a-kind artifacts. like that done that fired the
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very first shot at a battle of bunker hill during the revolutionary war. >> laura: how did you sweat -- snagged his weapon? >> he was a new hampshire midshipman. he confronted the tyranny of the british at the battle of bunker hill and so the symbolism of this musket is what makes it so phenomenal. the first shot first battle, first american army. june 14th, 7075. three days later, the battle of bunker hill, place at this last gift first that very first shot. it symbolizes that very beginning of the united states. it symbolizes the reason we have the second amendment and it symbolizes the role of the citizen soldier in creating and sustaining the freedom of the united states. >> laura: each person has a role and in the a duty to step up in that way he or she can. >> it is a wonderful example for all of us to follow. >> laura: i hope you liked
8:00 pm
watching this as much as i like filming it and meeting all of these wonderful people and hearing these stories you would not have heard otherwise. make sure to go to you do not want to miss it. remember, it is america now and forever and i understand greg gutfeld takes it all from here. ♪ ♪ >> greg: have a seat. [cheers and applause] yes! happy monday, my adoring and adorable fans. i would kiss each and every one of you if i was not so contagious. but thank you for that making is the most successful tv show


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