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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 20, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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ife-changing itch relief that brings back the fun in life, day after day. now's the time to ask your veterinarian for cytopoint. >> we are at a time what a grea show. caitlynn jenner, what always a pleasure. hello, welcome to fox new @ night. info sheet breen. breaking tonight, rising crime rates and focus under a violent weekend with a handful of big cities on pace to continue a very worrying trend and that surpasses their homicide totals from last year. our panel casts a critical eye over america's crime crisis.
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the effort in los angeles too remove progressive district attorney, george gascon. and a president biden then the seemingly defensive as gay trie their reporter over a question about economists who are forecasting a recession. the president said it that has people talking tonight. plus, thousands of flights canceled over father's day we can embed staffing shortages. why some are worried that this could be a bad sign for the summer travel season. we begin that with another violent and deadly weekend across the country. matt has the latest in tonight see crime reports. good evening. >> at five major us cities are on track right now to surpass their record homicide totals up from year. los angeles, baltimore, atlanta milwaukee and washington dc. over the weekend in dc, here is a horrifying moment caught on video when multiple people were shot.
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there they go. it looked. now they're shooting. >> it four people were shot on an unpermitted juneteenth music festival to adults if a police officer were hit. they are expected to recover. however, a 15 -year-old boy died . his name is jason full. listen at this witness describe his last moments. >> he was giving up for his mom. it's hurtful to hear that. no one was able to help him. to see him go, it bothers me. i don't think i could come outside for nothing else ever i dc. >> it was also a violent weeken in harlem, new york. one man killed and two injured in a shooting saturday in a massive shooting on father's da enjoyed a people and killed one person. darius lee a promising 21 -year-old basketball player who was attending a family gatherin
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in east harlem when he was shot and killed. he was named a houston baptist university student athlete of the year. >> the mother lost her child a promising student. a young man that had a scholarship. a young man that had no prior arrests. he was doing a phenomenal job and school. a phenomenal job on the basketball court. >> on the five major cities et cetera to break homicide records , milwaukee is seeing the largest increasing in courting the crime data reviewed. as of june 17, 96 homicides hav been reported in wisconsin's largest cities so far this year. up from 77 at this time last year. almost a 25 percent increase. here in los angeles, two police officers killed last week by a fluid on probation. we met we will have more on tha coming up in the next block. >> will have more on the police
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officers live in los angeles. back to you and moments. a judge in seattle with a history of handing down allegedly lenient punishments i facing new public pushback tonight after her sentencing of a gang member who fired a gun into a crowd. dan springer has more from seattle. >> of five people shot in downtown seattle. a local gang member convicted. judge able broths four euros below the sentencing guidelines in six years under what prosecutors requested. >> the struggle in the communit with gangs and gun violence it matters to me. our entire community shares responsibility for that struggle . >> the same judge who did not return our calls and e-mails released it two teenagers charged with a string of robberies. prosecutors say they probably cut off their ankle monitors an robbed a pot shop at this time killing an employee.
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a radio host has been hammering the issue for weeks. >> of course criminals no there aren't going to be the kind of lifelong repercussions of her committing a violent crime. >> there's been a movement the last several years of doing reform and softer sentencing guidelines. but that it judges have gotten elected and appointed. >> you got to stop defining people by their worst mistake and help them get ahead. >> in some cases going leon criminals has had deadly consequences across the country. wisconsin darrell brooks that killed six people at a christma parade with his suv. three weeks earlier he was accused of money over the mothe of his child for that crime bil was $1,000. in houston a man on a 30,000 on bond now stands accused of a cold-blooded murder. >> they more experimentation that we've tried before and it results in deaf and destruction. it not we are starting to see a a pushback in harris county
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texas with a murder rate is up 71 percent since 2019. the attorney is trying to get some of the prosecuting attorneys to run against what she says are soft on crime judges. >> in seattle think you're following last week's ambush killing of two police officers in el monte. of the ongoing efforts to recal los angeles to district attorne george gascon. california continues debris on the front lines of america's crime crisis. talk about that tonight with supervisor jim desmond in los angeles county deputy da, john. will both. mr. deputy da 35 -year-old just implores the managed heart and kill those two el monte police officers. a lot of people say he should have been in jail but was not because of gascon's policy. i went to play some sound from one of the police officers mother and talk to you afterwards. >> it's not fair to be recalled immediately. he's destroyed so many lives an
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he's completely destroyed hours. we are completely devastated. he's left children with no fathers, mothers destroyed. it. >> what do you think? is as the breaking point? this is where people say enough is enough and he's got to go? >> i think as goes california s goes the nation. what we are looking at is it that we've given him the boot san francisco. we are going to get george gascon the bill in los angeles. i do believe it will be the beginning of the end of the reign of rogue and radical prosecutors throughout the nation. michael in joseph or good men. they were honorable police officers. there were husbands and fathers and had children. this individual had a 15 year long criminal record. he had ten misdemeanor convictions. to fill felony convictions and prior strike conviction.
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he had five probation violations . he had temporal violations. george gascon struck his strike because he had a blanket policy he didn't consider law or evidence or public safety. and that george gascon gave him probation. george gascon is to blame for this individual being out when he should have been in custody. this individual killed two innocent young honorable police officers. >> he did. and you talk about long sentences and that your city in san diego there's a man named craig bloss arrested and released ten times since it 2020 . he's to be sentenced again tomorrow. is it it or will he go away or will he walk again. >> we should be pudding this gu away. he was caught with 235 fentanyl pills which is the number one cause of deaf for 8-45 -year-olds in the country. the reason he's being let out time after time is because it's
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deemed nonviolent. and it which is at the same typ of crimes at the el monte kille committed prior to murder and sing murder two police officers. we can't wait for someone to kill police officers and then put them away. we should be pudding these people away much sooner rather than later. ten times in two years is way too much. i hope this guy gets put behind bars for a long time. >> you look at the numbers and it's not just california. this weekend the past 72 hours, 146 people in the united states were killed in shootings. i saw no protests. no outrage or news conferences. if a mass shooting killed 146 people, we would cover it for weeks and weeks and yet because it happens across the country, no outreach. your thoughts? >> we have a 15 year high homicide this year it'll be worse. we have over 60 percent increas
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in gun violence. increases of robberies at smash and grab burglaries, grand thef auto. an armed robbery. it seems like it no one seems t care. they keep saying the progressiv policies. these are actually regressive. it's not progressive or progressive to have it more and more people being killed. it's definitely not a reform. these are horrible things that george gascon in his group has funded in has allowed to happen. they taken over most of the united states. many of the major cities and that we need to fight back. it's gonna start in los angeles. working to give george gascon the boot and i do believe it'll set the stage for every other city in the united states too start taking a stand and saying we can have have public safety and have reforms. we don't have to get rid of public safety. >> we talked about where it starts and ends up. i'm wondering wall street journal talks about may be the
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concept of consequences when lesser crimes. they say quoting here walgreens closed 22 stores in san francisco over the past five years it. largely due to shoplifting. unsafely in san francisco reduced hours hired security guards in added barriers around seven check areas to reduce shoplifting but retailers can't arrest these and many don't bother reporting them because they are really charged in the question is, when do the consequences in your estimation should they begin? we have stores all over california being shut down. >> it's our own propositions it's our own fault in californi for voting and some of these propositions without knowing what they are. where we allow up to $950 to be shoplifted each occurrence and it's only a misdemeanor. a people get to do it the next day and next day and there's no- -you can't really say how many crimes committed in the past anymore in california.
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can only focus on the one cryin today as opposed to the cumulative number. it has to stop soon. i know the people in my distric and the city and county are fed up with crimes. they want to see more consequences for criminals as opposed to letting them off being on the street the next day . >> i want to reiterate once again, 146 people shot to deaf around the gunite it states ove the past 72 hours. >> it they give are coming on w appreciate it. >> enjoying the long weekend of the holiday weekend at the beac president biden says he's nearing decisions on a potentia gas tax holiday in student loan forgiveness. as well as reiterating he does not view a possible recession a inevitable. despite skyrocketing inflation that fueled partly by record high gas prices. which edson is breaking down a very busy monday for the white
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house. >> good evening. president biden arrived at this evening after a week in and delaware. his administration confronting series of economic challenges o americans paying a lot more for goods and services at than they did a year ago. concerned that that could pull the economy into a recession. >> walking with his family and delaware, president biden stopped to speak with the press when the reporter asked about a majority of economists saying a recession is more likely than ever. >> not the majority are saying that don't make things up. >> now you sound like republica politicians are. joking. economists are mixed on the timing severity or likelihood. newly 70 percent of academic economist pulled earlier this month say the us will be in recession next year. even former clinton secretary and obama economic advisor says his best guess is it that it recession is ahead. >> i was talking to someone thi
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morning and there is nothing inevitable about recessions. >> the economy faces 40 your high inflation including food and travel especially energy. aaa says that the average cost of a gallon of gas is it just shy of $5 a gallon. up from about $3 a year ago. the president says he's considering supporting a positive 18.4 cents a gallon federal gas tax. there is opposition. they say it's too small to make much of a difference in would rob funding from infrastructure. >> it's been a substantial burden on americans households and i think why not perfect, it should be something under consideration as a policy to address at. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell accused democrats of playing political games with a gas tax. head of the midterm elections i the presidents electoral two years later republicans across the country are hammering
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democrats on inflation. >> gasoline prices are driving inflation. they're impacting the cost of everything we are buying. all goods and services across this country. the very beginning of turning this economy around is to end the war on energy. >> the federal reserve has already initiated it's largest interest rate hike since the previous midterm election year. officials say they will continu increasing rates to try to pull right back inflation try to do so without significant damage t the broader economy. >> that would be a trick. it live in dc thank you gop congressman jim jordan and rodd dave as it's a letter tonight t the us capitol police chief at demanding information on last week's incident at the capitol where seven staffers of the cbs late show with a stephen colber were arrested after they allegedly illegally entered a house of representatives office
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building. it jordan and davis are asking for any security footage and reports and witness statements related to the security breach. stephen colbert addressed the incident for the first time on the late show just minutes ago. >> the capitol police were doin their job. my staff was just doing their job. everyone was professional. everyone was coma. my staffers were obtained processed and released. >> a very unpleasant experience for my staff. a lot of paperwork but a fairly simple story. colbert also said his staff it with the security clearance and were invited. >> rather travel nightmare across the country that's follo a fate again with more than 5,000 flights canceled since thursday because of staffing shortages in some extreme weather tossed in. david lee miller is taking a look at how all this chaos migh very well be a summer travel
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preview. >> lots of turbulence this holiday weekend for travelers. >> delays and cancellations lef many passengers stranded as wel as angry and frustrated. >> more than 2.4 million americans pass their checkpoint on friday making it the busy busy as so far this year. according to tsa data, more tha 300,000 travelers in the same day a year ago. the nation's airlines are struggling to cope you. at least 14,000 flights were either canceled or delayed over the weekend. for many passengers it, that meant disappointment and a change of plans at. >> were going to go to maine fo a national park and a father's day step our son. it's all canceled at. >> on monday as many folks luck enough to reach the holiday destination try to return home, an additional 2500 flights either never got off the ground or relate. >> as bad as the situation is now, there's concern over the months ahead it's going to get worse.
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>> it'll be a challenging summe across the industry were doing everything we can to make sure we get everyone to where they want to be. >> based on the latest data fro flight aware, chicago a hair atlanta lax and dallas-fort worth are the airports with the most flight delays or cancellations. among the major carriers, at least a 16 percent of american and 13 delta did not go and scheduled. >> in a statement delta airline said quote a variety of factors continue to impact their operations including challenges with air traffic control, whether in unscheduled absences in some groups. >> no one is exempt from flight disruptions and even secretary pete who one day after a virtua meeting with airline executives had a zone flight canceled requiring him to drive from washington to new york. >> he is calling on the airline to stress test their summer schedules and avoid a repeat of memorial day when there were 2800 flights canceled. when travel industry expert
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offers this advice. >> if you can book with a trave agent because if you get delaye or canceled you can turn to tha person to find you a way to get to your final destination. >> the next big challenge will be that july 4 weekend. the secretary says he will weig at least until then to determin if you will take any enforcemen action such as at levying fines against the airlines of for not meeting consumer protection standard. >> thank you. first up until knights at real news roundup, the body governin international water sports competitions voted to bar a biological man male athletes from competing in women's event unless they transition before the age of 12 or have not experienced help puberty which means athletes like a transgender swimmer lia thomas will be ineligible for international competitions including the olympics. they will allow them to compete in an open category which would
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allow people of either sex including trans athletes should be offered down the road. at the airports coming under fire from conservatives for thi tweet from the recruiting account touting pride and all who serve. as the pitchers servicemembers running not under american flag but the lgbtqa+ flag. with critics arguing the military has its priorities a bit confused. >> tmz sports reporting that mike tyson appeared to return t the air on a commercial plane after his admitted flight fight with a van antagonizing him in april. >> he says he is not concerned about flying commercial again despite the of the rotation. it ended in april. still to come a stunning site after a church in texas forms t the ground. and that one the fishermen is that something that he did not expect.
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today's a vast videos and this goal want to see next
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>> first up into knights at viral videos that, amazing images out of texas or a fire a baptist church at burned it dow nearly everything except a cross . the fire department and whites county called a sight to behold. the cause remains under investigation. a local fishermen in cambodia caught the world's largest ever freshwater fish. a giant stingray measuring a whopping 13 feet snout to tail weighing in at 660 pens. fishermen reported a record-setting catch to us are you to funded in wonders of the become project carrying out
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research in this endangered species. they tagged it before and releasing yet and will study it movements over the next year or so. video from a florida families a doorbell camera showing how powerfully recent storm was picking up a full-size trampoline. carrying it across the yard. the homeowners were out of town but saw what happened while the were gone. later posting the video to facebook with a caption that read, bye bye, trampoline. >> went to bed early. >> now that's it. whenever own producers crossed the finish line at the big five marathon in south africa but no before crossing paths with a rhino. lacey described it as pretty scary but also pretty cool. congratulations, lacey. now maybe come back to work.
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>> trading blows with a cnn san antonio zoo all caught in camer the zeus president eeo to him who hilariously caption the video and twitter, who once mma question mark meeting marsupial martial arts? if you have any viral videos to showerhead us up at fox new @ night's. >> now it's time to bring back matt fenn and a story he's following the two almonte polic officers. they were saying earlier that these policies of george gascon could have let this guy on the street to kill the two police officers and now it appears tha this week at george gascon is trying to do damage control. what do you know? >> he scheduled to host a virtual town hall later this week. the topic of the town hall is a criminal charging decisions. it's not entirely clear what he will say or if you will take reporters questions, but of course it is criminal charging policy is an extremely controversial issue.
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one fact he faces being kicked out of office in the recall her in part because of gas cones lack of it charges the most recent case of the two almonte police officers shot to deaf last week. joseph sam turner and mike prorate a killed bite justin florez. a convicted felon who was out o probation are by the time when he could've been imprisoned for many years because of a gun possession conviction. the mother of joseph santana placing the deaf of her son squarely on the policies of george custom. we will watch that this week to see if you or have office addresses the outrage over the deaf of those two police officers. >> jason did a little damage control work not sure it's gonn work this time. thank you. coming up president biden pushing back the notion and economic resolution is likely even as the former treasury secretary under clinton says it yes it.
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we will take a look next
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>> from the economy to the southern border to growing gridlock us airports, there appears to be no ended site for the multiple crises we wanderin the biden administration. let's bring in maxwell and oklahoma senate candidate tw chana. thank you for coming in. the president was asked today about recession. he wasn't happy about the question. watch this. >> they're saying recession be more likely than ever. >> don't make things up. now you sound like republican politician. i'm joking. that was a joke. all kidding aside i don't think it is. i was talking to someone this morning and there is nothing inevitable about a recession. >> don't make things up and the he says he was talking the larr summers who says nothing inevitable.
9:36 pm
is larry summers yesterday morning. >> my best guess is the recession is ahead. >> i think that view which was 90, and view a couple of months ago is now the view of a number of statistical models and at th of a range of forecasters and they think we will increasingly become consists. >> you can see why people get s tired of the constant deflection . >> there is no question. it doesn't take an economist to figure out that this country is headed to a resurrection not only a recession but a financia cliff at is directly caused by the biden administration policies. we are talking about how her meeting voters in oklahoma. i met with a young lady today who drives from davis oklahoma too arm more and she said she can't afford to keep her job she's gonna have to quit becaus she can afford 5-dollar-gallon gasoline so she's good have to
9:37 pm
quit her job ago and unemployment because she can't afford joe biden's policies. inflation is caused by one reason to much money printed we need to stop the presses we nee to get our spending under control and when need to fill our border because the other challenges we have 2.5 million people who weren't here lester that are here now eating into our safety nets we need to do things about inflation and we need to start by chopping off the head which is the policies coming out of washington. >> inflation is hurting this administration in 28 percent of the population are approving of your handling it really is a struggle. >> absolutely. i agree with some of the things tw said i just don't know how the border crises its into any of this but i do know that the democrats congressional democrats are working on ways t figure out how we can replace i but also bringing back biden's economic policies he was going to implement. things such as reducing cost of
9:38 pm
insulin and changing the medicare we have in the country and also looking at ways to transition to economic vehicles not economic but but electric a well as renewable energy and sources we know that we have also been in the four decade high inflation rate that the country apparently is in but however we also realize they're great that we are going right now this can cause the democrat the house in the senate but wer headed for the recession according to larry summers. >> nobody thinks the border is important but governor rhonda santos does here's what he said about the presidents of border crisis. >> those policies of biden his border policies have been an abject failure. >> sometimes you have to admit that what you are doing isn't working. it. >> sometimes you have to admit it's not working and you change course. why can't that happen?
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2.5 million people came across our border illegally last year and we had enough chinese fit i all across our border to kill every american seven times. that's a national security issue . it's not a matter of immigratio or racism, this is a matter of national security and i used to think it was gross incompetence or negligence, but i think it's all a plot by the democrats to undermine america's sovereignty. exactly what's happening whethe the economic policies they're paying $635 or more a month thi is of the largest tax increase americans have seen in over a half-century and it's a direct result of joe biden the democrats. the republicans were aiding you asked earlier what does the border have to do with the economy? when you've got chinese footnot coming across the border enough to kill every american seven times, not only a drain on our economy but it's a drain on our morale as a country and we need
9:40 pm
to seal our borders accurate an and birthright citizenship for illegals coming across the border. >> us, you said earlier the border doesn't factor in final thought. >> at this point we need to figure out a way to get people on the pathway to citizenship people but to come for valid reasons to make sure they're taking care of their families. we should shut them out. put them on a pathway to citizenship if they do not then send them back to where they came from but i do not believe the democrats are trying to do anything to make this country worse than what it already is. >> two words and you think they would come across legally because that we do need more legal immigration in this country you would think they would come across legally be me think you both be appreciated. >> a deadly attack in northern nigerian state of kaduna sunday has left eight people dead and the government had kidnapped a
9:41 pm
38 others the attacks coming during sunday morning services at one catholic and one baptist church. two weeks after gunmen armed with ak-47 rifles and explosive murdered 40 people at a catholi church in southwest nigeria. >> vladimir putin's invasion of your grades than nations scrambling to replace fuel imported from russia which is cut off natural gas and fuel shipments to some of those countries. alex hogan shows us that means at least one country is firing up the facilities at that no longer quite fit in with the ne agenda. >> european countries returning to coal to decrease dependence on russian oil. germany announced it would restart coal-fired plants but insist it's committed to a greener future independence fro fossil energies information functional energies must be pushed forward at full speed.
9:42 pm
the move to fire up german cool stations deeply contrast the country's plan to cut the most polluting fossil feel. at the same time austria announcing the possibility of coal as well. the largest oil customer the european union vowed to stop buying from moscow within six months. there's no quick fix and in the short-term short term, customer bear the brunt of rising costs including painful prices at the pump while the average gallon o gas in the us is roughly $5. in germany it's 750 per gallon. in france up to $8 per gallon and in norway roughly $10 per gallon. at a summit today and secretary of state anthony lincoln urged continued pressure on the kremlin. >> it will deprive the russian government of massive resources used to brag while his attack o independence of ukraine we make other american leaders are calling on european nations not to forget or give up hope for a clean energy future.
9:43 pm
>> energy security worry is driving a lot of the thoughts about what we need more drillin of this or that we need to go back to coal. no we don't. >> joe biden underscores the importance to uphold climate promises as well saying we cannot afford to let these goal slip out of reach. >> they do. coming up now that the cdc approved cobra 19 shots for the littlest americans, should you get one for your child? we got a dr. unhand hand to answer many of those questions.
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>> roughly 18 million children under five years old are eligible for covid at 19 vaccinations expected sometime this week at following final approval by cdc advisory panel over the weekend. let's bring in that medical contributor doctor jeanette. it has pros and cons of shots for gangsters. always great to see you. it sounds to be like you don't think it should be a blanket policy that we should do a case-by-case meeting child by child. >> you are absolutely correct. this is a good tool a good addition to our arsenal in combating covid but it's not ga or no black-and-white answer fo everyone. what i do when i take care of a patient, i want to see what is their past medical history?
9:49 pm
allergies? have they have covid in the pas what are their underlying medical? these are the things we want to take into consideration before we give any medicine or any vaccine. american parents want to know are they safe and typically the are. are they necessary? has your child already had covid ? two they have natural immunity which can get a valuable protection in the future? we do know according to the cdc that 75 percent of children under the age of 11 have alread had it. this is important to take into consideration. on the other hand, if you have child who has an underlying medical condition, then your pediatrician will likely recommend that they get vaccinated to protect them. the other thing that's importan is it making sure doesn't work? do we have solid concrete data that it works?
9:50 pm
these are the ones we have to have answered. >> interesting the white had covid's are disagrees with you about natural immunity. >> what vaccines do as they kee kids out of the hospital and that's why they're so effective and everybody deserves that protection. even if your child is previousl infected, the strong recommendation is to get your child protected. >> and it seems like why? if you have natural immunity, why are we willy-nilly pudding kids there it. >> as he said it's a recommendation. we don't have solid concrete proof that being vaccinated wil reduce your risk of severe disease hospitalization or deaf or long crow bed and my south carolina all of these things that we worry about. is it possible it might be the case? we don't have the data to prove it the modernity trial had abou 6,000 participants gave us abou 51 percent efficacy in the
9:51 pm
younger age group with pfizer. we don't know the true efficacy of pfizer because the data sample size was so small. we needed more time to pass and learn more about these vaccines have to ask ourselves that what outcome are we trying to presen prevent vaccinating children wh had covid? can we prove that outcome as a positive one? >> it's becoming a tough sell because i want to put up these numbers at this is the foundation poll vaccine for kid under five. 18 percent went to get it right away. at 38 percent want to wait and see how it works for others in 27 won't get it so what you do you combine those and get 18 that want it right away p7 saying no and a 40 percent are may be. people aren't buying into that. it's a tough sell. >> that's okay for the maybes. it's okay to wait it's importan to feel comfortable knowing wha you're getting to your child. the best thing to do knowing th
9:52 pm
mortality in this age group as less than .4 percent is get the data, get the facts and speak t your pediatrician to make that decision must be your child is. >> interesting because in florida, the surgeon general they are not mandating it in florida. he's out the couple of things with a vaccine trial for kids under five show a reduction? of the initial trial show a benefit is there a benefit for kids with no pre-existing conditions? have about 30 seconds left. are these good points to bring up? >> absolutely. that's why we need to continue to have desk discussion. look at the risks and benefits it to know what's best. for some it might be beneficial and for some it may be harmful. and that some children could be the difference between life and deaf if they have a weakened immune system and are not able to have response to covid in th past.
9:53 pm
these are the type of things we need to take into consideration moving forward. >> if you need it get it. great to have your own as alway it figure. >> this is the second year that juneteenth is being celebrated as a national holiday. it marks the day in 1865 slaves in texas were told by the union army they had been free. kevin corke has it the story of one man who has used music to make a difference in his life and those of so many others. >> they come here for 2.5 hours and they can detach from everything else that they're doing to make the world a bette place. they can use the petal to move the drums if there is something davon knows a while it's how to make the world a better place. by using the universal language of music. more than a dozen years, he's been the principal competence for the national sympathy organ
9:54 pm
orchestra. the proverbial backbone who set the rhythm. long before there were a packed concert halls and thunderous ovations, javon greene up like lot of us, eight eight dad had me and music when i was a kid. to keep me safe and away from some of the other stuff around when i was growing up and i think it kind of stuck. >> it's stuck all right. imagine from growing up in small-town indiana only to late live abroad and play all over the globe. a true gift of freedom when he is all too willing to share. >> for me it's about paying it forward. about making sure that people that look like me and you have the opportunities that they might not have known it that they had otherwise. he admits it central to the mission to inspire is cultivating other black artists who might otherwise it not lear to love music the way he does. >> it's important for us to mak
9:55 pm
sure that everyone is aware of where we come from and where were trying to go. he has paid it forward being a mentor to so many black artists over the years it. it could night from los angeles entrées gallagher. shannon bream is back tomorrow night. have a great night it includes some landing gear, a boot in the rear view above some drinks and loaded i suppose we're headed down to the fishing down. i don't care if we ever come, but i was fishing with the i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas and i'm here with my wonderful wife of
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