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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 21, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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of our "fox & friends first" family just arrived. todd piro's new baby girl. her name is alexis. she is a beautiful mom, amanda is also doing well. we couldn't be more happy for you, todd. you are amazing father of two now. it. >> ashley: such a pretty baby. >> carley: we love you so much. "fox & friends" starts now. >> another big election day in america with voters poised to hit the polls in statewide primaries in virginia. >> democrat appleby gale sand bigger will face one of these six republicans in november. >> this is the year to fight back and push back against the democrats. >> president biden facing criticism using the inflation crisis to push his clean energy agenda. >> we have a chance here to make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy. >> joe biden is doing nothing. the american people are hurting. >> my staffers were detained, processed and released. >> stephen colbert addressed the
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incident at the capitol where seven staffers of the cbs late show were arrested. >> my staff was just cooking their job. >> this whole double standard drives me crazy. >> more left wing intimidation tactics ahead of the smowrpts expected abortion ruling. >> i don't think there is much political support for abortion on demand. >> center. scores. and he buried it. ♪ sunrise, sun burn, sun set repeat. ♪ moon light, all night crashing in to me. ♪ just sunrise, sun set,. >> steve: good morning, everybody. what a pretty sunrise, warsaw, virginia. 58 degrees, daytime 85en this the 21st day of june.
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it is the first day of summer, welcome to "fox & friends," we're here on the mezzanine level of studio m. as we look at the commonwealth of virginia. they are also having a primary today. alabama and georgia are run off but brian is in a place called mcclain's family restaurant, which has been family owned since 165 in the commonwealth of virginia because it's primary day. brian? >> brian: yeah. crowd is about to file in on the outside. we set up right in the middle of mcclain's. it's going to be a big day for our show because we have the governor of virginia. one of the great stories in politics over the last 10 years upset win over terry clarify. a year ago when he pulled it off just we are going to see in virginia if that was a trend or aberration. walls it glenn youngkin sensational candidate or more of
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this purple state leaning more and more red or dare i say a blue state that won purple that's going to go back to red. there is two really incontributory negligencing district. inintriguing. powzer who is as left as can be painting on the streets in yellow letters black lives matter at the trump white house. enough to she is considered too moderate and maybe vulnerable as she goes for a third term. shows you how much the country has changed, guys, since the defund the police movement hey i don't know what we were thinking we somebody sobered up and realize we need law and order. >> ainsley: some running against her are critics of hers because she wants to hire more police officers. can you believe that ask an issue? >> brian: can you imagine? >> ainsley: they don't like that preach brian that's amazing. ainsley in particular in richmond, 72% a year.
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>> brian: part of the reasons they didn't get the stadium, they didn't have the venue. the mayor is going to be on the griddle. see what she can do what only marianne barry could do and that's win three terms. >> ainsley: one of the guys running against her set up so prisoners can vote in the d.c. area. they are very progressive, those running against her. they will be talking about it look forward with the governor, too, brian. you are right. when we went down there for the election. everyone said he is listenerring to the parents. he's listening to the people. and so that's why he won. >> steve: that's right. in fact, brian has ian prior who who has efforts from it the county. it i will with him shortly. >> steve: brian, we can tell there is a hubbub of activity, people are coming in.
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>> brian: absolutely. it's true. we had to check their ids because we will be serving lick complet. >> steve: i hope. so. >> brian: got through the door cover charge. big turnout for 6:00. looks like a very productive -- the polls opened 4 minutes ago. people eat, start here and move on. hi, everybody. nice to see you. >> ainsley: bloody mary's and champagne, brian. >> brian: that's how you start every day, ainsley. >> ainsley: i do not. that is not true not until 9:00. >> steve: it's it's a holiday. speaking of holiday, the president of the united states on holiday with his family in delaware. you know they have that swanky vacation place there. he was out and about walking on the beach talking to the passers by. and the press as well the good news is after falling off his bike the other day he said he felt great. he explained, you know, my foot got caught in those peddle pedal
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clip things and i fell down. he whispered. >> ainsley: he did whisper. he did talk there was some back and forth with a number of reporters who are with of the traveling pool. and because we session is the number one issue, particularly yesterday, before brian went to a diner, he was here on the couch and we were talking about how all these economists are talking about there is really good chance there is going to be a recession in the next year, year and a half. he was asked about that yesterday. did not like it. briefly bit off the reporter's head by saying you sound like a republican politician. if you missed it. here's the president on the beach. >> something more likely than ever? >> not the majority are saying that. come on, don't make things up, okay? now you sound like a republican politician. i'm joking. that was a joke. all kidding aside, no, i don't think it is. i was -- talking to larry summers this morning. and there's nothing inevitable a
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recession. we have a chance to make a turn to electric vehicles. not only electric vehicle, across the board. that's something we should be -- my team is going to be sitting down with the ceos of the major oil companies this week and explanation how they justify making $35 billion on first quarter. >> ainsley: he faced a lot of backlash for the end of that statement saying that these high gas prices are good because they can lead to renewable energy and to electric cars. people are saying that's the wrong way to look at that we can't afford to put food on our table or even go to the grocery store everything is costing more and you think it's good in the reporterrens question is completely valid. some economists are saying that we are likely going to see the recession. just because a reporter didn't say 50% of the economists say,
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he turned that around and took a shot at the reporter. but then walked it back and said i'm just kidding, i'm kidding. the girl in the green shirt is his daughter. she kind of said dad, we need to keep walking. telling the reporter that was the last question. and then the young lady in the black t-shirt he said was bo's daughter. brian? >> i'm just trying to count all the times that donald trump's family pulled him away you from the press, never. he talked to the press every time because he is the president. i appreciate his it's father's day and you want some quality time with dad. he shouldn't have run from president. once in a while he has got to stop for the press. number two, it's not republican economists who think that a recession is coming. it is democrats, including larry summers who basically said the same thing on sunday. four out of every 10 interviewed by the "wall street journal." economists said a recession is coming. six out of every 10, six of the 10 on percentage of the ceos
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interviewed in the "wall street journal" said a recession is coming. and for the last time, you said the quiet part out loud. you are using this time of $45 plus gas to say what a great time to plug in your car. you know, those cars that are unaffordable, not ready for mass production and including tesla, ford, general and g.m. that to me is so tone deaf. how did a staffer not get in his ear and say mr. president, we probably don't want to hear that right now. perhaps janet yellen said the same thing a little bit later. europe isn't ready for it we are not ready for it. this is not an opportunity. i know his prom is probably a very bright person but in this case it doesn't apply in my opinion. >> i agree with janet yellen on one thing. she has gotten a lot wrong recently. she did say in the short-term we need to have more fossil fuels. >> steve: right. >> ainsley: we need to get gas prices down and then in the long term we can focus on the renewable. >> steve: sure. what the president has said in
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that gaggle with the reporters he said, look, i talked to larry summers this morning on the phone and he said it is not inevitable it sure feels inevitable to us. tamping on the breaks, half or three quarters next time. going to bring inflation down they hope. it's also going to increase unemployment. now, regarding the price of gas, the president said he is considering gas tax holiday which would remove the federal tax on gas, which would knock gas down 18 cents. we need it down 3 bucks. not 18 cents. he also blamed inflation on and this is a new one because it's expanding his blame list. he blamed it on donald trump's tax cuts, after earlier saying it was coronavirus, it was the supply chain, it was putin, it was republicans, it was oil companies, it was meat producers, it was shipping companies. by the way his team is going to talk to those ceos ever the
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oil companies. but only his team. he's not going to because he is busy at the beach. >> ainsley: when it comes to the gas tax holiday brit hume said elim napght gas tax is going to help a little but not enough to increase the gas prices. >> steve: see that price right there? it would bring it down to $5 but that's it. >> ainsley: no one thinks the gas prices are going to be reduced significantly enough by election day. josh hawley said it should be crystal clear what the green new deal means, bankrupt middle class families, soaring inflation. domestic industry destroyed in favor of china. we have heard over and over, brian, this was intentional, this was deliberate on day one after a few hours of being inanything rated he shut down the keystone pipeline and he is responsible. >> brian: ainsley, what i think is also maddening is he thinks it is going to help to raise
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tax. he says that donald trump tax reform is hing two start undoing it. raise corporate taxes and make us less competitive the 1% that the top earners got off under trump, he wants to put that back. as if it's going to stop anything. the 18 cents is the eliminating the gas tax barack obama called it a gimmick because law do is you take money away from things that we will build roads and bridges and a lot of times you get that right back in other ways and all these funds end up depleted in the end. he called it a gimmick. joe biden calls it a savior. i don't know why people keep asking about that. that's not a big play. it's also important to stop bringing up vladimir putin's price hike. letting vladimir putin think this war is paying off because it's hurting america. he wants to help himself domestically and blame somebody. is he actually hurting the battle to save ukraine because vladimir putin thinks is he putting pain on us. at the very least e he could
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tell his people you see the american television? you see how much hurt we are putting on america and the west? let's keep pounding away. >> steve: yeah, next time you fill up and $5 a gallon thank vladimir putin. think this is the pain they are inflicting upon us to get us to buy a plug-in car. >> ainsley: republicans say if there is a gas tax holiday it will only last through the midterm election. how convenient. >> steve: yeah, exactly. they are only releasing the million barrels a day from the strategic petroleum reserve through the midterms. all about the elections. that is why brian is down in virginia today where it is primary day. and, coming up on this program, stephen colbert, the late night host, is down playing the detention of seven of his staffers caught trespassing at the u.s. capitol. hear how he attempts to justify their actions coming up straight ahead on "fox & friends." look who else is joining us? for today's telecast.
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♪ >> carley: good morning, back with your headlines. overnight three people are stabbed ocean city, maryland. two had to be airlifted to the hospital. police are still looking into what sparked that fight. the investigation into that incident comes as five major u.s. cities are on track to surpass their homicide totals from last year. milwaukee, washington, d.c., atlanta, baltimore, and los angeles are all outpacing their 2021 numbers. milwaukee facing the largest spike of all sides according to
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crime data reviewed by fox news. to a fox news alert. philadelphia firefighter bracing to put out fire broke out in chinatown. thankfully, everybody in the building got out and there were no injuries reported. responders pulling back due to a partial collapse. meanwhile you, the atf has joined the investigation of a separate fire and building collapse that killed a city firefighter over the weekend in the fair hill neighborhood. the funeral for lieutenant sean williamson will be held on monday. williamson was a 27-year veteran of the city's fire department. he was 51 years old. american airlines is ending service to three cities this fall in response to the industry wide pilot shortage. the texas based carrier is terminating service in islip and ithaca, new york as well as toledo, ohio. this is going to happen on september 7th. fox business reported earlier this month that the airline industry is short 12,000 pilots.
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not good. and the tampa bay lightning are flying high after going on a scoring frenzy to take game three of the stanley cup finals. >> very hard. it and they score! turning the corner centered. santos scored. he was all alone right in front of the net and he buried it. >> the back-to-back defending champions bouncing back after 7-0 loss to the colorado avalanche in game 2 much needed 6-2 home win for the lightning sets up the chance to even the series on wednesday. those are your headlines, over to you. >> ainsley: we talked yesterday about stephen colbert. some of his staffers were at the capitol and they were arrested for being inside the longworth building unescorted. they were there with triumph the insult comment dog. and they were interviewing
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republicans and democrats about january 6th committee. stephen colbert addressed it and down played it last night on his show. listen. >> triumph and my folks, scott, for two days in congressional offices across the street from the capitol building. they went through security clearance. shot all day wednesday, all day thursday. invited into the offices of the conscious people they were interviewing. they were doing some last minute punt tri and joking make them ups in the hallway when triumph and my folks were approached and detained by the capitol police which actually is not surprising. the capitol police are much more cautious than they were, say, 18 months ago. >> lawsuit. >> and for a very good reason. if you don't know what that reason is, i know what news network you watch. the capitol police were just doing their job. my staff was just doing their job. everyone was very professional. everyone was very calm. my staffers were detained, processed and released.
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ing. >> brian: well, i mean, a couple of things. i don't know. i wasn't there. but we did hear they kept going back when they were told not to go back. number two is, adam schiff is the one who let them in. and jake was one of the others. making a joke of something we were told was the most important thing of the history of the country. no doubt about it january 6th was. what kind of judgment does adam schiff have? why would you book adam schiff most of the stuff comes out of his mouth is fiction. comes off flat outlier. we get the call from stephen colbert because all he wants to do be famous. i have no idea what happened but we are about to. my sense is the capitol police will be very reluctant to do something that would cause them more headlines so that could be something steve keep in mind as we wait for the fact to come out. so far stephen colbert doing anything but apologizing.
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>> steve: he's not apologizing he is trying to sprain from thinks point of view what happening. >> steve: sounds like 8:30 at night on thursday. whatever escort they had had left. so they were doing things in the hall. i saw some of the clips of triumph the insult comic dog before where he is banging on mitch mcconnell's nameplate and stuff like that. so, who knows exactly what they were doing. some jokey standups or however mr. colbert referred to it. fox news has reported that the staffers were booted from the january 6th committee hearing before the arrest because they didn't have proper press kennels. credentials. they were let back into the longworth building by a congressional aide who thought hey they have got more interviews to do. so jim jordan, who was on with jesse last night, would like to get to the bottom of this. he would like to know more about what happened exactly.
3:24 am
jesse wants to see the mug shots and booking data from it. these are some of the things jim jordan wants to be provided to members of congress so they know exactly what went down with stephen colbert's crew at the capitol. >> ainsley: congressman jim jordan and congressman rodney davis sent this letter to the capitol police to the head of the capitol police. they want the reports witness statements. they want other material related to arrests of individuals associated with the late show. and all security footage and all of the still photographer or photographs related to the arrest as well. so hopefully, we will see all of that, we will know more about what actually happened, brian. >> >> brian: here is jim jordan last night. watch. >> the real take away i thought the january 6th committee was suppose you had to be the most important investigation, the most solemn, serious committee in the history of the republic. if that's the case, then why are they working with some comedy crew letting them in to
3:25 am
videotape whatever they were going to videotape and letting them in the capitol complex illegally. i think that's a question. this whole double standard and this idea that they get to have it both ways drives me crazy, you crazy and i think all the folks who are watching drives them crazy as well. >> brian: that's jim jordan of course. these individuals were arrested unlawful entry and causing disturbances of several republican members. stephen colbert there was a time timed me comedian did comedy things and others activists. late night shows are activists for the democratic party. adam schiff is basically their chief writer now. good luck with that meanwhile, coming up straight ahead on this show, guys, is anyone pumped up to be here? [cheers] >> brian: they are pumped up to vote at mcclain's restaurant. fired up about the issues that matter most to them. whether it's crime, the border and what's happening with education.
3:26 am
which is why ian prior made the long trip this morning to talk about his battle as a parent first and foremost, exposing critical race theory in the classroom. ian prior and these great people when we come back in virginia on primary day. don't move. ♪
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>> brian: welcome back mclean's in beautiful richmond, virginia. are you happy i'm here? [cheers and applause] >> brian: you would much rather have ainsley. i want to talk to some people and ian prior is here to talk about his fight for schools and how they became apparent and fight for the background in richmond schools. jimmy and wayne, thanks for coming down i appreciate it you are jimmy. >> jimmy. >> brian: what's the major concern as you vote in richmond today? >> the safety, crime. up. >> brian: up 72% in this city. >> it's disgusting. >> brian: what's the main problem? >> leadership. leadership. this city, the state, governor youngkin is doing the best he can but he has a democrat controlled senate and blocking every move he makes. >> brian: sir, this is wayne. your number one concern is you can't get cops. they are not signing up to go to the academy.
3:31 am
>> i know. run them out so fast. what do they expect to do. you don't turn over personnel like that and expect to have a program. >> brian: this state was blue now they say it's purple where is it heading? >> hopefully we will stay red. >> brian: what are you having today? have you decided. >> you mean to eat? >> brian: yep. >> eggs and bacon. >> brian: i believe it's on wayne. >> brian: it's on me? i got to pay? all right. this is your dad, right, johnny? >> yes. >> brian: what's the issue. >> education system and prices. >> talking about inflation. >> inflation, yes, sir. gas prices, everything. grovesrys. >> brian: this is a commuter area and if gas prices is high there is almost no mass transportation, everybody is feeling it, right? >> serve feeling it. education k through 12. get control of our schools back from false indoctrination that they are getting now. >> brian: you should be a tv
3:32 am
producer my next guest is fighting for that every single day. let's sit ian prior down. i'm sitting down over here. i thought you were going to my set. ian, welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: first off, you are in the fight for schools. tell everybody, again, how this became your fight? >> yeah, really started in loudoun county back in march of 2021. you had a bunch of activists part of a private facebook group. called the anti-racist parent of loudoun county. it included school board members. included our sorrows backed commonwealth attorney. what they did was set out to plot against parents that spoke at school board meetings whether it was against critical race theory or for opening schools. that just activated parents to fight back. >> brian: now you formed an organization. when people talk about crt, it's not saying slavery didn't exist. it's not saying we didn't have jim crow. what should people know when they talk about crt? >> critical race theory is a lens through which things are viewed. so it's a theory that they instruct teachers to look at
3:33 am
which is, you know, the myth of maker to come crazy, colorblindness anymore. we want race consciousness and permanence of racism. >> brian: for example, if you work hard you will achieve, that's considered what now? >> that's right. and actually we discovered from the pacific educational group which is one of these equity consultants they have a whole list of things that they to the school system in pennsylvania and talk about things habits of whiteness hard work, the scientific method, being polite, those are things for everybody, right? i mean it's racist to assume that's just somebody that's white. that's appalling. >> brian: when you talk about in schools, you found out this was bigger than loudoun county. and you could argue that glenn youngkin doesn't get elected if this wasn't exposed by the parents concerned parents in this area. so, what can -- what progress have you made? >> well, you know, we have made a lot of progress in loudoun county. we have governor youngkin now which i think is fantastic.
3:34 am
attorney general. investigating the school system for some of the things they have done over the past year. really what we are seeing this is happening across the country. we see it in virginia school systems. a lot of places in the country, it's much further down the road of paying these consultants half a million dollars. you are seeing all kinds of things from critical race theory to gender theory being incorporated into schools. >> brian: you brought up so key this is intentional. consultants brought in to up end the curriculum in schools for what greater miles per hour? >> yeah. i mean, that's a great question. i think that what you are seeing here is a shift in the mentality of what america is. you know, it used to be or it should be about individual liberty. about hard work. about advancing yourself. about equal opportunity for everybody. and what they're really trying to change this into is the equity, right? where we are going to guarantee results for everybody. we are not going to allow individuals to succeed at their own pace or to their own goals or unique talents.
3:35 am
we are going to group everybody, divide them on certain character risz sticks and then from there we are going to start our education system all over again. >> our country is about equal opportunity not equal outcomes. that's just the way it is. if you don't want to compete, don't come. this is all detailed in your column column online. you do your stuff pro bono. >> america first legal we opened up the legal center for equality and then go to af back slash hotline. if they have these stories where they have seen discrimination in schools and workplace. reach out to us. they are pro-boneny know legal. >> brian: hey, guys, are you proud of what ian prior has done. [applause] >> brian: thanks for getting up early. i appreciate it back to the study yorks ainsley and steve, take it away. >> ainsley: good deal. thank you so much, brian. >> steve: i'm hungry now people having breakfast. >> ainsley: eggs and bacon. >> steve: president biden's
3:36 am
spoiling your summer barbecue. will. >> ainsley: as long as democrats are in denial life will be hard for families. hi, congressman. ♪ if you're ready come and get it, our interactive tools and advice can help you build a future for the ones you love. that's the value of ownership.
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as serious reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant. talk to your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission. learn how abbvie could help you save on rivnoq. steve americans are facing new price hikes. look at this right here. summer staples, hot dogs, ground beef and ice cream costing more than ever look at that hot dogs are up almost 40%. our next guest blames bidenflation. and as long as democrats are in denial life will be harder for american families. joining us now is north carolina congressman ted budd. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. good to be with you. >> steve: every time you go in a grocery store wait a minute that hamburger was 6 bucks last week and now it's $7. >> either the prices are getting smaller or prices going up. fed says inflation 8.5%.
3:41 am
people are seeing at a minimum 5%. trying to building is renovate your home, 20% and 30% inflation. fuel more than double what it was 18 month ago. >> steve: congressman, blame vladimir putin for thacialghts joe biden's own words would say we are in a transition. this by his own words is very intentional. it's hurting the american people. it's trying to make them government-dependent. >> and it's anti-energy and antihuman. it's just terrible. i am hearing of a secretary that can't make it to retirement. she can't afford the gas to get to retirement in a year from now because of her commute. this is hurting real people. >> steve: we heard joe biden at the top of the show where he was out on the beach in rehoboth it's time like this where it kind of hurts but this is good time to get to us all buy electric cars. i'm paraphrasing but that's his point. >> have you had 7 gallons in europe for a long time. just a fraction is on electric cars.
3:42 am
it won't work in america. it hasn't worked in europe. it's a very dangerous plan that he has put us on. >> steve: congressman, i was at the grocery store in our neighborhood yesterday. and i was complaining about the price of corn, fresh corn from florida. and the person said, you think that's something. everything in the store is pretty much gone up three times. they said you know that rotisserie chicken for 499, they are selling it for $12.99. the rotisserie chicken is $13 now. everything has gone up three times. >> i have been all across our state all 100 counties in the last few months. farmer are having more expense putting things in the ground, planting food. having a hard time finding drivers to get chicken feed to the chicken houses so they can feed them to get them to the consumers. this is all part of joe biden's energy plan and it's hurting the american consumer. >> steve: take a look at the latest fox news poll. a majority of americans don't like his plan. look at that.
3:43 am
23% of americans approve of the way joe biden is handling the economy and inflation. who are those 23%? i want to meet those people? because they are living in a bubble. last year i did a telephone town hall had sharp spike in prices. they said 94% of the people said they h that was last june. that was a year ago from this week worse now. >> steve: if there is silver lining i know that the republicans feel that given all the pain in the country right now. there could be a change in leadership in washington come november. not at the white house but down the street. >> well the house and the senate. all 100 counties. it it's costing them more than $5,000. they talk about a red wave. we have got to earn that we have got to create value for the american people. let them know that we're going to -- when you are in a hole you have got to stop digging.
3:44 am
we want to make the biden administration stop decision digging, stop hurting the american people. >> steve: congressman, thanks for joining us live. good luck with your senate run. >> thank you. >> steve: it is now, let's see coming upping coming up on 44 minutes after the hour and carley joins us from the mezzanine level headlines. >> carley: injured by an out-of-control taxi that barreled into a new york city cafe yesterday. a crowd of onlookers rushing to lift the cab off of two women pinned up against a wall. six people were injured in the crash. three critically. police say the driver turned into the bike lane before slamming into a cyclist and people eating on the sidewalk. my goodness. the biden administration is barely using the remain in mexico program despite a federal judge's ruling that the policy must be must be enforced border patrol data. at the border being placed in
3:45 am
that program since october. only 4,000 migrants were sent back to mexico while their immigration proceedings played out. a border agent have encountered more than one and a half million migrants. there is new evidence showing the army is teaching west point cadets critical race theory. documents obtained by judicial watch show those lessons at the academy include seminars on whiteness. the group's president tom fitton joined "fox & friends" earlier to discuss. watch this. >> we are teaching anti-americanism and racial division. you know, frankly it's designed to attack one race and victimize another and if you are trying to build a cohesive military, why would you bring this in? >> ainsley: those lessons also asking cadets about other controversial topics like affirmative action and gender ideology. combat veteran and bengals survivor taking the stage in new
3:46 am
jersey this weekend. he presented a special gift to a fellow veteran. watch. this these it over seas and when we bring them back home and when they are out there they should have our six pack here. they are instrumental in helping along with [inaudible] we need to help our veterans with that. >> geist was able to make a gesture through shadow warriors project which provides service dogs to combat veterans. a fantastic cause. >> steve: no kidding. down the shore not far from your family. >> carley: that's exactly right. good stuff all around. >> steve: all right. thank you very much, carley. >> carley: you are welcome. >> steve: first day of summer and there she is. >> janice: am i the first day of summer. >> steve: you are going to tell us the weather on the first day of summer. >> it arrived at 5:13 a.m. it's gorgeous in the new york city area. however, the rest of the country
3:47 am
dealing with extreme heat. we say it's the first day of summer but many places have been dealing with summertime heat for weeks now. stretching from the midwest down towards the south. the mid-atlantic and the northeast as you can see. we are dealing with the heat already this morning. for some reason my little clicker is not working. i will tell you the potential for showers and thunderstorms will exist today across the upper midwest and the northeast. the mid-atlantic tomorrow. we will be watching that and heavy rainfall is also going to move in towards the fox all star corner region. moan sunni. they need rain but not so much that causes flooding. steve today in virginia of course we are dealing with the people going to the polls and the weather looks pretty good. that's the good news and coming up i will make sure that i work out all of the bugs that are happening in the weather maps. you know what it's like. >> steve: there are a lot of bugs in summer. >> janice: i need some batteries, maybe. >> steve: you got it j.d.
3:48 am
supreme court high stakes abortion decision could come out today. that's a live look at the supreme court. lara trump is going to react next as groups are planning potentially violent protests. a night of rage in response (man) [whispering] what's going on? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could save money by doing nothing. just be claim-free on your home insurance for three years. (man) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (dad) bravo! (mom) that's our son! (burke) we should. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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♪ >> carley: welcome back. the game getting nuts. delayed the game after a squirrel on the field. tried to chase it off. they bit off more than they could chew. look at that there the little guy squeezing under the bullpen gate. the pirates going nuts scoring 12 runs in the blow out over chicago. he just wanted peanuts. like an eye in the sky. the mlb baseball this season. it is called the automated balls and strikes system or abs for short. and it's made of 8 cameras positioned at the top of the bleachers when the system determines whether a pitch is a ball or a strike. a robot voice alert a human umpire through ear piece. the mlb say apartment bs could
3:53 am
eventually make it to the majors. ainsley, the robots are taking over. >> ainsley: oh no, beware. thank you very much, carley. all eyes are on the supreme court where abortion activists are planning a protest as decision on high stakes abortion case could come down today. comes as a new report reveals pro-lifers targeted at least 40 times with violence, vandalism and harassment in the weeks since thats leaked draft opinion signaling a potential reversal on roe v. wade. here to react is fox news contributor lara trump. >> good morning, lara. >> good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: good morning. so we have about 18 more opinions we are waiting on the supreme court before they recess for summer and we are learning some could come down today around 10:00 in the morning. and it could be roe v. wade. many of us are very scared about what that means. will we see a night of rage like jane's revenge is calling for. what do you think? what's your reaction. >> it's been promised that group
3:54 am
jane's revenge saying that is exactly what they intend to do if they don't get the decision they want. you just showed that happen of the country of the 40 targeted attacks against pro-life centers, pro-life individuals. all you have to do, ainsley, is replace the word pro-life with planned parenthood and you get a very different picture of what would be happening and the coverage it would have received across our country because most people haven't even heard about those attacks you just mentioned and it's because the mainstream media by and large is silent on it problem exsass enter baited that you have a attorney general wants to go against political opponents. people he disagrees politically. say parents going to a school board meeting. [clearing throat] excuse me. but you have that happening. you have the white house giving a green light to people to demonstrate in front of supreme
3:55 am
court justices' houses. illegally might i add. you have joe biden, the president of the united states who has yet to come out and condemn an assassination attempt against a sitting supreme court justice. so it's pretty clear there's a double standard being applied whenever look at the law and application it should have versus what is actually happening in this scenario. and it is very scary. you are exactly right. because we don't know what the decision ultimately will be on roe v. wade or many of the other cases you are talking about but it seems like there has been the go ahead given by folks on the left if the decision is not something with which they agree, then they are saying it kind of looks like go do whatever you want by all means necessary. >> ainsley: yeah, and president biden has not condemned the assassination attempt on kavanaugh's life. some of these signs one reads: if abortions aren't safe, you aren't either.
3:56 am
lara, and the other one i was referring to earlier d.c. call to action warning a night rage. we will hit the streets. do you expect a ruling? do you think it will happen this week on roe v. wade or do you think it will happen right before they go away for the summer? >> i mean we are all paying attention and curious to see what happens. unfortunately. you know, the goal was always to influence either the decision, the timing, whatever it might be here by these pro-abortion groups. that is not how this country was set up. that is not how things should be done. we'll have to wait and see. but we are all definitely paying close attention. >> ainsley: thank you so much. more "fox & friends" coming up. >> you got it. ♪ you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes just one more thing life throws your way. ask your doctor if leqvio is right for you. lower. longer. leqvio. steve the commonwealth of virginia having a primary today. >> brian: more of this purple state leaning more and more red. >> what's the number one issue. >> the education system? get control of our schools back from a false indoctrination. >> there is nothing inevitable about a recession. >> president biden using inflation crisis to push his new energy agenda. >> we have a chance to make fundamental turn toward renewable synergy. >> joe biden is doing nothing. the american people are doing nothing o. >> massacre claimed the lives of 19 innocent children and two children in uvalde. >> uvalde is a great example of not properly trained. not ready to do the thing.
4:01 am
>> more intimidation tactics of the supreme court's expected abortion ruling. >> i don't think there is much political support for abortion on demand. >> you don't get a lot of that. they are booing because the crew is coming out. things got squirrely at pittsburgh. ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: there is a shot atlanta, georgia, 97 degrees today. the first day of summer. the 21st. >> steve: hot. >> ainsley: that's right. polls opening there. 7:01 on the east coast. of the polls opened about one minute ago. and in georgia, vernon jones endorsed by trump. used to be a democrat. now he is a republican. he has a run off mike collins the son of a former congressman
4:02 am
and he is a businessman. that is why brian is actually in virginia because we have two states that have rub offs, alabama and georgia. and you're in virginia because that is primary day. hey, brian. >> brian: yeah. hey, guys. first off, ainsley, you are absolutely right there. is lots of intrigue in alabama and georgia especially tennessee. two districts in particular. the second and the seventh. about five minutes we will talk to derek anderson. derek anderson is running for the seventh. he is one of six running for abigail spanberger's seat. she looks very vulnerable because of her policies and who she represents and how it's been redistricted and derek anderson you might have seen him on "60 minutes." he was one of the last green berets out of afghanistan. the disaster that has sent president biden president biden's poll numbers down possibly for good. a little bit later we are going to talk to glenn youngkin. he would are also going to talk to jeff cats. a great political reporter from
4:03 am
wrva and talk about how this state has gone from red to blue to purple and now we are going to find out with governor youngkin he is an anomaly? is he a great candidate at the right time to beat the right matchup terry mcauliffe or is virginia changing? that's at what is at stake starting one hour ago in these midterms. >> steve: brian, you are at mclean's restaurant. have you ordered a breakfast yet? >> brian: no. this is a working moment. i will tell you everybody else. >> steve: what are you waiting for? >> brian: i don't like to get stuff stuck in my feyes teeth. i don't have floss. all these people are just here for us. guys, are you here for "fox & friends." [cheers and applause] >> brian: they waited outside an extra half hour to get here to open up. they are ready to go. they are awful voting. they all have a lot to say. at the end of this block, after peter gives his update, i will be talking to some of them. if you are not shy. is anybody shy here? >> no.
4:04 am
>> brian: not shy. >> steve: not shy indeed. >> ainsley: brian was taking a lot of pictures with # the people there. >> ainsley: they love you there, brian. >> brian: they love fox here. they feel it's an enclave of sanity in a world of insanity. it's gone woke crazy. >> steve: you are taking so many selfies another reason not to have stuff in your teeth. >> brian: right. thank you. >> ainsley: president biden snapping at the press after a reporter asked about americans' recession concerns yesterday. peter doocy is live at the white house with a look at that tense exchange taking a shot at one of the reporters, peter. >> peter: that's right, by the end of next year there could be a recession according to one of the democratic parties leading economic pindz, larry summers. but, on vacation in delaware, president biden didn't seem to want to hear it. >> not the majority are saying that. come on. don't make things up.
4:05 am
okay? now you sound like a republican politician. i'm joking. that was a joke. but all kidding aside, no, i don't think it is. there's nothing inevitable about a recession. >> peter: all kidding aside the nothing has the president has done to lower gas prices has worked. he has been selling a million barrels of oil aa day from the strategic preserve. $5 a gallon on average. by the end of this week he says is he going to decide on either a gas rebate or a gas tax holiday. >> i hope i have a decision based on data i'm looking for by the end of the week. we have a chance here to make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy, electric vehicles and not just electric vehicles. across the board. >> if the president goes with a gas tax holiday, that's going to be a break with barack obama, who laughed off the idea. >> we're arguing over a gimmick
4:06 am
to save you half a tank of gas. over the course of the entire summer so that everyone in washington can pat themselves on the back. >> peter: president is hoping for a pat on the back with people student loan debt payments outstanding. is he considering another pause on those payments. back to you. >> steve: all right, peter doocy on the north lawn. peter, so the president snapped at the reporter who asked about recession. didn't he snap at you when you asked about inflation? >> peter: he did. and he said a word as part of his answer that i can't say because i think mom is watching. >> steve: i think you are probably right. peter, thank you very much. he also called for higher taxes on the wealthy and he blamed oil companies for higher energy costs. he also said during his conversation there on the beach with the reporters, he talked a little bit about how since we are in a time of transition, i'm going to paraphrase. this is a good time to weaken people off of gasoline and get them to buy
4:07 am
a car that plugs into the wall of your house we had congressman tim budd north carolina running for the u.s. senate. he joined us about 30 minutes ago talking about what the president is trying to do at our expense. >> either the packages are getting smaller or the prices are going up. you know, the fed tells us we see inflation around 8.5%. people are seeing minimum 15%. trying to building is or renovate a house or fix your home. 20%, and 30% inflation. see fuel more than double where we were 18 months ago. you have had $7 in gas in europe only a fraction percentage over there is on electric cars. so it won't work here in america. it hasn't worked in your honor. and it's a very dangerous plan that he has put us on. >> brian: i don't think there is any doubt about it. because there is one thing when things happen and you say well,
4:08 am
i feel your pain. bill clinton. another thing that happens when you say oh, your pain is so great you will get to do what i wants you to do. that is convert to the neil. new greendeal. they will have us assassinating cows. if you look at what g.m., ford, and tesla doing. they are trying to get everything to market at affordable way. it's not there yet. we don't have the infrastructure there yet. keep in mind we are going to exchange one problem for another. the next thing we are going to need is rare earth. and rare earth is found in china. and the place it's not at china has locked up. do we really want to be on the hook to china. have we found out a way to get rid of the lithium water? we haven't. if you look at germany, this guy got elected on the green party ticket. this leader said fire up the coal plants because it's the only thing that's going to be effective because of the price of oil and gas. and and because of what russia is putting them through because
4:09 am
they are denying them the pipeline natural gas on the nord stream one. the nord stream two never got online. i hate when people's pain a political party knows that we're feeling the pain and they feel their party can get advantages of it and that's to go green. but we are not ready, ainsley. >> steve: never let a crisis go to waste. >> ainsley: that's why the president is getting so much backlash for that comment yesterday he said my mom always said out of anything lousy something good will happen. so he is saying this is good. the high gas prices, they are good. high gas prices will be a good opportunity to make a fundamental turn to clean energy. but you are right, brian. we are not there yet. those alternatives are not available to us. brit hume said no one thinks that gas prices are going to be reduced significantly enough by election day i agree with him on that. he says eliminating this gas tax that biden is considering and so
4:10 am
is janet yellen they are considering this gas tax holiday. that's right obama called it a gimmick. he said there help a little but not going to help enough where we will save significantly at the pump. that's what people need right now because gas is so expensive. you saw the diesel prices. every time we show those images. $5 gas is expensive for all of us. that diesel number those are trucks. that's delivering our goods and they are pathing on the expense to us because businesses can't afford to lose their profits. so we are the ones that have to make choices in the grocery store. and what we used to buy you can't buy as much of. >> steve: people are waking up to the fact it's not putin's price hike. it's joe biden's policies that have gotten us to $6 gas in some spots of the country. we are going to talk more about this throughout the day. more in a little bit, brian. >> brian: steve, one last thing. can i have one last thing real quick. my big fear is that people are going to do with vaccines what they are going to do with electric and gas cars.
4:11 am
if you go for a electric car you are a democrat. if you go for a gas car you are a republican. that's the danger of playing politics with energy. take it away, steve. >> steve: today we get a first look at images from inside robb elementary school showing heavily armed officers in the hall nearly an hour before entering the classroom. the texas tribune publishing a leaked surveillance photo of responders carrying rifles and ballistic shields. ashley strohmier joins us with details. they were outside ready to go a lot sooner than we knew. >> newly reported contradicts earlier reports from uvalde's police chief pete arredondo that police were waiting for tactical gear and protective shields before they moved it and surveillance video shows several armed police standing in the hallway at 11:52, that is 19 minutes after the gunman walked into robb elementary through an open back door. can you see those photos on your screen; however, police waited about an hour before breaching the classroom to confront the
4:12 am
shooter. according to body camera footage. the first officer who had a ballistic shield questioned, quote: if there is kids in there we need to go in there. well, at 12:03 another officer with a shield gets inside and then a third officer arrives two minutes later. after police tried to talk to the gunman embattled police told -- the embattled police chief the district chief told swat to breach the door when they were ready at 12:46. the suspect was killed four minutes later. now, some think arredondo's delay in taking action was due to authorities trying to find a key to unlock the door. but it's unclear if it was even locked as police didn't check. regardless the recent developments just makes parents even more angry. >> angry that they are trying to cover up a lot of things and try to hold us back from speaking. also, just that they should have just gone in there and done their job. they clearly didn't do their
4:13 am
job. >> the monthly school board heating held monday night. almost a month after the shooting that left 19 innocent children and two teachers dead and there are the parents of the christmas of the shooting along with members of the community are calling for the resignation of that school district police chief. back to you guys. >> brian: thanks so much, ashley. my fear is it's not just the police chief, it's everybody. a lack of leadership there. and so many times law enforcement goes above and beyond. this way they seem paralyzed by fear. and guys, tim kennedy has a book out just on his remarkable career. former green beret, done so much including help out in ukraine. he talked about the whole defund the police movement and how it played into the lack of action in texas. >> how does it make any sense that i'm going to provide this group that i want to protect us with less training and less funding but still want them to be a better product to be able
4:14 am
to protect us? we have been weakening them and we have been making them i will equipped to respond to that we will have more of that unless we get them the right training and get our schools to become hard targets and go upstream to the origin, the genesis of these problems, which is mental health with the individual. >> ainsley: there were 19 law enforcement officers standing outside in the hallway of that classroom for 77 minutes. and my question is when you talk to the chief, did anyone, did any of those officers call the chief and say chief, we think it's a better idea not to wait out here. we need to go in. there are children still alive on the other side of that door. and, were any shots fired off by the suspect when those officers
4:15 am
were there. got there 1 minutes after the gunman went into the classroom and started shooting. while they were standing outside, was he still firing off shots? would they have saved lives if they had gone in? that's the question. we do know there were 911 calls of the little girl in the classroom asking for someone to come in. asking for help who repeatedly called. and she was later found dead. so, maybe they would have had time. i don't know if that 911 call was made within those first 19 minutes before officers got there we all just have a lot of questions. there is going to be a press conference tonight. the mayor of uvalde will be talking to the press. >> steve: it's heart breaking the big question is why did they wait? in the meantime it's voting day in virginia. brian? >> brian: got a few districts mostly central virginia. a lot of people in richmond to talk about the vote and what matters most. let's go back to meet a few of the diners here in mclean. you are barbara and this is
4:16 am
john. barbara, what issues matter most? we know what happened year ago with the off year election and what it meant -- education meant. what's your number one issue? >> well, with education it's school choice. i think that a lot of the parents in our city, their children are going to schools that are not accredited, that don't have good. >> well, i think that they were going to be working with some of the colleges, to set up lab schools and that sort of thing. >> money put aside also maybe the money can go with you. >> yes. >> the money for the public education go with you. >> exactly. >> brian: what about you, john, i can see you are ready to pay. >> the cost of living is one thing. this area, the state, this country has had so much abundance. it has been broken so quickly. it's breath-taking how much woke democrats have broken the whole range of our country. >> brian: right. what district are you voting? everyone is talking about the
4:17 am
seventh and second. do you think these are going to be bellwethers for the country. >> definitely. we are in the fourth district leon benjamin is running there. we are hoping that he can flip that blue seat strong red. brian, one last thing. don't take so much gut from gutfeld. >> brian: is he still on? i had no idea he is still on had a show. mary, what's on your mind as you get ready in the middle of primary day here? >> yes. well, we don't have a primary in our area. our candidates are ready to run for office. but, honestly, my chief issue is safety. safety in the school. safety on the streets in richmond. i'm glad we have a governor who also supports our police. >> brian: people are talking about, too it's time to support the supreme court justices, two of which live in virginia and are not getting backed up by the justice department. real quick, barbara, your thoughts. >> voter i.d. we definitely need to do voter i.d. for voter integrity.
4:18 am
>> brian: do you have it now. >> we are working on it we are working on it but get more legislation passed in that area for the governor. we are working on that right now. voter integrity and voter i.d. that's a real big issue right now. especially if you go and do absentee voting. we want to make sure people who are voting are who they say they are. >> brian: what's so wrong about that? everything you do in life from getting on a plane you have to use a an i.d. that seems logical. that's the latest from mclean, virginia. we have a lot more going on. right now we will come back and talk to you unless you guys are tired of me yet. are you tired of me? all right. good. sometimes i wear people out like carley shimkus is like by the end of three hours, brian, please, just go to radio. >> carley: never. >> brian: don't you have something to say like to read the prompter? >> carley: i certainly do. excellent job, brian. but i will take it from here. we have headlines right now starting with america's crime crisis. the teenage boy killed at sunday's unpermitted washington, d.c. juneteenth festival has
4:19 am
been identified as chase. the 15-year-old reportedly had been shot on two separate occasions before sunday's deadly shooting. and was armed at the time of his death. three others, including a d.c. police officer were injured in the shooting. they are recovering at the hospital. the metro police department offering up to a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the gunman. to a fox weather alert now. a wildfire in southern new jersey. look at that growing to about 12,000 acres. authorities say the blaze is 70% contained but the wildfire is expected to keep growing through the wharton state forest. the head of the state department of environmental protection say this can become new jersey's largest wildfire in 15 years. listen to this comedian. declining to name the theater at his old high school after himself. chapelle call the space at duke ellington high school the theater for artistic freedom and
4:20 am
expression. the name is a jab at the cancel culture outrye over some of his jokes which critics argue are damaging to the transgender community. giving up the name of the theater, guys. over to you. how about that? >> steve: no kidding. thank you, carley. coming up as you heard, some it parents are ready to shake up the ballot box this fall with school concerns taking center stage. former education secretary betsy devos joins us live with the top education issues that could impact the midterms. ♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪ finding the perfect project manager isn't easy. but, at upwork, we found him. he's in adelaide between his color-coordinated sticky note collection and the cutest boxed lunch we have ever seen. and you can find him right now on when the world is your workforce, finding the perfect project manager, designer, developer, or whomever you may need...
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4:24 am
>> ainsley: curriculum to school
4:25 am
debt education and school rights are expected to play a big role in the upcoming midterms. our next guest is the former united states education secretary and the author of the new book "hostages no more. the fight for education freedom and the future of the american child." betsy devos joins us now. good morning to you ms. secretary. madam secretary. >> betsy, please. good to be with you. >> ainsley: so good to see you here. thank you for fighting for our education. what are some of the i that you are hearing from our parents? because this is such a big deal. after covid, we witnessed our kids. we know now what is happening in the classroom. i know certain things are a big deal especially transparency. >> for two years parents got a front row seat on what was happening or not happening and they are not happy. many of them are very frustrated whether curriculum issues and children with months if not over a year of learning loss. and they are really demanding that they have the say in their children's education and that they be able to direct and control where their children learn. you know, many experiments
4:26 am
during covid with small learning pods and microschools. a lot of homeschooling. those kinds of options that parents have availed themselves of are working for many of them. and they want to continue to build on that and they should be able to do that. >> ainsley: you have actually been building on that since you left the administration because have you been working on this book that is phenomenal. you talk about school choice. and it's such a big issue now especially for republicans. i know the unions don't love it but school choice for parents, especially parents who can't afford private schools. what is your plan? how would it work? >> education freedom as i prefer to call it because it helps us think more broadly and largely about what it can mean for a child. i like to use the met for of a backpack. kids go to school every day with the things they need for the day in their backpack. we should metaphorically attach the funding that is already being spent on those children. and allow the families to decide whether their assigned school is working for them, that's great. if it's not, they can go and
4:27 am
choose how and where their children learn. and there are so many great options, but there are many more that could be created with that kind of freedom and that kind of opportunity for families across the country. they need it. their kids have been -- have struggled because of all of the lockdowns. we are months and years behind many of them and the most vulnerable kids are the ones that could least afford to be out of the classroom. >> ainsley: i know you say on average we spend $15,000 per year on each student in our country it depends on where you live and that can vary. but on average. so that would mean every single child would get a bank account with $15,000 in it for that year and they could go to school wherever they want to go to, right? >> exactly. >> ainsley: public or private? >> absolutely. and schools not yet invented. i talk about a school in west michigan where i'm from. michigan is cold in the winter. but, these kids go to school outdoors year around. and the teachers choose to be there teaching the kids outdoors year around.
4:28 am
would he have many different ways to -- for kids that can -- many ways that kids learn and we have to embrace that and allow for families to find that fit because, like i said, the last two years have laid bear the failings of a one size fits all, 175-year-old system that treats kids as essentially the same. and, you know, the title of my book "hostages no more" is a provocative title but it's actually a reference to the founder of our modern education system, horaceman who 175 years ago said educators are entitled to look upon parents as having given hostages to our cause. and we have seen in the last two years just how those kids -- our kids have been held hostage. >> ainsley: school here in new york and i never knew he said that hostages no more. it comes out today. congratulations on your book i know have you been working so hard on tnchts thanks, ainsley.
4:29 am
>> ainsley: stick around brian is talking to voters before they head to the polls in virginia. hi,. >> brian: brian hey, ainsley, here at mclean's restaurant they are fired up. am i right, richmond? >> derek anderson wants to take action are a he saw how he we left afghanistan. jeff katz is going to be here from wrva what will be like on the ground if the state goes from purple to red. governor youngkin. take a look at all these wonderful bright and happy faces. mclean, virginia. richmond, virginia. don't move. "fox & friends" continues in a moment. ♪
4:30 am
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or considering pregnancy. some of the most common side effects include injection-site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. every other month and i'm good to go. ask your doctor about every-other-month cabenuva. two great guests to bring us inside the political. derek on his hopes to winning. and abigail spanberger in hopes
4:34 am
to get the seventh district. talk to carmen. where are from you. >> i'm from peru. >> brian: how long have you been here? >> like 28 years. >> >> brian: have you seen virginia change. >> [inaudible] >> in what way. >> better place. a better place to live. a better place to work and a better place to raise a family. >> brian: all right. what's your number one issue? >> economy right now. >> brian: inflation? >> inflation. the gas is so expensive. people choose vacation and opportunity to travel or to use other entertainment because they have to pay so much money in gasoline. and that effects the economy ands grossries also are very expensive. so it is very -- effecting everybody's wallet. >> brian: shrinkflation what you buy is less in it. thanks so much. i appreciate the insight. plus a commuter area. almost no mass transportation so
4:35 am
you are on road and got this thing called traffic to the tenth degree? am i correct your traffic sucks. my goodness. and what's your name? >> my name is jacob. >> how old are you? >> i'm 16 years old. >> where do you go to school? >> mechanicsville high school. >> brian: what's your curriculum like. does anything concern you there? >> not too such a crazy degree but i'm aware of a lot of sort of indoctrination into like feminist and critical race theory ideas in other areas not necessarily at my school though. >> brian: two years away from voting but he is up early to be on fox. i appreciate it round of applause for jake. [applause] >> brian: all right. now i want you to meet derek anderson. is he running the seventh district and jeff katz wrva local talk show host with a real pulse on what's going on here. welcome to both of you. how do you feel today it's primary day. >> early in the morning but we are pumped and excited about everything that's going on in virginia. not only in the seventh congressional district but in
4:36 am
virginia as a whole. >> brian: you got in this race why? >> i lost five guys in afghanistan. last summer i was finishing up working for a judge in virginia. admittedly not planning on getting involved in politics. i think you can see that across the country with veterans. once i saw what happened lack of leadership and accountability on behalf of the biden administration the democrats as it related to the withdrawal in afghanistan and it's a tough pill to swallow when a gold star mother calls you and says what is going on in afghanistan and i truly didn't have an answer. >> brian: you competed in the ranger school and ranger competition. green beret. how many tours. >> six tours overseas to include iraq and afghanistan. [cheers and applause] >> steve: they say this district is a bellwether for the country. in what respect do you agree with that? >> i do agree. it's in central virginia. the district went a little bit for biden. the current district as it lies went a little bit for biden in 2020. but for glenn youngkin i think it went plus 6 or 7 points.
4:37 am
one of those districts that the entire nation is going to be watching. i do believe when we win in november that is going to be the bellwether for the entire country. >> brian: jeff, you have been here for a while you know when george allen lost the senate race. people said what happened to red virginia? then it went purple and then blue. has anything changed for you or is this glenn youngkin in your mind just the right person at the right time? >> i think it's a lot of things, brian. i think, yes. glenn youngkin was the right person for the right time but it's because people are angry. people heard folks in loudoun county say we don't care what happens to your daughter in the bathroom. we just don't care. we have a political agenda to advance. the economy here is terrible at the moment. you are in the city of richmond right now where i have to tell you as a form police officer nobody wants to do the job here because the mayor hates cops and has cut them at every single opportunity. so you have got crime. you have got the economy. you have got education and frankly you have this anker with joe biden and nancy pelosi and
4:38 am
chuck schumer so, this is the place to be when it comes to sending republicans. >> brian: other thing you have is virginia's richmond history. thomas madison to jefferson to washington. monument park is now gone. where do you stand with all of this? are you okay with it? there is a history of slavery with everybody that i mentioned. >> we have tomorrow brace our history like governor youngkin said we have to teach our bad and good history. at the end of the day we are blessed with a lot of good history. make sure that children are being taught what to think -- i correct myself. how to think not whether a to think. that's what the democrats want to do. they want to teach children what to think and not give them the opportunity to think for themselves. >> brian: what did spanberger not do what you wanted to correct? you know the district has been redistricted, been expanded. six republicans running for it. what about her did you think i could do better? >> well, so abigail spanberger my biggest complaint with her is that she is an opportunist.
4:39 am
she waits until the very last moment. she tests the political headwinds and then and only does she make a decision on anything. for instance, the withdrawal in afghanistan. she waited until the umpteenth moment i think it was two days before the withdrawal was supposed to be et complete. the morning that 13 u.s. service members were killed that came out and said there was an issue with the withdrawal in afghanistan. >> brian: what do you think of governor youngkin possibly running for president. >> derek is very kind about abigail spanberger is she is not state of the unionist. she is a phony and hypocrite. steve. >> brian: you are not voting for her. >> i will not. turnout. we have at love excitement on the republican side. we will see a big turnout. we would say to you, brian, and the rest of the folks at "fox & friends." we love glenn youngkin. leave him alone for just a little bit. >> brian: only got one term. >> let him fix the commonwealth and then he can fix the country. good luck, derek. congratulations. in his free time he got a law degree. and, jeff, thanks for keeping
4:40 am
richmond live and the pulse of the people forward. be back with the governor next and back with you in 25 minutes. >> steve: terrific. wonderful job, brian. still ahead on this tuesday. bitcoin is rallying this morning following another steep fall-off. but what does the crypts toe volatility mean for the united states economy? stuart varney who keeps his money in a mat threats is goingo talk about that and so much more ♪ baton rougey like maddy in the ♪ ♪ ock music ♪ >> tech: ...we can replace your windshield and recalibrate your advanced safety system. >> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ after trying lots of things to manage her ibs-c, things changed for jill. when her doctor recommended treating it with a once-daily pill. and that's when she said yess to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative.
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4:45 am
that's a very good question. look at the wealth destruction that we have already seen. the cryptos lost about a trillion dollars -- i'm sorry. getting the numbers mixed up. the cryptos have lost $2 trillion worth of value. >> steve: wow. >> 2 trillion down. big tech stocks that would be facebook, apple, amazon, microsoft, google they are down about a trillion dollars in value. all stocks taken together are down almost -- $10 trillion in value. you add it all up and that is massive wealth destruction. people are getting poorer. america is getting poorer. now, you ask what about the future? where are we going with this? i don't think the cryptos and big tech and stocks generally are going to come all the way back to where they were. they may come back a little but they are not going to come all
4:46 am
the way back so that that wealth which has been destroyed comes back itself. i don't think so. for a start. you no longer have that wall of money coming into the crypto market and stock market from the fed and from congress without that wall of mope i don't see you this they will come back wealth destruction. >> steve: think about what joe biden is saying. he is saying the inflation it's putin's war and stuff like that. whether putin's war is resolved, who knows when that's going to be. you would think that the price of oil would come down and then you would think by, you know, extrapolation everything else would come back down and, perhaps the stock market would go back up. >> well, eventually, in time the market will come back. not any time soon. i just don't see how you can go from where we are now to where we were a year ago any time soon. i can't see that happening. there's no wall of money coming at the market or cryptos. >> steve: then again, if you
4:47 am
have crash, america's biggest companies are now on sale. >> what a lot of people do is something called dollar cost averaging regardless of where the money is going up or down you putt the same amount of money into the market every month or every week or out of every paycheck. that's dollar cost averaging. if you are putting money in now, prices are down and they are cheap, the market will at some point come back and if it's in your 401(k), it's pension money you will live long enough to see a return in value. again, not any time soon. >> steve: it's no longer a 401(k) it's a 301 k. >> i have heard that from so many people. >> steve: tonight on fox business you are going to highlight a business i used to live to in new york. >> giewgen heim frank lloyd wright's creation. he didn't live to see it. it's a remarkable building. and the story of the chicago river. they had to make the river run backwards to get the sewage out of town. american built tonight 8:00
4:48 am
p.m., two episodes. >> steve: fantastic. we will be watching. of course check out saturday over on varney and company starts at 9:00 eastern this morning over on fox business. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much, steve. >> steve: meanwhile the first day of summer there have been some bugs in janice dean's weather machine. let's hope she has worked it out. >> janice: i had the wrong clicker there are different clickers for different studios and sometimes we get messed up. >> steve: it happens. >> janice: let's take a look at it i bet you it's working right now. turn out tuesday people are voting in virginia and the forecast looks pretty darn good. no major storms to look at. there is your forecast we are dealing with the monsoon season has arrived across the southwest. good news, the moisture gets into the areas that are really dry but the bad news is too much of a good thing can lead to flash flooding. the other huge story is the heat my friends. i know it has felt like summertime. the dog days of summer for parts of the plain states in towards the southeast. where it's going to feel well
4:49 am
over 100 degrees. the dew points are, you know, very high. meaning the moisture content in the atmosphere and that means it's going to feel well over 10. 110 degrees for some of these regions. take all the precautions, check on elderly and kids and bring your pets inside. here in new york it is gorgeous, steve, i'm so glad my clicker works. >> steve: so are we. thank you so much, j.d. >> janice: you got it. >> steve: first it was the easter bunny blocking the president from the press. then it was jill biden's turn last week. and now even his grand daughter is running interference for the president. cutting off interviews with the press. "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain reacts to that straight ahead. you are watching "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ you're an owner. that means that your priorities are ours too. our interactive tools and advice can help you build a future for the ones you love.
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4:53 am
>> number three, i think we are going to be in a position where we are going to -- international flat tax. if not 140 some nations sign on. i'm coming. >> steve: where is this communication? the president's family keeps running interference and cutting them off from answering
4:54 am
reporters questions. it is certainly not the first time. remember back in april went to an advisor just as the easter bunny stopped him from answering questions. right this way, mr. president. >> ainsley: will cain is here to react. hey. first it was -- remember it was jen psaki first thing he's not answering questions. and it was the easter bunny then joe biden. now if soldering granddaughter. >> now we can see, one of the members of joe biden's family who follows them around, interrupting the press when they feel like. it's gone too far. boy does it go too far too often. you know, it is simultaneously sad and inappropriate. it is obviously sad because the president of the united states wanders. that's clear. it's not an insult.
4:55 am
it's an observation. the president of the united states wanders when the context of one sentence can start a sentence and surprised by where it ends i'm going. the people around him feel the need to manage him. and then, that is the inappropriate part. the united states prison is mostly managing world of fans, not having been managed by those around him, those that love him with some of those that watch over him. it's not appropriate for the president of the united states. falling off, that is also sad. it is just inappropriate. it's not a leader on the world stage. what you're watching is not leadership. >> steve: the other thing, will, famously, peter doocy asked the president about inflation. the president referred to him inappropriately, with bad language. yesterday, reporter asked about recession and the president said, you sound like a republican politician. just kidding, just kidding. you can't take a tough question.
4:56 am
>> you know, steve, the president wants more of. that's what's holding them back in the polls. we need more authenticity, more unscripted moments from the president. that is his answer apparently from behind-the-scenes gossip to his staff about being overmanaged pretties being overmanaged by his family. his instincts by the way, steve, his instincts are to fold it seems, to ramble into insult. to respond the way he did to peter about being a republican and then to ramble per those are what he thinks we need more of leadership. speed when they go. where is the easter bunny when you need him? will cain, thank you very much. >> thanks, guys. >> ainsley: coming up, virginia's governor glenn youngkin joins us live from a clean restaurant as we are having breakfast with friends. ♪ ♪ get ready - our most popular battery is even more powerful.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> the commonwealth of virginia having a primary today. is there going to be more of this purple stayed leaning more and more red. what is your number one issue? because of the education system. >> get control of our schools from false indoctrination. >> ainsley: face a new criticism using inflation crisis. >> we have a chance here to make a fundamental turn. >> look at that instruction we have already seen. >> my staffers were detained,
5:01 am
processed, and released. >> steve: he addressed the incident at the capitol where seven staffers were arrested. >> my staffers just doing their job. >> this double standard -- >> more left-wing tactics that had the supreme court's expect an abortion ruling. >> it is very scary. it looks like go do whatever you want. by all means necessary. >> nobody can stop us. i'm just gonna continue to -- destroy people on twitter. ♪ ♪ >> brian: all right, you are looking at alabama. why would i be showing you showing you alabama and virginia primary day? there's a big runoff election in
5:02 am
alabama. the next senate seat there the republican nomination is likely going to be seated in that state. endorsed by donald trump. he got sick of him. mo brooks was second by a wide margin. no we will see if that will change. it's going to be significant. those will be there to that will be going at it. obviously katie barrett is favored to win make that one. we are here in mclean's restaurant in beautiful richmond, virginia, where they can't really view the show. as soon as i tell them they are on, since they are going to react. a guy is excited to be on speech with one? [cheers and applause] we've already had two seedings. people coming in and out. there's no cover but everyone voting as a 6:00 today. the real focus -- by the way, we are 30 minutes away from governor glenn youngkin. did anybody vote for governor glenn youngkin? i don't think so. [applause] governor glenn youngkin is 30 minutes away.
5:03 am
then we are going to spend a day with him. you're gonna see that feature on "fox & friends" and on one nation over the weekend to find out what it's like our primary day. the other big news of course is coming out of here is second and seventh district veterans are everywhere. we introduce you to derek anderson. a lot of people are looking at the seventh district as go to another veteran as well. and that is -- got the support of -- as well as kevin mccarthy. so we will see how that goes for the reason why it is important could be a bellwether for the rest of the country. as a lot of those purple districts felt right. if all these reports are going correctly about where the country is heading. >> steve: brian, two things about governor glenn youngkin or you will be spending the day with, do not play basketball with him because he is fantastic. i believe deeply of in college. he could be one of the tallest
5:04 am
people in the state of virginia. i met him. i think he 6'9". >> brian: wright, this is where he lives. in his yearbook, he 6'7". when he is running for governor, he 6'5". i will find out because i brought a tape measure with me. i will measure him. and let the country know how tall a man he is. and finally put it to rest. keep in mind, guys come in virginia, you can only run one term. and you've got to take a pause and come back and do something else. that's what a lot of people are saying, might be billed for 1600 pennsylvania avenue. a run for that, we will talk about that. >> ainsley: he really stole the show pretty expected to win because he had more name recognition in that state. member, he famously said that parents should stay out of the classroom and not be involved. that really got under -- parents were so mad. they said that youngkin is listening to us. he's paying attention to the parent sandy won. cannot wait for that interview,
5:05 am
brian. all right, moving on. the president was at the beach and president biden was taking a shot at one of the reporters after he asked about americans recession concerns yesterday. peter doocy is live at the white house with a look at that tense exchange on the beach. good morning to you, peter. >> good morning, officials here know that bad economy and the midterm year is bad for them. the new line about a recession is that it's not a sure thing. >> president biden: not the majority are saying that. come on, don't make things up, okay. now you sound like a republican politician. i'm joking. i was a joke. all kidding aside, no, i don't think it is. it is -- nothing inevitable about a recession. >> $5 a gallon gas. the president is considering either a gas tax holiday or a cash rebate for gas. >> president biden: i hope i
5:06 am
have a decision based on the data i'm looking for by the end of the week. we have a chance here to make the final return toward renumeration. luxury vehicles. not just electric vehicles, across the board >> steve: when he says that, it sounds like high gas prices okay because it's gonna nudge people toward electric cards. at this president decides to suspend the federal gas tax them he's going to be breaking with his party's most popular member, barack obama. >> over a gimmick to save you half a tank of gas. over the course of the entire summer so that everyone in washington can pat themselves on the back. >> and as questions arise about what they are going to do in the future about the economy here, officials say wait a second, things would be a lot worse if we did not respond to covid the way that we did. and so today, the president is going to give remarks about covid as he starts to roll out
5:07 am
vaccines available for kids under 5. back to you. >> steve: peter, speaking of kids, you know, it doesn't seem like the biden family is all in the same page. obviously yesterday, the president went walking on the beach to show that he was, you know, he was okay after riding that bike and falling off the bike. but then, he's asked about the g7 which is coming up in a couple of days. i know you will be in attendance. actually, his daughter and natalie, granddaughter tried to pull him away from the press. it's kind of like they want him to talk to the press, maybe the family does not. >> we saw them first lady was intervening on the way to delaware as the president kept answering questions. her daughter was doing the same thing there. there's nothing wrong with the following in your. [laughs] >> steve: yes, you're so right about that, peter.
5:08 am
>> we're so glad you did, peter. i get so much, peter. you're welcome. his granddaughter is there and his daughter pulling him away. >> steve: got to go. >> ainsley: within his family, they say we know this is not his strong suit. he starts answering a question entrails often losing his train of thought. you think they are saying, don't ever let him get in front of a camera and lens it is scripted, unless we know what they are going to ask? >> steve: they tried to control the press, obviously, you know. a traveling pool travels with them. if it's in the wind up on the beach and then he goes over to start to talk to people, then the press gets to approach. and that press gets to ask questions. of course, brian, if i were a member of those not of people who formed around the president, i would say, hey, mr. president, how much longer on these gas prices, because they are killing us? and placing prices. i was telling the staff yesterday, i went to the
5:09 am
grocery store. you know those rotisserie chickens that you buy at the grocery store for $4.99? at my grocery store that $4.99 chicken is now $12.99. it's three times more than it was last year. >> brian: well, i will tell you, those chickens, steve, that are on the skewer at 7-eleven, they cook them already for you, they could rotate. you can imagine -- >> steve: you buy taken at 7-eleven? >> ainsley: they have really good things now at 7-eleven. have you been to 7-eleven? >> steve: i had no idea they had rotisserie chickens. the chicken at the grocery store that was now $5 is now $13. >> ainsley: they are making so much money on the groceries. >> brian: i agree. plus they are open 24/7. a couple of things to what you said, ansley, the president of the united states not speaking yesterday to reporters which has been a tradition for i don't know, what is today's date? 200 plus years.
5:10 am
you have the wrong job. not up to his family to pull him away. this guy is the president. he is not a former president. he is the president. that is the press. those are people. you look at "the wall street journal" lead editorial today. they speculated how soon it was so people started realizing it admitted to what we all knew, that joe biden was not intellectually up to the job. mentally, he was not quick enough. anyway to get himself in kabul. he talked about it two weeks ago. you as the daughter/granddaughter, if your dad or grandfather is the president and he has a question like, what do you think of the g7? you can't pull him away. then he never gets pulled away. george bush didn't get pulled away from his wife, his family. donald trump, do you think that milani would say, let's keep walking? how would that have gone over with the trump family? totally unbelievable. i also would wander in the time of which great stress, and of his father's name. how often does amanda have to go
5:11 am
to the beach? what is he going a senior senior in high school? every senior cut day? i thought he wanted a job so bad. it's half hour away. stay in the white house. the rent is free. >> steve: actually, he lives at the beach. he walked out the door and down on the sand. and he gets a photo op to show -- >> brian: he wants an image? 's the one the image they want to yesterday was see the president. not all banged up after he fell off. >> ainsley: you are a democrat, you can kind of do whatever you want. you got the press in your back pocket. when he was running, he was running grandma's basement. now that he's president, he spent so much time at the beach. >> steve: anyway, that is what he was up to yesterday. last night, stephen colbert addressed the issue. seven of his production team members from his show plus the voice of "triumph the insult comic dog" were arrested on thursday, because they did not
5:12 am
have proper i.d. they were on the sixth floor of the longworth office building at a time when it was close to the public. the cops came in, and they arrested them. last night, mr. colbert tried to explain what happened. here is what he said. >> my folks shot for two days in congressional offices across the street from the capitol building. they went through security clearance, shot all day wednesday, all day thursday, invited into the offices of the congresspeople they were interviewing. they were doing some last-minute puppetry and in the hallway when triumph and my folks were approached and detained by the capitol police. which actually isn't that surprising. in the capitol police are much more cautious than they were, say 18 months ago. [laughter] and for a very good reason. if you don't know what that reason is, i know what news network you watch. the capitol police were just doing their job. my staff was just doing their job.
5:13 am
everyone was very professional. everyone was very calm. my staffers were detained, processed, and release. >> steve: they were doing their job, but apparently they weren't authorized to do their job. >> ainsley: he's downplaying it and congressman jim jordan and congressman rodney davis are asking the capitol police now for more information. they sent the capitol police and of the letters saying they want reports, they want the witness statement. they want other materials related to the rest of the individual associated with "the late show with stephen colbert" on june 16th. and they also want all the security footage. and they want all the photos that are related to the arrest or individual associated with "the late show with stephen colbert" on june 16th. so maybe, brian, we will get some answers as to what really happened and why they were arrested after adam schiff gave them permission to come in and brought them into the into the building. and i think they were found in n the hallways wandering around by themselves and doing stand-ups and trying to get their show together after they had interviewed republicans and
5:14 am
democrats in the capitol police. i think, brian, didn't you hear that they were asked to leave a few times? >> brian: i heard they were doing that. they were banging on doors, asked to leave. it is unclear whether the select committee had any involvement or awareness of these individuals. land harassment of republican officials. i was just thinking about this. remember when we were talking about getting rid of the obamacare? remember john mccain had that thumbs down? you know i did more damage to president trump's plan to get rid of obamacare? jimmy kimmel. chuck schumer was briefing jimmy kimmel on the exact same issue. jimmy kimmel was inaccurately embedding respects miss portraying what this actual skinny deal would have been under paul ryan. now, you have adam schiff so comfortable with the late-night show host, he's helping him do issued in the hallway. so to me, and just reinforces everyone's belief, the late shows are now political organs
5:15 am
were candidates. not only do they feel comfortable in their seats, they feel comfortable giving them access to things that will push their cause forward. i think it is a pretty scary time. here is jim jordan. >> the real take away is, i thought terry knew a six was supposed to be the most importat investigation, the most solemn s committee in the history of the republic. if that's the case, then why are they working with some comedy crew, letting them into videotape whatever they were going to videotape and letting them in the capitol complex and legally? so i think that's a question. this whole double standard in the idea that they get to have it both ways drives me crazy, you crazy, i think all the folks who are watching drives them crazy as well. >> brian: yeah, anything but funny. we will find out the details. stephen colbert were predictably kind of just suck it up. i'm here in mclean's restaurant in beautiful richmond, virginia, where they are wrestling with the myriad of
5:16 am
issues. let's hear from them and let's go to the diners. and perhaps, a woman who might have a cottage industry and somehow might have taken her logo and could have made a zillion dollars with it. this is nancy. take a look at nancy's shirt. where did you get a shirt like that? 's ego i made it myself. >> brian: you are in embroidery? >> i am embroidering. >> brian: i don't want to tell you what to do. how is this affected you and what you do? you have your own embroidery business. >> it is slow down greatly. people don't have the money for that. my grocery bill has gone from 300 to 450. >> brian: your supplies are coming quickly. >> no, they are not coming in as quickly as they used to. of course, your customers will have to wait. i business is starting to pick up again. it's been a good 1.5 years. >> brian: you are in the trucking business. obviously, we know the most flagrant adjustment has been the
5:17 am
price of diesel. how does that ripple down the line? >> it works from the top down. we don't assume that gas prices from our level. but as it starts from the top, and affects us as in there's not as much money for us to pay our drivers, for them to get to work, it's expensive for them to get to work now. a lot of our guys are from here. that gas prices are tough on everybody. >> brian: are you here just to meet us? are you hungry and wish we could go a ways could order? >> might not actually owned the restaurant. she let me know that you are coming in. i'm here to support you and support youngkin and of course, you guys. i love watching your show. >> i would like to make a bid on your shirt. i think steve and/or can i go on the road too. i think they would like something like that. how much would that cost me?
5:18 am
i will give her a call. i will call headquarters and find out. that's what's happening here in mclean's restaurant in beautiful richmond, virginia, and about 2e talking to the governor. right now, that governor is in the building. and is going to be watching the news update. is that correct? >> that's right. get your tape measure out. >> brian: we are going to find out how tall he is. i will measure him. good call. >> all right, i've got some headlines here. we begin with a serious one. america's crime crisis. check out this shocking shocking security video out of detroit. a man pulls out a gun on a dad holding a baby. it's happening on father's day producing and entering gas station. and pull out the weapon from his waistband. the victim tries grabbing the gun from the suspect. food and backs away with a firearm still in the sand. police say the gunman pulled the trigger, but the weapon malfunctions.
5:19 am
can you believe that? elon musk is making three demands. twitter must meet before closing on the $44 billion buyout. listen. >> that question as to whether the number of vacant spam users on the system is claimed will be that depth portion of the ground come together. and then we will be -- >> breakup fee if he abandons the deal. not to mention all the lawsuits that would likely follow. 2 grocery stores. facing bass lacks for moving patriotic products after people complained on social media. one person went to twitter. give me liberty or give me death. an america, love it or leave it. that person calling the products insensitive in the wake of recent mass shootings by another user complaining about a kroger
5:20 am
floozy that reads as kobo stores getting even more blowback for folding under pressure. "yet woke, go broke." and, of alaska claiming that title of most patriotic state in the country. this is according to a new wallet hub study. it quantifies patriotism through 13 metrics including veterans per capita and voter turnout. the same study finally arkansas, new york, and rhode island least patriotic states. also, mike and i think people in arkansas i can have something to say about that. surprising. >> steve: thank you. coming up, you have heard the horrific stories of teenagers. a new warning from parents. how social media is advancing that epidemic. that is coming up next. >> tick tock snapchat, and
5:21 am
instagram service all don't allow for apparent monitoring software. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive
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5:25 am
>> steve: opioid-related deaths on the rise across the nation. reporting opioid overdose deaths rose 38% 2020 until 2021. >> ainsley: hillary vaughn takes a look at all social media is playing a role in this epidemic. in morning. >> back in the day when you thought about a drug deal, and you thought about a dark alley some way. today, children have access to the dark world of drugs right in the palm of their hands, right at home. >> it was super bowl sunday.
5:26 am
a little over a year ago. and our son, sammy, was up in his room. >> their drug deal offered him a menu of prescription drugs on snapchat and delivered it to his doorstep. >> our son got what he thought was a pharmaceutical delivered to him at night after we were asleep. as easily as ordering a pizza. we went up to our sons room and found him in what they call the fentanyl death pose. >> the drug enforcement agency says prescription drugs are being marketed to kids all over social media. but what they get is fentanyl. and one pill can count. alexander was in college and home for the holidays when she bought hoxie my drug deal of social media. >> that turned out she was older counterfeit bill made simply of a lethal dose of fentanyl. >> the star of his high school
5:27 am
football team. he thought he bought percocet from the dealer on snapchat. but it wasn't. he was found dead two hours later. >> when we got the toxicology report, it was five times the amount to kill a person. so that's why they could not bring it back. >> the dea says drug dealers are using emoji player lands to petal pills to kids in code. social media companies have gone on and say they are taking action. but for some, it's not enough. >> tiktok in snapchat and instagram's messaging service all don't allow for apparent monitoring software. >> some parents want to be able to sue social media companies. >> everybody should be responsible for those actions. that goes for big tech or anybody else. >> tiktok, meta, and snape have beefed up their teams and technology capturing this content. they banned a search terms and emojis associated with drugs.
5:28 am
developing a tool for parents to give them more insight into who their kids are talking to. by the bottom line is this. the doj says they need more cooperation from social media companies so that they can bat fentanyl drug trafficking online. and also catch these drug dealers. steve and ainsley. >> steve: hillary, you would think if somebody is selling drugs on snap or something else, it would be pretty easy to figure out who is selling drugs on snap. >> exactly. they would like more cooperation with subpoenas and other request for information about the identities of these people. it is one thing to ban an account. it's another thing to hand over the information to the government. >> thank you, hilary. a lot of parents are telling us when we interview them, it might be the child's first time getting some sort of a prescription drug online. >> brian: they are not buying fentanyl. v to an accident or its fentanyl
5:29 am
poisoning. >> steve: is terrible. all right, meanwhile, coming up on this tuesday, the polls are now opening up in the commonwealth of virginia. live at mclean's restaurant with his predictions. i told you, he's a foot taller than you. >> stand on a chair. >> steve: we will be right back. ♪ ♪
5:30 am
from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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5:33 am
>> steve: welcome back to maclean's. >> brian: welcome back to maclean's beautiful restaurant here in richmond, virginia, where everybody here has voted or is going to vote. and they are pumped up. [applause] because their governors right here. first, i want to talk to some of the people after all of that these people, the governor sitting in that chair. where you from? >> from richmond, virginia. >> brian: what do you think is on the line in his primary? >> all eyes on virginia. congressional district 2 a congressional district 7. navy veteran, yes. a state senator pretty woman. mother of four. and then we have a great person coming from the 7th congressional district. yes, we make a great story.
5:34 am
>> brian: derek anderson was just year, too. why is today important for the people of virginia and around the country? >> because we care about american family values and we really need conservative candidates to stand tall for moms and dads into lower taxes and the lower gas prices. there are so many issues at stake. >> brian: do you ever remember voters being this engaged? they go i think it's a new day and it's exciting. no, i don't. >> brian: the governor is between 6'5" and 6'7". we are about to measure him. what do you think is gonna come out on this issue? >> easily 6'7". >> brian: we are going to find out. here we go. thanks so much. governor, great to see you. governor glenn youngkin, everybody. [cheers and applause] first off, if you don't mind, governor, if you would just stand up. put this under your heel right there. let's find out. >> here we go. >> brian: okay. you got it?
5:35 am
's go you got it? >> i got it. >> here we go. i got it. you need some help? because he's 83 inches. that turns out to be 6'11". [laughter] [applause] governor, the country is about to find out if your election win in the off year election in a state that many thought was blue. many said purple prayer than this republican win. this anomaly or virginia changing. >> what's happening as virginians came together. it wasn't so much republicans versus democrats. it was at the progressive liberal policies just ran off the page. and all of a sudden, independents and a lot of democrats and i don't agree with any of that. i believe in low taxes. i believe that parents should have a role in their kids education and an absolute say. i believe that law enforcement should be funded and supported. this is what is most important. virginians have come together and said that it is the agenda
5:36 am
that we support. by the way, that is the agenda that we have delivered in our first five months of office. >> brian: you not picking candidates -- you are not picking candidates today. looking for a big turnout. what are you doing a little bit later on? >> we are going to hopefully engage to support the candidate. today we are signing a budget. it is an incredibly important budget. [applause] it in fact provides -- and in fact provides $4 billion of tax reduction. $4 billion at a time that we have seen joe biden's inflationary economy running away from virginians. we are funding over $400 million into law enforcement for training and abatement. we are going to have the largest education budget in the history of virginia. giving teacher races. by the way, we are funding into school choice and we are going to create lab schools. to give virginia parents the ability to choose where their kids go to school. >> brian: two they have to get a scholarship? >> we have been a great tax
5:37 am
credit policy for scholarships for people to use. in fact, i just restore the full funding of that. we are funding $100 million into the lab schools within the public school system so that parents can choose within a public school system where they want their kid to go. >> i guess people salute port a lot of parents here. we've been horrified by the protest outside the supreme court justices house. it seems as though the attorney general does not want to enforce the law. amy coney barrett specifically with their kids, such young kids, what could you guys do to put these people back and provide additional security? is that a federal issue? >> there is a federal statute. you've got to enforce this federal statute that punishes up to a year in prison for parading and picketing in front of a judge is known to influence their decision. then you see an assassination attempt in maryland on justice kavanaugh.
5:38 am
so we have substantial state resources poised and ready to give our judges safe. i was frustrated because i introduced a bill to adopt another federal statute. it was not adopted. let me tell you, we are going to keep our judges safe. this is paramount to me. because this is our supreme court. this is our judicial process. we are not going to let protesters influence this. >> brian: they are putting their foot on a decision and pressuring supreme court justices to change it. it is not just security. if roe v. wade is overturned, what happens to people that one of in virginia? >> first, i think it will be overturned and i think it's right. i think this is a stay decision in the state right. and therefore, states will have to take out this issue. first and foremost, we are going to make sure that virginians are safe. and i believe that there will be some protesting. we are going to protect people's constitutional rights to protest. we also gonna make sure that laws are violated. we can to make sure that property isn't destroyed. we are going to make sure that people are abiding by the law or
5:39 am
they will be arrested and we are going to maintain peace. >> brian: let me sign the budget and see what it's like to be a governor for a day. i think i'm going to get on his nerves. when you think? >> not at all, not at all. >> brian: your one term and you're done. a lot of people look at what they have seen so far in you and saying, this guy could run for president. have you thought about that? it's not saying looking into the future. you can only do one term at a time. have you thought about it? >> when everyone asks me this question, i'm humbled and honored by it. we have a big job in virginia. today we are signing a budget. we are sent by virginians to do to improve law enforcement, to make our schools better, and empower parents come in to allow parents to decide whether their child wears a mask or not. we got that done. we got a lot of work to do in virginia. i am always humbled by this request. we have a lot of work to do today in virginia. >> brian: so you have not made
5:40 am
a decision yet? reggie can't rule it out? 's nico i have not made a decision yet. >> brian: is the first time i have seen you in person in the first time i have seen you without a red vest on. you've adapted to the job. >> the vests are sold out. we've got supply chain issues. the biden economy, the vessel are sold out. don't worry, we have another order coming. >> brian: i am in embroidery right over there in the corner they can do it. >> you can bet they are already at work. >> brian: little later on in the week and nation over the weekend. ainslie, the ball is yours. >> ainsley: excellent job, brian. usually give him nancy's card. she can embroider his next red vest. >> brian: i've got to get your card rather governor. >> ainsley: maybe she will make him a "fox & friends" fan shirt. thank you so much, brian. great job with a governor. coming up, we have allowed look at the supreme court as we await
5:41 am
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>> steve: you are looking live at the u.s. supreme court where pro-abortion activists are planning yet another protest starting in about 15 minutes. a high-stakes decision on roe v. wade could come as early as today. meanwhile, far left group change revenge is not letting up on the threats of violence. flyers apparently shared by the group seen plotting a night of rage if roe v. wade is reversed. fox news contributor attorney leo terrell is joining us. >> good morning, steve, how are you doing? the one you know how historically this work on the day of decisions. the justices gathered in the big room. they read the decision.
5:46 am
not with this particular term because of the leak. now what they do is they just hit "send," and people get email no response. >> steve, i don't understand how this is being downplayed by the democrats. a night of rage as described. that means a night of murder, a night of looting, and night of arson. what is troubling to me is that you have a political party of democrats looking the other way when it comes to crime in order to achieve a political purpose. why do i mean by that? they want a distraction, steve. this is not the end of abortion rights. i want to make that clear. it is not the end of abortion rights. why don't you with all these warnings have a national guard out right now? increase the law enforcement presence right now. you know why? because the democrats have allowed the crime to go on and to have this type of protests go on for the last three years. it is not protests. this is criminal activity
5:47 am
sanctioned by the far left. >> steve: if the supreme court reverses roe v. wade with this mississippi case, essentially what it does is it gives the choice to each state. so if you don't like what your state chooses, then elect new people. that is the way this is supposed to work. matt leo, the reason they are calling for big protests, if its not go their way is because they with it so far. you know, there have been all these protests in front of the home. clearly, it has been intimidation. you know, if the supreme court changes its mind, and the ruling is different, and every year, people are going to show up at the homes of the supreme court justices, because look what they did back in 2022. >> you are absolutely correct. first of all, an assassination attempt at justice, crickets from joe biden. this is what they are trying to accomplish. that's wise at the outset, they are trying to use violence and
5:48 am
intimidation to change -- we are a nation of laws. roe v. wade should be overturned. in this case should be overturned. you say to correctly, i want to make sure this is clear. abortion rights will return to the states. it is not the end of abortion rights. plus, the democrats because of trying to obtain a distraction due to their economic woes, they want to use this case as an attempt to distract. steve, i will tell you right now. at this case has no effect on the rights of individuals to seek an abortion throughout this country. if a political strategy by the democrats. >> steve: your point is, you say never in my lifetime as a political party looked the other way when it comes to something like this. >> absolutely. look at the last three years. they called crime people protests. a night of rage. they are telling the government. they are telling americans, we
5:49 am
are going to burn, loot, murder and all this. we don't have to worry about it. we've got soft on crime prosecutors. got soft on crime democratic mayors. we can do whatever we want in the streets. it's outrageous, and it's wrong. that's not the way the american political system works. >> the decision he could come down next to ours. we will stand by live at the supreme court. >> one thing i need you to get me one of those rotisserie chickens for $12. speak out leo, it's $12.99. that's $13. i think you can probably buy there in the state where gas is $25 a gallon. >> absolutely. >> steve: leo, thank you very much. all right, still ahead, a sweet success story. this 17-year-old went from "shark tank" to becoming a multimillionaire. it's all think to an old recipe for lemonade. for advice for young entrepreneurs coming up. but first, bill hemmer probably had a lemonade stand or kool-aid
5:50 am
stand when he was a kid. did you ever make more than $5? >> no, never. we were selling this stuff for nichols, steve. i shoveled all the driveways during winter time. that was my gift. >> steve: you will be shoveling it today at 9:00. >> talking about -- it is today the day? give got big decisions to pending on guns and immigration and abortion. standby. great lineup, kellyanne conway, mike pompeo, dr. oz, and the couple that lost everything after their dream yacht went up in flames. how did that fire start? if you are here today, come and join dana and me in 10 minutes. see you at the top of the hour. your shipping manager left to “find themself.”
5:51 am
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5:54 am
>> good morning everyone. it's a beautiful day here in new york city. his name is charlie. where you from, charlie? rico texas. sunny and warm. >> do you want to say high back to anybody at home? >> well, my mom is at work. >> we will make sure that we get this on tape or her. okay? i five. you're awesome. it's beautiful. 71 degrees here in new york. 79 in chicago.
5:55 am
in dallas, texas, 83 degrees. houston is around 80 right now, charlie. we are dealing with incredible heat around the midwest. the tennessee valley and across a part of portions of texas on the gulf coast where it's going to feel over 100 degrees and a lot of those areas. you've got the area of high pressure around that where we are going to see some of the showers and thunderstorms of the planes, the upper midwest and the northeast. i really love that hat. do you wear a lot of hats? >> i only have 2. >> 2 is enough. you look very festive with your red, white and blue blue. say hi to ainsley. >> hi. >> ainsley: hello, i love your hat, too. thank you, janice. and just four years old, probably about the same age is that little boy, our next guest started her own lemonade business using her great grandmother sweet recipe. more than ten years and one
5:56 am
shark tank appearance later, she is now running a multibillion-dollar company contracted double the year-over-year numbers in 2022. with plans to attend college at georgia in the fall, author of "be fearless" in 17-year-old ceo of me and debbie's lemonade, michaela is here to share advice to young entrepreneurs. good morning to you. >> high matt, good morning. >> ainsley: i am so proud of you. and four years old, this all started with a bee sting, right? tell us the story. >> yes, i was 4.5, summer break. i got stung by two bees in one break. i learned that bees are incredibly important to our economy. without them, our entire food supply would collapse. bees are dying at an alarming rate. my idea was to sweeten lemonade with honey and donate a portion to organizations that were saving the bees. then start over 12 years ago in austin, texas.
5:57 am
we have been growing strong since then. >> ainsley: you got a $60,000 investment. now you are in public and grocery stores and costco. how you feel? >> well, we have -- "shark tank" was in 2016. we have been busy as bees since then seeking more rounds of investment and scaling excel industry points across the country. the largest distribution deal yet. we are rolling into 1300 public in florida. and seven other states in the southeast. again, we are looking for more ways that we can save the bees, that we can teach a social entrepreneurship to get that we can make a greater impact. as lemonade company is my way of doing so. >> everyone thinks you are just a kid running lemonade stands, which you are not. you're 17 years old going to college and running a multimillion dollar company which is incredible. what advice do you have? not even know how to distribute lemonade to grocery stores? what have you learned along the
5:58 am
way they can help younger people start a business? >> well, you know, and african aware woman, as a kid, i always had to prove myself on cells, ad rooms, in meetings. the first piece of advice i was given no matter who you are, is that think that people say you can do as milestones. and use those as motivations. the second piece of advice that i would especially for kids is this a summer break. this is your time. if you have an idea that you want to start, this is your time to do so. i have a business plan routine for you to get started on making a budget on marketing and on testing and making a prototype for that idea. that is available on my website. i recommend that if you want to be an entrepreneur, if you have an idea to check that out. >> ainsley: what is your great grandmother -- what are they all saying? >> my great-grandmother was very proud. my entire family -- i called him a hive and my supporters.
5:59 am
they are some of the key members of my hive. my family, instead when i was 4.5 when i was 11 when i said i wanted to bottle it. instead of shutting down the idea, they said, okay, how are we going to do that? the thing about it is, our hive has grown into an international movement to their people in singapore, south africa, germany. in so many people here in the united states that are joining me on my mission, try my products, sharing the news. to everyone, i say thank you. and i say that we are well on our way to becoming america's number one lemonade. >> ainsley: you are wonderful in every way. i don't think you have to prove yourself anymore. you did it. congratulations. buy are lemonade. you will see it at the stores and buy her book. it's called "be fearless." when a darling young lady. i love her. she's so smart. >> steve: great job down there at mclean's restaurant in richmond, virginia.
6:00 am
>> has been great. great interview, ainsley. that's a great book and great story. you guys are a great story. virginia, step up and make sure you vote today on the primary. 2 big districts, the seventh and second. keep your eye on it. i will see you guys tomorrow in the studio. >> ainsley: we will have results of the elections all across the country in three different states. excellent job. >> steve: now >> bill: the first of the rulings could come an hour from now as we say good morning, it's tuesday. i'm bill hemmer, good morning to you. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." it's a really big day. as you will see in a moment, the kinds of cases that they are deciding is not just a roe v. wade decision. that is a seismic one but others that are really important to your lives and families. the most-watched case is dobbs versus jackson with a mississippi law banning


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