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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 21, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: out of time. tomorrow night, how long until machines are giving you orders, tomorrow night a google engineer joins us and said firsthand how robots can feel emotion. not science fiction totally real. have a good night with the ones you love. sean hannity takes over now. >> sean: sounds like a sci-fi movie. hope they can't do political talk shows or we're dead. >> tucker: bet they can. that's terrifying. >> sean: tucker thank you. welcome to hannity, tonight a hannity investigation into membering's two-tiered justice system and corrupt dc politicians that excuse riots that don't advance their political agenda. this includes the clear danger this country is now facing if roe v wade is overturned. left wing groups now signaling direct threats to riot. we'll tell you about that. but first tonight we begin with a major scam now ongoing inside the climate alarmists religious
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consult known as the new green deal democratic party the socialist party and as we speak the biden administration are knowingly and openly lying to you, the american people, including their own diehard supporters about one of the democratic party's favorite causes. the transition to green renewable energy. remember, they steadfastly refused to drill and to frac and they want to import oil from iran and venezuela and saudi arabia and opec. watch. >> we have a chance here to make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy, electric vehicles and not just electric vehicles but across the board. >> ultimately we really do need to invest in renewables. >> until we achieve a form of energy independence based on clean energy at home american citizens will still be vulnerable to wild price hikes like we're seeing new due to putin's war.
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>> as he said this clean energy transition could be the peace project of our time. >> the way in which we can assure reasonable energy expenses for households is to move to renewables to address climate change. >> tucker: tonight we'll do a deep dive, expose the truth about these lies because as it turns out, this push towards what they call renewables and green energy and electric cars is a massive fraud. we'll explain in detail. but in order to really understand this, it is important to first know, where do we get our energy from? ever ask yourself the question? i know we come home, flip on the lights, oh, electricity, that's great. look at your screen. 79% of america's grid is now powered by, guess what? fossil fuse. what do i say about fossil fuels? the life blood of the world's economy. that includes petroleum, natural gas and you bet, coal. another eight percent derived from nuclear power plants
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liberals hate that too. currently only 12% of our energy by definition would be from renewables. so if the administration truly wanted to transition away from fossil fuels they would need to shut down 80-90% of our power grid and replace it with, what, wind mills? solar power? unfortunately that type of so called green energy is not very efficient. one wind turbine produces less than three mega watts of energy, whereas one natural gas turbine produces 45. and, get this, a typical natural gas plant has three turbines, which means you could need, what, 49 wind mills to replace just one moderately sized natural gas plant. now, keep in mind, there are more than 3,400 fossil fuel power plants in operation in the u.s. any transition to wind and to solar would take decades and decades and decades, and it would not lower the cost at all
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in the interim and probably thereafter. now, each wind mill costs more than $3.8 million to build not the mention the thousands upon thousands of acres of land that would be needed to be purchased. and as energy secretary jennifer grand home declared, would require a lot of new resources that you, we, the american people, will have to pay for. take a look. >> with the president's goal of 100% clean electricity by 20 35, net zero by 20 50, we are going to be able to do that kind of transition with all different kinds of technologies in all pockets of the country. we're going to need workers to, yes, install wind turbine and solar panels, we're going to need workers to build those wind turbines and solar panels, we need materials to build them, we need truckers and dock workers and deck hands to transport them. we're going to need
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electricians, we're going to need laborerers and utility workers >> sean: in other words a big transition to renewables is never going to happen under biden and any incremental transition will do nothing but drive up the cost of energy across the board. the only actual way to bring down prices is to produce more gas and oil, the life blood of the world's economy. i'll say it again. in order to apiece the climate alarmist consult in his party and pull the wool over your eyes, the administration is now trying to outsource all energy needs overseas. that's why they're trying to do a deal with iran and sending emissaries over to venezuela. that's why he will bow before the crowned prince the guy he says is responsible for killing jamal khashoggi. the pariah nation of saudi arabia, in order to make another big show about shutting down oil and gas infrastructure like, for example, pipe lines and refineries and exploration
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permits inside the u.s. that's why biden is going to saudi arabia, in spite of what they say. i promise you he will be begging that crowned prince right there and kiss coast guard up to him and kissing his ass and begging for more oil production. we saw the same thing in russia, in europe with russia, far left germany, guess what, they have their own climate alarmist religious consult, they were desperate to apiece them. they shut down their fossil fuel facilities. they outsourced all their energy needs and did billion dollars deals with vladimir putin. how's that working out? ultimately it was all about optics. didn't actually improve the environment. mother earth, does it matter if you get a barrel of oil from here or over here? not really. it always was a huge scam. and now with putin's war raging, germany, the spigot's turned off and now they have to start their moth balled coal powered plants. whoopsie daisy.
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that brings us to electric cars. pay attention. when the biden administration isn't fantasizing about renewables and energy independence with renewables. they're begging americans, lecturing us to buy electric cars, telling us over and over again to buy an electric car. >> last month we $5 billion to build nationwide electric so people from truer suburban to urban communities can all benefit from the gas savings of driving an ev. >> under my plan, which is before the congress now, we can take advantage of the next generation of electric vehicles that a typical driver will save about $80 a month from not having to pay gas at the pump. >> on the issue of gas prices, after waiting for a long time to have enough chips in this country to finally get my electric vehicle, i got it and drove it from michigan to here just last weekend and went by every single gas staircase
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didn't matter how high it was. >> you fill up your ev by. >> carriaging and you filled up your gas tank with gasoline and you have the same size tank, you would save $60 per fill-up by going electric rather than using gasoline. >> sean: maybe they haven't noticed by biden inflation has added an additional $6,000 to every american household unnecessarily and as you can see democrats want you to believe you buy an electric vehicle, it will bring down the cost for you, the american people, and will save the environment at the same time. both claims are totally false. let's tackle the cost, the obvious. the average price for a new electric vehicle is $64,000 compared to 44,000 for a full-size car. so from the purchase you're already, oh, 20 grand in the hole. add in another 1200 for an installation of an electric charging port and 55 bucks a month in additional energy costs
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and you almost certainly will not save any money over the entire life of the vehicle. i'm not against them i'm just giving you the reality. of course any electric car is only as clean as its energy source. they never talk about this part. remember, 80% of our power comes from oil, gas and coal. that's not the only thing to consider. keep in mind the production of these electric vehicles, not exactly environmentally friendly. no, the battery alone is typically comprised of nickel, co-bought aluminum and all of these need to be mined from mother earth with heavy equipment that uses gas and diesel. many batteries are deriveded from china where they use slave labor or child labor. don't get me wrong there's some pretty cool electric vehicles on the market including tesla. by the way i would look at a tesla, a friend of mine swears by his he loves it. but buying one doesn't make you captain planet as john kerry who flies around in his private jet
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would have you believe. by the way under trump, the united states, you may have never been told this by the climate alarmist consult. under donald trump, the united states led the world in greenhouse gas reduction. not because of electric cars or wind mills. instead, clean-burning, affordable natural gas developed through the free market helped the united states curb pollution. by the way we're the middle east of natural gas. we have at least 200 plus years of a supply of natural gas and that's all we know about at this moment. talking about a phantom transition to renewables is not going to save our economy or the planet. we are now barreling towards a recession, coupled with out of control inflailings. the national gas tax holiday biden is now pro potion will not significantly bring down prices. i'll take at this time, 18.four cents per gallon i'll take it but even obama said it's a
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gimmick kind of like tapping into the strategic petroleum reserve it's a band-aid temporary fix. after the election they'll put it back in place, shell companies like bp are making record proffers and we'reeringing over how to save on half a tank of gas so everyone in washington can pat themselves on the back and say that they did something. >> sean: i can't believe it. obama for once is actually right. meanwhile obama's former economic advisor larry summers is now not only predicting a recession, also warning that the u.s. would need five years or six percent unemployment or one year of 10% unemployment to ease inflation. biden inflation. our economy is going into a very dark place. you see it with your 401-k. you see it when you go to the gas pump and you see it in every store that you shop in. and, by the way, the white house press secretary wasn't exactly reassuring. take a look.
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>> the action that the president has taken with the american rescue plan, with what we have seen with the historicical gains, that is going to help us deal with the recession. right now, we don't see a recession right now. that is not -- we're not in a recession right now. right now we're in a transition where we'll -- we are going to go into a place of stable and steady growth. >> the president is very clear in making sure that he does everything that he can to elevate, to alleviate the, you know, the, the pain that american families are feeling when it comes to gas prices. >> sean: america's not heading towards a recession. that's kind of like inflation is transitory. we the american people are not stupid. now, americans now know how supply and demand works. they know lecturing oil and gas companies and restricting the domestic production of energy, raising taxes is not going to bring down costs that will save us from a recession.
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by the way now in a new poll biden's approval rating is at 32%, that's right, the lowest point in a presidency since 1948. here with reaction, outkick founder clay travis along with the cohost of the five geraldo rivera. geraldo i once had an escalade hybrid, by the way i love the let's go brandon d shirt clay. it was fine. when you break down how you charge it, when you break down how you billed it and the cost of it, it's a fantasy they're peddling here. in the meantime we're going to beg iran saudi arabia and venezuela. does that make sense to you? >> it doesn't. but if president biden could put together a coherent narrative, as you just did, laying it all out, i think it would be in a much better place. what he is trying to say, and here i am translating for the president of the united states. >> sean: wait a second.
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geraldo, stop, pause. what he's trying to say. because you know, i know, and clay travis knows and this audience knows that he's weak and he's frail and he's a cognitive wreck. but go ahead, you translate for him. >> but he is the president of the united states and. >> sean: and a cognitive wreck. >> the gas tax holiday is a ridiculous idea, very transitory feel good fix for a day or two. what we need to do and what he should do rather than promoting the future, we'll get to the future. rather than promoting a tesla in every garage, what he should be saying is let's produce more domestic oil ourselves. let's get the supply up. that will reduce the price. >> sean: geraldo seriously, why don't we ask midland texas, why don't we go to oklahoma, for natural gas go to pennsylvania, new york and ohio. why don't we start here.
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>> yes >> sean: and finish the keystone xl pipeline and get 900,000 barrels of canadian oil a day. why don't we do that? >> listen to my idea. the oil companies reaping record profits, that is undeniably true. but how do you get them to invest enough so they can produce more now so we're not dependent on venezuela and saudi arabia and iran and so forth? you do it by telling the oil companies, you keep your record profits, we're not going to impose a wind fall profits tax as the left is now agitating to do. >> sean: and how did that work out for jimmy carter. >> but you must produce. >> sean: how did that work out for jimmy carter clay travis? you're an historian. >> sean, the oil and gas companies don't want to invest because they know the rug is going to get pulled out from underneath their feet by the biden administration as soon as the midterms are here.
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they want lower gas prices for five months, they'll say anything that they think scores them political points. and then, as soon as the midterms are here, they're not going to offer them any support at all. because, don't miss what's going on here guys. ultimately, this is what the democrats want because the gas prices need to go up in order for all of the solar and the wind power and the electric to get remotely competitive with gas prices. there was a great story in the wall street journal, a writer there tried to travel. did you guys see it? from new orleans to chicago and back on an electric vehicle, and it was a disaster. she couldn't find anywhere to charge, the charging stations didn't work, and the article ended with her saying, i've never been happier to pay $4.50 a gallon than have to deal with a long range trip right now on
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an electric vehicle. and i wish everybody had $64,000, as you mentioned geraldo, to go out and be able to buy them. but this is the democrat push. if you're troubled by the high price of gas, go by an ev. geraldo and sean recently i went to go fill up my car, somebody had spent $4.50, this was several weeks ago, for one gallon of gas, probably to be able to get to and from work to try to make it so that they could continue to produce for their family >> sean: that says it all. >> that person, you might as well tell them they should buy a dragon as go by an electric vehicle. >> sean: clay, geraldo. >> but clay, that's my point. there is an emergency. there is an emergency now. let biden understand the emergency. >> sean: why is there an emergency? geraldo. >> biden can't even ride a bike geraldo, you think he's going to solve the gas pricess. >> sean: geraldo he created.
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>> when we can increase. >> sean: geraldo, he was handed energy independence. he gave up lease ons public lands, he killed off keystone xl, he stopped anwar. he artificially stumped the supply tell him to go back to trump's policies and we will have $2 a gallon gas. >> i think you have to recognize the circumstances and he has to be nimble and creative and not jamming the future down people's throats. >> he's none of those things. geraldo he can barely read a tell prompter, he can't ride a bike. he's not flexible nibble and sophisticating. >> sean: geraldo fis sensitive, he said 70 is the new 50s. >> i hope he's right. >> thank you by the way. >> sean: tonight is clear biden does not have a grasp on the economy or anything else clay is right in that matter which is
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probably why did white house and the biden family tries to prevent joey from answering any questions. >> today like today -- i know. that's my press secretary daughter. you may recall, what i initiated, was the international flat tax. >> no more. no more. >> got 140 some nations to sign on to it. i'm coming. my son beau, and she's trying to tell me, dad, grandpop, pop, keep going. you promised me we'd walk. >> father's day, all hang out together. >> it was really fun and we did puzzles. >>. >> sean: they get mad at me whenever i answer a question i'm not allowed. his wife, grandkids, i don't know who it is. anyway doesn't look good to say the least especially since joe is, his second in command, kamala harris, vice-president the giggler during the inappropriate moments and having
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constant word salads is not exactly ready for the task either. take a look. >> do you have plans to visit the border? >> not today. ha ha. >> talking about the significance of the passage of time, right? the significance of the passage of time. so when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time. >> more parents are seeing the value of educators when they had to -- ha ha -- and say we're not paying them nearly enough. ha ha. >> it is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day. every day it is time for us to agree. >> i ask for the yays and nays. >> ha ha. ha ha. is there a sufficient second? >> sean: all right the vice-president is so unpopular
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one dnc fundraiser centered around meeting kamala had to slash ticket prices and when you think it couldn't get any worse for the democratic family look at this from, michigan gretchen whitmer refers to women as men straighting people. monica crowley along with leo 2.0 tyrell. monica, i don't think our giggling vice-president talks about the passage of time and the passage of time over and over again is quite up to the task of being president, do you? >> no, i don't, sean and we've got a real problem here because the president of the united states clearly, most of the time, doesn't know what planet he's on, and his number two is in a perpetual state of nervous breakdowns. so neither the president nor the vice-president is capable of doing the most important job not only in the country sean but in the world. so what we're experiencing here is a rolling constitutional cries.
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nobody in the propaganda press wants to point out the reality of what we're facing here. but the american people see it very clearly. and that is why joe biden, his job approval numbers now sean are in the low 30s. kamala harris is in the mid to upper 30s, not much better. and that's why you've got democrats now talking roundly about who is actually going to be the standard there going into '24 because neither one of these people is going to be the democratic nominee. >> sean: you know, leo, joy reid complaining that kamala harris is treated unfairly by the white male media. first joe gets a lot more criticism than she does. can you explain our giggling vice-president that has a hard time, herself, communicating to the american people? because i'm having a hard time analyzing it. >> well, no, i can't. because, first of all, let me tell you right now, she's incompetent. she's unlikable. she's not qualified to be vice-president. she was selected for
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vice-president for all the wrong reasons. nothing to do with qualifications. and as far as the joy reid comment, the queen of playing the race card, let me be very clear. she -- kamala harris has an approval rating in the low 30s, that means 70% of this country do not approve of her, of all different colors and even members of her own party. and for a, for a vp to lose 11 to 12 staff members, 12 staff members in a year, that tells you she cannot manage her own office. final point. she cut her price for a photograph from 15,000 to 5,000. she would have to pay me to a a picture with her. i'm not interested in that. >> sean: all right, leo 2.0 tyrell, thank you t common good to see you. thank you >> when we come back our own bill hemmer live at the big board with the latest on tonight's primaries and virginia governor glenn youngkin deals his fight against the liberal machine when we continue. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> sean: and breaking tonight, primary results are rolling in across many states tonight including high stakes gop, the senate primary in alabama. for the very latest we go to our very own bill hemmer. 's had some big hemmer big board. used to be the hannity big board he stole it. >> still begins with an h sean. virginia, alabama, georgia, tell you what's happening in alabama. big senate runoff race there between katie britain moe brooks. hasn't been called but looks like katie brit is an easy victory won just about every county you see behind me. endorsed by donald trump. remember moe brooks was endorsed by trump and he took it back and went with katie brit.
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she's coming a winner tonight. couple house races one in georgia and two in virginia. a runoff in georgia congressional district 10. vernon jones was a democrat two years ago, all right? he was blown away tonight by mike collins who runs a trucking business. jones was endorsed by donald trump. collins was endorsed by the governor brian kemp and collins picked up his victory tonight quite handedly in the state of georgia. up here in virginia now in these congressional races for the house district, republicans have targets for november, and a couple are plain to see in the state of virginia and i'll show you why. this is congressional district two, now virginia beach, heavy military. this is your winner tonight. this is jen kiggins you'll hear a lot about her, navy helicopter pilot nurse practitioner mother of four easy winner tonight in congressional two she'll advance to take on elaine, i'll explain nah in just a second here. this is also in virginia,
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congressional district number 7, no winner called yet. very interesting intriguing race. because of redistricting, they moved this district to the north, closer to washington, dc, so it sits right around here where it used to sit around this edge down here on the west side of virginia. this is yesly vega leading derrick anderson who's a green beret. vega very interesting background, law enforcement county supervisors with prince william county at washington, dc. helped lead the latino coalition that supported glenn youngkin who won last november. when this district moved it went from a plus-1 democrat to about a plus-7 democrat but yet glenn youngkin won that district by 5 points. so, again, republicans think they can do some damage here come november. now i'm just going to finish off here with this comparison here,
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sean. this is elaine laurie district two around southeastern virginia, on the january 6th committee so she was on the panel today. joe biden won her district by about 5 points but she won by about 6 points. and when republicans talk about a climate that is favorable to them in november, these are the districts they look at. they think anywhere between 6-8 points is a possibility for a target pickup in november. luria is in one of those again she'll face off against general kiggins. and i want to advance, general kiggins in november. this is and gain sandberger, both of her races where she has been victoria in virginia razor thin margins, up for reelection in a district that again is more favorable toward democrats. biden won her district by a point, she won by less than a point. again this is one of these targets that republicans see come november and we'll see how
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that works. but if it holds out now, at the moment yesly vega will take on spanberger to fight it out in congressional district 7 a lot of history in that district the last 15 years. we'll see how it goes but that's the way it lays tonight 9:30. back to you. >> sean: it has to be the hemmer big board because i can't do what you just did as well as you just did it. bill thank you. >> hope you followed that. have a good one. >> sean: down to the commonwealth of virginia, republican governor glenn youngkin continues to be stone walled by the state's far left machine as he stands up to the failing biden agenda. here to explain more, virginia governor glenn youngkin is with us. first i want to applaud you. we have laws on the books, 18 usc 1507 that prevents people from intimidating and harassing judges and a lot of supreme court justices now live in the common wealth northern virginia and you have been urging the
6:33 pm
democrats in the commonwealth to support you to protect them. and they're not going along. why not? >> well, sean, first thanks for having me. and virginians elected me last november to go to work and we went to work right on day one. we've had incredibly strong legislative sessions getting parents reestablished to make decisions about masks on their children juan explicit materials in schools to get them out of their kids' curriculum and we signed a budge date that lowered taxes by $4 billion and funds $400 million into law enforcement. and, oh, by the way, we'll have the largest education budget in the history of virginia and we're promoting school choice with tax credits and lab schools. so we've had a great first five months but i am really frustrated that the amendment that i sent down to mimic, to copy, the federal statute that u.s. attorney general garland will not enforce to keep our justices safe, people should not be allowed to picket and protest
6:34 pm
in front of our u.s. supreme court justices and try to influence them and that's exactly what that law says, punishable up to a year in provides on, i want that law in virginia. i couldn't get it most recently but we're going to keep on trying to keep those justices safe. >> sean: we saw and were able to stop an assassination stop against justice kavanaugh. we now know the doxing of every justice has taken place. in the case of amy coney barrett these people are giving out the exact school her children go, telling people what church she goes to and when she goes to church. that to me is beyond intimidation and harassment. it is a direct threat to their safety and, of course, a threat to the judiciary at large. you can't get democrats to support that? >> we can't get democrats to support that and i'll tell you, sean, we're doing everything we can with our state police and local law enforcement and governor hogan and i watched
6:35 pm
what happened with that assassination attempt on justice kavanaugh, and have gone to work again to implore u.s. attorney general garland to enforce the law. we've got ample resources parked right outside of our justice's homes to make sure that they're safe. i speak to them frequently. i'm a hundred percent focused on keeping them safe. and this is paramount in our administration. without the help from democrats in the senate and the house and virginia, we can still do so much to keep our justices safe. but i'm going to send that bill back down and virginia will at one point incorporating these codes the exact same laws. >> sean: so joe biden will address the country tomorrow at 2:00 eastern time scheduled to talk about gas prices. i'm sure he'll talk about once again tapping the strategic petroleum reserves and maybe eliminate the national gas tax. i believe for him it would be a gimmick, because i think the minute the election is over they'll institute the tax again
6:36 pm
regardless of the price of gasoline. but you're doing it in a way to really help the people of virginia. you don't have an election coming up but people now paying five, $6 a gallon for gasoline, add that to 41 year high of inflation teverything we buy in every store we go to is costing us a fortune and the average family cannot afford this economy of joe biden. will it work? >> sean, they can't. everywhere i go, all i hear is governor, help us. inflation is the silent thief stealing our hard-earned money. that's why i'm so proud of this budget we signed today, a $4 billion tax cut for virginians four times larger than any tax cut in virginia and we're going to see this immediately impact virginians with $1,100 in tax cuts for virginia families in year one. that doesn't come close to overcoming this biden economy
6:37 pm
which is just driving inflation beyond virginians and americans capabilities to pay for it. but as a governor who was sent here to get things done, when we can lower taxes and we can fund law enforcement and can, in fact, deliver new jobs with companies like boeing and raytheon and lego moving to virginia to put virginians who want to work hard in these great jobs, we've had a great first five months and i am proud of what we've done but we have a lot more to do. >> sean: i have to give you credit, too, you did restore school choices in the commonwealth of virginia. well done. governor glenn youngkin, thank you for being with us >> straight ahead tonight far left pro abortion groups called jane's revenge are now threatening a night of rave if roe v wade is overturned. what's biden going to do? anything to stop it? we'll check in with senator ron johnson of wisconsin next, straight ahead. ♪♪ meta portal plus. a smart video calling device that makes working from home, work. it syncs with your favorite vc apps
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♪♪ >> sean: so the supreme court did not release its highly anticipated abortion decision today. but there was still a heavy presence of demonstrations outside of the court. now, ask yourself, is the biden white house committed to making sure that there aren't going to be riots when that decision finally comes down? we know that they didn't take advantage of donald trump's 20,000 troops that he authorized on january 4th in anticipation of big crowds on january 6th. but nobody wants to talk about that. and because far left groups like jane's revenge are now calling for violence. take a look at your screen. see those flyers? they're now in dc today. they read, quote, tonight the supreme court of the u.s. overturns roe v wade, hit the streets. you said you'd riot and adding do our oh pressors, if abortions aren't safe, you're not either.
6:43 pm
remember this is the same group that has taken responsibility for attacks on pregnancy centers and said it was open season on pro life americans. here with reaction, wisconsin senator ron johnson. his reelection race is imperative. all right so we know it's illegal to intimidate and harass a judge. isn't it against the law also to make a terroristic threat? and isn't that a terroristic threat? >> sean, it is outrages, you don't have the biden administration condemning this intimidation, don't have democrats speaking out against it. if you remember, chuck schumer on the steps of the supreme court threatening justices gorsuch and kavanaugh saying you unleash the whirl wind you won't know what hit you. turn the tables can you imagine if a congressional leader issued those words against a liberal justice. first of all that congress person would not be in congress.
6:44 pm
they would have to resign in shame and they certainly wouldn't have been elected majority leader of the senate like democrat elected chuck schumer. it's outrages that democrats don't condemn this threat in violence, the real violence, we had one of our family action groups fire bombed in madison. finally the fbi is starting to investigate this but this is way too little way too late. >> sean: so the january 6th committee has sworn testimony under oath that, in fact, people in the room were there when donald trump authorized up to 20,000 troops as required by law. the jurisdiction then moves to nancy pelosi and muriel bowser. they steadfastly, in spite of intelligence reports, refused to call in the guard. now that we have this threat, is the country going to be prepared for what might happen, what they say they will do? >> well, again, we'll see. democrats just won't condemn the
6:45 pm
protests, which will probably turn to riots and violence. they didn't do it during the summer of 2020 when you had over 2,000 law enforcement officers injured, two billion in damage, they didn't condemn that they just concentrate on january 6th and what shows that committee to be a total sham is nobody's asking the questions they should be asking, why wasn't the capitol prepared, why wasn't it better protected and who's responsible for the lack of preparations and security. >> sean: we now know the warning sent directly to schumer's office on january 5th and the capitol police had intel two weeks before, the capitol police chief requested it himself six times, none of that has come out in the hearings. senator your race is critical for republicans if they are to take control. how's your race going, real quick? >> well, already spent $34 million against me. my web site is sean you and your audience have been great but i need more support. i really do. if we want to save this senate seat and it's crucial to do so.
6:46 pm
>> sean: for the people of wisconsin, that money's not all coming from wisconsin. you've been targeted i think you're number one on the democrats list. senator thanks for being with us. when we come back a hannity exclusive investigation in how liberalsecl with rioters, they deal with republicans one way and democratic activists a very different way. straight ahead. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> sean: tonight, the democrats and their one-sided sham show trial january 6th investigation continues to drag on and on and on. by the way, interesting poll, only 9% of people are paying attention. but it is serving one distraction right after another. not just from biden's failures but the lawlessness crime plaguing democratic run cities
6:51 pm
all across this country. by the way democrats don't lift a finger and never talk about it. as we've been showing you on this show night after night city after city run by liberal democrats for decades, costs are going up, crime is going up, quality of life is going down and it's all natural consequence of the democrats, what, defund, dismantle end all cash bail agenda. that fuel lies in attacks against police and coddle violent criminals from the summer of 2020 until now. here's a quick refresher. take a look. >> will be arrested.
6:52 pm
>> sean: where's the committee looking into all this? remember it was biden and harris who amplified all of these lies on the left. joe biden said police have become the enemy. kamala harris, remember, she promoted a fund to bail out violent rioters, a fund later freed a man charged with murder. and when she was asked by stephen colbert about the ongoing demonstrations, she said they're not going to stop and they shouldn't stop and we're
6:53 pm
not going to stop. the two-tiered justice system we have, it couldn't be more obvious and on full display more than now. because democrats, they have obsess over worn riot, january 6th, and obsess over trespassing at the capitol that day. there's still no investigation at all, 574 riots in the summer of 2020, thousands of cops injured, dozens of dead americans, billions in property damage. the biden doj, they're not even hiding their disdain for the rule of law. look at this case of a minnesota rioter, montez lee pled guilty earlier in the year to a single count of arson. he set a pawn shop on fire during the 2020 riots in minneapolis. he was facing 16.5-20 years in jail but far left prosecutors in a sentencing memo asked for leniency because prosecutors believed that he appeared quote, to believe he was in dr. king's
6:54 pm
eloquent words engaging in the language of the unheard. he got only 10 years in jail despite a charred dead body found in the rubble of that pawn shop. so far left prosecutors are making it clear if you're rioting committing violence in the name of a left wing cause you'll be treated differently, you'll get leniency. not only minneapolis, da sky vance in june of 20 60 said he's not going to from low level arrests stemming from the george floyd demonstration. recently recalled da in san francisco chesa boudin did the same thing. and while crime worsened across the city. so the question is do we have equal justice in the law across the country? application of our laws? because too often it looks like one sell of rules for the left and another for the rest of us. we've been consistent on this show. we condemn all rioting, we
6:55 pm
condemned january 6th in real time. where's the investigation? why can't democrats, their allies, and the media mob be intellectually honest and consistent. fake news cnn, nbc said it's mostly peaceful as cities are literally burning to the ground behind them. remember the chas chop mayor jenny durkin summer of love zone? well, that's where who areeries was murder p nancy pelosi said people will do what they will do. billions in damages, critics from democrats. they would rather lauren another round of january 6th political theater to bludgeon trump and his allies yet get and their acts fueling violence against law enforcement coast to koechlt it's unbelievable and pretty sad. more hannity straight ahead.
6:56 pm
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>> that is all the time we have left this evening for eight is always come with me thank you for joining us in making this a possible. we hope you will set your dvr's so you never miss an episode. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled at all, pitte patter, because laura ingraham and "the ingraham angle" starts right now right here with a great show. >> laura: are you here in new york? i try to find you, but you neve they are i did see like a pair of jeans. >> if you saw a very jeans, tha was probably mine bears. >> great show, awesome show. we will pick the baton up from their bright arm or ingraham an this is ingraham angle. from new york city tonight, fancy nancy fails again. that's the focus of tonight's engelbert. >> nancy was born in 1940 the daughter and sister of democrat mayors of baltimore. now, at the ripe old age of