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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 21, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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transfer your home title out of your name and you won't even know what happened until it's too late without a home title, you are unprotected from the sale of your home and equity draining loans to protect yourself from this nightmare. now with home title one go to home titled lost .com called a hundred three eight four four two in the thirty days free today. o good evening and welcome to tucker carlson . sites last thursday. last t week on thursday talk she host stephen colbert dispatchedh a group of seven of his employees to washington, d.c. their jobjoo break into the u.s. capitol complex and a half lawmakers inside. so the group dutifully arrived in the afternoon or met almost immediately by uniformed capitol hill police officers who threw them outut ew . but apparently on orders from colbert, they returned at aboute
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four p.m. on thursday. the group reentereded the building. accounts vary as to what exactly happened next , but it seems clear that colbert's employees werees let inside by an ally within the building that would be a freshmanou member of congress from massachusetts called jake auchinclosssja. once on federal property, colbert completed what they came to do, which was disruptpts the business of congress and apparently we're not subtle about doing itng, poundeder on doors and yelled whatever they did, it got people's attention. it takes an awful lot force a police force controlledo by nancy pelosi to arrestup a group of leftwingte entertainmentrt figures. but that's exactly what happened next . capitol hill police arrestedpith stephen colbert employees and brought them to jail allt seven of them were chargedde with unlawful entry. now that's the identical chargee that hundreds of january six defendants have been prosecuted for. but unlike january six defendants, cobus employees were not sent to the d.c. jail for a year and a half in solitary confinement. no,or they were released after only a night behind bars
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and then they fled back to new york. whyk is that ? what exactly isth the differencs in the crime as a legal question, we still don't know the answer for some reason, capitol hill police have not released the surveillance tapes that show exactly what cobus employees did that so triggereds a police force controlled by nancy pelosi that they weret arrested. whatever they did otherwise sympathetic members of congress aree running away from it as quickly as they can . quote we do not condone any inappropriate activity within the capitol. jake auchincloss officeto told us today it was a factual matter that is not true . in fact, jake auchincloss has a recent history of condoning criminal behavior in the capitol just this march surveillance rc cameras in theha complex court. jake auchincloss is chief off staff that would a former adam schiff staffer called tim hisam vendola the front door of congresswoman marjorie taylor greene's personal office . hisamid did this not once but several times violently.
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like a man obsessed capitol police quickly filed arrest warrant against him because tim hisam clearly posed a threat toey a member of congress. but jake hoffman was did not fire him instead. in jake auchincloss defended tyson's vandalism as noble and justifiedea. e our office is not going to apologize. read a long and self-righteous statement from jake auchincloss. in other words, we don't like margeritaen greens politics. therefore we can do whatever we want to her and we will . for the most part, the media ignored the story so jakee auchincloss and adam schiff felt emboldened to go further. they invited colbert's's employees to the capitol to harass marjorie taylor some more , which is what they werery trying to do when they were g arrested by capitol hill police. now whatever you think of her politics, marjorie taylor greene is we a sitting member ofs congress preventing her or any other m member of congress from carrying outs official duties as a public representative is by definition an attack on democracy. soen how is what stephen colbert
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did different from what the protesters on january 6th have been h convicted of doing? a very good question and it's a question that colbert himself spent the weekend thinkingg about his conclusion. well, unlike some voters, stephen is a very good person.d therefore, any p comparison to trump voters is not simplyor ridiculous. it is a moral crime. watchtch.. now it's predictable why thesee posters are talking like us onme the tv. they want to talk about something other than the january six hearings on the actual seditionists insurrection that ledn th to the deaths of multiple people and the injury of over one hundred and forty police officers. but drawing any equivalence betweenng rioters storming our capitol to prevent the counting of electoral ballots and a cigar chomping toy dog is a shameful and grotesque insult to the memory of everyone who died and obscenely trivializes the service in the purge. the capitol policeeex showed on that terrible day. >> yeah, it was a toy dog.
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it's shameful when you criticize me, you're really criticizing the braveav capitol police officers who arrested the people who work for me, the onesehi who committed the crimes i asked them to commit and i for one will not standd c for that . that's what he just said. now what you have there is not so much an explanation. in fact, it doesn't explain anything. instead, it's't a master's class on whiny, rich liberal self-righteousness. it's a distillation cla of the world view that is so concise and so perfect it is certain to be studiedow by cultural historians of the future seeking to understand how our civilization unioncollapsed. not only am i not sorry you're the criminal for bringing it up ,stop hitting me, he screams as he punch you in the face. that is passive aggression taken to the level of art in any way. culberson's shut up. i'm a, i'm a comedian with a toy dog. you can't criticize me. so the question really is is'r stephen colbert a comedian? well, if you're one of the relativelyly few people stil
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watching stephen colbert show on cbs, you'll have to admit it is hard to tell. most nights stephen colbert sounds like. notably unfunny karine jean-pierre he sounds like a biting not flack deliverg whatever talking points the white house tells him to repeattate. and if you doubt that , here's what it looks like, gentlemen. joe biden did it. e the biggest story continues to be the one you were thinkingt' about when yous weren't sleeping last night and it's the one over america. it's the one the protests in wake of the murder of george floyd. and please don'tive buy the fale narrative that these are lawlessss mobs. the vast majority of these protests have been peaceful. there's a simple if extremely there's a simple if extremely the number of guns. we've done it before and it worked. an russia's invasion of ukraine isa a humanitarian crisis but also it is a triumph
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of humanity. take that potent okay, so i might have the most privilege of any white person you've everr . how do i identify that in my own life? my own life? privilege i want to be able to identify it. give me some hints as to my whiteite guess the max peasat surrender your gun support a ukraine and remember it's called kiv nownd this isn't comedy. it's a very sad midlife crisis. but more than that it's i information war being waged against television viewers on behalf of the democratic party , at least in the white house. press secretary houta she admits what she's doing. colbert hides behind his former job as a comedianid. it was all a joke when people a i don't like break into the capital , it's insurrection the capital , it's insurrection comedy, right? it's's hard to maintain that li and here's how you know, comedians have a sense of
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humor. it is in fact a job requirement. but j stephen colbert does not. stephen colbert has lost his sense of humor along with the critical distance and perspective to make humor possible. at this point he's just a partisanta scold and you know that for certain because even if you watch the q and on shumann parade around the capitol on january six , stephen colbert did not laugh. now an actual comedian, whatever his politics would have found that spectacle hilarious because let's be honest, it was an event to see you guys pages. look at this guy josh 75% night like i got shot. i saw some kind of plastic i bullet . any chance i can believe this anyway? we g g will i'm sure i suspect in the hey, the bears get in
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the horn at that's all there is. yes, it isla hilarious. no, just insurrectionist and colbert you can go to jail. he's a terrorist. g and whennd he was sent to jail, colbert applauded. now that's how most countries act. that's comedians act. soso stephen colbert may be aco late night hosts for s some reason, but he has zero sense of humor. a he had to step aside and let some young person who still gets the joke too have the job but he won't. he was colbert on november six . 2020 watch20. and if you did not known that joe biden was getting close to two seventy , donald t trump just provided the proof you will ever need true story. i'm wearing black tonight because i was getting dressed this afternoon and i thought he might tryt
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some shenanigans and it might be fitting to tell jokes while wearing something somber f if he goes down that dark path. so d we all knew he would do this , but i didn't know if that it would hurt so much t. th those are real tears. the only real thing about that show that's going tos belabor the point, but the guy's not a comedian. you watch a comedian. you think that that's hilarious. i want to meet him. imagine eating a meal with stephen colbert kinstler you somehow offend him over the course of a typical dinnerhi by saying something he finds offensive. what are the chances 100% stephen colbert is karen? he's a brittle middle aged woman is always lecturing you about something w he's elizabeth warren. they even look alike. have you sat in the same room recently? no. talented at one .
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so robert smiggle that's one of the cold bear employees who was also arrested last week. smiggle has been doing his dog puppet routine for thirty years. >> that's the one that colbert biosystems popat was kind of. funny during the clinton administration is pure hackery now smiggle keeps going and goti a political message for a portablet. not one laughs at robert smiggle anymore. it's pathetic . who's funnier? robert smiggle or the guy who took pictures of himself at nancy pelosi's desk on january six ? even close. the guy pelosi death is hilarious compared to the guye with the talking dog and nonef of them is half as funny. ou again, sorry it's true as donald trump . and how do you know that show to late night host who said anything half as amusing as trump's taco bell tweeteeco ever? any of them? no, never. these people are so afraid. they're so terrified holding h
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onto their stupid jobs latee into middle age that how do do they respond to think of the most fawning over the indigenous cuisine of the latin community? >> nobody likes that . and that's why in the end, stephen colbert has not a single hispanic viewer. his audience is entirely self hating white liberals like him so nobody watches anymore. let's find that cbs problem. butt don't tell us you're a comedian and therefore exempt from y the normal rules of behavior and the normal federal laws about trespassing becauseed you're not youer did what they you're not youer did what they in exactly the same way wete thought it would be interesting to get a comedic perspective s on this from someone who actually still practices comedyomy. so barry is the managing editor of the babylon be one of the funniest things and he joins us central. thanks so much for coming on . i feel sort of bad beating up on poor old stephen colbert who really is just aboutst a decade past this time.
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butt you must be offended as a professor or practitioner of actual comedy to hear this guy say no no, i'm a comedian, don'. judge me. well, you know, i don't know if i qualify as a professional comedian. i mean, according to the new a york times, i'm a disinformationor purveyor that does so under the guise ofe satire. so i'm not a brilliantme professional comedian like colbertdi or seth meyers or amy schumer or trevor noah. you know, in maine. e so mary, i think you know, i say this with sadnesswi becauh ,you know, colbert has been brilliant in the past. you know, the colbert was brilliante and he has become a political operative and i think it's reflective of what's happened in the wider cultureth that the left kindof of invades and infects institutions that have built up trust and goodwill over decades, sometimes centuries and uses them as a platform and a mouthpiece for their agenda.
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and that's what we'vend see and that's why weha have woke sermons that are disguised as summer blockbuster entertainment. we haveuste progressive indoctrination that is disguised public education and in colbert's case we have political punditry that is disguised as comedy and it's just not funny. sanctimony and self-righteousness is justs not funny. n you can't be funny and take yourself seriously at the same time as a comedian you havee toa be willing to kind of be the fool, you know,e well, yeah. and he seems maybe uniquely among the late night host tove among the late night host tove youu look at jimmy kimmel, for example, he doesn't he doesn't believe that he's just going through the way people got you have to say that . but colbert really seems to have bought this stuff in a really again sad middle aged way. why not just kind of pull the plug on yourself if you're him, why not stand for the same justice meted out to the january 6th insurrectionist? why sort of hide behind
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this fake job description? yeah, well, you know, i think in colbert's case he's kind of an example of a comedian who's gotten caught up in narrative and as comedians it'sot importao to to be able to step outside of narrative and poke holeser in the absurdity in all of's our narratives, whether it's on your side, whether it's on the other side. wet try to do that at the babylon bee. we poke fun the church, we poke fun at at the right as well as the left and as soon as you kind of lose the plot of what comedy is supposed to a be about, it's not funny anymore. i mean,t we have you know. yeah, couldn't agree more deliberate. that would be great to see. thank you . thank you so a couple of monthst ago justice alito's draft opiniono'on that if it became decision to overturn roe v. wade was leaked and in the wake of that violence, activists have harassed
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justices at their homes. they've also targeted pro-life groups more than 40 times. there have dozens of attackss on churches and pro-life pregnancy counseling centers in recent months. here's a sampling of the abortions are safe then you aren't either. but just part of the message outside wisconsin family action ac inside.sconsin family action the building. madison police say it appearsrs someone threw a molotov cocktail inside the building. this building was up in flames this morning when police a and firefighters arrived. and this is the aftermath. broken he windows, shattered glass and graffiti. and graffiti. this didn't come as a complete shock recently compass care has been receiving threats onlinend and in person. the graffiti on the side of the building says jane was here and heartens says he thinks the abortion rights group jane's revenge is behind's the attack. well, nancy pelosi, who as she has told us many times is very
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catholic, was given a chance to condemn these attacksks seem to be very easy for any humane person who believes in law ndand decency instead. here's what nancy pelosi said. there has been no success on on on searches, crisis pregnancy centers. republicans are going forcr democrats for not saying anything. they're saying that that's'san rhetoric is in fact pretty whataboutism that a woman has a right to choose to live up to her responsibility. it's up to her her doctor , her family, her husband, her her submissive mother and her god. i'm a very catholic person and i believe in every woman's right to make decisions. e >> so how hard is it to say if r reportedly a christian and she claims to be throwst it in your face? in fact, told us several years m ago that ms 13 were children ofn god?
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how hard is it to say, you know, whatever you think about abortion, i'm for you're against it. you can't attackyo churches and you can attack people christians because they're christian . but she couldn't say that , which is that she's nots a christian. she's a hoser and in a of violence. victor davis hanson is a senior fellow at the hoover institution who joins us tonight. professor, thanks so much for an comingks in . kind of chilling that the speaker of the house can't just flatly condemn attacks in churches. es yeah, i think there's two messages, tucker . the most immediate isia deterrence. and i think when you can get a away with attackingtt pro-life groups or you can swarm the houses and that's a felony to do so. to do so. and intimidate them or you can swarm a catholic diocese and break in during a service and there's no consequences that sends a message. and the message the left wants t to send is you betterme be careful because the government is on our side and not on your sidego and they're going to selectively prosecute or arrest and that's the message and that also empowers our own people,
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emboldens them if we get away with putting graffiti on ae person's office or burning down, what's the next thing? the second message is i hesitate to say this , tucker , but i don't think we're we're a society that is ruled by law. we're in a revolutionary period right now, something like 18 century france or 1920s russia where the law is fluid and it's whatever the power to be says it is. sois if you're just to takee some examples, if you're james o'keefe o or your peter navarro or you're roger stone, you'reo going to have an fbi come down on you like you don't know what . >> but if you refuse a you know, a subpoena like eric holder did or if you lie to a federal investigator like andrew mccabee did did or you le under oath to the u.s. congress like both john brennan and james clapper, there's no consequences very littlepe and o the law is designede on the premise that the noble ends justifies any means
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necessary. this has. defined those means is radical equality, fairness, social justice, not constitutional law. and so i think right now people are really bizarre. they see may thirty first two thousand eight a mob come from lafayette square tries to torch down a historic church, tries to swarm on federal property. the white house grounds sends the president into a bunker with his family and there's very little consequences at gas compared to january 6th. and so i think the law is very fluid. merrick garland is much to blame. so j is joe biden. yes, it's part of the lefte ideology that's in ascendance right now. and it's very l scary because i think most americans realize if youol are a particular political persuasionpers and you break the law or you're accused of breaking what you're going to be treated veryyer differently, then another thing. yeah, stephen colbert is diffexulting in that fact tonig. 60%, thank you so much.
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thank you . so there's recently a horrifying school shooting in uvalde, texas and one of the worst parts about it we learned later is that police were on the scene. they were armed and somehow the shooting continued. they seem to haveing allowed we, new photos taken from within the school. cruijfflve and officers were dog while these murders werene xthappening cpac many do. we don't want to give his name and even right at speaking with the p.h., the address is by 31st street. that's just at city hall. where are my keys? my glasses. just wait. how are you doing this focus factor focus factor has been clinically shown to improve memory, concentration and focus . it improves verbal learning and short term memory by 45%. so get your reinstein on this on this focus back to read your einstein.
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thing to happen to breathing period and yeah all the best retailers have it do it. >> so leaders in both parties wasted on a single momentyi before using the horrifying mass murderer newfeld in texas to justify gun confiscation fact even right now. tonight mitch mcconnell and john cornyn, both of whom are republican senators and neither who should be are gunneither who should be are confiscation legislation and they're telling us that's the only thing that might have prevented these murders. that'sor not true . we've gone from a nation state that confirms what we suspected for quite some time. the police were there. tthey were heavily armed.e they could have stepped in , but they chose not to. the details are amazing and foxes trace gallagher has them for us and tucker using security video and body camera
10:27 pm
transcripts, investigators puty together a police response they now call an abject failure . here's why. the shooter entered the school at eleven thirty three a.m. three minutes later, eleven police officers enter the hallway outsidecl the class but instead of going in , they retreat in the face of gunfire and stay there for a the rest of the standoff without firing a single shot. at the center of the response is pete arredondo, the chief of the valley school district police. sayce. were locked and he did not have the equipment to break them downo. but video shows there was no attempt by any officer to open the doors. and the director of texas dpstor says the doorsrs were unlocked.n aaron dunn also says he did not have the tools or weapons to respond yet video shows just 19 minutes after police arrived while shots are being firedfire while shots are being firedfire 911 police had rifles that had a halogen ax to break down the door and a ballistic shield
10:28 pm
but did nothing. itth took another 50 minutes for border patrol agents to go in and finally kill the gunman. >> tucker . that is just that's a shocking story. first, calligraphers, thank you so much and a puzzling story to why they allrd cowards. what is that exactly we should know? well, late last year, twenty four year old honduran migrant posed as an unaccompanied minor to gain entry intoanie this country. the bush administration promptly flew that illegal alien to florida where he brutally stabbed a father of four to deathllhe. io butna according to national public radio, which is literally state mediawo controlled by the state workinge on behalf of joe biden , c according to npr, none of this is cause for concern. in fact, it's all right wing disinformation. fox news has devoted multiple segments to these so-called ghosto flights. to be clear, these flights are t legal. f in fact, the federal government is required to u care for thesea
10:29 pm
children by law until they can i be placed with a sponsor in the u.s., usually a parent or other relative federal officials say that flights carrying migrant children happen at all hoursil and that they don't release information about the children on board to protect ththeir privacy. biden officials say all of this was the same during the trump administration. the trump administration. the charter flights hasn't changedd. >> but none of that has silenced the president's critics. npr's joel rose pozole rose tells other parents that his kids soccer games i'm a journalist doesn't believe that was fully that was just a guy flacking for the political party in charge while working foror state media. i'm a journalist. no, you're not.ou joel rose, don't'r lie to yourself. ronwhat you just said is not true . people from as far away people from as far away our border into our country because joe biden is inviting them. ntothe college where he even sph ntothe college where he even sph and indiaa is just twoor
10:30 pm
forty five in the morningni in india we are going to india, india, india, gorbunov, cuba, kawano, colombia ketanji totaler the united states. there's no other way w too describe it. randall tobias is a columnist for the new york post. he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on .ci we're notng allowed to noticey this noticing it is racism or they call you names. butt this is accelerating toik a point where this country l never seen anything likeev this, the highest level of immigration evere . none of it is legal and we're supposed to pretend it's not happening high tech. >> it really is incredible to listen to that npr story. it's the most shoddy, dishonests journalism, the sort that we are expecting now from left wing media. just as you say, flacking for the regime. in i had a single source who told
10:31 pm
us basically a migrant activist who told us there's nothing different from when the trump administration was here . we now 250000 illegal migrants coming across every month. that's quadrupled when exponential after joe biden took office and dismantled all border protections. and they're now also t tno tryit tell us that just little children being reunited with their families. well, i have been at white plains airport after midnight watching these migrant planes come in which are now coming j in every single night and not just to new york all over the country and i've seenha the migrants get off the plane and onto the chartered busses that are waiting waith for them and at least half of them look to be older than 18 . they look to be late teens, early 20s and the rest would be 16, 17 and mostly are males slave labor demo and so you
10:32 pm
just mentioned the unaccompanied minor, the 24 year old honduran who's comed across like so many others loses his documents as they're y'retold by people smugglers. they say they're 17 and because of by the administration is just ushering people as fastt as they can away fromid as they can away fromid . therefore they don't have the time to vet them and find out reallyy how old they are. they turn a blind eye. they don't care. they just ushered them in . t hhs takesak them on planes and , we ask questions t then we are cool. ne we'ress racist. we should mind our own business. we're invading children's privacy. if they were children, then the biden administration is guilty of childy o trafficking t also of really almost criminal negligence because we've seen t these busses with the supposed children on board speeding at
10:33 pm
reckless speeds. we've also seen them these migrants at dropped off at rest stops off the new jersey turnpike wherernpi they picked p by so-called sponsors who aren't evenor there. y they're they're not asked for they're they're not asked for officials that are there, their license plates of their cars t are are not checke. there's no vetting of theseic people who are pickingki theseit supposed children. it's just a ruse.'s it's a game. and the rest of the media, especially npr, is just turning a blind eye because it suits them to w go along with what the biden administration is doing. but virtually >> you've been a journalist all your life. you're from a family of journalists, joelfs rose, like middle aged white guy at npr. he's grateful to have a job. he's trying to repeat the party line. but if you're joel rose, how dos you live with yourself honestlyo lying likeur that ? it's embarrassing. nprnp isr just a disgrace.
10:34 pm
it's probably the worst proponent of this kind regime journalism that's so embarrassing. >> i appreciate you coming on . thank you so much. thanks to>> t you. got a fox news alert for you. we looked into it a moment ago at this moment the senate is c voting to advance a so-calledon gun control i bill .o it is in fact a law that would allow police to confiscate confr firearms unconstitutionally illegally from american citizens who have not been charged, much less convicted of a crime. now s many republican senators such as joni ernst and shelley moore capitonie are reportedly voting yes on the bill. it's hard to believe that's true , but apparently it is senator john cornyn, the lead republican negotiator who goingr far left in recent years is currently celebrating on the senate because again,ar only ukrainians are allowed to have guns because seen shaking hands with chuck schumer, his close friend, is he representing the voters of cktexas? ol no. but apparently john cornyn isn't just stopping with guns. he has his sights now
10:35 pm
on immigration. cornyn was just seen smiling while speaking to democratic senator alex padilla saying quote, first guns, now it's immigration. has there evermi been a greatera more brazen sell out of any group of voters thanto what republican senators mitch mcconnell, john cornyn and the rest are doing right now? s talkub about a subversion of democracy. if they keepco this up,re the system will collapse. you have tose represent the interests of your voters. that's why you're there. the cdc is worried aboutpr the spread of monkeypox. so naturally as a priority for the cdc to release a very weirdn guidance on how to have safe . if you've got monkeypox safe t in the age ofhe monkeypox because the administration is hitting the topics that matter and we have this right now
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10:41 pm
couney pox is apparently spreading across the country. the new cases in missouri, new jersey and washington. so you think the cdc, the centers for disease control might want to stop the spreado of monkeypox? but no, the reall problem with monkeypox is that people are embarrassed of having monkeypox. we have to fight notpl a disease . the stigma jason rantz is man in the pacific northwest. he joins us nowh with the cdc monkeypox planan and hey,. tucker , it would appear that the cdc is getting into the advice business. they've gotne new guidance on hw to hook up while infected with monkeypox because why let the open sores or crusty gapsin get in the way all the time? so it's a two page document with advice and it starts out by saying, hey, if you can skip the physical and go virtual, dor that . so they're talking about sexting or showing off on abu webcam. but t if you must be in the room with the person they recommend that you practice self-lovey with the partner six feet away from you. now the cdc does say that you should probably skip the kissing but you should feel free to use props if you would like just make sure you're watching them when you're done.d
10:42 pm
but if you absolutely need the physical contact the cdc recommends that you have with your clothes on or at the very least cover up the rash sores u or scabs. so really leading intop the romance there. the problem is given the fact that they commonly occur, the scabs and the rash and whatnot, it's occurring on people's. ad the advice is obviously odd and it's important i understand here the cdc guidance isn't p about preventing the spread of monkeypox. it's about preventing the stigma. so you feel comfortable having , which is how monkeypox iske being spread right now 20%. it's like the fentanyl deaths aren't the problem. it's the fact that people feel ashamed of dying from fentanyl. >> it's what these totally perverse and rants is chronicled. so much perversity for us .ch appreciate it. appreciate it. thanks, tucker .ke so here's a interesting story. china is busy testingbu hypersonic missiles that could strike anywhere on the planet without being detected, but the u.s. military is on it. o they'ren rising to the challenge, the strongest
10:43 pm
military in the world. here's a training video from joe biden's pentagon. this is released by the u.s. navy obtained rel by the washinn free beacon. >> hi, t my name is john and i see him pronounced hi and i am country and i used to run and we're here to talk about pr. what is a problemem? pr. it's how we identify ourselves apart from our name and it's also how people referht to us in conversation usingme the right pronouns is really simple way to affirm someone's identity. it is a signal of acceptance and respect, a really good way to do that is to use inclusive language instead of saying something like hey guys , you something like hey guys , you so that's the u.s. navy under joe biden. why don't just make it really clear . get right to the point we so render we are totally incapable of fighting an war against an adult country like china or for that matter the taliban. we give up we're going to talk about pronouns.
10:44 pm
tom fitton is the president of judicial watch who just obtained slides showing a critical race theory. racism is still being taught aty west point and boy is he joins us tonight. on tom ,ll u thanks for coming on w so tell us what's happening at west point. we had to sue to get the documents and they're mandating or pushingor critical race theoy training on the cadets there. a this is where our next officer corps is trained at west point and they're being told whiteness is something that is what the critical race theorists say full of characteristics that are negative. they suggest that blacks are still the equivalent of today and they're pushing theory,n which is a cousin of the marxist critical raceur theory. and so, you know, our military is being undermined from withine and you know, this is the type of marxist revolutionary language that our military was u designed during the cold war to try to protect this nation
10:45 pm
from. and now they're on the inside. and you know, this is the bidene defense department because you remember trump tried to slow this down and it's now the animating force for the biden administration and our military is being abused. so you know, you're pointing out senatorsre are controlling our guns, right, while ignoring the views of our cadets at west point with racist theories. when b you have a white cadet come in and told they're bad people because of the color ofin their skin or blacks are told they're being oppressed because nk their color, their skin, that's racism and frankly it's banned under law and there's got ton be a rescue operation f for our military from this madness. yeah, let's t start from republicans like democrats who claim they care about the military but keep fundingili this stuff without fixing it,ng destroying the most powerful military in the world, obviously something. thanks for your reporting on that. toyou're welcome . so aside from relentless attacks on him from national
10:46 pm
public radio, etc., you don't hear a lot about supreme court justice clarence thomas. a isct what's he actually like? it's an amazing story the more you know about him. one of his closest friends joins us next to share a deep look into clarence thomas, the still has been your mentor ,your body. and if your or to stop causing you to wake up with the shoulders back or are you uncomfortable because you're too hot or too cold to get total body support and better sleep with a mike lindell mattress topper? hello, i'm mike lindell. when i invented my new micro mattress topper i made it. you have everything you ever want in a top . my master shopper helps give you the support you need help relieve the pressure points and regulate your body temperature for you as an individual. i'm interested in this commercial to give me the best price ever on the best mattress topper ever. use your promo code and you'll get 30 percent water right now and i'll include a set of
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stay connected and help keep your brain younger. get a hearing health check every year greg phishers flamboyantly self-heating mayor of louisville, kentucky and he a did something very selfish at a juneteenth event this weekendu . what did he do? he exposed a young man of color to the risk of being murdered by police mayor greg fischer selfishly allowed his face to make contact with the young man's fist missing footage on your screen right now, men walks up and gregks fischer m allows the man to punch him in the face, exposing that man to police brutality. talk about systemic racism. i this is not by the the firstha time that greg fischer has been the target violence. early this year, blm activist and barack obama foundation on record quintet's brown tried to assassinate a mayoral candidate in kentucky.
10:52 pm
so i clearly there's something c going on there. op they resolve it quickly. clarence thomas has been on supreme court for thirty one years, but you don't hear all that much about who he is. he's the mostreas prolific supre court justice in generations. s he writes more opinions than any other three times more than many of them. now mark paletta knows clarence thomas very well. he's one ofe his closest friends. he worked with thomas during his supreme court confirmation hearings in nineteenkeg ninety one , he watched joe biden in action. taylor is the coauthor ofin the new book created equalre clarence thomas in his own words. that book is out today. he's also made w a film about clarence thomas for better represents tucker carlson said we spoke with paletta about what clarence thomas life isay like and has in life. >> here's part of a fascinating conversation and he was born in this little shack chantyel with no electricity, just with no electricity, just
10:53 pm
just abject poverty. but it was a rural povertyes as justice thomas likes to say and had a community where they supported each other obviously in tough times down in the south. but it was a community when he is sworn in at the supreme court, there's a guy therey named gary kemp who was a i think the grandson of lulu kemp and he has clarence thomas, his birth records. he gives them tolulu him at at clearway. yes. yes. t he comes up he said, hey, g i have your birth records. and byoe this point, thomas and byoe this point, thomas all over the place. he's like, who is this guy? gary kemp who is the grandson of lulu who delivered clarence thomas, you know, in this little houselu in in and pinpoit georgia where famoustl willie english was not the only language spoken. gullah geechee was a fauci it's a i think it's gullah
10:54 pm
in georgia, geechee in in south carolina. but it wasgi i a dialect was kid of west caribbean and again, that was kind of clarence thomas, his first language or language he spoke. and so when he was going through the seminary and other schools, it was you know, y english was kindou w of a second language to him. and it was when you when he talked about learning sort of proper english and how long it took him to read and he learned this , you know, getting a dictionary, every single word that he didn't know, he looked up and i thinkrs it sort of personifies clarence ot sort of personifies clarence to this day, which is you figure out what you need to doat and you do it no matter what . so it jumped out about the interview as clarenceh thomas, his connection with the people around it turns thomas isgu not just a good guy. he's an amazing guy, lovedti by the people around him,ith including supreme court justices disagree with himm the opposite of what you mean. anyway,r that'sca i'm tucker carlson. today tomorrow morningngmo, have 45%.
10:55 pm
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well time tomorrow night.on how long till the machines are giving youes orders tomorrow the google engineer joins us . he said he's seen firsthand how robots can feel emotion, not science fiction. totally real and the best startt with the ones you love. sean hannity takes over now sounds like a sci fi movie and i just hope they aren't to political talk shows or word that wouldn't be bestta they ca. there>> are. all right, tucker , thank you and welcome hannity tonight a hannity investigation into america's two tiered justice system and corrupt d.c.i politicians who excuseer riots that don't advance their political agenda. now this includes a clear i danger this country is now facing if roe v. wade is overturned. weup have left wing groups nowdi signaling direct threats to riot. wit we'll tell you about that . but first tonight , we begin with a major scam nowon ongoing inside the climate


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