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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 22, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> ashley: the white house says president biden will call on congress to suspend the federal gas tax through septembers, the move being dismissed by the president's own party as the administration struggles to rebrand and drive the crisis back down. you are watching "fox and friends first"s, i'm ashley strohmier. cake and i'm carley shimkus.
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president biden resorted to mocking oil company executives for the price surge and continues blaming russia for his own bad policy. griff jenkins has the latest details. >> griff: good morning, it is official fox news can confirm the idea barack obama once called a gimmick, president biden will call for it, three-month federal gas tax holiday, he is calling on states to take similar action. gallon of gas was just $2.39 on inauguration day. senator tom cotton calling it a gimmick and saying it is meant to cover up the fact dem policies restricted supply and raised cost. senator tim scott had this to say. >> we're going to try to trick the market and suggest we can
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alleviate tax pressure, that is great. but the way gas is ticking up every week, that reduction in price is eliminated in about 12 days. >> criticism is not limited to capitol hill, target ceo blasting saying it is time to change the supply and demand curve for fuel and transportation. another oil company chief is pushing back on biden accusation of profit earring and chevron ceo says your administration has sought and vilified our industry, these actions are not beneficial to meeting challenges we face and not what the american people deserve that drew a snarky response from biden. >> i didn't know they would get their feelings hurt so easily.
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we ought to be able to work something out. >> griff: he won't meet with them tomorrow, he will leave that to his energy secretary. the white house continues to label this putin's price hike. >> carley: the university of pennsylvania has an interesting study and said if this was implemented in march, it would save people $50 for the rest of the year. if you freeze that gas tax, not all the money benefits consumers, that is why some are calling it a gimmick. griff, thank you. female republican candidates victory necessary two big virginia races that could tilt the balance of power come november. and races in alabama and georgia
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previewing power of trump endorsement ahead of the midterm. brooke singman has the latest results this morning. good morning. >> brooke: good morning. vulnerable democrat congressional districts come out of yesterday's election. jenn higgins will face elaine lauria. higgins joined us yesterday. listen. >> elaine was a helicopter pilot. we are both moms and both have voting records. i will educate voters on luria and tie her to nancy pelosi's disastrous policy and what they have done to america. >> brooke: and vega advances in
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the primary, looking to unseat abigail spanberger in november. and mike collins defeating vernon jones by nearly 50 pointss. the trucking company tycoon promises to fight big if elected. >> we're securing border and will fight for energy independence and get the federal government out of your way. >> brooke: collins is predicted to beat tabitha johnson green. national guardsman chris west defeats jeremy hunt in the district two runoff. west is up against sanford bishop jr. who will have to hold on tight after redistricting, expected to threaten his seat
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and katie britt wins the runoff against congressman mobrooks. former president trump pulled his endorsement from brooks and supported britt instead. >> we want someone who will fight for christian conservative values this nation was founded on. >> brooke: britt will go head-to-head against will boyd in the election. >> cisneros will not receive party representation to represent the 28th district after losing to henry cuellar. the texas democratic party declaring cuellar the winner by
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289 votes. cisneros blamed her loss on combination of republican-funded super packs, big oil, chamber of commerce, big pharma and entire democratic party establishment. >> ashley: and mayra flores was sworn in yesterday and held a news conference on the capitol steps. >> today i will give a voice to the voiceless. my father, saul flores, moved us to the united states because of the promise of america. he told me in this country, if you work hard, you can accomplish anything. my story proves he is right. >> america may not be perfect, but we strife to be a more perfect union, nothing is greater than the american story. nothing is greater than mayraflores' story. you may just be learning of
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mayra flores today, but you'll be talking about her for years to come. >> ashley: flores making history as first mexican-born citizen to serve in congress after flipping blue seat in a special election. balance of power is 220 democrats and 210 republicans. >> carley: a powerful earthquake hitting southeast afghanistan, leaving at least 950 people dead. more than 600 people are reported injured. new video showing victims being evacuated from the region where the earthquake struck. the 5.9 magnitude quake striking southwest of the city of kauff, near the border with pakistan. we will bring you any developments as they come in. turn to this, tickets for
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upcoming meet and greet with vice president kamala harris could be yours at a 70% discount as the vp's popularity plummets. sean duffy is here next and minneapolis cancelled fireworks show, this time covid is not to blame, we'll tell you what the reason is this time. ♪ more protection, more sun, more joy. neutrogena® beach defense® the suncare brand used most by dermatologists and their families, neutrogena® for people with skin.
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so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> ashley: democratic national committee slashing price for a photo op with the vice president. >> carley: tickets are going down to $5000, down from $15,000. sean duffy will react. i was thinking inflation is a big deal right now, is that what pictures are on the clearance rack? >> sean: kamala harris and joe biden are the problem. listen, i've done events where presidents or vice presidents come into the state and there is wild excitement of people who make more money than the three of us and want to take a picture with the president or vice president.
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it's a great shrine to their political acumen and then they give to the dnc or rnc. kamala harris can't get $15,000, they have to slash the price down to $5000, which is still a lot of money, but people pay $15 or 20,000 for a picture. people have had enough. this is not inflation because the kind of people paying this price, inflation is not affecting them. inflation is fine in their homes, they don't like kamala harris, joe biden or the direction of this country. >> ashley: harris approval rating 56 disapprove. house majority whip looking to 2024 and mentions kamala harris,
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take a listen. >> there is no question in my mind joe biden is doing what needs to be done for this great country of ours. if he chooses not to run again, first on my list after him would be kamala harris. >> ashley: sean, you think something so simple as dropping the price of the cost of a photo op, you would think it is nothing, do you think that may deter harris from a 2024 bid for president? >> sean: you have taste of the vice presidency, they want to become president and they see it as a one-shot deal. cliburnemazie hirono may support kamala harris, she has been an utter failure. this campaign, if she runs for president in 2024 or 2028 will go nowhere, you have to perform as a vice president.
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people have to say, they have shown leadership and they deserve the presidency and kamala harris hasn't done that. i think you will see a raukous primary for democrats to step in. the problem is kamala harris is a minority and woman, if democrats go in a different direction it undermines what they have told people, they are the party of minority and women and won't take the vice president who a sudden african american and a female, it will be in a corner. >> carley: over the weekend an msnbc panel was talking about the republican party, here is how they describe the gop, watch this. >> today's gop is a white nationalist fascist movement. reason republican, that is like
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a reasonable taliban member. >> carley: consider the source there, how do they explain people switching parties from democrat to republican now more than they have in a long time? >> sean: this is not surprising, carley, this movement is a marxist movement, they have to call you fascist and racist if they are going to prevail in this great transition. if you want to talk about violence look at pro-abortion movement, the blm movement, antifa. look, mayra flores was just sworn in, seat that hasn't been one in 140 years by a
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republican. look at donald trump, he said we will fund historically black colleges and do criminal justice reform, things democrats promised, donald trump has done. this is fiery rhetoric from a marxist movement because they hate people who love america. this republican party loves america and loves everyone who want this party to be great, they are all welcome, nothing to do with race, color, sexual preference, do you like free enterprise, if you love free enterprise and not marxism, we're the party for you. >> carley: somebody needs to ask mayra flores how she feels about being called a white nationalist. >> sean: ladies, great to see you, you look great this morning. >> carley: david noer clashing
2:19 am
with chris christie, after pointing out democrats not accepting spots won by republicans. >> this goes back to 2000s, supporters of al gore, after vice president gore conceded the election and certified it himself, the senate refused to accept george w. bush, you had hillary clinton say she doesn't accept the 2016 results. >> you know governor al gore stood before the nation and conceded. >> i said that. >> david, i didn't say gore. >> christieshg was cut off before finishing his thoughts. >> now southwest pilots are picketing over long hours and staff shortages. restrict joins us next to tell us about the looming crisis. jos
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>> carley: the white house says will call on congress to suspend the federal gas tax, the move is being dismissed by the president's own party. dan roccato joins us now. the president is pushing this, his own party is like, it is a no-go. should people be taking this seriously? you have people saying this is actually or could make inflation worse and that is the last thing americans need right now. >> dan: good morning. economically you are right. in a weird way by reducing the price if the price does trickle down and there is some question
2:25 am
about that, by reducing the price, you will increase demand. by increasing demand without supply, back to where we are, prices go up, inflation is up. the real answer, forget gimmicks, increase the supply. when you increase supply, that price will come down. >> ashley: if it did, if it was temporarily suspended 18.4 cents per gallon, when you look at national gas average right now $4.96 per gallon, diesel $5.81, would it be that much difference? >> dan: the average driver would save $120 a year, $10 a month, doesn't make a big difference in the scheme of things. it is clearly a gimmick, i understand what the president is trying to do it, good politics,
2:26 am
but not good economics. >> ashley: the gas tax is congress' way of covering up issues they already caused. the airline and pilot, complete mess, my friends are having issues, flights cancelled and pilots are picketing because they are angry over poor staffing and long hours and cancellations continue. on saturday, over 17,000 flights delayed and something along the line of 2300 flight cancellations, what is going on and what will stop this >> dan: my daughter was on one of the delayed flights and she was not happy. we have a labor shortage, we have talked a lot over the last few months. it trickles through the economy, including well paid pilots. i fly southwest all the time, it's a great, great airline.
2:27 am
i don't know about you, i want my pilots well trained, well rested and really well paid. the fact we have a pilot shortage, we are not producing enough well trained pilots, that should concern all of us, not a good sign. get the job done, get men and women back where they belong in the cockpit, well trained, well paid and well rested. >> ashley: last thing you want is a pilot that is not well rested. southwest airlines did say we respect rights of our employees to respect their opinions and do not expect a problem with service we maintain southwest culture that honors our valued employees. let's hope it doesn't affect it anymore. got to leave it there. >> dan: i'm flying back to the east coast, hope it is right. >> ashley: i have to fly, too,
2:28 am
will i make it? what should i do? dan roccato, thank you, we appreciate it. see ya. >> carley: all right, minneapolis cancels fourth of july fireworks display for the third straight year, 2022 is the first year covid is not to blame, it is due to record-my labor shortages and construction problems. ongoing police shortage is a major problem. listen. >> just yesterday the bridge festival, more people, 80's,000 or more were at the festival, which would have been more than drawn out for the 4th of july celebration. they don't have resources to deal with the crime. >> carley: the city announcing 4th of july fireworks would be replaced with a smaller series
2:29 am
of events across the city. and el monte city council voting no confidence for george gascon. >> ashley: we have the response to the grieves families by george gascon, it has media furious this morning. >> they are never coming, they are never coming back. i blame it on gascon.
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>> carley: the el monte city council made entirely of democrats issuing vote of no confidence and progressive democrat george gascon in the wake of last week's tragic shooting that claimed the lives of two police officers. marianne has the latest. >> marianne: the city council in el monte, issuing vote of no confidence against george gascon becoming 35th county to do so, that is not stopping da george gascon for doubling down on his office's handling of the case. flores was on probation when he shot and killed the officers for
2:34 am
a case involving weapons charges that could have sent him back to prison for three years. george gascon says having a gun does not make a person violence. >> possession of gun is not a violent crime. okay. he was arrested for possession of drugs and possession of gun, not use of a gun. this is not explaining, this is simply clearing the record. >> marianne: george gascon said flores had been convicted of nonviolent crimes in the past, none of which warranted tougher sentencing. when asked if he had anything to say to the victims' families, here is what he said. >> the mother of joseph santana laying the blame squarely on george gascon. >> how many more lives do we
2:35 am
have to lose for something to be done, this guy should never be out there. >> the criminal who shot my son and michael should have been locked up, they both would have been here today. he needs to be recalled immediately, he's destroyed our life and they are never coming back. they are never coming back and i blame it on gascon. >> marianne: gascon went on to say with his policy flores could have gone back to jail and likely would have had a date later this month. >> carley: thank you, former border patrol chief pushing the biden administration to issue impartial in review of border agents falsely accused of whipping migrants. border council president joined us last hour with his take.
2:36 am
>> i know the agents, they are trying to accomplish a fair process for the agents. the agents did nothing wrong and president biden already convicted these individuals without all of the facts and without an investigation and that should never happen in the united states. >> also ripping the rush to judgment by the press and the lack of coverage about what is going on at the border. >> if mainstream media would tell the american people truth about what was going on, this would stop. >> carley: sheriffs in georgia warning about fentanyl. flagleshg r county florida sheriff joins me now. you were just at the border and visits with dhs and cbp, what
2:37 am
did you learn? >> the border is completely out of control, the border patrol is probably the most demoralized law enforce agency i've seen in my career and i've been doing this for 40 years. they are basically paper pushers they can't intra dikt the judges being smuggled by the mules. it was definitely eye-opening. >> carley: we've talked to so many parents who said they thought their child was in their room studying or sleepings, they open the door and find their child dead because of fentanyl poisoning. have you noticed an uptick in your community? >> we have, this year 12 overdose deaths related to fentanyl. fentanyl seizures are up this year, first five months compared
2:38 am
to all of last year. there is a huge wave coming of fentanyl, frankly it is already here. my neighboring counties have taken kilos of fentanyl stamped with the golf cartel logo on them. it is here. the border is wide open, border patrol is overwhelmed, it doesn't matter if you are a border town or city or not because the border is coming to you, to every city, every county in america. >> carley: good point, over upon 7000 pounds of fentanyl have been seized at the border, what can you do to keep residents in your area safe? >> we try to educate the communities, we investigate
2:39 am
every overdose death as first degree homicide under florida law. i have four poison peddlers that are in state prison now for selling that lethal dose. what we want it is public to know and adiktss that are using, they are looking for the best high they can get unless they are treated and can come off of it, they are basically playing russian roulette. fentanyl is 50% stronger than heroin and 80's % stronger than mar feign and it is now being laced and cut. marijuana is being laced with it, fake pills are being made with fentanyl in it so it has the high people are looking for and you never know when you get that fatal dose. >> carley: such a big issue and just not getting our attention.
2:40 am
some most competitive house races in the country set in virginia. republicans flipped the state and are ready to flip congress. >> winsome sears will tell us how they plan to do it, but first -- >> chevron ceo, hes your administration largely criticized oil and gas industry and criticized it. >> highly sensitive, i didn't know they get their feelings hurt that quickly. >> now he is mocking them. joins us next to react. announcer: type 2 diabetes? discover the power of 3 in the ozempic® tri-zone. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. announcer: ozempic® provides powerful a1c reduction.
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>> carley: today president biden will ask congress to approve three-month federal gas tax holiday. cheryl casone from fox business has details. >> cheryl: good morning. federal gas tax 18.4 cents per gallon. you see national average per gallon sitting this morning at $4.95 a gallon, biden administration is weighing a tax holiday for gas prices, even
2:45 am
with a break issue the change would only amount to small benefit. the savings amount to $47. that is best analysis right now. we were at $3.06 a year ago. >> carley: yesterday the president made comments about oil executives that are raising eyebrows. >> cheryl: exactly. the president has blamed greedy oil companies but chevron ceo michael worth says enough is enough and worth wrote to biden saying the administration has been vilifying the gas industry and the president spngded. >> president biden: i didn't know they get their feelings hurt that quickly. ought to work something out, they can decrease and not give up on transitioning to renewable
2:46 am
energy. >> cheryl: that doesn't make economic sense, anyway, white house staff will meet with oil companies to grill them about their profits. >> carley: you have something to tell us about. >> cheryl: new episodes of american dream home 9 p.m. eastern, follow doug and teressa, they are ready for a new life in key west, florida. 9:30, going back to hawaii. they are empty nesters and done with their sandy hook home. >> carley: bring in john catsimatidis, owner of united refineing and chairman and ceo of red apple group, what is your response to the president now blaming the oil companies? >> john: well, what we're trying to do with the tax holiday is by
2:47 am
putting bandaid on an infected wound. it will not solve the problem. we have to be clear. north american oil, are friends again, open up in alaska, canada and we can produce 15 million barrels per day and now that will make us independent of the rest of the world. nobody can understand why we are not doing it in alaska, we own it. canada instead of begging iran and venezuela and russia. we are still buying from russia. north america, the price of crude oil will start coming down to maybe 55 or 60 or 65 and
2:48 am
inflation will go away. instead, we're forcing the fed to raise interest rates which will destroy the other industries in our country. we've created problems in our country, we don't need more problems. the 30-year bond mortgage will go over 6% and who will be buying houses? let's open up the spigot in north america and declare oil companies partners with washington and america will grow again, america, the recession does not have to happen, which is very important thing that we talk about this morning. it doesn't have to happen. if president biden opens north america and takes away the super
2:49 am
regulations that they put on the oil companies, everything will go back to normal. we'll have $2 gasoline again. enough is enough and that's all the entire american people are saying, enough is enough, let's have common sense in this situation. >> ashley: right. you would think that is what they are thinking. john, i want your take of this, you are owner of a new york city supermarket chain, stores are facing backlash for pulling pro-american -- give me liberty or give me death and america, love it or leave it, people were saying on twitter, why are you allowing this item to be sold at your grocery store in light of the mass shootings.
2:50 am
what is your thought on this? >> i think whoever made the decision in the two chains is really, really dumb. you can't satisfy 100% of people all the time. we live in america, we love america, america is our way of life and look, if something is offensive, one can understand it. if something is pro-our own country, we have to maintain pro our own country. we love america. i grew up here, i'm an immigrant, i came here at six months old. i swore allegiance to the united states of america. i've loved it. the fact is we're letting in
2:51 am
people across our borders and we don't know who those people are. i believe in immigration. >> ashley: i got to leave it there, we appreciate your take on these topics, thanks so much. >> carley: republican flips virginia and they are looking to ride the red wave to congress with some of the most competitive house races in the country. winsome sears is here next. check in with steve for what is coming up on "fox and friends." >> steve: coming up on "fox and friends" in about eight minutes and 42 seconds, i did the math right there, keeps me sharp. major primary victories for women in virginia. kiggramercy park ins and vega hope to flip seats from red to
2:52 am
blue and laura will join us live to react to president biden mocking oil executives as gas prices remain stubbornly sky high and navy seal ryan zinc zinc and lawrence joneser here. did you hear, gronk is retiring again, will it last? and the robertsons are live on the set and sneak preview of the new fox nation series still ahead on "fox and friends." we kickoff seven minutes and 43 seconds from now on the channel you trust for your morning news. carley and ashley back in a couple, you are watching "fox and friends first." good morning, folks.
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>> we're excited to be a pivotal
2:57 am
part of flipping the u.s. house coming this midterm cycle. >> i will never apologize for being who i am and for standing and fighting for our conservative values and principles, never! >> police officer leslie vega and jen killing gantz claiming kiggans. one of those wins some. elected to statewide office in virginia and she joins us now. it's an honor to have you on especially after a big day in virginia yesterday and the goal now is for jen kiggans and leslie vega to flip their districts from blue to red. do you think they can pull it off in noe. >> absolutely they will. what a glorious day it was yesterday. listen, let me tell you, all of our candidates were excellent. every last one of them would have been excellent representatives.
2:58 am
these are the people who are going to bring us to november. is it november yet? i can't wait. and do you know who else can't wait? the voter in virginia. and then look what happened even in texas. texas 34, just yesterday, the first latina republican who we have never won that district. never. so it's happening all over. >> ashley: let's talk about the voters. what are the big issues, the hot topics that americans are going to be voting for and to couple that in. what would you the g.o.p. hopefuls hoping to keep this alive. >> it's not complicated. education of our children and parents do matter which is what we ran on in november and we won it is education. we need businesses to come to virginia. we need it to keep that pipeline
2:59 am
open so that the education flows. we need the prices down. inflation is high. every time that someone goes to the pump, that's the polls. every time that someone goes to the grocery stores, that's the polls. every time they look at their child who is not being educated, that's the polls. we want the potholes fixed, that's the polls. it's not that complicated. and then we want government to get out of our way. and we are tired of not knowing what words mean anymore. >> carley: we have about 30 seconds left. i want to ask you when you and glenn youngkin won the election last year it did become clear that virginia is no longer a blue state. what do you think is happening? are conserving rising up or are democrats and independence changing their vote? >> i think it's both because, you sea, democrats have understood that their children weren't learning. it's one thing to like a
3:00 am
political party. but when it comes to your child, that's a whole different ballgame. and so, when he couldn't have won if democrats had not crossed over and supported us because they had confidence in us that we would bring common sense back. that's what you are going to see in november because all of this, it's ridiculous. >> carley: thank you very much for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> two key republican primaries in virginia. >> leslie vega and state senator jen kiggans both expected to win and face democratic incumbents in the this fall. >> i will never apologize for standing and fighting. >> the president is expected to back a move to suspend the federal gas tax. >> biden's own treasury secretary admits it's unclear just how much it will help. >> pure dwem mic and it does not solve the problem at all. >> we're going to beat you. >>


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