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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 22, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> woman: wow. that looks great. >> tech: schedule now at >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner here with my co host, emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany . also with us today, carley shimkus and ben ferguson is back. great to see him. there's growing concerns about president biden's age as members of his own political party and the media seem to be worried about he may be too old to run for re-election. biden is the oldest president in
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history and would be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of his second term. his recent bike fall with his many verbal gaffes are not helping his cause. the growing numbers of headlines highlighting biden's age will be hard nor the white house to ignore. with his approval rating sinking and inflation sky high, it's leaving some democrats asking questions though out loud. whether the party needs a different younger leader in the next presidential race. now, ben, my team told me that you literally said these words. this topic is my jam. >> yes, joe biden is the useful idiot that is no longer useful to the democratic party. they saw an opportunity to get the white house, they thought this was the safest bet and it was for them. and he was a useful idiot. and now he's no longer useful. i think they realize not only do we have to get rid of him before
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he even has a chance to run for the presidency again, now it's because that would destroy the democratic party, they understand he's going to drag down and cost democrats all of the power that they gained from him being their useful idiot over the last two years. that's -- if you're the democrats right now, you can't look at joe biden and think we need to put him out there. it's not kamala harris either. they lowers the price to get a picture with her significantly. what do we do now? we have to get rid of the president and the vice president and bring in the new face of the party. >> harris: it won't be hard to get rid of her. her level, her approval ratings are lower than his. more than that, she doesn't have anything he can check-off. he talks about infrastructure and a couple of things. he wants to do the gas tax holiday. senator lee and i of utah were just talking about the fact that if he does that, he hurts the democrats that might be holding out to do something great and jump behind him right away.
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if he has to roll that tax back in before the election, that will hurt. if he has to extend it, that will hurt. republicans are going to campaign off of that. >> kayleigh: yeah, he's becoming mr. quick fix. i'll knock 18 cents off of gas prices even though my predecessor said no to the gas tax. i'll wipe out student loan debt. i failed at my job royally and we watch as how america has gone up in flames. some people have ideas about his replacement. take a listen. >> well, you know, there's no question in my mind that joe biden is doing exactly what needs to be done for this great country of ours. i'm saying that if he chooses not to run again, first on my list after him would be kamala harris. >> i like kamala and pete buttigieg. i think that looks great. >> you think they could win?
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>> i would vote for them. i hope this country is ready for something like that. i think the brain power alone would just obliterate trump or desantis. >> that was funny. if you ever met joy behar, you know when she gets that inclination in her voice, you think they can win, really? >> jim clyburn, i think he's the king maker. he was. he made -- >> he delivered the black vote particularly in his state. a lot of people looked at him in the black community that had already been compartmentalized by the president saying if you're really black, you better vote for me. he played a critical role. for him to be thinking next -- >> kayleigh: and to say first on my list is kamala. has anybody uttered those words ever? >> harris: the people on the
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view did. it was like thank you next. >> i love that you address the notion that kamala is on clearance. that's what's happening. she's on clearance. nobody is paying for her because they don't want to. if we look at this, the concept of joe biden's age, if we look at it generously as one swing voter said. it's not the 82. it's the 86. >> i don't care about his age. i don't. i care about competency. you can be incompetent at 20, 30, 40, 60. >> harris: that is true. >> it's very clear -- they were talking about his age. i don't give a crap. i care about this man taking care of the country. it's not just the bike. everybody has fallen off of a bike. every day it's clear he cannot handle this job. when your wife is having to pull you away and tell you --
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>> harris: by the easter bunny. >> it's time to retire. if he truly cares about america, he should be looking at these tapes and his family and not trying to save him, it's time for you to step down. >> emily: the point is it's in tandem. the argument that well, if the policies were awesome, we would forgive. we wouldn't mind the stumbles and the gaffes and the crypt keeper in front of us. the point is that the policies are terrible and americans are hurting. they're sick of the dearth of leadership. this man can't stand on his own two feet. keep in mind that 2/3s of americans believe in term limits for congressional leaders that go up to 70. so that right there knocks out most of the senate let alone our president. so he's incompetent with a zero mental acuity. the fact that he's so febrile is the new situation where you can't deny it anymore. yes, we're hurting at the
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kitchen table and visually it's ridiculous. >> harris: emily, what you said, that section about if the policies were working, you might be able to forgive some things. you know what you would be able to do, look at his number 2 and say we trust his judgment on that person if he shouldn't run in 2024. but because of policies are not working, you're not looking to her at that point. you want the ticket alleviated and replaced. >> emily: altogether. >> harris: carlie? >> there's all of these articles being written right now from liberal media outlets, "the new york times," the atlantic, saying president biden is too old, don't run in 2024. think this is more a media bias story from 2021 than a president biden story. he's not changed. he's always struggled. just remember the debates. like you said, the only thing that is different now is that the media is looking for a
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replacement. they recognize that biden has served his purpose, he -- now they're looking for somebody else. jim clyburn said as much when he said on cnn, president biden did a good thing in getting us through a rough patch. now kamala harris wants to run, i would support her. so president biden is clearly -- he's always been a place holder. the problem is who will be the permanent candidate. they don't really have anybody. i think the best thing that could happen for the democratic party is if somebody outside washington runs, maybe a mark cuban or some centrist democrat. >> harris: is this party to do it? republicans, yes. we saw that with donald trump, this party is so into that look at -- nancy pelosi that won't let go of anything in the house, right? tim ryan ran in her own party.
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new younger blood. right? >> democrats are consistent about are the pecking order. they're not going outside the box here. there's kamala. look -- you have desantis, rubio. i can list 25 people. >> harris: they have joe manchin bus they don't like his politics. >> never win. they would annihilate him in the primaries. >> emily: this isn't in a vacuum. there's nothing that accelerates the aging process more than the presidency. >> harris: so true. >> emily: this is not death becomes her. if we're being honest. i don't know if you can chock it up to the presidency. >> harris: let's be honest. >> that's what this show is about. >> harris: coming up, the gop just had a primary in virginia. is it a new sign of trouble for democrats when it come to what was once seen as a solid voting block for them.
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>> kayleigh: leslie vega just won the republican primary in virginia. the self-described military wife and law enforcement officer used her background to better connect with voters. >> as a law enforcement officer, i know we have to restore the rule of law. as a mom that helps pay the bills, i've seen first hand how our dollar is buying less and less at the grocery store.
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as a military spouse, i know those that serve feel like their sacrifice was in vain. >> kayleigh: vega is the fourth latina to win a primary are this election season highlighting the growing trend of candidates going to the gop. carley, they're calling them the quad. we have their picture. so not the squad. these are the real deal here on the wall. you've got myra flores, a 41-point swing from when hillary clinton won that district. texas, 34. you have cassy garcia also from talks and de la cruz. and it's the year of the latina republican women. i couldn't be more pumped about it. >> i eagerly await to see them a shot on the cover of vogue for breaking a glass ceiling. something tells me that won't happen. what will happen, a lot of
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hispanic voters are swinging right. look at the president's approval rating. it's 26%. it's terrible. think about hispanics as a voting block, which is something that we do, hard working, religious, socially conservative, socialism is a dirty word. so really, those qualities align with the gop. the only reason they haven't historically voted that way is because republicans have made a huge mistake by staying away from communities of color, which we -- republicans have paid for and continue to do. but now we're seeing a huge reversal and a huge swing in a different direction. i think it's because democrats have become so extreme that it's peeling a lot of hispanics away and towards the republican party. >> kayleigh: harris, that has changed. the rnc has hispanic centers across the country. you have a now house gop pac
9:17 am
geared to bringing latinos to the gop ranks and the nrc pouring millions into the outreach run by rick scott. people don't realize rick scott has made massive inroads in the hispanic communicate tip when he ran. he is running the rnsc now. >> harris: you talked about how successful he was in florida, rick scott and outreach to certain communities. so he really cut his teeth on that and became quite a leader in that venue. i would say this though. this is not completely what i got out of that ad. the fact that they're all hispanic, that ad that we just showed that talked about, you know, the candidates' personal past. she was a military wife. she's a mom. she's all of these other things that resonate with americans. yes, you can be black, you can be hispanic. i don't want to get that twisted. democrats are losing certain groups of people not because of
9:18 am
the color of our skin or the texture of our hair or the languages that we speak so beautifully in addition to english, it's the quality of the candidate and it is diversity. i diversity of thought and diversity of experience. and that's what you're seeing among these women. when you talk about them being in the southwestern part of the country near the border some of them, their experiences are so rich and important. they did it legally, their family. >> ben: i just spoke at the state gop convention in texas, in houston. it was incredible to see how many african americans were in the crowd as well as latino. their number 1 issue is border security because they're watching it decimate their communities. they candidates in texas that you talk about, two of the four, they decided to run because they saw their world changing not for the better for their kids. being latino was second. being a quality candidate was first. they're going to be become rock stars. this is not a trend.
9:19 am
it's here to stay. when i talked to the people that were there that had become republicans for the first time, they genuinely are fighting for their families future, fighting for job security, safety. they want a secure border, this is something that you'll see. democrats have a huge problem moving forward. >> kayleigh: emily, there's a great irony here. she's running against one of the most vulnerable democrats in the country. abigail steinberger, she got very upset on a conference call with fellow democrats. here's her quote. the number 1 concern that people brought to me was defunding the police. now she's running against a police officer a deputy sheriff in prince william county. >> emily: that's right. that's an important nexus to point out as well. we talk about the quality of these candidates and how well-rounded they are and how many other sort of identities that they fill besides the color of their skin and the texture of hair and languages that they
9:20 am
speak. that includes a large law enforcement component. she's a deputy sheriff, a deputy spouse. we have flores, wife of a border patrol agent. that was in large part both of them because of their stumping and commitment to law and order, to security. security at the border and in the community. to your point, as these candidates come forward, they represent all americans, mothers, parents, law enforcement. those that support law enforcement that need and want that commitment to law and order. no more put under this heavy paw of the democratic party that says no, no, no, you vote a certain way, that we assume you will because you checked a box. these guys are shedding that and shows support for those in law enforcement. >> kayleigh: i'd love to see the squad debate the squad. they would trounce them. coming up, chicago cops will no longer chase some criminals despite sky rocketing crime. the new policy, that is next.
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>> emily: chicago list have announced a new foot pursuit policy which bars officers from chasing people on foot because they run away or give chase over a minor offense. critics says this gives criminals the green light to just run for it. mayor lightfoot is defending the change. watch. >> we've seen too many instances where one of the things that we heard a lot, partners being separated. a lot of these pursuits occur at night in down alleys, gang ways. it's critically important that officers stay together and do everything that they can. the reality is, it's important that we make sure that violence dangerous people are dealt with and sometimes that means you have to pursue them. but i also want the officers to come home at night. >> emily: that was one of the reasons articulated for the change in this policy.
9:26 am
obviously in terms of protecting officer safety. that is our paramount wish as well. there was an additional reason that she gave, which was about officer accountability and community trust. wouldn't you say maintaining community trust is maintaining members of the community's safety in perpetrators that are able to engage in simply assault, which is one of the reasons that has been wiped off? >> ben: this is part of the strategy to get rid of police officers. if you're a police officer, this makes you want to quit your job. if you have police in places like chicago and you're continuing to tell them that they can't do their job -- there's no police officer that says i want to protect and defend but i don't want to run after bad guys. that's not in their dna. if you're a good police officer and you're being handcuffed again, you can't do this, you can't do this, you can't do this, this is part of the strategy of the left to defund the police and get rid of the
9:27 am
police officers because they're going to say i'm done, i'm out, i'm quitting. i didn't sign up for this crap. i'm not going to go and do this. this is part of the da's strategy. we talked about this on this show about a year ago where the da's are taking these criminals, these guys are risking their lives and not charging them with crimes in new york, chicago. it makes the police officers at some point go why am i risking my life if i hand the person to you and then you let them go out the same door that i walk out of? i'm going to quit and find only place to work. this is part of defund the police. >> emily: this is about the backdrop of 47 people being shot and 13 in just one hour. >> harris: it's disgusting, unacceptable and intolerable for the communities that don't have another place to go. they can't move. they depend on cities, municipalities to provide what government is supposed to do first for their safety and security.
9:28 am
that is impossible to do if you tie the hands of the people as you just said, ben, that were tasked with doing that. lori lightfoot is a fraud. right? she's such a fraud. so she stands there and she says violent dangerous and there's sometimes when you have to pursue. girlfriend, there's always times when you have to pursue a criminal. what are you waiting for? an engraved invitation? then it's more dangerous. there's fewer police officers and now they're on foot and you're telling them the rules. so they're taking a step and going back. trying to figure out what the rules are. meanwhile the criminals are with lassos rounding up everything around them. she's creating a more dangerous situation every time she opens her mouth. i liked it better in the pandemic when she was hiding out getting her fro done against the covid rules. >> emily: and more confusing. as harris pointed out, this policy comes with a host of
9:29 am
rules. certain times you can pursue a suspect and whether they're engaging in certain felonies. as a criminal attorney, i look at this a million more reasons why the officers can be sued. a million more reasons why looking back, oh, no, no, i was going to engage in simple assault. so you're not allowed to pursue me. so i'm going to sue you, take away your pension and smear you on the front page of the chicago tribune. it's crazy. >> harris: you have to have a reasonable suspicion that someone has or is in the middle of or about to commit a crime. right? so one of the acceptable crimes to pursue a suspect is assault. one of the unacceptable crimes to pursue the suspect is simple assault. if you're a police officer in the heat of the moment chasing someone, you're supposed to have a crystal ball to shake and look into, is this guy going to commit assault or simple assault
9:30 am
and can i chase them based on that. that's what attorneys do in the aftermath. that's not what police do. but harris, lori lightfoot is the face of the city. she has to get her hair done. that was that. >> harris: i remember that from the height of the pandemic. look, when you take away the tools to fight crime and then you change through soft policies what a crime really is and emily you can school us all day long on how that is happening. when you do that, you start to make it more dangerous for the people that can offer you nothing more than their company they're struggling so hard. if she doesn't care, then just sit down and let somebody stand up and do it. >> carley: part of the issue is this changing in definition. so you brought up reasonable suspicion that the cops have to have it. in l.a., the d.a. george gascon after someone he let go murdered two police officers said well, it wasn't enough reasonable suspicion and probable cause that this guy was a gang member and had an illegal firearm. i didn't consider it violent.
9:31 am
when the rules and the diagnostics change, that's what leads to danger for police officers. >> carley: and this policy was just made official. officers have been following these guidelines over a year now. last year there was a 13-year-old boy, shot and killed by police. she was running away from police officers. he had a gun. footage showed that he may have dropped the gun a second before he was shot. so rather than address young people running from police officers out at night by themselves with guns, he's 13 years old, he has a gun, they are implementing this ridiculous policy. one more thing on this. now officers won't be allowed to chase someone for something like driving on a suspended license. if you get out and run for something like you have a suspended license, that means that you have committed a larger crime, this is another policy where you're treating the cops like criminals and the criminals like victims. i think 61 people got shot in chicago over the weekend. this won't do anything to solve
9:32 am
it. >> emily: coming up, pregnant people, birthing people. and now menstruating people. why does the left want to get rid of the word "woman?" the possible on that next. ♪♪ for every veteran homeowner who needs money for their family, it's a new day in america. air force, pararescue, five years. home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va loan lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's total value. and take an average of $60,000 cash. 25% more cash than they'd get at a bank. united states marine corps, aviation maintenance, five years. that's why veterans from every branch... united states army, military police, eight years.
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♪♪ >> kayleigh: why is the left so determined to get rid of the word "woman?" the cdc is now replacing pregnant women with pregnant people or birthing people. now apparently menstruating people is the new woke term. that's how governor whitmire
9:37 am
referred to women in a democratic party event. >> i have the constitutional ability to bring a lawsuit to protect constitutional rights of the people of michigan. so i have brought a lawsuit for the menstruating people of michigan. >> kayleigh: i will start with ben. >> ben: men can't have babies. okay? let's just start with that. i don't have -- men can't meningitis -- mentrate. we cannot have a child and can't have a cycle. stop saying it. it's going to confuse an entire generation of what this is. i don't understand the play here for democrats. i don't get it. do you think the people that buy what you're selling right now
9:38 am
are going to like leave the democratic party? no. they're already crazy in this world. but are you expanding the base by talking this way? i can't imagine you are. >> kayleigh: you're not. this is global. you have npr, they're writing about people that menstrate and then you have aoc in all of her glory. >> i don't know if he is familiar with a menstruating person's body. he's not familiar with a female or menstruating person's body. >> she called her female. how dare she? >> carley: the left is becoming a cartoon version of themselves. it's funny. nobody likes this honestly more than republicans. keep saying menstruating people and trying to get independents to vote for you. on top of that, if you're in the state of oregon, your tax
9:39 am
dollars are going to feminine hygiene products are going to men's bathrooms. >> kayleigh: good use of my money. thank you. let's go to the supreme court to define woman. here she is. >> can you provide a definition nor the word "woman?" >> can i provide a definition? >> yeah. >> i can't. >> you can't? >> not in this context. i'm not a biologist. >> that's so key when she says i'm not a biologist. she knows that men don't have a uterus and women do and you can have a hysterectomy. you started with one. even she knows it's about the science of things. she didn't jump to if you identify. not everybody is on the same page. i don't know that it does widen the tent. by the time they get there,
9:40 am
they'll be where van jones is predicted they'll be. they'll be with all the acronyms and the weird speak around things and democrats won't be winning. >> ben: i have a question. i mean this sincerely. when do feminists get angry over this? being a woman is supposed to be an empowering thing, stand up. something that they've been preaching a long time. now you're taking away the definition of a woman. what do -- >> harris: what about roe versus wade right now? >> kayleigh: it's ironic for her to say she's not a biologist when roe was concocted out of thin air. cdc -- let's go to the science premier health agency of the country. they talk about pregnant and recently pregnant people. emily, even they don't get it. >> emily: aren't they the premier authority. but that is the question. what i thought was a movement of why are women, hear my roar, weren't we supposed to be protesting with certain hats a few years ago about women's
9:41 am
rights? we remember that. why is all of a sudden woman a dirty word? i was speaking with a multiyear cancer survivor who had a hysterectomy. she said am i still a woman? it broke my heart. the answer is unequivocally yes. to have the culture to her seem that it's confusing, there's certain identities that only view that and she's lost her -- it broke my heart. by blurring those lines, then you yes, dilute the identity. if you ever call me cranky, ben -- >> ben: that's about men. we get cranky. don't say a woman. i'm waiting for that to come back. >> harris: i do have a question. i'm going to ask you, if that's okay, kayleigh. i know you're leading this segment. it does pop in my head that we're waiting for a supreme court ruling about on one side a woman's right to choose. do they then not mean that on the left? >> kayleigh: no, they don't mean
9:42 am
that now it's a menstruating person's right to choose. it's ridiculous. it's no longer about women. i agree with ben where we began. it's women that get pregnant. trust me. i would know. so would you. ahead, dave schapelle announces the theater at his old high school won't be named after him following outcry against transgender jokes. in case you missed it, i see why next.
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>> president biden is expected to call on congress to suspend the federal gas tax. some democrats are not on board. we have senator marsha blackburg with reaction. how will relieving the gas tax impact inflation? and emily compagno is standing by as we await the first court hearing file by gabby petito's family. "america reports" is at the top of the hour with me and john roberts. see you then. >> emily: in case you missed it, comedian dave schapelle is
9:47 am
making news again this week. he's decided against having the old theater at his high school named after him following backlash to his transgender jokes. the new performing arts space will be instead named the theater for artistic freedom and expression since nobody knows better than him what it's like to be effectively or ineffectively cancelled. i love your expression. >> carley: this is hilarious and makes he want to watch his specials all over again. he's hilarious. >> harris: dave schapelle is that person that looks into the face of danger and says no, really move. he's not afraid to speak his mind. i'm with you, carley. his language is salty but it's funny. >> emily: it's not like the center for kids that can't read good. >> ben: there's a certain point in life that you have enough money or lived long enough to say screw it. i'm going to do it and nothing you can stop me.
9:48 am
i love it and keep doing what you do. don't let people intimidate you. >> emily: and he's super comfortable in his skin. sit down and listen. the adults in the room are naming the theater. >> kayleigh: and i haven't seen "the closer." he said it's one of the most watched on netflix. yet it's controversial: >> emily: all right. canada is banning the import of single use plastics like straws, bags on food utensils by the end of the year. justin trudeau says it's part of an efforts to address climate change. it's interesting, ben. in that country, there's a lot of massively deep problems and the people that -- canadians keep saying he's an activist. 2/3s of the population say you don't respect us, you don't see us. the commercial fishing industry is the largest proponent of ocean waste and yet he's sort of seems appeasing the left --
9:49 am
>> ben: it's like a dictator starter kit. so the people in canada, you might want to wake up. we took your guns and now we're going to take your straws. you're not going to have a lot left soon. >> harris: you can't even blow spitballs. >> emily: yeah. i guess in the dictator starter kit, it doesn't matter. >> carley: dictator starter kit is the best line effort. banning plastic is the least of their concerns because of the gun thing. but paper straws sting. i think -- >> ben: tree straws. we rebanded them. >> kayleigh: bamboo straws are good but they're dangerous. >> harris: did you know that some species of bamboo grow 36 inches in 24 hours? i'm afraid of a straw? >> carley: paper straws -- can't
9:50 am
there be something else? >> kayleigh: the trump campaign marketed plastic straws and raised almost $500,000 million from selling plastic straws. >> emily: next topic, new yorkers have found a new way to skim the line at hard to get in restaurants by spending big bucks. a new tech restaurant called front of the house can get you a year's reservations, a table per week. it's not cheap. one subscription can cost up to $1,000. kayleigh, part of this, part of the magic, they accept credit cards as well as crypto. isn't that what credit cards are for? one of the guys that is a member that he's like look, what is awesome is at the end of the day, it evens out. i love it. the people i bring, they pay for him. so he gets like the free dinners because the friends are like oh, my gosh, we get to go to so and so. so maybe it is a good idea. >> kayleigh: i don't buy it. the same man said there's 1,234 people on a wait list.
9:51 am
no restaurant is worth that. go to p.f. changs, outback, carrabbas. they're all great. you want wait. >> emily: especially in a city like new york. every street corner -- >> kayleigh: it's so true. >> emily: everything is awesome. >> carley: he is amazing. >> harris: he parks outside because we knows we hit him after. did you save my favorite? >> ben: i own a restaurant and i won't stand in line for my own restaurant for 1,000 people. people, if you're a foodie and you want to bring this to the new level and pay for that table, good on you for being a sucker willing to pay it. i don't stand in line. i'm go to the b team, the c team. if i'm hungry, get out of my way. >> harris: i'd have more respect if they took people that were food insecure. how about people -- >> kayleigh: yes, absolutely. fancy restaurants aren't great, you know. like bars -- >> ben: if you can't spell it -- >> carley: average places are usually better. >> ben: if i can't spell it, i'm
9:52 am
not going. >> emily: small portions in get out of here. >> carley: no time for you. >> emily: seems a little like off tenor. like we're not quite there yet. seems a little old, lame. >> carley: exactly. >> emily: and aka kayleigh, your favorite hot dox may be in short supplies. the company that makes it says it will have to stop making the be loved condiment due to a shortage of hot chilies? kayleigh, are you upset? >> kayleigh: yes. the baby formula, now hot sauce. i brought five packets for you guys. i will share. we can pass them around. >> harris: how nice you are. i'm going to take two. >> ben: she's hoarding it already. >> harris: this is the good lord's plan. he means for us to put hot sauce
9:53 am
on food. >> emily: the reality is, the supply chain issues affecting everyone but also that they had like -- it's a crop issue. my family, we have an ag business. we lost 30% to bird damage one year. it's real. when the whole world is obsessed with a condement, it's like global pain. >> ben: we have two barbecue sauces. one is hot, one is normal, this is one of the things we put in hot. i didn't know this till today. you ruined my day and i'm freaking out thinking halftime gallons do i need to get. >> harris: you can have mine. >> kayleigh: i'll donate mine. >> carley: now i feel forced. >> emily: all right, guys. have to leave it here. the cdc is out with a new warning for those that snuggle with their chickens. you heard me right. stay tuned. ♪♪
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>> last but not least, a washg about warning about kissing birds. the cdc is felling owners telling do not snuggle chickens, ducks and other feathery friends due to a salmonella outbreak. warning 200 cases in 38 states linked to back yard poultry. wow. my youngest daughter is away, she's been at school for the birth of each of their chickens. the nurse sent me a chicken, she's feeding a new chicken that just hatched, it's still wet, she's so into chickens. i don't know what we will do. >> you'll have to buy a dog.
9:59 am
>> what, to keep the chickens away? >> snuggle. >> you can't -- >> you have to replace it, what a good mom would do, right? >> oh, i know. thanks for the parenting tips. i'm not a good mom, i cannot understand it. >> there goes any plus one, i was planning on making out with a bunch of chickens, and i don't know, i think this is sort of funny, but also i think of children snuggling with their pets and i kissed stray dogs when i was little and now i don't, but we hope everyone with salmonella gets better. >> i was laughing at the image of somebody kissing a chicken, but a few weeks ago on fox and friend weekend, we had all the baby chickens and i was all over them. from in the course of one second, who are the weirdos. >> i want to thank the centers
10:00 am
for disease control for telling us about the back yard poultry. >> my twins, georgey will take it, that's the only reason, appreciate this one. >> we have to get this in. westminster dog show, best in show awarded tonight with seven dogs from two groups competing, catch it all. there is your dog, ben. and here is "america reports." >> border patrol chiefs from several administration's slamming the homeland security department in a brand-new letter. the bipartisan group has serious concerns over reports that agents investigated for whipping migrants will be punished despite not being found guilty of wrongdoing. >> john: it says kamala harris and joe biden prejudged it from the start. and no chance for a fair outcome. chad wolf will join us in the studio


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