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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 22, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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yoga studio. i definitely would have gone to that class and had a blast. you can take your new puppy there, brian. >> brian: i will take willow. got a third. >> judge jeanine: i have three. nobody knew that. that's it for us. "special report" is up next with bret baier. >> bret: did jesse just say downward dog? >> jesse: no. no. i did not say that. >> dana: jesse and i sound a lot a like. >> bret: see you guys, thanks. >> judge jeanine: bye. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, president biden calls for a federal gas tax holiday again blaming vladimir putin for skyrocketing prices and urging oil industry executives along with mom and pop gasoline stations to cut their prices and their profits. the president desperately trying to deal with record gas prices as he struggles with the highest inflation rates in more than 40 years and his own dipping approval ratings. meanwhile, the head of the
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federal reserve is directly contradicting the president about the main driver behind that inflation. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich starts us off live tonight from the north lawn. good evening, jacqui. >> good evening to you, bret. for now rebate cards are out and the federal gas tax holiday is in. president biden's problem few democrats don't see the point. >> i fully understand that a gas tax holiday alone is not going to fix the problem. but it will provide families some immediate relief. >> president biden wants congress to suspend the federal gas tax for 90 days to bring down prices at the pump. but evidently didn't nail down lawmaker support before making the public plea and congress is lukewarm. house speaker nancy pelosi writing: we will see where the consensus lies on a path forward. democrat senator joe manchin indicated the votes may not be there at all telling abc. >> i'm not a yes right now that's for sure. >> even if congress gets on board, there is nothing to keep oil companies from keeping the
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extra cash. >> i call on the companies to pass this along every penny of this 18 cents reduction to the consumers. this is -- there's no time now for profiteering. >> suspendings the federal gas tax would cost $10 billion in revenue that typically goes to highway maintenance. the national association of manufacturers called it a step backward after biden passed the bipartisan infrastructure law. the committee for responsible budget saying it will actually make inflation worse. >> this is a total gimmick. at best, this is going to reduce the inflation rate over the next three months by 0.1%. and then as soon as the holiday is over, it's actually going to make inflation even worse that there was no holiday at all. >> in front of a screenplaying images of war coverage in ukraine, president biden again blamed high prices on vladimir putin. >> to for all those republicans in congress criticizing me today for high gas prices in america, are you now saying we were wrong to support ukraine?
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are you saying we were wrong to stand up to putin. >> but the federal reserve chairman doesn't agree. >> would you say that the wash in ukraine is the primary driver of inflation in america. >> no. inflation was high -- certainly before the war in ukraine protocol out. >> team biden doesn't have a direct response to that. >> how do you square that? is he wrong? >> i didn't hear what he said on that but i think most people acknowledge that the price of fuel is a big driver of inflation. and, in fact, they have put large percentages on it. >> energy secretary jennifer granholm said tomorrow she will be asking oil executives to pass on the savings to consumers if the federal gas tax is suspended. but she said that she understands people's mistrust with an honor system. president biden will not be in that meeting, even though he called for it and stoked antagonism yesterday calling one of the ceos sensitive for complaining his administration's policies hampered production. bret? >> bret: jacqui heinrich live on the north lawn, thank you.
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stocks were down today. the dow lost 47. the s&p 500 finished off 5. the nasdaq fell 16. let's bring in energy industry analyst kevin book. kevin, thanks for being here. >> bret, it's good to see you. >> bret: so this federal gas tax holiday, a lot of critics up on capitol hill, don't even know if it's going to get through. roughly 18 cents a gallon. how do you see this? >> well, 18 cents a gallon for 90 days that works out to about 5 one hundredths of 1% of disposable personal income relief. what we have seen is about 1.9% increase in gasoline share of disposable over president biden's term. so, it is a small thing relative to the gain so far. i think for some people in some places it might matter. but, ultimately, you don't balance markets by making it easier to consume. it's painful. but markets balance on price. >> bret: okay, speaking of price, national average of gas prices today $4.96 a gallon.
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a week ago it was 5.01. a little bit down. a month ago 4.59. a year ago 3.07. it's jumped exponentially. when you hear the president for leases on oil companies. i'm going to play a soundbite here where he brings up the leases that they have already. take a listen. >> oil and gas industry is sitting on nearly 9,000 unused but approved permits. families can't afford that companies sit on their hands. >> they have over 9,000 leases. 9,000. they can drill -- >> they have 9,000 leases. 9,000 leases on public land. they should be use it or lose it. >> bret: so it's a talking point. he says it all the time, kevin. for somebody sitting at home saying wait, what about these companies? are they just taking these profits? can the prices shoot up that fast?
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and what's the difference between leases and permits. >> lease is a contract with the government. right? you have an opportunity, an option but not an obligation to drill. you apply for a permit and you have another option but you don't have to use it. not all leases are on land that you want to drill on. not all permitsen are on top of what oil industry would call perspective areas in an area. you don't necessarily see the drilling just because you have leases and permits. you continue leasing. you continue granting permits, you get more option and get more production. >> bret: has this administration made it tougher for oil companies to produce? >> well, in general, being told that you have a short lifetime as an industry is bad because the funding that comes from wall street is concerned about stranded asset risk. the idea that putting money into the ground today won't come out tomorrow. so that could be a big deterrent. >> bret: meantime, russia is making a kill. "new york times" here western move to choke russia's oil exports boomerangs for now. china and india the world's most populist countries have swooped
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in to buy the same volume of russian oil that would have gone to the west. oil prices are so high russia is making more money now from sales than it did before the war began four months ago and its once flailing currency has surged in value against the dollar. in fact, it's one of the highest rising currencies in the world. what about that? none of that worked at the beginning. >> well, we are working across purposes with ourselves. west -- the west in general is reliant. when you are income reliant economy. cutting off the supply the thing you need is going to drive it up in price. that means more for the seller and more pain for the buyer. >> bret: being an industry analyst, as you look at the picture here, we are probably dealing with high gas prices for a long time? >> yeah, structure tubervillely we are cutting off russia's oil from the world. there is no immediate replacement. it's going to take some time. and also refinery capacity is down. not up. it takes time to build that, too. >> bret: when you hear the
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energy secretary say this. i will play the soundbite. >> bret: okay. there is some nice pictures but the energy secretary said this. hold on. >> our nation remains overly reliant on oil and fossil fuels. we will feel these price shocks again. the only way out of these boom and bust cycles is to break that sole reliance and that means diversifying our fuel sources by deploying clean energy. >> bret: aren't they saying really what the goal is there? >> it is a goal. it's a long-term goal, bret. we have 2 million -- a little more than 2 million electric vehicles on the road. 270 million vehicles. that's the fleet you have to replace. that's a 20-year process at best. that's not a tomorrow solution. >> bret: okay. kevin, as always thank you. >> thanks for having me.
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>> bret: you bet. we have a new news on the baby formula shortage tonight. the biden administration says it is providing logistical support to import the equivalent of about 16,000,008-ounce baby formula bottledzs from mexico starting this weekend. million pounds of gerber good star gentle infant formula into this country that would nearly double the amount of imported formula to the u.s. to date. cargo flights from europe formula into this country: now the mayor of uvalde, texas is pushing back hard tonight on damning testimony about his city's response to last month's deadly school shooting there. correspondent garrett tenney has the latest in this report. >> the gloves are off. as we know it, we share -- we are not going to hold back anymore. >> the mayor of uvalde is lashing out, accusing the texas public safety director of lying and selectively releasing evidence to make local law
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enforcement a scapegoat for the failed police response at robb elementary. >> has an agenda it's not to present a full report of what happened and give factual answers to the families of this community. the petty infighting make headlines and the politically motivated scapegoat is not helping anyone. >> today state lawmakers heard more testimony as they investigate the uvalde shooting a day after public safety director steven mccraw described the response as abject failure and blamed much of the blame on uvalde police chief pete arredondo from holding officers back from the classroom for more than an hour. arredondo said he didn't think he was in charge despite the school being in his jurisdiction. >> he failed us. >> at uvalde city council meeting last night friends and family of the victims were outraged at the political back and forth.
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-- his job. if he truly wanted to be respectful, he would step down. after choosing to wait an hour for backup instead of ordering scene officers to take down the shooter, he has proven that he cannot do his job. >> we deserve better. our children deserve better. and those teachers deserve better. >> everyone needs to be held accountable. pete for his inaction. every other officer who didn't do a damn t thing and all of you for standing adelly by while we beg for justice. >> director mccraw hasn't red to the uvalde's mayor accusations and dps hasn't respond to our request for comment. the texas education agency says it plans to check every lock on every exterior door at every school in the state of texas this summer around 340,000 doors total to make sure no gunman can simply walk in again like in uvalde. bret? >> bret: garrett, thank you. well, the texas shooting jump started new efforts on capitol hill at gun reform legislation. the senate seems now to have come up with a plan.
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let's find out exactly what's in it and where things stand with that bill tonight. here is congressional correspondent aishah hasnie. >> the first major gun reform package in nearly 30 years is gliding through the senate but house republicans are preparing to put up a fight. g.o.p. whip steve scalise who was shot in 2017 is pressing republicans to vote no on the bipartisan safer communities the legislation is an effort to slowly chip away at law-abiding citizens' second amendment rights. senators advance the package tuesday night with 14 republican yeas. four were surprises. senators joni ernst, shelley moore capito and senators todd young and lisa murkowski who are up for re-election. lawmakers say the $15 billion fully paid for package invests in school safety and mental health services. enhances background checks for gun buyers age 18 to 21.
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sends millions to states with red flag laws, which allows authorities to temporarily remove firearms from those who may be at risk to themselves or others as long as they provide due process. and, closes its so-called boyfriend loophole by banning those who have abused a dating partner from owning a gun for five years. the package does not include some changes president biden called for like a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. still the nra opposes the deal co-sponsor senator john cornyn doesn't think the nra will influence the republicans this bill needs. >> i think most people will not allow any outside group to veto good public policy. >> and, bret, jewelry says is supposed to start next week. leader schumer wants to see this bill passed in the senate by the end of this week, but house leadership won't commit yet to staying in session. what the senate does next. so it could be a while before we
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see this on the president's desk. bret? >> bret: aishah hasnie live on the hill. aishah, hanks thanks. a man who was arrested near supreme court justice brett kavanaugh's home in maryland earlier this month is pleading not guilty to trying to kill him. 26-year-old nicholas john roske of simi valley, california remains one count of trying to assassinate a supreme court justice. a tentative trial date has been set for august 23rd. up next a fox news exclusive, a ukrainian commander gives us behind the scenes look at russian battlefield tactics including the deliberate targeting of civilians. we will take you there. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 2 in san francisco where a city supervisor says one person was killed, another wounded in a shooting on a subway train. it happened on a san francisco muni train between forest hill and castro stations. perpetrator ran out of the train at castro station and remains at
3:15 pm
large tonight. fox 45 in baltimore as the nfl ravens announced 26-year-old linebacker ferguson has died. he was preparing for his fourth season with the ravens. cause of death has not been announced. and long time ravens player tony has died. that cause of death also unavailable. he played five seasons with baltimore. seven with indianapolis. he went on to become a broadcaster. tony was 55. and yellowstone national park partially reopens today after record flooding damaged homes and wiped out infrastructure there. the park's managers are opening three of the park's five entrances. there is a system in place to ensure that visitor numbers remain low. just some of the other stories outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back. ♪
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>> bret: afghanistan stated are up news agency reports a powerful 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck a rural mountainous region. the report states at least 1,000
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people were killed. 1500 others injured. the quake is said to be one of the country's deadliest in decades. officials warn the already grim death toll likely to rise as many people are missing. the u.s. and russia are said to be talking about two american fighters captured by russian forces while fighting for ukraine. a kremlin spokesperson has suggested the two could face the death penalty. also tonight, we are getting new insight into the fighting from a ukrainian soldier who commands a unit in the donbas region. correspondent nate foy is in lviv tonight. >> from the front lines in donbas, to an undisclosed location for this interview, this ukrainian soldier says russia is targeting civilians. >> we don't have to defend the land only. we have to defend civilians, woman, children, and elders. >> russia now controls a small village south of sievierodonetsk, a launch attack for nor donbas. ukrainian forces say they need
3:22 pm
more weapons and resources to protect civilians. >> not only hard, we have to help civilians behind us. at the frontline if we have fighter and there is no attack on civilians, we send firefighters to help. so we're less effective and powerful. factors play a role. when you see a kid without legs or arms, it's very devastating. >> ukraine's prosecutor genitals fox news her office is investigating over 15,000 possible russian organization and of course it's strong enemy and not only in the field they will. >> in the northeast, 15 people were killed in a russian attack on kharkiv. in the south, ukraine is
3:23 pm
claiming a significant attack on snake island in the black sea. destroying a radar and air defense system. new satellite images show damage to a tower. but russia maintains it successfully stopped a ukrainian attack. bret, because a russian blockade in the black sea over 20 million grain is stuck in the country right now, which is leading to food shortages. some possible good news today turkey's defense ministry says talks are expected in the coming weeks between its own representatives, ukraine, russia and the united nations to potentially solve that problem. we will send it back to you. >> bret: nate foy in la receive. midterm primaries and runoff competitions he a would move closer to the november midterms. first beyond our borders tonight. crowned prince first visit to turkey following the slaying of saudi columnist jamal khashoggi
3:24 pm
in istanbul. he is on the last league of middle east tour that also took him to egypt and jordan. poppy france criticizes the violence that plagues mexico as he mourns the slaying of two of his brother jesuits gunned down in a remote mexican church by apparent drug gang members. the victims were killed after giving refuge to a man he pursued by the drug gang. and this is a live look at sydney, australia, one of the big stories there tonight, australian authorities declare the final seats in a greener, more fragmented parliament following last month's elections. prime minister anthony center left labor party is in power for the first time in nine years. its narrow majority means the will not have to negotiate with the opposition or unaligned lawmakers to get legislation through the lower chamber. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> bret: a jury in santa monica, california has decided comedian bill cosby sexually abused a 16-year-old girl at the playboy mansion in 1975, the jury awarded judy huff $500,000 in the civil trial. the verdict comes nearly a year after his pennsylvania criminal conviction for sexual assault was thrown out and crosby wasfield freed from prison. huff's lawsuit one of the last claims after his insurer settled many others against his will. a man who drove his car through crowds of people in times square in 2017 killing a young tourist and maiming helpless pedestrians there has been cleared of responsibility because of mental illness. a jury in new york city has accepted an insanity defense claiming richard rosas was so
3:31 pm
sciblegly disturbed he did not know what he was doing. the judge has said the finding would qualify rosas for open-ended involuntary commitment instead of a lengthy prison term. ♪ >> bret: we are getting a clearer picture tonight of which candidates will be on the ballot in november when republicans try to wrestle control of congress away from democrats. the commonwealth of virginia held its primary yesterday. correspondent mark meredith has a complete wrap up of the results and what they mean tonight from fredericksburg. >> thank you so much for your support. >> beating out five fellow republicans yesli vega, a law enforcement officer and daughter of salvadorian immigrants will challenge abigail spanberger in one of november's closely watched races. >> we are getting ready to bring it home for virginia's seventh district this fall. it was an amazing night.
3:32 pm
[cheers] >> vega's win came shortly after former navy pilot jen kiggans claimed victory in her primary. she will challenge luria to represent virginia beach. kiggans tells fox she is feeling confident. >> redistricting was good we went from r plus 1 to 1 plus 6. in solid red alabama katie brit dominated over mo brooks. >> one thing is clear. and this is alabama has spoken you we want someone who will fight for christian conservative values. >> britt was leading before former president trump backed her in the race. trump originally supported brooks but after he told republicans to stop re-litigating the 2020 election. >> many will say i lost. i most respectfully disagree. why? because i covet truth and honor georgia trump backed democrats did not farewell.
3:33 pm
trump did not make endorsements in last night's virginia primary but other notable republicans sure did including senators ted cruz and tom cotton. a sign national republicans are paying attention to what's happening here in virginia and it may have implications well beyond november's midterm. bret? >> bret: mark, thank you. meantime a new and respected public opinion survey in new hampshire indicates florida governor ron desantis has a razor thin margin over former president donald trump in a hypothetical 2024 primary matchup. the difference is 2 percentage points, well within the margin of error but it marks the first time the florida governor has been tied or ahead of the former president in similar polls. speaking of florida, former tallahassee mayor and florida democratic gubernatorial candidate andrew gill lamb is facing a 21-count indictment on federal fraud charges tonight. gilliam and a associate was charged with unlawfully soliciting and obtaining funds through false promises they are
3:34 pm
accused of diverting a portion of the funds company owned by that associate who then funded money to gillum. his attorney says gillum is innocent. gillum lost to republican ron desantis in the 2018 race by just four tenths of a percentage point. ♪ ♪ our series on the poisoning of america continues tonight with a look at how the deadly drugs actually get into this country. it turns out there is a significant connection to and a direct flow from china. national security correspondent jennifer griffin shows us tonight from the pentagon. >> daniel per that died of a fentanyl overdose just like the 70,000 americans killed last year many of them children. experts say this is now a national security issue appearing to be a targeted attack with state sponsors. daniel's father agrees. >> is this a way of china
3:35 pm
attacking our democracy? i would think so. there is so much fentanyl right now in this country that there is enough to kill every single man, woman and child in the united states. >> puerta's 16-year-old daniel ordered a pill online he thought was objection i co-done it was fentanyl. ship to mexico. once smuggled across the border chinese businessmen in the u.s. launder the money. >> he was just an innocent kid. he made one dumb decision and he died. >> the d.e.a. says china remains the primary source of fentanyl. it is either shipped to the u.s. directly by international mail or via mexico. >> at first i thought it was an exaggeration that this was some way state sponsored now i'm not so sure. >> last august the state department offered a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest of jing jiang, the leader of the julian assange drug trafficking organization in
3:36 pm
china for importing fentanyl into the u.s. leading to overdose deaths according to the justice department. >> the chinese communist party is involved in just about everything coming out of china and you have band fentanyl under pressure from the trump administration pushing the chinese drug manufacturers into mexico, which is now a key part of the supply chain. reached for comment the chinese embassy called these assertions disinformation designed to mislead adding china has not received any notification from mexico about scheduled chemicals originating from china. bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. our series continues tomorrow but news, customs and border protection officials have seized more than a half million dollars worth of fentanyl 55 and a half pounds is enough to kill more than 12 million people.
3:37 pm
agents stationed at calexico west port of entry stopped a 28-year-old male driver, 43 fentanyl packages were found in the gas tank of his vehicle. a house committee says washington commanders owner dan schneider conducted a shadow investigation that sought to discredit former employees making accusations of workplace shower. snyder refused to attend the hearing today and the committee chairwoman says he will be subpoenaed. nfl commissioner roger goodell told the committee that schneider has been held accountable. up next, juan williams, katie pavlich, bill bennett on president biden's energy crisis and the politics of gasoline. ♪ >> the vietnam war is one of the most misunderstood periods in american history. >> everything about the conventional view is wrong and it could have been won. ♪
3:38 pm
>> they had 50,000 focused on the political warfare. once people decided that they needed to find fault with the war, then attempt to portray our enemies as actually being not so bad. >> it was freedom, liberty vs. tyranny. >> bret: the global effect of the vietnam war still resonates today. there is much more to uncover. we will put together the missing pieces. >> the unauthorized history of the vietnam war streaming now exclusively on fox nation e rethg the choices they make. like the shot they take. the memories they create. or the spin they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, you can achieve clearer skin.
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♪ >> i call on the companies to pass this along every penny of this 1 cents reduction to the consumers. this is -- there is no time now for profiteering. bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you are paying for the product. do it now. >> we are arguing over a gimmick to save you half a tank of gas over the course of the entire summer so everyone in washington can pat themselves on the back and say that they did something. >> get the energy producers off
3:43 pm
the sidelines to start meeting demand and gas prices will start coming down. >> bret: well, the gas tax holiday, the federal gas tax holiday being proposed by president biden a lukewarm reaction on capitol hill and even former obama economic advisers are not really keen on it jason fuhrman is the former chair of president obama's counsel of economic advisers tweeting out whatever you thought of the merits of a gas tax in february is a worse idea now. refineries are constrained now so supplies elastic most of the 18.4 cents reduction would be pocketed by industry, with maybe a few cents passed on by consumers. with that, bring in our panel. juan williams is a fox news analyst. katie pavlich news editor at town and former education secretary bill bennett. what about this, bill, and what the administration is trying to do here? >> well, they have little is
3:44 pm
what's going on. someone said one of the people buying gas every little bit helps this is damn little and it doesn't help very much. you know, biden is the guy who cut off the head -- cut off the beating heart and then offered a band-aid, you know, that first act in office was to cut off the xl pipeline. blames it on putin, blames it on the oil companies. now we find out he is blaming the gas station owners, these mom and pop owners. as a result, we now learn that russia is getting a windfall in oil since we are not producing. and we are going to saudi arabia hat in hand. we are going to venezuela to get dirtier oil and we could produce here. this was his -- of his making. is he responsible. he is the man. and he should be held accountable. this is really a horrible situation for american consumers. and he played a big role in it. glad to see jerome powell today said no, this isn't putin's problem. this was inflation was going on
3:45 pm
long before putin and it's time that he and the democrats own up to this. >> bret: yeah, let me play that soundbite first gene sperling adviser to the president making the counter argument and then the chair of the fed. >> on january 17th, when putin starts doing military exercises in belarus, the price of gas was at $3.31 at the pump. that's actually below the average for real prices in the previous decade. >> would you say that the war in ukraine is the primary driver of inflation in america? >> no. inflation was high before. >> bret: juan, your thoughts? >> well, i think that obviously we are struggling with inflationary results coming out of the pandemic and also dealing with the reality, you know, we had to put in place aid for people who were losing jobs. closing down restaurants, a lot of things. i understand that. and that's a reality. and i think lots of americans would say thank goodness there
3:46 pm
was some relief during that crisis. so i don't think it's necessarily tied directly to the russian invasion of ukraine. the gas tax holiday is not a solution. i don't think anybody says it's a solution. i think it's an effort partly political by the administration to show that the president cares and is taking action. so you have him saying here's the gas tax holiday, you know, three months. it's not going to make any big difference. it's not a real solution. but secondly he is going to saudi arabia, as bill bennett just said and, third, do you know what he is going at the oil companies and saying to them you guys are making big profits. you're not taking into consideration the impact of the sanctions on russian oil. so, for all those reasons, you could say this is a president who is saying to the american people he is active. he cares, he understands the issue and he is taking action. >> bret: okay. there's a lot of talk here about production and oil companies, what they are doing and what they're not doing. this 9,000 leases. talked to kevin book about that
3:47 pm
on the show earlier, what that means, what the administration is doing constricting wise on companies with permitting, aside from the leases. here's a graphic that has u.s. oil production barrels per day, 2017, 2018, 2019, 12.2 million, 2020, 11.2 million, 2021, 1.1 million. katie, those are numbers that are facts about production. and there is this, you know, the administration and democrats on the hill trying to make the oil companies black hat here. and i assume that's going to continue up until the midterms. >> well, there's been this argument from democrats on capitol hill and from the white house that oil companies can somehow flip a switch and take these 9,000 permits and just go drill for more oil and refine it and get to the gas station but if you know anything about how that process works, it takes some time. and because of the way that the
3:48 pm
administration has done a self-inflicted wound here with the war on energy, they have infused a to be of uncertainty into the marketplace. so, companies are worried about, you know, investing in multi million dollars projects and having them ripped out from under them as keystone pipeline was. but, more importantly, you know, president biden today going after gas station owners. those are, as bill bennett just mentioned. those are mom and pop shops that only make about two cents per gallon in terms of their profit. so they continue this narrative about transitioning to alternative energy sources. they are in a full-court press here. 90% of the country is paying attention. they don't seem to be offering anything that's really going to help solve this problem. and, you know, they are looking at here this crisis that, again, is self-inflicted going to compound itself into other issues, including food prices as a result of run away inflation on energy prices. >> bret: bill, on the flip side,
3:49 pm
it is politically a powerful movement to say that these big oil companies are making a profit on your back and why can't they give you a break. and it's easy because it's complicated to explain the process by which the oil is taken up and how the companies have to deal with the restrictions, put on environmentally and otherwise by the administration. >> yeah. well, i mean, but most people who drive were driving four years ago or three years ago. and they saw what the price of oil was then. and we had the same companies. what changed? well we had a different president. this is policy aimed for the elite by the elite that punishes the american people. and this long-term goal, you know, of green energy is a very long term goal. it takes a long time to get there. >> bret: when the energy secretary says the only way to really do this transition is to start doing clean green energy, that's going to take a long time. it's not automatic, that
3:50 pm
transition. >> no, i don't think anybody thinks it's automatic but on the other hand why are we always held hostage by these autocratic, you know, these brutal dictatorships. nobody wants to do business with saudi arabia. nobody wants to do business with venezuelans. >> bret: the republicans would argue we weren't when we were producing more. >> no. >> bret: now the president is going over to saudi on bended knee. >> well, obviously we have war. we have taken the russian oil out of the tank. the big thing here is you look at the numbers we put on -- what you will see is that american oil companies had higher levels of production in 19, even november of last year, '21 than they do today. they could be doing more but they are taking the profits and those gas station owners that we describe here as mom and pop oftentimes when like the state of maryland had a gas tax holiday, they were taking some of that and not passing it through to the consumer. >> bret: all right. we will continue to have
3:51 pm
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>> bret: congressman mo brooxz losing greatly. the margin was pretty big. katy brit former chief of staff to senator shelby winning that runoff and because it's alabama and a deep red state, she will likely be the next senator from alabama and the youngest female senator we are back with the panel. katie, as you look at the primary results from last night, we talk about virginia. we talk about the runoffs in georgia and alabama if is setting up to be a very interesting midterm just 19 weeks away. >> yeah, just 19 weeks away. it's always interesting to look at the endorsements president trump has endorsed a number of these candidates. who have done pretty well. also other candidates looking at 2024 presidential races are getting in the game. so he they're returning on an
3:57 pm
american first agenda. they may not all have the official endorsement but they are moving forward and it's going to be interesting to see how many seats they can flip away from democrats as we saw in texas last week. >> bret: bill it, seems like republicans have a big edge when it comes to the house and all kinds of estimates about 24 to 40 depending on the red wave. in the senate it might be pretty tight. axios has this piece about mehmet oz. oz drops trump branding. oz transition for the general election highlights the tight rope many have attempted to walk and embrace the former president where it counts and keeping him at arm's length in situations where his brand is toxic. pennsylvania has been a trump friendly place. but that looks like it's a tight race right now early on. >> it is a tight race but i think it will close and i think as people get closer to november they will see the reality.
3:58 pm
very liberal guy and that will be pointed out. look, i think you are going to see a wave. it could be closer in the senate. i don't think there is any question what happens in the house what's interesting on the republican side is that republican strength is showing, even independent of donald trump. that's another story for another day. you hinted at it earlier with your new hampshire quote. but, republican strength is getting more independent of donald trump each day and i think that will show in november. >> bret: juan, i asked each of you to pick a race i will probably only have time for you but you went to michigan? >> it's so interesting we heard katie and -- ryan kelley was arrested june #th for involvement with the january 6th attack on the capitol but is he likely, you know, to be certainly a leading contender to be the g.o.p. candidate going up
3:59 pm
against a democrat gretchen whitmer. what does that mean? will he win in the g.o.p. primary i think they are august 2nd in michigan with that kind of background? >> bret: katie, finally bill referenced that poll in new hampshire that has ron desantis over the former president. well, i mean, it just raises eyebrows as you get ready to think about 2024. >> and as you know, bret, politics two years or three years away from a presidential election is an eternity but the president has been out front. desantis says he is not concerned about 2024 yet. is he focused on winning re-election in florida but certainly you will see a number of republican candidates declaring after a midterm election. >> bret: that's what they all say katie that's what they all say. okay, katie, thank you. ♪ ♪ and finally tonight, it is a special day. the 146th annual westminster kennel club dog show wrapping up
4:00 pm
today in tarrytown new york with more than 200 breeds, 3500 dogs in that show. it has grown to become the second largest continuously held sporting event in the u.s. how about that? the dog show welcomed two new breeds this year the movie and the russian toy. good dog. i'm partial to the golden doodle. fair balanced and unafraid. here is jesse watters. what's your favorite dog, jesse? >> jesse: downward dog. >> bret: it's all coming full circle. >> jesse: full circle. thanks, bret. >> bret: all right. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: who doesn't love a good reunion tour? there's nothing better than favorite band is finally getting back together. >> putting the band back together. >> together? no way. >> we are on a mission from god. >> jesse: well, in washington when the band gets back together, you can bet trouble is on its way. why? well it mean