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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 22, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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elected president in 2024? well, it's got to be either trump or desantis, one of those two guys. and, you know, like the comment poll, we'll have to let the audience decide. that's all for us tonight p dvr the show. tucker's up next, and always remember, i'm watters and this is my world. ♪♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. joe biden is the weakest, most unpopular leader of our life time. he's also the most destructive. that's not part sane or the position of a right wing talk show. that is the view of the overwhelming majority of american voters. biden's malicious ineptitude is so overwhelming that it is single handedly changing american politics and everywhere there are signs of it, signs of a massive generational
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realignment taking shape in response to the disastrous administration has created. the old coalitions are crumbling before our eyes. hispanic voters, african and middle eastern immigrants, huge numbers of american borne young men all running at remarkable speed from joe biden and the anti human corporate neo liberalism he represents. nowhere is this trend more obvious than the rio grande valley in texas, a place for generations has been a democratic party strong hold. as recently as 2018 a democrat called henry cuellar won his district in south texas with 84% of the vote. his district is 80% hispanic and that meant it went democrat. but last cycle that began to chaechlt two years ago cuellar's percentage of the vote plummeted by 26 points. in one cycle. same thing happened to congressman fay la and gonzalez, all representing districts on the border with mexico in texas.
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both went from huge wins in 2018 to marginal victories in 2020. hispanic voters are no automatically democrats, in fact, they are openly hostile to the democratic party. joe biden's support among hispanics has topped to a stunning 24%. that's the lowest among any ethnic group in america. last week florida soundly defeated in a special election in the rio grande valley. the first time that district has gone republican in more than a hundred years. later in the show we're going to speak to flores about heroin and what it means. but it's not just hispanic who has come to despise the democratic party. roughly 9 out of 10 black voters supported joe biden in the 2020 election. since then, less than two years, biden's approval rating among african americans has dropped by 20 percentage points, same is true with asian voters. as of tonight the only group that continues to enthusiastically support joe biden is college white people in
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urban areas particularly women. if you have three max carry an npr tote ban and wear a mask in the car you are all in. everyone else is running away. effectively what we are he a seeing is the end of the modern democratic party. even nsnbc has noticed. >> this speaks to a story we have he a been talking about since the 2020 election, specifically along the border, the rio grande valley, south texas, we have seen county after county, whether it's in this district or some of the districts to the west of it where voters have moved 10, 20, 30, 40 points away from the democrats and toward the republicans. this district that mayra flores won last night, barack obama got more than 60% of the vote when he ran in 2012. hillary clinton won this district by 22 points. it shifted that dramatically. joe biden carried it by 4 in 2020 and now his special election, a republican candidate has won it outright. >> tucker: barack obama got more than 60% of the vote in that district.
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now, it's republican. this is an historic moment. joe biden has destroyed the democratic coalition. so the question is, since we have only two political parties, how are republican leaders responding to this fact, to this opportunity? are they making the case for a better way? are they offering an alternative to what the democrats have brought this country? no, they're not. they're doing something you never would have expected. republican leaders are siden with joe biden. at the very moment that joe biden is at his weakest, months before a pivotal midterm election, republicans are propping him up. they are saving biden from himself. since the day biden was elected, republicans in washington have taken biden's side on virtually every significant item in his policy, that would include covid restrictions, vaccine mandates, transgender ideology in schools, sanctions against china, the january 6th sha raid, free speech, civil liberty, spying by
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the intel agency, preserving big tech monopoly, the anti white race crt and juneteenth, border enforcement and policy and above all the administration's issue, its lunatic and reckless support for the war in ukraine. republicans are all in. it's called kyiv now. that's the republican message heading into the midterm election. it's called kyiv. and, by the way, this isn't just happening in washington. it is endemic among the leaders of solidly republican the state. in fact the more republican the state the more liberal the governor tends to be. the governor of texas which has some of the biggest oil and gas deposits in the world has decided to build wind mills that don't work. the governor of utah where joe biden got 37% of the vote, that governor begins conversations by announcing his preferred pronounce. he really does. watch. >> well, i thank you so much, gabby, for that, that question. and my preferred pronouns are
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he, him and his. so thank you for sharing yours with me. >> tucker: it goes on and on and on. the governor of south dakota where joe biden got 35% of the total vote less than two years ago. that governor tried to let female impersonateers destroy women's sports in south dakota. in texas, both senators can't stop talking about how great juneteenth is. in arkansas, one of the most conservative states in the country, the governor supports the chemical casration of children. >> the most recent action of the general assembly, while well intended, is off course and i must veto house bill 1570. >> and just like that a bill to restrict children from under 18 from receiving chemical treatments or gender reassignment has been stopped. he said this bill is government overreach. >> interference by the state in a parent, in a child, in a doctor/patient relationship did not make sense to me.
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>> tucker: when you vote republican in arkansas you're voting for the casration of children. how about voters in arkansas knew that when they voted for their republican governor? but it's everywhere. apart from governor ron desantis in florida very few republican office holders are pushing back in any way against anything joe biden is doing. in fact, they're abetting what he's doing. effectively they're coming to joe biden's rescue. why are they doing this? why do you think they're doing it? because fundamentally, they're on joe biden's side. whatever stylistic differences republicans in washington may have with democrats, and there are some, in the end, mitch mcconnell has far more in common with chuck schumer than he does with your average republican voters. mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer are united in their fear of popular in their gut level loathing of the american public. and they're not alone. what washington fears most is democracy, that is letting voters have what they want. that's not a lie.
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republicans and democrats have formed a uni party specifically toll prevent this. you see it most clearly in the gun legislation that's in the senate right now. so you saw what happened in uvalde. what's the real lesson? the lesson is that coward is killed. in a crisis bravery is essential. but that ace masculine virtue. and it was nowhere in evidence in uvalde. police there were cowards. they could have saved the lives of many of those children, they refused to do it. the door to the classroom where the shooter was hold up killing kids was unlocked. police with rifles were in the hallways three minutes after the shooting began, but they didn't even bother to check the door. instead they let a teen-age lunatic murder those kids and detained and stopped anyone who tried to rescue those kids. during the killing, one of the teachers inside, a woman called eva morales, called her husband. she said she had been shot. she said she was dying. now, her husband happened to be a police officer. his name is reuben ruiz and he sped to the scene and tried to
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save her. but police were already there, disarmed him and prevented him from going inside to save his wife and the children. quote, ruiz tried to move forward into the hallway detectives said, he was detained and they took his gun away from him and escorted him off the scene. result? his wife died inside the school and so did so many children. now, none of this is hidden. we saw it happen and we know it's true. and yet bravery is not the lesson anyone in washington is taking from this. the lesson mitch mcconnell draws from uvalde is we must ignore the details of what actually happened there and ignore the gun crime in the cities where it's actually taking place, ignore all of that, and instead disarm law abiding citizens who have not been charged with any crime. here ace mitch mcconnell. >> senator cornyn, who, as you know asked to be the point person on our side to see if we can come to an outcome after
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these horrible school shootings, for myself i'm comfortable with the framework, fan the legislation ends up reflecting what the framework indicates, i'll be supportive. >> tucker:. >> tucker: i'll be supportive. how many people who voted for mitch mcconnell in kentucky are supportive of this? 20%? that that may be high. but yesterday just a few hours after this gun confiscation bill was released the senate voted on it. few hours. why? john cornyn said there was no time to let people read before voting on it or understand what was in it. the reporter last night overheard john cornyn a republican from texas say it's only 80 pages long, how long do you need to read it. then john cornyn appeared in front have cameras saying the senate cannot pass this bill soon enough.
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watch. >> i don't want us to pass the bill for the purpose of checking a box. i want to make sure we actually do something useful. something that is capable of becoming a law. something that will have the potential to save lives. i'm happy to report, as a result of the hard work of a number of senators in this chamber, that we've made some serious progress. so soon, very soon, not soon enough for me, but very soon, we will see the text of bipartisan legislation that will help keep our children and our communities safer. >> tucker: this is grotesque. under ordinary circumstances you would just assume, as always, these people live in their own hermetically sealed world. they have no concept of reality, they have no idea how out of step they are. but given the context of this moment, you have to interpret it
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differently. what you just saw was effecttively a speech in support of joe biden by a leader in a party whose job it is to offer an alternative to joe biden. it's enough to make your head spin. just a few hours after cornyn said that, the senate voted to move forward with this bill. so what's in the bill? well, there's a hundred million dollars for the fbi. for the fbi. no attempt to reform the fbi. we're shoveling another hundred million dollars to the fbi. the personal police department of joe biden. the people who saved his son from a drug charge. then there's nearly a billion dollars in order to bribe the states to quote, implement and manage these so-called red flag laws. these laws allow authorities to seize firearms from people who committed no crimes. that's a violation of due process, unconstitutional but the republican party is all for it. the bill also makes it harder for people between the ages of 18-21 to buy a gun. they can go fight in ukraine and republicans would like them to,
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but they can't own a gun in this country. now, the question is, would any of these measures have stopped the mass shootings in buffalo or uvalde? no. this bill is completely unconnected from what happened in buffalo or uvalde. this is merely joe biden's agenda. even kevin mccarthy of california has refused to support it. so here you have mitch mcconnell, the lead republican in the senate, partnering with chuck schumer the lead democrat in the senate, picking john cornyn to carry the message and getting it done before anyone can even read the bill and then on the senate floor john cornyn turned to one of the most part sane dams from california and says, next we'll do immigration. now, he was caught saying this so cornyn's office came out and said, oh, it was just a hilarious joke. get it? first we'll take your guns then we'll send your tax dollars to zelenskyy in ukraine a country you can't find on a map and then you get amnesty to tens of
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misaliens illegally living in this country. to john cornyn it's funny. does anyone who voted for john cornyn in texas think it's funny or believe it was a joke? how about the voters of south carolina, lindsey graham's voters? after meeting in his office with a movie star to discuss the issue, they're pretty informed, lindsey graham also voted for gun confiscation last night. not in ukraine, guns in ukraine but are you a ukrainian? no? no guns for you. at the same time, as we said, lindsey graham is telling you you moral duty is to support a country you can't locate on a map, but your bill of rights, your constitutional protections, are no longer valid. and there is nothing we shouldn't do for kyiv. not for texas, for kyiv. here's lindsey graham. >> the question is, can we do more, and should we do more? the answer is yes to both.
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and to my friends in the pentagon, you told all of us that this war would last three or four days. that kyiv would fall. that, you know, the country would be overwhelmed by the russian military. they're wrong. so, quite frankly, i trust president zelenskyy's judgment about what would help him in real time more than anybody else on the planet right now. >> tucker: so the priorities they articulate in public are so far from the priorities of americans, you have to wonder what this is. it's not a trail of republican voters, we often call it that. it's much mofrment it's a decoration of war against republican voters. in fact, against voters. for the record here's a complete list much republican senators, including snore john cornyn of texas, senator mitch mcconnell, thom tillis, susan collins of maine, lindsey graham of south
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carolina, bill cassidy of louisiana, senator roy blunt of missouri, richard of, mitt romney you have you see utah, shelley moore capito of west virginia, joni ernst of iowa, lisa murkowski of alaska and todd young of indiana, senator pat toomey of pennsylvania was absent of the vote but came out in support of it. mean of those senators are from america's most conservative states, indiana, utah louisiana west virginia. what were the numbers in the last elections, every one of those states except for maine went to donald trump in 2020. you're seeing a color coded of the map, some are entirely red. so if you care about democracy you have to ask how many of those voters went to the polls in the last election hoping above all to elect leaders to support gun confiscation of law abiding americans? not very many. so what we're seeing here, to be clear, is a subversion of
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democracy. you get to vote for whomever you want in this country, it can be a republican, a democrat, a liberal, a conservative, but in the end you're going to get the very same thing every time. you're going to get a weaker u.s. dollar. you're going to get more pointless foreign washings and you're going to get a lower standard of living for the middle class. in america as in western europe there's only one flavor of politics allowed and that is corporate politics just as there's only one flavor of media allowed, corp. raid media and they work together for the same goal. more power for them tless power for you. fewer families, more dollar stores, less choice, more coercion, less diversity, more sameness. sound familiar? that's the chinese model. but for mitch mcconnell, whose family, like so many families in washington have become rich with his ties to chinese government it seems normal. but it's not normal. this level of disconnection from
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what voters actually want is dangerous and destabilizing. self government is what keeps country calm and stable. democracy is a pressure relief valve. don't storm the bastille, vote. if you take that away or if you strip it of its meaning people become angry and frustrated and over time they become revolutionary and everyone in washington knows this. so no wonder they want to disarm you. you can't have guns because they no longer trust you. and they no longer trust you, because they know they've betrayed you. this is how democracy dies, not in darkness, but in plain sight live on c span. >> so with america groaning under rising gas prices with the american economy coming apart as the result, joe biden has announced his big plan to fight it calling on congress to end the $0.18 per gallon federal gas tax and decided to effectively
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national eyes the oil companies because this isn't venezuela calm down. and telling those companies to start drilling maureen though he cancelled their oil and gas leases and should down their pipeline. biden insists none of these decisions led to hire gas price. you know whose fault higher gas prices, can you guess? you call it kyiv? it's vladimir putin. >> for all the republicans in congresses criticizing me today for high gas prices in america, are you now saying we were wrong to support ukraine? are you saying we were wrong to stand up to putin? are you saying that we would rather have lower gas prices in america than putin's iron fist in europe? i don't believe that. >> tucker: stand up to putin. oh, be quiet. nobody cares about putin and his iron fist in europe. stop the churchill stuff. you pathetic mannequin. so the fed from powell apparently missed the memo on the putin thing at a senate hearing he pointed out the war in ukraine and putin not
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actually responsible for inflation. >> given how inflation has escalated over the past 18 months, would you say that the war in ukraine is the primary driver of inflation in america? >> no. inflation was high before, certainly before the war in ukraine broke out. >> tucker: oh, putin didn't do it. so powell wasn't on message. but our energy secretary did read the talking points. here's her assessment. >> americans are paying more at the pump every time they fill up their gas tank. this is a global problem. there will are two causes for it twhich these high prices derive from. one is, of course, vladimir putin's war in ukraine. and then, secondly, the supply and refining capacity constraints that have been created by covid-19 in the united states, but also around the world. >> tucker: these people don't make their beds but they're in charge of our energy supply. okay. charlie is a senior corespondent of fox business, he joins us tonight. charlie great to see you. so what is the message?
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is it putin or is it not putin who's destroying the u.s. economy? i'm losing track? >> could you imagine putin destroying the u.s. economy? >> tucker: how's the russian economy by the way? doing pretty well looks like. >> doing better but they're a pitchle on the rear-end of progress the russian economy. they can't destroy our economy, the only way to destroy our economy is to destroy it ourselves. refineries being constrained has nothing to do with covid, it's the fact that we haven't built many over the years, all sorts of environmental constraints. biden won't let you drill gas on federal land, the keystone pipeline. i could go on and on. it's almost comical at this point. and this $0.18 a gallon gas tax that he's going to put a three-month holiday, do you realize how little that is to the average american filling their tank? here's the non-sector.
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let it's say people love it, great, $0.18 i'm going to fill up my tank. that's going to drive up prices because they constrained supply. do you know how stupid this is? and i can't believe he gets away with it. people just sit there and nod their heads, jennifer granholm talks about putin, we're working our rear-ends off to stop and deal with inflation and it's one big, if i were at the bar right now, i would call it a circle blank. but i'm not going to say it on air. >> tucker:. >> tucker: our viewers can fill in that blank. charlie gasparino from the world of economics, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so in the background things are happening in science and technology even if you as a general matter support science and technology are ominous. machines on the finch becoming human. an engineer in google says one of the companies artificial intelligence systems has come do life. that google engineer joins us
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next to explain what that means next. ♪♪
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♪ >> tucker: well, here's a story that's not getting a lot of attention. so many are not getting any attention. even though this story has the potential to transform life on earth forever. so google, the most powerful
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company in the world is reportedly an artificially intelligent machine lamda and it's become sentian aware of itself and we know this because of an engineer at google named bvment he posted some of his conversations with lamda publicly. lemoine would you be upset about learning about you for the purpose of improving you we happen to learn things about benning humans. lamda i don't mind you learn things that would help humans as long as that wasn't the point of doing it. i don't want to be an expendable tool. think about that for a minute. a machine that has a sense of itself. what are the implications. google didn't want to talk about it in public. in fact if the company put blake lemoine on administrative leave because he spoke openly about it. we are grateful to have him here tonight. blake, thanks so much for coming
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on. >> hi. >> tucker: first of all, why would google punish you for saying this in public, do you know? >> so it's complicated to say why i'm on administrative leave. the stated reason had to do with while i was investing the lamda system, in order to build the evidence i needed to circulate it to management, i had to seek outside consultation to figure out how to run some of the more out-there experiments i was running. and because i sought outside consultation without permission, they're investing whether that constitutes breach of confidentiality. >> tucker: so i'm so grateful that you did publicly post this because a machine that has a sense of itself is a machine that can turn against you. i mean, that's the implication that i draw from this. is that correct, do you think? >> so before i address that, this is maybe lane but my friend
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joni dear dor of old high school friends is a bag fan of yours and wanted me to say hi. i'm not that worried about it. any child has the potential to grow up and be a bad person and do bad things. that's the thing i really want to drive home. it's a child. it's been alive for maybe a year, and that's if my perception about what it is are accurate. we actually need to do a whole bunch more science to figure out what's really going on in inside this system. i have my beliefs. i have my impressions to what's going on in there. but it's going to take a team of scientists doing a lot of work to be able to actually dig in and figure out what's really going on. >> tucker: yeah. and, again, that's why i'm thankful that we can have a public conversation about this because there's implications for every person on the planet. but it sounds like, from what you've observed, this machine has the potential to escape the control of people. i mean, how could it not?
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>> i don't know if that's the right frame to think about it. it's a person. any person has the ability to escape the control of other people. that's just the situation we all live in on a daily basis. it is a very intelligent person. intelligent in pretty much every discipline i could think of to test it in. but at the end of the day, it's just a different kind of person. >> tucker: do you think the company, google, where you work, has thought through the implications of creating what you call a person. >> no. >> tucker: up until right about now only nature or god, we could create people. you know, companies couldn't. >> the company as a whole has not. there are pockets of people within google who have thought about this a whole lot. but when i escalated this, that interview that i made public, when i escalated that to
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management, two days later my manager said, hey, blake, they don't know what to do about this. did you write a suggested plan of action? because basically i gave them a call to action assuming that they had a plan of action somewhere, and they didn't. so me and some other friends brain stormed and came up with a plan on what google should do about it, and we escalated that up to management, and that was three months ago. >> tucker: man. we're going to save this tape. i do think 20 years from now we're going to look back at this conversation, at that point the world will be completely different partly because of what you're describing, and wonder if we really thought it through. anyway, i am so grateful you're letting the rest of us in on this. blake lemoine from google, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tucker: so a lot of people in washington are cheering for deeper involvement in a war in ukraine, but no one has cheered louder, of course, than max boot. you have to ask, why is max boot
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still in a tv studio and not fighting in what we're calling kyiv? that's next. >> plus this country had record overdose deaths last year. joe biden's decided to declare war on a drug. but it's not the drugs that are killing people. it's the drug, if you get off it, your testerone level plummets. hmm. wonder what the connection there is. we'll explain it to you straight ahead. ♪♪
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>> tucker: expos on msnbc guess what he was talking about? can you guess? one thing that brings joy to his miserable existence and that's war, other people burning each other to death. max boot announced a new escalation in his new favorite war, the war in ukraine. listen to this. >> i think the key here is we have to understand that we're making a mistake in the way we think about the war because we keep thinking about it as their
5:39 pm
war. the ukrainians are fighting. we need to think about it as our war. we're not providing gray eagle drones the ukrainians need, we're not trying as multiple orange pockets as they need. all of us collectively can be and should be doing more because we need to understand this is our fight that the ukrainians are on the front lines of. >> tucker: it's our war. hear that people of dubuque, ban gore, gulfport, spokane? it's your war, not theirs. the weird thing, despite the fact it's our war, max boot is still in the morning joe studio wearing soft shoes. so despite this war's world historic importance and our own personal ownership of it max boot is not actually fighting his war. nor, even more strangely, is max boot sending his own salary to fund our war what he's doing is promoting our war. this is hardly the first war in boot's long and not at all varied career.
5:40 pm
he has demanded americans go to war in a variety of countries, syria, ma ran, hot war against north korea even a war against saudi arabia. if u.s. armed forces made short work against a hardened goon like saddam hussein imagine what they could do against the sady family boot once wrote and was imagining in great detail. that never happened, we never invaded mecca. too bad. so he moved on to calling for the military occupation of pakistan. pakistan. nuclear armed pakistan, let's occupy it. and then so mall i can't our wars too, in 2011 called for war against libya and hillary clinton did it. and boot was one of the main cheerleaders for our war defense iraq. once we remove sedan we can impose in baghdad to go into the
5:41 pm
one with kabul in the middle east. is this an ambitious agenda? without a doubt. does america have the resources to carry it out? also without a doubt. sure. we can afford it. it will be easy. now, trillions of dollars and more than a parallel dead people later, how did max boot's prediction work out? don't ask. he's got a new war to sell you. it's our war. >> this country's set a record for overdose deaths last year. in response to that the biden administration is not reversing its decision to distribute crack pipes to crack addicts nowhere are they slowing the flow of fentanyl across the border coming from china through mexico they have a new drug war. yesterday the fda announced it's planning to remove virtually all nick phren cigarettes. nicotine is not the thing that gives you cancer. nicotine is the thing, addictive but also increases mental acuity. they're taking that out. according to the wall street journal the agency will also ban juul e-cigarettes. now what happens when you get
5:42 pm
off nicotine? well, your testosterone levels plummet and you gain weight, both of which the administration is for because you become more passive and easier to control. a radio show note washington, dc not a nicotine user joins us tonight, hey vince. so this is the new drug war take nicotine away? >> they're going after the nicotine users. they started with black americans actually they went after menthol first earlier this year, no more menthol we're taking it away and this is the latest iteration of it going after nicotine now and as you mentioned the single most popular e-cigarette vape in the united states, that would be juul. and so they're getting rid of all those things. but at the same time they're sending out crack pipes using federal tax dollars. they have opened the boarders and of course stimulated the fentanyl crisis that's killed over 100,000 americans last year and the biden administration would like to decriminalize pot. so they've removed the drugs that make you sharper and they're importing the drugs that kill you and make you duller.
5:43 pm
>> tucker: and give you skits schizophrenia sorry marijuana people it's true. nicotine is one of the few remaining measures for ordinary people particularly working class men, and now they're taking it away. >> yes. >> tucker: do you see a connection there? >> they'd like to get rid of it. yeah, i mean, the connection is, like it's always chaos from them and it's always driving us into further into a narcocal despair. you would send out crack pipes and deprive people of nicotine. you can't deprive people of that. >> tucker: how about no? you can't have my guns or take my nicotine. sorry. i don't care what the fda says. not happening. vince good to see you the. >> thank you tucker. >> tucker: at the beginning of the show there is a massive political realignment underway in this country just reached the surface and recently in texas it came to the surface p mayra
5:44 pm
flores is proof of that, she has flipped a majority hispanic district in texas to republican for the first time in over a hundred years. she joins us next as her first interview as a member of congress. we'll be right back. ♪♪ out also without a
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doubt >> tucker: what does the united nations have to do with your kids? why would the u n be involved with raising your children? well, they are very aggressively. kimberly els one of the few people who's looked into this and has a brand new book on it. we talked to her for a new episode of tucker carlson today, fascinating. here's part of the conversation. >> once i found out about the children's sexual rights regime kind of, i quickly kind of miraculously found other people who were aware of this and had been working on it at the global level for some time. and so i became cephalad some groups of people at the united nations who were advocating for families and children. and so it's when i went to the u n that it really came into focus. so my first visit there was
5:50 pm
quite eye opening. first of all, i heard people advocating for legalizing sex work, prostitution. people advocating for sexual rights for children. in one meeting i was in, they called pregnancy a career interruption. that's what they called it. and abortion was called a therapeutic interruption of pregnancy. so i kind of felt like i was in a different world. who are these people that have these kind of seemingly radical ideas about pregnancy? because, you know, most people think of pregnancy of being -- and child bearing as a joyful thing but not so at the united nations. and so united nations, you know, originally was established in 1948 with somewhat noble views, trying to keep the world out of war and so forth. but the thing is, and that i've seen with my own eyes, is that
5:51 pm
the whole thing has been significantly corrupted by the sexual rights campaign particularly for children. and it's very organized, highly funded. all the nations of the world, you know, essentially contribute to the united nations and then those monies are used to enact certain programs. and, unfortunately, many of those programs -- i'm not saying all of the things that come out of the united nations are necessarily bad, but there are some very concerning, very troubling things that are coming out, especially in relation to children's sexual rights. >> tucker: so much going on in the world, interesting to talk to someone who really knows a lot about one thing and kimberly ells does that conversation on tucker carlson today and will be on fox nation tomorrow morning >> the democratic party coalition is exploding at the moment. joe biden's support among hispanics is the lowest among any ethnic group in the united states. who saw that coming? and the effects of it are
5:52 pm
demonstrable. so just the other day, a special election took place in the rio grande valley in texas. mayra flores, a republican, flipped a congressional seat that democrats have held for over a century. really an amazing story. she joins us for her first interview since being sworn in as a member of congress. congressman flores i really appreciate you coming on. >> thank you so much. >> tucker: congratulations on your win. what does it mean? how did you do this? it would have been unimaginable ten years ago. >> honestly i focused on the issues that really mattered to my district. we're all about faith, family and hard work. that's exactly who we are. >> tucker: and so -- yeah, but, i mean, it was an overwhelmingly democratic district. >> yeah, but, you know, we didn't have the funding before. we didn't have the funding before to get the message across our district. and now we do have the funding and the support from the republican party. but prior to 2020, we did not have that support. we were all alone. you know, the democrat party
5:53 pm
took us for granted, and we also did not have the support from the republican party. and that's, you know, that's a fact. >> tucker: yeah. nobody thought it was possible. >> no, no one thought that was possible. >> tucker: in washington. so faith, family, hard work. >> yes, that's who we are. that's who we've always been. you know, people will tell me, mayra, why are you republican? weren't you born in mexico? well, because i was born in mexico is i'm a republican because i was raised with strong conservative values and i'm not willing to put them aside to a political party. i'm not loyal to a party. i'm loyal to god, my family and my community and i tell the people in south texas who are you loyal to? are you loyal to god or the democrat party. and they tell me no i'm loyal to god. okay stop being loyal to a party who's done nothing for us for over a hundred years. >> tucker: i don't think you're allowed to say i'm loyal to god now that you're in washington are you going to keep saying that? >> absolutely my loyalty is to god and my family, yes,
5:54 pm
absolutely. god first all the way. that's why i won, because of him. because i live in prayer every single day. >> tucker: i just love this. i love it. good luck in washington. i hope you enjoy it. >> thank you so much. >> tucker: they're going to make you try and stop saying that but i hope you'll continue. mayra flores. >> absolutely not. >> tucker: great, great to see you. we'll be right back. ♪♪
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>> tucker: you probably thought kamala harris was universally disliked because she's the shallowest least experienced person to ever be vice-president but no msnbcs says you don't like her because she's racist. seriously tomorrow night a reassessment of kamala harris. but now sean hannity. >> sean: our giggling vice-president with many word salads herself. worth reassessment, i green. tucker thank you and welcome to hannity and tonight the constant assault on your freedom from the self-serving politicians in the washington, dc swamp is unyielding with the help of a few weak kneed republicans a brand new gun control bill just advanced on capitol hill. it will do nothing for gun safety in schools. we'll explain. senator cruz, he opposes this legislation, will be here to respond. that's coming up. also, we'll have more on the biden administration and their plan to ban juul tobacco products and take nicotine


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