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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 22, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: you probably thought kamala harris was universally disliked because she's the shallowest least experienced person to ever be vice-president but no msnbcs says you don't like her because she's racist. seriously tomorrow night a reassessment of kamala harris. but now sean hannity. >> sean: our giggling vice-president with many word salads herself. worth reassessment, i green. tucker thank you and welcome to hannity and tonight the constant assault on your freedom from the self-serving politicians in the washington, dc swamp is unyielding with the help of a few weak kneed republicans a brand new gun control bill just advanced on capitol hill. it will do nothing for gun safety in schools. we'll explain. senator cruz, he opposes this legislation, will be here to respond. that's coming up. also, we'll have more on the biden administration and their plan to ban juul tobacco products and take nicotine out
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of cigarettes. all while your government is legalizing weed and, in other places, hard drugs. that make any sense? government makes a fortune on taxing tobacco, over $12 billion a year. why would they want to give that up? any way we begin tonight with biden's war on your ability to live your life without going bankrupt. now, between inflation, spiking gas prices, record prices, a looming recession, americans are suffering and it's about to get a whole lot worse. according to one washington post columnist and on msdnc, you all need to stop complaining and be grateful that joe biden is your president. right. >> just going to say this and if i get banged for it i don't care. there is a great deal of americans where it is uncomfortable that they're spending more but they are not going to go under. you know, you've got to stop complaining when there's so many people who literally, the inflation rate means they may
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only have two meals instead of three. so i'm going to need you to calm down and back off because it feeds knee this fear and then this fear feeds into people making decisions that creates the very thing that they're fearful of. and if you're in that category, calm down. stop looking at your portfolio. >> sean: calm down, back off, stop looking although your portfolio, even though two-thirds of americans are now living paycheck to paycheck because of biden economic and energy policies. that build back better turned into settle for less and shut your mouth pretty quickly. la times meanwhile has a slightly different take. look at the headline. quote, yes, a recession looks inevitable but it may not be a that bad. hmm. okay. the article goes on to explain that it was just a normal part of american economic life. no, it's not n reality, this looming recession, coupled with massive inflation, coupled with record high gas prices, this is a disaster that is impacting especially the poor, the middle
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class and people on fixed incomes. we have not seen this since, oh, the jimmy carter years. but don't worry because biden just introduced his big new plan. he's going to save everyone, $0.18 on every gallon of gasoline you buy, a brand new temporary, god forbid forever cancelled gas tax holiday they call it. and according to joe he's doing everything humanly possible, everything possible, within his power, to bring prices down. he is trying real hard. >> i promise you i'm doing everything possible, everything possible, to bring the price of energy down, gas prices down. and i want to make sure we all work on this together. >> sean: everything humanly possible, except create more supply with drilling permits. except restarting the keystone xl pipeline. we would be getting 900,000 barrels of canadian oil a day if we finished it.
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except lifting the ban in exploration in anwar other federal laws. except getting refineries back on line. come to think of it, biden has already done everything humanly possible to drive up the price at the pump, drive up inflation, artificially reduce the world's supply of the life blood of the world's economy, that's oil and gas, just like he told us he would do over and over and over again. he's doing exactly what he said he would do when he was running in 2020. i'll remind you. take a look. >> if we don't stop using fossil fuels -- >> we're all dead, subsidies for fossil fuels, number two, holding them libel for what they have done particularly in those cases in the underserved neighborhoods and you know the deal, okay. and by the way when they don't want to deliver, put them in jail. >> kid 0, i want you to just take a look, okay? you don't have to agree. but i want you to look in my
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eyes. i guarantee you, i guarantee you, we're going to end fossil fuel and i am not going to cooperate with them, okay? >> would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking in a biden administration? >> no. we would work it out. we would make sure it's eliminated. >> sean: eliminated. we would work it out. you get the deal. you get the deal. for god sakes i'm doing what i said i'd do. as for the gas tax holiday almost everybody in the democratic party including barack obama and even nancy pelosi already referred to this as a political gimmick which it is. i'll take the $20 over the summer that it will save me but it does nothing to improve the lives of you, the american people. take a look. >> and we're arguing over a gimmick to save you half a tank of gas. over the course of the entire summer, so that everyone in washington can pat themselves on the bat and say that they did something. >> president biden is thinking about implementing the federal
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gas tax holiday. i mean, that temporarily suspends the 18.three cent per gallon tax on gas. do you think that would actually help or is it more of a stunt? >> look, i mean, i'm very sympathetic to the administration wanting to be seen doing something, but it is pretty much a stunt. >> i'm no fan of the gas tax holiday. i think that's kind of a gimmick and eventually you have to reverse it. >> it's very show biz, okay? let's just do something. there it is. but it's not necessarily landing in the pocket of the consumer. it's taken out of the trust fund. we have to pay for that, to return it. >> sean: kamala's second -- she's anywheres line if anything god forbid ever happened to joe and that one's second. even officials in biden administration's can't get on the same page with this gas tax holiday. take a look at this montage put
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together by town take a look at this. >> what do you say to lawmakers who are already calling this federal gas tax holiday a gimmick, saying best case scenario it will save drivers about 20 bucks a month. >> there's no doubt this is a modest -- if were just the federal gas tax, $0.18, you know, is a modest, you know, modest amount. >> we're talking about, you know, $0.18 per gallon, which is going to go a long way if you look at the average of states, that's $0.30. just looking at those two things, that's almost $0.50. that's going to go a long way for three months. >> it's going to go a long way. that's the same person that actually said, it was very windy the day joe tripped three times going up the steps to air force one and the same person that said i have a hard time keeping up with joe. wow, here's the truth. if you drive a small to mid size suv, several thousand miles this summer, your gas savings from this gimmick would be around 20
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bucks. i'll take the 20 bucks, not exactly life-changing, though. and i guess it's slightly better than biden's last plan of action which was to do absolutely nothing and blame trump and vladimir putin and fox news and oil companies. in fact, the administration, they have blamed putin for absolutely everything. inflation, gas prices, we've shown you the charts you know it's a lie. according to the white house, putin has a much greater influence over the economy than joe biden your president. of course that is all nonsense. simply it's a flat-out lie and today fed chairman jerome powell completely obliterated biden's favorite talking point. take a loofrjts given how inflation has escalated over the past 18 months, would you say that the war in ukraine is the primary driver of inflation in america? >> no, inflation was high before, certainly before the war in ukraine broke out. >> i'm glad to hear you say that. the biden administration seems
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to be intent on deflecting blame as recently as this past sunday spread the misinformation saying putin's invasion of ukraine is the biggest driver of inflation. i'm glad you agree with me that's not the truth. >> sean: record 8.6% the highest in 40 years cpi and only 1.4% since vladimir invaded ukraine so it wasn't vladimir that's caused america's inflation. you like his energy policies, that wasn't caused by putin either. high gas prices, putin didn't pump $2 trillion into an already hot u.s. economy. joe biden d putin didn't artificially reduce america's production of oil and gas, joe biden did. putin didn't let sociology majors stop paying their graduate degree loans, joe biden, that was his gift with our mustn't frankly i'm sick and tired, i'm sure are you, too, of joe biden refusing to ever take any responsibility for anything he does but what should we expect from our long-time lying,
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corrupt and dishonest president. you know, the guy who used his crack a dictioned son to make a buck and lied about having any knowledge about his foreign business dealings, who let his son pay his bills, a guy that's been lying and cheating and plagiarizing his way through life. the guy who spends half the week on vacation in delaware. tonight despite all of this there must be one person that's happy. somewhere in america, jimmy carter wherever you are, probably smiling. thanks to joe, he is no longer the worst president in modern american history. here with reaction, the head of the petroleum, with petroleum analysis gas buddy patrick along with fox news contributor phil flynn is here. patrick let's get your take. are they going higher? should we expect any relief at the pump? any reason to believe we'll have an increase in supply maybe after joey goes to saudi arabia, the pariah nation, and talks to
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his pal the crowned prince that even he acknowledges probably killed jamal khashoggi? >> yeah, sean, there's not a whole lot of bright spots here. gas prices still near record levels just went back under that $5 mark. but keep in mind, we're still $0.90 a gallon above where we were in 2008, you know, for all the talk about this federal gas tax holiday, it will save americans $70 million a day but keep in mind americans are spending $700 million more a day on gasoline than just a year ago. so this is really, you know, sugar coating the whole situation. we need to talk about increasing supply to bring down prices but, of course, tomorrow second granholm will be meeting with refiners and i'm hopeful, maybe ridiculously hopeful that something will happen, but for some reason, i'm just not thinking that we will see any positivity out of that. >> sean: well, let me ask you, phil flynn, if you don't mind. so if you drive a honda civic,
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you'll save, over the summer, $19.10. if you drive a ford f-150 you're going to have 35.f a rav 4 23 bucks, camry 21 bucks. not exactly the kind of money that makes up for the, according to bloomberg, about $6,000 for the average american household that they're paying because of biden inflation or the two grand the average driver is paying because of record high gas prices that he caused. >> and that's assuming that everything stays static, right? that's if demand doesn't go up. well guess what, sean? the only thing that really brings down gasoline prices is a slow down in demand and that usually happens when prices go up. so if you artificially lower prices in a tight market, people are going to drive more and say hey, i can save 20 bucks. so that so-called savings actually is going to drive prices higher. >> sean: phil, i don't mean to interrupt you. we're talking about 20 bucks
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over the course of the summer. >> i know. >> sean: that's, you know, three months of the year. >> it is. it's crazy. you know what? and listen, even president biden finally gets, after he's drained our strategic petroleum reserve, that it isn't an oil problem it's a refining problem, right? this is a guy who's made his career trying to shut down refineries. what really bothered me about the gas tax speech today was he credited opec and opec-plus russia for raising production while he's been bark the u.s. energy industry for the last couple of months. really? you want to credit russia because their production is back up to where it was before the war? and they're selling that oil to russia and china? i mean, excuse me, selling it to india and china? how can you be congratulating opec plus russia while bark the u.s. energy industry. to me that shows you what's wrong with our energy policy
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right there. >> sean: patrick, we have two-thirds of the american people living paycheck to paycheck. we're talking about another two grand a year on average, if you commute and use a car. if people go to your web site, how easy will it be for them to discover maybe areas, pockets, where they live where there's a dramatic difference in the price of a gallon of gasoline? >> well, sean, to be honest with you, i think our app probably can save you more than the federal gas tax holiday of $0.18, especially, you know, if you're looking for those lower price stations. it's not uncommon in the nation's biggest cities and most expensive cities. here in chicago, for example, you can find a station today charging 4.89. also a station charging 6.74 a gallon. so i think our app would probably do a better job than saving, than the federal government would saving. >> sean: but you have to drive ten miles and it's got to be, you know, it's got to be in close proximity or else you're paying a lot of money to drive to the other gas station right?
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>> absolutely true sean. i would never advise somebody going out of their way but in this case it's along the same route in many cases. >> sean: if you see a place that has lower prices and maybe you're half full maybe fill it up while you have the chance. thank you both. >> sean: while gas prices at an all time high the democrats and media mob are in a panic. they don't care that you in extern american people are struggling to put food on the table or fill up your gas tank. remember joe ran on this platform and he's only following through on what he promised he would do. but they seem much more concerned about losing power in the upcoming midterms. now if you listen to the media, democrats, if republicans take control of the house and senate in november, america as we know it is over. it is done. it is finished. here with more, the author of number one new york times best selling book, here's the deal. former senior counselor to president trump kellyanne conway along with former white house
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chief of staff brian reeve us. kelly this is real pain for real americans. this is a gimmick, obama was right, nancy pelosi was right, there's no real savings for people. now i'll take it. i'll take any tax cut for any period of time i can get it, i'll take my 20 bucks thank you very much. however it's not going to have an impact on people, is it? >> no, because biden is basically the grinch that stole your summer. everywhere you look, people are going to pay more for some summer relaxation vacation, sean t prices are up, certainly gas for your own car, but rental car prices are way up, lodging and hotels is way up. so any way you want to travel this summer with your family or with your friend, you're going to be thinking of joe biden. and this is why also i believe you've got this elitist pundits on other networks actually doing their 2022 version of deplorables and irredeemables. usually they wait until fall to
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call them there hill billy conservatives what's good for us, they always know what's good for us and what's best for us. and now they're playing the role of we are what's best for you. we're telling you gas prices are just a today diversion because if you vote republican you're going to get horrible. the fact is people know what they see and joe biden says two things, when he says i'm going to give you me nuts in return, pennies on the dollar in return, people shrug their shoulders. number two most importantly when the president of the united states says this is the russian president's fall and he is doing everything he can we know that's not true because we had gas prices a third of what they are not that long ago. people know it's a 4-letter word, a matter of will. but everywhere you look, plain tickets, train tickets, rental cars, gas in your own car, lodging, people will be paying more so you're going to see the return of the staycation courtesy of joe biden. >> sean: ryan, i look at this
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and you see the media, this is fascinating, 2016 they perpetrate the biggest lie, hoax, conspiracy theory on the american people about trump and russia and collusion that never happened. then, in 2020, they lie and tell us something that's very real, and that's hunter biden's laptop from hell is russian disinformation, turns out to be absolutely true. now they're begging people, warning people, telling voters that they shouldn't vote against gas prices or allow it to influence their vote in november. gee, i wonder who they're cheering for in these elections. i really would have no idea based on the last two cycles and what they're saying today. >> well, thanks, sean. i mean, many of these reporters, energy's a pet issue for them. they don't like gas. they don't like coal. they don't like us driving cars that use gas. and this reporter that you're talking about also said that it
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would be filed fantasy to believe that republicans would lower gas prices. well, look at the evidence. and you laid some of it out. lieu at what president trump did, look at the evidence. what is the spirit of president trump's policy in energy? it was energy production and energy surplus. from day one, on dakota pipeline, keystone pipeline, on allowing oil companies to drill, on making an emphasis on an increase improvement on infrastructure in regard to energy, which we did every single day. and then you look at the spirit of joe biden and the spirit of joe biden was captured in that clip that you played that he promised, i mean wildly. i mean, i don't know how you promise that you're going to shut down fossil fuels in order to win a democrat party. that's how out to lunch they r but he followed it up deliberately with what? with executive orders on day one to cut down oil leases, to
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increase taxes on oil companies. so if you look at the spirit of what biden is advocating and what the spirit that republicans under donald trump advocated, the evidence is clear. this is not an environment today that any energy company who has any brains would enter into in expanding their footprint in the energy platform. >> sean: but this is why i say it's a climate alarmist religious consult. they are fanatics. we can't even deprogram them if we pulled them out of the consult. they will never stop and look and say, you know what? maybe america would like us more, maybe i wouldn't have the lowest approval rating of any president in the modern era if i went back to the old policies that were working and all these renewables as we went over last night in great detail are not available. and even those pressures
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electric cars that they're telling us to buy cost 20 grand more than the average other car, so it doesn't add up financially with the american people. are we just stuck with their religious consultism? their climate consultism? >> well, we're stuck with it for the moment but we're not going to be stuck with it in november. the upside here and we talked about this before. is that if you look at the numbers that are plaguing joe biden, one of the worst numbers on the democrat side of the aisle, up and down, all across this country, is that there is a record -- the record low of actual democrats that are feeling enthusiastic about their candidates. and so those are the volunteers. those are the door knockers. >> sean: what is there to be enthusiastic about? kellyanne we'll give you the last 30 seconds. >> that's where they're going to lose. >> sean: if republicans have the house and senate, i don't think they're going to change joe's mind. we've got 30 seconds. >> no, the democrats have the senate now and they can't get most of the leftist agenda
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through. joe manchin today the senator from west virginia said no to the gas tax holiday. they're hoping abortion guns january 6th committee will get them. it won't. look at katie mayra flores all these strong women running and winning as republicans that's the future of our party. joe biden is the past, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, see you oxygen aerns, you're in the past. >> sean: coming up senator cruz joins us has a warning about this bipartisan gun control legislation following its passage in the u.s. senate as we continue. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> sean: in other news tonight, 14 republican senators have joined with democrats on a major gun reform bill that logical
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reportedly, they say, well, definitely will create more red flag laws in what opponents say is just the latest step towards enacting more restrictions on law abiding american gun owners. the bill will do nothing who prevent future school shootings. this is a classic case of feel goodism, symbolism over substance and i expect as much from the democrats, but it's the republicans i have a problem with here. they're going to spin this. this bill's going to be focused on mental health who's against people who need mental health help. and they're trying to as i know the excuse on the red flag law. it can only be temporary you might have a chance to lift it later. and when the next school shooting happens with a different weapon, what are they going do then? how about we give every school in america undercovered armed, trained, retired police officers and military, have one way in the school, one way out, emergency plan god forbid there's a fire, have every kid
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go through a metal detector, same protection we give elected officials and hollywood stars that have all the security in the world that are armed. one of the few senators talking sense on the republican side is texas senator ted cruz. i'll be honest senator, you know, i listened to your fellow republicans. it's beyond disappointing that they are involved, we'll put their names up on the screen, because this isn't going to work. let's say -- tell me how this is going to prevent the next school shooting. your bill with the senator would go a long way to doing that. none of them are doing a thing to protect any kid in any school i see. >> sean, i agree with you. and tragically we've seen the same pattern play out over and over again. every time there is a horrific mass murder and there have been far too many of them. i was in uvalde the day after that horrific attack when that psychopath murdered 19 children and two teachers and it is horrific. we need to stop them.
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but instantaneously, when there's a criminal attack, a mass murder, we have a debate in, wa ton and there are two approaches. one approach is target the bad guys, target the criminals, target the violent felons and those with serious mental illness who try to illegally buy firearms, prosecute them put them in jail get them off the street and keep people safe and that includes protecting vulnerable places like schools and churches with police officers. that's an approach that, would. that's an approach that makes sense. the other approach, the approach of the democrats is to try to take away firearms from law abiding citizens. to try to go after the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens. and that approach is unconstitutional but it also doesn't work. it's completely ineffective in stopping violent crime. and so this particular bill that we're going to be voting on this week i think is misguided. i think it's a mistake. you mentioned the red flag laws. those red flag laws provide an opportunity to disarm law
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abiding citizens in many states with a very low standard of proof with little or no due process protection, and i think that is not going to prevent violent crime but it is going to make people more vulnerable and less able to defend their homes and their families. just today i introduced legislation. >> sean: yes, sir. >> with john barrasso called the cruise barrasso legislation, and it's focused on stopping violent crime, focused on funding prosecutors that if you the commit a crime with a gun you're product and sent to prison. if you try to illegally buy a gun as a felon or fugitive you're going to be prosecuted and sent to federal prison and this bill provides $36 billion for funding over ten years for police officers, armed police officers in schools that doubles the number of police officers in schools, it provides $10 billion in funding for mental health counselors. so if you have a kid that has
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serious mental health issues you stop him early before he commits the crime. this is the approach that makes sense. and critically, my legislation, cruz barrasso, doesn't infringe in any way on the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens. it's targeted at the bad guys and it keeps you and me and the rest of us safe. >> tucker: i hope people call their senators. we put the republican names on the screen, to let them know you don't support this legislation. >> so we have this january 6th committee with the predetermined outcome from the get go, to bludgeon donald trump. they have sworn testimony, under oath, that donald trump authorized, two days before january 6th, up to 20,000 troops be called in. now, that's required by law. then the jurisdiction at that point goes to nancy pelosi, muriel bowser, the mayor of dc. the mayor of dc, in writing, declined to call up the troops on, we know, three days before the 6th, capitol police chief,
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based on new intelligence, he started requesting the guard troops be called up, and he was denied. why haven't they lookeded into why they did not take it seriously knowing we came off a summer of 574 riots. by the way, where's the committee investing that? >> yeah. >> sean: and now we know that there are direct threats. we're probably going to get a decision on roe v wade this week. if we get that decision this week, there are groups that are calling for people to riot. >> yes. >> sean: we reported on it last night. what is joe biden, what are these big cities doing to protect people in light of a threat that we now know is public? >> well, let me start with where you ended, which is, i think, the supreme court in the next week is going to issue its decision. i think it's going to overturn roe v wade. that's the right decision. >> sean: doesn't their session end this week? >> they could do it next week. so it could be tomorrow, it could be next week. we don't know for sure when the
6:33 pm
opinion will issue. but it's soon. it's within the next few days. that's the right decision, that will return the question of abortion to the elected legislature, that's where the constitution left it. that's where it belongs. but i think the response is exactly what you said, which is the organized left, they're going to engage in rye yachts, they're going to engage in violence. we're going to see a reprise, i fear, of the black lives matter and the antifa riots where they're going to try to use political violence to advance their ends and the department of justice needs to step in and stop them. i half way expect the attorney general to be rioting alongside them because this department of justice has been so politicized. now, you mentioned in the first part of your question the january 6th so-called select committee hearing. this thing is a joke. this is not a congressional hearing. so a congressional hearing is designed to be a fact finding mission. you have opposing sides. this is a political democratic
6:34 pm
campaign commercial. and let me just ask you this question. what would you think if you had a criminal trial and the judge said, okay, we're only going to allow the prosecuteor to speak. only the prosecutor can call witnesses, the defense doesn't get to cross-examination those witnesses and we're only going to present one side of the story. that's what nancy pelosi is doing, it's a campaign commercial. >> sean: if you want to prevent it from happening again, you probably should look into the question as why they didn't call up the troops. >> yeah. >> sean: that the guy that they're claiming wanted this to happen authorized. but they don't want to talk about that. senator we have to roll. >> there is no opposing jew appreciate it as always you'll be on our radio show tomorrow. when we come back, the left wants to organize weed, hard drugs even, out in oregon. biden is now going after juul cigarettes, really? when the government makes billions of dollars off real cigarettes? sara carter has an exclusive investigation into the surging
6:35 pm
drug problem after legalization in portland and we'll tell you the news, the latest news about uvalde and the school police chief straight ahead. ♪♪ so this is the meta portal plus. a smart video calling device that makes working from home, work. it syncs with your favorite vc apps so you'll never miss a meeting. and neither will she. meta portal, make working from home work for you.
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i'm steve, i lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo and taking release.
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since taking release, my sleep is way better. my inflammation has gone way down. i'm nonstop now, i feel way better than i did before. i don't sit down in life anymore. ♪♪ >> sean: big break news tonights from the wall street journal reporting that the fda is now expected to ban juul, these things, e-cigarette products over youth vaping concerns. what about adults? so, okay, we're going to legalize weed, we'll legalize drugs, we'll sell cigarettes, the government makes a fortune on cigarettes but we'll put a prohibition on adult vaping, prohibition there. also learning about the major police response failures in the uvalde school shooting massacre, for both these stories we go to
6:40 pm
our own trace gallagher standing by. trace they going to take my juul away from me they'll make it illegal i'll do it on the air and get arrested. >> one brand, we'll get to that in a second but just hours after uvalde mayor stood up on behalf on behalf of police chief pete arredondo he denied the chief's request for leave of absence arredondo has been placed on administrative leave immediately by the uvalde school superintendent. the superintendent had said that he would wait until the investigation was complete before making changes but clearly the pressure here is mounting, especially after the director of the texas department of public safety gave a devastating assessment of his performance of the shooting that killed 19 children and two teachers. among the baffling decisions is why just three minutes after the gunman entered the school did 11 police officers wait in the hallway and failed to storm the classroom. why did no officer try to open the classroom doors even though
6:41 pm
they were apparently unlocked. >> and why after getting rifles and protective shields and while shooting was still happening in the classrooms and kids were still calling 911 did police wait nearly an hour to go inside? great questions, noens as. meantime as you said sean breaking tonight, for years the name juul was synonymous with vaping but now the wall street journal reporting after a two-year review the fda will order juul to remove its e-cigarettes completely from the u.s. marketplace. back in 2018 the fda and others started blaming juul's hip advertising for a surge in underage vaping. juul has been trying to get on the rides of regulators by limiting its marketing and banning mango minute and other sweet flavors. they even suggested a vaping device that can only be unlocked if you're 21. apparently the fda is not swayed. the ban a huge surprise considering the feds have already allowed juul's biggest
6:42 pm
rivals reynolds america and enjoy holdings to keep their e signify rets on the mafrjt last year juul sales dropped 11% and considering the u.s. is its biggest market this is devastating. juul can appeal its decision or revise its applications for products but both of those take a bunch of time and a whole lot of money. >> they ban it and i'll do it live on tv and they can come and arrest me. how about that? trace gallagher, unbelievable >> especially in light of this. while the biden fda wants to stop vaping, many democratic run cities and states, they have no problem decriminalizing even hard drugs, even as overdose deaths are spiking. take a look at the state of oregon where our dan springer reports, the sign of drug addiction increasing all throughout cities like portland after voters passed measure 110 back in 2020 that decriminalized possession of small amounts of hard drugs like heroin, meh,
6:43 pm
cocaine, fentanyl and they're coming for my juul? seriously we sent our own sara carter out to portland to get residents reaction to all this lawlessness. take a look. >> it's extremely dangerous. we have a lot of crime in the city now that almost permits the way of life, the quality of life, the ability to do things freely and safely. >> this really was a beautiful city and a beautiful environment. it really has gone through horrible problems with the crime, the drug, the addiction problems that we're having, and the transients that we're dealing with. >> the police feel helpless. i mean, they lost support. and so we have free drugs, no law enforcement and no criminalization or prosecution. >> when you don't enforce the law and you defund the police to the point where there's nobody
6:44 pm
to respond to law breakers, you create this perfect storm of lawlessness. >> sean: you know, people forget you have to be around those people on those drugs out of their mind when you're on heroin, fentanyl or any of these other hard drugs, it's pretty amazing, sara carter joins us now. so let's get this right. they legalized drugs out there. every state is setting up legalized marijuana. but they want to ban juul and the same government that's going to ban it makes about $12 billion a year taxing cigarettes. tell me how any of this makes sense, sara. >> it doesn't make sense sean and it doesn't make sense to the residents here in portland, people and families that have lived here for generations. they can't believe what's happened to their city. i spent the day in portland moving around various communities. a lot of these communities are overrun with homelessness, drug addiction. it was devastating to watch.
6:45 pm
young people lying on the sidewalks in their own filth shooting up heroin. i could tell you this. i spoke to a number of law enforcement officers. this is what's very interesting, both retired law enforcement officers and current law enforcement officers here in the city of portland and what they're saying is that the biggest drug on the street right now is the blue pills coming from mexico, fentanyl pills and people are basically trading the fentanyl polls the street like candy is how they described it. and no one is being prosecuted. so it's hard to understand what's going on here. here this beautiful harbor, i'm here in north portland harbor and right behind me, less than about 1.6 miles from this harbor, they have an encampment where people are just doing drugs openly and nobody's arresting them and nobody can do a thing about it. and the residents say they're fed up and they're going to do something about it come this november. >> sean: all right we'll see. great report, sara carter thank
6:46 pm
you. when we come back greg will break down the serious indictment of former florida gubernatorial candidate andrew gillam and despite all the surging crime in chicago they're now restricting their police force from chasing somebody that runs. larry elder explains coming up. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> sean: big news out of florida tonight. remember democrat andrew gillam? he narrowly lost to governor ron desantis in 2018 by, what, less than 33,000 votes? and at the time he was seen as a huge rising star in the democratic party? well, today he was indicted by the biden doj on wire fraud and conspiracy charges relating to shady financial activity where he is accused of defrauding
6:51 pm
democratic donors. now, it's just the latest scandal for the former tallahassee mayor who was also found in a drug-filled miami beach hotel room back in 2020 with reports of being with a male escort, an incident which prompted gillam to go to rehab. here to explain more fox news legal analyst greg jarrett. greg? >> four years ago joe biden said vote for andrew gillam because he's a man of character. well, according to the fbi, he's a con man who was fleeing his donors and enriching himself. a 26-page long indictment, 21 counts, and in it the feds lay out how he ran this elaborate shell game. he was essentially stealing money from his donors, funneling it to his aid who put it into a corporation, to kickback money to gillam who then spent the money on himself. what gillam didn't realize some of his co-conspirators were
6:52 pm
actually undercover fbi. so when he gets yanked in for an interview with the feds, he doesn't know that so he lies about it all. so in addition to looking at campaign fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy, he's also looking at lying to the fbi. the most amazing part of this story is, his lawyer is hillary's campaign lawyer, mark elias, the same guy who was knee deep in the whole trump russia collusion hoax and who john due am the special counsel said was funneling money to pay for the phoney anti trump dossier. so if i were andrew gillam, i'd get a real lawyer, and maybe he'll get a case of the for reals and cop a plea, having read the dement, that's about all he's dot. >> sean: he's a democrat he'll get off easy. that always happens. greg jarrett great report >> we now turn to the struggling city of chicago where more far
6:53 pm
left fail injures are preventing police from doing their jobs. get this. chicago cops are no longer allowed to chase a suspect on foot for just running away or even over minor offenses according to a brand new policy put in place in response to multiple police shootings over the last year. of course, that will only mean more crime, more lawlessness, more chaos across a city that is plagued by violence pretty much every night. larry elder reacts to that. that's great. all you have to do, you're about to get arrested, run away. great plan. >> you know, sean, what a great time to be a cop, especially in a city like chicago. you have a soft on crime da, you have all these policies that are causing cops to have low morale. people are resigning, people are transferring to other smaller departments. the supreme court has ruled that flight is a reasonable suspension to stop, question and frisk somebody and now they've got a policy that basically says to bad guys don't follow instructions go ahead and run. what's next when you're pursuing
6:54 pm
a car and when you want the car to pull over because of a traffic offense that car need not pull over and you cannot do anything about it? that's outrages. it's almost like a babylon bee skit. and the cops who talk about this policy, sean, they say we don't chase somebody because they stole a stick of gum or parked next to a fire hydrant. we chase somebody because he we think they've done something serious and a guy who takes off when approaching a crowd is a guy who as a gun in his pocket may kill somebody else and most people being killed are living in the inner city the black people people on the left claim they care about. this is absolutely outrages. >> sean: you can't even make this up. by the way in a lot of cities you can steal as long as it's not above a thousand dollars you're okay. that's a great law, right? >> well, that's out here in california, proposition 47. and it's not just steal 950 bucks a day, sean, store after store after store and if you get caught they write you a ticket
6:55 pm
which is a misdemeanor and you don't have to go to court there's no cash bail. soft on crime das. perfect storm for bad guys, getting busted getting convicted and getting incarcerated? guess what, crime goes up. this is not rocket science. >> sean: add this to defund dismantle no bail and you have a perfect storm. you know what this is snuz the perfect time to go into the business of being a criminal. perfect time. you can get away with anything. larry elder thank you for that report. >> when we come back a horrific video a va employee allegedly attacking an elderly vietnam veteran. this will shock your conscious right to its core, straight ahead. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: before we go, take a look at your screen. newly uncovered video from april allegedly showing an atlanta va employee attacking and elderly vietnam vet body slamming him to the ground. the d.a. is now conducting a full investigation.
7:00 pm
the va said in a statement in part the disturbing behavior -- with the dignity and respect that they deserve. if you think? unfortunately, that's all the time we have this evening. thank you for making the show possible. set your dvr and never miss an episode, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes away. great show. >> laura: you seem to grow the lapel pins. you have another one? you usually have two and now you've got three. they seem to be in a different order than they were last night. >> sean: there's three tonight, there's three every night. >> laura: no, no! okay, i have to go back and look at the tape. you've done something different. i don't know. >> sean: i have to clean the jacket once in a while. >> laura: okay, maybe you put them in a different order. awesome show. the last club was disturbing but thank you for playing it. i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" back in washington