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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 23, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: a fox news alert, activists attacking a pro-life organization and a campaign office, in the latest acts of intimidation by the left. the violence is expected to get worse as we await the decision on roe v. wade. i'm carley shimkus. >> ashley: i'm ashley strohmier in for todd piro. that decision could come down by today. jane's revenge declared open season on pro-life advocates and the president has not spoken out
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against it. brooke singman joins us with the latest. >> brooke: pro-choice activists linked to jane's revenge is now targeting a building shared by a pro-life organization and michigan campaign office. fox news received the photos from congressman tim walberg. he shares a building with jackson right to life. we feel it is such a sad state of affairs that groups like jane's revenge are resorting to domestic terrorism and hate crimes. walberg blames the white house. he says it is shameful president biden and speaker nancy pelosi have refused to condemn the tactics from radical pro-abortion activists. there are fears things could get
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worse. fliers are circulating ahead of the supreme court ruling that could overturn roe v. wade. president biden has yet to tackle headon leaning on the press secretary to address the uptick in attacks. >> violence and destruction of property have no place in our country under any circumstance, and the president denounces this action regardless of our politics. >> brooke: the supreme court is scheduled to issue slew of opinions this morning at 10 a.m., the leaked draft opinion could roll back abortion access could be one of them. we are seeing reports vice president kamala harris will meet with state attorney general today ahead of a possible ruling. >> carley: thanks, brooke. >> ashley: uvalde district police chief placed on leave
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because of his response to the robb elementary school. because of the lack of clarity that remains and unknown timing of when i'll receive the result of the investigation, i have made the decision to place chief arondondo on leave. family members of the 19 children and two teachers killed demanded arredondo's resignation. and suing the texas department of public safety for denying him to public records. the uvalde mayor insists local officials are cooperating. >> the gloves are off, as we know it, we will share it. we will not hold back anymore, we kept quiet at the request, because we thought we were doing a formal investigation and doing the right thing. >> ashley: the mayor added litigation may be the only way texas dps produces information to the deadly shooting.
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top white house officials, gop scalise pressing republicans to vote against a package telling members, the legislation is toefrt chip away at law-abiding citizen second amendment rights. top items would advance background checks for people 18 to 21, include money for red flag laws and provide billions for mental health services. mike lee voted against the bill and said lawmakers were not given enough time to read the fine print. >> this is 80 pages, 80 pages is something you can read quickly if you are reading a fast-paced novel or newspaper, legislative text takes longer to digest and fully understand. a lot of characterization of it didn't add up and still doesn't. >> supporters hope to pass it in the senate by saturday before 4th of july recess and it would
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head to the house. senator ted cruz is pushing for his own bill instead. >> the cruz-barrosolegislation is focused on stopping violent crime. if you commit a violent crime with a gun, you will be prosecuted and sent to federal prison, if you try to illegally buy a gun, you will be prosecuted and sent to federal prison. this bill provides 36 billion for funding over 10 years for police officers, armed police officers and schools doubles number of police officers in schools provides $10 billion in funding for mental health counselors. approach of democrats is to take after the accident way firearms to go after second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. it doesn't work, it is ineffective in stopping violent
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crime. >> ashley: six democrat-run cities are on pace to break last yooer's historic violent crime totals. we are talking to a dc mayoral candidate looking to turn that around and president biden declaring himself a war zone president as he demands oil companies low are the price of gas. one oil executive joins us next to respond.
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>> ashley: president biden now calling this a "time of war," demanding oil companies lower the price of gas while blaming putin. jerome powell is not buying that narrative. griff jenkins has more. >> griff: you are right, for months, the administration has blamed russia but yesterday fed chair jerome powell blew a hole in the putin price hike. >> no, inflation was high certainly before the war in ukraine broke out.
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>> griff: the numbers, gas prices, $2.39 when biden took office, $4.40 when russia invaded and today $4.94. suspending federal gas tax, calling on states to follow suit and issuing a edict demanding oil companies lower prices. >> president biden: to companies running gas stations and setting prices at the pump, this is a time of war. global peril, ukraine, these are not normal times. bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you are paying for the product. do it now, today. >> griff: energy secretary struggled to explain what is truly causing our pain at the pump. >> the fed chairman was on the hill today and testified, he got
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the question, is the war primary driver of inflation and his answers no. how do you square that, is he wrong? >> i didn't hear what he says on that, most acknowledge the price of fuel is big driver of inflation. >> the president will not join the awkward meeting with oil executives who have been vilified by the administration as of late and remember what then candidate biden had to say in 2019. >> i guarantee you, guarantee you, we will end fossil fuel, okay. >> griff: now republicans are calling the president out on that. >> this administration came in, they did everything to stifle production of fossil fuel. that is ginging to -- beginning to cause big problems coming out
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of the pandemic. >> griff: little information known on that meeting today, hope we will get a read-out and the president will change their mind and sit down with them as he demands they increase production. fed chair powell testifying again today, we'll see what he has to say. >> carley: thank you. bring in chet thomas, ceo and president of american fuel and petra fuel chemical. how do you feel about the president's speech yesterday? he is blaming your industry on high gas prices. >> he sure was, carley and we were disappointed with his retic. to lay blame on u.s. gas, it is nonsense. we are running all out and have been throughout this entire high
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gas price scenario. if you have a operating facility you are running and we're making more production of gas and diesel today than we're using as a country. any suggestion we are not doing our part is wrong. >> carley: so many refineries shut down during the pandemic or turned into biofuel facility, caving to pressure, understandably so from the green energy people and that is one reason we're in this pickle we are in today. griff jenkins mentioned this meeting between oil executives and the energy secretary that will happen later today and he called it an awkward meeting, it is probably going to be. do you think it will be productive? >> we hope it will be later this morning. we are coming with the attitude we want to help, sending that message to this administration for months. there are things beyond gimmicks that can be done to help.
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we need the president to get behind our industry. we have natural resources to produce more and have the ability to refine products that we need to help us and our allies, we need the president and his administration to get behind us. we are coming with real concrete suggestions, things he can do in the short term. there is no silver bullet in the next couple weeks, we need long-term energy policy in this country to produce more oil and refine the products we need. >> carley: you are right. not as easy as flipping a switch, what are solutions you will present today to the energy secretary so that more oil can be produced in this country? >> one thing we are going to present, we need to stop the rhetoric, the retic is not helpful. look, no bad policy.
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some in washington are floating the idea of banning exports that would not be good for consumers and certainly wouldn'ting good for our allies there is talk about windfall profit, that wasn't be helpful. we need to focus on what is holding us back. one, promote more energy production, more oil production in the country. we need to do that, despite what they said yesterday, we are not bringing as much oim to the surfacea we did a couple years ago. we need to be all in. >> carley: gas is $4.97 a gallon. chet thompson, thank you, we appreciate it. turning to this, michigan democratic governor gretchen whitmer taking fire for refusing to define what a woman is. >> the have the constitutional ability to bring lawsuit to
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protect constitutional rights of citizens. i brought a lawsuit on behalf of all the menstruate -- >> ashley: mayra flores is showing the country why voters are leaving democrats and flocking to the gop. >> who are you loyal to? to good or are you loyal to the democratic party? they tell me, i'm loyal to god. the party has done nothing for us for over 100 years. fishing helps ease my mind. it's kinda like having liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. woah! look out! [submarine rising out of water] [minions making noise] minions are bitin' today.
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>> janice:, if you are heading out the door. looks hot across the southern plains. we have lingering showers in the forecast today, potential record
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highs from texas stretching toward the southeast and there we have our heat alert for the next 12 to 24 hours. friday records will be broken in parts of mississippi, texas, it will feel warmer and oppressive. take care of the kids, the elderly, bring your pets inside. the forecast today in terms of showers and thunderstorms in the gulf coast, rockies in upper midwest, some storms could turn severe. lingering weather across the northeast and it is monsoonal rain season for the southwest. they need rain in the forecast, too much of a good thing would cause flash flooding. shift in the wintds from the pacific, areas that are normally dry, it is good news situation, flash flooding is a big concern.
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we will continue to monitor it and the best in show will be on fox and friends later today. have you talked about it? the bloodhound won last night. crazy, never won before. >> can we pet the dog? >> you will be able to pet the dog. >> this made my day. congratulations to the bloodhound. >> ashley: michigan democratic governor whitmer is facing criticism for not saying the word woman, listen to this. >> i have constitutional ability to bring a lawsuit to protect constitutional rights of people of michigan and brought a lawsuit on behalf of the menstruating people in michigan, 2.2 million. >> ashley: for the side that wants to follow science with everything else, they refuse to say woman, you have other
2:24 am
democrats saying things that don't make sense, she's not the only one. cori bush calling them birthing people. listen to this and we'll talk about it. >> i'm committed to doing the most to protect black mothers, block babies, protect black birthing people. >> this is not about supporting life, this is about controlling women's bodies. this is making sure someone like me as a woman or any menstruating person in this country cannot make decisions over their own body. >> ashley: i find it offensive when they call it birthing people. what do you think? >> i'm sorry, ashley, are you talking to me? >> yes. you are live, good morning. >> ashley: when you hear things like this from governor whitmer saying menstruating people, it is almost like women are being
2:25 am
the ones attacked right now. am i right? >> i don't understand it. there is men and there are women and why we are spending time talking about menstruating people is beyond me. we have issues in michigan and i don't think trying to change terminology at this stage of the game is what should be being focused on. >> ashley: when democrats use language like this, is this pushing more people, whether they used to vote democrat or not to go to the polls and vote republican because they are tired of it? >> what it does, pushes people to think how crazy these people are. my hope is they go to the polls and they vote republican because we're going to bring back common sense issues and focus on what is important for them to move them forward during the very
2:26 am
difficult times of high inflation and high cost of living and focus on issues versus changing gender terms or having drag queens and kitchens and classrooms and all these crazy things people are bringing up. >> ashley: kevin, what is your main driving message to get people to vote for you? >> it comes do you think to this, it is the economy and we need to focus on relief for people who are suffering. we have record high gas prices in michigan. businesses decimated by the actions of the administration. people are hurting and they need real leadership and solutions. >> ashley: rhetoric like this will be big driver to the polls and hopefully to see a wave.
2:27 am
thank you for being with us and good luck this morning. >> thank you, ashley. >> carley: today is 50th anniversary of title ix and taking the fight for fairness to washington. inga thompson and cari lukas joined us earlier. >> i can't believe we're having this conversation, scientists have been out there and 13 studies show no amount of testosterone can mitigate being born male. >> issuing new title ix regulation is gutting the concept of women and sex. women are being erased. >> ashley: fairness in women's
2:28 am
sports intensifying after trans swimmer lia thomas shattered records. and gascon facing blame for another murder, we'll tellum about the latest tragedy coming up. >> ashley: residentss demand an end to the crime crisis, we are talking to a dc mayoral candidate looking to turn it around.
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>> ashley: for the second time in two weeks progressive district attorney george gascon blamed for a killing in los angeles. man serving life sentence for a double murder was released eight years early and is now charged in the murder of a homeless man. the man was freed because george gascon's office declined to transfer his case from juvenile to adult court. george gascon maintains this was the right decision. >> nothing about the history of this individual before he was convicted of double murder for us to be able to show that he was not eligible for -- in 2009. >> ashley: george gascon special assistant oversaw the case and she previously encouraged looters tweeting burn that expletive down during the summer riots of 2020.
2:33 am
and a memorial for two el monte police officers murdered is set for next thursday. one of the fallen officers being promoted to sergeant ahead of the ceremony, he and rookie officer joseph santana lost their lives last week. charges should have sent the man to prison for three years. el monte firefighters saluting the fallen and paying tribute to the police who are returning to full active duty after grieving the loss of their fellow officers. carley. >> carley: on pace to break last year's violent crime total with the nation's capital seeing 12% increase compared to last year. our next guest is looking to change that. candidate for mayor joins us now. what is your plan to combat
2:34 am
crime? what is happening now is not working. >> it certainly is not. i just have to be clear on this, i don't understand why our current mayor needs a third term to correct that -- correct what could have been done in the eight years. in dc, this is our nation's capital. the ruling city of our nation should be a role model city, but it is not. the liberals here are pannedoring to special interests, so we go around and we see the black lives matter plastered everywhere on churches, sidewalks and
2:35 am
everywhere. but i just want to say, if black lives actually did matter, if they really did matter, the republicans are the party, that is the party that made freedom a reality for the african americans in 1865, i'm declaring that today because i want the nation to hear it. it is the republicans. so we give thanks to those who lost their lives to make sure we have our freedoms. if black lives actually mattered, especially in the nation's capital and this is no offense to anybody, i am a person of love. i want to say to american white family members, you should stand up for the black lives movement that you support. go to the mayor, black lives matter, in our wards that are
2:36 am
suffering, 27 homicides or murders in ward eight, 19 in ward seven. madam mayor, black lives matter, please do something about the lives that are black and that matter. >> carley: there were 41 children that were shot in washington, d.c. over the past year, 41 babies and a lot were just caught in the cross fire playing outside. hom sides up 17%, burglary up 11%. if you win this election, what is your plan to get the numbers down? >> i am a woman of faith. we've been doing this thing for a very long time and we've seen, i mean, the increase in violent crime, this year, 2022, we're poised to increase that violent crime number from 2021. so wisdom, we need wisdom.
2:37 am
we don't need to be going around defunding the police. we need to support the police and involve the community and bring back officer friendly days and the children, like you were saying, they can live, can live this year and so on as great producers of our nation and we can have a great community, great relationship with the police, mentor these children, change our thinking and help them to promote life in washington, d.c. we need wisdom, we need more police, we need community involvement. we need everyone to pull together, to bring back a safer district of columbia. >> carley: a lot of work needs to be done and you are willing to do it. stacia hall, thanks for joining us. a record number of americans are
2:38 am
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at va, veterans receive the best care available to meet their unique needs. and they are treated with the respect and compassion they deserve.
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choose va today. visit >> carley: putin's price hike, jerome signalling a recession might be on the way. cheryl casone has the latest. >> cheryl: good morning, that threat of recession has had markets on edge for weeks now. on the hill, testifying before a senate committee, powell, institute soft landing for the economy, might be challenging. he also seemingly threw cold water on the administration it was the putin price hike that created record high inflation and energy prices. listen. >> is the war in ukraine the primary reason for inflation in
2:43 am
america? >> no, inflation was high before the war in ukraine broke out. >> it is a global phenomena, is that correct? >> yes, oil prices to significant extent. >> cheryl: in fact, gas prices were rising long before russia invaded ukraine, as you can see on this chart. this morning hovering around $5 a gallon for retail gasoline in this country. >> carley: something interesting came down yesterday proving democrats need to get their priorities straight. >> cheryl: the fentanyl epidemic is exce perated. consider the fact 107,000 drug overdoses last year jump of 15%, it is a crisis, we talk about
2:44 am
it. instead the president and his team are going after vaping products. removing jewel products from the market. critics are charging the team vaping epidemic is largely jewel, despite evidence that adult smokers are able to quit cigarettes, not inhale smoke thanks to vaping products. the administration wants to limit amount of nicotine in cigarettes. leave cigarettes on the market, take away vaping and ignore fentanyl epidemic. >> carley: makes zero sense. i sense a lawsuit when it comes to juul. >> cheryl: it is a company, they have grounds to fight back. >> ashley: indiana middle school receiving backlash for allowing
2:45 am
a transgender student to use -- the legal fight and he joins us now. todd, what is your reaction to this? >> todd: look, there is a lot kids have to go through today, they shouldn't have to -- >> ashley: well, obviously we're having issues with todd's shot there. we were going to talk about the indiana ag blasting the transgender rules on this. as far as the indiana aclu, where this originated, trans middle school students blocked from using boy's restrooms. he's been formally diagnosed with gendy dysphoria, a person having difficulty because the world does not treat this person in this case as male, denying
2:46 am
transgender students ability to use restroom -- you know, carley, i remember several years ago when this came out, it was the target story, where they were getting up in arms about transgender people, that is where it originated and started and i think there will be lawsuits and back and forth on this. not quite sure what will have to happen to make it inclusive for everyone. >> carley: i remember the nba got involved with the all-star game or one of the big basketball games in north carolina over the transgender bathroom law. you were going to talk to todd about today is 50th anniversary of title ix to make women's sports more fair and now this issue of transgender in women's
2:47 am
sports. the international swimming body has said transgender women can't compete in women's swimming unless they start transition before puberty, which they define as age 12. gender politics issues going on in the world today. >> ashley: texas republicans are demanding the president pays taxpayers for keeping the border secure while the government ignores it. august pfluger and pat fallon will check on that. >> brian: i know you checked the rundown. thanks for pretending you don't know, i will tell the world. the travel nightmare you may be experiencing, hundreds of flights cancelled or delays, what is keeping you from your destination and possibly from your vacation?
2:48 am
democrats are turning on mayor lightfoot as the city takes a step backward in fighting crime. they basically stopped. we mark 50 years of tilings -- title ix, senator tuberville will be live and tulsi gabbard will be here and hegseth will make sense talking about schools. meanwhile, bloodhounds this year after winning best in show at the westminster dog show. janice dean will be back. i urge you, especially if your flight is delayed, to gradually get dressed. migraine hits hard, so u hit back with ubrelvy u level up u won't take a time-out one dose of ubrelvy works fast it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours
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>> carley: president biden getting a ton of backlash on the possibility of a second pandemic. >> we get through at least this year we do need more money. we need for a second pandemic. there is going to be another pandemic. >> carley: even liberals are calling out the president for suggesting the government needs more pandemic funding. james major central banks $11 trillion. >> the president disconnected from reality because of their excessive spending we now have inflation and the only way to combat inflation unfortunately is to raise interest rates. >> carley: "new york post" writer and fox news contributor miranda devine tweeting right in time for 2024. >> newly sworn in congresswoman mayra flores take action to protect our border. >> i know firsthand how
2:54 am
out-of-control our border crisis is. our south texas community are hurting because of the crisis and our people feel totally ignored by our government. title 42 is one of the only things keeping the crisis at the border from getting even worse. >> the texas republican is the first mexican-born member of congress. she flipped a house seat controlled by democrats for more than a century. flores telling tucker carlson that hispanics are no longer voting in lock step with the left. >> and i tell all the people in south texas, who are you loyal to? are you loyal to god or are you loyal to the democrat party? they tell me no i'm loyal to god. stop being loyal to a party who has done nothing for us in over 100 years. >> ashley: republican lawmakers are demanding the president pay back texas taxpayers $1.4 billion for keeping the border secure as the federal government ignored it.
2:55 am
>> carley: pat fallon introduced the bill to make that happen and texas governor austin pfluger supported it. they join us now. the lone star reimbursement act. tell us about it. >> we share in texas a 1254-mile border with mexico. in march of 2021, governor abbott, due to operation lone star which was the federal government has abdicated responsibility to secure the border. so texas has stepped up. i spent eight years in the texas legislature and where the federal government lacked and let the mexican drug cartels run wild, the state of texas filled that gap. and it cost $1.4 billion. so texas shouldn't be disproportionately punished because joe biden has made every state a border state. so this bill would reimburse texas justly for the expense of doing the federal government's work. >> congressman pfluger this goes
2:56 am
to you, what's the biggest issue? obviously it's kind of a group issue here. you have got the drug crisis. you have got the low morale and the low agent numbers. border agent numbers. what would the majority of this money go to to really help you guys see some relief? >> well, i'm proud to join with congressman fallon on this because the administration has aren't indicated their responsibility. governor abbott has sent texas national guardsmen down there. all in all their encounters and rejections and apprehensions have it totaled 200,000 illegal immigrants. it two reimburse their expenses, their lodging, their operations. i mean, everything it takes for them to deploy down to the southern border and do something that is not their primary duty. let's be clear. this is not going to fix the issue. >> the biden administration has to do it. they don't have the political will. you heard mayra flores speaking about the border. and texas voters have spoken loud and clear when they elected
2:57 am
her because they are sick and tired of the biden administration not doing their job and protecting our communities in texas. >> carley: congressman fallon, when it comes to border security it's all about national security. border patrol agents have already apprehended 50 people on the terror watch list trying to sneak into our country at the same time there are 440,000 known got-aways. 440,000 people in our country right now and don't know what their intentions are it feels like a ticking time bomb, what do we do about it. >> absolutely right. it worse in april it 200,000 illegal border encounters. may numbers came in and it was almost 240,000 which is now the worst that we have had in history. since joe biden has been in office, there has been if you can count the got-aways and illegal encounters 3.3 million. this is not a border crisis, this is a border catastrophe. what we need to do is
2:58 am
reimplement trump era policies which is the wait in mexico. if you claim asylum you will wait in mexico while your claim is adjudicated. build the wall and deport particularly criminal elements back to their home countries. >> ashley: congressman pfluger why do you think it is that the biden administration completely refuses to secure the border because when you have the border czar kamala harris nowhere in sight and when she does speak to america and to the people, it's not about the border and she is supposed to have control over this. what do you think it is because it doesn't seem like it's doing them any favors but it seems like they think it is in some odd way. >> well, you are absolutely right. it's not doing anybody any favors. it's making our communities less secure. we had 100 plus thousand deaths from fentanyl. you know, small towns are completely overwhelmed. law enforcement is having to do the job of what the administration should be doing.
2:59 am
you know, our gratitude goes to the border patrol agents who are put in a terrible situation and actually having to do more administrative work. it's hard to say why. but what we do know it's crisis after crisis after crisis president joe biden has led us into these crises the american public is going to speak loud and clear in november just like they did with mayra flores election this past week. >> carley: congressman fallon president biden's approval rating with the ripper community is # 6%. mention mayra flores she flipped that historically blue district red. a lot of this does have to do with the border issue. do you think that the democrats will change it calculus on this once they realize it's not working with the hispanic voter. >> they will probably do that after the november elections. they keep doubling down on leftist policies that don't work. i will tell you something, people in texas are tired of it as my good friend august pfluger
3:00 am
said particularly on the border when you see ryan gee an, i was in the state house with ryan gean. state rep changed parties now he is our republican nominee because he is sick of the chaos, the cartels, the corruption and the crime it. >> carley: congressman, we have got to leave it there "fox & friends" is starting in just a few seconds. it's actually starting right thought. ♪ >> this is a time of war. >> president biden is now calling this a, quote, time of war. >> issuing a war footing edict that all companies to bring lower their brices. >> bring down the price you are charging at the pump, do it now. >> meanwhile the head of the federal reserve directly contradicting the president about the main driver behind inflation. >> would you say that the war in ukraine is the primary driver. >> no, it was high before. >> expressing outrage over punishing border agents accused of whipping migrants despite being cle


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