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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  June 23, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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or so. i was wrong today. i thought they would do at least six and then release another six tomorrow and be done with it because with the security tensions, i think they want to be done with all this as fast as they can. >> dana: an interesting point. they didn't go that direction. more opinions tomorrow and here to cover it for you. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: as we continue with the breaking news now after a significant development as the nation's highest court has just handed gun owners a victory. it would allow more americans the right to carry concealed handguns in public spaces. of course, this started in the state of new york and as it got pushed through this process, gun owners continue to pick up victories. i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". the u.s. supreme court's conservative majority tossed
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out new york state's restrictive regulations on concealed carry pistol permits. thomas wrote the majority opinion. shannon bream, chief legal correspondent is in "focus" now. shannon, first of all the reverberation that can happen throughout the state of new york. is it immediate? >> pretty much. it will be hard for them to enforce this specific law anymore. what this doesn't mean so people know is you can simply go out in new york and buy a gun and start carrying it everywhere you want and no questions asked. this was about the concealed carry permit situation. my suspicion is that's fully going to remain in place. the way you get that permit is going to change based ton supreme court decision. what it required was a specialized showing or heightened need that you would have for concealed carry permit. the plaintiffs here one of them a firearms instructor said listen, i don't think i should have to have a special reason to conceal carry if i'm a law
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abiding citizen. celebrities, lawmakers, sports stars have armed security or they find a way because of their status to rightfully get the concealed carry permit. average new yorkers shouldn't have to worry they will be treated differently. you will have to go through the concealed carry permit process in new york. i'm sure it will be tightly controlled and handled. but you are not going to have to make a special showing there is some reason you need to carry that gun over and above what anybody else would say is your second amendment right to carry. it won't be a free for all in new york but certainly lessens the restriction for somebody who is a law abiding citizen and a way to show they can responsibly carry a gun. >> harris: a ruling like this, an opinion like this becomes precedent. who else is watching saying i want that in my state? >> you've got to think we have
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such a mix in the 50 states of how guns are allowed to be carried inside and outside the home. it is a patchwork because we have all of these laboratories of democracies in our 50 states. so in some states they are already allowing more than what new york was allowing. it won't impact them. for other states i would keep an eye on places like california and others that have been very restrictive the concealed carry permit situations. california has to be looking around and saying how will it impact what we have in our state? >> harris: a couple of minutes ago and i want to bring this into the conversation now. we know governor hochul will run to try to take the seat that became vacant after cuomo was kicked out. after the ruling hit just a few minutes ago, shannon, her words shocking, absolutely shocking that they have taken away our right to reasonable restrictions. we can have restrictions on
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speech. you can't yell fire in a crowded theater. she should correct that. you can't yell fire in a crowded theater if there is no fire. people get that wrong including the governor of new york, apparently. she goes on to say somehow there are no restrictions on the second amendment. this is new york. we don't back down. we fight back. your reaction to that. >> i also think 135 page decision. we all are reading it. that's not accurate. this isn't a saying a free for all. it will change the way and criteria you have to show to get a concealed carry license but not doing away with the fact that the state can know who is carrying, decide how these licenses are meted out. it is just taking away the elevated showing that you have to show something specific or a specific threat in order for you to get there. they will still be able to have concealed carry permits and licenses in new york. the fact is there are
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restrictions even in justice scalia's big decision, the heller decision on guns. he said yes, entities have reasonable restrictions on guns. it is not a free for all. i'm sure it will be frustrating for the folks in new york. but once they have a chance to digest it, the licensing will still there be. >> harris: the last time you were doing the show with us, this city is a dangerous place. there are dangerous places across this country now. i don't know that all new yorkers, shannon, you you and i have talked about this before, would agree on what protection should look like now. last quick word. >> i want to read a little bit from what justice scalia said. the dissent points out where we are in this country. uvalde. a person bent on carrying out a mass shooting be stopped if he knows it is illegal to carry a
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handgun outside the home? one of the mass shootings near the top of this list took place in buffalo and the new york law did not stop that perpetrator. what today's case is about is law-abiding citizens who want to responsibly carry in new york and they will have more options to do that. >> harris: great to have you in focus on breaking news. we have nine more decisions, opinions to come down from the u.s. supreme court. one of them was the football coach who was praying at center field, joe kennedy. we have had him on the program before. so that could come down today or tomorrow. we're watching all of it and look forward to your expertise as we move through. thank you. >> see you again tomorrow. >> harris: jonathan turley, law professor at george washington university. i want to speak with you about the larger implications of this. 14 years, i think it has been 14 or 15 years since we've seen anything significant on the
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topic of guns come out as an opinion with the u.s. supreme court. talk about the historic nature, the significance of what we're seeing today? >> this is a momentous decision for gun rights advocates. it reminds me a bit of the capps decision on privacy where the court restructured how we approach privacy cases. that's what thomas is doing here. he is getting rid of what was called a two-step analysis that was used by lower courts and drew a very clear line that like other individuals rights in the bill of rights the presumption is in favor of the citizen. they don't have to show this type of burden that they really need to use an individual right in this case to carry a concealed weapon. i think this is going to be one of the most important decisions that justice thomas has handed
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down in his illustrious career. it comes on his birthday and it is very likely going to be at the very top of decisions that people point to in terms of his impact on the court. he brings a clarity to how the history and language of the second amendment should be read. and i think that this is going to have an immediate impact. there are a lot of states that have these types of rules. but more importantly, it is a shot across the bow for states to say look, if you are going to start restricting second amendment rights then you need to know that the burden is on you. having said that, thomas also says that the second amendment does allow limitations on rights. this -- this is not just a runaway train that is going to remove all gun limitations and
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restrictions. but i also have to say that governor hochul's comments are striking. this shock statement she made. new york has -- new york has been a fountain of cases that have been lost in federal court. in many ways gun rights owners are not likely to be deterred, but delighted at the fact that they'll pass more laws. they have been fairly reckless. i'm saying that because there was a case before this one that new york politicians said they would litigate all the way to the supreme court. it was a case that many of us viewed involved and was unconstitutional. they took it all the way to the supreme court and then pulled it right before the court could decide. it really infuriated some of the justices because they felt that new york was gaming the
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system. implicitly gaming the public saying they would defend this all the way to the end. the very same party in that case was the party in this case. and when they came up with this case the court accepted it. now new york has produced one of the most historic losses for gun control in the history of this country. >> harris: you mentioned him, claude raines. thank you. okay. we'll continue to cover the opinions that come down today but certainly this most significant one for gun owners will get a lot of questions and answers and all of that. you heard what the governor of new york as said. she threw down a political gauntlet. that will be interesting. the white house for months has been blaming vladimir putin when it comes to our inflation. however, the federal reserve chief just clapped back, shut
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down the president's favorite talking point. it was an awkward moment when the president again blamed inflation on putin's price hike almost immediately after fed chair jerome powell said the war in ukraine is, in fact, not the main driver of rising prices. we call that a smackdown. when it comes to record gas prices, here is a top white house economic advisor. >> to blame the industry, go after the industry for making money now when it wasn't making this kind of money before -- i'm wondering whether you think it's a fair criticism. in the scheme of things knowing that you are the very administration that's taking away the vranes they want to tap. >> nobody is blaming the industry. >> harris: really? watch this. >> oil companies making their largest profits in years have a
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choice to put money into producing and refining oil or to put it into the pockets of wealthy shareholders while american families suffer at the pump. >> you can ask the oil companies this. there is land they are not all drilling in. every lease is not used. >> president biden: to the oil and gas companies and the finance firms we understand putin's war against the people of ukraine is causing prices to rise but, but. it's no excuse to exercise excessive price increases. >> harris: how can they all be on different pages when they're at 1600 pennsylvania avenue? congresswoman stefanik is in "focus" now. first go to peter and back to the congresswoman, can't wait. take it away. >> the biden white house blame game doesn't change history over the last 18 months. we have the chart that shows inflation was at just 1.4% when president biden took over and
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then it slowly ticked up and up and up long before putin moved into ukraine. it was already hovering around 7% by the time russia invaded in february and the chairman of the federal reserve knows it. >> would you say that the war in ukraine is the primary driver of inflation in america? >> no, inflation was high before. certainly before the war in ukraine broke out. >> gas prices are the big driver of inflation and president biden is saying he knows his policies and his sanctions are contributing to the rise and he says it's worth it. >> president biden: we could have turned a blind eye to putin's murderous ways and the price of gas wouldn't have spiked the way it has. i believe that would have been wrong. i believed then and now the free world had no choice. >> the longer prices remain high, though, the more pressure there will be on the president to do more.
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>> mr. chairman, we have a hell of a mess here, okay? inflation is hitting my people so hard they are coughing up bones. president biden, i don't blame him. i understand politics. he keeps saying well, your 401k has crashed and gas gone up to $5 gallon because the economy is so good. the american people know it's not true. >> the president's priorities. we just got word this afternoon at 3:15 the president will drop by a meeting about the federal/state offshore wind implementation partnership but he is not going to meet with the oil ceos in town over at the energy department talking about lowering gas prices. so they talk about a transition to green energy, this is a black and white look at what the president's priority is. you look where he is spending his time today, with the
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offshore wind implementers and not the oil ceos. >> harris: look, 2019 he wasn't lying when he said that's his goal is to force us into his vision of green energy. it may not even be fast enough or deep enough for the aocs and the people on the far left but it will definitely change this country if it's allowed to happen at this rate while we're hurting especially. thank you. a lot of blame but still short on solutions. peter just talked about president biden proposing that gas tax holiday. critics from both sides of the political aisle say that's not going to go anywhere. >> it is yet another example of this administration's failure on an issue that is fundamental to the american people. it's another gimmick and band-aid and something they know is dead on arrival up here in congress. >> harris: the "wall street
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journal" editorial board called it a holiday from reality. now comes the most feeble effort so far the spend the 18.4 cent suspend it for three months. voters every time they fill up the tank it irritates them during the summer driving season. has there ever been a more transparently cynical vote buying policy exercise? yes, we forgot student loan cancellation. that's a quote in the "wall street journal." a "new york post" op-ed with the title. joe biden lowering gas prices is as likely as a purple cow on the moon. yeah. elise stefanik from new york, chair of the republican conference and member of the armed services and intelligence committees. great to have you if "focus." the president. i don't know if you caught it with peter doocy, the federal
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off shore wind implementation group is where he is going at 3:15. are we shocked? >> no, unfortunately not. a president when he was a candidate he talked about moving toward the green new deal which is out of touch with hard working americans. i will tell you, harris, my constituents i represent a rural district in upstate new york, the north country. a typical commute can be an hour each way. they are getting gutted. their budgets are hurting so much when it comes to joe biden's war on american energy independence. this administration has taken every step possible, which has led to the skyrocketing and doubling the cost of gas at the pump. this gas tax lift, this is just a band-aid. senator thune was right. it won't solve the problem, which is joe biden appeasing the radical left trying to move away from our natural resources which by the way are cleaner than anywhere else in the world. so we need to unleash american
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energy independence. we allow leases, allow permits and the keystone xl pipeline. house republicans will run on american energy independence. >> harris: it is important for people to hear that over and over again. the responsibility and the hard work and the innovation that american energy producers put out. you talked about the cleanness of it all. we don't say that enough. we're special. we can do this. i want to get to this. critics ripping the president for these comments on gas station owners. this was yesterday, congresswoman. >> president biden: my message is simple. to the companies running gas stations and setting those prices at the pump, this is a time of war. bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the costs you are paying for the product. do it now. do it today. your customers, the american
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people, they need relief now. >> harris: however, the vast majority of the nation's gas retailers are mom and pop operations. according to aaa many of their profit margins are very tiny. 2 to 3 pennies a gallon. >> that's exactly right. yet again the president of the united states passing the buck whether it's inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, the crime crisis or border crisis. this is a president who does not want to take responsibility for his abject failures. we have unified far left democrat government in washington and the american people are suffering because of their failed policies. so whether it's joe biden falsely blaming putin for inflation, blaming oil and gas companies for his energy failures from his administration. the american people can see right through it and why we are seeing historic support and it is why we just flipped a district in texas that had been democrat for nearly 100 years
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and we won it with flores, the newest elected republican member of congress. so we -- republicans will continue to focus on energy independence and reining in inflation and holding the administration accountable. >> harris: i want to get insight information from you in the house. nancy pelosi didn't embrace the president's gas tax holiday. we saw it also from chuck schumer. maybe they are standing on the sidelines for political reasons or maybe see exactly what you are talking about. the 18 cents won't make a difference if gas goes up and up. >> you know, my position on that is we'll have to see what speaker pelosi and chuck schumer intend to do. i think both are seeing that this president, if you look at his a ---they are playing politics with this. they have had an opportunity for the past year and a half to put down legislation to
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introduce legislation to focus on american energy independence and failed to do so or failed to host hearings and continuing to pass the buck. we'll have to see how it plays out. my assessment of speaker pelosi she usually appeases the radical left. >> harris: we'll leave it there. congresswoman stefanik of new york. thank you very much for being in "focus." >> thank you. >> harris: i can't let you go. i can't. there is something else that's coming up having to do with the u.s. supreme court. forgive me. we had a ruling come down today which affects your state and also what affects all of us is trying to protect the conservative supreme court justices like justice kavanaugh. the man accused of trying to kill justice kavanaugh pleaded not guilty at a court appearance yesterday. that was just one of the multiple instances of threats following the leaked u.s. supreme court draft opinion on roe v. wade. we're awaiting the actual decision.
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radical pro-abortion group jane's revenge claims responsibility for the attacks on pro-life groups and threats declaring open season on them allowing -- vowing a riot if the court overturns roe. let's watch. >> they've been distributing flyers declaring there are be rioting if roe is overturned. >> it has no place in our country under any circumstances and the president denounces this action. >> harris: the white house denounced the group. so far no action against it. congresswoman stefanik, your response. >> let's be clear. president biden, his white house and chuck schumer fueled the flames of the violent attacks. it took multiple days and over a week for this condemnation. it is absolutely heinous that there are groups targeting pregnancy crisis centers and pro-life groups violently going after supreme court justices,
8:23 am
including an assassination attempt on justice kavanaugh. this president and every elected official needs to be crystal clear that there is no tolerance for any political violence in this country. when it comes to the historic supreme court case today, harris, because i'm from the state new york. this is a win for the constitution and law abiding gun owners and my constituents and a win for the state of new york. it is very important that we heard from the supreme court that when it comes to second amendment rights these are inailable rights not bestowed by government but national rights. in my district we see an increase in first-time gun purchases because of skyrocketing crime. i was proud to help shepherd this case through signing the amicus brief and pleased with the decision today. >> harris: governor hochul is politically flexing and say new york will put up a fight. you are in new york.
8:24 am
where is the fight coming from? what will it look like from hochul? >> she is running as fast as possible to the left. she has embraced the far left gun control movement. what i want to point out is when kathy hochul served in the house of the representatives she was at that time a moderate. she was a pro-second amendment legislator at that time. now that she is facing a contested democratic primary she is going to go as radical as possible. that's out of touch with everyday new yorkers. in my district people support second amendment rights. an issue i run on successfully and i think kathy hochul will struggle in her reelection this november because of this crime skyrocketing we have seen. people have a right to self-defense and have constitutional rights for second amendment. we'll have to see how far to the left kathy hochul goes. >> harris: thank you for letting us get to the rest of what was breaking today and making time. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> harris: a lot of beach time
8:25 am
for president biden. hope he has some extra sun block. no vacation, though, from voters disapproval. you can't run from that. a new quinnipiac poll has president biden tying his all-time low job approval rating of 33%. where else is he underwater? a lot of different places and not by a little. one on his handling of top issues like the economy. gun violence, putin's war on ukraine and the mid-term elections. tick, tick, tick, they are coming up. steve hilton is also coming up and he is host of the next revolution. we can start to look at the polling that has been going south for months now. but i'm kind of focused on what is his strategy going to be? there has to be a lowest point? then you bounce back like every other human being on the planet? hit your low point and you come
8:26 am
back. what will it look like? >> it is hard to see what possible strategy they are likely to adopt here. if we go deep into what's going on with all these issues two fundamental things which have happened that totally contradict the promises he made when he ran for office and got elected. he didn't run very hard. he wasn't much out of the basement. basically two things that were said. they were going to get competence and back to normalcy and competent. the chaos of the trump years will be over. that's it. political moderation. i'll be a moderate. not like bernie sanders. that's the only man that you have. both of those things have been completely destroyed because he, biden, is such a weak, mediocre machine politician. he himself doesn't have a strong agenda. he has nothing. so what you see is starting with the afghanistan debacle, that's when the bubble burst in terms of the competence. everyone could see these people are totally incompetent and haven't got a clue and they
8:27 am
confirmed it every since then. on the other issue of being politically moderate. from day one he was quite the opposite. extremist on everything. you see the far left ideological positions slamming into the brick wall of reality. whether it is on the energy policy, on their spending policy that caused inflation, you name it. on the border. these extremist positions turn out to be disaster in real life. i don't see how he is going to get away from them. they are totally in the throw of the far left activity base and that's what is happening across the board. i don't see how they can possibly change that. >> harris: to further what you are saying how do democrats get away from him if it's the pile of pooh he is carrying? mark kelly showing how much gas prices are hurting vulnerable democrats ahead of the mid-term elections as an example of what i was saying and a new ad he takes a veiled shot at biden and says he will break with his own party to find solutions.
8:28 am
let's watch. >> arizona families are facing tough choices. how to fill the gas tank and the grocery cart. things people count on can be hard to find. we can't afford to wait this out. >> harris: that's pretty blunt, steve. >> exactly. they know how vulnerable they are. you also saw it in relation to the border. for example, you had the senator from new hampshire saying we need to build the wall. making videos at the border on and on. they realize how vulnerable they are. fundamentally the far left have got a lock on the party. if you look at who they are talking about running against biden, just today we talked about gavin newsom. i know him very well. my governor in california. he is very similar to biden in the sense he is also a machine politician used to stake out the moderate positions of being in favor of school choice. completely abandoned that when he ran for governor to get the
8:29 am
money and endorsement of the government unions wanting to shut down charter schools. no one around as we saw in the mid-90s with clinton who wants to say you've gone too far left. no leader that they have got saying that. >> harris: are they not listening at all? maybe barack obama at this point is as disingenuous as the far left issues as you have described biden is. a time not too long ago after the presidency barack obama was saying we might be going too woke here. he was talking about the cultural stuff. they know sit damaging to go that far left and more of a niche. what you are saying is huh-uh, they have a lock on it. people on the far left. >> i think they know on some of the cultural issues that's right. you saw hillary clinton make that point in relation to the transgender issue just recently. but on the big, fundamental
8:30 am
topics how you run to economy, spending, the climate policy they never stop going on about. they even now as you have this disaster with the energy policy are talking about the great transition, overnight somehow we'll move off fossil fuels. they still haven't accepted the reality there. the ideologues control the party. >> harris: big steaming pile of pooh is not technical but describes what you just said. good to see you. thank you, steven. >> thank you, see you soon. >> harris: virginia voters going for biden/harris in 2020 but now they say wouldn't necessarily pull the lever for harris if she were replaced her boss at the top of the ticket in 2024. it is just not going away. this. >> gas is still double what it was a few years ago so 18 cents really is not a big thing. >> it is not enough for me to think it's worth it.
8:31 am
they need to figure out a better way to get gas prices down to something normal. >> harris: a few years, 18 months before joe biden was president? people across the united states are feeling what they are buying at the pump. and more new polling is showing just how much it hurts.
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>> these actions could help drop the price at the pump by up to $1 a gallon or more. it doesn't reduce all the pain, but it would be a big help. i'm doing my part. i want the congress, the states and industry to do their part as well. >> harris: the average national price for a gallon of regular $4.94, double the price of what it was on inauguration day. it hurts. a new poll shows more than 2/3 of americans consider high gas prices a serious problem.
8:37 am
55% say they are having to cut back significantly on their household spending just to have enough cash for gas. power panel, chief communications officer afpi former special assistance to president trump and former secretary to vice president mike pence. desirae tim, president and ceo of innovation, ohio. great to see you both. desirae, the president is not selling this well. i hear you say that. often it's messaging. now it's the facts. what he has done is not cutting the price. the two oil reserve releases, not helping. 18 cents, 90 days of that and you have to bring it back and it feels like a tax on people right before an election? not going to help. what do you say? >> i think president biden is trying to do whatever he can to ease the pain at the pump. look, we know that the
8:38 am
corporate gas tax break is not popular amongst both democrats and republicans but for very different reasons. democrats are concerned that these oil companies would pass the break down to the consumers and consumers are saying they don't know if they'll feel it anyway and why it's not popular. this is about putin's war and the impact of that. we have five american refineries that aren't producing oil right now. putin's war is causing catastrophe on american households every single day. >> harris: officials like the fed say that's not true. did you see the contradiction that the people at the top in this administration who are tasked with actually knowing the answers to the big questions right now are saying in response to biden's use of the putin excuse? mark. >> it doesn't work. there is a war causing this issue, it is not the war in ukraine. it's joe biden's war against american energy. our production is down, our
8:39 am
refining is down, and this gimmick of an 18 cent gas tax holiday even barack obama called it a gimmick in 2008. it will result in 30 cents of savings every day for the average american. you can barely get 10 mcdonalds french fries with 30 cents a day. it won't have an impact. we need real energy solutions. we need them to stop having a war on american energy. increase supply. it will lower the prices. shows they don't know what they are doing. >> harris: desirae, i want to go back to you for a second. one former president bill clinton had was empathy for the people and uttered the famous words i feel your pain. joe biden has to find his heart in all of this if he can't find any other answers. when you hear voters are having to cut their home expenses to have enough cash for gas, what is your reaction? he doesn't seem to have one. >> i think it is very common knowledge that president joe biden is one of the most
8:40 am
empathetic presidents we've ever had. >> harris: where is it i feel your pain i know he ride bikes more than he drives. >> he is always fighting for the american people. what i want to say is where are the republicans with their solutions? they've been pointing the finger. i don't see proposals on the table. joe biden is putting something on the table. we haven't heard anything from the republican party except complaints. >> harris: all right. mark. >> we have a list of proposals. start leasing oil lands offshore, onshore, anwar. we have to stop the war on capital going into these oil companies. they can't get the capital to do the drilling. stop the war on am energy and don't go to saudi arabia, venezuela and beg people for oil. how about go to pennsylvania, texas, ohio, oklahoma, put american energy companies back to work. we did it before. >> harris: i don't know if you
8:41 am
heard congresswoman stefanik a few minutes ago on this program said we're the cleanest producers of those products. why go to venezuela also, mark and disray, they are the dirtiest and go to a dictator that the president said he would make a pariah, the leader of saudi arabia. it's confusing. president biden won virginia by 10 points. if he doesn't run again the v.p. is not it. >> i don't think she deserves it. think she is a joke to be honest. >> i would be open to other candidates in the democratic party. >> she has been an embarrassment to everyone. she doesn't know what the hell she is talking about. >> i would not support a democratic ticket for her. >> looking forward to seeing somebody run for president other than ms. harris. >> harris: that was chile.
8:42 am
harris's approval in a recent poll was brutal. 28%. and there have been plenty of democrat party angst about biden's age and tendency to have verbal gaffes as the border crisis has raged on, which is in the vice president's portfolio. she took some time to shoot some hoops at american university in what could be a microcosm for her tenure. missed five shots in a row, draining the sixth after coaching from her husband, the second gentleman. she got one. what's the equivalent to that last shot in her vice presidentsy, mark? >> she is hitting 1 for 5 with the american voters, too. i've never seen in recent lifetime the number of even mainstream media outlets openly talking about the biden/harris aren't the future of the democrat party. but in my lifetime i never thought anyone could be less popular than jimmy carter and her comes biden and now harris going lower. this is really a race to the
8:43 am
bottom with this administration in every sense of the word. >> harris: so much less about her physical actmen in all of that. i don't want to get silly about it. it's more serious than that. she had time to do that but we don't hear her speak about what the root causes are at the border. we didn't hear her wade in on some of the bigger issues, the crises going on at the moment. the baby formula, so on and so forth. i just wonder if she is serious about running for everything. running to the grocery store and running into voters. what is going on with the vice president that she doesn't seem ready? >> president joe biden intends to run for president in 2024. and vice president kamala harris will be the v.p. nominee on that ticket. we've heard from a number of people they are supporting president biden and kamala harris and they have a tough job. what they inherited a pandemic that they've been trying to
8:44 am
climb our way through. >> harris: that is not my question with all due respect. i want you to answer my question because we have to go. why isn't she ready? >> vice president kamala is ready. she has been ready on day one. >> harris: how do we know? one receipt. >> one receipt? making sure that the american people can sleep safely at night by protecting our democracy unlike all of donald trump supporters who had a capitol parade. she is doing her job every day and delivering. the border crisis is an issue. she has been down there brokering deals with international leaders. we've been making sure that formula made it back to the states from overseas. she was outside leading that work. we've been fighting right now to talk about abortion. there is a lot of issues that the administration is leading on. >> harris: disray and mark. we will bring you back. we have had a lot of breaking
8:45 am
news. appreciate your time. 50 years of title ix protections for women's sports. many say trans athletes are wiping out those gains. american's favorite duck hunters are looking for pressure. jace robinson is in "focus" next.
8:46 am
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>> harris: today marks the 50th anniversary of title ix. many female athletes rallying in washington, d.c. this mom saying transgender rights are threatening theirs. mike emanuel live in washington >> some athletes say with transgender athletes able to compete against winning it's ruining female sports. they are rallying right now and joined by parents, coaches and other athletes to draw attention to this issue on the 50th anniversary of title ix. female track athlete chelsea says she was the fastest girl in connecticut but transgender
8:51 am
athletes made it an unfair fight. >> i was racing against these athletes 20 different times and each time i had to lose to them, you know, it kind of chipped away at my confidence and my self-worth little by little. >> her attorney says they're suing to level the playing field for women once again. >> the whole purpose of title ix was to insure that girls like chelsea have equal opportunities with males. it doesn't happen when you allow a biological male to come in and dominate women's sports. we hope we'll be able to restore fairness and level playing field to women's sport. >> on the 50th anniversary of title ix many say the future of women's sports could be in jeopardy. >> harris: thank you very much. let's go to something very special. duck hunting to hunting for gold on the new special the robertson family is taking its search across the nation and
8:52 am
made a few really cool finds. >> are you serious right now? >> babe, babe. >> treasure. >> dinner tonight. 20 something people are coming. we agreed no more big holes in the yard. >> it's not that big of a hole. >> you are going to have to clean all this up. all of it up. >> harris: i love missy's indignant. jace robertson is the star of duck family treasure. they are streaming on fox nation this sunday. when you came out of the ground with that i look and said what is it, the bed post knob? i was trying to figure it out. >> that's what we determined it was. >> harris: i should go with you. >> you could. that's part of the fun is
8:53 am
trying to figure out what you just found and that's why we have historical expert with us with mr. murray on all the episodes. >> harris: how did you go from hunting for ducks to buried treasure? >> the transition happened when after our show, our duck show, we started doing podcasts and we're not ashamed of our faith, which is the name of the podcast unashamed. my cousin is the producer of the podcast and he said this new hobby you have of treasure hunting, you need to do a tv show about that. i said i was done with tv. if our audience and fans, if they think it's a good idea we'll do it. i think a put a number like if 20,000 people listen to our podcast think it's a good idea. it was like 70,000 people contacting me. there is a need for
8:54 am
family-oriented programming on tv and let's do it. >> harris: so i know you are going to focus on certain parts of the country. do we have a lot of stuff buried that we don't know? >> you would be surprised. part of what we do is take these fantastic stories. people write in. people say they know where this treasure is. we put uncle sy in charge of where we go. wherever we go, and we confer with murray, and we basically figure out a plan and that's what the show is about. >> harris: with a few seconds what's the coolest thing you've ever found? >> we found something not of the earth. >> harris: oh. >> it is must-see tv. >> harris: were you afraid when you found it? >> i kind of was because of the horror stories you see in the subconscious. will something crawl out of this? >> harris: that's a good
8:55 am
question. >> you'll have to watch. it is must-see tv. >> harris: you and i were talking about family in the commercial and i just want to say thank you from somebody who grew up with a social worker mom, all you are doing, you and your wife to raise and help children in your home. god bless you guys for doing that. i can't wait for the show sunday. "outnumbered" after the break. rt all-time highs. use your va benefit now to turn the equity in your home into cash in your hand. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. you could take out an average of $60,000. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank or credit union. more cash to pay credit card debt or cash to have so it's there when you need it. since newday's been granted automatic authority by the va, the process is fast and easy and newday can say yes when other lenders say no.
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>> in a major win for gun rights advocates supreme court ruled americans have a right to carry firearms in public. it is the high court's first big decision on guns in more than a decade. this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno, here with my co-host harris faulkner and kayleigh mcenany and kennedy and christopher bedford. the justices struck down new york law r


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