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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 23, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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on fox nation. >> so the supreme court todayul ruled in favor of the second amendment gun rights. john cornyn is on capitol hill right now calling for more gun control because we're quoting do nothing is an abdication of our responsibility. that's how dumb people talk. doing something is good because it's doing something no more on. that tomorrow. here's sean hannity weekk republican for it's simple. what is it? all bl right, tucker , thank you . welcome to "hannity". and tonight shall not be infringed " in just a minute, full reaction and analysis to f the supreme court's decision surrounding your constitutional right to keep and tome c bear a. and later, this country is facing huge problems. he but the biden administration, they're more interested in waging a war on nicotine all while handing out crack pipes to drug addicts and leaving borders wide open for fentanyl and heroin and meth and cocaine
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and all these other drugs that are killing up toe three hundred americans a week30 . we'll have the very latest coming up. plus we'll bring you all of the lowlightss. karine jean-pierre is hard hitting interview in case youd missed it on the view from i earlier today which despite all the softball questions turnedll out to be a big challenge for britain's brand new white house press secretary. t also tonight , look at your screen. they say you miss 100% the shots you don't take. but if you kamala harris, the same might be true for 100% of the shots youou do take. we'll have h some of that fun video straight ahead. but first we turn to today'shead big newsn t out of the u.s.. supreme court in a six three landmark decision, the court struck down a new york state law forcing individual to showr proper cause in order to obtain a concealed carry permit. now the so-called proper clause provision is often difficult to prove and a dangerous city like new york city, it's a almostla impossible to get a concealed carry permitt. rr the state asks law abiding
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citizens they must provide evidence to the government that they qualify for the rightg toey q keep and bear arms that given to them in theth constitution after demonstrates some kind of imminent threatt or danger they faceda. how about walking on the streets of new york or riding the subways in new york ? and that's reallyy, the law blok many ordinary new yorkers from carrying firearms outside ofom their home to protect themselves. but no more according to the majority opinion authored armsustice clarence thomasion . the constitutional right to bear arms in public for self-defense is not a second class right subject to an entirely different body of rules other than the bill of rights guarantees the courts syllabus that summarizes the opinion states quote the exercise of other constitutional rights doesn't require individuals tons demonstrate to government officers some special need.ome . the second amendment right to carry arms in public for self-defense is no different.
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new york's proper cause requirement violates the fourteenth amendment by preventing law abiding citizens with ordinary self-defensepr and snead's from exercising their right to keep and bear arms in public. in other words, our right to keep and bear arms is specif defined and enumerated as our right in ourr constitution and the dissenting opinion far left justice breyernt. he tossed the constitution right out the window, offeredhe purely emotional argument about guns and about violence, even invoking a massacre in buffalo . but as justice alito pointed out, new york's quote, propert, cause law didn't preventoo a buffalo shooting in any way. instead, new york's unconstitutional requirement only blocks law abiding americans from carrying gun outside of their home for self-defense. now this major ruling will set precedent for future gun laws and will almost certainly impact similar proper clause regulations. it's nowla in six other states
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and coming up, we're going to show you how the media mobcr and democrats are taking this new ruling spoiler alert not particularly well here .re first on the legal side of all this reaction to today's ruling and what it means, fox news legal analyst greg jarret, harvard law professor alan dershowitz iss with let's talk about this six three decision. professor, i'll w start with you and you must show proper cause i thought justice thomas writing for the majority kindd of nailed it. there's no other constitute right. we you have to show just causero or proper cause will . >> the new york state law was very broad and very vague.if if you read the majority decision together with the concurring opinion of justicef kavanaugh who helped form the majority was four votes and then kavanaugh and robertshe comprise the six and then the three dissenters. kavanaugh's thr as this doesn't
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stop the state from requiring registration background checks. how old you have to be , what kinds of guns so it t doesn't tell us very much aboutl whether states can pass laws restricting ak 15s or requiring people to be 21 instead of 18 . we're going to have to wait to see in subsequent decisionsqu whether or not the thrust ofr the majority, which is exactly the way you described it or the concurring opinions limitations on the majority ultimately becomesncur the law. it's a work in progress. you know, craig, if you're talking about the right to carry we're not talking about carrying an ar 15 , it would normally be a revolver would be a pistol nine millimeter or 40 , whatever it happens to be small compact for protection . seems pretty obvious to me. but i wouldn't doubt me that the
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state legislature in a liberal state like new york tries to work around this decision probably almost immediately. you concur?os well, they probably will . will they no doubt will the people who voiced utter shock v and disbelief at today's decision a are either clueless r they weren't paying attention. this was foreseeable. edictable it wasbe predictable because it was consistent with the prior supremehe court decisions. justice thomas waited until page 60 to to point out that the second amendment isn't a second class rightd here on cnn. and i was amazed and amused to watch legal analyst jeffreych toobin throw a hissy fit as if s that's some new and novel concept. if jeff had actually read the decision, he would have noticedhe that thomas's statement was in quotes. where did it come from? it it came from the last major supreme court decision 12 years ago which toobin either didn'tey read or he didn't remember. he also became unglued saying
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that conservatives want no rules, no regulationn. it's going to be a free for all as if the supreme court would abide by that. no, the supreme court in the heller decision stated very clearly that reasonable restrictions are permissiblelet indeed, the court then identified several restrict actions that were perfectly okay. so we will have to. wait and sel whether things like background checks and red flag lawsik l with due process are permissible. but i suspectct those thingse would be the professor. does. this immediately negateis the current law in new york? in other words, would people in new york nowne have the ability to apply for a carry concealed carry permit and be granted it and not have to prove proper cause? yes, i think that's right. i think the new york law has been struck down, but there will be attempts by new york,
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as greg says, to adapt to the heller decision and to this decision and to permitin some kinds of regulations. remember that thedson second amendment talks about a well regulated militia and militias at the time of the framing wereo well regulated by the states and so the states still reserve to themselves residual power to do reasonable regulations. what the court said todayulat is that new york's regulation wasau not reasonable because it gives too much discretion to administrators to determine what constitutes good causeo. te if you feel frightened, ifct you've had a subjectiveiv experience, you can't get a y permit in new york. youor have to show that you've actually been threatened and new york permits have been very, very hard to get . and so i think what the court is saying isourt if new york was to tighten up its law and make it more objective, that was the word usedor by justice kavanaugh over and over again. so kavanagh's concurring opinion with roberts is anka invitation to the statesva to de
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better, whereas i think justice thomas's decision set out a framework for analysis which suggests that not all efforts to tighten up the laws will befo accepted back in progress. let me go back to the pointea that you were making about a well regulated militia. our own government at the time defined the militia as well as a whole.ow that's how it was definedin by the government. but it was states remember there was a big fight between hamilton and jefferson about whether there should be a standing army and the second amendment was part of a compromise to give the role ofors over toor state militias soce be a balance struck between t state and federal, between the judiciary and the legislature. and we're going to seeee this work its way out over theex
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next probably decade. i will give you the last word.>s greg jaret. gg yeah, look to the states as the founders intended that the bill of rights, every single ann one of them, all o ten of them the primary be fundamental rights. that's how it was ratified. the trouble with the new york is it shifted the presumptionn and the burden to the citizen to prove they had that right. that is inherently wrong according to our constitution, our interpretation of the second amendment and the bill of rights. all right, greg jarra, thank you , professor. always good to have you as well. thank you . dtonight , as you can imagine, democrats, the mob and the media not y exactly taking today's ruling very well on twitter, twitter eg. senator sheldon whitehouse promoted a conspiracy theory that the supreme court was being influenced by , quote, dark money. inmeanwhile, california governor gavin newsom, he's dying for attentionecl proclaiming it was a dark dayk in america. one democratic strategist
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tweeting quote, well, sometimes mass shooters wear robes and don't a have a gun. o and thenf there's the out of work. espn analyst keith olbermann or keith, he called forit the supreme court toh be dissolved and then went on to shout profanities atpr the justices and even referred to amy coni barrett as a paralegal. of a course, joe biden is also upset about the ruling.uling the guy that left 80 billion dollars in the most sophisticated weaponry of war in the hands off the taliban doesn't trust his fellow law abiding americans to have a firearm. the guy that also toldd his wife, if i'm not here , if there's any trouble, take the shotgun and shoot it twice. take a look. it's a bad decision and i think not reasoning accurately, but i'm disappointed we arete disappointed by the supreme court's ruling today. the second amendment, as you've heard the president say, is nots obsolete and permits common
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sense gun regulation. we just see some very disturbing news from washington that the supreme court of the united states of america has stripped away the statemerif new york's right and responsibility to protect its citizens with a decision which we are still digesting, which is frightful in its scope. >> but this decision has made h everyas single one of us less safe from gun violence. the fact that the court is coming down with its decision to death and i worry that it undermines the legitimacy of the court and seems i don't even have the words it seems stupid to know it's worse than that . it's worse than that it's not even if e it is and i know it's soso it's such a middle finger o new york . many of us are deeply concerneda and troubled by the supreme court's ruling today. i believe
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it it, i believe defies common sense and the constitution of the united states frankly hating new york city will look a lot more like alabama once this ruling goes into place with guns widely available with concealed carry. the mayor the governor. let's see the vice president, the president, they're all protectedd, by people that have guns. media mob democrats are a predictably upset, but the supreme court is functioning properly. unfortunately, we can't sayme the same for the other two branches. for example, over at the white o housenchefo. well, your president, joe , is having a really hard time with basic tasks. in here we, go again. take a look at your screen. apparently the white house staffers look that right there they had to create, this set of instructions for your president for his meeting today. that thing there, tod it reads quote you enter the room, you take your seat, you give briefs comments, you thank participants, you depart.
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the only thing missing was you breathe in and you breathe out.o don't forget to breathe, joe . and if you really good, we'll give you an extra scoop of ice cream here withth reaction, the co-host of the five, geraldo rivera and the host of unfiltered. there's no other dan bongino. there's no such thing as a filter. "udan bongino is with us. oh , i want to i want to go back too what clarence thomas said here , the constitutional right to bear arms in public for self defense is not a second class right subject to an entirely different body of rules than the other bill of rightsf guarantees. now b they cut a billion dollars from the nypd. if you go in the subways on a regular basis, we're reading stories about people being thrown on the tracks and run over by train. although we have homicide rates now in most major cities setting a record last year and on pace to set another record this year. why shouldn't law abidingav citizens have the right to defende themselves just like politicians do?
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this is i think you on the catastrophe masquerading as constitutional process. this decision justice thomas obviously never took the d train and rush hour. he never went to a crowded barra where people get rowdy, never went to yankee stadiumin whe. people throw beers at each other. now they're all going to have loaded hidden handguns. this is a terrible, terrible h decision. it isav reckless and reprehensible as the governor of new york suggests t it is detached from reality o as mayor adams says the mayorit of new york , two of the cities that will be directly affected by this, baltimore and newark a are among the ten most deadly cities in america. do you think giving all those people you make my point it's going to make it any safer? i will tell you what about w the law abiding people that are the victims of crime. i wouldab argue yes, it would make them safer. then y we'll get your take shot. you just i don't even you just totally nailed her . although you made your point,
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not his . . he's like whenhe all these citis newark in new york with all these gun laws, people areh being attacked by people. c thank you for although caselo closed. you know the crime rate for legal concealed carry permit le their crimenow rate here , all those lower offi that of police officers. i don't know if youce knowrs, police officers actually commit more crimes with guns than concealedce carry permit holderw probably don't know that . the people i have in my hand i have in my hand the people from the police commissioner. i knew you were going to do this . i knew it. i you can't you can't really. can you try once to let me just one time just once finish your thought concealed carry weapons permit holders have a lower crime rate than police officers. the reason the cities you just cited newark and new york where i was a police officer, you were not havingic crime. problem is because criminals don't go through the legal process. ig they get a saturday night special. i got off the street, they prey
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on innocent people who now havet no right to defend themselves because they obey a law and can't get guns in new york from bill bratton who you respect, police commissioner of new york , former police commissioner charlie beck of los angeles quote the increased concealed handgunsed which follows from less restrictive permeatingll regimes leads to higher ratesee of both police and citizen fatalities. this is from the fifty big, big career big city for all. i have a question. let me ask you questions later. what is the 1% innocent like? i would- bet that accounts in the 75% agree with me>> what is an s innocent law abidig citizen that lives in an area that has high crime, high homicide rates, violence, , all these all these horrible crimes? what happens when they get attacked? what is they supposed to do, geraldo? what do you tell them?
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ju just scream call the police. oy even the best response timesel the only way to defend yourself. you're a a prepared to defend yourself. we work together to refund the police. we w work together to empower the police. but what in that moment when - that person attacks you, you know, you don't have time to dial 911. okay, corral, this is the you already okay, so this is going to be you and i want to be clear here . can i respond? you b>> would leave the defense us is i want to know that you would leave people defenseless . sean,he the odds on your defending yourself from your with your hidden loadedet handgun, you know it's going to get shot. you're going to shoot yourself your kids i think harry 90%ic i have a license to carry my run out two points. no. one , what he said about the gun concealed carry permit . this does not comport with the data gun ownership rose dramatically through the 90s and the 2000s. in 2010, while gun d crimes
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and crime rates went down. sole that's just not true here,i although i believe in data. well, i don't know what this thing and it's really tragict that you actually believe-- that criminals are going tona go through a background check. it's t really it's almost like laughable that i was a cop. i did you ever have a bar fight that you have to have to have someone on the subway? my face have havegh a road rage. why my nose looks likero this too, although i am that way. you agree with what if they all have then can i answer your question one quick point. i am not a criminalm here although i've been in fights i never once thought about pulling out a gun and jacking someone with a gun because i'm a law abiding gun owner, you cannot seem to makee the distinction between the two at any time when and new york and los angeles and the question if a guy who broke
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your nose and the guy who we both share once they comehi in our nosenk were broken, wasnh real , but he probably pull out a gun. god out didn't do something thad a criminal. guys like you and me don'tt do that . there's a difference. and the guyrere who would have t you here , although it's not going through a backgroundck checks, i've interviewed hundreds of these. guys . they laughed at eric as the new mayor of new york , eric adams . eric adams, the new mayor of new york is struggling to tamper down this rising malignant crime wave that's hitting the city whose committee is working day and nightgu. now w here's a guy who now have right now you have to tell your cops now you have to tell your cops when they go outn on patrol at to enforce that everybody everybody has a he didn'tth loadedan the criminals are colorado, florida. we're talkingdg about law abiding. the criminals already have them here , although they by their very nature don't obey the law. well, part of that is you're not getting t and going to havee all these guns available and now and the younger brother
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and the father and the they let me give let me give dad is going to get the last word. did you get the last one quite. you asked me i want to ask you a question down here in florida, you know the sunshine state, everybody's got a concealed carry permit. whype is that a problem down here ? great question. you don't have any subways. you don't have a subway now it's you don't know.. let's see if we give it away so be here, although we have malls. yeah, we bought some new york down here now ranaldo l.a. although the all i want for the people in new york forid honest law abiding citizens is the right to have the same protection that mayor adams has to kamala harris has a joego biden has that governor hochul has they deserve the same. right.t. and now they have it whetherke you like it or not. thank god. all right. i appreciate both of you. thank you . when we come back , white housen press secretary karine jean-pierre join whse the view for a predictably hard hitting interview.
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me. my partner right now struggling white house press secretary kareem karine jean-pierre appeared on that hard hitting news show on abc's the view earlier today where she was lob one softball after another including the and asked how she can convince americans that inflation and gas prices are nototca g joe's fault. take a look.oo the buck stops with the president>> to paraphrase harry truman with the president's handling of inflation and the economy hitting lows in recent polls, how do you make the caset to voters that his economic policies are workingpo, that its not his fault that inflation isi
11:27 pm
a worldwide problem,nf that gas prices are not joe biden's's fault? how do youfa doo that ? well, you just said ajoy, whichi is what we're seeing with gas prices, what we're seeing t with inflation, even the cost of food goinghe up. it is a global challenge and a lot of that is connecteded to russia's war . and another thing t that he was able to do is pass the american rescue plan, his planme that ony democratss voted for. n and now you fast forward to today. we we do have some unique strengths. we do have a strong economy really. >> okay, keep telling yourself that now it's been a rough tenure for karine jean-pierre the biden white house. here's just a small sample including when she blamed the wind for joe biden's tripping three times while attempting to climb j the stairs to air force one windy day. take a look. we're trying to say what i'm trying to say to you is that the economy is in a better place than it has been b historically. feel here at
11:28 pm
this administration and other experts as well is that we feele we are in a good position to take on inflation. does the president have the stamina? physically and mentally, do you think, to continue on even after 2024 die? >> you're asking me this question. question, oh , my gosh, he's the president of the united states. you know, he i can't even keep up with it. got back from new mexico. we just got back from california. that is that is not a question that we should be evenen askinge for on the stairs. d is he doing okay? you know, it's pretty windyy outside. it's very windy. i almost. coming up myself, he is doing 100% by not a question that west should be asking. ioioi can't even keep up with je biden. i guess the press secretary is a really bad shape and my m favorite the wind blew himyhe over . wim over. i don't know what is worse, tha ti don't know what's worse that he fell three times orr they blame the wind and he's so that the wind can blow him
11:29 pm
over . it's not like thereit's was not a tornado with reaction. foxio news contributor charlie hurt leo to point outrl well, for her toaughing just lie like that about the economy. let me set one thing straight. jerome powell, the fed chair debunked the lie abouthe inflation and even said nrcc inflation was already at record highs. same with gas prices long before putin ever invaded ukraine. so that lies out of the way. the economy being the best ever and we're in the best position . no, we're not. there's nobody with any economic background that's making that case. e, iseven lawrence summers saying it's pretty bad she's lying to the american public and we're not buying it.c but let's just be very honest to the fox viewers. she's not qualifieded to pick based on gender politics. her gender orde sexual orientation. her skin color isr, o embarrassg
11:30 pm
. here's the situation on the subject that she's discussing. you didn't play the clip where she's looking in a book and she's reading from a book i don't need her to read to me . i don't need her to read a book to me. she knows the american publices doesn't need her to read a book. she can't get fired because if you fire her then you're a racist. but you know, when a you have a person like charlie on the show and if they were to ask her questions, she doesn't have mastery of the subject. she's gutsy. she was picked for the all the bad all the wrong reasons. final point,, i hate to say this . jim thought he was better. oh , boy. that's's saying a lot. i'll circle back on that one. charlie hurt your face. oh yeah. no, it's true . no, you know, jen psaki may we might find out that jen psaki was the best press secretary to this administration could ever have partly because you know
11:31 pm
what we're seeing here it's so bad and it's almost to the point where you sort of feel sorry for her because she is so far in over her head and they have been dealing with the press for so long that has sort of not only gone along with all of the all of the, the sort of the lies in the nonsense that the administration pushes. th but they have been supported at every turn. butt now we're in different territory. now we're w in a situation wheri we have serious, serious crises all around the world. most importantly, an economic crisis, a security crisis here at home and things are getting very, very serious. it's so bad that you have the ladies of the view trying to site down and explain to her , okay, you need to explain to the american people. youto need to give some explanation for why to defend this administration. now, obviously the talking points that your bank puts out there were laughable, ridiculous. but the fact that she had t toos explain to her that she needs to do something like this isou
11:32 pm
tells you an awful lot and the truth there isn't a good answer. this administration can't defend the policies that they've put in place that have created so many of t these. but this isheri that this is the probably all throw this to you is that these are the very policies that joe biden ran on . i'm going toan eliminate fossil, fuels. it's i gone and done.i' i'm getting rid of it. look me in the eye. l i promise youen i'll end our dependance on fossil fuels . these were his stated policies. now he's implemented themth and the predictable result when you artificially low of the world's supplytafici of ene, the lifeblood of the economy is higher pricess, higher prices at the pump. but they're saying it's okay untiler p p we get renewable en. what renewable energies when are we getting these renewable energies? what exactly are they talking about? they just say these things and the one thing that they've been saying lately that's driving me insane is joe hasry done everything he can possiblyo do, leo. he hasn't because he can
11:33 pm
go back to the policies that gave us two dollar a gallon gasoline and thatd they refused to even look at your 100% correctives were two hundred and eighty million cars that depend on gasoline. less than two percent are electric. he insults the intelligence of the american peoplee ri when he's going to give up a taxel holiday gas tax holiday and save us 18 cents. that's and insult. but here's the problem. i tweeted out today if he wants to increase his poll numbers, e restore the trump policy today . well, i think you do that ,in by the way. it'sith saving somebody with a toyota camry about 20 bucks over the summer. not exactly big savings. charlie hurt will give you y the last word. >> yeah, no, i mean you look around this is a utopiaf the democrats have been promising for for forever and this is what you get with all ofet their policies. s and you're exactly w right. this is what they've been promising us and we now see it
11:34 pm
in action. the goodgo thing is there are elections coming up and this fall and then in two years and i feel pretty confidentgo the democrats are going to be taught a lesson whether they'ren. learn the lesson or not, i don't know. but they're going to be taught a lesson. t all right. and straight ahead tonight . thank you , lou and charlie. thank you . straight ahead, the fda officially banning julee cigarets far left cities decriminalizing drugs at the same time we have open t borders that no let's see meth, cocaine, heroin killing three hundred people a week, but they do not focus on that. a pam bondi, buck buck sexton, we'll break it down rampant hypocrisy, insanity.n, and by the way, if you know your government makes 12 billion dollars a year of2 selling cigarets, why didn't they ban them? straight ahead, why are so many people turning to superbeets crystal? because superbeets crystal give you the energy and blood pressure support you want from
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listening right now. the biden fda today followed through on banning joule e cigaret products o over youth vaping concerns they say. but ask yourself why aren't they going after other brands of ethics? why are they singling out just one of the companies and how does the government justify because they're making 12 billion dollars a year off the sale of cigarets with cigaret taxes, are they not going to ban all them too or is that too, much money in their coffers? why not raise the age if you're concerned about kids the twenty one and make it simple like buying a beer, why is biden not focusing on securing the border? there are estimates that 90 percent of the heroin in this country fentanyl methamphetamine come into this country from our southern border. we're losing around three hundred americans a week a in overdose deaths and a white, boy comes to states like portland we showed you last night decriminalizing all of these hard drugs, , cocaine,amine
11:40 pm
heroin and yes, even fentanyl. and by the way, in comes the biden administration funding the so-called safe smoking kids with crack pipes. h but somehow they they want to ban this dual for people that vape. what about adults who thinkyb it's maybe time for a little balance here ? the fda action, by the way, won't target individual use. they took all my thunder away. in other words, it's legal for h me to have this legal for me to smoke this . it's legal for me to, you know, do whatever i want. but i think as of w next wednesday i understand they have to take jewel off the store shelves and stop retail distribution. all right. that took a i took away my desire towa hit a jewel on air since they won't be coming to arrest me on such a good opportunity. i know the liberal media. mob it probably devastate anyway. se here with reaction on a more serious note, florida attorney general pam bondidi along with the co-host of
11:41 pm
the buck and clayey show buck sexton is with us. pam, i look at this and i'm like, okay, we have all these opioid deaths, overdoses . they have open borders and i'm doing a thing there. we have we don't even do background checks on people. they are processing d ortr releasing into the country and they get a free phone. they don't get a covaa check and they don't get a vaccine mandate so they get preferential treatment. why are they going after this one company? and we can't talk'm about this enough and i'm so glad we're talking about it tonight because the unintended consequence of this is as you said, it's not illegal toso possess or use. so you're safe tonight . but when they take it off the market, what teens are going to do, they're going todow go to the black market and when they do, it's going to be laced with fentanyl just like we've fe seen it my entire career. when things like this happen that is an unintended consequence of parents. you need to talk to your kids because if they can't buy it legally and adults if you can't buy it legally
11:42 pm
, be careful.t if you're buying it on the street, it will be laced most likely with something else and you can be and yes, they're putting out crack pipes. they're giving out needles for heroin addicts. taxpayer dollars are paying for those. so you know,w,taxpayer dolla hy. well, how do they know if i make million, how do they justify making 12 billion, on cigarets every year? but i'll throw that to you. yeah, and there's clearly no principle involved here for them. >> but again, t when you look at just the recent history of the fda and how they were asleep at the wheely on the baby formula issue, which is now a baby formula shortage, itus is still ongoing all acrossholl the country o. the fdada joins the cdc and the fbi and some other three letterr agencies as places that just can't seem to get the a jobs doe and continue to engage in either politicization or distractnd like this . there is no principle they can point to for why p this woulded
11:43 pm
be banned, but cigarets would continue. and then when you add this also just the mentality that you'vero seen from the white house of saying that there should be chemical gender transition or puberty blocking drugs for children. and yet here the fda stepping in to say but we're doing this to protect the children. i feel like they don't really we know what that what that means or does it mean what they think it does? yeah, and the same group of people, pam, that without anyf science behind they want to give vaccines to kids under five and fauci even admits they didn't have any studies that show the effectiveness of it or maybe the negative impact of itev. i'm just trying to understandd this one company? because other vaping companies are not at all impacted by this, why they single out this one company that already had pulled out o their flavored brands that they had like mango and passion fruithe, whatever yu call them, that younger kidsr seem to like. and they kept the more
11:44 pm
traditional cigaret flavors, which is like tobacco and menthole. that's it. why would they pick on one company? and meanwhile these other companieshither are selling the flavored vape, i guess pods , whatever you call. well, it sounds like the company jewel will appeal and it sounds like it probably will be successful because they don't have it sense that they don't have the data t to back up a complete banhe on this one company. so they probably will be successful. but again, in the meantime, i think people are going to go to the black market to buys products and all this is really scary. you really think what they're going to do is when peoplehi go to the black market, you suspect t that people that buy they're not looking for weed, they're just looking for nicotine and you suspect that they're going too places with that? you think that's going to be my thought. i do. and i thought when i was attorney general with people adults buying adderall, xanax
11:45 pm
on the street, itit was being laced with fentanyl and people were dropping dead. they still are. that's whyan you should never by anything on the street even if it's an adderall or a xanax and nothing because of that problem. and now it will be happeningap with these electric cartridgespe because you can't buy them legally. have a very careful t and then they sell cigarets, can you explain that part to c me? you know, the ones the chemicals and the additives that we're told cause the cancer?s and the secondhand smoke that everyone gets whenat you're when you're around cigarets as well and people addicted nicotine, they say it's more addictive buck than than even heroin. yeah, of course. i mean maybe they have they have better lobbyist or some of the folks who are sending checks f and the other companies know which palms to grease. i mean, sean, it just doesn'twh make sense. but again, when you're looking at a federal bureaucracy and they buy an apparatus that is in such disarray, you have to expect that there would
11:46 pm
be this kind of cognitive dissonance operating at all levels all the time because who's really steering this ship? e i i'd like to see them fix the baby formula crisis and figure out if it's going to be , youou know, eight booster'f or five booster's or however many they want the five girls to get before the fda starts arbitrarily pulling productsan off the market and telling us that they're doing itin to protect the kids from what could be cpac out of the product. lley're not sure yet. they'll get back to us ato some point of futureus. f sounds like the federal government doesn't know what it's doing these days sean. not a surprise lastun question.r legal question, so if it's not illegal to i possess it and it's not illegals to use it, which n means they won't arrest me, what if you go can you buy it from another country? is that going to be legal t? they can't stop you from buying it from another country and importing it, i'm sure. but yes, they cannot stop you a from using it. they cannot stopno you from possessing it because the fda, po that power nor t
11:47 pm
is doj going to ever try to createte something where they could enforce something in that manner. so yes, sre you can buy it somewhere else. but my fear again, don't buy itma on the street, i think. well said. all thank you .. but good to see you.el thank you .se coming up, another day, another blunder. bad day, commentariat . wait till you see what happened this time we have the tape paetec so wellppen, we got big s about pete coming up next , a heart attack giving him life insurance. no, but we have life insurance ,john . i'm trying to find something we can afford. fortunately, only a few minutes select put down john . hundred thousand dollar policy for only twenty nine dollars a month and right. and a five hundred thousand dollar policy for only twenty one dollars. go to some lecoq .com now and get the insurance your family needs at a price you can afford to let quote we you say attention parents. >> do you have a child
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the cdc recommends joe biden vaccine for babies journey to
11:51 pm
a new retirement bag and start chatting with avvo today that take your retirement dog now yet another bizarre blundera for vice president harris, this time involving basketball . yesterday her office posted a video of kamala harris sinking a shot for her that left out the first five shots where she missed. >> watch .
11:52 pm
all right. of course, harris' jump shot is the least of our problems just having fun with it anyway. her approval continues toem one low after another.s, americans continue to lose w confidence in the administration here with reaction author get this big newsrati r debuting number one n the new york times best sellerth list battle for the american mind. our friend fox and friends weekend co-host pete hegseth first. congratulations, sir. i'm not sure if i would have gone as far as to take a harvard business school diploma and ruined it. but t you've got to do what you gotta do. i congratulate you got to do is you've got to do the sean. thank you .u, thank you to your amazing audience. thank you to to you for t giving
11:53 pm
me the platform both on tv and radio to talk t about it and the amazing viewers at foxma god everybody. my coauthor david goodwin, it's i think the right topic at t the right time is parents are looking for answers and k through 12. so thank you very much, sean. i really appreciate it.ha and harvard can keep their degree. i don'ti want it. they're not the gatekeeper. but wait a minute. i disagree with you. listen, do you earn that degree you earned? >> sure. okay, so what did i did? i worked but i was doing it for the wrong reasons because i want toea get a best degree on there. it turns out it'ss a bunch ofut marxist teaching critical i theory and once we'red woke to the reality of what they're to our countryha but we affirm them by validating me thinking they're special, i can stick up for you and tell you they did not and alternate you. you're still your own person. you survived it there was a book years ago writtene by former congressman john lewis, a harvard hates america boy, he was way ahead of the curve rightht? an
11:54 pm
yes,d he sure was. and that's why i don't want to affirm it. so yes, i survived it. c but we can't have a nation of survivors. wewea need a republic full of free thinkers who have liberated minds, a real liberal arts education. harvard is doing the opposite. p so let's stop affirming them and other ivy league wackos liker that build our own eco system that we of universitiest and high schools as we talkor about in battle foram the american mind that pumperha patriots and free thinkers that we're going to need if we're going to save this country. ithi know you agree on that frt and harvard, you know, see youou later. i don't want it.ut i don't want to one bit. all right. but yousti still have it and so on your resume if you ever need it. but you're staying here for a long time . all right. inre's what i do want to ask though. you know, obviously when people go to the ballot box and i'm e hoping for a wave election year, i can't i don't have a crystal ball. i can't telll, for sure, but it looks like it's lining up that way and certainly w inflation record forty one year high, certainly high gas prices will be on the ballot.
11:55 pm
the failure in afghani's to end the war in europe, everything in between you can't pointu to c a single success but issuess like education and law and ordern, they'll also be on the ballot. we saw aw that in virginia. we have thirty seconds and rightfully so. it's a gut check moment for parents, grandparents. what is the government in government schools doing too your kids? not just your wallet and your w freedoms which we saw during covid but the futurems a of your kids. harrisht now what a make one out of six . that's sixteen percent. that's about righthtis for their success so far the administration people are going to vote that out rejected with some hope because parentski are waking up and because the work guys like you do every night. gu thank you , peteys hegseth. number one , the battle for the american minds. new york times number one best a seller we're proud of. congratulations. great book.on and is. hope people get it. amazon.come, any .com and bookstores everywhere more than any next streaming now on fox nation.
11:56 pm
flora's taking us on a journey across america. i mean, come on , look at this . how on earth did you pull this off uncovering the rarely seen places? this museum reminds us that one person really can help save our heritage and fascinating faces. do you remember the first time you saw campbell this work? i do. i was bowled over that are writing the next chapter of our nation story. so the history is represented in the book no hidden gems with laura ingram streaming now on fox station disguises are so much fun unless they're in your cooking meal achy burty this process into powder. it's time for fresh, wholesome ingredients with nothing to hide. >> fresh pet nail fungus is necessary. upd nail starts improving the appearance of fungus damage toenails in just two days. it's clinically proven formula penetrates the nail for results. you can see quickly the nail give fungus damage toenails a makeover. don't we know one thing and one
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the time we haves left this evening. as always we thank you for being with us. thank you for makingfo t this si possible. ng please set your dvr so you never miss anse episode of hannity. in the meantime, i've got great news. the news will continue. can always go to fox news, .com, hannity, .com. but first let your heart be troubled. she's standing by ..rt there she is. laura ingraham angle. what's the angle tonight ?le i have a question. ue oh, boy. do youou know that to be how tou set your own dvr like ifho someone saidw sean, i want you to series record yes. yous go to settings on your tv. not sure you're not going vcr. u you c click on the dvr part if you want to dvr, you hiten record . i don't know you onceil only allowed every episode, john . you have peoplel who do that for you. you don't want>> s to own mean. oh yeah. new idea