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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 24, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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the time we haves left this evening. as always we thank you for being with us. thank you for makingfo t this si possible. ng please set your dvr so you never miss anse episode of hannity. in the meantime, i've got great news. the news will continue. can always go to fox news, .com, hannity, .com. but first let your heart be troubled. she's standing by ..rt there she is. laura ingraham angle. what's the angle tonight ?le i have a question. ue oh, boy. do youou know that to be how tou set your own dvr like ifho someone saidw sean, i want you to series record yes. yous go to settings on your tv. not sure you're not going vcr. u you c click on the dvr part if you want to dvr, you hiten record . i don't know you onceil only allowed every episode, john . you have peoplel who do that for you. you don't want>> s to own mean. oh yeah. new idea.
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take the clicker. see this right here . y okay, i have no idea how to do it here . just making this up as we go along then you hit record and then ask you a question. all right. one time only or que every epis. all right. every episode of the angry man o go oh god. okay, yeah. . i hear your producers laughing in the background all laughing because it's easy. they're laughing at>> youy and e because we're all right. we love your show. we love you. we'll see you tomorrow. all right. i'm laura ingraham. this is ingraham angle from washington tonight . writes for all that's the focus of tonight's angle now it wasn't until about 1992 when i began my clerkship for justice clarence thomas for thai really began to pay attention to how the media writes about the supreme court's. so i'm talking about the new york times and the washingtonew post y time magazine, newsweek, et cetera. television reporters 90% of them believe that the court rulings were radical and outside the mainstream
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unless those rulings affirmedme whatever the new york times and harvard law school believed wasever the right outcome. understand so from the death penalty to abortion to criminal justice matters, liberal journalisml politicos insisted that the supreme court act as ar rubber stamp for their views. so in cases where justices merely apply the facts of the case to the law, well, forget it. of course, that's not the proper understanding of the court's role. the court court's properly unded is a check on both the legislative and the executive branches and on the states were constitutional issues are involved. so when the court today issued its six three ruling striking down new york's verytr restrictive concealed carrym law, the reaction fromas the press and the assorted democratsso, it was textbook s the supreme court decision is going to call into question pretty much every piece of gun restriction across the country .
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what the conservativesco on the supreme court are saying is we want a second amendment to be a first class right like the first amendment and we want to be able to carry guns anywhere any time without any sort of regulation by the government. problem here is soo many many pt get hit by these guns when you read the news headlines every day of children crossing the street, people that we'reilr doing nothing because everyone decided to be a good guy with a gun. >> the idea here in times square missed all the hubbub and human reaction, the potential of gangs and so forth and so on that people can easily carry around concealed weapons. that's just startling. >> we have a supreme court that is out of touch with modern day realities. da david gergen, ron ron oh nsa ron . hey, justice thomas. and writing the majority opinion, he interpreted the second amendment.ju in the only way that makes sense writing the constitutional right to bear b armsea in publib for self-defense is not
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a second class right subject too an entirely different body of rules than the other bill of o rights guarantees. we know of no other constitutional right that an individual may rig exercisey only after demonstrating to government officers some special needs. well, that's not how the first amendment works. it's notsixt how the sixth amendment works. it's not how the second amendmentecon works when it coms to the public carry for self-defense. new york proper clause requiring cause requirement violates the fourteenthn amendment and that it prevents law abiding citizens with ordinary self-defense needs from exercisingex their right to keep and bear arms. of course, as usual, my old boss is 100% correct. every other right in the bill of rights is read to limit the government's power to restrict it. the ten amendments were written by the framers to protect us from a corrupt, oppressive government. ofne course the founders
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knew what it was like to live under tyranny and therefore the people's right to bear arms to them was key to maintaining a free country makes them of course, left wingers though in the government across the united states they despise the constitution, which means they're enraged over this ruling. this decision isn't just reckless. it's reprehensible dn isn't juss the insanity ofan the gun cultue that is now possessed everyone all the way up to even to the supreme court and we cannot allow new york to becomeow the wild wild west will not allow our city to live in fear that everyone around us is armed and that any altercation could evolve into a shootout. it's devastating. i mean, it's just fundamentally devastating operation of illegal gun. it's a challenge of our time and we have got to rise up as ao country.
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lightfoot because your streets are so safe right now. every day the same people betray the rule of law in their own cities and states because weathertech lawrence-lightfoot or hochul or adams, they're content to leave their own law abiding citizens defenseless and make the job ofaw law m enforcement at the same time more difficultak pretty muh at every turn. sor for t the regular person our there, the workaday person, it's a lose lose propositionse. >> but the elites, they always protect each other. celebrities and other special people were the only ones new york believes had the meaningful second amendment right hme to carry a concealed weapon. now back in 2010, a list of new york city concealed carry permit holders was obtained c by the new york daily news. people like marc anthony , shock jock howard stern, robert de niro, donald trump his son donald jr. met third baseman david wright and even martha stewart's daughter. radio host alexis stewart all
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were authorized to carry a weapon concealed in the city. now john schuyler chambers, a lawyer who helped s a lot of new yorkers get these gun permits for more than twomi decades now said that they can get their own security. but with the internet, it's much easier to find peoplee they don't want to find someone on their lawn at 5:00 in the morning. okay,he from just that comment. we see the absurdity in this new york law. democrats as usual, kater to the elites because they're the only ones who have a legitimatehe o concern about n intruder showing up at their homes or threatening them in public when another reason you know,c the security court was right is by the silliness of the dissent. and justice breyer, of course, is retiring rathers than addressing the plain language and the historical circumstancea that inform the words of the second amendment. he discussed tor gun suicides
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and listed the well known mass shootingsde in america like you've all day buffalo, orlando ,newton, dayton and of courselo talked about all the horrors of that . well, alito justice hth alito, who is in the majority wrote separately in a concurrence he slapped back atg justice breyer saying, you know, why does the dissent think it's relevant to recountth the mass shootings that have occurred in recent years? doesave the dissent think that laws like new york's prevent or deter such atrocities? well, the person bent on carrying out a mass shootingg be stopped if he knows that it is illegal to carry a handgun outside the home and happens to just then account foror the fact that one of the mass shootings near the top of its list took place in buffalo. the new york law at issue in this case obviously did not s stop that perpetrator. i don't know. that's a heck of a retirement sendoff for breyer, isn't it? now another obvious reason the court got it righton reactions from some of the most
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unhinged personalities out there like former sports guy keith olbermann who tweeted that the rulinguy shows that the court should be dissolved and advises that states just ignore the ruling. now that's a neat trick. just ignore the court. >> remember, these are the same people who are called to early warning about how under republicans democracy is atis risk, democracy is in peril. >> call me crazy. c i think that olbermann should just memorabilia collectingor because he's actually really good atab that . of course, this is how it always works out with these people when they don't get their way, they want to tear down the entire system. in other words, abolish the electoral college burn city block, tear down statues, statues and pack the court. now forget packing the court. just dissolve it altogether.
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now that's where we've come. this is sheer lunacy. it's anti constitutional. it's anti-american. so in the end this is not a radical decision. it's not a crazy decision. it's a long overdue decision. and contrary to all the catter alling out therehe on the left, the ruling doesn't even meannla that states have no power toun regulate guns. it just can'ts prohibit. lawts abiding residents from carryingg a gun for self-defenseca as justice alito noted. that's all we decide are holding decides nothing about who may lawfully possess a firearm or the requirements that must be met to buy a gun. nor does it decide anythingd about the kinds of o weaponsha that people may possess nor have wedi disturbed anything that we said in heller or mcdonald versus chicago s about restrictions that may be imposed on the possession or carrying of guns. get it? but the modern american left,e
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they don'tmo they don't like yo. they despise you. you have to understand this and they do not want the regular ordinary people to be free to defend themselves and their families. now why why don't they want that ? because they want youy dependent., they want you scared. >> they want you groveling for whatever scraps they decide to throw at youou. w they'dou abolish the second i amendment in a heartbeat if they could. ti and frankly, the entire constitution for that mattertu. but thankfully, thankfully wise. nders were very they saw how power corrupted otherwise sensible men and how important it was to leavean behind a dark moment that would protect all the people, not t just the upperhe crust against the abuse. and thankfully we have six justices on the court who honored the plain languageot of the text and theth intent of the framers and angle.
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all right. back in july 2014 a federal20 judge14 declared d.c.'s ban on carrying handguns in public unconstitutional. well, since then, thousands ofe obtain a concealed carry permit after taking at least 18 hours of training from a metropolal police department certified firearms instructor. now the very first person to become one of those t instructos was also the first one to get at concealed carry permit in the district of columbia. i happen to know him. m his namee is leon spears and he joins me now. leon, i think you wereou the first person to call me. i think it was within a halfg hour after this ruling cameow down. what do people need to know about what this means and why this is good news for w the average person out thereho who is scared in the streets of urban america? >> well, niceam to nice to see you more as always. first off, there really like t four points.
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the first point is that obviously the constitution was upheld today. upheld so you have a right to carry a firearm outside of your home. so helotsom idea that you can keep a firearm inside your home for self-defense solf this is considered just groundbreaking becauseer again, you can defend yourself outside of your home. then the seconddth thing is, ok, so once you are able to carry o outside your home, then how you carrying are you carryingar oberly or concealed?y so if you are allowed by the states provisions to carryed concealed then it goes, a step three . okay, sorr how can you carry concealed either restriction soa you can have restrictions on trainingve, how long the training is, you can have magazine capacity cities, you could have fingerprints, photos ,background checks those all the requirements that youu
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can have sensitive places, schools fully h owned and operated by the government structures daycare's hospitals. youho can have limitations for sensitive places but again then, you can go to t reciprocity recognition. so let's say you're allowedon to carry. w but then sure enough, what does that state say? do they recognize another state concealed carry permit or better yet, is there a reciprocity agreement among attorney generals or governments that allow each otherr to conceal in each other's jurisdictions? so many people don't understand that today was a great day for gun ownership and empowermentbl for people to be able to defendd themselves. now i want to playth somethingls from msnbc jimmy alcindor, watch talking to people who are advocates for new gun lawstr
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and new gun restrictions. this is devastating to them. they feel like this is going tot make america less youe. have people that thinks in blue state that they're fromme ways protected that . but if you live in new york or california that you somehow will notea have to deal withrt the sort of conservative things that you see happening and other statesppen, leon, youe less safe because of this . does that make any sense given your extensive background in firearms training to help peoplerm get these concealed carry permits? >> it'sd so empowering to teach people in d.c. about the ability to carry a firearm. how i don't know how many people are my clients that actually are just c empowered that no. one , they have the ability to carry this within themselves and their families. they want to be law abiding and the criminals are choosing every day not not to go by the strenuous process of buying a gun, getting trained, getting
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background checks, getting government approval. the bad guys doing that .an peoplet just want to be able to defend themselves to the best of their ability. and that's what the supreme court said today. >> yeah, listen, everyone has t to understand that to get these concealed carry permits, nothing the court said today diminishes all ofmi the requirement set by various jurisdictions. all it says iss once you have all that you can't be denied arbitrarily the right to carry concealed. so none of these people have read the decision. kn none of the people knowbo anything about the law, but they're doing the histrionic thingrereth to try to scare peoe for political reasons. but leeann, you made it so clear forar thank you so much. it is great to see youou tonight . and while blue state governors respond to today's supreme court ruling has predictably comesp down on the side ofid the whole elites over the citizens things whileli many still think there could be viable options to lead
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this country should joe biden choose not to run in twenty i twenty four , politico is out with a new piece today about the democratic governor'srn positioning themselves for a potential run. you readydy? re the names include power hungry failures. phil murphy off new jersey. now the final report card on covid weighing all h the health outcomes in new jersey. economic impact on educationea found that his state finished last. okay, then on the list is j.b. pritzker of illinois. now he has a big appetite for destruction because last year his state lost one hundred and twenty two thousand residents, the largest decline in state historyes. then there's gretchen witless wittmer of michigan. now her own state legislature had to fight to end her emergency powers after she refused to relinquish them and the state legislature won
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and finally, who could forget golden state golden boy gavin newsom because his governorship is going so well that residents are fleeing california's high taxes on affordable housing and running running away to places like mexico. o. i kid you not. joining me now is ari fleischer, former white house press secretary, current fox news contributor and author ofth the new book suppression deception, snobbery and bias. ari, i have to say, if this is all they got, republicans have to feel pretty good tonight . >> i mean, j.b. pritzker, what ? yeah, it's been a long time , laura , since the democrats reached out to the ranks ofer their governors for a candidate, they have to go back tono 1996. bill clinton was the last governor who became the democratic nominee. at they like senatorsor in twenty thousand four twenty eight 2012 16 20. they all nominated senators,
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former senators. but let me remind you, in the 2013 2020 cycle, 28 democrats ran for president in nineteen and twenty four of them were governors or former governors. so when joe biden announces he's not running will do after the midterm election and into early 20200n three , it will be for allrook, a free every democrat will jump into the water governors, senators and dogcatchers one and all well are either already getting ready because of course the democrats and the media are all, you know, setting setting upon biden for his age for his lack of mental acuity. it's now it's not a secret anymore. everybody's kind of talking about it i. . but in illinois, i just want to focus on pritzker for a moment because you have these major companies that are just deciding to leave illinois because of the high tax, high regulation, dangerous crime
12:20 am
in the city of chicago. obviously we have citadel ken griffin co. leaving illinois. that wasas a huge loss. he's going to miami. h we have caterpillar leaving. we have boeing leaving. ngi mean, these are these are blue chip companies saying we like to say we love illinois but under this leadership we're out. how j.b. pritzker get ont? that list. yeah, i did lose it. and that's going to be the t problem forha every one of these democratic governors, whether it's new york , new jersey, california, illinois, those states are all losing populations mostly to r red states for the logical reasonss that you just cited-l quality of life issues, crime issues, economic issues. and it's wonderful.'m i'm a chicago right now,nd laura , and it's interesting i o note the major businesses that are pulling trucks and getting out of here and they're doing it because they're fed up. they're doing it because the state just has s one answera everything that's to raise taxes and make life more difficult. so they're outor of voting with their corporate headquarters. will the people start to see it? will itadque change the reactios in the states? i don't knowes about that becaua
12:21 am
the majorities so hugely democratic in california, illinois and new york, but it really does make it hard to be a governor and become president and democratic governor . how are they're going to lose hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue when these companies leave, which they already said they're leavingnd? the numbers for biden are so bad. i mean, everyre time you come r on we say he's reached a new low. well, he reached another new low today. 33% in one poll. thirty three thirty six percent and another among the suburban voters he has an approval of 37% among nonwhite 43% approve. 49% disapprove. i'm sorry. this is it's not getting any better. the more they put joe biden oute the worse he seems to do. final thought and he's about to turn 80 years old and it shows everyrs time joe biden is seen walking, i think he loses a vote. t people look at him and they just go he doesn't have what it takes, the stamina, the energy
12:22 am
,the strength to be president. this all adds up and it's why the democrats are such trouble. ilari 80 is the new 40 . isn't it kind? good to see you. all right. joe biden smeared thousands ofar mom and pop gas station ownersrd across the country yesterday when he claimed that they coulda lower their gas prices just on their own or one of them isxt here next to tell why biden is wrong. plus, why did bill gates try to purchasel huge tracts of land in north dakota without anyone finding out? >> that mystery revealed in moments if something happened to you, what would happen to them? their home, their education, their future? you need life insurance and chances are selectquote can help you get it for less than a dollar a day. selectquote found jacob forty of five hundred thousand dollar policy for only nineteen dollars a month and select quote found his wife wendy of five hundred thousand dollar policy for only seventeen dollars a month. our secret that's electrical.
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what will you make with them getting fired at? she can send .com to to t the company's running gas stations c and sending those prices at the pump. this is a time of war , global peril, ukraine. these are not normal times. bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you arere paying for te product. do it now. do it today. your customers, the americanri people, they need relief now. >> oh my god. that's the president ofed the united states. i can't now. so that was biden yesterday smearingng a group of mostly mom and pop gas station ownersea as greedy, blaming them for being responsible for keeping at the pump. so what's the truth here ?
12:28 am
we d decided to go right to the source joining me now is lanny mcwhirter, owner of thirty six land refuel station n in minneapolis. lanny, i know where you are because i know many outlets really well. be therey in a couple of weeks. do operators like to control the prices as the president indicated? you know,te it'sd? a greatre question. lauren, thanks for havingat queu back . you know, we a small operators control very little in the overall cost of fuel and on the retail end of t things and it's upsetting and really reprehensibl what our president the statements he made yesterday regarding o our industry and it's i can tell you itu hurts joe bidenas as well as the one hundred and 48 thousand to h convenience store operators, many of which are workingf tonight inside the store. >> and also operating on a very narrow margin of profit. i understand their friends who own various serviceic stations across the country and so a lot of them say, well, we make a lot of our money on snacks and other supplies
12:29 am
that are sold in ourpp gas station. so if people are spending a lot of money on gas, they actuallyey aren't spending on the other items on which the serviceof station owners make more of a profit. is that accurate froms your perspective? >> that's correct and that's a great point. you brought upnd po laura . b i'd also like to bring up the cash flow situation as well when we small operate a small credit lines that get runli out pretty quickly when gasas escalates as quickly as it hasae fire . so we have more money stuck in the ground for inventory and it's less available for investing inside our stores w and maintaining our sites, the standards that we'd like to keep it upt. and when you thinkc about the fact that we have supply ofed years oil and gas in the united states, four hundred years over the united states could be independent and free of foreign dependance. and so forth, what does that make you how does that make you feel given
12:30 am
what you know that it's a very i challenging dynamic? there is you know, there's a number of individuals who are ready to work and get projects done that can continue to allow us to be energy independent and continue to work hardor . the policyk the things i'm actually out t in dc at the moment talking about that whole issue aboutts how do we keep costs lower for the consumer that coming out of our stores each day, not convenience stores. i see over one hundred - and fifty six million individuals per day inside of our stores, which equates to about half of america coming in and out of our doors. and we're just doing our best to support the communities that we serve. yeah, and people have to understand these are momnd and pop stores and entrepreneurs t who want to make a better life fornd themselves, their families and help their communities. and you're essential tor our communities. and loni, thank you for the perspective and the understanding tonight . we appreciate it. and now anotherer programin exclusive. north dakotans weregrgr up in as this week when a rogue trust purchased two thousand,1
12:31 am
one hundred acres of farmland 50 miles from the canadian00mi border. they were even more incensed when the state's attorney t got to the bottom of who is behind this bill gates, the man who is pushing for the u.s. to move 100% of artificial beef purchased the land underl something called red river trust. isn't that cute?d the nowland u while the transfer of ownership to the trust breaks no north dakotaa laws, gates has has proven that it has proved that it's not in violation of corporate farming laws. so has f he done? joining joining me now, it's north dakota commissioner of agriculture gary. doug, how are your constituents reacting to their possible new neighbor and why the secrecy about the eventual ownershipal here ? yeah, hard to say why i would i would say it's a land transaction generally aren't that public, but somebody's
12:32 am
caught this one. maybe it was in the courthouse. maybe somebody was going w through files and deeds when it was being filed. maybe it b sparked some interest ,but it certainly sparked a lot of a lot of comments from the community, from those across the state landowners, farmers, ranchers, it's not like mr. gates has necessarily embraced the values of our community, of our state, of rural america and especially with the fact that his attack on meat proteinha has persistent attack on co2 and being defined as toxic gas and climate changei and then his positions on population control. it's got a lotma people up in arms. >> yeah, my problem right arm n yeah, the attacks on me in and of itself are completely run
12:33 am
counter to the north dakota agricultural interests that i know. i mean dependent upon various meats, chicken , beef, et cetera, to make a living and to provide services and productseo that people want. so mr commissioner, we're showing the land owned by bill gates throughout the united states in a graphicic. it adds up to almost twoo hundred and seventy thousand acres. we have a lot of lands and so on the land that's a lot. i think he gets the agriculture? here or what's going on . >> well, i'm not sure if it's a matter of some people that just look for a way to have a stable investment and if they purchase land, chances are it's probably not going to . value much who knows how quick?ws little appreciate but i think the problem that many have run
12:34 am
into in the state off north dakota and especially in that area is i what the land sold fo. it probably could have brought more public auction. there were many that had said land up here sold for more than that just a while ago. so why this sale? why did they seek him out?ut, why did they want to maken' this deal? and i really can't tha answer that . i can only convey the sentiments of the people in north dakota who are justnt frustrated and irritated. yeah. and they feel like they're exploited by the ultra rich. >> yeah, well, we will when they take whatever they want,uc make sure they haveks the bucks to pay for it. i mean it's just it's just a fact. doug, we're going to stay on this but we appreciate your perspective tonight . rspthank .ou and up next , yet another angle angle exclusive. a new book reveals how generalim jim mattis i'm a mad dog mattis through his own marines under the bus fifteen years ago in afghanistan, one of those marines is here to tell max what the story was, what really happened. >> stader branch we don't make
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select quotes we shop you say in general james mad dog mattis remember him well he wanted universal praise for his military service ofe course and his dedication to country but his commitment to some of the men and women he led in battle, especially the marines who served under himmes in afghanistan is now being called into questiond foxes fim illusion has new details from our west coast newsroom bill . allura,, back in two thousand and seven, an elite group of us marines were falsely accused of massacring civilians after they defeated an ambush by taliban fighters in afghanistan tal. af those marines say general james mad dog mattis completely threw them under the bus. so take a look at these images.e these are from that attackar back in march of 2007, the marines were in a six vehicle convoy when they were attacked by a suicideb bomber driving a vany and then taliban fighters on both sides of the road who opened fire on them. now after those marines r repelled the ambush, images
12:41 am
immediately began circulating showing bullet riddled vehicles and ambulances carrying away bloodied afghan men. now false witness accounts began to fuel worldwide headlines accusing the marines of slaughtering civilians. the marines were then expelled from afghanistan within five days and they sayy their due process went completely out the window. now retired marine major fred galván was in that ambush and he says general mattis unleashed forty five criminal investigators and four prosecuting attorneys against the marines who were falsely accused of essentially mass murder. they also say general mattiser enacted a gag order on two marine who he named as co-defendants in what ended up being the longest wha war crs trial in marine corps history. now after 12 years, majornd galván and the other m accused marines were finally cleared of any wrongdoing. ongd. they had their permanent records wiped clean. pthey claim the military destroyed their reputation and tried to imprison them
12:42 am
in major galban says these previous comments from general mattis in 2005 paint him as a total hypocrite. actually a lot of fun to fight them. you know, it's a hell of a hoot . it's fun to shoot some people. i'llop be right with you. i like brawling. b go intoo afghani's. dan , you got guys you slap w women around for five years because they didn't wear a veilm . you know, guys like that .ft they got no manhood left anyway. so it's a a hell ofho a lot of n to shoot them. and laura, major galván says when push came to shove, general mattis didn't haveus their backs quite the opposite.r we'll send it back to you. wow. thank you , bill . y joining now is retired major fred galvin, author of the new book a few bad men the true story of u.s. t marines ambush in afghanistan and betrayed in america. major, this is so disturbing to me on so many levels. i wantth to thank you for being here . explain fororex the viewers at e why you chose to come forward now after all this time.
12:43 am
well, this is a very importantnk story and thank you for having y me, laura . this situation is not ever beent fixed. it's not getting any better. wer havebeen a current situatin in the same command, the marine special operations command with three specialit operatorsor right now encountering the same type of situation defended themselves story of david and goliath,s, the huge man assault him and now they're up foran homicide t because they defended themselves and used minimal force. so our case very similar. butin it was in afghanistan versus this current casenist. it's ongoing in bute our case we were attackediv with a massive car bomb shot at on both sides of the road, had sniper fire . we fought our way out.ou then the information warfare started from the taliban. we get back the army who is in control, the special operations command and they turn this overer recommended that we be charged with homicide and in this case
12:44 am
became handled by then lieutenant general jim mattis, who is the commanding general j he had received all the sworn testimony from every singlees one of our marines to include t the afghan interpreter who is also on the patrol. t and guess what , laura ? they all said the same evene the marine that went down the road singing like a birdnk that said i think some civilians were killed that day. well, his email that hed immediately sent said the exact opposite perjured himself by stating it was indeed a complex ambush. we were shot i on both sides of the road. >> want to understand this ?er i that matisses first instinct seemed to correct me if i'm wrong is first instinct seemed to be to disbelieve the men under his command and believe those who were not in his purview aboutut whom he had no real understanding or sense of veracity. and i got to say toow give everyone a sense of how this was all reported, the new york times wrote this
12:45 am
the day of the incident. they said us troops opened fire on a highway filled with civilian cars and bystanders. afghan witnesses and some officials blaming the americans for indiscriminately shooting civilian vehicles in anger after the explosion fred , i remember when this story was written and at the time i said to myself and i think my radioy crewwa this is blankety blank like voice. itar was a narrative that they needed to sell and maddis, es everyone says, is the greatest thing since sliced bread. maddis bought into it real quick. >> our entire command was e anxious. they so general mattisd, he sent those criminal investigators and my polygraph . ea he threatened to deport one marine's family back to mexico who was legally naturalized and they this isow how we should never treat americans or we're going to t lose our morale and we're going
12:46 am
to end up like russia incapable another war and i capable of recruiting anyone to actually fight in our military terry, after issues like this . major, thank you for sharing this story and your book. and up next , our good friend on the air but nobody reacts to one of the weirdest and most unhinged specials ever to s be broadcast on msnbc. s >> s that video is shockingwh in moments. what's on the horizon, the answers lie beyond the room. we knowne to o we recognizeki that energy demand is growing and the world even carbonrt pollution picking up at chevron. we're working to find new ways forward through investments and partnerships and innovative solutions like renewable natural gas and how we m hydrogn fuel transportation and carbon captur'. we may not know just what lies ahead, but it's only human to search for it. >> attention medicare recipients. the energy in one portable oxygen concentrator may now
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i went to okay, we showed you s some pretty bonkers stuff from msnbc over the years, but we've just uncovered one of the most unhinged discussions ever black women. every single thing about us is pelletized, right? yes.ze a criminal lawd that i know everyone keeps saying we're in the midst of a nationalev reckoning. you know, i'm still waiting fore that . g, honestly what i think is more accurate is to say i that we've been in the midst ofn awakening. you know, we. recently passed the crown, asked the people get it wrong or when they thinkt that the crown is just about here . >> the crown is about white supremacy. h here now is the and i'll be prager u. personality and former leftras wing activist angela--, there'sr a lot of problems in ourri country, a lot of suffering and concern.
12:52 am
is this among the chief concerns that black women face today, do you believe not this black woman in particular in st. louis? when i watcheded this video, i could not believe my eyes. what you have is multiple rich elite black women sitting at this beautifully made dining table talking about their oppression and what does that oppression look like? it looks like having the wrongow hairro makeup when you show up o be on the news or to do your own show. these women have made a lot of their money and their career off of talkingee about black oppression in america. and if that's the besthe example that they have to make their claim they need to stop doing these jobs. oh ,ps. joy reid was one of them who is chiming in here. and justo to add somes, more flavor to all of this , amla i think we need to hear from joy watch how do we get our hair and makeup together back in the news business that you're beautifulot hair would not have beened allowed even five years ago. i go on tv and i'm like i look a mess but what would have
12:53 am
been rather i'ma tell you this the first time coverhi they called me three days befores, and said can you come p in to do a photo shoot?ot i could not tell me it was b a cover. ri they said bring a yellow shirt and a blue shirt out off my closet. wow. w no wardrobe, no nothing. so that's a huge amount of sacrifice, isn't it? >> on i only got three days notice i , i remember getting like twenty minutes notice when i was invited on various youva know, i never looked all that great either. i have to say the horror. i can't believe that . you know it's a wonder laura that i was even able to make it on your show t tonight because i couldn't find somebody to do my hair and makeup. this is the oppressionwo that we face on a daily basis and thet fact that they can all sit at table in the room and preach and agree with this. it is absolutely ridiculous. oh , they're all first they'reoo all pretty good looking. they all look pretty. they all pull together. soso thank you for joining us . great to see you as always.
12:54 am
all right. weto have a big update to an intoxicating story we brought you last nighte br and a few shs at did you get the memo? we're still hot. but patricia
12:55 am
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