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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 24, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol. >> agreed to. >> carley: fox news alert, senate passing gun control package late last night setting up a showdown on the house floor this morning. you're watching "fox and friends first," i'm carley shimkus. >> joey: and i'm joey jones.
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the house gets a chance to send the bill to the president's desk, first time congress passed a piece of legislation since 1993. >> carley: leaders have spoken up strongly calling it an effort to chip away at law-abiding citizen second amendment rights. griff jenkins has the latest developments from washington. good morning. >> griff: good morning, that vote remarkable, democrats needed 10 republicans and they got 15 on an issue, the gop long resisted, guns. chuck schumer praising the bipartisan effort. >> the gun safety bill can be described with three adjectives, bipartisan, common sense, life-saving. >> griff: gop included minority leader mcconnell after negotiations were led by senator
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john cornyn. i knew this effort was about the art of the possible, looking at areas where we could agree and setting aside areas where we could not. >> griff: not everyone does agree, senator ted cruz blasting in a statement saying approach of democrats is to take away democrats from law-abiding citizens, take away rights, opportunity to disarm law-abiding citizens and low standard of proof with little to no due process protections in addition to red flag law, the bill expands background checks to include -- firearms. at the white house president biden handling it saying i'm glad to see congress move closer to finally doing something, it's taken a decade for too long
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congress failed to make meaningful progress on gun safety reform. before this bill heads to the president's desk, being met with fierce opposition by republicans. scalise urging his members to vote no in that last night. speaker nancy pelosi says she will get this to the floor vote today first thing in the morning. >> carley: thank you so much. 15 republicans voted for it along with all 50 democrats. other republicans didn't like it, including ted cruz. this is a mistake, which is why i voted against this misguided attempt and fought for an alternative that would save lives. he says this will take people's guns away and says it will not work. >> joey: i don't know that it will work. congress, we vote and go there
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and work. 15 voted for this, you cannot say this is bipartisan bill. that is what this is, legislative process. we get to vote in november, and some in six years. five gop senators are retireing and voted for it, they don't have to answer for it again. you can't blame partisan politics. >> carley: i think there are a lot of good in this bill, support for mental health programs, funding for school safety, what republicans have called on to happen. the controversial area is red-flag laws, priding $750 million for crisis intervention programs and if you're a state that wants to implement red-flag laws, some money can go toward
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that. it is not forcing red flag laws and that money can be used for programs like mental health, drug and veteran court. this is a good thing. >> joey: republicans can't say we have to do more mental health and that will fix this and defend red flag laws that has been the corner they back themselves into. it is absolutely true, the focus will be on what laws each individual state passes and which are challenged probably up to the supreme court, 6-3 favors gun rights. >> carley: absolutely. supreme court ruled on that new york can still carry law and that law went against the second amendment and people don't need to prove why they need to carry a gun. >> joey: it opened up something passionate across the political spectrum. the boyfriend loophole, if you
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have a marriage between two people, it is easier to use red flag laws to disarm someone in the relationship that may commit domestic violence than relationship of boyfriend/girlfriend or that type of relationship that there isn't legal binding, you can't disarm someone who might be threatening violence. that is what you call a win, a different category than the tragedies causing this legislation to happen. what we have now, new debate, how do we keep each other safe without taking rights away. i commend ted cruz, standing up for legislation, majority of this legislation is compromise and it doesn't really focus on taking guns away as much as goes across the board and hits issues republicans and democrats have asked for and i suspect it will pass the house and go into law.
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big problem gun advocates have, give them an inch, they take a mile. we can't governor in fear of that, congress needs to stop proveing that is what they do. >> carley: last night, first time since november 1993, congress approved a piece of firearm legislation. it is historic. turn to this. mayor is blaming the city top prosecutor for violence spilling into his community. ken balderman says cook county's kim fox is directly responsible. he joined us earlier to tell us why. >> one of the most strict gun laws in the nation and highest rate of violent activity with firearms. over the last five years, violent crime has been committed by criminal offenders from cook county.
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criminals get their hands on guns, they don't care about gun laws, that is a major problem and it is not working. >> carley: crime in chicago seeing spike in robberies, burglaries and theft. today marks one year since the deadly condo collapse in surfside, florida. a judge approving a $1 billion settlement that will be split between victims' families, those who suffered injuries and 136 condo owners. a developer from dubai will purchase the property for $120 million, which is also going to the settlement. and karine jean-pierre trying to explain why biden is not responsible for record high inflation, watch. >> how do you make the case to voters gas prices are not joe biden's faults, how do you do
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that? >> press sect. jean-pierre: it is a global challenge. >> joey: liberals want to dissolve the supreme court after they shut down a new york conceal carry law. we'll get reaction to the ruling next. pain hits fast. so get relief fast. only tylenol rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. and now get relief without a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water.
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>> carley: justice clarence thomas thomas wrote protect an individual right to carry handgun for events outside the home. state of new york issues public carry license when applicant demonstrates special need for self-defense, the state's regime violates the constitution. >> joey: the founder of the national security institute and served under justice gorsuch, good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> joey: wonderful, i applaud this, but for americans who look at this and say it looks like
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the supreme court took a state or city's right to handle its own gun laws away, what do you say to that? >> what the supreme court said, justice thomas said, you can't restrict second amendment, but they have to be consistent. we never said you could bring a gun into a bank or post office, always tradition in our places, special places that have needs, schools where you can't bring a weapon in and any state can put in place laws histore cal with that record. >> carley: there is fear this could lead to more gun violence. you have mayor eric adams that said this will make new york city less safe and because of this new york city will become the wild, wild west and sheriff brown said the country doesn't want a kid on his 18th birthday to walk into a gun store with no
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waiting period and buy a weapon and conceal that weapon and shoot a lot of people in a short period of time. is that a realistic concern and something the supreme court justices need to consider when their job is to interpret the constitution. >> that is the role of the legislature, not the supreme court. if the federal government, congress, senator brown wants to pass legislation like that, they can do that and the supreme court can assess whether the law is consistent with the constitution and the second amendment. we saw in the last 24 hours passage of gun restriction, then they are entitled to do so, hasn't happened here and job of the legislature to make the call, not the supreme court. >> joey: different roles of different parts of the government. one thing people don't
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understand autonomy where you can take a gun, how you can take a gun, it is up to the state and the city to decide concealed carry versus open carry and what are some misnomers being applied to the ruleing that show how much the states and cities have autonomy over that? >> it is like carley and i were talking about, the key issue is states have a lot of options, they are just somewhat constrained given this decision. what the supreme court is saying, you can't declare manhattan to be a special place you can't bring a weapon, you have to -- part of self-defense, however if you have places you can demonstrate are historical places like banks, schools, post offices where people shouldn't bring weapons, you are fine to regulate that space.
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what has happend and happens in a lot of areas where the supreme court determines what the constitution says and doesn't say, counties go back and forth and try to pass laws consistent with the constitution or not. if folks like mayor eric adams and sheriff brown are right, they have the ability to change the rule if they want to, there is a process. >> carley: jamill jaffer, thank you for joining us this morning. president biden caught reading off a cheat sheet with instructions on how to behave down to the most simple human function. >> joey: jimmy failla is here next.
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>> joey: president biden is heading to europe this weekend.
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>> carley: critics are questioning his priorities after he skipped a key meeting with the oil industry to meet with three energy executives. brooke singman joins us with the details. brooke. >> brooke: president biden is set to travel to southern germany for the g7 and nato summit to tout u.s. alliance and keep an eye on u.s. and russia. we are facing record high gas prices and inflation, which the president insists are from the war in ukraine and putin. biden pushing his green energy agenda which he argues is cure-all for the sagging economy, listen to this. >> wind is gigantic piece of it, i mean sincerely about labor, i think environment, i think jobs.
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>> brooke: biden vowing to bring relief to americans who can no longer afford their commute. >> i am doing everything possible to bring the price of energy down, gas prices down. >> brooke: the white house is defending the president from critics who question why he's gone with the wind. >> he's meeting today with people about wind equipment but not oil and gas ceos who are rarely in town, but are today, how did that help lower gas prices? >> press sect. jean-pierre: the president has done, let me step back for a second. no, no, no, you are asking me the question. peter, peter -- >> he's done everything in his power? >> brooke: photos taken at the meeting show biden holding up a cheat seat with directions how
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to behave, the president taking a hit for a cue which directed him to sit down after greeting participantss. dr. mark segal is concerned about the president's ability to lead. listen to this. >> somebody thinks he needs to notecard, his staff, he is making decisions that affect us all, the chief needs highest executive function of all of us issue not the lowest. >> brooke: this is not the first time biden was caught using a cheat seat, earlier this year he did with a discussion about ukraine. >> carley: the only thing not on the cheat sheet is breathe and blink. let's bring in jimmy failla, he never needs a cheat sheet, but apparently the president does. >> jimmy: stop it. where was this cheat sheet when
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he was riding his bike last week? he missed note that said put your feet on the ground when you stop pedalling. the most disconcerting aspect is not that he had the notes, he showed them to reporters like he didn't know better. you know when you are in a room with somebody and you're talking about another person, don't look and they look at the guy and give away the fact you have a secret, that's biden, man. we have every cause to be concerned, i'm not as concerned as canada should be. he will wind up nooking them by accident if we go to war with russia and he forgets to look at his notes. >> joey: would there be a story if there wasn't a question where he says he doesn't --
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>> jimmy: so true, joe biden is only human be whoing quits talking in the middle of a sentence because he's done. he is sending in the punt team on second down, it is not supposed to work that way. i am concerned. i want a note at the bottom that says vacate position, that would make me happy. >> carley: white house official says this is standard at public events. i can't imagine trump or obama or any other president using this cheat sheet. go ahead. >> jimmy: tell me any other president without that cheat sheet would have stood the whole meeting? they wouldn't have known to sit down when the rest of the room, we've seen historical photos of presidents standing the whole time, come on. >> carley: the president did shake hands.
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[laughter] >> jimmy: everything is fine, everything will be fine. >> carley: this footage of the vice president shows six times a charm of her sinking a basketball shot during the 50th anniversary of title ix. they left out five times she missed a shot, i have nothing to say about this one, i would -- i wouldn't be ability to sink those shots either, how do you feel about it? >> jimmy: if kamala harris misses one more shot, they will put her on the new york knicks. she drives the lane as well as she drives to the border, meaning she doesn't do it. that is this administration in a nutshell, it is put through filters. if you take a step back, wow, none of this is real.
2:28 am
apparently even the layups aren't real. come on, man, as someone might say, this is ridiculous, that is not hyperbole, they are both useless. >> joey: right. not that she missed, awkwardness of the entire scene. >> carley: her husband shouted, bend your knees and then she made the shot, depend advice. see you. adam fox is here with the weather. >> still really hot in the middle of the country, over the last week. it continues. 92 in chicago, the high today, another really warm one. we are on the brink of cooling temperatures being brought by rain. you see heavy monsoonal showers. heavy rain. look in the days ahead, that is
2:29 am
cooler air that is ushered in here, what does that mean? temperatures out of the 90'ss falling into the 70s. more comfortable in the middle of the country. there is saturday's forecast take you to sunday's forecast, it is cooling down a bit here. maybe good news if you are tired of constant 90-degree days. >> carley: we like good news. thank you. >> joey: praying for cloud cover. >> carley: asking speaker nancy pelosi to bring a bill, do you think this has anything to do with the midterm? >> joey: and congressman nancy mace is here to talk about it. with best western rewards you get rewarded when you stay on the road and on the go. find your rewards so you can reconnect, disconnect, hold on tight and let go! stay two nights and get a free night. book now at
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>> carley: a fox news alert, staffers at george gascon's office evacuate after receiving a letter containing a mysterious white powder. marianne has details. >> marianne: staffers with the recall george gascon campaign were forced to evacuate after receiving a letter. a recall member tweeting while powder and hate speech symbols found in a recall george gascon envelopes, authorities have been notified and we're making sure volunteers are okay. there are a few bad, sick people. a local bombsquad was called in
2:34 am
to check the substance. they vow to forge ahead with their mission to oust da george gascon. >> we're not stopping. >> you are not thinking about pulling the plug on this? >> heck no, we are here, we will recall him, he will be gone. >> marianne: the recall effort is on track to have the necessary signature to put the issue on the ballot in the fall and hope to get 65,000 more to bolster that effort. they ousted chesa boudin, and richie greenberg tweeted support, saying sick people reach new heights. now in l.a. with recall signature gathering to oust george gascon, shameful. that substance has been identified by authorities as baking soda, back to you guys.
2:35 am
>> joey: thanks. 30 house democrats writing a letter to house speaker pelosi asking her to bring forward legislation to support the police and address nation's spike in crime. "members should have the opportunity to show our constituents we are addressing crime in our communitiess.". nancy mace joins me now. let's talk about this, we've seen for years democrats, especially caucus on the left want to defund police and move funding to people, counselors and things like that rather than going out and policing. they have used race here. now democrats want to keep their seat, is that what this is? >> more than likely and clear the democrats have a branding problem. i just had nancy pelosi slow walk the security bill to keep
2:36 am
justices safe when they had protesters show up on their front lawn and when president biden wouldn't condemn the protests outside their home, which is against the law. you are seeing a branding problem with democrats going into the midterm election 100%. >> joey: moving from funding of police, have you had people vandalize your home and you know what it is like to have groups try to pressure you to voting a certain way. we have laws against that, law enforcement has a group called jane's revenge ahead of supreme court ruling that could come out any moment now really and you are calling for congressional hearing about the attacks on pro life pregnancy centers. we were talking this morning, seems like the doj is not taking this as seriously as they have other things such as politically
2:37 am
charged issues they have investigated. >> absolutely, we have hearings on oversight committees about right wing violence, but not about left wing violence. when you have the fbi testify, they don't qualify antifa. like jane's revenge group, they have taken claim of fire bombs on centers. 40 attacks over the last few months and we are not having a single hearing or investigation about it. we need to make sure every community is safe. >> joey: we have sound on tape of the white house denouncing violence, let's take a listen. >> press sect. jean-pierre: violence and destruction of property have no place in our country under any event and the president denounces this action,
2:38 am
the actions are unacceptable regardless of our politics. >> joey: we talked about defund the police and you have 30 congressmen on the left calling for funding the police. move that over and see the white house saying violence, we don't have a place for that, we saw assassination attempt on a supreme court justice and couldn't get the white house to say don't go protesting in front of the supreme court justice's homes while doing their job. can you trust the doj is taking it is seriously if the white house has it? >> everything the white house says, everything joe biden said so far in his first term as president has been a lie, he's flip flopped every issue. brought up to his administration when the map was released and addresses released of the justices, they were flippant and
2:39 am
didn't condemn this. someone showed up on justice kavanaugh's porch armd and dangerous, ready to kill and they let it go. they slow walked security for the supreme court justices. because of rhetoric on the left, they are allowing it and condole don'ting it and they have had to put fencing around the supreme court just down the block here. they are not doing a good job protecting the, many will be voted out in infer. >> joey: we'll see what happens. >> thank you. >> joey: we've seen evidence of secret migrant flights in new york. governor ron desantis says it is happening, too. >> carley: attorney general in florida, ashley moody is next. age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss. and if you're taking a multivitamin alone,
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>> joey: gas prices hovering around $5 and president biden is putting the blame on oil companies. >> president biden: my message is simple, to the companies running gas stations and setting those prices at the pump, bring down the price you are charging
2:44 am
at the pump. do it now, do it today. >> carley: he ditched the meeting yesterday with oil ceos. cheryl casone is here with one executive's response to the president. >> cheryl: if you want to get oil prices down, maybe sit down with the executives that pump the oil. president biden did snub the executives, even though the industry has been his target about greed. one industry executive says that decision among many will taint the president's legacy. >> considered a monumental leadership failure as we look back over the years. millions of americans are in energy poverty because of really lousy transitional ideas. >> cheryl: national gas prices $4.92 this morning. we go into the holiday week wend americans facing this price at
2:45 am
the pump. >> joey: thankfully i drive a diesel. tackle inflation by canceling more student debt? >> cheryl: more student debt cancelled, $6 billion in federal student loan debt erased, still elizabeth warren wants more. >> keep in mind, conservative economists say no, maybe it could be about two-tenths of 1 percent on inflation. no evidence canceling student loan debt contributes to inflation. >> cheryl: there is a lot of evidence, actually. >> carley: talk about this, paramount ceo says he will not
2:46 am
censor movies. >> cheryl: one hollywood executive says enough is enough when it comes to the woke mob trying to cancel a slooi of old movie classics because they are deemed offensive in today's times like this one, of course. ♪ >> who is that? >> that is butler. >> you are no gentleman. >> and you are not lady. >> cheryl: bob backish says some things made in a drnt time reflect different sensibility. "blazing sadals," folks, even "gone with the wind," great example, that was made in the '30s and '40s about war, this is american history. >> carley: some people want to.
2:47 am
great to hear the paramount ceo say that, it makes sense. >> cheryl: people love "gone with the wind" and willing to pay on streaming. cake truth to reason. thank you. president biden late night secret flights have been carrying migrants across the country. in florida ron desantis said it is happening in his state and he is taking action to stop it. >> what we've done, formed strike force of state and local law enforce toment interdict human drug trafficking and ils carrying firearms throughout the state of florida. >> carley: florida attorney general ashley moody joins me now. tell us about this latest effort and what the goal is. >> good morning, yes, it is a wonderful thing to work as an attorney general alongside a governor like ron desantis, who
2:48 am
doesn't ignore when criminal activities are going on and doesn't make decisions or policies that embolden criminal organizations. he watches closely what is going on within our state and borders and takes action to combat that. we've received information that our law unforcement has engaged those smuggling folks into our state uncovering large amounts of drugs, enough to kill thousands of florida citizens. you can't have illegal activity going on and pretend they are not happening, as officials, we have a duty to act. this is a strong, bold step by governor desantis to call upon our office for a grand jury to investigate how organizations and folks are helping, aiding and abetting criminal
2:49 am
organizations that are smuggling children in a dangerous way. many are assaulted, hurt, raped, kidnapped. florida wants no part of this and if biden and his folks want to help criminal organizations and take steps that are hurting and harming americans, we will do everything in our power to fight back against that, starting with the grand jury. >> carley: the fda and cdc started recommending covid-19 shots for children young as -- for really young children. there is publix, the pharmacy that is not offering the shots to children. why is florida taking this stance? >> in florida, our surgeon general has actually not recommended the vaccine for
2:50 am
babies and children. he's focused on the data and believes for healthy children that might not be worth the risk associated with that. it is not surprising you see corporations or businesses like publix, which is a grocery store. this administration wants vaccines going into six month to five year olds, there is lack of demand and weak evidence to support for healthy children to outweigh the risk. i think a lot goes into the decision-making, you will see it available in private medical clinics, in cvs and others set up with specialized staff, doesn't surprise me it is not in a grocery store for that young of a child. >> carley: ashley moody, thank you for joining us. good to see you. -- legislation in our country seen in decades setting up a
2:51 am
showdown in the house today, not everyone is on board. >> the approach of the democrats is to try to take away firearms from law abiding citizens, that approach is unconstitutional and doesn't work. >> carley: we'll talk to lara trump about that next. >> joey: check in with steve doocy, what is coming up on "fox and friends"? >> steve: coming up in nine minutes on "fox and friends," u.s. supreme court just ruled in favor of new york state gun owners overturning the law that has made it difficult to get a conceal carry permit for a handgun. congresswoman, claudia tinney led the charge, her take on the second amendment victory coming up. it is a friday, geraldo will break down the growing support from hispanic voters and did you hear, arch manning, nephew of
2:52 am
peyton and eli, and archy, of course, just chose to play football in texas. and the summer series continues today. taking the stage there. we have a jam-packed show. and free breakfast courtesy of our friends at master bill. "fox and friends" kicks off on the channel you trust for your morning news. joseph and carley back in a minute. what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, through investments and partnerships in innovative solutions. like renewable natural gas from cow waste, hydrogen-fueled transportation, and carbon capture.
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>> congress getting set congress most sweeping gun legislation our country has seen in decades. lara trump joins us now. on this issue of gun rights, we have two pieces of news this morning. one, the senate passes a bill that is pretty sweeping and then
2:57 am
we have the supreme court kind of backing up the second amendment showing that new york can't just basically prohibit you from owning a gun and carrying if. where do you think americans are on the topic of gun rights today? >> it's only a hot button issue. second amendment advocates position of the supreme court yesterday. that was a very big deal. then you do have this bill that is going to did to the house floor it looks like today, passed in the senate yesterday. very late last night. and, you know, i think the concern always is whenever you slap more laws on the books, i think there are a lot of people that say, well, it's not law-abiding citizen that commit these crimes. so you look at this new bill, which will likely pass in the house today, if it gets on the floor. and you look across the country at the states that have the most
2:58 am
stringent gun laws, those are often the states where you see the highest number of violent crimes and murders committed by guns. adding laws to the books doesn't typically solve the problem. bad people with bad intentions will find ways to do bad things. obviously it does become a slippery slope. are you infringing on the rights of law abiding americans if you add more laws to the book: i think the good news with this bill is that you know, it does address in some capacity mental health, which is something that i think a lot of republicans have talked about. you have got to get to the bottom of this problem. why is it that we have more laws on the books now, we have no more guns now available than we had 40 years ago. but you have seen an increase in mass shootings. so, we do want to find the root of this problem and address that. so hopefully, the mental health aspect of this bill will address that in some capacity. but, i think americans will have
2:59 am
a way to weigh in on this as we head toward november. some of those republicans who voted for this bill come this november or whenever they are up for re-election might not like the consequences of voting for it we will see. >> so much going on this morning. another topic law enforcement monitoring radical abortion groups ahead of the supreme court's ruling that could overturn roe v. wade. this is something that could come down today. whether a do you think is going to happen here? >> well, it's really scary, carley, you have this group jane's revenge, their name has said it all. they made it clear if the decision by the supreme court roe v. wade is not something in which they wholly agree then they are going to take revenge. we have already seen what they have done prior to any decision being made. they have fire bombed pro-life offices. we know they vandalized and targeted a conservative congressman's office's just this week as well. so, these are the steps they
3:00 am
have taken before any decision has been reached. they have told people out there that are abortion activists to make their anger known. very frightening and i hope the department of justice is paying close attention. they ought. to say. >> carley: i think everybody hopes that we will have to wait and see if any arrests come down because, boy, they warranted. lara, thank you so much. happy friday. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ life from new york city. all-american summer concert series today continues. on that stage we just heard her about 10 minutes ago doing a sound check ten nil arts is going to be our


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