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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 24, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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with mitch mcconnell is an extraordinary story. >> you could go back to the bush administration and m1 was also was very informative i'll be on tucker carlson at 8:00 p.m. as well. you just couldn't keep saying us all night long. that's it for us though candidacy back on monday bye-bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this is a sad day for the country. great day for life. >> you don't care people died.
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>> roe v. wade is overturned. >> the hill with the supreme court we will decide them. >> bounces against the justices did not win. >> good evening breaking tonight history from the unit s supreme court justices voted to overturn the landmark v wade decision in today's ruling and nearly 50 years of federal legal protection for abortion they're willing says that there never was a right to abortion in the u.s. constitution and it returns the authority to regulate abortion to the states. many of those already have restrictive laws, others have passed laws that were triggered by today's ruling. still other states are taking steps to protect abortion rights following the decision. security around the u.s. supreme court is tight tonight as crowds have swelled throughout the day precautions are being tinkered and abortion
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facilities across the nation. at some clinics are sitting down. political reaction as you heard some of it forming long predictable lines are visibly angry president joe biden calls it the realization of extreme ideology and a tragic error. a pro-life advocate says that it will save countless lives and as a result of five decades of effort. we have extensive coverage tonight with the reporting and analysis from a variety of journalists and experts we begin though with fox news chief legal correspondent shannon bream at the u.s. supreme court. good evening shannon. >> in contrast to what happens after big opinion the crowd is not dissipated they've only grown as has their chance about what they say is the loss of a constitutional right. but with the majority of this court held today is at the right for an abortion never actually existed. >> nearly half a century after roe v. wade the supreme court
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overturned a president critic. including the late justice ruth bader ginsburg had long on shaky legal ground. called the reasoning exceptionally weak. justice thomas cavanaugh joined him and ultimately holding the constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each state from regulating or prohibiting abortion. they irrigated that as authorities we overrule its decision. justices jointly signed their morning of the practical implication. today the court says that from the very moment of fertilization the woman has no right to speak up. if they can force her to bring a pregnancy to term. even to the steepest personal and familiar cost. across the country numerous states have already acted in anticipation of today's decision. the true of dissenters more not only about state action but also the damage they believe the majority has done the court
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itself. one of us once said that it is not often in the law that so few have so quickly changed so much. for all of us in our time on this court that is never been more true than today. in overruling roe v. wade this court betrays its guiding principles. chief justice tried to find the middle ground but the court's opinion and dissent a relentless freedom from doubt on the legal issues that i cannot share. i would decide the question we granted review to answer and there was no need to go further to decide this case. democrats and clean the president are calling for political response of the polls. suggesting this opinion means that contraception and same-sex marriage are now in danger. likely in reference to justice thomas' solo concurrence. i agreed that nothing in the courts opinion should be understood or capped out on presidents that do do not concern abortion. for that reason a future cases we should reconsider all of this
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court's due process precedent including griswold lawrence. >> the court is not taking us on. >> does not align with the majority opinion which justice rights. regarding contraception and same-sex relationships are inherently different from the right to abortion. with the latter as we have stressed uniquely involves what they said potential life. it is hard to see how we could be clearer. >> it is interesting to note that despite the decisions yesterday and today at the courts is not over. there are seven more opinions to come we will get the next batch attendant them eastern on monday morning include issues and abortion, immigration, the reach and also the case involving the high school football coach on washington state refused to quit praying on the 50-yard line and no longer has that job. >> like live outside the supreme court thank you. president joe biden unloaded on the justices during emotional response of the white house to
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the decision correspondent alexandria shows us life from the north lawn of the white house good evening. >> good evening the president did indeed call this decision today the realization of extreme audiology and one that he says he has no power to undo. >> president biden: is a very solemn moment. >> d said this afternoon that the supreme court's decision took away a constitutional right. it threatens the health and lives of women. >> this decision is a deliberate effort over decades of upset the balance of our law. >> called out former president donald trump's and that the three justices named by donald trump at the core of the decision to upend the scales of justice. former president was asked if he thinks any credits you give fox news that god made the decision. president joe biden fuse and abortion have shifted throughout the years as recently as 2006 he said this.
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>> president biden: and a few abortion is a choice and a right. i think it's always a tragedy. >> the president's stance became more progressive. joe biden cast abortion rights as a central issue of the midterm elections. >> the right to life has been vindicated. the voiceless will finally have a voice. >> reaction among republicans have been over womanly celebratory. >> this is a momentous moment. >> i woke up this morning praying for this. i never thought that it would happen. speak about republican senator release this settlement statement justice decision is inconsistent of what they said in the testimony in their meetings with me. >> no point in saying good morning because it certainly is not one. >> today is one of the darkest days our country has ever seen. >> lawmakers mourned nearly five decades of precedents and values the decision to get out the vote in november.
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>> with your vote you connect any of the final word. so this is not over. >> president joe biden announced today to continue on access to abortion-related medications while contraception's and a woman's right to travel to terminate a pregnancy. >> thank you so much to get expert analysis right now the president of the judicial crisis network president of the constitutional accountability center ladies thank you for being here elizabeth first to you know this doesn't track with the elite draft opinion that we had weeks ago however it wasn't 5-4, it was 6-3. anything surprising this opinion? >> nothing really surprised me in the majority opinion didn't go closely with that alito draft i was surprised frankie that justin thomas thomas his concurring opinion was so open
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and wanting to reconsider precedent that protects the right to choose a contraception for married couples and others marriage equality for lgbtq couples and other fundamental rights that people feared would be an issue if abortion rates fell but i was surprised that he was so open about that. i distantly think the majority that the constitution wrong. the constitution should protect the fundamental irreducible minimum of liberty was intended to include the right to decide for oneself whether with whom and when to form a family. the right to choose abortion is inherent in the constellation of rights. on the 14th amendment was passed it was passed after the civil war when the question of what it meant to be free was urgent and pressing as a master manner of law. equal protection of the law and liberty contained in the 14th amendment protect bodily autonomy and the decision of
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whether aware to hold former family. >> only your overall opinion but more specifically to address what elizabeth mentioned there by justice thomas. justice alito in the majority opinion writes that we have stated on a clinic quickly that nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast out our presidents that do not concern abortion. justice kavanaugh writing that i emphasize that overruling roe does not mean overruling of those precedents and it doesn't threaten our cast doubt on this president. seeming to say that despite what justice thomas just said we are not going down the road. >> justice thomas himself said she and a quarter earlier this case doesn't address those issues as no surprise that he thinks that we should reconsider them because the idea of due process assuming that he's long been concerned about not because of the policy result of those cases but the subject because of the legal opinion. i think elizabeth is right we should be looking at is what the
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writer fires of the 14th amendment out they were doing here clearly because abortion was illegal throughout the country that time. they thought of this month equal protection of the laws they want to free absolutely all of those things had nothing to do with abortion. the constitution did not create this right i'm so glad and relieved that we have a court that understands its job is to try to make decisions on his controversial issues the entire country. the job is to make the call of what's the right and wrong way to address the issue their job is to be saved as a constitution see to it? it is not. he goes to the elected branches in congress and the states. there right to do this in the face of all the hostility and the threats and the violence in an assassination attempt they're willing to stand by what they knew the constitution required this is a huge victory for the rule of law. >> quickly elizabeth she introduce that its contradiction in her mind of the supreme court
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said you can't make laws governing the right to bear arms the states can't and she said the verse the states can overturn constitutional right for 50 years that sheets on abortion. the right to bear arms is in the constitution. these justices on the right to abortion is not. so the difference? >> i think what does the constitution mean? i would see there is an interpretation of what the say commitment means to say commitment is not about individual rights that's with interpretation said similarly you look to the 14th a moment and you look at equal protection of the laws what is that mean? states banning in some states banning abortion at that time of four to the moment the four to the moment the 40 the moment was intended to disrupt unjust and unequal estate practices since were coming out of the civil war without the states were and half the states were free before to the moment was intended to move forward along the arc of
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progress and that's what we don't we apply the 14th amendment in the case of interracial marriage, marriage equality, the case of other rights of home that are protected individuals rights to make these decisions for themselves. americans know that one cannot be free and equal citizen in society if they can't make those decisions for themselves and that's why the majority of americans support abortion be legal. >> now it's up to those citizens in the states to make those decisions. thank you very much let's look at what's being done now to maintain security for the justices on the high court centers have been asking for emergency funding for existing laws to be in force congressional court as a part of the story from capitol hill. >> president biden: are: everyone to keep all protests peaceful. peaceful, peaceful, peaceful. >> tonight the president is calling americans to refrain
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from violence as calls for pro-choice protests call nationwide. some of those calls coming from members of congress. >> right now elections aren't working. >> protests outside the justices homes which are illegal under a federal statute have been ongoing since the draft court opinion meet in may. and just this month police arrested an armed man outside of the home of justice brett kavanaugh's for threatening to assassinate him. he has pleaded not guilty. and yet congress is heading home soon for july break. without passing emergency funding to help protect the justices. a bipartisan bill sponsored by senators bill haggard passed unanimously in the senate this week, but has not been scheduled for a vote in the house yet. the bill would have delivered $10.3 million to the u.s. marshals service and 9.1 million to the supreme court. to address unprecedented
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threats. >> thing immediately to this commercial services may be forced to transfer funds from other critical functions that's unacceptable outcome. >> g.o.p. aide told fox of the court in the u.s. marshals service are currently spending money on security needs that were not planned including overtime pay. there mitch mcconnell warned ahead of the supreme court ruling that time is running out. pointing to the pro-choice group jane's revenge in the upcoming plans. >> one activist group is promising that our cities will be submerged in the sum of this a night of rage. >> the concerns of what might happen next are so great that democratic senator mark warner even used january 6th 2 essentially worn other colleagues in the house of what might happen if they don't prepare for threats. >> on the hill i should think, coming up will take a look at what is a texas state following
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the roe v. wade reversal plus i'm next big news in washington about gun reform legislator. we'll tell you why history is being made they are too. ♪ ♪ with best western rewards you get rewarded when you stay on the road and on the go. find your rewards so you can reconnect, disconnect, hold on tight and let go! stay two nights and get a free night. book now at with directv stream i can get live tv and on demand together: baseball, ghostbusters, baseball, ghostbusters, baseball... ♪♪ it's good to be back!
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♪ ♪ >> the centers for disease control recommending the derma shots for school-age kids and teens this group has been able to get shots made by pfizer since last year last week the fda. rent doses for children 12-17, have strained for 6-11. a federal court has blocked the order for jules to stop selling electronic cigarettes. they filed an emergency motion earlier today so we can appeal the sales man. yesterday the food drug and restoration ordered them to pool their products from shelves fueled the surf and youth vaping in the market. ukrainian forces will retreat from besieged city and country east to move to stronger positions. the plan to withdraw from that city comes after relentless russian bombardment that is produced most of that city to rubble as the war entered its
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fifth month. on wall street a big day-to-day the doubt rallied 820 points the s&p 500 gained 116 that jumped 375 today for the week doubt again. s&p 500 search to surged. they have approved a wide-ranging gun-control bill after bipartisan measure has plenty of critics on both sides of the gun issue. correspondent takes a look tonight from capitol hill. good evening jeff. >> good evening it is now destine to curb gun violence. the vote only 15 republicans who voted yes. all democrats voted yes, but progressives were skeptical. >> we are finally here this morning to pick up this miserable legislation sent over
3:23 pm
to us from the senate last night. this bill before us today is the bare minimum we should be embarrassed. >> eight ignored liberal demands there's no salt reference band and no limit on high-capacity magazines. >> i have to say that this bill doesn't do everything that we would like to do. we need to do more on background checks. let us not judge this legislation for what is not and it, but respected for what it does. >> the package expands background checks for those in the ages of 18-21. also increases school security, but most republicans say that the bill was a great first step despite its narrow scope. >> today the coming after our second amendment liberties and who knows what to be tomorrow? >> g.o.p. reps under tony gonzalez voted yes he resented you of all the hero voted yes because his district wanted him
3:24 pm
to deliver solutions after the shooting. 15 g.o.p. senators voted yale last night they are fuming at senators who supported the bill. >> the american people should not be subject to a kangaroo court proceeding because the use of artificial deadline and rushing to pass a law for political reasons. it was some words on the people hoping that no one would notice what a terrible and ambiguous scheme they were creating. >> does the first major gun belt to pass congress since the brady bill in late 1993. it imposed a wedding. and background checks. >> lot on the hill, thank you so much. our panel of legal experts explains what is ahead for the states following today's landmark roe v. wade reversal. ♪ ♪ our way. but if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis, enbrel can help you say i'm in for what's next. ready to create a bigger world? -i'm in.
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decision struck down the roe v. wade ruling sets in motion a variety of moves at the state level correspondent david is outside the high court tonight to tell us what is on the horizon. >> i'm really devastated. >> within minutes of the decision the question what next? democratic governors tried to comfort anxious americans. >> we are fighting back and we are protecting our providers and make it for the insurance companies are covering abortion services, we are giving money to support our providers. to be gone a little less sorry that i am resolved and angry. i want to do more. >> california governor signed legislature earlier this year to expand abortion access. he joined other west coast democrats with a message to the court in the nation. >> we will not stand on the sideline.
3:31 pm
the west coast united states will remain strong. >> 13 states are expected to trigger abortion bands after the hours old supreme court decision. planning and the procedure attorney general from wisconsin and michigan say that they won't enforce bands. mike parson's breaking, missouri has been the first state in the nation to effectively and abortion. louisiana is also ready to act. >> if there qualms about it in louisiana it is over. >> u.s. attorney general once a supreme court nominee himself expressed disappointment with the court's ruling. writing that today's decision does not eliminate the ability of states to keep abortion legal within their borders and the constitution continues to restrict states authority to ban reproductive services provided outside their borders. >> the attorney general went on
3:32 pm
to say that violence will not be tolerated when it comes to the supreme court decision we also know that federal and local authorities are on standby here in washington, d.c., and across the country if need be in the coming days and weeks. >> outside the court, thank you let's talk about the next steps in this emotional issue joining is now former assistant united states attorney andy mccarthy. fox news chief legal correspondent shannon bream and the supreme court we heard a lot today about lawmakers saying we are going to fight this, working to try to codify roe v. wade. this ruling moves it to the states is anything in washington going to change that dynamic? >> you heard the president say that this is not to be the of the story he called on people to get out there and vote and are senate he said that they would be a better chance to codify on the hail. you know that anyone knows of what they try to do earlier this year was much more expansive and
3:33 pm
both sides could agree more radical than roe v. wade was. they didn't have to vote then and of the supreme court has made this decision will have to see what happens the midterm elections. it's doubtful that the get the numbers in both the senate and the house to make that happen, but we have seen this over the years with the supreme court make the decision i capitol hill this and like pass something a response. sometimes her some paying back and forth between the two branches. >> the battle is now in the states any of legal challenges they go to the states right? >> that is right, but as i was listening to the report just a marvel at the fact that this is now such a dynamic regulatory environment. for the last half-century and certainly since casey was decided where everything was litigated and it was located in the court, but it was under the rubric of this idea that there was a right to abortion and the only issue was the regulation.
3:34 pm
now it's an open field and i think it can be a wonderful thing to have people actually feel like they can impact the regulatory environment that they will live in in their community and that will be able to actually compare the way that abortion regulations are handled in different places and people can get a real sense of what they think is right about it, what they think is wrong about it, it is a much better discussion about abortion and should always have been in the political realm not the legal realm. >> i want to put up with a couple of senators said about being disappointed. the democrat from west virginia said that i trusted justice in justice kavanaugh when they testified under oath that they believe roe v. wade was settled legal precedent and i am alarmed that they chose to reject the stability of the ruling has provided for two generations of americans. the republican from maine throwing out a president overnight that the country has
3:35 pm
relied upon for half-century is not conservative is a sudden and radical jolt to the country that will lead to political chaos, anger, and further loss of confidence in our government. she questioned if those justices lied in the questioning. here is what they said in particular listen. >> i would say that roe v. wade cited in 1973 is oppressed to the united states court. it has been reaffirmed. >> is settled as a supreme court titled the respect under principles. >> is not a super president because the overruling had never seen it doesn't mean that roe v. wade should be overturned. it just mean that it doesn't fall on the small handful of cases like marjorie versus madison but no one questions anymore. >> so jonathan address that accusation of hiding the ball and his testimony in the hearings.
3:36 pm
>> the suggestion that they committed perjury is outrageous and unfair. completely unfounded. i testified at the hearing favors confirmation i agree with what he said i'm also familiar without cavanaugh said. with this it was virtually identical with everyone of their colleagues said. they can't commit to vote in a particular way in a future case many of us objected during those hearings the democratic senators seem to be suggesting that they wanted an assurance of how they would vote as a condition for their own votes of confirmation. many of us call them out on that. those assurances were not given what they said was obviously true. is that this is settled law it's entitled to protection. disfavoring precedent. it is not an absolute doctorate. obviously the court overturns a president otherwise we wouldn't
3:37 pm
have brown v board of education. we wouldn't have any of these cases that are celebrated the majority noted that the long footnote in its opinion said don't tell us that you can't reverse a case many of the members in the senate have favored all of those cases. there is to liberty by many i think is very unfair attack what is really happening for the court is not other telling how the public should treat abortion. they said that when roe v. wade was handed down in 1973 it interrupted a political over abortion. it said that it's time for that debate to occur for 330 million citizens to make this decision and not nine justices about the united states supreme court. >> last thing. for lawmakers on the left may be people on the left were hanging their hat on this expanded attack on what justice thomas said in a supporting opinion.
3:38 pm
about possibly looking at other cases. as i pointed to earlier the majority opinion written by justice alito and support it by justice kavanaugh off said no. this is strictly abortion and we are definitely not going down those other roads. >> and thomas sign onto that majority opinion as well made very clear. he actually said people will read the concurrence it's true that nothing in this opinion today goes to any of the case is about abortion. he brought up a future scenario in which they could revisit other cases that a been found right under a due process examination and he did talk about the other cases that would touch on things like marriage and contraception. this case itself will have nothing to do with overturning any of those decision. he was saying some of that could air may be happen in future. >> thank you very much this is a big day at the supreme court. up next the reaction to the roe v. wade overturned what is
3:39 pm
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♪ ♪ >> if there are several
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demonstrations not just outside the u.s. supreme court but really throughout the country senior correspondent is at one of them tonight in chicago good evening mike. >> that is it they are taken into the streets from the east coast all the way to hawaii. here in the center of the country in chicago at this plaza in chicago is standing room only and as i look to the north and the south see a constant stream of people flowing to this location this particular demonstration is organized by a group called equity illinois with particular emphasis on estate bill that would protect abortion providers. new york city, thousands are taking to the streets with three different demonstrations playing there. the director president of planned parenthood said supreme court has brought millions of people of the to control their own bodies and personal health care decisions. atlanta, austin, texas, boston, cleveland, detroit are expecting street demonstrations. the west coast as well with the governors of california, washington, oregon have vowed to create a west coast offensive to
3:45 pm
protect access to reproductive care. one reason to fear violence goes back to the midwest here. wisconsin family action center was the first known pro-life organization to be firebombed and vandalized with the saying if abortion is in safe save anyone either. as the slogan of that shadowy group that goes by the name jane's revenge website for that use a lot of symbolism from antifa is calling for a night of rage. wisconsin is one state that has abortion ban and the dates all the back to 1849 planned parenthood wisconsin and let court decision has stopped performing abortions. live in chicago the springer panel as he marshall democrat strategists pharmacy department spokesperson and kimberley strassel a member of the editorial board at "the wall street journal." kimberly what you make of today impact and big picture? obviously it's historic but how
3:46 pm
much do you think it's gonna change the fabric of america was come down to this ruling? >> hopefully for the better but as my entire life we've been living with this fight and a lot of us have long believed that the supreme court decision to essentially invent this really kicked off the culture wars in that it states. this decision of the court seem to hope would settle the issue that just in fact inflamed it because so many people felt as though they were being cut out of their ability to have a political debate and make decisions in their own state that best fit their people let's hope that this are returning to the state actually allows us to begin forging a new path. >> there was a lot to talk to leslie of the political vocations of this from many democratic lawmakers today as well as the president was all about this is on the ballot. how do you see it?
3:47 pm
>> i do see it as on the ballot there is roughly how to prevent the abortion pill from coming it even talk about how can we override a federal travel ban to prevent women from traveling from the state that doesn't allow abortions to a state like i'm in california that does and will continue to do so. other things that are an issue proximal the ten states will not allow exceptions with abortion bands for and also the public and party that if they get the house and senate in the midterm elections in november election they may have a federal ban on abortion as early as two weeks after a missed. i would have to say it was democrats would take a page of the republican handbook on the things that republicans do very well as of the get one issue and the go really hard with that one issue. this is that issue and if you want to add a second for the democrats wisconsin gun control. this is a big issue and i certainly hope that my party will come out in numbers like we've never seen it certainly
3:48 pm
republicans outnumber us especially in the midterms. >> morgan? >> i think that there is a lot to unpack here at the first this is the most animating decision for the republican party and is probably the single most important conservative policy outcome i think any of us have seen in our lifetime as leslie pointed out you of people working around the clock for 50 years to try and see this overturned. we take a step back and look at it was a it mean for the midterms as she wishes talk about, all the republicans offered was just don't believe that people around the country early voting based on abortion. remember in 2018 during the cavanaugh hearing when the republicans got incredibly animated by how he was treated by democratic senators during those hearings they thought well maybe it will actually keep the house. a month or so later we have the november election and of course the democrats type out the house. swamp singing nationwide polls
3:49 pm
after this leak several weeks ago voters are still good to be voting on inflation and the economy. the democrats make it a key purple states, i think ultimately is not a motivating factor that they think it will be. >> all right final thoughts with the panel may be even winners or losers will see on the other side. her some of our fox affiliates around the country as a driver is arrested after authorities said they found thousands of fentanyl pills hidden inside pyrex tinctures during a traffic stop. we be doing that special all week long. said the deputy found three fire extinguishers in the car. they were allegedly inside them could've killed millions and this the live look out of cleveland when the big stories there from fox eight the usfl playoffs come to canton, ohio. in the opener you can see on fox broadcast network 3:00 p.m. eastern on saturday, second game features the birmingham stallions against the new orleans breakers.
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they go there to look outside the beltway we will be right back with some final thoughts on a big day in washington. ♪ ♪ finding the perfect designer isn't easy. but, at upwork, we found her. she's in austin between a dog named klaus and her favorite shade of green. it's actually salem clover. and you can find her right now on when the world is your workforce, finding the perfect project manager, designer, developer, or whomever you may need... tends to fall right into place. find top-rated talent who can start today on (man) [whispering] what's going on? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could save money by doing nothing. just be claim-free on your home insurance for three years. (man) that's really something.
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buying a car from vroom is so easy, all you need is a phone and a finger. just go to, scroll through thousands of cars. then, tap to buy. that's it. no sales speak, no wasted time. go to and pick your favorite. ♪ ♪ >> this is a victory for the sanctity of life. >> voters need to make their voices heard. this fall we must elect more senators and representatives who
3:55 pm
codify a woman's right to choose. roe v. wade is on the ballot. personal freedoms are on the ballot. >> with your vote you connect give the final word. so this is not over. >> bring them back our panel there are 20 states that either have laws 13 of them have triggered law space of that ruling today. they have a restriction or some different bands about abortion what about that any argument in the states are to be unjustly treated if they for example one have an abortion. >> i like to see how this actually plays out because those laws they are tired about put in place a long time ago and views on this have changed over the years most americans are kind of in the middle on this question a
3:56 pm
lot of them were for instance in favor there's large majority for like the 15 week band which was what was in front of the court's even some of those trigger laws may not stick we've a long way to go to see which states shakeout on this. >> leslie it's also interesting that the president said today that the u.s. will be an outlier if you look at different nations a lot of them have bantu of some restrictions on abortion already the current position was kind of an outlier. >> the majority of leaders that i know who are pro-choice and include myself in that they don't want late-term abortions. they do want limits they have problems with no exceptions for when the mother life is in danger of those 26 states there's no exception for
3:57 pm
victims. because pro-choice. hillary clinton voted that the put the decision were the most sacred decisions there is that such a decision to remain between patience on the doctors to the supreme court opinion will live in infamy human rights will even infamy that you should have campaign in wisconsin because elections in 2016 had consequences for the supreme court and's decision today. >> 3 supreme court justices because he didn't campaign in wisconsin i was just thinking that and that is why it to people who are not very friendly to each other for president. forgetting these through other presidents may not have stood by the nominees the way president donald trump did seem
3:58 pm
to see good to be a pro-life for republicans in the midterm elections? >> i think it is possible this is one of the reasons why donald trump was elected because the supreme court list. >> lady sing very much on this historic day. ♪ ♪ >> it is friday know what that means? time for notable quotable's. >> what a great day. >> there's no point in saying good morning because it certainly is not one. >> we cannot allow new york to become the wild, wild west. >> i'm calling on congress to suspend the federal gas tax for the next 90 days. >> print people need need
3:59 pm
holiday from joe biden's gimmicks inflation sitting my people so hard they're coughing up bones. >> president biden: are you saying that we'd rather have lower gas prices than hooton's iron fist in europe? >> are you saying that it is the primary driver in america? >> it was high before america. we need more money for the second pandemic is more fennel coming off to kill virtually in america. it's based on actual investigations actual witness interviews these allegations simply had no merit. we are not introducing a national red flag. this bill will strengthen our laws. >> i am proud to support. i was getting off the bike and got stuck. >> this has been a newsy week for swinton jenn im on fox news sunday her guest senator lindsey
4:00 pm
graham of the judiciary committee george democratic stacey abrams want to miss that thanks for joining us at your home tonight and every night that is it for the special port fair and balanced and not afraid. covering all the news and there was a lot of it this week we have you covered on all angles jesse watters prime time is up next. maybe even early. a couple of seconds. [laughs] >> jesse: i'll take whatever you can give me. we begin with the fox news alert of the left is out out in full force tonight over supreme court decision we've known about for weeks. earlier today the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. no surprises after the draft opinion leaked back in may. so they accomplish nothing that a single justice was intimidated. despite an assassination attempt, attacks on pro-life facilities allowed vulgar protests outside the justices homes