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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 24, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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he snatched the screen and changed the thing to an app called prageru. there's content for your child's mind to fight the leftist lies. and if you give your child a chance to watch and grow. they might burst forth like washington, a true american hero. make a tax-deductible donation at ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we begin with the fox news alert, it is official, roe v. wade is no more. coming up we will have my full monologue and cut through all the clutter, hysteria and separate for you fact from fiction. does a lot of lying, propaganda, misinformation, fearmongering going on. we will show you the truth that the media mob ignores but let's take you to the ground where protests are breaking out at this hour all over the country including some calls for a night of rage and violence.
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outside the supreme court our own kevin corke is with us. what is going on? >> it's interesting. if you had been here earlier in the day you would've seen a bear of a different crowd, we are talking about primarily female, mostly female, mostly young, very peaceful. but as is often the case in circumstances like this, as the day goes on the crowd begins to change just a bit. more young men show up, more people in tactical gear and masks and dark glasses, shades and that sort of thing. a change in tone of what you are seeing. but thus far all day long, it has been peaceful. and we expect it to stay that way, hopefully, because there is a rather large law enforcement presence along the fence line, at least about 60 that we've seen. uniformed officers. there are more officers within the crowd. we are hoping for the best but
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so far we have seen a lot of people, passion, some prayer and mostly peaceful protesting. we will keep an eye on it but back to you. >> sean: any word on whether or not president biden authorized calling of national guard troops if needed? >> i have actually heard that. i have not confirmed that. it's a good question. as soon as i can nail that down i will let you know. over there, which you can't quite see because of the tree line, there are at least a dozen, maybe two dozen uniformed officers with shields and helmets and riot gear. when i drove up here there were several military personnel carriers as well, so it is possible that is the case. i haven't been able to lock that down. of course if we see any i promise to let you know. >> sean: kevin, thank you as always. great report. we turn to chicago where our own
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mike tobin is standing by. what is the latest on the ground in chicago? >> they certainly brought out a lot of numbers and a lot of passion to downtown chicago. this is federal plaza where the demonstration started tonight. essentially what they've done is taken a big march all through downtown. not only with the blessing of police by the governor j.b. pritzker got out with the women and marched. i say women because what makes this demonstration remarkable as it is almost entirely women. somewhere around 5% are the males in this car. the women i've spoken with have said they felt very disempowered when the decision came down so their choice to demonstrate is to gather her numbers and feel empowered. they say they want to send a message to elected officials that they are indeed a powerful voting block in the elected officials are going to have to keep that in mind. as far as the way the march has gone, nothing along the lines of threatening behavior or anything that would make you think that things would get violent. the worst we've seen are a
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couple of vulgar signs and vulgar chants. >> sean: mike from chicago tonight, thank you. we will bring updates from those protests all night tonight. despite the hysteria on the left of the supreme court ruling was a momentous decision that returns abortion law back to the states where it belongs, as it is not enumerated in the constitution like the right to keep and bear arms, which we discussed at length last night. some states with the most liberal abortion laws that even allow third trimester abortions, take a look at your map or they will continue to allow them. that will include alaska, colorado, new jersey, new mexico, oregon, vermont, washington, d.c. while democrats in the media mob are predictably demagogy and lying about this very ruling, we will give you the facts straight up and let you decide. let us be very clear, this decision does not make abortion in america illegal. it does not.
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i know they are implying that, they are saying it even but it does not. instead, individual voters, you will now decide abortion law at the state level per the tenth amendment of our constitution. remember, powers that are not enumerated in the constitution like the right to keep and bear arms are reserved for the states. in liberal states there will be few if any restrictions on abortions, in some case until birth. some states will continue to allow abortion on some level per there might be some restrictions in some states and different ones in different states. here is the second fact about this really come abortion was never enshrined in the u.s. constitution as a right and it was never codified in law. instead it became the status quo for 50 years because of activist judges pretending they were the legislative branch of government. coequal branches, they are not sometimes. as gregg jarrett rightly pointed out in a great column on
6:06 pm, roe v. wade is just one of more than more than 230 times the court has overruled this precious precedent that we often hear democrats talking about. that would include plessy v. ferguson. that is what legalized segregation. that precedent was done away with, rightly so. in the awful dread scott decision that upheld slavery. another example. another was overturning president is not uncommon and in many places as we just described, the right thing to d. naturally roe v. wade was always at the mercy of the courts but don't take my word for it. listen to far left hero of the left, socialist herself, justice ruth bader ginsburg. take a listen. >> roe became a symbol, i think, for the right to life movement. they had a single cause.
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this decision they said, this most undemocratic decision by nine justices nobody elected to make policy for the country, my criticism of roe is it seemed to have stopped the momentum, the momentum wasn't on the side of change. >> sean: ruth bader ginsburg's prediction has come true. she was right, roe is now overturned and this brings us to the third fact about today's room and get the court's decision today is about abortion and abortion alone. it's not about contraception, it's not about gay rights, it's not about interracial marriages many have been suggesting and lying about. the majority opinion makes this quite clear. "to ensure that our decision is not misunderstood or mischaracterized, we emphasize our decision concerns the constitutional right to an
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abortion and no other rights. nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast out on precedents that do not concern abortion. naturally the media mob, the democrats are conveniently ignoring the truth, the facts, the text and the ruling. why let truth get in the way of a great political narrative? sort of like january 6th, they want to use abortion, just like yesterday's supreme court ruling on the second amendment, as a wedge issue to fire up their base in the hopes that they may mitigate the pending losses that many are predicting. according to them, america is in peril all because of evil republicans and of course donald trump. take a look. >> this is as devastating ruling as can be imagined. >> this is a court that has upended a half-century of law of a constitutionally protected right to abortion that affects nearly every family across america in one way or another.
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>> is a heartbreaking betrayal of half of the country. sorry i'm getting -- watching the women there, it is emotional. >> new debate over other rights we thought were settled. the right to contraception, the right to same-sex marriage. all of those are thrown into question today. >> this is going to be a legal civil war between the states. >> this is monumental because it's the first time we've seen the court take away a right. >> there are a lot of people who believe this is a rigged court. >> sean: top democrats were just as dramatic and even more shameless with a ploy to turn this ruling into votes in november. take a look for yourself. >> this fall we must elect more senators and representatives who will codify a woman's right to choose into federal law once again. elect more state leaders to protect this right at the local level. we need to restore the protections of roe is love the
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land. we need to elect officials who will do that. this fall, roe is on the ballot. personal freedoms are on the ballot. >> be aware of this, the republicans are plotting a nationwide abortion ban. if they cannot be allowed to have majority in the congress. >> you have the power to elect leaders who will defend and protect your rights. and as the president said earlier today, with your vote you have the final word. >> sean: remember, they can't run on the great state of the economy because we have a 41 year high of inflation. they can't run on gas prices because we set a record record after record and its still going higher. they can't run on their foreign policy, they can't run on the damage they've done to our borders, but this is what they are going to run on. they are telegraphing it, they are saying it, being quite clear
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where they are headed with this and it gets worse. hillary clinton tweeted today that today's opinion will live in infamy. meanwhile nancy pelosi followed up her rant about the election with a dramatic reading of the poem. take a look. >> from time to time i quote this poem. here is my home, i will not be silent, for my country has changed her face. my country has changed her face. i shall not give up on her. i shall remind her and singing to her ears until she opens her eyes. clearly, we hope that the supreme court would open its eyes. >> sean: pelosi speaker in name only but the real speaker of the house congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez was even more distraught today. take a look for yourself. >> the supreme court justice chose to endanger the lives of
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all women and all birthing people in this country. but not only that, they have chosen to strip rates from men too, because frankly the right to our own bodies and the rights to form families, this is something that belongs to all of us. >> sean: she went on to predict that people will die because of the court's decision and even joined the protest outside of the supreme court, calling for people to take to the streets. at the same demonstration her comrade maxine waters called for insurrection against the court. take a look. >> you ain't seen nothing yet. women are going to control their bodies no matter how they try and stop us. to hell the supreme court. we will decide them. women will be in control of their bodies. >> sean: thankfully there are fences and heavily armed guards at the court. they are there for a reason.
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ever since the majority opinion was leaked the justice have been targeted with harassment, threats of violence and by the way, no condemnation from the democrats. joe biden, press secretary, other democrats, their addresses have been published online. protesters showing up at their home, a man traveling from california to the front door of justice kavanaugh in what was attempted assassination. amy coney barrett, the name of her kid's school and location of the church she goes to end the time she goes to church. radicals have vandalized dozens of antiabortion pregnancy centers all across the u.s., breaking windows, lighting fires, spray-painted in the message "if abortions are to safe, then neither are you." now a militant group named james revenge the took credit for many of these attacks is calling for tonight to be a night and a summer of rage.
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the group declared open season on pro-life americans, claiming that it was fun and easy to attack conservatives. even hinted at future attacks that might be much worse than fire and graffiti and yet maxine waters, the democrats, the media mob are not calling for calm, instead whipping their radical supporters into a frenzy tonight, almost as if they don't actually respect our institutions and let's not forget it wasn't that long ago joe biden himself was very much against abortion, take a look. >> tell me about abortion, where do you stand and how will you face that issue? >> it is going to be very difficult. i do not view abortion as a choice and a right. i think it is always a tragedy. >> sean: here more with now on the ground in new york, our own lawrence jones. lj, what is going on in new york city? >> good evening. he picked up where chuck schumer was attacked and kavanaugh
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saying he would rue the day. i haven't seen this many protesters since the summer riots. they are on their way now to chuck schumer's home to protest in front of his home. i don't know if this is in the solidarity of chuck schumer. we still haven't heard any calls for peace were the condemnation of his past comments after that sound bite that he said led to one person to actually make their way to justice kavanaugh's house with what we know to be an attempt at assassination. of course he ended up turning himself into authorities by these protests right now have been mostly peaceful. we saw some vandalism on statues earlier today, but they are marching, about 5,000 of them come on their way to chuck schumer's home. again, we still don't know who is the person that leaked those documents. we do have the decision now but of course, the prison that lit the match, chuck schumer as well as that leaker that put that leaked document out there for
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the public, i think they are getting what they want tonight. i will send it back to you in new york appeared to be when you are saying that people are marching to chuck schumer's home, anyone who calls themselves or identifies as a conservative, turn around and go home. stay away from a politician's home. that is an extraordinarily dangerous thing to do and a dumb thing to do, just like what he did on the steps of the supreme court was dumb. >> you are exactly right. the people come i just want to note the people on their way to chuck schumer's home are liberal activists, they are shouting "no justice, no peace. my body, my choice. what these are progressive spirit >> sean: i guess he is going to go there to cheer them on. here now with reaction, fox news contributor law professor jonathan turley is with us. i want to make sure, from the legal perspective that the analysis we are getting is accurate. there is an enumerated right to keep and bear arms.
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that would justify yesterday's decision on the second amendment. there is no enumerated right when it comes to the constitution but our framers and their wisdom anticipated such conflict and moment and hence we have the tenth amendment into a certain extent i would argue the ninth amendment that sends issues like this back to the state, which seems appropriate in this case which is why i've always felt that roe is a bad law your thoughts? >> this is part of what the court was grappling with. people talk about roe v. wade as if it is an inviolate decision. in fact, roe v. wade itself wasn't gutted. the privacy based analysis that came out of the 1973 opinion was later removed in kc and there was a substitute which gave us the undue burden standard. roe was criminalized by many liberal academics. people like laurence tribe called it a smoke screen. as you saw, ginsburg herself
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said it went too far. this wasn't a decision that was widely accepted in terms of its analysis. but there are arguments that could be made under the constitution for this privacy or equal protection or due process right but the court clearly didn't see that in their argument is not that abortion should be unlawful. they are not saying anything about what should happen to abortion. they are seeing more of who should make that decision and they said in the opinion that in 1973 they essentially stopped a political debate that was going on in the country. and what they said today was, have at it. have that debate. have 33, 330 billion americans make the decision rather than nine justices. we were going to see variations among the key states.
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most to protect the right to abortion. in 1973, 30 states when it was handed down prohibited abortion by all except in the most limited circumstances, but the country has moved on this issue. but now the issue has moved back and it will be decided state-by-state. >> sean: knowing the current makeup of new york and new jersey and illinois and california, and even knowing for example mississippi, which brought this before the supreme court, they just had a regulation, state regulation of 15 weeks. is that a fair statement? >> yes, in fact the majority of people in this country are virtually guaranteed to live in a state where abortion is not going to be unlawful. states like california and new york, illinois that are
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obviously going to remain a robustly protective states and even states with republican governors like virginia today. senator young can set i would like to pursue a mississippi-like rule and he says, i'm also willing to compromise. let's talk, let's see what a reasonable compromise is. that is part of the vision the framers had for the federalism model, 60 states working on problems, there's a chance you can come up with creative compromises. out of all of that experimentation, can become a resolution. i think what you were going to see is a number of states in the short-term that are going to move on these trigger laws, that are going to ban abortion except except in very limited circumstances. but in the majority, for the majority of people in this country, the post roe world will not be dramatically different from the roe world in the sense that they are living in states where that right will be
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protected. >> sean: let me play for you chuck schumer on the steps of the supreme court and i want to get your thoughts on this. >> i want to tell you, gore sell justice gorsuch and kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and he will pay the price! [cheers and applause] you will know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions! >> sean: you release to the whirlwind, you will pay the price, you won't know what hit you. you are a great lawyer, if that was me the steps of the supreme court, why do i think there would be consequences that i would have to face as a result of saying something like that? and i don't think you can get me out of it. >> that was one of the lowest points that i have witnessed in my lifetime, in terms of the supreme court and how it is being treated. the senate majority leader making threats, calling out two
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justices by name really shocks all of us. this is an age of rage, i don't think he was calling for violence but what he was doing was reckless and people hear those types of words and they take a much different meaning, we saw very violent meaning. we saw that in front of justice kavanaugh's house and today we are seeing the same failure of leadership as politicians go out and say things that are not true. vice president harris and speaker pelosi talking about how this decision endangers things like multiracial or interracial marriages and contraceptive protection. the court went to an extraordinary degree to swat down those arguments. i haven't seen an opinion where the court repeatedly returns to
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this issue and say this is not going to endanger those rights. it keeps on coming back and saying, we are going to extend this position to things like marriage or contraception is simply untrue. they were there was only one justicewho so re-examine this occasion for the five other judges expressly said that is not going to be the case. yet that is being ignored. one law professor responded to me and said we don't believe anything they say anyway. then what is the point of legal analysis if you are just going to say that everything is a live? that certainly makes our task rather easy. but it is not a lie. these justices drew very clear line. abortion in their view is unique in this does not extend to those rights appear >> sean: great analysis. thank you as always. appreciate you being with the spirit also tonight this ruling should not shock anyone in the country from the very beginningo
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appoint pro-life constitutionalist judges to the supreme court and that is exactly what he did. promises made, promises kept. take a look. >> do you want to see the court overturn roe v. wade? >> if we put another two or three justices on that is really what is going to happen and it will happen automatically, in my opinion because i am putting pro-life justices on the court. i will say this, it will go back to the states and the states will then make a determination. >> sean: here with more is former florida attorney general, outnumbered cohost kayleigh mcenany and fox news contributor tammy bruce. let me start with you, pam, if i can because president trump, what is interesting, he did something i can't recall another candidate doing as he gave a list of names that he would choose from for the high court and he followed through on that promise. it is very transparent, just like joe biden, we would know he would put a liberal
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justice on the court, probably an activist, correct? >> that is right up your promises made, promises kept. just like you said. president trump did everything. his policies for this country have remained great and they are trying to undo all of this and look what he said has happened. thanks to him putting these great justices on the bench. they are following the law, as jonathan turley said. it's going to go back to the states to make the decision. i am so glad that we got to see this ruling in our lifetime. the law is being followed and after 50 years the constitution is being followed thanks to these justices. and thanks to donald trump putting conservative justices on the bench. his policies have been incredible for our country and will continue to be. >> sean: if i can let me go to you, tammy.
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>> sean: we have had all these -- to unleash the summer of rage. it goes on to say that from here forward any choice group who closes their doors and stops operating they will no longer be the target but until you do, it is open season. we know where your operations are. the infrastructure of the enslavers will not survive. we will never stop, backed down, slow down or retreat. sounds like a threat of terrorism. tammy? >> it sure does. the left really love their drama, don't they cause a wreck they love it. this is a marginal extremist group, they certainly don't speak for the majority of anyone. this is like antifa or the group
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the black fox or you are using leftist -- to promote chaos and havoc and violence because it i. and they want a distraction, let's be honest here. the democrats are embarrassed as they should be. their own party is dissolving, effectively. they can't run the country, they've made the world more dangerous place, the economy has been destroyed. they don't want women to be thinking about -- they talk about personal freedom. how in gods name or you personally free when you don't feel safe sending your kids to school to walk to school because of drug dealers and crime in your neighborhood? when you don't have gasoline to be able to drive, if you had to, to a doctor that was out of town. when you don't know why next week's paycheck is going to look like, what you are going to be able to afford, what you can feed your children at night because there's no protein, no food on the shelf, there is no
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baby formula and they are talking about personal freedom for women and suburban moms. this is going to get the suburban moms all jazzed up. the suburban moms are worried about tomorrow and their safety and feeding their children what they want to. this is the united states of america and this is what they think and the democrats will be wrong. they will overstep and this will not bode well for them. more riots and more violence over an issue as at the dinner table in the kitchen table american families are still wondering how they're going to get to the next few weeks in next few months considering this economy and the condition of the world, wars breaking out. it's an extraordinary -- i'm wondering if merrick garland and the doj and fbi are going to set up a task force for those people like they have against american
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parents going to school board meetings and speaking their mind. we have heard silence and the doj and the fbi and merrick garland need to step in, find these people and arrest them and i have to tell you, they probably know who they are dealing with already and they've got to arrest them. these are terroristic threats. to do nothing encourages it. >> sean: let me ask you, since the release of the draft opinion, we have had dozens and dozens of pro-life centers and churches et cetera attacked. the oregon right to life set ablaze with the molotov cocktail. cocktail. in wisconsin the family action set on fire with molotov cocktails. these aren't just words. they may be a fringe group, we don't know a lot about them, but we do know they have been attacking a lot of places already and this is just based on the draft ruling. >> that is exactly right. there have been more than 40
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attacks on pro-life centers, complete a vandalism and joy about it in the aftermath. i've talked a lot of heads of pregnancy centers. one last week that i met out in bloomington, minnesota. i said i am praying for you, i am worried for you. the pro-life movement is strong, they show up and put boots on the ground and peacefully try to have their voices heard and indeed, their voices have been heard in many states across the nation. it is incumbent, to tammy's point, to actually prosecute this activity. that is not something we have seen thus far. weird merrick garland come out with a statement today about protecting reproductive rights. what about protecting these pregnancy centers? what about protecting these churches? we know the person in charge of that division that goes after these entities, kristen clarke has in fact expressed her pro-choice views in the past.
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i certainly hope those views are not coloring the decision of the department of justice. if i could, you played the clip from aoc saying this is my body and i have a right to it. you do have a right to your body, aoc. absolutely. you do not have a right to a body that is in your body. i am 17 weeks pregnant, this baby has a separate heart beat and separate dna and a separate arms and legs. i do not have a right to that body. i do have a right to my body but not to that body. states will now take that into consideration. we will see how states come out but several states will now recognize a life is a life. it's not a woman's right to choose, it is a baby's right to left. >> can i add something? nancy pelosi's statement,
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republicans plan on nationalized abortion ban, the action of the supreme court is actually the reverse effect. the supreme court which is the one entity that is unelected people putting on an abortion ban across the country because that is what they want apparently the court to do, to make a national law, which the supreme court doesn't do, but biden saying this does not belong with us, this belongs with state legislatures, this eliminates the specific threat of an unelected body imposing its views on the women of this country! that is why it should be embraced and women should take control of their states, of whatever your beliefs are on this and embrace it and become more powerful. the democrats treat you like infants, they treat you like this is not the 21st century, and that you are going to believe whatever they say to you. it is insulting and insane. >> sean: you get the last word tonight. >> it is insulting and people
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like maxine waters and cori bush, who are out there inciting violence and lying about what this opinion is about, they know it. they know they are lying, cori bush is lying, she needs to be elected out of office, kicked out of office in missouri because it is dangerous for our supreme court, for our pregnancy clinics who are counseling women on keeping their babies and for everyone out there. merrick garland, support ukraine but he needs to be in our country now making sure our justices are safe in their homes tonight because of bad politicians like cori bush and maxine waters and others. >> sean: pam bondi, kaylee, think it would also congratulations, kaylee. that is news to me and we are all very happy for you and your family. congrats. here with reaction, former counsel to president trump. kellyanne conway and stephen miller is with us.
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we will start with you, this group wanting a summer average across the country, it is open season, we know where your operations are, ever since the draft opinion was leaks we have seen the doxxing of supreme court justices homes. we've now been able to uncover an assassination plot against justice kavanaugh. we now know that where amy coney barrett's kids go to school, we know where she goes to church, we know when she goes to church. that is a responsible enough, those people should be held accountable. however the white house had an opportunity to condemn that fear joe biden's white house and they didn't. why? >> they did not. today was actually the first time we ever heard joe biden address violence as part of these protests at all. we've been waiting for him to say something in the two plus weeks since the assassination attempt on justice kavanaugh and god forbid his wife and two young daughters are living in
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that house. he only came out today and talked about it because senator joe biden is always in conflict with president joe biden. he is the combination of ignorance and arrogance when it comes to this opinion and almost every other issue. i want to go back in time that sense of how we got here. i was in the room many times with president-elect, canada and president trump. we were discussing pro-life issues and i just want to say that without donald trump and mike pence and that administration, none of this would have happened. i know the left is saying that but the right needs to say this is part of the trump legacy. the three supreme court justices but in total 230 federal justices were put on the bench because they were nominated by donald trump including 54 at the u.s. circuit level. of the court level right below the united states supreme court. in private, donald trump always marveled that barack obama left him 128 vacancies. he couldn't believe it and i have to agree.
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i know stephen was there as well but time and again when it came to mexico city policy, when it came to protecting the senate and i just want to say this to america, remember, for most of his adult life this manhattan billionaire had been pro-choice. he changed his mind over a series of years in a series of experiences. that is a very typical in our country. people do change their minds and i think the opinion was the culmination of that as well. uc public opinion, it's only grabs some people but science and medicine have made so many people stop and think, including 47 of the 50 countries have restrictions before 15 weeks. why is 15 weeks important? that is the dobbs measure. 15 weeks gestation. a majority of americans agree with not having abortion starting second trimester. everybody's polls show that. even if you agree on some level not the second and certainly not the third trimester.
6:37 pm
that is in part why roe was wrongly decided. the supreme court finally spoke up but i really want to give a little bit of the backstory on how we got here because it is not ancient history. had hillary clinton put out her own list, had she been a better candidate and not told people she was deplorable and a redeemable, we wouldn't be here right now. >> sean: let me go to steve miller. jonathan turley summed it up really well, they're not saying it is right or wrong for they are simply saying who should make the decision constitutionally. in other words it is not an enumerated right, the tenth amendment, ninth amendment puts it right back to the united states. that is what they decided today. all of these people for whatever reason, i think they really believe abortion became illegal today and there are other people trying to monopolize on this ruling and politicize it and they are being completely and
6:38 pm
utterly dishonest and outright lying to people about what this ruling is actually about. >> today was a remarkable victory for democracy. what joe biden is campaigning against in the midterms is democracy itself! the supreme court justices said, who are we to decide this issue. this belongs with american voters in each and every state. i will also just a second this ruling underscores why president trump's bond with the faith and value voters in this country is unbreakable and unshakable. i really want to go back to your point because it is so important. roe v. wade 50 years ago took an issue away from the democratic process and said, we the supreme court will decide abortion law for everyone. today the supreme court said, no, the american people, the american voter, the american representatives, you decide abortion rules and the overwhelming majority of
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americans believe that they, not judges, should decide abortion laws in this country and that is what today is all about. >> sean: stephen miller, kellyanne conway. congrats, your book, number one on "the new york times" list. pro-abortion demonstrators are taking these demonstrations to multiple cities tonight including in our nation's capital as we go to "the daily caller" reporter shall be. thank you for being with us. >> thanks. >> sean: what is going on there? >> so actually, there were huge protests earlier tonight. i would say a few thousand people. it's been pretty peaceful. there's been a lot of speeches, we are seeing a lot of chants. we are seeing some of the anti-police rhetoric we saw during the 2020 protests, but so far here in d.c. it has been peaceful. i will say there was a large group of -- who walked past and they are not marching around
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d.c. and typically this is the , their rhetoric is a little more aggressive and sometimes a little more violent and these other groups that i think you have to watch out for the night goes on. they are currently marching around d.c. but here in front of the supreme court, the protests are very calm. it is a group to my left who are just sort of chatting and chanting but it does seem to be dying down here in this direct area. >> sean: all right, thank you for that report. joining us now from the site of a massive demonstration in new york city. lawrence jones is with us. i did not understand you, i couldn't hear you. he said liberal activists are actually marching to chuck schumer's house? are they marching there? for what purpose? >> exactly. well, they are just trying to -- i think they are standing in solidarity with him. actually ended up taking a turn. they are on their way to 48th. we are on 48th right now, and medicine which you know is our
6:41 pm
world headquarters is on sixth avenue and 48th, so we think they are actually changing their direction right now and heading to the studio. we are trying to get back in front of them. it's been mostly peaceful so far but again, still obscene comments, they want to replace the justices. they want to pack the court. they believe that amy coney barrett is a part of the handmaid's tale. they have accused her of being a cult. they are upset at donald trump are pointing those three conservative justices and they say that if they don't get what they want, they want to pack the court. but it's clear to the democrats because they had no issues to run on when it comes to the economy, inflation, crime, the border, that this has become their signature issue and the mask that chuck schumer lifted that day in the supreme court, they are heading his way or they may be heading to fox news studios which is right behind me. >> sean: all right, stay safe and thank you for that report. we will get back to you throughout the hour.
6:42 pm
now senator marco rubio was pushing back against joe biden's far left lunacy and introducing a bill to block biden from declaring federal emergencies on abortion. remember, countries all across europe have very strict limits on abortion. for example, in germany is only permitted up to 14 weeks. in ukraine, only permitted up to 12 weeks. in poland, only in cases of rape or incest. in france come only until six weeks. in some states in the u.s., some states have up until the moment of birth. first the baby will be born, we will make the baby comfortable and then the doctor will talk to the mother and they will make a decision. anyway, here with reaction to all of tonight's big, breaking news, i don't think we can emphasize enough, in light of protests, and we know we saw in the summer of 2020 many of them spiral out of control, thousands of dead americans and
6:43 pm
thousands of injured cops and billions in property damage, we don't want to go back to those days but when you have big crowds it is always dangerous, so i don't think we can emphasize enough, abortion is not illegal, it has not been outlaws. the supreme court only decided who should make the decision for they decided based on our constitution that it is the state's decision, correct? >> what we've seen over the last three hours its own fortunately american political coverage has become childish and unserious and that is exactly what they are telling people. if you watch some of these tweets and see some of this reporting you think abortion has been banned. nothing has been banned. the only thing the supreme court did today is hand of the constitution the states have the right to decide through their elected representatives how abortion is prohibited or regulated peer that is the decision that was made today and that is what we are talking about now. the reason they are having a
6:44 pm
left-wing meltdown, two reasons why. the first is as long as they had roe v. wade they didn't have to worry about having that debate. they didn't have to go out there and have to argue and justify why they think that abortion should be taxpayer-funded and legal up until the moment of birth was right they didn't want to have that argument because ricky didn't have to worry about that argument. the second reason they are melting down is because roe actually imposed a standard, a law on the entire country without anyone ever doing anything about it. they loved that situation they were in. the third is politics. they raised $18,000 on this, the democrats think this will turn out a bunch of voters and help them forget what an incompetent presidency we are under. those of the three reasons but here is the irony is you are showing these images, these massive protests, these are liberal cities in liberal states that are never going to ban abortion. they are going to potentially commit acts of violence in places where abortion will always be legal as long as it's in the hands of the states
6:45 pm
because these are liberal places. that is the irony of all of this. >> sean: the fact that they are lying to people for political reasons, clearly they can't run on the economy and they can't run on how well they have done down at the border, they can't run on gas prices, they can't run on what they did in afghanistan or the war in europe or any other of the many failures on the list of joe biden's policy. now they will run on guns, abortion, january 6th and republicans, the usual playbook. they are racist, sexist, homophobic, blah, blah, blah. >> they can't run on saying to people that abortion is still tragically, there are still abortions today. there will be abortions tomorrow because abortion is not banned. they cannot run on that so they have to lie to people and say it was just a ruling that bans it almost bans a pier that is what they are telling people when in fact, the ruling today, which they can't run on, is to tell
6:46 pm
the people that the supreme court ruled that you through your elected representatives in the state you live will get to decide the state law about abortion beer they can't tell people that so they have to lie and take to the streets -- >> sean: what is the law in the state of florida? the legislator in florida passed a 15 week band. after the first 15 weeks -- by the way, that is consistent and in line with much of the country. and poll after poll. you love talking about polls. poll after poll show the overwhelming majority of americans support a ban after 15 weeks. >> sean: by the way, the institute actually put out specifics that fully 55% of abortions today are done by pills in people's homes. i found that number to be very high. i looked elsewhere and it seems to be consistent with other estimates. >> yeah, and all of these are tragic, okay? the point being that is with the law is in florida, that is with this case was about, a
6:47 pm
mississippi law that was being challenged and worked its way over to the court. with these people don't want you to know and why they don't want to have these debates, what they don't want you to know is in order to be accepted by these medical abortion groups you have to be in favor of taxpayer-funded abortion without restriction up until the moment of birth. that is the position you must take if you are going to get the support of these radical groups that are out there. they don't want you to know that so they don't want the debate. my opponent running for senate, that is what she supports. she doesn't want the debate, raising a bunch of money, they are trying to come after me in florida. >> sean: we need you back in that seat and i'm sure the people of florida know how good a job you've done. we appreciate you being with us. thank you. bill clinton once famously said abortion should be legal and rare. i think you can add the words early. my understanding according to the research we did is anywhere between one week and 12 weeks of pregnancy, it can be done with the abortion pill.
6:48 pm
anyway, for those people that choose to have one, that would be early. it legal, rare. it is still legal in america. following today's historic ruling, several states have already moved to codify the right to life. for example, abortion bans in arkansas, kentucky, louisiana, missouri, oklahoma, south dakota went into immediate effect after the decision in far left abortion groups are now issuing more threats against supreme court justices. and now the group ruth sent us, i haven't listened to ruth. tweeted out the addresses of the six conservative justices urging their followers to meet at justice clarence thomas' house. if her reaction harvard law professor alan dershowitz along with fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. correct me if i'm wrong, it's a very clear, you can intimidate, harass a justice. i would argue large crowds
6:49 pm
marching in front of their homes where they live with their families, that is harassment. that is intimidation, am i wrong? >> i think so. the courts will have to decide how to balance that against the first amendment. but i think the important -- >> sean: you don't think that, professor? you to think that is extra nearly dangerous? >> i do and i think it should be never done under any circumstances but i do think the supreme court should never have had to reach beyond the 15 weeks. that is what was before the supreme court. everybody on this show seems to think that 15 weeks is reasonable. 50 weeks, the europeans think 15 weeks. why did the supreme court have to jump into this and say we are not going to decide the case before us, we are going to band roe vs. wade, overrule it and allow states to be sure, allow states to abolish abortion completely. that was judicial activism
6:50 pm
overreaching. and you oppose judicial activism. you should join me and agree with justice roberts that judicial activism was at play here and it was unnecessary. >> sean: professor, i probably will not debate as effectively as one of your greater student, ted cruz as you have said on many occasions, but rights not enumerated in the constitution like the right to keep and bear arms which we discussed last night with then go back, tenth amendment, ninth amendment would be applicable. would it not, professor? >> you could be right about all of that but you wait until the right case comes up. wait until the case comes before the supreme court in which a state says no abortions, then the supreme court could have overruled roe. why do it now, that is what the statute was. that is what the mississippi
6:51 pm
statute was that was before the court. >> four 49 long years justices of the supreme court have struggled mightily to justify the decision to justify 9073 in roe vs. wade. it is next to impossible to defend the indefensible. even the late ruth bader ginsburg expressed reservations about it. why? because there is nothing in the text or the structure or the meaning of the constitution that gives rise to this right to privacy for an abortion. it is neither explicit nor is it implicit. but back in 1973, a different supreme court conjured up out of thin air this right to privacy. it was fundamentally wrong then, it was wrong back then and it's always incumbent upon the supreme court to re-examine cases, to right or wrong. as i pointed out in my column on
6:52 pm
fox news, more than 230 times the supreme court has reversed its own precedent. presidents are great, until they are not. yet nancy pelosi stood there today and said it's outrageous to overturn a precedent that stood for 49 years. it's not outrageous at all. it is certainly done in landmark cases, they've been overturned by the supreme court. >> in all those cases the supreme court waited until they had an actual case before it which raised the issue. in this case, the mississippi case did not raise that issue. it only raised the issue of whether a 15 week ban was constitutional. it would have been much better to decide that. what is wrong with justice roberts opinion? why was he wrong? >> there's nothing wrong with being proactive and examining the basis upon which -- >> it is total judicial
6:53 pm
activism. >> sean: i'm sure we will be discussing more of this on monday for joining us now with reaction, ronnie jackson along with colorado congresswoman lauren boebert is with us. your take on today's ruling from the supreme court? >> first of all i am absolutely overjoyed at this decision, tonight we are bracing for democrat cities vandalized by democrat voters and democrat states where there abortion laws won't be affected by today's ruling and of course we are hearing that abortions are already being canceled in states like louisiana, texas, kentucky, missouri and arkansas. that means that babies lives are being saved as we speak. let's make this crystal clear, as you've been doing tonight on the show, the american people, they did not outlaw abortion. he returned to the issue of what protections of the unborn should receive back to the states, and the democratic process. i am proud to say that because of this decision, american
6:54 pm
babies that would have died today will get to live a full and blessed life here in america. >> sean: let me get your take dr. ronnie jackson and also your reaction to the fact that a large percentage of abortions today are early and taken with a pill. you see a lot of protesters with pictures of coat hangers and back alley abortions, et cetera beer that is not the case, is it? >> absolutely not but they want you to think that because they are trying to use that to drive the next election cycle. it's all they have to hang their hat on. i'm overjoyed as well as the people of texas. certainly the people in my district in north texas. stepping up and if any of the unborn, this movement has become disgusting. it really has. it evolved from a movement that used to be about supposedly a woman's choice into a movement
6:55 pm
now that absolutely celebrates the murder of the child in the womb and it is just gone too far. i'm very happy with what happened today and i hope that we continue to overturn abortion in every state in the country. >> sean: 15, 20 seconds. congressman, what is the law in your state colorado? >> it's pretty terrible, they just codified full-term abortions here in our state. something that has been going on for a very long time and unfortunately -- >> sean: full-term meeting up until a day before or a couple hours before giving birth you can perform an abortion legal in colorado. >> yes, the mother could be in labor and decide to terminate that pregnancy and they would -- >> sean: that is called infanticide. i think you both. we will have more "hannity" coming up straight ahead, next.
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>> hannity: it's important to say that they took away your right to a abortion that you can that's not what today's decision is they got to say who gets to decide in the decision is clear that all the time we have left this evening thanks for being with us and thank you for making the show possible stay with the fox news channel for continuing coverage but not your heart be troubled laura ingraham is next we'll see then. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." that is the focus of tonight's angle. on january 261973 most 50 years ago seven members of the supreme court, the same constitution that americans had fought and died to protect elected officials could not protect the unborn from abortion. ever since time abortion had been a constitutional