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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  June 25, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> and elsewhere around the country, dan thanks. remember if you have your own hit or miss fisher to tweet it to us that is it for this week show. thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. i am paul gigot hope to see you right here next week. ♪. eric: protesters hitting the streets this weekend after the stunning supreme court ruling yesterday that overturn roe versus wade. ending 49 years of federal protection of abortion rights in our country. the landmark decision sparking passionate demonstrations from pro-life and pro-choice advocates alike. several states now move to limit or outright ban abortion procedures. hello and welcome to a new our "fox news live" i am eric sean. hi arthel. 's. arthel: hello eric hello everyone i am arthel neville.
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crowds are gathering in cities coast-to-coast to express their feelings following the five -- four decision to return control of abortion law to the states but several have already outlawed the procedure under it so trigger laws which will ban or restrict most abortions and roughly half the country in the coming weeks and months. president biden among other democratic leaders are now weighing options to protect abortion rights. there fox news team coverage read alexis mcadams live in new york city on protests across the country. but first to davis he is live at the supreme court where crowds are also gathering. david. [cheering] >> a consistent presence outside the supreme court. thousands of people out here today but will give you kind of a live look at what we are looking at right now. the majority if not most of people out there potentially all of the people out here today are pro-choice are angry about this decision that came down from the supreme court. i was out here yesterday there
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is much more of a pro-life presence out here yesterday. i have not seen that at this point. a lot of profanity. a lot of fingers going up and gestures at the supreme court. that is a visceral reaction. there's talk about when things calm down going to state legislatures. about voting different people in congress. also in the white house for that is where this kind of talk is going right now. as you mentioned after the sleeves washington d.c. and d.c. hit a microcosm of the country, of course this goes to the states. many states right now are already declaring abortion illegal for the moment the supreme court opinion came down yesterday morning including the governor mike parsons of missouri he tweeted out just moments after this opinion came down yesterday, missouri has become the first state in the nation to effectively and abortion. missouri joins these other states we have a map for you. and read those are states they
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triggered their abortion their antiabortion laws from the moment the supreme court decision came down to look at states like ohio, iowa, missouri, georgia, south carolina per those all have a six week man. montana, nebraska, indiana and florida are considering that type of legislation. but arthel, the states that are in gray, oregon, california, massachusetts, vermont, maine, those estates abortion will remain illegal. where i am right now in washington d.c., some of the least restrictive laws when it comes to stopping abortion. abortions will continue in washington d.c. as i said the issue returns to the state. this means where a woman lives will dictate whether or not she can receive an abortion legal in the state. for instance f8 woman lives in flagstaff, arizona abortions are now illegal in arizona.
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this means she will likely have to the state line into california. >> i'm sorry is about him a little less sorry than i am pissed. a little less sorry than i am resolved and angry to do more. >> u.s. attorney general at merrick garland want to supreme court nominee himself expressed disappointment with the court's ruling. he said in a statement under federal constitutional principles women who reside in states that have banned access to comprehensive reproductive care must remain free to seek that care in states where it is legal. this means the department of justice, the attorney general that top law enforcement officers think you live in a state where abortions are illegal the justice department supports you to cross the state line and get an abortion rate is legal. as for what we are seeing onto right now, again more protests are expected to continue by doing to reiterate there is not been any violence out here.
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someone threw some paint earlier simple red paint on the sidewalk. that is the majority of what we're seeing no violence, no teargas nothing getting out of control. police officer standing by just in case. >> alright david david thank you live at the supreme court. it is eight live protests there are signs behind david during his live shot we want to apologize to her viewers for some of the profanity that popped up on the screen behind david shots, erica. before the supreme court historic decision ignited not just protest at the corporate demonstrations and rallies across the country this weekend. pro-choice and pro-life demonstrators taken to the streets very cities with emotions as you see running high on both sides. last night some this demonstrations turned chaotic arizona to right here in new york city. that's refined alexis mcadams out on the streets really protests here have continued, hi
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alexis. >> hi eric protest popping up across the nation just hours after that decision by the supreme court. there's lots of crowds celebrating this decision and lots of people that are protesting it. it is also continuing this week ever take a look at your screen these protests are happening today we had new video of so far by dallas, cincinnati, milwaukee and philly pretty much turned out there. some were for pride festivals nevis conversation about roe v wade or at the forefront there the conversation. on friday at large crowds showing up in manhattan union square. many new yorkers voicing their fears of the system or group some protesters were arrested if they blocked off the street halting traffic which there is a lot of it in new york. there are some delays there. fred ate heavy police presence in los angeles. thousands gathered the lapd make a few arrests the crowd kept on growing. now we go to chicago lines of protesters there but chicago police are also in standby this weekend is more protests are planted some say this is a big
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step in the right direction as pro-choice advocates pledge the going to fight back. >> we are not going to let this go without a fight. they're not just coming for abortion. they're also coming for our birth control, they are coming for interracial marriage. the coming for same-sex marriage. >> is not going to be no protesting there. it is a murder. no matter what no matter how many with this or saying anything, murder is murder. >> is important to point out here in these three major cities we just showed you video l.a., chicago, new york city, they have a large turnout for this purchase of the biggest in the country. in those states will not have any changes to their abortion laws that's not the case or some other errors we saw a lot of chaos, take a look. [background noises] [background noises]
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>> is a scene in arizona print large crowds showing up at the state capitol in phoenix. you can see the chaotic scene police had used teargas to break up the group after investigators say there were people begging on the glass windows of the capitol building. when that decision came down arizona did halt all procedures of the competing closet either completely banned an abortion or limited to 15 weeks after a woman becomes pregnant or back after libel tell you more events are happening throughout the weekend in new york city and other demonstrations that are planned throughout the country paired president biden, eric has urged all of the demonstrators to remain peaceful. eric: during the protest in arizona state legislature said they're all told to stay in the building including the state police will the demonstrates were outside, alexis in new york city thank you. survive erica supreme court decision on abortion not specifically outlined in the constitution like same-sex marriage. the use of contraception for a
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married couple justice clarence thomas writes in his opinion concurring with majority quote in future cases we should reconsider all of the court expansive due process precedents including griswold, that argument also spelled out in the dissenting opinion from the three liberal leaning justices who say quote today's opinion will fuel the fight to get contraception and any other issue with the moral dimension out of the 14th amendment and into state legislatures prejudge me now is mike davis a former clerk for justice and former chief nominations counsel for the senate judiciary committee. i want to start by asking you, do you agree or disagree with the three liberal supreme court justices? >> i disagree with the liberal supreme court justices by think it's a scare tactic because they lost this abortion case or try to bring in these strong arguments on contraception. especially on interracial marriage.
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that is clearly protected by the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. arthel: as you know the majority of americans support the right to have an abortion for anyone to ask you your reaction and thoughts just on this unprecedented move by the supreme court? >> that is great it should be a political issue for the state legislatures. and so these protesters maybe should move their illegal protest their intimidation campaigns from supreme court justices homes or their harassing into meeting their families and have them removed from their homes and leading to assassination attempts. maybe they should march their state legislatures and lobby their state legislatures to change their laws of their so much political support that should not have a problem. arthel: in terms of appeal or illegal action what work at those who support and those who oppose roe v wade do? >> this is largely going to become a state issue. it is going to be under our constitution the federal government has specific limited
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and divided powers. nowhere in the constitution is abortion mentioned. therefore this is an issue for the states and for the people. this is an issue, if people don't like abortion restrictions they can move to california for people to like covid they can move to florida. survive a mug of the historic decision during their senate confirmation and private meetings with senators, judges your former boss and kavanaugh mislead or misrepresent their stance on precedent and on roe v wade? >> i helped lead him through that process is on his former law clerk spurred iran the process and the senate as a staff leader for justice kavanaugh's confirmation but he also on the chief justice, confirmations. all of these supreme court nominees all had judicial cans their job is to say they will follow precedent including the law of precedent. look at the law of precedent have to determine whether these
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cases are rightly or wrongly decided and the effects of those cases. and so know they did not mislead at all. i think centers like susan collins in maine needs to be a lot more careful about what they say about their meetings with the supreme court justices. she has essentially accused them of being unethical pride that is nothing could be further from the truth. if i want to pull up a recent gallup poll it shows confidence in supreme court hitting a new low. americans with a great deal are quite a lot of confidence in the supreme court in 1988 that was 56% got more than half the country. 202136%. today, 25% pay to want to get your thoughts on the state of the supreme court of the united states. >> of federal judges have lifetime tenure they have protection they should not care about the political polling at all. brown versus board of education, education was not popular with the supreme court decided that. the supreme court should be deciding cases that make them
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unpopular for their job is to protect minority rights free to protect us from government tierney and majority tyranny. arthel: are going to leave it right there right mike davis thank you very much for joining us for. >> thank you. >> eric. eric: thank you arthel another historic decision of the nation's capitol per president biden citing a bipartisan gun bill into law this morning. praising congress for taking action" saving lives. congress worked quickly to try to pass this legislation after the recent tragic shootings, the mass shootings in uvalde, texas and buffalo comedy are printed in the white house is weighing in on calls from some to try to pack the supreme court after the decision about the gun rights and abortion. lucas, sent lives invite the lighthouse with the latest on the ministrations reaction, high lucas pre-quickset is right eric, president biden citing into law the largest gun-control bill and nearly 30 years but before beginning his prepared marks president biden took aim at the supreme court think they had made some terrible
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decisions. >> i to know how painful and devastating a decision is so many americans. and i mean so many americans. my ministrations going to focus on how they administer and whether not they violated other laws. like deciding to not allow people across state lines its public health services but going to take action to protect women's rights and reproductive health. >> by did not say the word abortion but here's what is in the gun bill he signed this morning. it provides funding for red flag laws and crisis prevention program. enhances background checks for buyers under 21 which is only as good as a data put into it of course because of the boyfriend lou pulpit toughens penalty for gun trafficking clarifies guidelines gun dealers. here's a list of 14 republicans have more than 200 house of representatives voted for the gun bill here's a few liz cheney, adam can scare, tom rice is primary by trackback canada last week. ryan fit patrick, fred upton, mike turner and tigers also
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represents uvalde for the gop senators voted for this measure as well including mitch mcconnell to break the deadlock with forward to the supreme court decision did not happen unless trump had put three conservative justices on the bench 87 note ruth bader ginsburg died just two months for the 2020 election amy coney barrett was nominate confirmed or just 30 days and sworn and just a week before the election. joe biden's views of abortion have evolved over the years. a 30-year-old senator from delaware he said it wrote wet quote too far but yesterday he said it was the correct decision. this is what he said in 2006. >> i do not view abortion as a choice and a right think it's always a tragedy. and i think it should be rare and safe. think it should be focusing how to limit the number of abortions. >> aboard air force one this after the white house press secretary said the president is not in favor of expanding the court and thanks he supreme
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court is legitimate, eric. so far it looks thanks a much arthel. if i present biden's on his way to germany to meet with g7 leaders tomorrow. the war on ukraine to be the top of the agenda with the present expected to announce more sanctions on russia. inflation gas prices will also be a big focus for world leaders this weekend. introduce he is alive in austria with the details, hi peter. >> that evening from austria. we heard the president's plane air force one was on its way hear from some top officials as soon as he president lance start talking to his counterparts on the world stage about reducing their admissions. >> i think climate is cooler going to be on the agenda here at the g7. and the president has been a leader here on the search for clean energy solutions. because we have all seen just in
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the last three months the impact of reliance on fossil fuel and russia weapon icing of that fossil fuel on the global economy. >> so, big focus on russia here as well as nato leaders claim to huddle how to refocus resources away from afghanistan and towards the threats by china and russia. especially cyber threats for the secretary of state tony blinken is already here in europe it is trying figure out how to help backfill food supply chains that are disrupted in ukraine right now. the white house says the timing of this trip is okay even though back home inflation remains very high and gas prices remain very high as well. >> we believe a president can do his job anyplace, anywhere at any time. so that is not a concern for us.
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>> within the next hour or so we expect to see the president on the ground here in europe. he will be in germany for the g7 and then spain for a nato meeting produce acid there is a possibility while he was in the neighborhood and dropping into ukraine. he says that is not likely, arthel. arthel: at 10:17 p.m. in austria. eric: even as a president says it's not likely he will go personally to ukraine, the u.s. and the west setting by that country break yet russia apparently has gained full control count over a another eastern part of the nation so what should present biden do to keep the g7 alliance strong? try and force vladimir putin to the negotiating table of foreign affairs experts doctor rebecca grant gets here on message to putin, next. ♪ ♪
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craig: at 30 say it's an act of islamic terror. tragic shooting under its capitol city of oslo. two people were killed and 21 were injured as shots rang out a popular gate nightclub there prior to the city's annual pride parade. joins us live at the very latest from london.
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>> hi erica. the exact motive is not yet clear. police said the suspect he is an islamic he has a history of mental illness. now he has been detained on suspicion of murder and terror chargers. police said the suspect of the 42-year-old the region citizen of iranian origin. it wasn't previously known to authorities he had a history of violence. we know the shooting took place in an area of central oslo in the early hours of saturday morning. very busy place where nightlife or bars and clubs with opening fire three separate locations but one a popular gay bar. people were seen fleeing that area and absolute panic. now police say as well as the two men who were killed more than 20 people were injured. at least half of those thought to have quite serious injuries. now authorities have canceled the parade that was due to take place during norway's pride festival but although some
1:24 pm
people today on saturday didn't march through oslo in defiance of that band. now although we do not know if the pride festival was a specific target, the police and nor way have escalated the country's threat level to its very highest back to you eric. >> alright thanks so much, arthel. the five russia took control the battered city in the eastern region after ukraine ordered its forces to retrieve her now ukrainian say russia is trying to block another key city as russia's relentless war enters its fifth month. steve harrigan is live in odesa at ukraine with the very latest from there, steve. >> arthel this a and significant defeat for ukrainian forces in eastern ukraine by the city of severodonetsk the two sides have been fighting over four weeks, russia and leasing artillery day after day against that city ukrainian officials are calling it a dead city now print this
1:25 pm
point more than 90% of the buildings in severodonetsk have been destroyed much of it by russian artillery put at least 200 ukrainian soldiers each day according to officials are being killed in that fighting. as the intense battle continues in the east across the country many ukrainians who are unable to go to the front line either senior citizens or mothers with young children are doing what they can to volunteer prevented different volunteer centers here. and some of them people are sowing camouflage nets cutting strips out intricately sewing them into camouflage barely spoke to one man that being 57 years old about the satisfaction he got from his volunteer work. >> if my work and save the life of just one of our soldiers, it will all be worth it to me. >> is a giant nets are then used to cover artillery pieces or even soldiers and the heavy grass because both sites are
1:26 pm
using drones for aerial surveillance. effectively those and that's really useful to the ukrainian forces, arthel back to you. arthel: such a heavy and harboring situation. steve harrigan thank you very much, eric. before arthel ukrainian suffering setbacks in the battlefield in the east bay the country is making diplomatic gains. starting a process to start enjoying the european union and strengthening its relationship with europe and the u.s. so far with no end in sight for vladimir putin's ruthless invasion. some are doubting the possible ability of peace talks. he is german chancellor. >> the truth is we are far far away from negotiations between ukraine and russia. putin still believes in the possibility of a dictated peace. >> how can this endless big national scaredy analyst doctor rebecca grant and president of iris independent research and a fox news contributor. so doctor grant, what you think and bring putin to the table
1:27 pm
without ukraine succeeding territory to moscow? can this succeed and a standoff and he just gives up? >> neither side is ready for that right now. because although russia has taken over severodonetsk they've also leveled that city but ukraine has made a pretty smart and strategic withdrawal. they'll go on to fight around the city and fight over the other roads and highways. that pocket is a little bit smaller but that is still where the major fight will be. vladimir putin is losing this war in every way that really matters. but he is not yet ready to give in. space bar what you think would make him given as it goes on and on there is a report for the british intelligence that after several more months they're going to run out of artillery and even personnel. >> very interesting report from britain as well they have put a new russian general in charge in
1:28 pm
the south. what that means is things are still not going according to plan. you asked what will make putin give in? to my mind it's really only one thing. that is defeat on the battlefield. i am sad to see severodonetsk taken the fact is russian is a week behind at the time like they really are suffering high casualties and a lot of losses. i'm afraid it's going to take more battlefield success by ukraine before putin is ready to even think about talking or giving in. sport will bring more success the president will go to the sum and then madrid. what more can the west do to try and help ukraine to get this over? >> more weapons. you see the tremendous support from nato's partners but from a group now includes 50 nations that are providing some form of security assistance. we are going to have to keep
1:29 pm
doing that and see how ukraine does whether they can hold the rest of this pocket in the east. by that they can make some progress in their little counterattacks they are doing down in the south. that is what's really going to matter at this point. luckily europe is one 100% behind ukraine and the german foreign minister said she would never accept russia making changes to ukraine's sovereign borders. that is the kind of resolve it's going to take. we are not at the end of this yet. eric: did that resolve will hold will it continue? it has been four months for their some talk of war fatigue. that is understandable. how do you make that spirit, resolve and strengthen back ukraine continue? >> watch for the g7 meeting in the nato meeting this week. i expect this is in pretty strong statements. we have seen very strong leadership from germany, also from boris johnson in britain and of course in united states as well. winning to see that continue to result but i don't about your
1:30 pm
neighborhood, eric, there's still a lot of ukraine flags flying rubber i live. >> there are absolutely. new york city just named ukraine away at an eight ukrainian neighbor to help support them. you think putin is surprised by the resolve of the west against him question or. >> yes of course he is but he never thought the west had this in us to be this united and stand up like this give this level of weapons and support. he had no idea this was coming. surviving saw cookies in the ukrainian flag color print we are behind them, doctor rebecca grant good to see you, thank you. >> thank you. survived flight cancellations are creating chaos for summer vacation travelers for the july 4 holiday weekend, but make things any better but we are light at miami international airport coming up next. for us am this means - free cancellation on most bookings.
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arthel: summer travel season it is now in full swing. for those looking to fly, getting away is been a huge hassle with airports across the country. reporting thousands of flight cancellations and delays. now with the record travel expected for the fourth of july holiday for that chaos is expected to get even worse. his public lease during his life at miami international. >> also what's happening. americans are on the move. pandemic cabin fever has clearly come and gone for most americans. airports across the country are all reporting the same thing. passenger counts are up. prices for tickets to fly are
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up. delay in cancellations. banks or planes. it is a slow time. it's full of passengers travel website price flight is now costing americans $330. for those opting to drive instead of fly you aren't looking at paying about 70 bucks to fill up your tank. you're going to be spending money either way. traveling is a pricer than it has been during the whole two and half year pandemic. busy fourth of july a three day is just around the corner. the advice is check your flight and airline website before you leave the house. and be prepared. all of the airlines are suffering from staffing shortages. pilots are complaining of constantly working too much
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overtime for there is a consistent shortage of flight attendants. the airlines are complain there's a shortage of air traffic control towers. there have been hundreds of delays and cancellations of flights in the past ten days. travelers very well aware of all of this. >> were scheduled to leave on a thursday night. flight kept getting canceled. eventually we are missing our connections. there is not anything available without an overnight connection. we finally got a flight saturday morning. >> miami summer vacations are very well underway. an airport spokesman tells us compared to this day in june, right now with the state in june in 2019 that is pre-pandemic. passenger traffic at the airport is up 15%, arthel.
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>> with the outcome to me having to visit you and yours i think i'm going to wait a little while for that one. rex rios in the rainy hurricane season maybe another time. too bad you've got it nice to see you take care. >> folks from the country bracing for dangerously high temperatures tropical storm could form in the atlantic. hey adam. >> you said it the current temperature you see in the middle of the country. it had been warmed a little further north to see 60s out there now. for the southern united safety southern plane stretching up to the southeast extreme heat already as we speak. fairly wide area see heat alerts from central texas alloy to portions of the panhandle. heat indices and some of these
1:39 pm
spots 115 degrees. but it feels like out side in a lot of cases getting up to triple digits. dallas 101 degrees. if you're outside of that area. getting into the mid- 90s or so. a whole lot of heat besides the heat you mentioned it is hurricane season for a couple of areas we are paying attention too. one, perhaps five days out for it really a low chance there in the gulf of mexico burn going to begin little chance of turning into something. that is a little bit of a disturbance that's currently working its way across the atlantic. a 60% chance of turning into a tropical storm be the second tropical storm of the season in the next five days for this going to run over the lesser antilles and run over south america to the north of venezuela bread that is will be will be watching. otherwise has your satellite radar across the country a lot of showers out there being
1:40 pm
driven, eric as we know by whole lot of summer heat. so far right out and keep hurricane away from us. thanks so much. arthel: eric you read my mind once again singing the same thing. keep the hurricanes away but still no end in sight for the crisis at the border. migrant encounters are at record levels. while much of the focus is on texas, yuma, arizona has abroad the largest year-over-year increase encounters of any border sector. senior national correspondent has more. >> a law enforcement source shot this video late thursday afternoon showing what looks like several hundred migrants wandering next to a busy road in eagle pass, texas before they were apprehended. it is part of the del rio sector which now accounts for nearly half of all large group encounters at the southern border. classifies large groups as anything above 100 people. while 1300 miles away.
1:41 pm
>> see these gaps in the wall? and then you've got people pouring through piglets and other city and sector are breaking different records. >> they are traveling the additional 60 miles or whatever it is shipped to the sectors in order to cross he regrets doug nichols is the mayor of yuma, arizona who believes in part the un- finish border wall is to plane. counters have increased 345% so far for the fiscal year. close to 212,000 have been logged versus more than 47000 for all of 2021 according to cbp data. each community has its own unique challenges. back in texas it is the rio grande river. >> we do get called upon as part of our boat operations augmenting and helping a border patrol and bps and local law enforcement for a quick search, rescue and recovery is also part of the job as more migrants who
1:42 pm
cannot swim get into trouble attempting to cross. that coupled with scorching temperatures making it all the more dangerous. >> this kind of heat not just getting them to surrender and stay in place but surrender, stay in place for their own safety. they can get medical attention if they need regrets this week several former border patrol agents sent a letter to dhs secretary advising him not to unfairly discipline those border patrol agents on horseback wrongly accused of whipping haitian migrants last september. those agents have since been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing. that is latest in a texas mexico border in la joya, texas fox news. numeral take alive look at the international airport is just 10:42 p.m. in air force once as uc has landed in germany by the president arriving for the summit of the g-7 nations for
1:43 pm
the war in ukraine the top of the agenda. mr. biden has been able to unify europe against vladimir putin. world leaders will express more support for ukraine during the meetings. this is how they roll out the red carpet. ever wonder how they do that question at the press has a sit on the plane and wait for the red carpet to be rolled out for an international protocol diplomatic protocols unveiling for our eyes. one of the major issues with ukraine has to do with its official membership announced application for the european union. in addition, president zelenskyy will address the gathering by video link and after the mains president biden will head from germany to madrid. they'll be the nato summit of 30 nations for they will express more political and military support for ukraine expected at that meeting. but first the president here in the beautiful location of the bavarian alps producing that in the live shots. just spectacular as we await the
1:44 pm
president to dissent from air force one. arriving in munich. look at that. take a look though, arthel. look at those guys. >> is really fascinating the fanfare never gets old. a great reception. a lot on his plate big agenda there as the president has touched down in munich international airport. we will be right back. future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah. maybe this will help. so now we're in the present. and now... we're in the future. the all-electric chevy bolt euv with available super cruise™ for hands-free driving. - dad. - yeah? do fish get thirsty? eh.
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as a confession in his own words as brian laundrie found that anova gray took his own life. laundrie also wrote down the reason for the murder. experts are calling this a bunch
1:49 pm
of lies or they are on the case and christina coleman has a report. she's live now from los angeles with mark, christina. >> arthel, yes to the attorney for brian laundrie family said they decided to share the notebook with the public as it matter of transparency. the laundry entrance the was found next to the body of laundrie. they believe he killed petito jar cross-country trip in wyoming he traveled back to florida later shot and killed himself and floored carlton reserve in the notebook laundrie wrote he could not live without petito he wrote quote i cannot bear to look at her photos to remember great times is why cannot go on. when i close my eyes i will think of laughing out of the roof of the van, falling asleep to the side of at the crystal geyser. i will always love you. gavi petito body was found last september near a remote camping area in wyoming eight days after parents reported her missing. the 22-year-old death was ruled a homicide as a result of manual
1:50 pm
strangulation and blunt force trauma to the head and neck. police had an encounter with petito and laundrie during the trip in august last year the two got into a physical altercation during an argument. no charges were filed. in the notebook laundrie claimed he ended her life out of mercy after she got hurt trying to cross a creek. he wrote in part quote i do not know the extent of gabby's injuries only she was in extreme pain printing ended her life. he thought it was merciful, that it is what she wanted but i see now all the mistakes i made. i panicked, i was in shock. from that moment i decided to take away her pain i knew i could not go on without her. yesterday attorneys for both petito and laundrie's families met with fbi to collect some belonged to the couple. the notebook which included laundrie's confession was on the items returned during that process. arthel. eric: back here president biden
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says rowe is on the ballot this fall as democrats are to rally voters at midterms. the one senate race out west could be a factor there will tell you what could happen in utah when we come back. better luck next time. but i haven't even thrown yet. you threw good money away when you bought those glasses. next time, go to america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. can't beat that. can't beat this, either. book an exam today at about two years ago i realized that jade was overweight. i wish i would have introduced the fresh food a lot sooner. after farmer's dog she's a much healthier weight. she's a lot more active. and she's able to join us on our adventures. get started at
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eric: supreme court landmark efficient overturning roe versus wade could've the ripple effect for the midterms but including in utah, is there will head to the polls for the tuesday primer. rich edson live in salt lake city, hey rich. >> good afternoon eric. >> mcmullen said there were constructive ways of addressing abortion and ending roe versus wade. he is also criticizing comments under mike lee here for what he says is being extreme on the issue in doing so to raise money and when republican primaries. >> it is an appeal to extremism that i believe is very destructive for our country and unnecessary for there is common ground on this issue. most americans are in the middle on this issue. most utah ones are for they are not for either extreme. >> just gotten a response from lee's campaign he said quote in 2016 mcmullen supported justice is willing to overturn roe for 22 version of mcmullen seems to
1:56 pm
have conveniently flipped to a far different position. suggesting the overturn of the rope wasn't active extremism shows mcmullen's fundamental disconnect with utah and utah law. before he faces mcmullen lee has to clear the republican primary that is here on tuesday. these main gop challengers have also said lee is too extreme on the issue. evan mcmullen has no primary. he is running independent. democrats here are backing mcmullen and running no candidate in it attempt to unseat leak in what is a very conservative state for new tells by the states in the u.s. it has a trigger loss abortion is now banned here. but there are exceptions if the mother's life is in danger or in the case of rape or incest, eric >> to precook the right thing. so, arthel the election and primary in two days, three days. arthel: yes lots to cover. we're going to continue tomorrow at noon eastern but hope you can join us then.
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hello, i am gallagher, welcome to the big saturday show and you can see everybody is on set. nice to have you. >> does this mean life is back to normal? >> we are done, we are back, that's it. ♪♪


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