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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  June 25, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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follow me on twitter and facebook as well as rumble and everything else. guess who is next? harris: dan bongino. brian: you know everything. harris: you just said it. [♪♪♪] [bleep] dan: a fox news alert. the lunatic left unhinged as usual over the historic supreme court ruling.
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law enforcement is on high alert preparing for protests to turn violent. i will break down what the ruling means for america hysteria free, hopefully. dems are hoping no one actually means it. i did, we'll line a light on the left. a democrat joins me for the first time ever on rebuttal. you may have seen her on the big screen. she got canceled by hollywood. butina caruso is back. this just me talking to you from the heart. if we can't as conservatives advocate the cause of life and fight against the scourge of
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abortion, then this movement is meaningless. i don't care what the tax rate is, or what cool you can choose if you are not alive to pay taxes or go to school. this was a huge momentous occasion, and five decades of people fighting came to this moment when they finally overturned the disaster of roe v. wade. but there is a lot of misinformation out there. i am on this channel and i am proud to give you information, even when it works against us and our cause. there are other channels hyping up hysteria. all of a sudden the republicans are coming tore your birth control pills, justice thomas is going to be pulling your birth control away. that's not true. they specifically said the opposite.
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i can't predict the future. will there be a case on that in the future? i don't know. that's not in the ruling. period. second. this did not make abortion illegal across the country. i'm pro-life from conception to natural death. it did not do that. it did not do that. there is so much misinformation out there. i think people thought -- the left figures out they got lied to, that a light switch was going to happen and all abortions would be illegal? you notice that didn't happen? the left and the media told you that would happen. that's not what happened. are you figuring out now you have been lied to. yes. conservative states. some of them are going to move forward with more abortion restrictions, no doubt about that. but there are liberal states. the one i'm sitting in in new
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york will move in the opposite direction. but it's the truth and the truth should mean nothing. and another point. elections matter. elections matter. i get it. no one is as angry about the 2016-2020 shenanigans than me. nobody. will there always be malfeasance and misfeasance. the bottom line is donald trump got elected. and he did this. whether you love him or hate him. i was a supporter, it's not a secret. i have a conservative opinion. he got these three justices nominated and got them confirmed. that's a fact. that election mattered. doubt me, listen to hip right here. >> i promise is to nominate judges and justices who will stand up for the original
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meaning of the constitution and honestly and faithfully up interpret the law as written. thanks to the courage found within the united states supreme court, this long divisive issue will be decided by the states. and by the american people. dan: i ran into hip last night. and i looked him in the face. it happened. and i said i want you to know, you did this. he said to me back, it was big. i said it was the biggest. lives were saved. he did that. one more thing i want to address. a lot of people out there, the implication some republicans and alleged conservatives say this may hurt us in the mid terms. it may galvanize people who are
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supporting abortions. that's bull. the purpose of politics is to advance principles. it's not to advance petty politics. i don't give a damn about your congressional seat. advancing life and the preservation and sanctity of it. the purpose of us getting you elected was to save lives and advance liberty and freedom. even for those in the womb. it's not everyone. there are a lot of terrific conservative advocates. it's not every one. but there are people out there. keep your head on a swivel, folks. keep our head on a swivel. the left has no emergency brake. that all democrats. but people on the radical left
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have no emergency break-in their behavior and i think we may be running into dangerous types ahead. joining me, good friend, civil rights attorney, leo terrell. this was a huge huge win, leo for the conservative movement. the left and the radical response and death threats and violence. are they in danger of losing the court of public opinion? >> not their minions who will follow them always. you are spot on. you are on the east coast and i'm on the west coast. we have to develop a 1-2 punch with what you just articulated. this country is at risk. yesterday was a great day for america, the rule of due, the constitution and a great day for the unborn so they can pursue
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life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. the democrats will not deal with the facts. we have to make sure the message you gave tonight is heard across this entire country. the democrats don't respect the law or anything about this country. there is a ring of 10% that want to tear this country down. these lies about clarence thomas. did you hear samuel jackson and kamala harris. interracial marriage will be outlawed. that's a bald face lie. dan: leo, they forget, conservatives have been kind demoralized. many of them were upset after 2020. it could energize our base, too.
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>> you said it spot-on. forget the politicians who just want to get re-elected. the ultimate goal is for every american is to pursue life and happiness. it's a goal of conservative and americans in general. it's thought to protect life. what are you running for office for. one other point, you are right. trump gets 99.9% of the credit. three justices that voted to reverse a bad law. not one democratic justify roe v. wade because it's not founded in the constitution. they will distract and accuse of being racist and everything else. i will meet you in ohio. you go east coast, west coast. dan: i will meet you halfway.
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here to react, a pro-life advocate lila rose. you dedicated a large portion of your adult life to this cause. >> thanks, dan. gratitude was the first feeling yesterday morning when we learned that the supreme court overruled roe v. wade. even yesterday, after this immoral decision was in the ash help of history. abortion clinics will be started shutting down. lives had already been saved because of this decision. and there will be millions more lives that will be saved. nothing but gratitude for that. i also have a strong sense of mission. because what the supreme court did in overruling roe v. wade.
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it's like pontius pilot washing his hands saying you guys figure it out. mob justice is no justice at all. the state shouldn't get to be deciding whether innocent children should live or die. there are constitutional rights to live. we have to assert the legal protection for children state by state. dan: i am glad you said that. you have been harping on something i have been harping on as well. this is just the end of the beginning. it's a culture fight. that's the next fight ahead. this isn't over. >> it isn't over, but here is the good news. people change on this. i see it every single day. when they get educated.
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they go through 12 years of brain wash in our public school systems, then four years of brainwashing in our leftist institutions. so many people haven't had a chance to hear our side out, the value of the child in the womb. women are not empowered by abortion. when people learn the facts about abortion. the abortion procedure, when they learn the facts about human development, they change their minds on that. they become pro-life. it's exciting. i think the future is pro-life. dan: i know you devoted your life to this, i really appreciate. bumper city, are back again.
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dan: they are at it again, the
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democrats and their bumper circumstance policies. they use bumper stickers to run the place into the ground. things that sounds great to them, like tax the rich. but here is the catch. they don't actually work. but they do something, they destroy the country. after months of americans watching their gas prices practically double, joe wants to suspend the $18 cent gas tax. but a drop in the bucket for people paying over $5 a gallon. >> i call on the gas companies to pass every dime of his on to the consumers.
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dan: what would it do? it won't do jack squat to alleviate your pain at the pump. but it's the illusion of action taken by the biden administration to help solve your gas crisis. remember when biden released oil from the strategic oil reserve. that did jack with squat too, and just about a week ago they were considering sending out gas cards to americans to helpful their tanks. not so much. turns out the gas cards they wanted to send out, they had chip shortages from the supply shortages. can these idiots do anything right? remember before the energy crisis got out of hand?
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democrats bragged about this? the 2 scent drop in gas. i bet it would make a great bumper circumstance. a year ago the biden administration bragged about the average cookout cost being 16 cents lower than the year before. they have to embellish their efforts or even the libs will realized they aren't accomplishing anything. and the putin price hike sounds catchy, but it means nothing. >> i'm doing everything in my power to blunt putin's gas price hike. >> putin's price hike is hitting america hard. >> we have to address the putin
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gas price hike. dan: back in the real world, americans keep paying the price for the democrats' monumental failures. here is one for you. the second amendment. that wasn't a suggestion. affirmed by the supreme court. here is another one. the most important all. all lives at all stages of life matter. confirmed by the supreme court. see how that works? we can do that, too. joining me in studio, a congressional congressman and gubernatorial candidate in my home state of new york. the bumper sticker thing. joe biden at every stage of the fuel production process has gotten in the way. they pressured banks, pressuring people to get out of finance and
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drilling projects. shutting down refineries. everything he has done has increased the price. >> when you come across oil imports, the average american doesn't want to see us running off to venezuela the. john kerry is the climate change czar in the white house. dan: you have got the primary coming up. i lived in new york. i lived in maryland. larry hogan won the race when everybody said he had no chance. everybody is emulating the strategy and escaping from new york to florida. you have an opportunity to turn
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it around. in the southern tier, new york has a ban on the safe extraction of natural gas. there are pipe line applications that are gathering dust. liberal d.a.s like he will a.s -- like alvinbragg. they know their money will go further living where you live. they will feel safer and live freer. we are going to defeat kathy hochul in november, ends one-party rule and save the state. dan: the second amendment case, she said now there will be no restrictions on guns. that's a quote. that's a total lie.
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>> this was the a-rated nra endorsed member of congress who becomes a statewide official. she made a comment where this isn't the 18th century where everybody walks around with muskets. dan: i didn't see muscle cuts in the constitution. president biden signed a new gun control bill into law. did congress read it? of course they didn't. but i did. pete hegseth is next.
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ashley: welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley strohmier live in new york. another night of nationwide protests in the wake of the supreme court decision overturning roe v. wade. friday's ruling overturns the 1973 decision to remove federal protection for abortion after 50 years. many states will keep it legal
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or pass laws expanding abortion access. protests in phoenix, arizona were broken up by police using tear gas last night. they started banging on glass windows. most of the protests have remained peaceful so far. now back to "unfiltered" with dan bongino. >> i believe that the supreme court's decision today defies logic in terms of what we know we are capable of doing. >> you can't yell fire in a crowded thee ferp but there are no restrictions allowed on the second amendment. >> this has made every single one of us less safe on gun violence. we can't allow new york to
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become the wild wild west. dan: the supreme court also handed down a huge victory out of new york. this morning joe biden signed congress' federal gun bill into law. i don't even know if they read it. "new york times," best selling author, "battle for the american mind." a great book. i was happy to endorse it. on this second amendment decision. the red flag laws. we have red flags. they are called parents. it won't rescue us from bad parents. but one of the things the senators who signed on saw, you don't have the right to a government sponsored attorney if you have your guns taken away because of a red flag law.
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>> you may not even know who has thrown the red flag on you and for what reason until your guns are confiscated, and you pay for your own lawyer in the process. as it did with the new york concealedland carry law, the constitution is going to set us free. there is no way red flag laws are constitutional. the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. it's clear in print. you should not have to prove special need for special protection. dan: they are a may issue state. >> that's not how it works. instead of rino republicans running to do something, maybe they should check the constitution first. they should be reviewing what our founders gave to us protect
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us, and stop trying to stop law-abiding gun owners from getting weapons. we are in the middle of the biggest gun-free zone in america. the next law with that criminal. they will pay attention to that one. dan: the founding fathers used the word arms. understanding arms would involve the plus ketz. >> the militia argument. there is a comma. it's called punctuation. who has the guns and where are they? and how can we flag them to
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prevent them from getting more. none of it complies with the constitution. dan: "battle for the american mind" is as manifesto. i was happy to endorse it. it's now number one. they have been hijacking the education system for years. this book has caught fire. a lot of us in the conservative movement, it went over their heads. >> thank you to you and your viewers. you know they didn't want to put it on the list, let alone at number one. but it was so overwhelming. ernest hemingway said of bankruptcy, it happens gradually until it happens quickly. that's what they did for years. they burrowed into our education
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systems and we weren't paying attention. covid-19 happens and our kids are at home. and how did this become the 1619 prong instead of revering our nation. if we want prethinking citizens like that today they should get the same type of education. the book identifies the problem and gives solution. dan: thanks for coming in. >> thanks for coming in this morning. dan: my wife is mocking me right thousand, celebrating pete. i hear you. democrats unhinged after the historic supreme court ruling overturning roe v. wade.
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dan: law enforcement on high alert for possible violence at
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the supreme court. president trump discussed the violent rhetoric aimed at the justices. >> i want to commend the justices for standing strong in the face of left-wing campaign of terror unlike anything in the history of our country. dan: joining me in studio, the founder of blue lives matter. we have to have an impartial justice system from the police officers in the street to the doj. we can't have a system blind to democrats and open eyes to republicans. the people protesting outside the justices' homes are breaking the law. >> there should be no politics in law enforcement. what do we have in a week?
9:40 pm
at the end of the day it's the police officer's job to keep individuals safe. but the officers have to make sure they go home safely at the end of the day as well. dan: you see the reverse broken window. we'll let people get away from the little stuff. that's so antithetical to what worked in new york city. the broken windows approach. you intersect the maul stuff and the big stuff doesn't happen. >> when i first started you guys went out there and broke your butts. you had das that kept the bad guys behind bars. the victims are the criminals. it's out of control. we have to have d.a.s. you never hear about the victims. it's all about this individual
9:41 pm
has 20 priors. bad is bad and wrong is wrong and you have to have accountability. dan: when i first came on and broken windows policing. a guy jumped the turnstile, you ran hip and he's got a warrant and he spend the weekend in jail. >> people wanted for rape, robbery, illegal firearms. dan: it's the same guys. the dude jumping the turnstile is the same one mugging a woman on the train. coming up on "unfiltered." democrats hoff love, love taxesd love, love, love taxes until the economy is in shambles. what is this? a democrat joins me for the
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dan: just a quick up filtered.
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here is the thing. now the experts at the fed want to take on a new role. they want to take on racial equity in the market. how could that possibly end well? they can't even do inflation. they have one job. inflation, the money supply. now they are going to be diversity inclusion experts, too? maybe they should listen to milton freedman first. >> inflation is made in washington was only washington can create money. consumers don't produce it. producers don't pro diets. foreign sheiks don't pro diets. oil imports don't pro diets. what produces it is too much
9:47 pm
government spending and too much government creation of money. dan: there he is. joining me now, first ever in studio rebuttal is former new york state senator david carlucci. we want the ultimate perspective. joe biden wants to cut the tax cut for 90 days. my proposal is we double it and make the trump tax cuts permanent. i think it's a great idea. >> i agree i think it is a good idea. the fact that he's doing it for the summer months shows it's no gimmick. president biden is telling it like it is. inflation is tough. there are few tools the president has to fight inflation and this is one of them, pass it
9:48 pm
along to the consumer. dan: tax cuts work? >> tax cuts work when appropriate. this one he's dedicating funding to make sure the highway trust fund is not going prupt. >> why do tax cuts work? >> on this one because it's going directly to families that need it. income tax too. dan: noise rebuttal. this is great. >> i think president biden would agree that tax cuts work. democrats would agree on that across the country, particularly for working families. it has to be commensurate. dan: the second topic, obviously the second amendment.
9:49 pm
you were a new york state senator. gun ownership went on swins 2009. >> this ruling by the supreme court is going to make new york less safe. having more guns out on the street particularly in a place like new york city does not mean people will be more safe. someone that is untrained with a firearm is a very dangerous situation. dan: why does it happened in -- doesn't it happened in florida. >> jackson, mississippi is the most deadly place in the country. dan: that's led by a democrat. >> the states that will will
9:50 pm
impact, we'll have to go back to the drawing board. they have a special session slated for june 30. >> why aren't the old laws work? >> they repeal the 110-year-old law. in terms of new york city, it's one of the safest in the country. if we allow people to go out there with guns, across the country the crime rate is up. dan: but not as much as the cities run by democrats. >> we can look at the states that the regime is running and it's run by republicans in many cases. dan: you have these cities run by democrats. you need a state legislature to act. dan: you have state laws in new york and they are not working in
9:51 pm
new york. >> i would disagree with that. i think we made new york safer in terms of violent fatalities that happened. dan: the murder rate is going up. >> it's going up across the country. the question is, do more guns make us safe. i would say no. most americans are in the middle on the second amendment. dan: i have got to run. but david, you are a gentleman. coming up on "unfiltered." you may know her from her usc days, actress gina carano coming up next.
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dan: welcome back town filtered she's back gina carano to the
9:56 pm
big screen after a battle with hollywood cancel culture. actress gina carano joins me now. gina they tried to cancel you you're a fighter. it wasn't happening. you're back with a new movie terror on the prairie. what happened why did they go after you? you're a tough one. you were, you know, wrong one to pick a fight with. [laughter] >> i feel like i'm a really nice person i don't know i don't think i was doing or saying or toning narrative that was happening. so i just -- i don't know. i think they tried to make an example out of mess and the process they made an example out of themselves. dan: gina you're the wrong person to toy with you put women marshal arts literally on the map. that was you and they go after you and they expect i guess some kind of cowardly apology an you just refused. you said no i'm going double down and as a matter of fact i'm going to go over to daily wire and do our own movie now and flip you both the double barrel
9:57 pm
middle finger that was pretty -- nervy i love that. les >> yeah. i just -- i don't know like i don't i'm sure there's going to be plenty of team to apologize in my life i have so much to learn. you know, i just voted for the first time in 2020 so it was just kind of i'm just kind of finding my leg there. but -- when you don't have anything to pogz for and you're open in an honest way i kept thinking there's other little girls and people like me that aren't going to be able to handle what i went through as well. so i figured you know if i can't go through this then how am i supposed to expect anybody else to and ben shapiro called me up and wanted to do a movie and punch back at hollywood which was -- i think it is gong to be five years from now to look back at and be like oh, my gosh we opened up a door. we opened up communication. we provided so much more hope --
9:58 pm
and not to say this isn't -- it is extremely hard. you know, it is not an easy thing to do or go through. but hopefully i believe five years from now we're going to look back and say this was start of something the same way i started fight and it wasn't popular then i feel like. i feel the same now. so -- [laughter] i guess just my journey. dan: i have about a minute left i saw terror on the prairie check it out daily wire movie is spectacular a terrific movie you did a great job in the movie. one quick question, 30 seconds ronda rousey said you're only person she would return are we going see gina lacing gloves again? >> i never put it past me. [laughter] it could happen. it would be -- like you know six months from now because i have a lot of stuff i need to do. but my fight really is with i want to really create, give
9:59 pm
artist and rhonda a job in one of the movies so maybe something we can do there. >> she can act too gina you're fighting great fight catch it daily we're and awesome movie. thanks so much for come on it was an honor to have you. >> thank you, dan. dan: you got it gina carano check the dan bongino show every day fox nation 12-3 a special guest before we go folks biggest guest in studio come on over. this is it. that's my daughter -- that's she made it my daughter ameleah came up to new york with us you're going to do the toss say good-bye to everyone. >> bye everyone thank you for watching unfiltered -- so good. give me a kiss. this is my daughter folks she came up with me and went to a wedding other days and i figured she would make a trial time appearance on the show for the first time that does it for us on unfiltered e appreciate you tuning in see you back here next saturday night 9 p.m. check out
10:00 pm
again my fox nation show. 12 to 3p every single day great guest on the radio we tear it up with three hours and cause trouble and chaos every single day on fox nation. don't forget set your dvr if you can't make it live stay tuned for lawrence jones coming up next. >> thank you dan fox news alert coming from our nation's capitol the supreme court overturning roe v. wade in a land mark decision sending shockwaves across the country. yesterday the court ruled to sending issue of abortion back to the state. but them decide on their own of ending the 50-year old opinion. waste no time, though, fierce democrats live by the president himself president biden already out there with anger and attacking the legitimacy of the supreme court. >> it was three justices named by one


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