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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  June 26, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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arthel: emotions running high arrange pro-life and pro-choice advocates after friday's historic supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. millions of people are taking to the streets across the country this weekend. the court's decision to return abortion law back to the states now as millions of americans are wondering what happens next. hello everyone, welcome to "fox news live," i'm arthel neville. hello eric. eric: thank you for joining us. i'm eric shawn. we expect to see more protests
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as the decision sends shockwaves across the country. most protests were peaceful there are a few exceptions a christian pregnancy center in colorado was vandalized and it was torched following the reversal of roe. same scene in portland, oregon where rioters destroyed property and sprayed graffiti. some say that the these actions have gone too far and those that disagree with the decision should have their say in the voting booth in november. >> when roe came out we didn't burn down the capitol as conservatives. we didn't go to liberal justices homes to try to intimidate them. these constitutional anarchists, my advice to you, quit trying to burn down america, work like we did, elect people who work with you at the ballot box. >> alexis mcadams is here. reporter: demonstrations erupted throughout the nation. most protests were pretty
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peaceful but that wasn't the same in places like colorado. look at this pregnancy care center in long longmont colorado. police are investigating it as an arson. 24 hours after u.s. reversed protection under abortions. the graffiti read, if abortions are not safe, neither are you. >> hecation is what the resource center does. because they don't offer abortions doesn't mean they're not helping in, helping women find the right choice for them. reporter: that was a former employee there at that pregnancy center. in portland hundreds protested the roe v. wade decision. hours later police say things took a violent turn in portland. according to their pd, several banks and coffee shops had broken windows a van belonging to a school district was damaged. windows were broken. these are local businesses that were there. practicing nancy resource center
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they say was also vandalized overnight. how the in los angeles the l.a.p.d. made quite a few arrests downtown on friday. "new york post" reported that is man was charged with attempted murder after l.a. police officer after investigators say he threw a firework and a makeshift blowtorch at a police officer. on saturday protests in new york and chicago. no major issues there. people filling the streets voicing their opinions. some say this is a big step in the right direction. pro-choice advocates pledged they will fight back. if you look on the map you see where each state standing now that the ruling is overturned. most cities with the largest protests l.a., portland, chicago will not have any change to the abortion law. there are pride events in new york city. arthel, though many conversations are focused on this landmark decision. arthel: indeed, alexis mcadams live in new york city.
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eric. eric: lawmakers on both federal and state levels are working on the next steps in the legislative process following the court's landmark and historic opinion. abortion is set to become outlawed or restricted in roughly half of the states. president biden says his administration will do what it can to protect access. some states like new york are preparing to be abortion refugee states where women from states where the procedure is ow lawed can travel for the procedure. alexandria hoff live at the supreme court which has been the site of those noisy demonstrations and some of that is continuing on this sunday. hi alexandria. reporter: hi, eric, yeah. protests are continuing today. they have been peaceful. overall two arrests were made yesterday after two people appeared to throw red paint beyond the security barrier. that was cleaned up by this morning. police are on standby in case tensions flare-up. today's crowd size is one 10th of the what it was
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friday there were a large amount of pro-life advocates were here expressing gratitude. most of those demonstrating are mornful of the ruling. remembered here in d.c. local laws protect abortion. laws will be unaffected by undoing of roe v. wade. in d.c. it is legal to terminate at any stage. here is senator lindsey graham on "fox news sunday." >> what this court has done is taken us back to pre-1973 where each state can decide through their elected officials when life begins and how to treat life. this is a huge victory for the pro-life movement. reporter: now stacey abrams, democratic nominee for governor in georgia appeared on "fox news sunday." because of roe v. wade overturned a six week ban on abortion is poised to take effect. she said this earlier. >> bodily autonomy women 50
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years are to rely on are subject to state by state imprateur no matter where you are, where you live, we live in the united states, our ability to control our bodies should be sacrosanct regardless of state lines. reporter: eric, right now as i mentioned the crowd size is smaller than we've seen in days past. we see people coming and going. it is unclear right now how large this will get. eric: alexandria at the supreme court. arthel. arthel: some remaining decisions in the final term, remain in mexico policy, epa regulations and religious liberty. lucas tomlinson is live in d.c. reporter: expect shannon bream to have busy week. more opinions are expected tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. this will not be the final day
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for opinions before the summer recess. we don't know when that last day will be. typically they tyke e take a break in early june and july, next seven days. there are several opinions including immigration, environmental regulation, religious freedom. no matter what the court decides lindsey graham wants to keep things peaceful. >> when roe came out we didn't burn down the capital as conservatives. we didn't go to liberal justices homes to try to intimidate them. the radical left are constitutional anarchists they are trying to change the country from top to bottom. they want to pack the court because they don't like this decision. reporter: one of the biggest cases remaining immigration case, biden versus texas. they oppose the remain in mexico policy from trump for remaining in mexico. states sued saying the biden effort had no legal effect this comes with a record-setting number of migrants arriving at the southern border of course.
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there is west begin versus epa challenging the clean air act this has to do with regulations. opponents say it is reshaping the energy grid. bremerton, washington school districts, this is the high school football coach fired in 2015 while praying by himself visably seen by students. one parent complained because her son is athink set of. senators and mike pence are supporting the coach. stacey abrams says want to follow the will of the people in the landmark decision of roe v. wade. >> i would reject this is the will of people. this is political decision made by narrowest of margins, done to satisfy an even narrower constituency. reporter: justices will not be on the bench this week. these will be online opinion releases only. arthel. >> lucas, justice steven breyer retiring when the terp ends. then judge ketanji brown jackson will be sworn in as the first
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black woman on the supreme court. will that happen immediately after the term is over? reporter: not totally clear. ketanji brown jackson will being sworn as you mentioned when justice buyer retires. there is no date set. i asked the white house when this could take place. they have to wait before he retires. senate confirmed jackson 53-47 in april. this will be the first black woman on the bench in 253 history of the court which is big deal. jackson was born in the nation's capitol. raised in miami. went to harvard law, editor of the "harvard law review." she began the clerkship with justtics she will replace, steven breyer. arthel: her pedigree is extraordinary and outstanding. you're right, shannon bream will be extremely busy. all right, lucas tomlinson, live in washington, thank you. eric. eric: never know. could be justice shannon bream
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at one point. power of conservative majority is becoming more clear with each decision happened down. the five justices who voted to overturn roe v. wade were all appointed by republican presidents. three of them of course by president trump. retiring justice stephen breyer wrote in friday's opinion about the changes he has seen at the court, quote, a new and majority in this court acting practically the first moment possible overruled roe and casey and places in jeopardy other rights from contraception to same sex intimacy and marriage. finally it undermineses the court's legitimacy. jennifer mascot knows something about the court. president of antonin scalia law school. and clerked justices thomas and judge kavanaugh. welcome jennifer, does the justice's decision undermine the court's legitimacy as justice
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breyer claims? >> no, no way. friday was a significant day of course but, there are a lot of strongly-held views morally and socially and politically on both sides of the abortion issue. the context really important to keep in mind for the first 185 years of the constitution was in place, that the supreme court existed the court had not weighed in on the question of abortion. so friday's decision actually takes the court out of the seat of power and acknowledges that on such a deep, a deep issue with deeply seeded views on both sides it is an issue more appropriately decided by the states, elected officials in congress, people in the local communities because the constitution's text and structure does not speak to abortion. so the justices in the majority there are no longer going to sit as the court impose a one-size-fits-all solution on this really important question for the american people. eric: you're saying empowering states rights, so to speak, bringing issues back to state
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control. >> or congress perhaps in certain ways. more back to the political process, the elected pros test ses the democratic process which rules this country. eric: justice thomas referenced other cases with contraception, birth control, same-sex relationships presumably same-sex marriage. do you think those will be the next issues that will come before the court and they can strike those down? >> you know it does not seem as though there's a will, from the public or really on the court to take on those issues necessarily and if one looks at the majority opinion issued on friday being it extensively goes through stare decisis, a majority looked at the stare decisis, settled principles should main in law. however egregiously wrong decisions, decisions that are not workable, decisions that distorted other areas of the law, decisions have been criticized, perhaps not consistently followed from the
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beginning which is all true of roe v. wade, those decisions even if one applies stare decisis would not be necessarily upheld. what the majority is saying, a lot of other issues like contraception, marriage are issues that are different. one they may not evoke the same stare decisis interest and they invoked second interest at stake, which is critical, potential life, pre-born human life, that the court had to evaluate looking at roe v. wade. that makes this issue quite unique an distinct from any others that might come before the court. eric: another issue real controversy, you both know justice thomas and kavanaugh very well having clerked for both of them, that claims that they lied, committed perjury during the testimony when they had their hearings and also in private meetings. alexandria ocasio-cortez, congresswoman from new york said that she does believe they lied. that they potentially should be impeached for that. here's some of the quotes from the hearings of the justice which they said quote,
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roe v. wade is an important precedent of the supreme court. that is samuel alito of course. that is the law of the land. i accept the law of the land. gorsuch, settled as a precedent of the supreme court said kavanaugh and wade way clearly held that the constitution protected a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy said amy coney barrett. of course there is the astounding notes from susan collins, both she and joe manchin claiming that they believe they were misled by the justices in the private meetings. here is the notes that collins apparently leaked to "the new york times" from her meeting quoting kavanaugh. i understand precedent and i understand the importance of overturning it. roe has been h been 45 years old. reaffirmed. a lot of people cared about it a great deal and i try to understand real world consequences. i'm not a don't rock the boat kind of judge. what do you make of knowing these men personally, what do you make of the allegations that they intentionally led the public? those hearings are like
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rope-a-dope. you bob and weave on the sub like like muhammad ali, did they lie or commit perjury in your view? >> in no way. justice thomas, kavanaugh, all nine justices of the court are sitting to do the best job to apply the constitution as the rule of law they understand it. reality of nine justices often have very different methodological approaches to interpreting the constitution. sometimes even different views what they think a justice's role should be. justice kavanaugh, thomas, gorsuch alito, others justice barrett were quite clear when they look at the constitution they prioritze text, they prioritze structure, they prioritze original meaning and deeply rooted opinion and justice alito says how text and construction does not support a constitutional right to abortion. the court is not doing anything on policy matter on abortion.
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removing itself from the seat of power. issue of precedent the justices were asked about the view of precedent and stare decisis. in majority opinion it does not say stare decisis is not irrelevant. it goes through even putting a thumb on the scale to thwart precedent, when they looked closely issues before them of the mississippi law that roe v. wade needs to be overruled. i think another point to emphasize the justices declined as all nominees do, including judge jackson to talk about how they would rule on a particular case. i think that is because the, first of all they're trying to keep an independent mind for whether the case comes before them but every case is different facts. so it is unclear exactly the scope of the court's holding f there had been a different state law in front of them. they had mississippi's 15 week abortion ban. they said it could not be reconciled with roe v. wade or casey. they look at the precedents and
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found them unjustified under stare decisis consistent with the testimony in the senate. eric: they decided on that particularly narrow one issue. jennifer mascot, clerk for both justice thomas and kavanaugh. good to see you. >> have a great day. eric: arthel? arthel: eric the war in iranian is topping the agenda as president biden meets with european allies at the g7 summit. we're live in europe. that is up next. ♪ u do it all. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u. learn how abbvie can help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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eric: president biden at the g7 summit announcing some new sanctions on russia over the war in ukraine, including a ban on imports of russian gold. the president is in the bavarian alps for three-day annual meeting with u.s. leaders and world allies. they are in a pretty majestic and breathtaking location based on what's behind you. hi, peter. reporter: eric, good afternoon. and president biden while in europe is still blaming putin for high inflation back home and high gas prices back home. you know is also doing something about it. he is banding together with the rest of the g7 leaders to ban exports of gold from russia that putin had been basically selling to pay for the war in ukraine.
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president biden: putin is counting on from the beginning that somehow nato and the g7 would splinter and we haven't and we're not going to. so, can't let this aggression take form. reporter: so we've got some video from the site. it shows how disorganized the even most carefully choreographed programs. we're told the focus is on infrastructure today. there is also talk to how to handle rising china and of course climate chain. the ukraine i can issue is consuming most of the first day. diplomats say they're not sure if russian attack on a kindergarten was a response to the g7 meet meeting. reporter: do you have a reaction to the missile strike? >> [inaudible]. reporter: so, it is very serious issue but world leaders are still making jokes at putin's
9:23 am
expense including right here in this clip, canada's justin trudeau and the uk's boris johnson. >> [inaudible] reporter: so there you have it, boris johnson saying that they're going to show putin their pecs but we think he was kidding. eric. eric: maybe didn't realize the microphones were on when they were talking. nile gardiner will ask more about putin, not his pecs but in a moment. peter in the bavarian aleps as you can see. arthel? arthel: we turn to the war in ukraine where some world leaders are saying we are now seeing a shift in momentum. ukrainians have been courageously fighting more than four months now but it's not
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enough to keep russia from advancing. vladmir putin's forces are making small and steady gains in the eastern part of ukraine while u.s. and european allies discuss sending more economic and military aid to fend off moscow's invasion. nate foy is live in lviv, ukraine with the latest. nate? reporter: arthel. good afternoon. russia appears emboldened. here in lviv we had three air raid sirens go off today, which is unusual in two weeks here. you heard peter doocy talking about the big news in the capital of kyiv. attacks for the first time, an apartment building, grounds near kind kind hit by russian missiles. five people are injured and one person is dead according to the ukranian national police chief. look at video of the crews rushing in after the missile strikes at 5:00 a.m. first-responders rushing to save people trapped in the rubble.
9:25 am
according to mayor vitali klitschko that included a 7-year-old girl and her mother. klitschko think this is was meant to intimidate ukrainians ahead of tuesday today's summit in berlin? >> translator: they were going to capture most of our country on the fifth day. this is a on the fifth month, which does not change anything physically for russia. this is such a fate of war, morally difficult, emotionally difficult. reporter: arthel, russia is also promising to send nuclear capable missiles to belarus. this comes after a meeting with president vladmir putin and the belarus president. lukchenko they discussed what they think aggressive policies by lithuania and poland. here is putin talking about the
9:26 am
deal. >> translator: within the next few months we will hand over to belarus tactical missile systems that can use ballistic and cruise missiles, both conventional and nuclear versions. reporter: arthel, we also know president putin will be making his first foreign trip since starting this war in ukraine. according to russian state television he will visit two former soviet states in central asia this week. we'll send it back to you. arthel: nate foy, live on the ground there in lviv, ukraine. thanks, nate. >> i would just say to people in the united states and that this is something that's, america historically does and has to do, that is to step up for peace and freedom and democracy and if we let putin get away with it, just annex, conquer sizable parts after free, independent sovereign country which is what he is poised to do, if not the
9:27 am
whole thing, then the consequences for the world are absolutely catastrophic. eric: that is prime minister boris johnson at the g7, reaffirming west commitments to stand with ukraine against vladmir putin's atrocity. he is warning peace and freedom are at stake as it was in the world war ii wars, world war i, world war ii in the last century. nile gardiner, in london, head of heritage foundation margaret thatcher foundation, advisor to then margaret thatcher. he is borrowing a page from fdr and thatcher and churchhill. do they have the spine to stick together at the g7, stick together, remain united continuing the fight against putin? >> well, eric, thanks very much for having me on the show from london. you know, great remarks just now by boris johnson at the g7
9:28 am
summit in bavaria. in many respects i think the british prime minister has been the strongest leader on the world stage standing up to, to the russian bear over its barbaric invasion of ukraine and boris johnson is absolutely right. we cannot allow the russians to prevail with their savagery and their bashism in ukraine. if they allow russia to succeed, they will set sights on ball sticks states, poland, and strike against nato territory. we have to send a clear message and signal to the russians. they will not get away with aggression here and they will not get away with taking away the self-determination, sovereignty of the people of ukraine. so this is a very important moment for the free world to stand united in the face of russian aggression here. russia is behaving in a completely savage and barbaric way. so it is sitevital for the
9:29 am
leader of the g7, stand united standing up to russia. unfortunately there is still a great deal of weakness within the g7. you especially see that on the part of macron and the french and shoals and the germans. germany and france, big powers of the european union have been very disappointing on the ukraine front. germany has been slow to send weapons to ukraine. the french under macron have been calling for a negotiated settlement with putin which i think would be completely disasterous. negotiated settlement would simply give putin what he wants. ukrainians are strongly opposed to this approach. in fact they condemned it coming from emannuel macron. last thing you want is some kind of a negotiated deal that carves up ukraine and rewarreds the russians for their brutal behavior. eric: that seems the beginning of what could be a fissure in the solidarity with macron and some others talking about a
9:30 am
negotiated peace, giving putin a chunk of ukraine. you're talking about north and south korea. talking about a east and west ukraine, kind of like east and west germany was in the past. is the biden administration, is president biden doing enough to try to keep the pressure on putin and support zelenskyy? >> it's a good question. i do think the biden administration has been often she to move, slow to act on the ukraine front. pols have been wait out in front of biden presidency in terms of initiative. the latest initiative to impose gold sanctions against russia originally came from the british government. good to see the u.s. strongly supporting this move. some in europe are not fully on board. joe biden needs to project greater strength and leadership on international stage. he seems to be distracted by domestic woes and problems.
9:31 am
biden has been in my view far too slow to move. also you know, the united states could be doing a lot more supporting ukraine, including heavy weapons, heavy artillery, missiles, rockets that the ukrainians badly need. u.s. has to apply greater pressure on the germans, french, other european allies to do a lot more. biden has to be tougher on the germans and french. also upon the european union. in addition to that as polish have appealed biden needs to work together with poland to send mig-29 polish fighter aircraft over to ukraine. they badly need these aircraft to take on russian air defenses an russian aircraft as well. more needs to be done on the u.s. side. we need to see strong, bold, american leadership at this time. eric: maybe we'll see more of that at meeting with nato and 30 nations in madrid on tuesday. nile gardiner always good to see
9:32 am
you in london on fox news channel. >> thank you. eric: arthel? arthel: e-cigarette maker joule is fighting to keep its products on shelves after the fda ban on to curb teen smoking. could this be part of a broader crack down? dr. fisher joins us next. balancn with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪
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eric: down at the southern border where authorities at the del rio sector, that sy a long the texas border with mexico. they're seeing a huge increase in illegal crossings. many of the migrants or what's left we're told of that large caravan from earlier this month. now yet another caravan we're told is getting ready to head north to try to make the same crossing. in eagle pass, let's go there now in texas where griff jenkins is standing at the border. hey, griff. reporter: eric, you're right this part of del rio sector in
9:37 am
eagle pass is getting pummeled with large groups, many of them remnants from the last caravan. let us show you this video shot from a drone. you can see this large group of migrants crossing the rio grande into eagle pass. it is made up of the traditional central american countries, honduras, guatamala, el salvador some from venezuela as well. that was the large composition of the caravan. in the last 48 hours almost 3,000 apprehensions of migrants. 320,000 today this fiscal year. now let me show you this other video shot by law enforcement sources alongside the road. you can see this very, very large group. that is what's new, eric. these groups of 200, 300, one they had last week of 400 migrants in one group. it used to be unprecedented when it was one. why the congressman from this
9:38 am
area rio, eagle pass, tony gonzalez had this to say. >> just a few weeks ago our teachers are getting ready for school they have a lockdown. now you have a lock down saying a high-speed chase is coming through your town. we can't lose our eye off the ball. border crisis is bad as it ever has been. my district is at the forefront of it. reporter: eric, you will see passing over my shoulder very soon the border patrol boat working the river. this is an entire river border. they had an apprehension yesterday, eric, that i believe for the first time ever in this sector afghans. they had five afghans. that is why that airboat is working this river, trying to find migrants crossing not just from central america and from venezuela but also crossing from more than 100 countries, 109 to be exact by my last chance. it is ground zero. that is why the congressman says they can't take their eye off the situation here which is
9:39 am
continuing to get worse. eric. eric: we can hear the airboat. afghans? people from afghanistan coming all the way from afghanistan. how do they find out to do this? who do they contact in order to figure out a way to go from afghanistan through that pipeline into mexico to get into the u.s.? reporter: that's a great question. i would love to have interviewed them, and found out exactly what their entire path was but the short answer to your question is the cartels they're serving everybody that will pay to come across that border behind me. eric? eric: griff, in eagle pass. as always, thank you. arthel? arthel: well a federal court has put a temporary hold on the food and drug administration's order for juul to stop selling its e-cigarettes. the fda had issued the ban over safety concerns about the product as part of a sweeping evident to crack down on the multibillion-dollar vaping industry and underage users. >> these products never should have been allowed to come to
9:40 am
market. that really led us to the youth vaping epidemic that we've still been working to get back under control. arthel: dr. freida fischer, triple board certified physicians specialty in pediatrics, nephrology and joins me now. is vaping as potent and smoking cigarettes? >> vape something quite potent w cigarettes, arthel, we know the smoker inhales tobacco which has tar and core sin against which can cause lung cancer, skin cancer, kid any cancer. with the vape you're not inhaling the tar. the nicotine is not only. it is very addictive. there are benzene and things that can cause lung cancer is nom e-cigarettes. vape something not shown to be safer than cigarettes especially
9:41 am
in teens. arthel: what does nicotine do to a set of teenage lungs? >> nicotine can worsen exacerbate asthma. it can affect the brain. it can affect the heart rate, increase blood pressure, exacerbate depression and anxiety in children. the nicotine you find in e-cigarettes for some of those pods or some actual capsules that hold the e-juice, they have the same amount in one pod that you will find in a whole pack of sig the rhett the. one cigarette has a milligram of mick teen but you some of these pods may have 36 milligrams. there is lot of nicotine and it is definitely hard on teenage and middle school brains. arthel: wow. according to the national institute of health, teenage nicotine vaping dropped in 2021 compared to 2020. in 202016.6% of 8th graders
9:42 am
vaped that dropped to 12.1% in 2021. 10th graders in 2020, 30.7% of them were vaping compared to 19.5% in 2021. in 2020, 34.5% of 12th graders were vaping. in 2021, 26.6% of high school seniors were vaping. so, how can a teenager or anyone who is now addicted to vaping kick the habit? >> well in a lot of cases they might have to go cold turkey. arthel, i do a lot of speaking to teenagers and to middle schoolers. i find when i'm honest with them that is what works. once they realize initially the advertising with cool looking teens smoking or vaping inhaling, they had fruit flavors, mint flavors, once they realize the companies were targeting them, teenagers, middle schoolers, a lot of them don't like to be fooled so they
9:43 am
quit. the best way to kick it consult with their pediatrician understand the harms of nicotine long term. to understand it is really not meant for them t could be something that is a gateway to get them smoking cigarettes which we know is a leading cause of preventable death in the united states. arthel: well on that note i want to play sound from david morris, the arizona smoke-free business alliance spokesperson. take a listen. >> the biggest concern, with these products are removed that the adult smokers who quit smoking using them, some will go back to cigarettes. unfortunately it is common knowledge cigarettes kill almost half of all long-term users. arthel: so any medical advice, dr. frita who might switch to smoking cigarettes? >> early on, arthel, there was data that was really supporting the e-cigarettes in helping adult users to quit. they showed that the e-cigarettes were more effective than other nicotine replacement therapies like gun or patches but the data is not conclusive
9:44 am
because a lot of these adult cigarette smokers become dual-users, they're vaping and smoking cigarettes. again the vaping can cause them to inhale benzene which can use lou keep, formaldehyde which is associated with cancer. best thing not to smoke cigarettes and not to vape because the data is inconclusive. we know that vaping is not benign. arthel: looks cool but certainly doesn't sound like it is so cool. dr. fisher, thank you very much as always. to our viewers now, as reported by abc, confirmed by fox news, juul filed an emergency motion friday seeking a temporary hold while it appeals the sales ban. juul argued what it called extraordinary and unlawful action quote, by the fda would have required juul to halt its business immediately. juul added it submitted a 125,000 page application to the
9:45 am
fda nearly two years ago which included several studies to evaluate the health risks among juul users and the company says the fda cannot argue there was a quote critical and urgent public interest in immediately removing its products from the market when the fda allowed juul to sell e-cigarettes during its review. we will have more news in a moment. mamá, growing up... you were so good to me.
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arthel: one man is dead after an alligator attack in south carolina. police say it happened at a myrtle beach yacht club friday. phil keating is live with the details. boy, what happened, phil? reporter: it's a tragedy, that's for sure, arthel, and according to an employee at that myrtle beach yacht club and housing community the victim in this case is actually a kid under 18 years old. the horry county police department has yet to confirm that.
9:50 am
they may release more details tomorrow though. they're simply saying the alligator dragged the victim into a nearby pond. the victim has yet to be identified. the south carolina department of natural resources along with a contracted alligator trapper ended up finding it. the 11 footer was then euthanized and removed. there are millions of gators in the u.s., spanning from texas to florida up to the carolinas. florida has an estimated 1.3 million with a yearly average of seven unprovoked attacks which end up requiring medical treatment. louisiana has an estimated two million gators. deaths of peds like dogs happen a lot more often than the rare human killed by an alligator. about a month ago a man playing frisbee golf in largo, florida, north of st. petersburg. he was found dead. the investigators concluded that the alligator lurched out and grabbed him and killed him.
9:51 am
the florida wildlife commission says if you're walking near a body of war, say about five feet from the edge. the gator tails are powerful and get you if they want to do. >> very dangerous. phil keating, thank you very much. and we'll be right back. (man) [whispering] what's going on? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could save money by doing nothing. just be claim-free on your home insurance for three years. (man) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (dad) bravo! (mom) that's our son! (burke) we should. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss.
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eric: he embattled progressive los angeles district attorney george gascon is defending his policies ahead after recall effort that could cost him his job just like san francisco d.a. chesa boudin who was bounced by voters. christina is here with what we can expect. hi, christina. reporter: san francisco's d.a. got the boot by voters because of the city's rampant violence. l.a. county d.a. george gascon is facing a mounting recall effort did a media blitz defending his controversial policies even though critics say gascon's soft on crime approach led to l.a.'s roughly 7 1/2% spike in home sods, surge in follow home robberies, grand theft auto and recent killings of two california police officers, gas cone doubled down on his policies in an interview yesterday and in a press conference on tuesday by saying that the rise in crime is not
9:56 am
just a problem here in l.a. he also noted that his policies are not flawless. >> our system is imperfect. we do not always get it right. we will never always get it right. that is not only a problem in l.a. that is a problem everywhere. reporter: but critics say the problem in l.a. county is getting worse and throughout the country, when it comes to crime, due in part to liberal d.a.s and their policies regarding repeat offenders. eric? eric: progressive d.a.s are under attack in other cities like philadelphia and new york. we'll see what happens there. christina, thank you. arthel: eric, we are done for now. we'll be back at four eastern, 3:00 central. hope you join us. eric: see you then. ♪
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agreeing to a ban on gold imports during their ongoing war in ukraine but walking to fox news live by mike emmanuel. mr. biden leads by donation divided by this week's overturning of roe v wade and economy struggling under skyhigh gasoline prices and inflation. peter doocy


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