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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  June 26, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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agreeing to a ban on gold imports during their ongoing war in ukraine but walking to fox news live by mike emmanuel. mr. biden leads by donation divided by this week's overturning of roe v wade and economy struggling under skyhigh gasoline prices and inflation. peter doocy is alive in austria
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with the latest, hi peter. >> mike, president by ms. here in europe making the case all these things boudin is doing out of the g7 control represent a very timely opportunity to go green. >> the entire world is feeling the impact of russia's brutal war on ukraine. and on our energy markets. we need worldwide effort to invest in transformative clean energy projects. to ensure critical infrastructure is resilient to changing climate. critical materials are necessary for clean energy transition. >> and got the video of the g7 leaders. you can see they are all looking in different directions. but that is not what is actually happening there. the whole point of this meeting in germany is to show putin everyone at that table is together and the russians are on an island.
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>> putin has been counting on from the beginning and somehow nato and the g7 would splinter what we have and we are not going there. can't let let integration take more on that it has. >> behind closed doors meeting say there has been some talk about appealing to the developing world so that countries, as they grow it won't do business with china but with the u.s. and the west. however, putin and ukraine talk is dominating the day with two western leaders even making a crack about mimicking putin shirtless. here is candace justin trudeau and that uk boris johnson. [background noises]
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>> there you have the prime minister of the united kingdom think they were going to show putin their packs. we think he was kidding, mike. mike: peter i've got to say that back drop look like out of the sound of music or something. pretty awesome. >> i would sing the sound of music for a but we are probably out of time. [laughter] mike: peter live in austria thanks very much. back at home protests are continuing to erupt in cities across the nation for demonstrators on both sides have been a rallying in front of the united states supreme court since roe v wade was overturned for it the country some of the protests have grown in grossly violent part fox team coverage with lucas tomlinson and alexander hoffman for the supreme court. first let's go to alexis mcadams live in new york city, hi alexis per. >> demonstrations erupted across the nation. most of the cities had the largest protest and the most damage are in states where abortion remains legal. just over the weekend in colorado this pregnancy care
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center was vandalized and even set on fire. police investigating that are sent which happened less than 24 hours after the u.s. supreme court reversed federal protections of abortion for their graffiti you are looking at summits blurt out it said if abortions are not safe, neither are you. portland hundreds march the protests of the roe v wade decision for it only took a few hours before things turned violent there. according to portland police at least 60 people dressed in all black broke windows on the banks and on the coffee shops of local places. also school van was damaged and a pregnancy center was vandalized there. we go to los angeles with lapd made a few arrests downtown on friday preexist some of the chaos there is the officers in riot gear. the "new york post" reported amanda been charged with attempted murder of an l.a. cop after investigators say through some fireworks and a makeshift blowtorch at the officer. it is important to note these three major cities we are talking about and just shows you
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portland, l.a., new york, chicago still have legal abortions but some said this is a big step in the right direction as a pro-choice advocates pledge to fight back. >> is very frustrated for i know lots of people who believe what i do it it's mostly event the fact they think they can have an opinion that's not even right too. >> this is a momentous and glorious day. it's a date we have been waiting almost 50 years for. we are very excited we don't many moms and their unborn children will be safe from the horror of abortion. >> 's opening there as you can see others are grieving this decision. today their pride events across the country including here in new york city. though many of the conversations will still beat focused this landmark decision, mike. mike: alexis mcadams live in your city thank you very much for returning to alexander hoff at the supreme court were protesters continued to rally outside of the nation's highest court purchased track and latest developments as lawmakers react to the roe v wade reversal
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fallout, alex what is the update? >> about mike, it is a much smaller crowd today pronouncing in terms of as much back and forth between groups for it all along these demonstrations have been peaceful. we've not seen as much of today's some of the pro-life advocacy groups we have seen out here. this decision was first handed down on friday it was from that side that had the most audible reaction. there were tears in tears of joy grateful for the undoing nearly 50 years under roe v wade. they were deeply saddened by this decision here in d.c. the local laws regarding abortion are among the least restrictive in the country but so abortion access here will not change without not be the case everywhere in particular 22 states that have already or are not likely to ban abortion. south dakota governor christina. >> the decision that we have this week is one that passes now this authority down to the states were elected officials will make those decisions. south dakota we have a trigger lock in place already. so as of today abortions are illegal in our state.
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and they're only allowed to save the life of a mother. >> fox news sunday, stacy abrams a democratic nominee for governor in georgia spoke about the six-week ban on abortion poised to take effect there. she said this earlier today. >> i would reject the notion this is the world of people pray this is a political decision made by that narrowest of margins and done to satisfy an even narrower constituency. the majority of georgians rejected the notion of overturning roe v wade. they reject this bill. and this is not the law that will be safest for georgia women. >> knelt mike i was there to arrests that were made yesterday afternoon. it was after two people appeared to throw paint over one of the security barriers that was meant to symbolize the blood. that was quickly cleaned up by this morning, mike. mike: alexander hoff life outside the supreme court thanks a lot. as america's bitter processes supreme court reversal of roe v wade the height court is
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supposed to drop more on immigration to religion, lucas tomlinson joins me now live with the latest, hello lucas per. >> good afternoon mike. we are expecting more opinions of the supreme court beginning tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. for the court has indicated this will not be the final day for opinions for the justices summer recess. not knowing when that lesson will be that typically the high court takes a summer break at the end of june or early july in the next few days. including immigration, environmental regulation the religious freedom. one of the biggest cases remaining as an immigration case biden versus texas they proceed from air remained in mexico policy for migrants seeking asylum in the u.s., binds dhs entity program last year per gop states missouri and texas suited saint biden has no legal effort to do this for this comes record-setting number of migrants arriving at the southern border of course also west virginia versus epa childhood epa clean air act for this case tested with
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regulation, reshaping the nation's energy grid print also remaining candidate versus bremerton washington school district but this is a high school football coach she was fired in 2015 for praying about himself while at the school was visibly seen by students. one parent complained because her son is an atheist. senators and former mike pence are supporting the coach. when the court does break for the summer it marked the end of justice steven breyer. he will be replaced by former law clerk jackson the first black woman on the court and 233 years, my progress lucas thompson live, lucas thanks very much. for more on the impact of the supreme court reversal of roe v wade the massive abortion ruling let's bring in our legal experts constitutional attorney at kings college senior fellow mark smith. civil rights attorney atlanta radio talkshow host robert. welcome. >> thanks mike. mike: and got some to do list here for the night state supreme court. issues ranging from immigration
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asylum, environmental regulation, and religious liberty. which issue is tops on your watchlist, robert? >> the immigration case is going to very important. what we have seen in recent years with the fed the congress has punted many things in the court system to make the determinations where they have failed to actually come a country is governed by executive actions as executive actions are moderated by the federal court congress gets in there and pass some laws pretty think were going to have to have some sort of direct eat it on exec of the power is. what holding it has on the administration. and where congress fits in when it comes to setting the policies. mike: market which cases top on your list? >> i think the biggest case rate as the west virginia versus epa case. this case really asked the question, when it comes to administrative law, fda, atf, epa, alphabet city list of
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agencies, do they get to set policy for america? or does congress? what's been happening over the last 50 years is that congress are elected representatives have basically been delegating all the critical decision-making like things like environmental policy to unelected bureaucrats. this case of west virginia versus ep is a high likelihood the supreme court is going to say enough is enough. our elected officials have to make the decision where they have to pass a law they want laws for they cannot let unelected bureaucracies decisions for the whole country because they are unaccountable to the people. mike: okay we are showing protest outside the supreme court. let's put on the screen a map showing the impact of this abortion ruling after the supreme court's action on friday. red states are banning abortion or likely to ban abortion, orange is illegal or likely to stay legal. the lightest tan is uncertain.
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robert, you are take on the follow-up from friday. >> is a time we should go ahead and settle this argument about roe versus wade and leave it up to the state i am a pro-life person who has been putting out the from the beginning. but activism has to happen on state level bread love to see supreme court were appointing people to the court based on their judicial record not whether or not they fit a political witness test is being pro-life, pro-choice or other issues. i think of people organized on the state level it's a lot easier to get good policy to commodity state government as a nominee abrams just said in my state of georgia. rather than try to get 70 votes in congress to overturn or packing the courts and these other ideas for get into your state and try too post the change she went there as opposed to phil focus on the federal government to do everything. mike: and mark come as her educational psychology they get it right in terms of letting the states to allow them to decide what to do about abortion?
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>> yes i think the supreme court is really to a great job this term. they are informing express because justin writes like the right to keep and bear arms which is clearly in a second amendment spray they're actually enforcing the constitution as it is written to the extent rights or concepts that have literally been invented by the courts over the last 50 years, the supreme court is saying no more. the extended issue should be resolved in the democratic process, then let the democratic process play out. think the people that are least happy with all of this our elected officials. many of whom have brought him very happy to dodge these issues for decades. now they're going to have to make decisions and represent the people and not delegate that authority to unelected people. >> there is a quote from justice clarence thomas that is gotten some eyebrows raised in terms of what is he mean by it, we are nearly out of time but let's put on the screen quickly pretty says quote i agree that nothing in the courts opinion should be understood to cast doubt on presidency do not concern
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abortion rate for that reason in future cases we should reconsider all the court substantive due process precedents including griswold over failed, how do you read that, robert and we are tight on time. >> it's a losing battle grounds. gay marriage, contraception, i think we can leverage it into that as part of the due process that he is talking about but these are all going to come with the briefing for the majority he is letting them know he expects he sinks to be overturned. mike: market your take? >> i think actually it's a little bit different pretty think clarence thomas is indicated the notion of substantive due process which is oxymoronic is not how you should solve questions like that so should be resolved in the 14th amendment privileges and immunities clause. think this some degrees political rationale for some of these decisions as may be misplaced and should be placed in a different part of the text of the constitution.
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mike: massive surge of migrants on the southern border. hundreds arriving together as the heat in texas reaches triple digits. grisha jenkins is battling that heat in eagle pass, texas and a slide with the latest telegraph. >> good afternoon michael. the heat is not stopping the surge bread here in the del rio sector specifically eagle pass where i am, it is ground zero for the surge all along the southern border. but mike, when i driven this morning i was on the seventh year in washington yesterday. i came down and asked her driving and about 20 miles north of where i am standing we got into what was the tail end of a smuggler pursue but look at this video i shot it with my own phone and camera. you can see this pick up truck crashed into a fence. the two individuals fled to pre-texas dps to take them into custody. there is marijuana present in the car. we do not know what else they might've been smuggling because they got away. meanwhile look at this drone
10:20 am
video shot friday by one of our sources. shows a massive group like you are talking about crossing the rio grande river. you can see people from honduras, guatemala, el salvador is largely compromise a venezuelans for those of the remnants of that large caravan we saw earlier this month. as an interesting discovery of five afghans yesterday just south of where i am standing. that is all part of the former ice director says it is the dismantling of the trump policies that we have to blame for this, listen. great date dismantled remain in mexico. they dismantled the agreements with the third country units we had with american countries but they dismantled ice detention for they dismantled ice priorities. they dismantled everything we created under the trump administration paid you see the massive crisis. if anybody dismantled anything at the biden administration dismantled the most secure border we have ever had and the
10:21 am
numbers show it. >> let us show you those numbers. look here you can see 2968 encounters just in the sector of del rio. just in the last 48 hours he sectors up 118% compared to last year. they fed 323,000 encounters just in the sector since the fiscal year began in october but those numbers are just off the charts. it might, the key number also in the sector 130,000 plus got a ways it means they do not know who they are, where they are going or why they are here for they just know they cross illegally and went into the shadows. mike: graphic at the gym struck by several things from your report one being five afghans brave into afghanistan multiple times that feels like a million miles with the southern border. makes you think how dhec did they get to south texas? >> that is exactly the point, you are right michael.
10:22 am
it is unusual. now the sources with border patrol here at tell me they have a 109 different countries they have seen this fiscal year. but no one that i have talked to yet and i do not want to be definitive maybe they had a few other afghans but every source i have talked to and i talked to three today say they don't member everything in afghan bird that is a long, long way. but it also i think speaks a little bit to the fact that however they ultimately got here, they, like every other country in the migrants coming from typical areas like central america it paid the cartels to get them across. they know once they get here they can pay the cartels to get across in his tom was saying they also note ultimately if they cross and are turned loose, released into the u.s. ice and no other official or going to look for them they will be able to stay, mike. mike: griff jenkins back on the border a look 4g reports thanks a lot. for more on this i'm joined joined the arizona attorney general and republican senate
10:23 am
candidate mark, general welcome. >> thank you mike. mike: we just showed our viewers the perspective from the texas southern border. what is the latest in the great state of arizona along the border? >> i was just recently at the border. you talk to the ranchers and the farmers, folks have lived along our southern border for four and five generations for they will toy they've never seen it this bad. every thing from ms 13 gang members to cartels smuggling lots of drugs. griff and his report one of the things that so telling as we know the biden administration decriminalize and incentivize people coming here. so people can literally come over, surrender they bring their carry-on luggage they're being released in our communities. so these people, that god always he was referring to you have more than 300,000 thousands by demonstration took over that have literally slipped into our country that are trekking across 19 -- 20 miles of desert and 100 plus degree heat treat have to ask yourself if they know they can be released from this
10:24 am
country, what are those people doing? i will tow the breeding and it records amount of fentanyl, methamphetamine there empowering the cartels producing more violence in our neighborhoods as a result of a failed biden policies. mike: to the supreme court know you've argued cases they are, on the issue of abortion. arizona is a swing state. sometimes events democratic sometime in both republican. what is likely to happen on the issue of abortion in your state? >> as someone who has argued at the supreme court, i am glad the supreme court finally reversed nearly 50-year-old terrible precedents were even folks on the left recognize it's a bad precedent. we recently enacted legislation in arizona very similar to the dobbs legislation is up to the supreme court. the most vulnerable people in our society including the unborn. mike: are ready for the united states senate hoping to take on democrat mark kelly in the fall.
10:25 am
what is the impact of this abortion ruling? do you worry it will animate people on the left or turn out and vote? >> i can only control what i can control, mike. i would say this arizonans want a real arizona and as her senator. not someone who votes with bernie sanders nine out of ten times. in fact bernie's wife does not agree with him that often. and so errors are to have a long history of electing a principled arizonans in 2018 -- got more votes than kyrsten sinema or mixed salad even though i outspent. first generation public school kid here in arizona. i think that resonates with people but when they go to the gas pump and go to the grocery store this is happening with our border they know i am the person to take on those fights and help every middle-class hard-working arizonan. mike: what is he shaping up as the biggest issue in that race question what is it inflation, gasoline crisis, the border perhaps something else? >> border security economic security. every time anyone goes to the gas station or the grocery store
10:26 am
they see the stories about the gangs, terrible fentanyl problem we have in our state places like number one cause of death in young people's fentanyl and drug overdoses. people are worried about their secure the personal security their economic security that is why we need a fighter representing arizona and the u.s. senate. mike: arizona journey thank you very much for your time will see on the campaign trail. russian strike on the u.s. capitol of kyiv. the first in a few weeks. we will have a live report from lviv next. so now we're in the present. and now... we're in the future. the all-electric chevy bolt euv with available super cruise™ for hands-free driving. - dad. - yeah? do fish get thirsty? eh. find new answers.
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mike: russian missiles bombing the capitol on the first airstrikes in weeks. the barrage on kyiv and others across northern western ukraine comes as g-7 leaders gather in germany for their first day of their annual summit. nate foy has the latest buy from
10:31 am
lviv. >> hey mike you mentioned an attack on kyiv for the first time in three weeks bruno and apartment building was hit as well as the grounds near a private kindergarten and kyiv for an unfortunate one person at least has passed away from the attack at least five people are injured per be of new video today from just moments after the missile struck the city just after 5:00 a.m. this morning. you see the damage here, first responders rushed and trying to people trapped in the rubble. and according to mayor that included a seven year old girl and her mother. he thanks it is meant to intimidate the ukrainians ahead of tuesday's nato summit in madrid. course the g-7 also starting today. here is president zelenskyy talking about the attacks. >> there going to capture most of our country on the fifth day that has to stage such a show does not change anything for
10:32 am
russia. morally difficult emotionally difficult. >> really tough day today in kyiv. russia also promising to send nuclear capable missiles. this comes from a meeting with president vladimir putin and the russian president janco. this discuss the so-called aggressive policies by lithuanian poland in their view. here's president vladimir putin talking about that deal, listen here. >> within the next few months based and tactical missile system. which as you know can use in both the ballistic and curse missiles both in nuclear versions. >> might, we are also learning president putin will make its first foreign trip of the war according to russian state television. he will visit to former soviet states in central asia this week. will send it back to you.
10:33 am
mike: nay i'm curious the morale of the ukrainian people you have come in contact with. how are they holding up this far into this invasion? >> and mike, their strength has been remarkable. we have been here for over two weeks but we have been in lviv. a lot of people have come to lviv of course it's not a safe haven we've had three air raid sirens just today. less action here then of course in the east and also in kyiv. the morale is certainly higher here than other parts of the country. they are certainly holding up for their strength is admirable to say the least per. >> alright nate foy was some good contacts there, nay thanks very much for it. for more imprisoned by the g-7 summit let's go to our political panel stayed with the city steve gruber at michigan talk radio show host. strategist former biden surrogate kevin walling will come. >> hey mike good to see you. it's basically start with president biden today click play the clip. >> putin was counting on from that beginning that somehow nato
10:34 am
and the g-7 way to splinter but we haven't and we are not going too. so we cannot let this aggression take more than it has been. >> has a present been effective hold the g-7 together, kevin? >> i think he absolutely has buried not just holding our alliances together piercing to other nations interested in joining the nato alliance because the president goes on to spain after this meeting to meet with nato parade the west has been remarkably united. think in large degree due to the leadership of the president, re- engaging our allies devoting so much of our american resources to this fight, arming the ukrainians, nate's coverage on the ground in ukraine is so important because you see the result of continuing in ukraine with ukrainian people and president zelenskyy were that must contain the present is there on the ground to continue to assure those relationships going forward. mike: steve your view on that part has the president done wellin terms of her on the g-7 together? office's poll numbers are down
10:35 am
here in the u.s. on some other issues. but what about this one? >> is a great point you make his poll numbers are down because the american people are not vested or terribly interested in ukraine it offered $40 billion going there. talk to the average american they see the price of gas and groceries and other things happening i'm sorry but sending 40 billion notes ukraine who is not an alley not by with the united states has a lot of people not understanding that effort at all. if an to the south, the president failed on. you have an economy that is in the tank 8.6% inflation rate, gas, groceries, everything across-the-board causing americans more now there's an effort from joe biden at the g-7 just spent another $200 billion on international infrastructure. it just seems to a lot of americans that why is america always the one picking up the checkbook whether it is for ukraine because we are far outspent our european friends? why is it on infrastructure but we will again outspend our european friends on things they
10:36 am
need? most americans would agree europe needs to pick up the pace. >> to the supreme court and the seismic ruling on friday on abortion let's put on the screen a map showing the impact in various states across the country. kevin what is the political impact of this abortion ruling? >> mike it's a good question i think you're still reading to the tea leaves with regards to abortion. all of the polling about row before the decision came out should be thrown out. we are now living in a new reality where half of the states in the next couple of weeks will see all out bands re- sacristy noma pushing for band even with regards to rape and incest producing that in arkansas producing mike pence one of the de facto leaders of the republican party pushing for a nationwide abortion ban which is what he will push for if republicans are successful in november taking back the house and the senate. you have a very extreme situation with regards to this decision part of the guards the number of states moving in that direction.
10:37 am
i still think to steve's point the economy will be the number one issue for most voters come november fred wegener 35 days away. but on the margins, this ruling is a bombshell for a lot of key congressional districts and a lot of key senate races come november. mike: steve do you think it animates pro-choice perhaps democratic voters in the fall? >> i think the biggest issue facing voters in the fall could be the shift of hispanics to the republican party. the reason being as a group hispanics are very much pro-life as a group because of their relationship with the roman catholic church. kevin is right about one thing pretty fast the open ended question does america support row? they did when you dig deeper say what about abortions in the third trimester? rejected by wide margins more than 80% for the second trimester question or two thirds reject abortion there. i think at some point in this country we end up in a place 12 -- 15 weeks that is where mississippi was on this case that went to the supreme corporate is where florida is today. i think we'll find a number of states to work it out in the
10:38 am
legislature which is the whole point of this present back to the states for debate. for the elected officials of each state to debate ended to decide for themselves what is appropriate for their statement that is what should happen parade that is what will happen. i think in the end it will be 1e cutoff points. in the election this fall in november i don't think it moves the needle. you got pro-choice people already ferment with the democrats for the pro-life people firmly with republicans. does it move the needle? maybe with the hispanic voters who already fling the democratic party to the republicans. it could make them even stronger votes for conservatism. mike: will see are waiting on supreme court rulings also still to come this week, steve gruber, kevin walling gentlemen thank you very much. and if i was gearing up for summer travel but how much will it cost them? the latest on inflation and rising prices coming up.
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♪ president biden meets with allies in europe rising costs of inflation are weighing heavily on americans back here at home. to help us to break these economic pressures during the live now is macro trends advisors llc founding partner university good to see you mike. >> was put on the screen gasoline prices today. $4.90 a gallon the national average someplace is a lot more than that. a month ago $4.60 a gallon. a year ago $3.9 a gallon. is there any hope of that easing up anytime soon? >> are actually seeing right now a bit of a fall in gasoline prices because i think the demand is slowing down. i think it's the underpinning of what goes on with inflation. there comes a point when consumers throw their hands up and say no i'm just not going to
10:45 am
pay whatever it is not going to pay for the state i'm not going to go to the movies and i'm not going to drive my car i cannot afford to buy gas in it. that is what is happening. i do think though gasoline is with us since we cannot live without. we probably would see a rise in prices later in the summer. in the short term i may see a dip. ask broader economic of the high gasoline prices during summer travel. you could you mention hotels, mike, the price of the lodging has gone up astronomically as well. we can live in the country as much a $600 more a month.
10:46 am
five night stay could be a four night stay printed could meet his head driving to florida to go to a theme park they go to the carolinas the northeast. i think people will make choices within their budget. but that does have an impact on the economy there is less money chasing things the long run. present flowed a gas tax holiday of a few months. noticing criticism from both the right and the left roots of people calling it a gimmick. in your view is that a serious proposal? >> no it is not serious. but to member president obama then candidate obama called it a gimmick when republicans were talking about doing it 2008. it is $18 i think three months worth it will be $18 per american bread that really does not accomplish. this barely a movie ticket.
10:47 am
i don't think it does anything. i think it symbolic its administration trying to show their doing something. no way to fix this problem is to find a way to fix the supply side of the economy but that's exactly president reckoned of tax cuts in the early 80s. that is ultimately what is going to have to happen if we really want to fix what is broken here. >> a sick look at the graph till may of this year precede the spike happening now. mitch, where does it end? >> think it probably goes higher. not to get into the weeds but shelter costs, would it cost for housing and a lagging indicator the weights calculated by the government and those prices are continuing to go up. home prices are going up even though interest rates are going up. rent is skyrocketing. you have that as a tailwind pushing up inflation. and oil prices whether be diesel or gasoline flows through virtually everything we consume.
10:48 am
the food on the table us get through wherever it came to the store you bought it in or the restaurant that serves it. gasoline prices stayed the same or go up more importantly diesel prices go up i think that's going to pushing inflation. i think inflation is here for a while. in fact not only will be a midterm election issue, it is possible once the potential presidential candidates hit the trails are going to iowa and new hampshire, it's probably going to be an issue then as well pick. >> interesting, thanks so much time and your analysis today. >> you but thanks for seeing me. mike: a horror movie coming to life. 11-foot alligator attacking and dragging a south carolina man into a pond. will tell you what happened next right after the break. ♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪
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10:53 am
that. they may release more identification information tomorrow. they're simply saying the alligator grabbed the victim and dragged him into a pond. the victim has yet to be identified by the south, department of natural resources along with the contracted alligator trapper ended up finding it for the 11-foot it was then euthanized and removed. here's a photo of three alligators on mother's day in that same county but in fact in that very same yacht club and housing community. not millions of gators in the hispanic from texas, to florida up to the carolinas. florida is an estimate of 1.3 million of them. a yearly average of seven unprovoked attacks which end up requiring medical treatments for louisiana has an estimated 2 million gators. deaths of pets like dogs cap and a whole lot more often than the rare human killed by an alligator print about a month ago a man playing frisbee golf in a largo, florida which is north of st. petersburg was
10:54 am
found dead. investigators concluded an alligator heart lurched out grabbed him and killed him. all of this is why florida's fish and wildlife conservation commission always recommend for people if they are walking around a body of water like a lake, a pond, or a canal either alone, with friends or with a dog try to keep 5 feet of distance between yourself and the shoreline because those big alligators and those powerful tails will thrust them right out of the water. very rapidly if they want to attack you and that is with the alligator often times will try to do, back to you my. >> good advice phil keating thanks a lot. los angeles district attorney george gascon sang his counties safer in some areas because of progressive policies despite the rays of crime and homicides over the last year. christina coleman is live with the latest, hi christina. >> hi mike liberal d.a. george
10:55 am
gascon is facing a mounting recall campaign is doing a media blitz defending his controversial policies. critics of gascon said it has led to spike and homicides and follow home robberies, grand theft off auto in the recent killings of two police officers. but gascon doubled down on his policies interview yesterday in a press conference on tuesday by saying that this rise in crime is l.a. problem but he also noted his policies are not flawless. >> we do not always get it right. we will never always get it right. and that's not just a problem in l.a. >> critics say this problem in l.a. and everywhere is getting worse due in part to the policies regarding repeat offenders for 35 real justin has already had one strike on this record for a felony arm
10:56 am
possession was allowed out on probation instead of serving jail time. well floor suspect on the street police that he got another gun and kill these two police officers. joseph santana and michael. both brinkley behind wife and children. here's the mother of officer santana. >> the criminal that shot and killed my son should have been locked up. they both would have been here the gun and trent needs to be recalled immediately. he has completely destroyed our. >> is the second recall effort that george gascon scene is facing. mike: elected thank our director robinette leaving us for a new gig. robin we love you, we are going to miss you but congratulations. that is all for this hour "fox news live". fox news sunday up next, i am mike immanuel thanks for watching.
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