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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  June 26, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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dogs get triple protection in just one simparica trio! this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures. use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. protect him with all your heart. simparica trio. >> prosecutors in america's biggest city reportedly leaving their jobs after controversial criminal justice reforms. the new york post reports 65 assistant district attorneys have left manhattan d.a. alvin bragg's office so far this year. 97 quit all of last year. hello everybody. welcome to another hour of "fox news live". i'm arthel neville. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. several staffers left because of bragg's liberal and progressive
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policies. a former top new york prosecutor says has led to quote insanity. critics have been slamming bragg's decision to offer plea bargains in some cases, and his original decision in an infamous memo not to even prosecute some crimes. meantime, in los angeles, progressive d.a. is defending his record on crime in a new interview as he faces a recall effort. that comes just weeks after san francisco voters ousted its progressive district attorney in a recall there. christina coleman is following these fast-breaking developments on the criminal justice front. she's in los angeles. >> hey, eric. hundreds of prosecutors are throwing in the towel due to these controversial criminal justice reforms or they are supporting the ramped-up recall effort against the liberal d.a. this is happening in two democrat-run states, here in california and new york. new york post is reporting that this year 65 district attorneys which is about 12% of the staff in manhattan's d.a.'s office
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have left, when progressive d.a. alvin bragg took office, he ordered prosecutors to not seek prison sentences for a number of crimes and to downgrade charges for robberies and commercial particular ris. -- burglaries. in brooklyn, more than 67 prosecutors have left since june, and 59 prosecutors in the bronx quit this year as of may, according to the new york post. one former manhattan assistant d.a. said the regulations are quote crippling our lawyers, making them into file clerks rather than attorneys. and here in california, l.a. county's association of deputy d.a.s voted overwhelmingly to support the recall effort against their boss liberal d.a. george gascon. gascon is doing a blitz defending his criminal justice reforms by saying integrity in the justice system is important, but critics say his soft on crime approach is leading to
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more violence. there's more calls to get him kicked out of office following the murder of two california police officers earlier this month. police say justin flores, a felon who had just last year received a plea deal that let him avoid prison time for unlawful firearm possession got another gun and killed the two officers. >> understandably many are angry, including myself, and we all wish that we could predict violence, but the reality is we can't. and this particular case, the history of the suspect, mr. flores, did not contain any evidence of violence. >> that response, though, from gascon is not going over well with some prosecutors. >> he's acknowledged the pain, but he did not acknowledge his role in the pain, and that's the real problem is we have a d.a. who doesn't understand what his
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job is. he sounded more like a defense lawyer than he did as the chief prosecutor. >> gascon is facing his second recall effort. campaign organizers say they have enough signatures to get the measure on the november ballot, but they are still working to collect extra ones to ensure they have ballot signatures by the july 6th deadline. eric? >> eric: christina, i was talking to an assistant district attorney here in new york city who recently told me that they are going to have to throw out cases because they just cannot meet some of the deadlines that have been instituted because of these progressive reforms, and they're furious about it. thank you. >> really just unfortunate. >> eric: it is, thank you. arthel? >> arthel: more demonstrations are being held across the country after the supreme court's landmark decision to overturn roe versus wade. most rallies have been peaceful, but some turned violent at night, especially on the west coast where one man is being charged with trying to kill a police officer. alexis mcadams is live in new york city with more. >> hi, arthel.
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we watched demonstrations erupt across the nation after the supreme court decision came down. most of the cities that had the largest protests and the most damage are in states where abortion remains legal. out in portland, hundreds marched to protest the roe v. wade decision, but it took a few hours until police say things took a violent turn. you can see the windows smashed and graffiti. according to portland police, at least 60 people dressed in all black broke into some businesses, like banks and coffee shops and also vandalized a school van and also a pregnancy center. over the weekend, in colorado, another pregnancy center, in longmont colorado was vandalized and set on fire. investigators say this was an arson which happened less than 24 hours after the u.s. supreme court reversed federal protections of abortion. the graffiti there, i don't know if you can see it, it says if abortions are not safe, neither are you. in los angeles, the l.a.p.d. making some arrests during protests downtown on friday.
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a man was arrested for attempted murder and is responsible for injuries to an officer who actually had to go to the hospital for burns after he threw a makeshift flamethrower at the cop. this is a map that we outlined where you can see where each state stands right now that the ruling has been overturned. most of the cities that we just talked about like l.a., portland, chicago, won't have any changes to their abortion laws. some say this is in a big step in the right direction as pro-choice advocates pledge to fight back. >> unequivocally the right decision. i don't know where i would stand today if i had to bring a life into the world that i wasn't ready for. >> the state i was born and raised in is standing up for life and not letting people destroy such a beautiful thing. >> very different reactions there. today there are pride events across the country, though many of these conversations will still be focused on this landmark decision. arthel? >> arthel: alexis mcadams live in new york, thank you, alexis.
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eric? >> eric: arthel, meanwhile, both sides are looking at their next legislative steps after the supreme court's reversal of roe v. wade, but that's not the only thing to watch for in this coming week. more key decisions are on the horizon, with the court's term coming to a close. lucas tomlinson is live from washington where potentially we could have some brand-new bombshell rulings this week. hey, lucas. >> that's right. those decisions could come as soon as tomorrow. more opinions from the supreme court beginning at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. we don't know when the court's last day will be. typically the high court takes a summer break at the end of june or early july. there are seven opinions remaining, including immigration, environmental regulation, and religious freedom. no matter what the court decides, lindsey graham wants to keep things peaceful. >> when roe came out, we didn't burn down the capitol as conservatives. we didn't go to liberal justices' homes and try to intimidate them.
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the radical left are constitutional anarchists. they're literally trying to change this country from top to bottom. they want to pad the court because they don't like this decision. >> one of the biggest cases remaining is the immigration case, biden v texas. the biden administration opposes the trump era remain in mexico policy for migrants seeking asylum in the u.s. biden's dhs ended the program last year. missouri and texas sued saying the biden move had no legal merit. this comes with a record number of migrants showing up at the southern border. this is also another case, west virginia versus epa challenging the epa's clean air act. also remaining kennedy versus bremerton washington school district, the high school football coach who was fired in 2015 for praying by himself while at the school and visible by some students. one parent complained because her son is atheist. g.o.p. centers and former vice president mike pence are supporting the coach. on fox news sunday, abrams is concerned about the future decisions from the court's conservative majority.
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>> i would reject the notion that this is the will of the people. this is a political decision, made by the narrowest of margins and done to satisfy an even narrower constituency. >> when the court does break for the summer, it will mark the end for justice steven pryor on the bench who will be retiring, who will be replaced by his former law clerk jackson, the first black woman on the court in years. >> eric: thanks, lucas. >> arthel: major rulings from the supreme court this week including the case from the former high school football coach who was fired after praying on the field. >> it is so bizarre to me, something so simple as taking the knee for, you know, 15 seconds in thanks after a football game has made this much noise and all the way to the supreme court. it seems just weird to me. >> arthel: fox news legal analyst mercedes cowen is joining us now.
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the supreme court will hear arguments about that former public high school football coach from washington state, joe kennedy. he wanted to kneel and pray on the field after a game. >> [inaudible]. >> arthel: can you hear me now? >> my audio just went out. i know you are talking about the kennedy case. >> arthel: no, we're not going to do that. tell mercedes to hold on for us, whoever can communicate with her, we will move on and get her back when she's ready. okay? we will be right back. so this is the meta portal plus. a smart video calling device that makes working from home work. a 12-megapixel lens makes sure your presentation is crystal clear. and smart camera auto pans and zooms to keep you perfectly in frame. oh, and it syncs with your calendar. plus, with zoom, microsoft teams, and webex, you'll never miss a meeting. and neither will she. now that's a productive day. meta portal: make working from home work for you.
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>> arthel: we are back with fox news legal analyst mercedes colwin. the supreme court will hear arguments about that former public high school coach that we were talking about from washington state. his name is joe kennedy. he wanted to kneel and pray on the field after a game. what this does is put before the justices the balance of religious and free speech rights of teachers and coaches with the rights of students not to feel pressured in participating in religious practices. how might the court decide on the kennedy versus bremerton school district case? what impact might the outcome have? >> great question, arthel. always wonderful to be on with you. certainly there will be some
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traditional activism. we saw it in the dobbs case. that's one of the reason why justice roberts did a concurring opinion talking about activism. it might be going far beyond just this particular case. that's what happened in the dobbs matter which overturned roe versus wade last week. it boils down this, the school district came forward and argued that there are students feeling pressured to participate. when you balance that against the 1st amendment right for the teacher, the coach to then pray, not during a game, after the game, by himself, the school district was adamant that there was still this ongoing pressure that students felt. with this undercurrent of judicial activism that we will see, it might be likely that the 1st amendment is going to trump the rights of the students. there's going to be an issue regarding the fact that kennedy, coach kennedy was very clear that he didn't do it during the game. he didn't recruit any of the kids to pray with him. when you talk about the safety precautions that he took, with respect to ensure that the
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students didn't feel that pressure, and you're talking about the narrative that the school district is setting forth, during the argument, that students in the -- >> arthel: in the area, yeah. >> [inaudible] that it certainly could be implied that these students have to participate. if i were to be a betting person, arthel, i would say that coach kennedy's going to win the argument. >> arthel: okay. all right. i hear that. we're going to look at some other key supreme court cases to be decided this term. you've got biden versus texas, talking about the legality of remain in mexico policy, and west virginia versus environmental protection agency, that's epa regulations under clean air act. has there been any indication on how the supreme court might rule on these two cases? >> arthel: well, biden versus texas, it almost turns on its -- >> well biden versus texas it almost turns on its head seeking asylum in the united states.
1:17 pm
the fact they are seeking asylum is basically they feel their lives are being threatened. to say these individuals seeking asylum in the united states have to remain in the country that they believe poses a threat to their lives certainly seems counterintuitive to the entire reason why there's immigration laws that allows for individuals who feel that level of threat to come into and establish asylum within the united states. certainly that's going to be a profound argument for the justices to really grapple with, and because it is on the books, this is asylum that's on immigration laws. it is permitted by immigration laws. there will be at least if there's an adherence to that, without judicial activism, there will be an adherence to the laws and likely the fact -- the whole issue asking the individuals who are seeking asylum to stay within the country they believe poses a threat to their lives will probably be challenged successfully and found to be unconstitutional. the other big case is the epa case as you mentioned.
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it really boils down what are the powers, the environmental protection agency has with respect to emissions from power plants? and whether or not the epa has that level of control regarding climate change? now, obviously there's a lot of controversy surrounding climate change. there's obviously a big push when you look at what the agency has done, and if you look at the clean air act, i wanted to share with you some of the stats. the clean air act actually provides significant relief in terms of saving -- this is at least been reported, that it's saved 230,000 lives and saved trillions of dollars per year. of course, this is being reported. whether or not the justices will take that into account, that's obviously a very compelling argument that's going to be set forth, establishing that the epa does meet those expansive powers to ensure that climate change --
1:19 pm
at least that climate change can be curtailed and the livelihood can continue on planet earth. there's no -- there's at least no plans for us to re-establish ourselves on other planets. we need to protect the planet we're on. it depends on how the justices are going to unpackage the powers of epa. there's a lot of precedent to it. a lot of argument wills come forward about why the epa is absolutely critical to climate change and curtailing what could happen if it doesn't. >> arthel: that will be one of those hot-button issues for sure. i want to play some audio, chief justice john roberts, he was getting emotional during his tribute to retiring justice breyer's in his final oral arguments back on april 27th. it is audio. let's listen. >> for 28 years, this has been his arena for remarks profound and moving, questions challenging and insightful. and hypotheticals down right
1:20 pm
silly. [laughter] for now will leave the courtroom with deep appreciation for the privilege of sharing this bench with him. >> arthel: what will the supreme court be like without justice breyer? >> it is exciting to have judge jackson come on the bench. anyone who has read her decisions knows she's obviously exthe recordly bright. -- extraordinarily bright. she articulates her thoughts well. she has a very thoughtful analysis to making those -- pushing the envelope type of decisions. she can't really be pegged because during her history, a lot of individuals say she worked as a defense attorney, that will somehow influence her decisions, but if you look at the decisions that she actually rendered decisions on, she held
1:21 pm
against prisoners and prisoners rights on various cases. you can't pigeon hole her any each way. she's a thoughtful jurist. she's going to be one that writes any of the decisions she writes, either concurring opinions or things of the court are going to be well reasoned, well researched, well done, so it's exciting time, and certainly the time for us to welcome the first female black jurist to the court. >> arthel: her decisions aside, i'm excited to have her there. fox news legal analyst colwin, thank very much. take care. >> take care, bye. >> eric: u.s. and its allies levelling another blow at russia's economy by banning the imports of gold. president biden unveiling the new sanctions today during a meeting of the g-7 summit in germany, all in response to putin's unjustified and continued war in ukraine.
1:22 pm
world leaders there are discussing key issues including inflation, oil prices, and the rising threat from china. white house correspondent peter doocy live with the latest on the summit. hey, peter. >> eric, good evening, and we're told by our crew that just saw the president at the event site that he is staying behind closed doors. nobody has asked him about the roe v. wade decision or the debate that has followed back in the united states. and so we're hearing that the president instead wants to talk on the world stage to his counterparts about the stuff that he talks about back at the white house, including covid and climate change. >> technology has made our world [inaudible] more immediate and more connected. it's opened up incredible opportunities, but also accelerated challenges that impact on all of us. managing global energy needs, taking on the climate crisis, dealing with the spread of
1:23 pm
diseases. >> but these leaders are also putting their heads together trying to figure out how to make putin stop brutalizing ukraine. the latest efforts includes a g-7 ban on russian gold. >> let's take gold, the thing we're just announcing. that is the second most lucrative export that russia has after energy. it is about 19 billion dollars -- 19 billion dollars a year, most of that is in the g-7 country. cutting that off, not having access to about 19 billion dollars of revenue a year, that's significant. >> these western leaders all take putin's war in ukraine very seriously. but today they also made putin a punch line, drawing upon famous clips of the russian leader shirtless. here is canada's justin trudeau and the u.k.'s boris johnson. >> [inaudible].
1:24 pm
>> so that's how you solve the world's problems, apparently. they are done for the night. it is very late here, after 10:00 p.m., so we won't see president biden for the rest of the g-7 until tomorrow morning. eric? >> eric: little world leader humor there, peter doocy, just after 10:00 p.m., get some sleep, peter too. take care. >> we'll do. >> arthel: sounds good. as western leaders meet in europe, russia is showing off its fire power. in a missile barrage across ukraine, one of the rockets hit the top floor of a nine story apartment building in the country's capital of kyiv. the attack killed one person and left several more injured. now, we are live in ukraine where air sirens have been sounding off there. >> yeah, we've had multiple air
1:25 pm
raid sirens here today, arthel. but this is the largest attack on ukraine's capital in three weeks. it happened at 5:00 a.m. local time. you mentioned one person has been killed. at least five others are hurt according to ukrainian authorities. it wasn't just that apartment building that you mentioned that got hit. a playground outside a local kindergarten was also hit. thankfully no kids were on it at the time. this happened just hours after the g-7 summit that you heard peter talk about. take a look at the video after the missiles hit, 5:00 a.m. local time. first responders rushing in particularly to the apartment complex where the mayor of kyiv says a 7-year-old girl and her mother were pulled from the rubble. they're two of the five that are injured that we know about. the mayor thinks this was meant to intimidate the country not only with the g-7 summit but with the nato meeting in madrid on tuesday. here's president zelenskyy talking about it.
1:26 pm
>> translator: -- going to capture most of our country on the fifth day, but [inaudible]. -- which does not change anything for russia. [inaudible]. morally difficult, emotionally difficult. >> russia is also promising to send nuclear-capable missiles to belarus. this comes after a meeting with president putin, as well as belarus president. they discuss what they believe to be aggressive policies by lit wane that and poland. -- lithuania and poland. here's president putin. >> translator: within the next few months we hand over belarus the tactical missile systems which as you know can use both ballistic and cruise missile, both in conventional and nuclear versions. >> arthel, we are also learning this week that president putin will be making his first foreign
1:27 pm
trip since the war here in ukraine has started. according to russian state television, he will be visiting two former soviet states in central asia this week. back to you. >> arthel: nate there on the ground in ukraine. thank you. the new deal with iran won't block iran's path to a nuclear bomb. it will pave a path in gold, and a renewed iran nuclear deal won't benefit the people of iran in any way. it will merely empower and enrich a corrupt regime. >> eric: that's former vice president mike pence of course warning about the iranian nuclear deal. mr. pence traveled 5,000 miles to albania last week to address the largest iranian opposition group, the national council of resistance of iran. you know, it is the group that first exposed tehran's secret nuclear program and it is
1:28 pm
warning the biden administration that the iran regime continues on the nuclear weapons path even as nuclear talks are set to start in vienna this coming week. the head of the group says the best way to stop a bomb is to overthrow the regime. >> i'm confident i speak for the views of tens of millions of americans and with certainty that the american people support establishing a democratic secular non-nuclear iranian republic. [applause] >> eric: with us now is fox senior strategic analyst, former army deputy chief of staff, chairman of the institute for the study of war. general, the u.n. last week warned that iran is quote not credible. they found there was nuclear material at three sites, also that iran has stockpiled enough
1:29 pm
material 18 times over the limit, and that yanked two dozen cameras out of the facility so the u.n. inspectors can't see anything anymore from those cameras. what does this signal to you? >> that's the iranians clearly trying to leverage the united states and go back to have substantive discussions so they can get sanction relief. the iranians are going back into this deal with the united states for one reason only, to get funding sanction relief from it, much as they did in 2015, they got money, over 100 billion dollars which enabled them, eric, to fuel the war in syria and in yemen and undermine iraq politically in a very significant way and buy thousands of rockets and missiles for the hezbollah and for the hamas to rain on israel. this is what iran is all about. and i think going back into this deal is significantly misguided.
1:30 pm
it was the first thing the administration did eric when they took over. they reached out to the iranians and they pushed back on our arab partners in not giving them the military assistance that has been promised them. that has since taken place. but it's set a huge tone in the region for our arab partners and also for israel that this administration was going right back to where obama was in 2015, despite the deal being flawed. eric, despite the bipartisan opposition to the deal, the opposition is really led by the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, senator bob menendez, a democrat, who was opposed to the first deal and certainly very much opposed to this deal as well. >> eric: they certainly know the dangers of iran, and iran has for years lied about the nuclear program. meanwhile, the administration has been dropping some sanctions. they decided to let rm toer members of -- let former members of the irg come into america. here's what the former vice president said, his warning to
1:31 pm
the biden administration, if they continue to pursue this path of getting that deal. here's the vice president. >> we call on the biden administration to stand with the people of iran, stand up for the cause of freedom and justice. today we call on the biden administration to immediately withdraw from all nuclear negotiations with tehran, voice support for the organized opposition in iran and make it clear that america and our allies will never permit the regime in tehran to obtain a nuclear weapon. [applause] >> eric: general, what do you think could change? or will anything change the biden administration policy? >> no, i don't think so at all. i mean, the policy is about appeasement when it comes to iran. the deal is so flawed as we've said so many times. two years from now, in 2025,
1:32 pm
they're allowed to have a threshold capability. in five years, they are allowed to have as many nuclear weapons as they want. that doesn't make any sense to anybody. that's why you have somebody like senator menendez opposing it, and in 2015, it never could have passed the senate in terms of a treaty, and it certainly couldn't pass it now to be absolutely more opposition to it. what is the path we're on? i believe that's what's going to happen here is the united states and israel will likely up our espionage campaign that the israelis are leading inside of iran to delay the development of nuclear weapons. it will bring back a military option on the table. i would hope that the administration if they don't get a deal with the iranians, that they really double down on the sanctions, and they've eased up on some of these sanctions already that the trump administration had put down on iran. that's a huge mistake. i think we have to face the
1:33 pm
reality of what we're dealing with, and it's very critical to strengthen the relationship, eric, with our arab and israeli partners in the region. they are fundamentally opposed to this and help to bring them together. the united states did something very good in march that's revealed this morning by the "wall street journal." the united states military senior leaders went to egypt and met with six arab countries and israel as well, and they were talking about how do we defend against iran's aggression? how do we militarily deal with the fact that they are producing rockets and missiles that are raining down on saudi arabia and also raining down in syria and also on israel as well? how can we fashion, stitch together, better defenses to be able to do something like that? that's a step in the right direction, and we've got to continue that. i hope the administration
1:34 pm
strengthens the abraham accord that the trump administration did so that more arab countries will recognize israel. diplomatic relations can be established. exchange of intelligence will come as a result of that, and the countering iran and confronting them, eric, is really the issue in front of us, how best can we do that? >> eric: if we can't and they don't, your prediction? >> well, the military option is there. at some point, i don't believe for a minute that israel is going to permit the iranians to have a nuclear weapon. and certainly that is what will eventually unfold if we cannot effectively deter iran from the path they are on. >> eric: strong message from former retired four star general jack keane, a strong message from the former vice president of the united states, mike pence, and a strong message from that opposition group, the national council of resistance of iran, which has another big
1:35 pm
meeting coming up in july. we'll keep our eye on this. general, good to see you. thank you for your analysis. >> yeah, great talking to you, eric. >> arthel: eric, one border state lawmaker says the migrant crisis there is the worse he has seen ever. this as we're hearing reports of a potential new caravan that could make its way to our southern border. we have new details straight from rio grande valley. that's coming up next. i mean, ", but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! [ normal voice ] whoa. - [female narrator] they line up by the thousands. -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! each one with a story that breaks your heart.
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>> arthel: tragic news out of south america. at least four people have been killed and hundreds more are injured after arena stands collapsed at a bullfighting event. this is according to the bbc that is citing local media it happened in a town in central columbia, about 100 miles southwest of bogota. it is unclear what caused the stands to collapse. emergency crews are working to rescue people trapped under the
1:40 pm
rubble. this is a breaking story, and this is just preliminary information. of course we're going to bring you updates right here on fox news as we get them. right now we're going to go to our southern border where authorities in texas say they are seeing a huge rise in illegal crossings. many of the migrants are what's left of a large caravan that broke up earlier this month. now another one is reportedly getting ready to head our way. let's go to griff jenkins who is live on the boarder in eagle pass, texas. griff? >> hey, arthel. good afternoon. the migrant crisis here in eagle pass is just exploding right now. in just the few hours i have been here, i arrived this morning, we have seen very large groups. take a look at this video shot about an hour ago. this is a group of 300 plus migrants crossing in 100 plus degree heat. most of them from venezuela, cuba, and columbia, but you can see women and children making this very very difficult
1:41 pm
crossing. we saw some people having to get iv bags from heat exhaustion. now, we also have some video we can show you. this is shot from a drone on friday afternoon. it's another large group crossing the rio grande river which is where we're along right now. it is also a group of many central americans as well as venezuelans in that one. we also had yesterday afternoon an interesting group, a small group of five afghan nationals. you can see this picture taken on a pecan farm just south from i am. the officials here say there are more than 100 different countries coming to this location. tom homan, the former i.c.e. -- acting director of i.c.e. says this is all the fault of the biden administration. listen. >> the administration has taken the action to secure the border. they have been in power 17 months and the numbers are getting worse. the amount of people dying of overdose is unprecedented.
1:42 pm
the amount of known suspected terrorists they have already arrested is unprecedented >> we can show you the numbers here in the del rio sector. the last 48 hours, you have 2968 encounters, up 118% from last year, over 320,000 total encounters this fiscal year, and finally, the number that the officials track here a lot arthel is the got aways, more than 130,000 have gotten away this fiscal year, and news of a new caravan coming out of south mexico, that of course just adding to the numbers here surging. arthel? >> arthel: griff jenkins on the border in eagle pass, texas. thanks, griff. eric, i want to talk to you and just say how sad i'm about this next story you're about to report. >> eric: we have some terrible news in chicago. the gun violence there has now impacted a member of our fox news family here. turns out the younger brother of our political analyst caldwell was shot and killed friday on
1:43 pm
the city's south side. 18-year-old christian caldwell was reportedly shot dead and two others were injured after gunfire broke out early in the morning. there's christian. no arrests have been made, say police. we of course are heartbroken for his loss. our prayers go out to him and the caldwell family. okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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1:48 pm
the police department there in south carolina is not confirming this at this point, simply saying that the alligator dragged the victim into a nearby pond. the victim's identification also yet to be named. the south carolina department of natural resources, along with the contracted alligator trapper ended up finding it afterwards. the 11 footer was then euthanized and removed. here's a photo of three alligators on mother's day in that same yacht club and housing community. there are millions of gators in the u.s., spanning from texas to florida, up to the carolinas. florida has an estimated 1.3 million with a yearly average of seven unprovoked attacks which end up requiring medical treatment. louisiana has even more. an estimated 2 million gators. deaths of pets like dogs happen a lot more often than the rare human killed by an alligator, by the way. about a month ago, a man playing frisbee golf in largo, florida,
1:49 pm
north of st. petersburg was found dead. investigators concluded that an alligator had lurched out, grabbed him, and killed him. this is why wildlife officials in all of these states that have alligators, that's why they always advise people and people walking their pets around a lake, a pond, a canal, any sorts of open water, to try to stay -- keep a five foot distance from the shoreline because those big alligators and those extremely power tails will shootout of the water -- shoot out of the water, if they are hungry, and they want you. eric? >> eric: just chilling, all right, phil, thank you. arthel? >> arthel: we are keeping a close eye on the caribbean. chances are growing that we could see a tropical storm forming later this week. plus, summer is in full swing, and temperatures are heating up. all that and more in our fox weather forecast up next.
1:50 pm
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>> eric: it is another scorching hot day for most of the country, but a cold front will bring some relief across the south this week. fox weather meteorologist adam klotz with the very latest on the forecast. hey, adam. >> adam: hey, eric, as you said, a real warm one out there, but
1:54 pm
you mentioned the cold front which is already bringing some relief to some folks where it had been incredibly warm across the northern plains the last few days, now it is actually cooling off, but you still see the extreme heat across the southern plains stretching off to the southeast and really warm up and down the east -- or excuse me the west coast as you are seeing temperatures climbing back into the 90s today. areas like denver, only 66 degrees. that's about 20 degrees below the seasonal average. you can kind of imagine where that cold front is as you're looking at those temperatures down in the 70s, over towards memphis. it is along that line where we're seeing shower activity. to the south of it, it remains very warm. some heat alerts we're continuing to see through at least this evening across mississippi mst back to texas. heat indices, close to 115 degrees. really humid and sticky. some tough afternoons here, but with all that heat, we are tracking at least some fairly widespread shower activity. you are looking at heavy rain across the desert southwest, monsoonal rains. that's typical this time of
1:55 pm
year. right where that frontal boundary is, we are seeing heavy rain from the gulf coast stretching up the mississippi river and then across into the appalachian mountains where you are seeing a ton of thunderstorm activity again right along the frontal boundary where we're seeing heavy rain. otherwise, we are continuing to watch the tropics. a couple areas to pay attention to, we could see something spin up in the gulf of mexico the next fewer days. that's on the lower end. we're going to focus on the one that will likely become a tropical storm at this point. the area to watch sitting off the coast of south america, over the next five days, looking at a 70% chance of this running to the north there, venezuela over the lesser antilles, likely becoming our second named storm of the season. this one is not going to really impact the u.s., but it lets us know that we're getting closer to the season and these will start picking up more and more. >> eric: keep it away from us, if you can, adam. >> adam: you got it.
1:56 pm
>> eric: thanks so much. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ arthel: from hunting ducks to hunting gold, a new fox nation series duck family treasure, the robertson family is taking their search across the nation as they look to dig up cool finds, everything from historical relics to meteors. full season is available now only on fox nation, so check it out. hey, eric, maybe they'll find jimmy hoffa in their search for
2:00 pm
treasure? [laughter] eric: no, that's our job. riddled: the search for james r. hoffa, our five -- arthel: good for you. i set you up to promote that show. it is a good show, but right no- eric: ready for new developments. arthel: take it away, arthel. arthel: bye, everybody. thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm trace gallagher along with lara trump, nicole saphier and david webb, and welcome to "the big sunday show." >> more violent crime across the country in big cities this weekend, and several on are are -- [inaudible] we'll tell you which. and they're all blue. >> -- caught by our fox news cameras while trying to to cross the border into the u.s., actually crossing the border,


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