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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  June 26, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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treasure? [laughter] eric: no, that's our job. riddled: the search for james r. hoffa, our five -- arthel: good for you. i set you up to promote that show. it is a good show, but right no- eric: ready for new developments. arthel: take it away, arthel. arthel: bye, everybody. thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm trace gallagher along with lara trump, nicole saphier and david webb, and welcome to "the big sunday show." >> more violent crime across the country in big cities this weekend, and several on are are -- [inaudible] we'll tell you which. and they're all blue. >> -- caught by our fox news cameras while trying to to cross the border into the u.s., actually crossing the border,
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and you won't believe who border patrol caught this weekend. >> and nicole. >> amazon alexa's -- [inaudible] replicates the voices of your loved ones, including the dead the ones? your privacy at risk. ♪ >> but first, a fox news alert, abortion activists protesting the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade for a third day now. but the protests are getting more violent from rioters vandalizing buildings to criminals defacing the vermont statehouse, to arsonists setting a colorado pregnancy center on fire. the supreme court decision gives the decision about abortion laws back to the states, and stacey abrams, who is running for governor again in georgia, could play a role in those decisions in the future. but today on "fox news sunday," she refused to say if she believes there should be any limits on abortion. watch. >> do you support my limitation on abortion, or does it -- do
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you think that women should have the right to have an abortion all the way up to nine monthsesome. >> i believe in abortion as a medical decision, and i believe that that should be a choice a made between a doctor and a woman and in consultation with her family. maria: i'm just asking you, you're talking about caring about the lives of women, i'm just asking at what point do you start to care about the life of that baby, that baby girl in some cases? >> what i would say is that it is a medical decision -- martha: i'm going to take that as up to nine months in some cases depending on the woman, correct? >> that is not what i said. i said this is a medical decision. >> i mean, if you consider that 70 years ago 90% of country was existence abortion, in the 1990s bill clinton said abortion should be safe, legal and rare. and now you have democratic politicians that won't even condemn an abortion in the ninth month, nicole. it's really been this shocking transition. >> you know, we were talking
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before the show on how technology has really enabled us to see what is i growing in the mother's womb. and i can tell you after 20 weeks of age, you do see the human life form growing inside. we have mri, ultrasound and everything, and you see the movements of this baby. for them to say this isn't a human, you know, and still consider aborting a viable, healthy child, it is really upsetting for a lot of people. and the radicalization of the pro-choice movement, in my opinion, is why you've gotten so much support for the pro-life movement, because a lot of people are against these late term abortions. but one thing that we're seeing right now, you're seeing violence on pregnancy crisis centers, safe havens for low income women. how the heck does that represent pro-choice? get an abortion with or be or target ad for violence? wouldn't it be great if we saw the same motional and financial support that we're seeing with the pro-abortion unit -- movement for these women who are being told they don't have the means on to have a baby.
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give them the choice to choose life. i made this decision when i was 17, in high school. i became pregnant, and i am grateful every single day for everyone who rallied against me and supported me so i could have that child. shouldn't we be doing that to support women who want to choose life? that is the pro-choice movement that i am about. >> what is interesting about what you're saying, too, is it gets almost down to the morality of the entire thing. and not too long ago to what you were just saying, trace, bill clinton, you look back at joe biden even from, i think, 2006 -- >> right. >> -- and he has a very different stance on it. it was not too long ago that that even people who are very far left or were very par left would even admit that it was a terrible decision for a woman to have to make if she had to make the decision to have an abortion. and that is -- that affects the woman, it affects the child, obviously, in irreversible ways. but now it seems to be championed this many a way. and people -- in a way.
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and people are advocating for you to have an abortion as opposed, nicole, to giving you the choice to choose whatever you want. it's terrible, and it honestly seems like there's a moral decay that has is set in in our society. >> and you've seen this across the country because you have these protests, these rah raging, angry protests. people are angry because there are now limits in some states on abortion. the supreme court did not ban abortion in this country. your state legislature, if you live in one of those states, banned abortion. i know you're going to be shocked that alexandria ocasio-cortez said something outrageous. i want to get your take. [laughter] >> the thing a lot of people don't like to talk about is the fact that not every democrat is pro-choice, okay? so the ones that aren't, we really need to reassess if it's appropriate for them to continue to serve in 2022. >> so if you're a democrat and you are pro-life and you are for
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some concern a moderate, oh, you're out, you need to be out. >> what's the second word there? choice. what do the democrats and the hard left want to remove? your choice. this is about the lie that we've talked about, the pushing narrative. to your point, they didn't ban abortion. there's a 151-week limit -- 15-week limit before them x states will decide. stacey abrams is one of the biggest frauds in this, but she's an example of this constant lie that's being pushed out. she's gone from i was governor of georgia, i should be governor of georgia to being a leftist organizer who's made herself rich at the expense of georgians while lying about hair choices. they have chosen in georgia, that's how our system works -- we're a constitutional republic -- and from that people make a decision that their legislators represent. we delegate that power to them. that's why this country works well, not mob rule. >> yeah. and while we're on pollices here, i know this person, the former president, it's
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fascinating because now you have republicans coming out, and they're saying, you know, this ruling came down because of the former president. and i'm going to play this sound bite, we'll get your reaction are, lara, on the other side. >> i promised to nominate judges and justices who would stand up for the original meaning of the constitution and who would honestly and faithfully interpret the law as written. thanks to the courage found within the united states supreme court, this long divisive issue will be decided by the states. and by the american people. >> let's listen to lindsey graham also very quickly, because he also gives the former president credit for this. watch. >> this is a huge victory for the pro-life movement. president trump deserves the lion's share of credit here. he fought like a tiger to put three constitutional conservative judges on the court. he stood behind kavanaugh, and all of us who have been working for the last 50 years to get
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this right, to have a constitutional reset, friday was a glorious day. >> but you know who's getting hit? the never trumpers, because the conservatives are saying, listen, you are applauding this ruling by the supreme court, but you didn't have the guts to back the ban who actually made that happen. your thoughts on it. >> you heard it from lindsey graham and a lot of folks, it is because of the justices that donald trump put, nominated to the supreme court that this decision was reached. and what he said there, i don't think we can downplay any or we should be downplaying, because he used the word courage, my father-in-law, when he was talking about these justices. the fact that there was so much external pressure on these justices, i mean, how many times, you know, were we covering the pokes outside of their homes illegally there protesting -- folks -- the assassination attempt against brett kavanaugh, and yet they still came to this decision and these were the right individuals
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to serve on the united states supreme court from. they had the courage to follow the constitution. if you look at the constitution, abortion is not a right guaranteed within the constitution, and it should be sent back to the states so we, the people, can opine on it. so, yes, a lot of people are giving credit to my father-in-law today, i'll be another one to do that. >> i'd like to add a democrat point of credit for this, and it was important to the nomination of those justices. harry reid, who got rid of the filibuster, if he hadn't done that, maybe democrats would be in power forever, then that ability budget there. this is a win for the constitution, the it's a win for the people. >> i agree, i understand what lindsay graham's saying this is a big win for the pro-life advocates, but really what it came town to was original originalism based on the constitution, and that's what scotus ruled on this past week. it was about the original concept of the constitution and, therefore it's going to be delivered to the states. so it is much more legal than it is political and moral. >> and the supreme court is saying specifically let alabama
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be alabama, let california be california, and if there is a problem and you disagree with your state's haws, it is now back in your hands, and you can vote those people out or you can vote with your feet and leave. thank you, panel. coming up on "the big sunday show," president biden's sped spending spree continues with a $200 billion promise to help rest of the world while americans suffer with record high inflation at home. but is the mainstream media finally catching on to the fact that this might be joe biden's fault? we'll find out next. ♪ ♪ will you love me just a littl- ♪ i brought in ensure max protein,
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♪ money, money, money. ♪ money, money in a rich man's world ♪♪ >> and welcome back to "the big sun show." now, while americans are suffering with record high inflation at home, president biden while he's overseas wants to spend more to the help -- to help the global economy. >> collectively, we aim to mobilize nearly $600 billion
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from the g7 by 2027. these strategic investments are lawyer -- areas of critical sustainable development and to our shared global stability. health and health security, digital connectivity, gender equality and equity, climate and energy security. >> and now obama's former top economic advisers who was among first to warn about rising inflation says now recession will happen. pressure. >> that a recession is almost inevitable, probably a 75%, 80% chance within the next two years, and there's certainly a real risk that it will come sooner. >> so, lara, let me go to you on this one. i want to point out a couple things here. joe biden talks about 600 billion, this pgi, over a number
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of years. larry summers says, well, maybe in two years we'll have a version. at some point -- recession. if anyone looks at where we are now, areas of stagflations, you don't need an economics degree to see this, and europe's the leading indicator. what do you think they're trying to sell us? >> well, they'll do anything they can to sell us it's sunshine, lollipops and rainbows all day long. but obviously people every single day are feeling the impact of the negative decisions made by this president, by the democrats. they have dug us into this deep hole that we're now in, and i think you're right. the idea that a recession is two years away, i mean, give give ul a break, it's basically here now. and i think, you know, they're really doing everything they can to try and downplay things. but when it's impacting your everyday life, americans are not going to buy that, and i think it's kind of insulting to see our president overseas there talking about spending money for the rest of the world.
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first of all, printing more money. you can't just continue to do this, spend money, print money. ask venezuela and countries like that. once you just continue to print money in perpetuity, then money becomes less valuable than the paper it's actually printed on. and that, sadly, is the direction we're heading in america. to is see joe biden talking about spending money for the rest of the world when people are having a hard time getting by day to day here, it's a bad look. >> nicole, if you want to be a little bit depressed -- and i don't want to depress you -- just open up the debt clock and look at it. the money that's being printed is also being borrowed on our children's future. when you looked at your children and their future, basic kitchen table economics. >> i graduated from medical school with over $300,000 worth of debt, and i worked very hard to print off that debt. they're continuing to borrow, it's like oprah's in the white house, everybody gets a car, you get this, you get this, you get
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this. if you listen to what they're talking about, the g7, they're behind china. china's belt and road initiative for the last decade, they focus on hard infrastructure. they are way ahead of us. but here they are, they're pledging billions of dollars to clean energy, communication and gender equity and equality and information regarding gender equity. so, again, in this isn't a strong look for the united states. and as lara's mentioning, all you have to do is look to the united states on a national level, we're not doing well with. the democrats overspent, they extended the national emergency with covid, they've created a very lazy society of people who don't want to go back to work, and is we're in real trouble here. he needs to position on home. we're not doing well here. >> and to pick up on that point there, i also watched that entire interview, and he went on to say if we do have a recession, it's imperative to ease the pain. and he said, quoting, we need to slay the inflation dragon, and pouring more federal money at problem is not how you slay the
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dragon, that's how you feed the dragon. even these left-wing or liberal economists are saying all of this spending is what's to causing this inflation. that's the problem here, and the bottom line, david, you just want to make sure, as they say, you cannot have too much money chasing too few goods. that's the definition of inflation. >> yep. and let's look at media, because that's the meg phone, trace, that has been pushing a lot of this. here's what the media's been saying. i don't know if you're shocked, but i'm not really. >> look, the problem is the economy overheeded -- overheated. it overheated in part because the government didn't just inject money into the economy at the start of the pandemic, but again last year. >> there'll be $# 1400 checks -- >> approving a record $1.9 trillion stimulus while interest rates stayed at historic lows. in retrospect, the government should not have put so much money into the economy. >> wow, in retrospect -- [laughter] trace, you've been in the media
2:20 pm
for a few years. when you look at thatting, what were they missing? >> listen, it's the same people who said, oh, it's transitional, right? it's going to be a short period, it's going to be fine. now they're, like, did we miss that? where did that train come from? it's a bad look for the media, but they're trying to catch up because they know the recession's coming, and when there's a recession on, the last thing they want to do is say, oh, man, we screwed it up. you say you screwed it up a little bit now so you don't have to say you screwed up a lot later. >> we're going to have a lot of sound bites of all the people saying it'll never happen, we'll have the same ones from the media. >> and it did happen. you know what's going to happen? our next segment on "the big sunday show." violent crime surging across major cities this weekend. six blue cities are set to outpace 2021 records, but according to george gascon, he's actually made l.a. safer. do you buy that? well, that's not true and we'll show you next. ♪
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if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet. ♪ ♪ -- you walk in the room ♪♪ >> welcome back to "the big sunday show." violent crime is surging this weekend from new york city to philadelphia to washington, d.c. and chicago where a five-month-old baby girl was shot. new data reveals six democrat-run cities are on pace to surpass last year's record high crime rates. some of the cities include washington, d.c., new york and los angeles. and although l.a. has one of the highest crime rates in the country, district attorney george gascon claims he knows how to keep communities safe. in a new interview with ktla, he was asked if l.a. is safer because of his policies, and gascon responded, quote, yeah.
2:26 pm
in some areas it is. i think important to start out by saying i was a police officer for many years before i was a district attorney. i know how to keep communities safe. the reality is that crime is up around the nation. there are lots of things that are not working, i see them. i'm frustrated as much as the next person. it is a national problem, it's not just an l.a. problem. so, david, seems like he thinks he's got the solution, he says. this is the top law enforcement officer in l.a. county, district attorney, george gascon. he seems to be thinking he's doing an okay job. crime is going fine as far as he's concerned. but just a few weeks ago, remember, we had the career criminal who should have been behind bars killed two lapd officers. doesn't seem like things are so rosy in l.a. right now, what's he talking about? >> well, they're not. and, by the way, he must have got the same memo that eric adams did when he talked about new york city and what he was going to do.
2:27 pm
in this case the mayor versus the d.a., but this is, again, part of the dodge in the language and the lexicon. he says it's safer in some places. well, it wasn't for a very wealthy music producer when they broke into his house and shot and killed his wife. i believe that case was about a month or so ago. all over l.a. people are leaving, and they're leaving in surrounding areas because the problem spreads. here's the tragedy in these cities that we really need to discuss: murder rates increase, but other crimes lead to what happens with murder. most murders are committed with three shots or less when a gun is used, blunt instruments and other weapons. how you get there are larcenies and robberies and the reports on crime in these cities, larceny, robbery, higher-level misdemeanors, these criminals don't change their minds when they go from misdemeanor to felony and say i'm not doing any more. they grow. unfortunately, this points to a multiyear problem which will take another multiyear solution. >> and we haven't helped
2:28 pm
ourselves with the fact that we demoralized our police forces all across the country, and it kind of seems like we're headed in a really bad direction because think about the massive numbers of police officers across the country who retired over the past two years. who wants to take a job where with you can you continue to be deorallized? -- demoralized? is it worth it to me to risk my life when the person i lock up, i catch is back out on streets hours later? this could be a really scary that trajectory for america. >> seattle, police officers are way down. portland, they're down. san francisco, they're down. los angeles, way down. all across the country. george gascon, one of the big problems in los angeles. he sounds like president biden, right? everything is deflect, deflect, deflect. oh, in other counties crime is worse. it's not true, right in oh, it's the pandemic. it's not true. my policies are making it safer, absolutely not true. the police officer you talked about, lara, the two police
2:29 pm
officers from el monte, they were killed by a man who was -- california's a three strike state. he had a strike taken away by george gascon, and that strike hut people back on the street. you put that on his record, he's in jail at the time those two police officers were shot and killed and this doesn't happen. george gascon let 'em out. we have phone recordings of people in northern california trying to switch, wanting to punch a police officer, a guard in the face knowing they'd be transferred down to l.a. county so they could fall under george gascon's rule. that is a very sad statement. >> well, and, nicole, seems like you can't really escape the crime. whether it's, you know, where you live, where you work, it seems to have touched aspects of all of our lives in some way. and even here at fox, gianno caldwell who, sadly and tragically, lost his 18 -year-old brother on friday in chicago who was killed by gun violence.
2:30 pm
it's just so percentagic. -- tragic, but we continue to hear these stories. >> up equivocally, there's going to be violence across the world, but we do share the heartbreak of our friend and colleague scwi january know callwell. one of the cities with the largest crime right now. but unfortunately, you have members of congress who are saying to the public you need to be more confrontational. they're essentially calling for insurrection. what do you expect's going to happen? do you really think that's going to decrease the violence across our a nation when you have public figures calling for violence? they're deflecting. gascon, in that interview, also just said we're also just coming out of covid, so that explains a lot of it. what happened during covid? businesses shut down, people being told they had to stay home, kids were kept out of school. and when children and adults are either out of school or unemployed, you're going to see crime go up. that is a known fact. in fact, in california, l.a. county, their k-12 enrollment is
2:31 pm
the hoest it's been since -- lowest it's been since 1999. >> wow. >> you can't just say we're going to fix crime with these hoeball punishments. you actually have to start at what's causing that, and that is a because of their anti-science covid policies, and they did nothing to help people. that has person rated this crime, and the blood of these children are on them. >> yeah. and i thought we were following the science all along are. here we are. straight ahead, illegal immigrants from all over world are crossing the border with nearly 3,000 in just the last 48 hours in just one area. we'll take you live to eagle pass, texas, coming up next. ♪ ♪ once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck.
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♪ roam if you want to -- ♪♪ >> and welcome back to to "the big sunday show." now to a fox news alert. we have new video showing hundreds of migrants on the side of road busted as they tried to cross into texas illegally. let's get latest live from griff jenkins who was with those migrants today in eagle pass. griff. >> reporter: good afternoon, trace. they're just simply getting hammered here in eagle pass, the del rio sector. but don't take it from me, let your eyes be the own judge. take a look at this video we shot today. it is a group of more than 300 # migrants. they're from venezuela, cuba, colombia. women, children, single adults and 100-plus degree heat. we saw some treated for heat exhaustion, and they're just a small part of the 3,000 plus migrants that have crossed just in this area in the last 48
2:37 pm
hours. we have drone footage shot from freud friday -- friday in yet another large group. and when i was driving down here, trace, i literally rolled up on a smuggler chase, a pickup truck that had crashed into a fence. they were able to get those migrants. we also had yesterday, by the way, five afghan nationals crossing into this sector. it's unbelievable what they're experiencing here. congressman tony gonzalez who represents area says, please, do not take your eyes off of this crisis because it's only getting worse. and the stats from this sector say that they are up 118% from this time last year. last year, trace, as you recall, was an unprecedented year on the books. just unbelievable. every day nonstop, trace. >> you know, griff, we tend to think of these migrants coming from the northern triangle countries, but in essence, they're coming from all over the world. >> reporter: well, and that's
2:38 pm
such an important part of this story. that's what cbp sources tell me off camera. they shared the photo of the five afghan nationals, but they also say this fiscal year they've had migrants from 109 countries, and they have more than 130,000 known gotaways. they saw them on a camera in some capacity, were not able to bring them into custody. we don't know who they are, where they're from or where they're going. but with 109 countries including afghanistan, that is a alarming to the folks who pay attention not only to the processing of the migrants, but also the security of our border which is anything but under operational control. >> great stuff. griff jenkins live along border. back to to you as the news breaks, thank you. we have now uncovered documents saying that that 400,000 minors are being funded, completely funded by the biden administration to go wherever they want in this country. and you think, well, how long is it before because you've
2:39 pm
incentivized this, how long before you have every 17-year-old in these northern triangle countries coming, waiting at border knowing they're going to get across, knowing they're going to be funded, and at 18 you're clear? david. >> a couple things to add to this and who's funding this. one, colombia several months ago been closing their border to venezuela, so that will continue more towards this country. that's important. it's not just biden administration. one, it's taxpayer dollars because they don't have a bank, they have a printing press. but look at organizations they're funding to do this. the largest government contractor out of miami, they carry the flights around the country whether it's westchester, chicago, otherwise catholic charities, the lutheran church, all these organizations are filed as nonprofits and ngos. they're being funded with hundreds of millions of american dollars to actually do this and balkanize the country with illegal aliens as stated under
2:40 pm
code. for everyone, and i'll say this, if you're going to church today and many of you are, ask catholics, your bishop, your priest, whatever, why catholic charities is helping to fund the problem. and to states' governors, a solution? when you're a nonprofit, you file to do business with a state. so they should be looking at their nonprofit status in these states. >> yeah. we talk a lot about people aspect of this. and then, dr. saphier, we talk about the drug aspect, the fentanyl that is just pouring across the border. we are losing thousands and thousands of people, mostly young people, every year because of this. >> well, trace, we're missing a point here. so a very good friend of mine, her parents live in eagle pass, texas, and it's devastating to the community. you have an unchecked border with migrants coming through, and it is completely overwhelming the system. and this has a lot to do with the migrant protection program or that remain in mexico program that president trump instituted that the border patrol said had
2:41 pm
the most secure border during that time. president biden rescinded that, supreme court just put it back on, however, it's not being used yet. but as you're saying, fentanyl is coming across the border at record levels. it's up 58% of fentanyl seizures just this year alone. we have children and adults dying across the country because of fentanyl. and on top of that, not only is the drugs coming across the border killing our nation's children, but one of the issues that we have when it comes to immigration, especially illegal and unchecked immigration, is that you have a lot of people coming over who may have some health concerns that are otherwise preventable with vaccination. they have low vaccine rates pre-covid and we had higher ones and, therefore, we didn't have as many concerns, but now vaccine rates have declined since covid because of the controversy with that. so that is a concern. measles, mumps, chickenpox, other things that have widely been decreased in the united states, it does bring a concern. the migrants come across, they
2:42 pm
have to be checked, and we need to make sure it is a checks and balances. it cannot be a free for free-for-all. >> you talk about numbers, lara, but nobody knows the exact number of migrants who have come across. when you talked about the gotaways and the encounters and so forth, the estimate now by a lot of people is about 2 million migrants is have come into this country since joe biden took office. that is bigger than a lot of our states' populations. >> i mean, and it's because it is a free-for-all. like you're saying, nicole, it is a total free-for-all. and, you know, you go back to -- i think often about the democrat talking points here. and the democrats would have you believe the only reason you have a border is because you want to be cruel, you want to keep these people who need help out. the truth is people are coming from around the world. some of those people do not have good intentions. we've caught people on the terrorist watch list. you've got a border because you need to protect your country. this is outrageous. you cannot have a country
2:43 pm
without borders. we cannot continue in this manner, fentanyl, on a whole host of fronts. >> and it's important to note federal law still says these are illegal immigrants. that's what the law states. because it's illegal to cross the border without having permission, and yet the administration is facilitating bringing these people across and then around the country. >> they're running the largest human trafficking operation -- >> that's right. >> -- in the world. >> that's right. >> that's what the biden administration is doing. >> coming up on "the big sunday show," alexa can do what? alexa may soon be able to, ready? replicate the voices of your loved ones. sounds kind of like an ethical nightmare. might be. we'll discuss it next. ♪ "peace of mind." such a big, beautiful idea. and for us at this means -
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amazon's alexa may soon get a lot creepier, possibly replicating the voices of deloved ones. "the washington post" says experts call the divisive new feature a slippery slope, comparing it to an episode of "black mirror." take a look. >> alexa, can grandma finish reading me the wizard of oz? >> okay. but how about my courage, asked the lion anxiously. you have plenty of courage, i am sure, answered oz. >> well, i've never seen "black mirror," and that's interesting. but, trace, i have do you, you know, actually, i could see some positives to to this especially if grand a ma passed away or a parent passed away as a way to remember them. >> and i think i'm with you. it's very sentimental. you know, you look at old videotapes of loved ones, and you hear their voice and it makes you smile, so you get that. but we also live in a world with a lot of risk, and this has a
2:49 pm
lot of risk to it because, you know, it's cancel culture. people are always looking to do nefarious things, and somebody takes lara trump's voice and they slander somebody else, and now she's got to be on the defense, right -- >> i've never been on the defense. [laughter] if. >> this thing, you're like what in the world, where are we going with this and what are the risks, and that's one of them. >> and, david, trace makes a good point. these days you're seeing a lot of facial recognition, voice recognition. what are the potential fraud implications here? >> huge. think of all the fraudulent phone calls out there. imagine someone cloning a grand son's voice, for example, calls grandma, says, hey, i'm in jail and i need bail. if they to do that and they prey on the elderly primarily with these frauds, this'll be a new era. i have the same concern, and for the record, nobody's going to clone this voice. it took years, you do not want to -- >> i feel like there are a lot of democrats out there that
2:50 pm
would want to have donald trump's voice, say, maybe in their homes all the time. i'm just kidding. >> he's already living in their heads -- >> yes. [laughter] >> but, lara, david talks about senior citizens being vulnerable to fraud, but we also have another vulnerable population, our children. >> yeah. >> what are some of your concerns when it comes to this technology and our young kids? >> i think it's actually terrifying, because you're right, when it's either elderly or young kids, think about somebody taking a parent's voice and then calling a kid and giving them instructions to do -- who knows where this could go. i could see the positives of it if i'm not home, if eric isn't home, our kids want a bedtime story, nice to hear our voice. but i gotta tell you, somebody gave us an alexa one time -- [laughter] we probably set alexa's off, by the way, but we still haven't used it because it's kind of terrifying. >> remember those baby monitors, the videos, you have a video monitor, but people were tapping
2:51 pm
into that and strangers were actually talking to the children? i mean, haas going along those lines here. technology is wonderful on one hand but terrifying on another. >> listen, i called my brother-in-law to get out of jail a few years ago -- [laughter] i said it was a thousand bucks, i misread the thing, he hung up. [laughter] >> so in the gallagher family, it has no chance. >> no shot. [laughter] >> all right. well, so maybe, maybe not quite yet. we'll see. but stick around, the big four is coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ three times the electorlytes and half the sugar. ♪♪
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>> welcome back to "the big sunday show", it is time for the big four. our pick for the biggest stories everyone will be talking about this week. a new winner has been crowned in the world ugliest dog contest and it's mr. happy. look at mr. happy face. the story of mr. happy is that he was adopted by his owner in august of 2021.
2:56 pm
he was not expected to live more than a month. obviously here we are in the june 2022. he still around. he just won this contest and the owner says she wants him to show people the old dogs need love too. a shadow to all those people out there who are adopting old dogs. >> the question is if they were told it's only one month life expectancy, they definitely got more than they asked for because they may be counting on that. [laughter] >> my parents adopted a deaf, blind pug and i think she lived seven more years, she lived to be 18. >> you can always use another dog. [laughter] >> nicole, what do you have. >> organist switch gears from dogs to monkeys, monkeypox. the monkeypox virus concerns are mounting as pride gatherings are taking throughout the world
2:57 pm
right now. pride celebrations and as we are starting to see that this monkeypox virus is been more contagious and amongst homosexual men with sexual transmission. it's a make or break moment in my opinion for the united states to see where we are going as it relates to cases. the good news monkeypox is nothing like sars cove to which can cause covid-19. it's not nearly as highly as transmissible and it seems to be more sexually transmitted. we have treatments and vaccines, the key is education and making sure people know if they have sti or sexually-transmitted illness, go see your doctor and maybe you should not take part in the festivities. his noxious monkeypox that were seeing cases up with the celebrations, we are having a race cases of meningitis and even covid. if you're sick, stay home. >> can we stick with that and move forward as a nation. >> sounds great. that will work for me.
2:58 pm
>> airlines shift blame for widespread flight delays to the faa as they warn of cancellations over the fourth of july weekend. every single flight i been on for the past two months is late or canceled. the faa is now blaming the airlines saying we gave you $50 billion in bailout money during covid, how can you have a use that in the airlines are saying come on faa there's not enough air traffic controllers to put these people on planes and fly them. that's when you're sitting there at the airport and the skies are blue in the plane is working and you're stuck at the gate, the reason is they don't have enough people guiding planes around in the airlines two days ago, 2.45 million passengers went through ta tsa, that the highest number into a half years. american airlines has 600 planes. united may be 650. that's the biggest airlines in the world and those planes just
2:59 pm
can't go that many ways without people saying you gotta go here and you gotta go there. >> maybe the vaccine mandates will cause people to be fired or quit and the worker shortage maybe we wouldn't be in the situation. >> they're not training enough air traffic controllers. because of covid they cannot train during that time. >> i have friends who are pilots who are sitting at home and they should be at work and you're right about the other crews out there. >> the biden administration announcing plans to extend title ix protections to transgender students. another example if you can't do it the right way through law and legislation, title ix was passed into law signed by president nixon, they change the language so they want to make sex transitional to gender. it's an insult to women. our own dana perino weighed in on this. this is the evisceration of women from sports, where are the
3:00 pm
women, where the feminist? >> that's a problem, people who do speak up unfortunately are putting themselves to be criticized. >> nothing could be worse for women in sports and women in general quite frankly the nonsense like this. it's absolutely horrible. >> david, nicole, lori, you guys are great. great conversations. that does it for us will see you next week in paris the "fox report with jon scott" right now. jon: president biden urges the g7 to remain united against russia's in ukraine. i am jon scott, this is the "fox report" ♪ ♪ the war in ukraine a central focus of the meetings world leaders which began in germany today. president biden says the group has agreed to ban russian gold imports,


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