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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  June 26, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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women, where the feminist? >> that's a problem, people who do speak up unfortunately are putting themselves to be criticized. >> nothing could be worse for women in sports and women in general quite frankly the nonsense like this. it's absolutely horrible. >> david, nicole, lori, you guys are great. great conversations. that does it for us will see you next week in paris the "fox report with jon scott" right now. jon: president biden urges the g7 to remain united against russia's in ukraine. i am jon scott, this is the "fox report" ♪ ♪ the war in ukraine a central focus of the meetings world leaders which began in germany today. president biden says the group has agreed to ban russian gold imports, g7 leaders are also
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discussing how to bring down oil prices and inflation. both of which have soared since the war began. in the meantime after it overturn roe v. wade the supreme court is due to announce several more major opinions including immigration and environmental protection and religious freedom. those decisions could come down as soon as this week. in los angeles district attorney towards casco and is defending his record on crime and a new interview as he faces another recall effort. we began overseas with the latest on the g7 meeting. peter doocy live in austria near the summit. >> it's been interesting here in europe to listen to the words of president is not saying. before he got here he would talk about high gas prices he would refer to them as a result of the putin price hike. now he's here with the rest of the g7 all leaders of countries that are hurting from high gas prices, he's not talking about the putin price i. instead he is describing russian aggression affecting the supply line as an opportunity to go
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green. >> the entire world is feeling the impact of russia's brutal war in ukraine and honor energy markets. we need worldwide effort to invest in clean energy projects to ensure critical infrastructure to changing climate. critical materials that are necessary for clean energy transitioning. >> as you might imagine a lot of photo opted today like this one in the leaders are hoping to talk about ways to get developing countries to do business with them and the west instead of china and russia. the headlines have been about punishing putin, nothing that people on screen have done so far have actually stopped putin. now they are going to try it g7 beyond on gold. gold the thing were just announcing. >> that is the second most lucrative exploits of russia has after energy. $19 billion a year.
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most of that is within the g7 countries. cutting out off drawing access to $19 billion of revenue a year that is significant. >> there is a split and how these leaders speak about putin and public the gravest language imaginable and how these leaders speak about putin and more private settings using him as a punchline. [inaudible] >> if you didn't catch that because audio is a little stepped on, boris johnson said they we're going to show putin their packs but that did not happen today. the events have wrapped up. it's after midnight here we will not see the rest of the g7 until tomorrow.
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jon: boris johnson can keep his shirt on. peter doocy live in austria. thank you. friday supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade igniting demonstrations in our nations capital and across the country this weekend. most have been peaceful. six protesters at a demonstration and downtown greenville south carolina were arrested yesterday after pro-life and pro-choice supporters began to confront one another. fox team coverage with lucas thomaston standing by in washington with other major high court decisions do in the coming days. we begin with alexis mcadams she is live in our new york city newsrooms. >> most of the cities over the weekend had large protest. the largest turnouts in the body damage are in states where abortion remained legal for most of the protester peaceful but that was not the case on portland. an investigator say things took a violent turn after investigators found 60 people dressed in all black breaking windows at the banks and coffee shops in downtown portland.
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they also see people vandalize the pregnancy center there. just over the weekend colorado the pregnancy care center was vandalized and set on fire. the police investigating the arson chap in less than 24 hours after the u.s. supreme court reversed federal protections of abortion. if abortions are not safe, neither are you. in los angeles the lapd making arrest downtown on friday. one man was arrested for attempted murder of a police officer who was injured after they say he threw a makeshift flamethrower out of cop. this map each state stands after the ruling which is now overturned. it's important to know that most of the cities have the largest protest like l.a., new york, portland and chicago will not have any changes to the abortion laws. some say it's a big step in the right direction as they pledge to fight back. >> the only way that we could stop this is through our power were demanded the federal government intervene to make
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abortion legal nationwide for every woman a girl in this country. >> this is a glorious day the day we've been waiting almost 50 years for and were very excited. >> some celebrating another people grieving. today there are pride events all across the country in new york city many of the conversations will still be focused on this landmark decision. >> alexis mcadams, thank you. >> lawmakers on both sides of the federal and state levels work on the next legislative steps following the landmark opinion on roe v. wade. more major decisions are on the horizon as the courts turn comes to a close. lucas thomaston in washington with more on that. >> shannon is going to have another busy week, more opinions from the supreme court starting at 10:00 a.m. more expected later in the week. we don't know when the courts stay will be. this is a live look at the supreme court coming up soon
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were the protester wind down. they were emotional but peaceful. typically the high court began summer break the end of june early july. there is seven opinions remaining, immigration, environmental immigrant gratian in religious freedom. no matter what the court decides senator lindsey graham says protest peaceful. >> when roe came out we did not bring down the capital with conservatives, we did go to liberal justices homes and try to intimidate them. the radical left are constitutional anarchist. they are literally trying to change this country from top to bottom. they want to pack the court because they don't like this decision. >> what are the biggest opinions is immigration, texas the white house opposes the trump era remain in mexico seek asylum in the u.s. bidens dhs into the program last year. texas sued saying the biden administration had no legal merit. this comes with a record number
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of migrants showing up at the country southern border is also west virginia dep h challenging the clean air act, kennedy bremerton school district outside of seattle this is a high school football coach was fired for praying by himself at school invisible by students. one parent complained because her son is an atheist. the coach spoke on "fox & friends" today. >> it is so bizarre to me something so simple as taking a knee for 15 seconds and banks after football game with this much noise and all the way to the supreme court. it seems weird to me. >> the supreme court term ends in the mark for stephen breyer who is retiring and will be replaced as former law clerk ketanji brown jackson will be the first with a two year history. >> a big week ahead. lucas thomaston from washington. jon: out to the southern border
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were authorities and del rio say they are seeing a huge rise in illegal crossings. many of the migrants are what's left of a large caravan that broke up earlier this month. now another one is getting ready to head our way. griff jenkins is live on the border in eagle pass texas. >> good evening divided a administration said they have operational control over southern border but the pictures tell a different story just hours after i arrived here take a look at this video this is a large group of migrants easily more than 300 that is costing 101-degree heat today they are largely from venezuela, cuba, columbia, men and women and children and people being treated with iv bags for heat exhaustion and they are parts of the previous caravan we had this month. they told me they were in that coming from venezuela. we also had a group of 25 cross
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right here behind my life shot just part of the chaos here we can show you some footage as well this is video shot by a drone on friday afternoon of another group crossing the rio grande river coming nonstop every day, the officials here say it's overwhelming but is a typical day to have these kind of numbers. what is not typical is this picture yesterday five afghan nationals crossed into a pecan farm. you can see this is not the typical makeup of the central american migrants they come so often these are five afghans and they had migrants from 109 different countries and just this fiscal year. let me show you this number in the last 48 hours nearly 3000 encounters is up 118% from last year which is a record year they have 320,000 to date in this
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year. it's unbelievable the numbers you are seeing for the congressman from this area tony gonzales says he's glad were showing people this and he doesn't want people to forget that they're being overwhelmed because he says the lives of the people living in these border communities have been turned upside down. jon: griff jenkins reporting live from the border. >> is the border crisis heats up, immigration is one of the issues on what the supreme court is expected to issue a major opinion this week and we also wait decisions on environmental protection agency power as well as religious freedom. let's bring in paul weisselberg former independent counsel in the lewinsky investigation, president clinton's probe. also a fox news contributor. it's good to have you with us his evening pre-discipline court decision on roe v. wade made all
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the headlines last week but we have a bunch of headline makers coming up in the week ahead perhaps as soon as tomorrow one involves the epa and whether the epa is overstepping into authority taking on the role of congress and its rulemaking. >> that's the real question whether congress or the epa should be making sweeping new greenhouse gas emissions and applying it to the states. the epa tried to do the under obama in 27 states said not so fast that the vague obscure part of the clean act, you cannot just set major new policy for the country without clear congressional operated station. this could be an important case will be on the epa. this could really be a major break put on the ministry of state and the expansion of the administrative state by the supreme court. this is probably the most important of the decisions we are awaiting.
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>> the four decisions we had on our screen. the top one is called biden versus texas. joe biden wants to undo much of what his predecessor did regarding the remaining mexico policy and the court has to decide whether that's appropriate or not. >> the real question is how do you get rid of the regulatory policy that you don't like. the trump administration try to get rid of regulatory policy of the obama administration because they thought they were implemented correctly in the supreme court ended up saying even if you don't like the way they were implemented you have to do it the right way. now the shoe is on the other foot. the claim is the biden people came in and revoked the remaining mexico policy but they did not follow the proper regulatory procedures and that's really what that is all about. >> at the kabbalah people are going to be fascinated by kennedy versus bremerton school
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district case. we played a soundbite in a previous report from joseph kennedy he is the football coach that would take a knee on the 5s games. he did not say anything publicly but had a private silent prayer and he got fired for it. >> is an interesting intersection between the first amendment's free exercise of amendment clause in the park this educate have an establishment of religion. he was on the 50-yard line after behind school game and he said a silent prayer and teammates actually players that played for him started joining in opposing coaches and people from the stands who the question is you are telling him he can't do that are you violating his free-speech rights and the right to exercise freedom of religion. the school said we are afraid if we like to do this and don't
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fire you people are going to say were establishing a religion by giving approval to what you're doing, that's really what's that about, fascinating. >> is can be a fascinating case. versus the u.s. pre-the federal government has been going after pain management positions. >> yes when they first started doing it there were a lot of pain management positions who abuse their authority. we read the books about that now and they deserve to be prosecuted. what's happening now they've gotten rid of the bad doctors but the epa is awash in money and now they've started prosecuting doctors who really at most are engaged in malpractice and there prosecuting them under criminal laws and they're doing it with jury instructions that that the jury convicted doctors on a
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civil malpractice consider proof beyond a reasonable doubt. take the supreme court is about to put an end to it or at least start to make the dea and d.o.j. pullback. it's actually a case that hadn't got a lot of publicity but very important. jon: its way to be a fascinating week. thank you for giving us a preview. on the east coast of max as per this of prosecutors that liberal crime policies. on the west coast l.a. district attorney george castellon is standing behind the way his office deals with criminals and even a possible recall. christina coleman has the latest from los angeles ahead. this scarf? ke how id check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ trelegy for copd. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪
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jon: dozens of new york city prosecutors are leaving their jobs after controversial criminal justice reforms. in meantime in los angeles the da george gascon is defended his record on crime as he faces a recall effort. christina coleman is live in l.a. with that. >> yes hundreds of prosecutors are throwing in the towel due to these controversial criminal justice reforms were there supporting the recall effort against a liberal da during a spike in crime.
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this is happening into democrat run states. here in california and new york the new york post is reporting this year 65 district attorney's which is about 12% of the staff and manhattan's das office have left wing progressive da alvin bragg took office, he order prosecutors did not seek prison sentences for a number of crimes and to downgrade charges for robberies and commercial burglary. his notches manhattan seen a mass exodus over reforms to the justice system freedom brooklyn within 67 prosecutors have left since june and 69 in the bronx in may. according to the new york post. one former manhattan assistant da says the regulations are crippling our lawyers making them into file clerks rather than attorneys. this could lead to a backlog in cases. here in california l.a. county association of deputy da voted overwhelmingly to support the recall effort against their boss liberal da george gascon.
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gascon despite his sweeping justice reforms by integrity in the system is important. but critics say gascon soft on crime approach is leading to more violence. there is more calls to get him kicked out of office following the murder of two california police officers earlier this month. police say justin florida fln who last year received a plea deal that let him avoid prison time for unlawful firearm possession got another gun and killed the two officers. >> many are angry including myself. we all wish we could predict violence. but the reality is that we can't. in this particular case, the history of the suspect did not contain any evidence of violent. >> that response from gascon is not going over well with some
3:23 pm
prosecutors. >> he is acknowledge the pain but he did not acknowledge his role in the pain. that's a real problem, we have a da who doesn't love what his job is pre-he sounded like a defense lawyer than a chief prosecutor. >> gascon is facing his second recall effort. organizers have enough signatures to get the measure on the november ballot but they are still working to collect extra ones to ensure they have enough valid signatures by the july 6 deadline. jon: christina coleman, let us know how it turns out. live in los angeles. after several recent mass shootings, technology companies are trying to develop artificial intelligence to find public security threats pre-the new technology is raising some privacy concerns. >> artificial intelligence or a.i. is being used to secure sites from sports arenas to churches and schools, scanning
3:24 pm
for weapons as people walk between standing panels alerting security standing by. >> take about walking directly into a venue into a school into a building without breaking stride. >> massachusetts evolved as using technology to scan 300 million people across the country since the system went live in 2019. second only to the tsa. >> were detecting weapons versus everyday metal weapon. >> facing liberty defense has a.i. combined with 3d images capable of hunting for nonmetallic threats. >> whether that's a gun or a knife or explosive that could do damage or drugs or liquids. >> it will be tested this summer at a hindu temple a major university in the airport in toronto. the proliferation of a.i. technology and security has alarmed critics. >> we don't want to see america turned into a checkpoint society were researched every time we go
3:25 pm
to any public gathering. >> regarding privacy concerns they note they do not save data or images and leaders evolve it just committees between a phone and a firearm and they're not looking at people at all. and boston foxes. >> president biden yesterday cited the most significant gun-control bill in nearly 30 years. the bipartisan safer communities act comes after several recent mass shootings and in addition to government efforts as molly reported there is new technology that could prevent shootings and other crimes. the former u.s. attorney for the northern district of alabama a career prosecutor. now vice president and general counsel at gray analytics. jay, thank you for being with us tonight. >> good to see you. >> the president signed, congress passed the new gun-control bill. is not going to stop the next
3:26 pm
uvalde questioning. >> we certainly hope so but unless we do more. it's great we're going to include juvenile records and background checks for instance. but we just can't possibly know from this bill. jon: but that is not the complete and total solution, what is? >> we have to start harnessing technology. the previous segment about intelligence that's exactly what we need to be put in the hands of law enforcement pre-law enforcement has access to data available, commercially data or open-source or public data. there has actually been studies in the secret service did studies for five years and they have been keeping up with ever since. we actually know the profiles of active shooters.
3:27 pm
one in four have a mental illness or attempted suicide prior to the active shooter event. 75% are under the age of 50, 40% are under the age of 29. all our male, single had some sort of trouble at work or school and a connection to the tax. 35% had criminal convictions before. in one week preparing for the active shooter attacks. in more than half of them they have these legacy manifestoes that they leave on social media or online that we often find afterwards. for not using technology to find these things if were not using artificial intelligence which is something we agree with the analytics with our partners the biggest and best a.i. company in the world. we've been trying to find ways and we have found a way to unify
3:28 pm
that with law enforcement in such a way is prevented and predicted criminal activity. jon: it sounds like a great method but is it constitutional? >> there's no carpenter versus united states issues. the eight them amid issues because all information is publicly available or native to law enforcement. obviously you and i right now have a right on national television or all that data that's being streamed from her fox news apps on our phones and there's conditions to be displayed and sold and used. that data is probably available and it's absolutely constitutional. we've been looking into this for a better part of the year and
3:29 pm
i've been law enforcement my entire adult life. if it was institutional i would not be doing it. jon: we are losing your signal that we appreciate you being with us tonight. former u.s. attorney with gray analytics. thank you. the crime wave in this country brings terrible news out of chicago, the gun violence there impacting a member of the fox news family. the younger brother of a political analyst caldwell was shot and killed friday on the city southside. 18-year-old christian caldwell shot dead. two others injured after gunfire broke out early in the morning. no rest have been made. we are heartbroken for gianna's loss. our prayers go out for him and for the entire caldwell family. are you haunted by your cable service? have you noticed strange, frightening fees on your monthly bill? do you experience feelings of dread when you pass by your cable box? if the answer is yes...
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small refinery exemptions they retroactively withdrawn 2018 small refinery exemptions and impose retroactive billion-dollar fines on the small refineries. the get go out of business. with straining supply at every point. >> that is tennessee republican senator bill hagerty lehman divided a administration for choking off oil production and putting a damper on production for smaller refineries. trying to bring prices down from record highs, energy secretary jennifer granholm met with big oil executives as green energy producers met with the president at the white house. big oil according to reports did not come out of that meeting feeling energized. analyst said granholm's meeting was constructive but biden's was embarrassing and during his meeting the president accidentally flashed his cheat sheet which is directions guideline telling him went to sit down. he is not the first president to use such notes.
3:35 pm
the gas let up until left a lot of people wondering is he fit to fix the energy crisis pre-fox business contributor phil flynn is here to weigh in. the president skip the meeting with the big oil producers and energy executives but attended the meeting with alternative energy producers. what does that say. >> is in the signal as to why oil prices are going to the roof because he wants no part of oil and gasoline. i think that's the sad fact. in the reality president biden may be the first president in recent memory that has never met with the big oil companies. the people have to realize that u.s. oil and gas is a big part of our economy and we know that president biden says he wants to replace all oil and gas over time but the reality is america runs on oil and gas and if you ignore that fact and hope we can run the economy you can have
3:36 pm
problems only with the economy but a geopolitical standpoint as well. jon: it wasn't that long ago that we were a net energy exporter in this country, what happened. >> i think what happened we pulled back from that. low prices created the sense of complacency oil prices are low this is a perfect time to kill pipelines and close refineries and we can make the green energy transition but we see what's happening prices are going to the roof, inflation is up people are suffering were talking about food shortages and this is when you deal with hopes and wishes as opposed to reality the reality these alternative energy sources that the biden administration is pending too much time focusing on are not ready to help the global economy and not help the u.s. consumers. >> we will take a click enter quick look at u.s. oil prices.
3:37 pm
a gallon of regular gas cost $4.90 a gallon. a week ago was 498. i suppose you could say there was a little bit of relief. a month ago it was $3.9. that seems like the good old days but where are these prices headed. >> i think right now we are seeing a pullback in prices and not necessarily because anything president biden did but i really have to credit the u.s. refining sector. they have been wanting to refineries 24 hours a day seven days a week at maximum capacity and because of regulatory problems and five major refineries in this country. they're doing a great job so to speak to get those prices lower. i have to credit the industry by the biden administration all the
3:38 pm
time. jon: the president campaign on essentially trying to get the nation off of oil and gas. listen to what he said the other day. i want to get your take on this. >> we just have to keep going, i promise you i'm doing everything possible, everything possible to bring the price of energy down, gas prices down. >> is doing everything possible. >> i think peter doocy said the same thing. he's not doing everything possible. he's not doing everything possible when he doesn't meet with the people who produce oil and gas in this country. he's going off to saudi arabia, he is going with the gulf cooperation meeting to meet with the foreign oil producers, there is talk that he wants to get iran back and get iranian talks back online. but the end of the day the u.s. oil producer is the best most
3:39 pm
cletus, sufficient the world, he ignores them like a teenager doesn't like 70 in class. we have to face reality, meet with the oil and gas industry if you want a successful energy transition. they are part of that equation. let's work with them not against them. >> those oil and gas jobs pay very well. >> they do and they are union. jon: and alligator attacks in a popular seaside area. the victims neighbor is powerless to help. phil keating ahead. who said only this is good? and this is bad? i'm doing it my way. meet plenity. an fda -cleared clinically proven weight management aid for adults with a bmi of 25-40 when combined with diet and exercise. plenity is not a drug - it's made from naturally derived building blocks
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jon: and alligator attack deadly
3:44 pm
and myrtle beach south carolina. it happened friday at a computer the yacht club alligator grabbed the victim and dragged him into a nearby pond. his body was later recovered. phil keating has later on the story. >> according to an employee at myrtle beach yacht club and community housing all around it. this was actually a kid. a minor, a victim under 18 in the tragedy. however, the police department will still not confirm that. simply keeping detail short at this point simply saying the alligator dragged a victim into a nearby pond the victim also has yet to be identified even though this happened two days ago. nor has an official cause of death been declared. the south carolina department of natural resources along with the contracted alligator trapper ended up finding it. he was euthanized and removed. here's a photo of three alligators on mother's day and
3:45 pm
that very same community. there are millions of gators in the u.s. spanning from texas to florida up to the carolinas florida has an estimated 1.3 million with the yearly average of seven unprovoked attacks which end up requiring medical treatment. louisiana has an estimated 2 million alligators. deaths of pets like dog happened a lot more often like the rare human killed by a gator. about a month ago a man playing frisbee golf in largo florida north of st. peter bruce was found dead. investigators concluded and alligator lurched out, grabbed him and killed him. this is why florida's fish and wildlife conservation commission as well as a wildlife agency and all of the states with alligators always advise if you're walking around a body of water like a lake, pond or canal, just walking for exercise or just walking your dog, try to
3:46 pm
keep five feet of distance between you and your shore because the big gators with the powerful tales can suddenly shoot out of the water and attack you if they so desire. jon: they are incredibly quick. phil keating. thank you. another scorching hot day for most of the country but a cold front will bring some relief across the south. adam klotz joins us live from the weather center with the forecast. >> the cold front already moving across person under portions of the country extreme heat and spots of northern plains are up to 90 and 100 degrees, currently sitting in the 70s. you see a whole lot of heat still across portions of texas and stretching over to mississippi. were seeing a heat advisory still in place and he indices, that the heat plus humidity what it feels like 115 degrees today. incredibly warm with some of
3:47 pm
that heat you see plenty of pop-up showers rain across the debtor's help southwest and showers on the frontal boundary a lot of thunder and lightning. otherwise were paying attention to what's going on in the tropics and we have one area where we'll see a chance of this turning into a tropical storm over the next two days with a 40% chance and the next five days a 50% chance like the going to be running to the north and south america. this is going to be our second tropical storm of the season, probably not going to hit the u.s. but letting us know were getting more and more into the season and we will be watching it. jon: it is that time of year. meteorologist adam klotz. it was supposed to be a celebration. investigators find at least 20 young people dead at a party with no signs of injuries. more on the mystery ahead. (vo) red lobster's seafood summerfest is fire! turn up for our new! bbq bacon grilled shrimp with your choice of soup or salad and an individual starter
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jon: the supreme court rule v wade ruling might already be impacting tuesday senate primary election in utah. republican mike lee faces to challenger who say he is too extreme on the abortion issue. rich edson has that story from salt lake city. >> good evening, and pump and try and come get senator mike
3:52 pm
lee is looking towards a general race emma mcmullen but he has to make it a republican primary first. two republican women are challenging in the primary contest in the supreme court's decision on abortion last week is already exposing division among the republican candidates here in utah. >> i did not see a compelling reason to overturn roe. mostly from that standpoint looking as a woman of faith was a strong belief in life but also life has a lot of rocky paths for women. >> i was pleased to see the supreme court decision today. i am pro-life and i am thrilled to see protection for life. but i do think there should be legal exceptions. >> their courts decision, the national nightmare of row has ended. we could take heart that the supreme court has recognized that roe v. wade will log next to plexi versus ferguson in the
3:53 pm
scott versus stanford. those are 19th century courts decisions with slaveholders and jim crow laws. utah has a close republican primary only registered republicans can vote in this race making it likely more conservative than the general election in november. the independent this race the former republican congressional staffer and cia officer mcmullen is running with the backing of the democratic party in this race. mcmullen told us there's more constructive waves of dealing with abortion and overturning roe v. wade. jon: rich edson from salt lake city. >> headlines from around the globe in south africa police are investigating the death of 20 young people sprawled across chairs and a nightclub with no visible signs of injuries. so far it is unclear how in why they died. in norway a memorial service for
3:54 pm
the two men shot and killed at an lgbtq pride festival in the nation's capital. more than 20 others were hurt. the fake media reports the country has launched a rocket with a satellite carrier. the white house called to move unhelpful and destabilizing this as nuclear talks are expected to resume in the coming days. in the uk the office of prince charles denying any wrongdoing after he accepted cash charity donations emma politician. in the philippines explorers say they found a world war ii u.s. navy destroyer 23000 feet under the surface of the sea trade they say the uss samuel b roberts known as the cme be is the deepest shipwreck ever discovered. and in columbia, officials say four people were killed and 70 others hurt after the scams at a bullring partially collapsed. that's a look at stories from around the globe. temperatures top the upper '80s and low '90s in many
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parts of the country today. what is a lion to duty keep cool. what lion family at the portland zoo does next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
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>> sir paul mccartney had laid this weekend festival in england. ♪ occur mccartney treated his fan to several beatles classics and so had spread to half-hour set also features appearances from foo fighters friend man and bruce springsteen. fans had to wait two years for mccartney's headlining performance chosen last year end in 2020 both canceled because of the pandemic. all right don't you just love the smell of a new car? while the same apparently goes for alliance when they get some new straw. caregivers at the oregon zoo in portland took straw bedding from the mountain goat area and put in the lion habitat. causing this pair to sniff, lick and roll around. officials say the new and intriguing sense help bring out some of the prides natural
4:00 pm
feline behaviors and with temperatures in the '90s today and portland not a bad way for them to beat the heat. okay there you go. that is how fox reports this sunday june 26, 2022. i am jon scott. thank you for joining us will see you again next week. ♪. greg: thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy welcome to it sunday night in america. anniversaries a natural point of reflection. that's human nature and perfectly acceptable to look back. it was 40 years ago i graduated from high school it was a town of trenton time of great excitement primarily because my trigonometry we graded not yet been posted by did not know find they would be called during graduation. how fun is that


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