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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  June 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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fought for, protected and handed on for them to be the same. one day we will stand our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the united states when men were free. i couldn't say it better. see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". steve: breaking tonight president biden joined other world leaders on the first day of the g7 summit in germany where they committed to ban imports and russian gold and green infrastructure thing but nothing to help you with soaring inflation and gas prices today. on the plus side, so far biden has it fallen off the bike, he hasn't fallen up any stairs, he hasn't even fallen asleep.
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that is something i suppose. good evening, welcome to "the next revolution". we are pro-worker, pro-family, pro-community especially pro-america. for once chuck todd had it right this morning. >> we now know that donald trump's 2016 election, which gave him three supreme court pics all who voted to overturn roe is easily the most consequential ever in our nations history. steve: a hugely consequential week for america as we saw two landmark rulings from the supreme court on guns and abortion. these are the most divisive issues in our country. people have deeply held views that go to the court, the identity, the humidity, their faith. the truth about these rulings even though they do have immediate real-world consequences is there less about the issues themselves and more about how and crucially where we make decisions about the issues.
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my personal views are abortion and guns are pretty mainstream according to the polls. you may agree with them and you may not. i'm one american out of hundreds of millions. i live in california, the greatest and most beautiful state in the nation. we will go now to the worst run. that's the way i think about all of this we are americans that live in a republic of states. the united states. as you know i became a citizen at year ago. i was incredibly proud to do that because i so admire and revere the idea that america was built on, the idea that it's enshrined in the constitution. decentralize power no one should be over mighty, not the president, not the congress, not the federal government, not the bureaucracy and certainly not a handful of unelected judges. the point of the supreme court is not to decide policy on issues like abortion or anything else. its purpose explicitly laid out in the constitution to make sure that the laws made by the legislative are in line with the
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constitution. furthermore the constitution was explicitly designed against. majority rules, the opinions on the rights of minorities are protected that's why there's a difference between a republic in a democracy. it's so crucial all those foundational ideas of what kind of country we are and how we should be run are reflected in this week's rulings. people cite polls showing 70% of americans wanted roe to stay. others show similar majorities for abortion restrictions and in line with the mississippi law that led to this ruling. the point is the constitution protects the rights of the minority. in america you could not impose the will of the majority at a national level. that's what the bill of rights is all about the first ten amendments of the constitution. they protect individual rights against and over mighty central government and crucially in the tenth amendment they protect the
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rights of individual states to decide things for themselves on every issue that is not specifically listed in the constitution. the powers not delegated to the united states by the constitution nor prohibited to the states are reserved to the states respectively or to the people. if you think about how else can we successfully run a country big and diverse as america. the left loves talking about diversity as long as it's not political diversity when it comes to politics and policy they hate diversity they want uniformity, they want to impose one way of doing things right across america and obviously impractical, it undermines the very thing that helps make america the most successful nation in the history of the world, the opportunity for innovation and experimentation,
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we saw that with the pandemic imagined of the whole country had to suffer california's lockdown lunacy, we had a different and better model we saw in the free state of florida. if you don't like policies you can move or fight to change them by persuading others at the ballot box, that is surely the right way to do it i don't like the way california's run but i love living here and i don't want to move. i'm going to fight to change it. to try to get to the supreme court to impose school choice in california to take example of many for as long as it did in politics for decentralization of power putting power directly in people's hands wherever possible. when that's not possible putting power below practical level of government as close to the people as we can get it that's why after school choice. that's why i was for break the and i love america and our constitution and that's why this week with the reassertion as something that is fundamental
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about america decentralization of power, the powers, not delegated to the united states by the constitution have reserved to the state or the people. what i want to know this issue in the freezer the last few days going back to the state what about the other areas of policy with the declaration we've seen a long train of abuses and patients, when we get a return education fully to the state. whenever you get a return healthcare welfare policy and all the rest of everything the federal government does and that is not in the constitution all of that should be returned to the states, that is "the next revolution" we need. tell us what do you think at steve hilton x and next rev ensure this message where we posted. a lot of great commentary let's bring in our first guest tennessee marsha blackburn. great to see you i just would remind everyone that you been
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central to this process of confirming judges to the supreme court on your own senate judiciary. and just because it is an excuse to do it i want to play this which is you said before one of the most memorable moments in a political history. let's watch. >> and you provided definition for the word woman. >> and i provided definition? >> i can't. >> i can't. >> the democrats seem to rediscover the mission the word woman in the last couple of days. what your overall message was a good ruling for women. >> this is a wonderful ruling for women and for babies in to see the way volunteers have worked for decades to build a
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culture for life that celebrate life. it is something that is so encouraging and steve i think you're going to see more volunteers showing up during the midterms because they have seen if they get out here and you work and you pour your energy into an issue. you can be the people. just the issue were saying in your monolog and government, by and for the people. all of these volunteers across the country they have seen how this works and they know they were a big part of this and of course attorney general said to his mississippi attorney general, she did a remarkable job as she structured the case, the briefings, the arguments before the court she has really carried this through an admirable way and i'm thinking
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it shows others when you are working with people who do want to be the people you can make things happen think goodness president trump appointing judges who are constitutionalists are not activists you do not want activists for the left or the right on your court what you want are going to be jurist who are constitutionalists who abide by the constitution and they did. >> let's talk about the process of the appointment. it's become a central issue for the opposition and following up with susan collins has prompted a lot of it. your colleague on the republican side saying she was misled by brett kavanaugh and what he said to her. she accused him of lying to her. i want to play what aoc had to say about that this morning. >> we had two conservative
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senators in the united states senate senator manchin and senator collins, with an explosive allegation that several supreme court justices will head them during the confirmation hearing for the lead up to the confirmation. this is a crisis of legitimacy. i believe line under oath is an impeachable offense. >> there going with this impeachable story. talk about impeaching justice kavanaugh. >> i don't know how to get a plan to do that wedding to think of susan collins, what is she playing out. >> i focus on what aoc is saying. they have been determined to pack the court. here is the thing when you look at the democrats if they do not get their way, what do they do, they go out and they riot or they try to change the rule.
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what they're trying to do is remove people before the court impact on through the court and president biden says he doesn't want to add people to the court and i think we have to look at what the democrats how they respond when they do not get their way. steve: say that again. the other one indeed the filibuster anything to change the rules. they want to impose their way, senator, great to see you, we always appreciate it. now let's discuss the tenth amendment. i'm obsessed with the tenth amendment. you know that if your regular viewer. joining us california status abutment and u.s. congressional candidate kevin, you're in a state legislature now, you're hoping to be elected to the federal legislature you're the perfect person to talk about this balance between federal and state power. i want to know why states have
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not asserted more aggressively under the tenth amendment to reclaim total control welfare, a whole bunch of domestic issues. >> integrate question and i think that they should, now there's the opportunity to do so now that we have more justices and judges throughout the country to understand that they are not legislatures they are not policymakers and we now have an opportunity to have a revival of america's founding principles of federalism and self-government and by the people this is especially important given what we went to the last couple of years where we had the power of citizens and places like california and subject to the sweeping decrees, this is the defining issue right now in this country we need a major course correction in this idea as you said in your monitor and your monolog in the local communities and their citizens.
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>> the mechanisms. the thing that led to this is a specific case the mississippi case that made its way to the court that prompted this ruling what was the process that would end up with the other issues going back to the states. >> i think in some cases it could be in this case we have a state legislature or a lower unit of government that passes a law to reclaim its authority. you cannot cases were attorney general's bring action. you said it very well, the beauty of our constitutional system of our founders is that there is a basic set of core god-given inalienable rights that every american has and no one can take away, not even the majority but above and beyond the basic set of rights the wheels of democracy can turn in different states can choose their own destiny but cortez got
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it backwards, they have been making more and more policy decisions for themselves and at the same time eroding the core set of rights that is in the constitution. i do think this is a moment where we have a real opportunity to restore the proper constitutional battle. steve: very well said, i hope when you get the congress you will be making those arguments. at the national level. great to see you, will see you soon, watch out for the ruling tomorrow expect maybe tomorrow west virginia vpa very important in terms of the minister straight, and the bureaucracy in the power. let's begin fox news contributor tammy bruce with georgia cofounder janelle king. great to see you both. tammy, just because this is been so much her background in your political life, where you think the politics ahead of the democrats seem to be thinking this is really going to help
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them to avoid the wipeout they seem to be heading towards in the midterms, what do you think is what happened. >> they think that because it's based on a motion, they think that because the power of the emotion and they haven't seen the democrats is angry since yesterday. this is what they're expecting, it's good for anything. this is what the democrats feed on this is their energy emotion. a distraction from detail because they can't win on the details. your conversation with kevin, he said he was not sure what the states and politicians don't grab up, i tell you why they know the last feels that they can persuade anymore they don't know how to persuade, they want cuddles to deal with this they want the courts to deal with this it's remarkable and very smart women thank that this is
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made abortion illegal, that the court to get away from them. if they think that wouldn't be a good thing to take that power away from the court and then they do a demonstration, demonstrations are good. integrating activism but all those demonstrations persuade the elected because that tells you about the public mood incentive it really does not persuade judges and not the supreme court that's why they have lifetime appointments so you can't do this. this moving to the states means their voices will finally be heard they haven't been heard open to this point. the fact is a politician, barack obama he could've made abortion legal across the country with controlling congress they didn't because they don't want to.
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they want the attention and they also don't want to fail. and they know they would feel not regard with the american people. steve: exactly janelle, one of the things he heard from the democrats a last few days in this phrase, this is going to particularly hurt black and brown women over and over again. we heard that. i want to play you something from the black woman who is hoping to be the governor of your stay in georgia this morning. let's hear from stacy abramson. >> enjoyed a half of our counties do not have an ob/gyn it can be that they won't find out they're pregnant until after they have this medical opportunity. steve: what do you think of that language medical opportunity? >> first i have to say we have multiple wins this past friday we discovered we do know what a woman is and we also discovered men cannot be pregnant those are
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two wins i'm not sure you can say that, you're gonna get in a lot of trouble you could get me in a lot of trouble. >> don't worry. >> that's the start there. i hate to see somebody trying to the democrats try to utilize politics to make a point and it really doesn't make sense. i think we have to make sure that we bring this back to the constitution. this decision is not about a woman's body is not about healthcare, it is not reproductive health care with another issue because were not reproducing, it's really about making sure that we give state power to give the state their right. it's a fact that abortion is not unconstitutional because the fact it was never in the constitution. when nancy pelosi makes the statement saying it's unconstitutional and now are sending women back is not any of because abortion was never written in the constitution and
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this is never been anything the federal government should have had control over or a part of, states have to decide. if you live in a state where majority of the women were the majority of the people in general are pro-life they should have a choice not to pay for abortion services. that's what this is about. steve: thank you so much i'm sorry we have to go, we have a lot to get in over to see later in the show, don't go anywhere. as you probably seen kellyanne conway is out with a new book we greatly enjoyed it, i had a fascinating conversation with kelli and about the book including the generous experience take a look. >> is a people to be prosecuted they committed crimes, hang mike pence is a crime, if you threaten that credibly because he was a sitting vice president. i'm very sad and very upset, angry to see that the vice president was put in that kind
6:20 pm
of danger. president trump if he wants to be president the clearest cleanest path is to have a rematch against joe biden. he's beating him in the head with matchups, he can run against him in a binary choice kind of way. do you want this guy every minute of 80 in his agenda is worse than his age. or do you want my economy, my energy independence that the way i see it now. >> a citizen comes that you know steve hilton sign-up we'll be right back. “i say, “not yet”. ♪ ♪ aleve. who do you take it for?
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steve: there was a lot of weed on this week you may have missed the story i democrats latest idea to do something about the soaring gas prices caused by their policies. los angeles may be an new gas stations, that is a real proposal from the democrats city council if there's no gas station they can't be high gas prices, in fact why not abolish crime it'll be a crisis, wait
6:26 pm
that's not a joke, those are an idea on climate immigration all this reveals that fundamental problems with today's last, things have been ideologues completely captured by theories in reality, it used to be with the ideologue company truck changed with his conservative populism and his theories to begin have to help make it workers with pro-worker entrée on immigration. it works in reality, the lowest unemployment and fastest wage growth. today's democrats can't let go of their theories, for example even as they desperately bake the oil companies to produce more fossil fuels today to stable the midterm wipeout, threatening to shut those down tomorrow in the name of the great transition. the man who told us he'd be a
6:27 pm
competent mother is too useless to stand up and use it. , but by, including the easter bunny. this biden regime is a deadly combination extremism and commented they caused the inflation tell us it's only transitory until the fed to focus on work woke virtual from the afghanistan with 13 of our service members and thousands stranded behind him in ami lines and now thousand and baby formula fiasco that left millions apparent desperate about feeding their babies after the white house working diligently to solve the problem they caused it is nonstop self-created catastrophe to which the answer is bring back and needed done, the spin doctor facing ethics questions whose big idea is to have biden with
6:28 pm
loads of public events to show he is highly ubiquitous problem solver. here's how that is going the humiliating skeptical of the president of the united states given instruction cards for his every move like the puppet of his handler that he obviously is for the one that biden has to ask. >> what am i doing here. >> what he's doing there is pathetically for the incompetent server of the far left ideologue herein today for the democratic party. tammy bruce is back with us. you wanted to finish her thought, and weighing on biden. >> when it comes to the impact, vertically on women of color you mentioned women of color and how this is going to affect them or not. the fact is decisions like this
6:29 pm
either state laws changed, not everyone, just move out of the state if you don't like his policies and if you love your stay into what a move for many people, women and men, people economically you don't just get to move you don't have the money to move you to have the money to move across town let alone another state. and i'm hoping certain states are doing this now that there are chromium laws on the books that make it the blanket thing where you can't get any abortion for any reason. americans when told like that mississippi line of 15 weeks that this is what americans want, moderate dynamic where a woman has control and choice in that framework and after that you're going to have to deal with it, when it comes to lower income people who are living in poverty what is the state going to do when it comes to women who
6:30 pm
are going to carry a child to term, who don't have a job and don't have the money these are things this society must address. it's not like were done with it. it's not that there's just adoption maybe a woman would want to keep her child. these are all questions that would have to come with it. for biden in this entire democrat. >> i just want to say incredibly important points i'm really, really glad that we have time to hear that. i could not agree with you more. not much on the biden campaign i want to focus on this you know the last, so ideological now, nothing puts them off course. you see with gascon. the mounting evidence of the disaster of the far left pro crime agenda. they're knocking to be put off course, there just ideologues now. >> a part of that is they expected this, this is not a surprise what they're doing as
6:31 pm
joe biden has said a painful transition in they think this is what were going to get the volcano, somebody's going to get thrown into the freaking volcano and that's always pin that k and now he has a new volcano. for normal people to grasp that there is an illness involved the weird fixation in an issue regarding punishment, and issue regarding needing to be watching the little people and their needed even more, this is a very personal emotional dynamic not just for the screamers on the streets about my body by choice except for vaccines which they are perfectly okay with but they expect this pain they expected trouble and they want to shut down the gas stations. that is not a joke. they want this to stop and then it's like the dog that catches the car they have no idea what to do in the meantime.
6:32 pm
it is the suffering that's the point that allows them to gain even more power like every abuser and batter in the history of mankind. the more their victim suffers, the more power they have. >> i knew you would be the perfect person to address this topic. great as always. we really appreciate it. here is a quick update on our special investigation to the origins of the pandemic. we were the first on television to lay out the evidence pointing to risky gain-of-function experiment at the wuhan institute of biology and biden named his top medical advisor doctor give us a second pandemic i'm missing a line anthony fauci. now new reports are suggesting the director general of the world health organization after all is covering up her dr. fauci and the chinese regime recently
6:33 pm
confided to a tough european official that he believes the covid virus did indeed originate at the wuhan lab. the ludicrous totally discredited w.h.o. discredits the remain on the table crab, the director is telling his buddies the labs leaked theory what we told you about a year end a half ago is real. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ (coughing) ♪ breeze driftin' on by ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ copd may have gotten you here, but you decide what's next. start a new day with trelegy. ♪ ...feelin' good ♪ no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed.
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steve: on the hills of san francisco california could strike a bigger blow because far left george soros under crime recalling los angeles george gascon who even this week with more murders that can be laid indoors. >> some people talking about the george gascon recall as if it's a done deal but it is not a done deal we need to get the signatures. the deadline is very soon, joining us to explain how are we going to make it happen is one of the leaders of the recall george gascon campaign, kathy, great to see you we were talking on the podcast this week, you have a really interesting point about why we need the recall because of the way the george
6:39 pm
gascon in the election and how he has the attitude within the das department where you used to work. >> absolutely thank you for covering this important issue that is affecting all of los angeles. the reason we need to recall george gascon is because the day he sward to uphold all of the laws within a minute or two he issued over 60 pages of policies many of which actually violate the law. some of those policies include that he will never charge anyone who is 16 or 17 years old no matter how many murders he will never charge them in criminal court only keep them in juvenile court which means they cannot be in custody very long he will not allow for allegations or enhancements including gun or gang or hate crime or prior convictions, he does not want those to be charged which of course changes the punishment the people can get and he also
6:40 pm
will not allow prosecutors to attend parole hearings which abandons them at parole hearings this recall is victim initiated it is not partisan or political because as you might know crime does not care if your democrat or republican. this recall is initiated by crime victims whose lives have been devastated because of his policies. the victim that rose up and said we are not happy with this we are not okay with us you ramp platform over reform, things are way worse in our lives are devastated. >> he did not say any of this when he ran, really tell us how to support how to make this happen. >> absolutely it is not a done deal we need to make sure we get enough signatures to get this on the ballot, please sign your petition make sure you get it in go to recall da george gascon if
6:41 pm
you live in l.a. county you can still register to vote go to sos register to vote and get a petition intended and because you we cannot take another two and half years of what he's been doing to residents of los angeles county. steve: everyone twos watching that does not live in los angeles remember if you know anyone a friend or family member give them this website, we've got to make this happen, it's good to be a huge story around the country, kathy what you and your team have done is absolutely amazing you're so close but we can't be complacent. let's put the address back on screen for people to go to the website to send the link to anyone who is watching, you know in l.a. make this happen, great to see you i'm sorry we don't have more time. we have a great conversation on
6:42 pm
the podcast. we will be back after the short break.
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steve: the pair of power revolution of what's going on with our public schools is growing and a defining issue and political races all across the country with many outrage. not just complaining about too much indoctrination and not enough education as taking positive and practical action by writing for office not just a republican states but in places like democrat run new york city in my home state of california two of those stepping appear tonight your congressional candidate and red state deputy manager keira davis. how is it going? >> it is going great i'm really excited the parents are excited
6:48 pm
we sense there is a revolution on the horizon. we have momentum on our side we have this unprecedented time on our side. i feel like we have the wind at our backs, i know were in a blue state and it can seem that we have an uphill battle, we do to some extent but i've never seen parents were motivated or excited to make changes. i keep telling everybody this isn't just and election it's a revolution. >> exactly right your race is getting really very spicy, bill de blasio, you have a lot of very interesting rivals, how are you doing. >> i'm doing great it's a crowded race but i definitely stand out as the moderate and the only parent with kids in our public school system right now. it's bill de blasio like george gascon is really responsible for everything that's gone wrong in new york city right now new york
6:49 pm
city as you correctly said is a democratic run city but the democratic voters and people who lived there don't want what we've been getting and we know that because so many parents have left the school system we lost close to 100,000 people and other people voting with their feet and people are fed up when i talk to people nobody wants the city that we wound up with because the bill de blasio we don't want a city that is less clean, less safe and less affordable which is what we wound up with. steve: is the democratic party machine, the machinery, the unions all of that muscle how are they waiting on the spread. >> running as far left as you can get. we have a lot of politicians in new york city standing around yelling about roe v. wade but the fact of the matter is, i am personally a pro-choice woman who thinks that that decision
6:50 pm
belongs with women but in new york state it does, our laws have codified the right to abortion access and proactive freedom in new york state. nothing has changed in new york there are politicians who want to yell about ideology they're still talking about reallocating funds away from police which is a fancier way of saying they fund the police which is a terrible idea and terrible for people in our city. steve: a quick last word to you. >> i want to encourage everybody to get out there and support your local candidates. i'm running in southern california you can go to keira to school to support my campaign i take money from across the country but support your candidates where they are locally this is a mom it revolution and it's good to see some amazing things in november. i really appreciate you and all that you do for the cause. >> likewise both of you i really think it's fantastic you're such
6:51 pm
an inspiration. you are the ones stepping out there putting yourself out there and it's exactly what we want to see. that is the theme of tonight show and you are absolutely represented. great to see you, stay with us, much more ahead. ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪ ♪ got my hair got my head ♪ take on your wild world introducing new one a day multi+. a complete multivitamin plus an extra boost of support for your immunity, brain, and hair, skin & nails. new one a day multi+. fishing helps ease my mind.
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janelle is back with us, how long have they have been saying since the democrats become the party of the rich white and woke the republican party has the opportunity to become a multiracial working-class coalition, long enough that van jones agreed with me. >> were in danger of becoming a part of the very high and very left, if you pull out the working-class people are very well educated and very well lost those people i've never met a lot next, all this weirds death that these highly educated people say is bizarre nobody talks that with the barbershop at the nail salon in the grocery store, the community center but that's how we talk now it's weird people who are lowdown on the economic ladder you eat a bunch of stuff over promising were to give you reparation to people at the bottom of the
6:57 pm
economic ladder talking weird to appeal people. steve: exactly. with the first ever mexican-american member of congress myra ford taking her seat this week at republican we can see this historic realignment really happening, janelle have you ever met a by pok. >> i have no clue what that is. i guess i say i have no clue democrats have used so much time using minority groups rather racially or economic in order to push their political agenda to a political gain and to actually get to know these people in these as individuals. if they did they will realize the hyper progressive agenda running black voters often drones because black men are not supporting this notion of men getting pregnant. 52% are pro-life. 66% of asian art and support,
6:58 pm
documented 72% of americans support school choice, these are initiatives that the democratic party continues to attack and this is where the working-class in the middle reside. these are issues that hit us every single day for the democratic party i think they're becoming the party of all delete because now you're seeing individuals in low-income communities seeing the taken advantage of for a very, very long time and that this agenda the type of progressive agenda is not serving them or working for them. the fact of the matter is capitalism is the only thing that is to promote upward mobility and pull you out of poverty, that is why people are drawing to the republican party because we have a message that speaks to the everyday person and also people need today. steve: appeals to me, it seems to be that this is happening organically from the grassroots and the republican party. i don't get a strong sense that
6:59 pm
republican leaders in washington get all of this, trump got it he spoke to working people. in the way that's an encouraging thing coming from the grassroots. >> absolutely am super excited to see that. i know we talk about we the people and we the people need to get the power back. i don't believe we ever lost power. i know we handed it over thank you for putting it in the hands of people we can trust but we never lost power. we now have the power but we have to make sure we pit it to a position where we are doing our research about candidates that we are making decisions that are gonna support our objective and our agendas that actually support the working class in the middle. i think this is the most important time we have right now as voters to make sure were doing what's necessary to be informed and to take the power back as the people. >> a quick thought on this
7:00 pm
week's ruling. just to put a point on what janelle was saying i don't think it could help the democrats at all particularly in light of the changes that we are seeing. we will see the numbers are not looking good for them. thank you so much janelle for being with us. thank you for watching set your dvr so you never miss a show and we will see you next sunday on "the next revolution" . greg: thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy welcome to it sunday night in america. anniversaries a natural point of reflection. that's human nature and perfectly acceptable to look back. it was 40 years ago i graduated from high school it was a town primarily because my trigonometry grade


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