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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 27, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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janel was saying.s i don't think it will help the democrats at all particularly in light of the changes we are seeing. i don't know, we will see. the numbers are not looking good for them. thank you so much, janel for being with us and don't forget to cite your dvrs so that you will not miss anything we will see you next day on "the next revolution." ♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert, virginia getting penalize on sunday and abortion activists warning "this won't stop" as protest erupted across the country. the latest attack comes after a weekend of chaos. the demonstrators impacting businesses and pro-life moves after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> i'm joey jones in for todd piro. and the deception punching back the judicial system with
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impeachment impacting the court. congressman alexandria ocasio cortez saying republicans complete and utter incompetence is killing women and pregnant people across the u.s. we have fox news coverage this morning, and more on the fallout in washington. >> carley: ashley strohmier on the violence, ashley, good morning. >> a protest gnomic protest erupted the overturning of roe v. wade and continues throughout the week end. angeles friday, protesters throwing sticks at cars and things turned violent later that night when l.a.p.d. officers apparently assaulted with a makeshift blowtorch and fireworks. two people arrested in the incident, one charged with attempted murder on a police officer and in portland a group of marchers smashed windows and grew graffiti on downtown businesses. and a pro-life center in lynchburg, virginia, with graffiti and breaking windows of
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the building. in arizona in a large group of protesters were tear gassed after being asked to move back and didn't move according to the police. the department of public safety the gas wishes after part of a door was broken and monuments vandalized. congressman jim jordan calling the ruling a victory, listen. >> this was a huge victory for life, but it was also a victory over the intimidation tactics of the left. none of that mattered and the court at the right thing and they said the constitution means what it says. we have a victory for life. >> carley: here in new york city i saw firsthand protesters getting out of control throwing things at the studio. i was actually sitting friday night 10:00 and the barricades, drawing graffiti on the building. there was a car parked outside that had its headlights smashed in and windshield wipers ripped off, carley and joey. >> unbelievable, thank you, ashley. >> carley: here in new york city i saw firsthand >> joey: pro-abortion protest rage throughout the u.s. many on
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the left one of the president to add justices to the spring court. >> carley: brooke singman is here, good morning, brooke. >> good morning carley, joey, elizabeth warren and congressman alexandria ocasio cortez are -- the supreme court has dramatically overreached its authority. this is a crisis of legitimacy. this court has lost legitimacy. >> i believe we need to get some confidence back in our court, and that means we need more justices. >> giving the bar extremism, the compromise of integrity affects court. >> at the far left democrats forcing the white house to spell out president biden stance on issues like court packing, listen. >> i've been asked this before
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the president himself about expanding the court, that is something the president does not agree with and not something he wants to do. >> meanwhile vice president kamala harris receiving intense criticism, bowing to fight for women's right after the roe v. wade decision came down sparking outrage from democrats on twitter. hillary kelley saying "how will you be specific? and john mcwhorter pointing out the fact that harris tweeted this photo from her private plane, i'm not sure you guys get where the rest of us are right now. guys, democrats already fund-raising on the back of the roe v. wade decision. those on the left brace for a red wave come november midterm. carley. >> carley: thank you, mark 11 how the left has responded to the ruling. speak with the democrat party has exploited this issue, exploited it for political gain.
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you hear their mouthpieces, like pelosi, biden and others talk about women like they represent all women. suddenly they are able to define what a woman is. while they are destroying women's sports and women's identification through executive orders and regulations. but now they represent all women. do all women support abortion on demand? do all women support partial board filmic birth up to the last second? does every person in every state support abortion laws in new york and california which are so radical, so extreme that only applied to nations like north korea? and communist china? is that what women in this country believe? >> carley: there is a lot to be said about the rhetoric being used right now. first of all mark mentioned other countries and president biden speech on friday when he said the supreme court has made the united states and outlier among developed nations
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in the world, which is 100% faults here in 90% of european nations come abortion laws are in line with republican states are implementing right now but more importantly comments like the one from aoc said this decision will kill women and pregnant people across the country. and someone who supports abortion and taking of an innocent life talking about killing. >> one of the problems exacerbated this for so many people of the democrats are taking advantage of you have the states, 13 with trigger laws in place. i think the idea here is so easy for democrats to say, look, they are already taking your rights away. these states are chomping at the bit to take your rights away. and really reframing this entire -- taking the right away and now we know the supreme court they never acknowledged the right to begin with. so, it is easy for the democrats to go in and say you are a
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victim of the supreme court at this point. we will take this right away, that that right away and all of this comes out. someone on the democratic site needs to pump the brakes. someone on social media share this graphic that shows the countries and all the countries in blue had free and easy access to abortion and all the countries in yellow didn't. in those blue countries was china come a place that practice infanticide up your date if you are reframing healthy handle this issue free place to live, you have to throw a firebomb. >> carley: taking your rights away, fundamentalist understanding where the court an anomic stance on this issue, they should have never been decided by the supreme court. it actually instead of giving the power of nine justices to decide abortion laws throughout the country, it is giving those rights back to 330 million
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people, which is a pro-democracy stance. countries all about federalism and that gives abortion rights back to the states. >> joey: you know, carley what this does is awaken how important it is to have civics class. understand one of two ways the government shows to govern over the last 20 years and the supreme court and hope for the right weighted balance of decision you are looking for. the other one is to actually pass legislation and hope to win back enough american post to change the way things are. we have congressman after congressman talk about how this is giving power back to the people through the democratic process. if you are on the left and believe this is a right in the constitution, the supreme court easy button which is roe v. wade. >> carley: and obviously they will try to use this as a political ledge issue and a life raft or over the weekend. this comes as no surprise the white house preparing for this
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moment since the draft opinion came out. they think this will be a political win for them, but you have to remember that this is really a base issue for both sides. will it energize pro-abortion voters? yes. could it energize as well? the question becomes the rage gets more votes than satisfaction? probably but this isn't happening in a vacuum. there are a lot of other issues that voters care about. we still have four months until the midterm elections of inflation and high gas prices. and i think the message from the biden administration is uncheck abortion for women is the most important issue facing americans right now. they run the risk of sounding really out of touch. >> joey: one thing to keep in mind president trump probably has more pro choice of borders than any republican that will run and happens to be the republican president with three justices in the supreme court to
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allow this to happen. and even this issue crosses partisan divide personally. that is why the supreme court doesn't weigh that type of opinion. >> carley: more on the supreme court the decision on the high school football code filmic coach liberty case, coach kennedy was fired in 2016 for preying on the 50-yard line after games. now, he told fox & friends we can he can't believe practicing his faith is an issue that the high court needs to weigh in on. >> but is so bizarre to me something as simple as taking a knee for 15 seconds after a football game has made this much noise and all the way to the supreme court. it seems weird to me. >> carley: "sports illustrated" called the possibility of the supreme court ruling in his favor "an erosion of bedrock american democracy."
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he spent 20 years protecting the constitution and marine corps is doing it by fighting for the right to practice his faith on the field. now, president biden with g7 counterparts this morning in germany as leaders look to address global energy crisis and forecast every session here at home not stopping the president from pledging $200 billion in the u.s. investment fraud. >> joey: alexandria hoff from washington to break down the details, alexandria. >> joey, carley, this is meant to encounter china's multitrillion dollar belt and wrote initiative from 2013. president biden together with g7 leaders have pledged to raise $600 billion in five years. the u.s. alone will pick up $200 billion of that with a goal to invest in infrastructure using federal funds, grant dollars, private investments and projects include $2 billion for solar projects in angola and
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telecommunications cable connecting singapore to france. all of this comes as a treasure secretary larry summers has a u.s. recession is around the corner. >> the recession is almost inevitable, probably 75%, 80% chance within the next two years and certainly a real risk that it will come sooner. >> a "wall street journal" survey with outlook on recession has 34% predicting when happening in the next year. some think the journal writes seldom seen outside of an actual recession. on top of china's growing influence, president biden using his time in austria to push for green energy as the prices at hand with a brutal war on ukraine, here is the president. >> the entire world the fact that russia is bidding war with ukraine and on error energy markets.
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we need worldwide effort to invest in clean energy projects to ensure the critical projects is to changing climate. critical materials are necessary for clean energy transition. >> today the leaders will hear from president zelenskyy, carley, joey. >> carley: alexandria hoff live for us thank you. let's bring in national security and military analyst and international relations, dr. grant, it is great to see you. obviously ukraine the conversation in this meeting but one of the biggest headlines is to take on china's belt and wrote initiative which is the way china invest in these low income countries and in return the country reliant on china. and global infrastructure project of our own. what are your thoughts on that? >> yes, what is really new about this g7 meeting is they are
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willing to take on china and it was the first issue that came out with. don't forget china is supporting russia in this war against ukraine. so g7 is saying "we will take on china. it will not happen overnight, but we won't let china just have its hands in the developing world." and they are doing it at the same time they are giving hundreds of different support to ukraine. >> joey: dr. grant, we are looking at climate change and improve gender equality. are these things these countries are asking for, are these priorities of those countries or to us and we edged out china for bringing into our own social agenda? >> g7 is going to talk about claimant club. you hear the claimant issues every time. the infrastructure projects are potentially good foreign policy initiatives. i want to hear more about where the money is coming from.
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about they do have the potential -- it's not going to happen overnight. china has been building roads for over ten years, but it is important to have western investment and some of those places and not just china. on the larger social issues, i wish g7 would give us some answers on world energy policy, on saving the recession trends and on continued support and economic support for ukraine too. >> carley: absolutely. also so for g7 leaders have announced they will be banning imports of russia gold and boris johnson said this is going to hit russia oligarchs directly and attack the heart of putin's war machine. how much effect will this have because one thing that is clear is russia's economy is much more resilient than we expected as a matter of fact russia is making more money off oil exports than they ever have in the past. >> i'm glad they banned gold
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whom is about time but the real impact on russia will come from our continued to provide them weapons and to do what will really get to putin, more victory for ukraine on the battlefield. the best part of this bill, g7 being firm in ukraine and being willing to make some of the very hard choices, the energy of the european partners have. they have got to stick to providing weapons and reconfiguring own energy requirements. that is really going to make the difference. >> joey: we have another topic here, the biden administration publicly condemning the supreme court in 20 g7 leaders in doing this. what does this do for our ability foreign policy if our government is showing this amazing of government we have. because of the parties policies? >> secretary of state takes that
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with political comments. our allies like to take an opportunity to feel superior, but don't forget france and germany has more restrictive abortion laws than the mississippi law. so in the end, this is a public domain quick political issue and i don't expect an overall outcome of the g7. >> carley: dr. grant, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> carley: americans, rather airlines feeling the heat on ongoing chaos the nation's airport and trying to blame the faa understaffing for crippling air traffic that finger-pointing comes and americans are being warned late cancellations and delays are likely as we approach the fourth of july weekend is not good. 650 flights already canceled along with over 300 delays so far. yesterday more than 860 flights scrubbed in over 6500 flights
1:18 am
delayed within into or out of the united states. i'm sure this affects you because you fly all the time. >> joey: lives in georgia and new york, it is tough. as the pandemic i tweeted a lot of support for delta and the pilots are phenomenal. but as a company, taking a downhill turn in the last few months. >> carley: i know. something needs to be done about this. we will talk more about it coming up and hopefully some solutions. california man behind bars after officials found him in possession of fentanyl that killed 12 million people. a father who lost his own child to a fentanyl overdose say liberal policies turning his statement to a drug safe haven and costing lives. >> joey: did you see a man uses an excavator to attack state troopers? we will tell you what is going on there. still ahead, brian brenberg and
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gubernatorial candidate rob astorino joining us live on this busy monday morning. ♪ ♪
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if other uses an excavator as a weapon to prevent his son from being arrested. the dad ends up behind bars. the footage cam, cam footage with the heavy machinery. wrestled to the ground is the son who was wanted on burglary and assault charges. one of the third troopers took out the gun but did not use it. the troopers are thankfully okay. my goodness, not something you see every day. a 5-month-old baby shot and killed sitting in the back of a car in a chicago neighborhood. this happened friday. infant happened when the fire was from another card. five people are dead and 19 people were hurt in separate shootings across the city. this includes the 18-year-old brother of fox news analyst cardwell. christian come down on the south city side. it was the worst day of his
1:25 am
existence and asking the shooter to turn himself in. the police have not named the suspect in the killing. fox news contributor david webb will join us next with more on the violent crisis, joey. >> joey: california officials arresting 60-year-old suspected drug dealer alfonso gomez santana for possessing enough fentanyl to kill 12 million people as the deadly drug pores over the southern border. the police found 8 pounds of fentanyl in his car and initial 44 pounds in his house in just s considered a lethal dose. the next guest soft on crime drug policies are killing innocent americans including his 20-year-old daughter alexandria. the president of drug-induced, matt capelouto joins us now, good morning, thank you for joining us. >> thank you.
1:26 am
>> joey: this is something you pointed out to us. i want to make sure you have a chance to say it. you don't say your daughter overdosed. you say she was poisoned, misled and drugged. >> absolutely. even the drug dealer and my daughter's case himself admitted that he asked for percocet. what she ended up receiving were counterfeit oxycodone pills made simply of a lethal dose of fentanyl. she took half of one of these pills before going to bed late at night two days before christmas 2019, and she died almost instantly after consuming half of this bill. >> joey: what kind of problem this is and how it's growing, there were 7,000 deaths from opioid's most contributed to fentanyl. that number is up 96% compared to 2019. when we look at fentanyl at the
1:27 am
southwest border, this is another graphic here, in 2021, 11.2000 pounds. in 2020, 4.8000 pounds. so that shows you in the last full year alone, it is more than doubled. your organization works on this. why is so much getting across the border? >> you know, it is lethal in such minute doses, it is easy to smuggling. fentanyl to kill my daughter would fit on the tip of a pin. something we have to realize even if we were to seal the borders today, there is enough fentanyl in the united states right now with a magnitude of deaths for decades to come. we need to figure out how to deal with those who are already here dealing this poison. right now, we need new, updated state laws. most states don't have laws that adequately deal with the people and dealing with this poison. we need our state and local authorities to work with our
1:28 am
federal agencies so they can partner together in states such as california where we have drug laws our local authorities could work with the feds to get these cases taken over federal leak where we have much better laws to deal with this. >> joey: matt, why are drugs like fentanyl and foxy cotton or percocet some type of counterfeit over-the-counter drug, why are they putting fentanyl in these pills? >> simple to reasons to fuel greed and fuel addiction. you know fentanyl is cheap, highly addictive and they simply don't care if they are losing or killing customers and a lot more people they will get addicted to this drug than normal plant-based type of drugs. so they are all switching to synthetic drugs. they know how to make these drugs now. the chemicals come from china. they know how to make these drugs more powerful, more
1:29 am
addictive, that is their end game to make more money. they are highly profitable drugs because they were easy, cheap to manufacture, easy to smuggle in the country. >> joey: lastly, you talk about the laws in california basically turning drug dealers into serial killers. what is so wrong with the laws in california may be how the rest of the country should be treating it? >> well, the main thing is, we have to deal with what is known as a theory of implied malice. we have to prove a drug dealer knows the drugs they are selling could result in somebody's death. that is a very tough burden to prove. unless you can prove the drug dealer knows that i'm at they can simply say i didn't know there was fentanyl and i got it from somebody else. that is a valid excuse unfortunately in california. that is just ridiculous. there is not a drug dealer in the state, i know, that doesn't
1:30 am
know that fentanyl is taking over the market. whether they produce the drugs themselves or cut them somewhere else, they know that fentanyl. >> joey: thank you for telling us your daughter's story and joining us today. this is something you have a handle on, 10 million pills placed last year coming across the border. that is too much, deadly and killing our best. matt capelouto. >> thank you. >> joey: all right, this video might be hard to watch, several crowded stands and improvise bullring completely collapsed leaving at least four people dead and injuring hundreds of others. we have the details on the terrifying scene. >> carley: unbelievable footage there. speaking of unbelievable footage, lawmakers huddle in a basement as pro-abortion rioters damaged the state senate building and threatened to break in. one of those state senators who armed herself with a pair of scissors is here to react in
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that case. ♪ ♪
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>> joey: welcome back. a wild pitch during the angels/mariners game with a brawl. watch this. >> chaos! [cheers and applause] >> joey: the american league west rivals mixing it up and some players throwing punches after mariners was hit by a pitch. the officials ejecting six players and both managers. the teams will square off 11 more times in the regular season. and spectators and a bullfight in columbia running for their lives as a huge section of the people killed and 200 injured. authorities looking into what
1:37 am
went wrong of the 200 injured. in serious condition and the bullfight in the city more than 100 miles south. and far left criminal justice reforms and skyrocketing crime rates under manhattan district attorney alvin bragg had the city prosecutors heading for the door. so far, 65 assistant district attorneys have represented about 12% of the total drop. former prosecutors say the endless amounts of red tape required under his progressive reform make the job impossible. gubernatorial candidate rob astorino will join us next hour to join us with the crime process in the big apple. >> carley: looking forward to that pro-abortion riots erupting outside of arizona state senate building on friday forcing lawmakers to huddle in the basement for their safety until the group was broken up. arizona state senator arming herself with a pair of scissors
1:38 am
during the protest and she joins me now. state senator, it is great to see you. you were smiling in that picture but that was only after the riot was over because this is serious stuff. can you describe what you saw and experienced during this riot? >> absolutely it was serious. this was the last day of session, actually my last day in the legislature. i served for 12 years and currently running for secretary of state. this was an important date for me. we had gotten finished with a vote on the floor. i walked outside of my chamber onto a balcony. i saw something i had never seen. people breaking into the senate capital, yelling profanities and wanting to hurt us, actually. i realize that this was serious. we have air security screaming for them to get back. they weren't listening and trying to kick open the door. it ultimately got under control, but not after we had to have dps
1:39 am
and law enforcement employed. >> carley: what would they have done getting into the state senate building? what was their goal? >> the only take away you could have is to harm whoever they confronted. i made the decision i was going to stay, defend myself, my colleagues here this is the people's house. they have no business intimidating us. we were doing important work. that is exactly what we were going to continue to do. we will not stop. we are not going to bow to those who use violence to express themselves. >> carley: we see images. we see the state building. and they used tear gas to clear out the crowd. how do you feel about law enforcement response to this? did they do a good job? >> yes, they did a fantastic job. and i'm thankful because i would only imagine if they weren't. i will tell you, if there is any
1:40 am
state capitol building, i still wouldn't try to break into the arizona state capitol building. it is a different kind of deal. >> carley: a lot of the lawmakers are armed. you are with scissors improvising. so glad that did not escalate any further. it does have the feeling of direction, which calls to mind january 6th but is that how it felt? >> it did absolutely. they were screaming. they weren't stopping. they had to be stopped. the sad part is when you exercise your displeasure, your dissatisfaction in that way, your message is lost. we keep seeing more and more of this where people think they can vandalize property, intimidate and scare you and hurt you. this needs to be taken seriously. in fact, i think there needs to be an investigation if it is good enough for january 6th, it should be good for state senate.
1:41 am
we need an internal investigation and people to be prosecuted, charged, and arrested so this doesn't happen again and send a strong message. >> carley: what is the abortion law in arizona? i know there is confusion and whipping laws but hopefully you can provide clarity on that this morning. >> we passed a law, 15 weeks and other say an older law on the books has a complete ban. i imagine it will go to the courts. >> carley: there you have it, state senator michelle ugenti-rita thank you for joining us this morning and we are glad you and your colleagues are safe, my goodness. >> absolutely, thank you. >> carley: a despicable act of intimidation in long island and drawing a swastika on a lawn sign. for gubernatorial lee zeldin. and also scribbled the number 1-8-7, which is planed for murder. he is jewish and he said we will
1:42 am
not let this vandalism and detours from rescue mission to save our state. the anti-semitic graffiti was discovered just before tomorrow's reelection. biden 2024, one opinion piece said the president better make up his mind soon because he starting to look like a lame duck. >> joey: voters in eight states heading to the polls as we marched closer to the midterms. how will roe v. wade impact the outcome? we are asking our voter panel next. ♪ ♪
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saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ♪ ♪ >> if it does affect the midterms -- >> i think you absolutely have to support the candidates to make sure women's rights are protected. >> how do you explain a democratic party that has failed to move on roe v. wade to codify it for 40 years? >> joey: pro-choice activists are divided how they think this historic decision to overturn roe v. wade will impact the upcoming midterm elections. eight more states holding elections tomorrow but what is driving voters to the ballot box? in illinois illinois voter joins
1:48 am
me now, ladies and gentlemen, i will start with you. you are in colorado but not that a liberal state that unique state but give me an idea what kind of opportunity republicans have as we look nationally with an opportunity in color radial with roe v. wade being overturned? good morning, thank you for having me but i'm actually excited and one of the reasons and says, i'm a colorado native and i remember this was a red state. i'm excited to get it where it is. we have incredible candidates with great governor candidates. we can turn the state read again and get a few seats. we have a chance to make this come again a state that not the most liberal abortion laws in the country. i wasn't sure this would get overturned in my generation and to have the opportunity to make things better for people in colorado would be great for this election. >> you are in oklahoma but i
1:49 am
know a little bit about oklahoma and i watched georgia in the rose bowl. the price of energy come oklahoma as a big energy industry. i have a graphic to show you gas prices is crazy, national average $4.90, and colorado is $4.90, illinois is $5.43. where are oklahomans on this? >> well, i filled up for $4.35 yesterday at sam's club but we are fortunate to the rest of the country. my background is oil and gas. i spent 25 years in natural gas processing industry. the last 15 years before i retired, major union pipeline company. so it is near and dear to my heart. i can't believe that that industry is being destroyed
1:50 am
right now so quickly by this administration. >> oklahoma is a red state but i can only imagine it will stay red for the midterms. , we will turn to you you are in illinois chicago, i believe and we record every single day teens being killed in chicago and the murder rate in chicago. and also not a cheap place to live with inflation 8.6% a key for voters turning out all over illinois but especially chicago? >> yeah, so i think there will be two major factors coming into play, at least for chicago residents, but also for the entirety of the state of illinois. that is definitely inflation and crime. if you talk about inflation, we need to first talk about taxes that imposes upon hardworking illinois ends. since 2019, when he came in
1:51 am
office he imposed at least 20 new taxes and among those are increasing property taxes, which he has indirect control over, but when he has direct control over are the terrible gas taxes that our nation faces, sorry, our state faces. in 2019, he alongside lawmakers voted on a signed bill that eventually doubled our states gas price taxes, which contribute to illinois and pain at the pump. not only that, he has signed automatic since july 2019. in fact during covid, according to comptroller data, his government withstood taxpayer money out of hardworking illinois out of in a year out of bruce's administration. i think that shows how friendly illinois claimant is in terms of
1:52 am
filling up gas tanks. and we need to hold lawmakers accountable for signing this incredibly unpopular bill into law. not only that but increases every year so they don't have to vote on these unpopular tax hikes that are absolutely killing illinois at the pump. >> joey: and one of those with ambitions beyond even the governors mansion. going back to you real quick over this last question, are there opportunities for republicans in colorado and you deal with homelessness and some of the more liberal problems like san francisco that recently rejected but what are the folks that have opportunities for more liberals in colorado? >> i think how running for governor right now with verbiage, this is not a colorado way of life. this is not san francisco. the problems that we see from the liberal controlled government at our doorstep already. we see the drugs across the
1:53 am
border, homelessness and prices at the pump. i've had people that had to pick up extra job spirit voters are waking up to these problems bece they are at our doorstep. >> joey: thank you for joining us and good luck voting tomorrow. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> carley: good stuff. turning now to sports, a long storm delay at nascar 400 has pit crews playing frisbee. entering the drawn out event, one car lost a tire mid-race. chase elliott comes away with the victory. >> looking for the second win of the 2022 season. he will get it international speedway, chase elliott twins! >> elliott managing to lightning delays with his second cup
1:54 am
series win and beat out kyle busch. in the end, lightning strikes twice for the colorado avalanche, the two time defending champs to raise the stanley cup. >> comes to the line, and won the stanley cup! >> carley: and the crowd goes wild. colorado winning the third in franchise history in game 6 for the first title for the avalanche since 2001. 23-year-old defenseman unanimously means playoff mvp after the avalanche with 29 points in 29 playoff games. colorado celebration getting a little too rowdy here at the stanley cup about 15 minutes after winning it. the avalanche stanley cup able to take place in denver on thursday. >> joey: congratulations. all right, european branch pga tour with a fine of players
1:55 am
who competed in the series, the world tour announcing after the players weren't given the play. players were fined $120,000 each and suspended from the tours to three upcoming events. the chief executive saying "their actions are not fair to the majority of our members and the tour which is why we are taking action and we have announced it today." throughout the weekend including in portland where businesses were destroyed by rioters. we are talking to the owner of a shop that was targeted appearance targeted. >> carley: still ahead brian dad webb and brian brenberg on "fox & friends first."
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>> carley: a fox news alert, president biden is meeting with his g-7 counterparts to look to address the global energy crisis. the president is overseas blaming putin, americans are dealing with record-high prices that started climbing while biden was inaugurated. i'm carley shimkus. >> joey: i'm joey jones in for todd piro. growing number of economyistss are predicting the u.s. is heading toward io


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